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Essex Boys

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[ Hood Unlatches ]
[ Hood Creaking ]
[Man Narrating]|I'll try anything once, me,
except bestiality.
And maybe Morris dancing.
Yeah, I'll try|and give them aswerve.
Now round here where I live,|everyone's heard of Jason Locke.
He'd just done a five stretch for armed|robbery. Been outless than 24 hours.
Mr. D. had asked me|to drive him about for a few days,
so I said, "Yeah, sure. "
[ Chattering ]
[Narrator]|We pick up this van, and Jason says...
he wants to look up an old friend|who he knew from before.
[Chatter Continues]
You squealin' git !|You fucker !
You want some, huh ?|Yeah, you cunt !
Please, no more !
Fucking grass !|Come here !
Leave him alone !
You fucking grass !
- This is what you get.|- [ Screams ]
Fuckin' grass !
Get in there !
[Man Screaming]
[Screaming]|Oh, my face!
My face is burning up !|[Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]
[ Screaming ]
[ Grunting, Groaning ]
Come on.|Let's go home.
[Narrator]|And that was that.Job done.
Jason needed a new shirt.|The geezer needed a new face.
[Narrator]|Next, I take him to his mate's place,
which he's been hearing|things about.
Fucking bastards.
Lisa ?
I've seen his house.|He's taking the piss.
Nice, isn't it ?
Oh, yeah. How'd he get|that sort of dough ?
How'd he stay|out of prison ?
[Bottle Cap Hits Floor]
- You want egg with this ?|- No. Yeah, go on.
- Would you like anything ?|- No, I'm all right. Ta.
He had a Porsche|and a Bentley, the bastard.
What, a Porsche now ?|That must be new.
- What about Wayne ?|- Oh, he's got a five-series BMW...
and a nice little three-bedroom house|in Billericay.
[ Mumbling ]
It was a fucking mansion--|great big drive, electric gates,
fucking statues of lions|on the gate posts.
- You could have told me.|- What, spoil the surprise ?
[Narrator]|Anyway, so look, I'm thinking,|"It's been a really interesting morning.
Thanks very much.|If it's all the same to you--"
-And then he says,|- Gonna need you some more, Billy.
- All right ? Later on.|-And I say...
- Yeah, sure.|-And that's it. I've got the job.
Your girlfriend won't mind,|will she, Billy ?
You have got a girlfriend,|haven'tyou ?
Yeah, I got a girlfriend.|She won't mind.
[Man]|One-nine. Yes, that's right.
Mrs. Knight for Brentwood.
[Man On Radio]|Yeah, one-nine. Yeah, on my way.
- The geezer grassed him up.|What else could he do ?|- Oh, yeah ?
I ain't sayin' he should have gone|that far, but you know how it is.
Oh, he just sounds|like an animal to me.
They should put him back inside,|do us all a favor.
He's just done a five-year stretch|'cause of this mug.
- I'd have done exactly the same thing.|- That's you, is it, Billy ?
You could do that|to someone ?
In principle.
[ Chuckles ]
Billy, don't get involved|with this bloke.
[Billy Narrating] See him, Peter,|oh, he's the top boy. He runs the show.
Him, Wayne, does whatever|Peter tells him.
And Jason-- Well, every firm needs|a mad acidbath murderer, don't they ?
What do you think|of my hair, Billy ?
- You look like a fuckin' poof.|- Fuck off !
[ Laughs ]|What ?
[Jason]|Fuck of, will ya ?
It's all right, isn't it ?
It looks really,|really fucking stupid.
Can't you go any faster, Billy ?|I'm racing in the back here.
I thought you were supposed|to be Billy fuckin' Whizz.
[ All Laughing ]
It's all come from the doors.|You run the doors, and you|control what get inside.
Clubs don't give a shit.|Just don't want any aggro.
Most weeks now, we're...|turning over 20 grand.
- Yeah ?|- Mm.
- [ Snorts ]|- Fucking hell.
We, uh, do a bit of weed|in the week maybe,
but pills is where|the money's really at.
I keep away from them|when they're on them.
Fucking eyes all go wonky, don't they ?|He's done 'em, soppy nuts.
I won't touch 'em meself.
They're not for you,Jase.|They make you wanna love everyone.
I love you !
[Bottle Breaks]
[ Coughing ]
Pull in here, BillyWhizz.
[Jason]|What's happened to the Honeycomb ?
Half a million on a refit,|and it's now called Blondz.
- Packed every night of the week.|- Is it still ours ?
No. They gave it|to that prick, Perry Elley.
Perry fucking Elley ?
Yeah. It's him and us now,Jase.
That fucking wanker.
He was knocking out|dodgy Sierras.
Yeah, well, he's moved in|on the doors now, like us,
'cause that's|where the money is.
Every door he gets is one|we could be making money from.|You know what I'm saying,Jase ?
I want you to pull up outside|in exactly five minutes, yeah ?
- Sure.|- Don't fuck about.
You make sure|you're right outside.
[ Car Radio: Techno ]
[ Techno ]
[ Car Engine Starts ]
[ Phone Beeps ]
You all right, Nic ?
All right, listen, darling,|I don't think I'm gonna be|back till about midnight.
Yeah. No, it's nothing|like that.
No, I'm just waiting|for 'em outside Blondz in Southend.
You know, the one|with the glass.
-[Woman Screaming]|- Nic, I gotta go.
[Man] Bloody hell, they've|thrown him from the bloody window.
Leave him !
Fuckin' leave him !
[ Screaming ]
- Go forward !|- [ Screaming ]
Go forward and run the bastard over !|We ain't got time to fuck up about.
[ Screaming ]
[Sirens Wailing]
Careful, BillyWhizz.
-[Tires Squealing]|- [ Siren Wailing ]
-[Tires Squealing]|- Fucking amateur !
Shit !
[Billy]|Oh, God!
- Get down.|- [ Siren Wailing ]
You are fucking BillyWhizz.
Yeah. Let's move.
Well done, BillyWhizz.|You did all right.
Yeah, nice one, Billy.
What do you think|of the barnet, Billy ?
- It's all right, isn't it ?|- Yeah, it looks all right.
See, I told you.
And this boy knows|what he's talking about.
Mm, pair of fucking poofs.
[Jason Laughing]
[ Softly]|Nicole. Nicole.
Oi, look. Ta-da.
Ta-da !|[ Chuckles ]
You said you was going to be back|at 12:00, Billy.
I know. I'm sorry.
I've had a right result, though.|Look at that, 500 quid.
That's for one night's work.
- Where are you going ?|- I needa wee.
So, what happened ?
Well, it just seemed to go on,|and I couldn't get away.
If I'd known you was going|to be out all night, I wouldn't|have bothered coming around.
- I'm sorry.|- I've got to pick up Candice|in a couple of hours.
Yeah, but that's 500 quid.|It's not bad, is it ?
That's just for driving them|about. And I tell you what,|they're well pleased with me.
All of a sudden,|I have just become BillyWhizz.
It's like BillyWhizz this|and BillyWhizz that.
- Better than cabbing, isn't it ?|- o you mind ?
-[Toilet Flushes]|- They'll want me again tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
Come on, get into bed.
Warm me up.|Make yourself useful.
[Billy Narrating] The following|night, I'm out with them again.
Pete Chaseruns the security|at Dantes,
which means I don't have to queue up|with all the other mugs,
- which is nice.|- [ Murmuring ]
BillyWhizz, come on, son.|You're with the A-team now.
[ Murmuring Continues ]
Who's he, Billy ?
Oh, my God, that's Jason Locke,|isn't it ?
He's just come out.
did she ?
It's a simple question,|and I want an answer.
[ Exhales ]|Why'd you have to ask me ?
It's insulting.
No is the answer.|Absolutely not. No.
did you see her|spending time with anyone ?
Come on,Jase.|I just told you.
That I know of,|she didn't mess around.
What do you mean,|"that you know of" ?
Hey, BillyWhizz,|come over here.
Stay there.
How you doing, Billy ?
- Not too bad, Mr. Chase.|- Call me, Peter.
- All right ?|- Are you Jason ?
What you gonna do when you've finished|with Jason, go back to cabbing ?
Er, yeah. I mean, I thought|I might do the knowledge.
- You know what I mean, do it properly.|- That's a hard game, that.
All them fuckin' tests. Sloggin'|about onmopeds. Goodluck to you, boy.
Well, you've gotta|do something, ain't ya ?
I don't like to see anybody|work when they don't have to.
And you're|a bright bloke, Billy.
We've been very impressed|with you. Very impressed.
We'd like to make you|an offer.
How about when you finish driving Jason|around, you don't go back to cabbing ?
How about you stay|driving for us ?
- What, you mean--|- I mean, you work full-time for us.
What's the matter, Billy ?
You saw a few things last night,|Billy, but, er, well--
in my book--|makes you one of the boys.
Yeah, but you know I'd never|say nothing about last night, don't ya ?
Oh, yeah. I know that, Billy.|I know I can trust you.
It was either that, Billy,|or we stick a knife in ya.
Bing.|[ Laughs ]
did you speak to Peter|about the business ?
Pete's me mate.
You tell him you want to|be his partner, not his mate.
He'll sort me out,|all right.
Look. I know how theywork.|I've been watching them.
There's too many people|in the chain.
What fucking chain ?|What are you on about ?
-Jason !|- [ Chuckles ]
he's given me|some spending money.
It's in me pocket.
It's five grand.
A thousand a year--|that's all you're worth to him.
That's just for starters.
Anyway, what was I supposed to do,|grass them up like Chippy ?
Oh, no, he knewy ou wouldn't|do that. You were a sure thing.
Yeah ?And what about you ?|You're asure thing.
Yeah, I'm a sure thing.
Yeah ? Well, you waited|for me, did ya ?
All that time for five years,|did ya ?
didn't let anyone inside your knickers|while I was away ?
What's brought this on ?
Wh-Why didn't you|just say no ?
Why did you have to fuck about|being clever ?
Why didn't you just say no ?
Because I was at it|all the time.
I had so much cock I started|a cock factory-- big, fat, small, short.
- Anyone bought me a drink,|I fucked them in our bed.|- Shut up !
- Shut up !|-Just for the price ofa drink !
- Shut up ! Shut your fucking mouth !|- [ Screaming ]
Shut up !|Fucking shut up !
[ Crying ]
Why do you have to ask me ?
Because I'm a jealous fucking bastard,|and I don't trust you.
I'm sorry.
If I was gonna mess about,|I'd have done it a long time ago.
Yeah, I know.
I waited for you|because I believe in you.
I don't ever want handouts|from them again. We can't|go back to how it was before.
[ Softly]|You get in that bedroom.
You get in that bedroom.
[Billy Narrating]|I get a call from Mr. D.
I mean, strictly speaking,|I'm still working for him.
He's asked me to pick up Henry|and drive him to this place.
I've never been there before,|some farm.
I just thought probably not a good idea|to tell Jason and the others...
about where I was going|that night.
[ Gate Clangs Shut ]
[Billy Narrating]|Old Henry Hobbs never said much.
-And when he did,|hes till never said much.|- [ Man On Phone, Indistinct ]
[Billy Narrating]|The pilotis Mr. D.
Dropped it down sweet as you like,|just like he said he could.
This is fucking fantastic.
- Can touch down and be in the air|again in less than 30 seconds.|- Right.
The other chap is Peter Chase's|big rival on the club scene,|the infamous Perry Elley.
You just keep yourself wrapped in cotton|wool for awhile and we're home and dry.
[Billy Narrating] Mr. D. and Perry|had been hatching this one for months.
This was the final|dress rehearsal.
Boys, this is gonna work.
[Billy Narrating]|So,John Dyke-- Mr. D. --
he was the one|who got me into this.
I was doing me cabbing,|and I picked him up one day.
We had a little chat and got talking,|and he asked for me again.
I used to deliver things for him,|packages, and drive a few people about.
But I didn't ask any questions.|I think he liked that.
[Bird Squawking]
What do you make of Jason ?
I wouldn't like to get on the wrong|side of him. He's an 18-carat nutter.
- He's kept you busy.|- Yeah.
Actually, um, him and his pals|have asked me to do a bit|of driving about for 'em.
Well, full-time.
How do you feel about that ?
I don't know.
Thought, "Why not ?"
I mean, they're all right.|They look after me.
- I wouldn't mind seeing|where it'd take me.|- [ Sighs ]
I can still do a bit of driving for you.|That's no ta problem, is it ?
Well, good luck to you, Billy.
do you think|it's a bad idea ?
It's not for me to say.
[ Indistinct ]
[Billy Narrating]|Now it's starting to get complicated.
Straightaway, Peter Chase asked me|to do a little job for him.
I drive 'em to this burger bar,|and they tell me to wait.
-[Sirens Wailing]|-[Man] Police, stop !
Armed police !
I just lost|200 fucking grand.
[Door Unlocks, Opens]
How'd it go ?
A total disaster.
Couriers got arrested.|We lost thegear.
Pete lost his money.
Couldn't have gone|much better really, could it ?
[ Both Laughing ]
- Oh ! Oh, God !|- Eh ?
- Are you gonna see him then, babe ?|- Yeah.
Oh !
Now he owes you, you know that.|Now's the time to call in the debt.
Yeah, I know.
What was her name again,|that blond one at the club ?
- Suzy.|- Yeah.
She had a beautiful|little arse.
You get her number|for me, yeah ?
Either her arse or your arse,|BillyWhizz. [ Laughs ]
Welcome back,Jason.
You didn't tell me|you were rich,John.
[ Laughs ]|I'm not rich.
Everybody's suddenly rich|while I'm inside.
It's a nice place,John.
Could easily get a swimming pool|in this garden. Yeah.
Nice pool with a cover on it.
Gym upstairs.
I could handle that.
I leave the garden to Henry.|That's his domain.
- Cheers.|- Cheers,John.
I'm very grateful for what|you did for me inside,Jason.
[ Chuckles ]|That's all right.
I was wondering whether|I could repay the favor.
Is there anything|I can do for you ?
Well, if you're asking,|John, maybe there is.
I've got some friends who need|some gear brought into the country.
- Gear ?|- Naughty gear,John.
All right, Henry ?
How's it going ?
Been having a lot of trouble|with drainage.
Clay soil round here.|Water lies on the surface.
Heavy rain drowns|everything off.
Yeah. Gutting when|that happens, isn't it ?
All right, come on.|Come on.
The truth is I work just for|one person now, then only occasionally.
Working outside that arrangement|would be too dangerous.
And, you see, I--
I simply cannot|go to prison again... ever.
Well, you think|about it,John.
See if you can't|get your head around it.
See, the way I see it,
people with special|relationships, like us;
people who've got secrets,|like us--
Yeah ? Well,|we should stick together.
Oh, yes, yes,|I agree with you,Jason.
That's why I-I'd be, uh, I'd be happy|to help you out fi nancially,
- until you get on your feet.|- Mm. No, no.
I don't want your money.
I'm looking to the future|now,John.
I wanna go into|business with you.
[ Fireworks Whistling ]
[Billy Narrating]|Welcome home,Jason.
Thanks for keeping|your mouth shut.
One or two of the boys have overdone|the sunbed tonight, but we're all here.
And we're wondering|what's next.
-[Man] Come on.|- [ Chattering ]
[ All Saying Hello ]
[Fireworks Continue|Whistling, Exploding]
Look at this !|Look, look at this !
Hello, leader.|How are you doing ?
Oi ! BillyWhizz, drinks.|Tell Tommy to get the scotch.
The good stuff,|the malt, all right ?
Oi, you little sods. Hey, come on,|this is not a toy. Off you get !
Hey, Beverley. Beverley, would you|come and look after these sods ?
Jason Locke !
Out from under lock and key at last.|Here he is ! Yea !
[Woman]| That's the color of the moon
Secretin the rainbow
[Billy Narrating]|Him, with Jason--
that's his old mate,|Kiri Christos, the banker.
Well, geezers couldn't very well|go to the NatWest, could they ?
So, they went to him.
[Continues, Indistinct]
[ Chattering ]
You are looking|just as beautiful as ever.
- Oh !|- Beautiful !
Oh, and fiery !
Oh, yes, it's that|Peter Chase spouting off.
Oh, my God, Kiri !
Can you believe it ? We're in|our thirties. I feel so ancient.
If I looked as good as you,|it wouldn't bother me much.
o you know how upsetting it is to have|hair coming out your nose and ears ?
That's what they should have told us|in biology, not how to cut up--
What were they, locusts ?
[ Laughs ]|You always did make me laugh.
[Continues, Indistinct]
Jason says he wants to|go into business.
Yeah, well,|isn't it about time he did ?
- Haven't they made enough money|off his back ?|- So, he needs a banker.
- But he's got a problem.|- What's that ?
- He's got no security.|- Okay. How's he get that ?
Well, he needs to put up|something against the loan.
Something valuable.|Something I want.
I didn't know Jason had|anything you wanted.
Well, you haven't been paying much|attention all these years, have you ?
Kiri, um,
would you just excuse me|a minute ?
It was just getting interesting.
[Continues, Indistinct]
- All right ?|- Who's that ?
don't know. I just said|hello to her tonight.
- Are you enjoying yourself?|- I said, "Who is she ?"
don't know.Just some little bird|Billy's knocking off.
Anyway, it went well|with Kiri.
don't shame me,Jason.
- Beverley, all right ?|- Mm.
- So, what you been up to then, Lisa ?|- Oh, you know,
getting beasted by Jason.
When they've been inside for so long,|they want to do it up the arse.
If that's what your mate's been|doing to you for five years,|it's bound to have an efect.
- Anyway, what about you girls ?|- Oh, yeah.
I didn't tell you what Pete bought me|for Christmas, did I ?
A horse.|I've called him Toby.
- Oh, he's mad, isn't he ?|- Put him down then.
And the horse.
I'm trying to be nice to you, Lisa.|Oh, you've got a short memory, babe.
Bit too quick to forget who's been|helping you while Jason's been inside ?
Two hundred and fifty quid a week ?|Helping us out ? do me a favor.
Well, I didn't expect for one minute|that you'd be grateful.
Okay, Beverley. I'm so fucking grateful.|Will that do ?
Oo-er. You just make sure you enjoy|this party tonight, darling,
'cause it's the last thing|you're gonna get from us.
Make sure you keep your legs|pressed tight together when you|ride Toby, make you all tingly.
You do remember that feeling,|don't you ?
- Who's a naughty boy then ?|- What ?
That little blond bit. That's why|you didn't bring your girlfriend.
Who, her ? No, she's not|with me. She's just--
Well, she's with anyone,|if you know what I mean.
Where is she ?
[Heavy Breathing,|Groaning]
[Heavy Breathing,|Groaning Continues]
Oh, shit.
You bastard.
You do this here|in front of everyone.
You bastard ! Bastard !
- Fucking bastard !|- Shut up !
- You bastard ! Get off me !|- Shut your fucking mouth !
- [ Screams ]|-Just fucking cool off !
Go on, fucking cool off !|You think you own me ?
" do this,Jason. do that,Jason.''|Well, fuck you !
[Sobbing]|I waited for you for five years !
Yeah, you waited for me, did you ?|You think I'm fucking stupid ?
- I didn't do anything !|- I don't believe you.
[ Screams ]|I didn't do anything !
Fuck off ! You're like|a fucking leech !
[ Sobbing ]
What the fuck|do I need you for, eh ?
I mean, why do you think|I go with other women, eh ?
Because you're|a fucking nuisance !
- [ Screams ]|- You're not even a good fuck !
I don't even fancy you anymore.
That's a lie !
That's a lie !
Get her out of here.
[Lisa Sobbing]
[Lisa Sobbing]
You all right ?
That bastard's done this|to me before.
He got the last one pregnant.
Another little blond bit.
He had a little boy with her.
You see...
I can't have kids, Billy.|[ Sniffles ]
That was a fucking laugh,|weren't it, for everyone else ?
Everyone looking at me, knowing.
The joke is--|I actually waited for him.
[ Sighs ]
I used to sit|behind him in class.
did you know that ?
I thought he was God's gift.
All the girls fancied him.
But I got him.
I thought I was|such a lucky girl.
Lisa. Lisa !
Wait, hold on. I don't think|we should, all right.
It's not that|I don't want to.
Thanks, Billy.
Thanks for not taking advantage of me|when I'm like this.
Most of the other guys|would have jumped on me.
You're different.
[ Softly]|Um, it's just, um, you know--
Billy. Billy, I'm taking|the piss out of you.
Look at you.|You're no good to me.
You're just a fucking pussy|like all the rest of them.
Bring my bag.
Tell Billy the groceries|are ready.
I want this over|as quickly as possible.
- All right ? It's all in there.|- Yeah.
[ Laughs ]
You fucking beauty.
There you go.
See you later.
Have fun.
Spotty dogs.
Seen them, Billy ?
Here you are.
Try one.
Cheers, Wayne.
[Billy Narrating]|Now,Jason is very anti-drugs.
Thatis anti anyone else's drugs.
It's an odanda wink and in goes|his man with a bag of Spotty Dogs.
Thank you very much.
See you later.
- Oi !|- All right ?
- How's it going ?|- Sweet.
This is a piece of piss.
What are we looking at|when we knock this lot out ?
I don't know,|200, maybe 250 profit.
Quarter of a million ?|Fuckin' hell !
You've done well,Jase. You've come|through for us,just when we needed it.
You know what this is ?|It's a contract...
to provide security for|Blondz nightclub in Southend.
Sorted it out with the owners.|Got fed up with the other lot.|Too much aggravation.
People flying through windows.|Perry Elley's out, we're in.
Partners ?
I fuckin' love it here.|don'tyou ?
I tell you, I'm never going back|inside again, I tell you that.
[ Chuckles ]|Where doyou live, Billy ?
I'm in Canvey Island.
Yeah ?
- [ Chattering ]|-[Jason] There she is !Hey!
Bring the motor. Hey !
Jason, I didn't mean to cause|any trouble the other night.
- I'm really sorry.|- That's all right.
Get in the motor.|Let's have a laugh.
- I didn't know you were married.|- I'm divorced.
do you wanna marry me ?|do you wanna get married ?
Billy. Billy,|you can be the witness.
- I don't wanna cause any trouble.|- Well, I do. Come on.
drive, BillyWhizz.
Give me a couple of them Spotty dogs,|will you, Billy ?
[Jason Breathing Heavily]
Okay. Let's see|what this shit's like.
No,Jason, please.|Please, will you just take me home ?
No chance.
- That's it.|- [ Coughs ]
[ Grunting ]
You and me, BillyWhizz.
We'll run|that fuckin' gaff, eh ?
Nice one.
You got some booze,|BillyWhizz ?
There's loads up there,Jase.
Which way's the bedroom ?
This one ?
Jason, can't we just|have a drink first ?
- Come on.|- Ow !
Bring some in later.
Billy ! Billy !|Get him off me !
don't be silly.
Jason, please, why don't|we go out another night ?|Why don't we go out tomorrow ?
don't play hard-to-get, babe.|don't like that game.
But I don't want to.|I just wanna go home.
Billy ! Billy, help me !
Help me!|Jason, stop !
- [ Choking ]|-[Screaming, Indistinct]
Get off me !
Get off me ! Billy !
Please, Billy!
Get off me !|Get off me !
[ Sobbing ]|I don't want to !
[ Grunts ]|Get off me !
No !
No !
Get of me!|You're hurting--
Why didn't you|just say no, eh ?
[ Gasping ]
Why'd you have to fuck|about being clever ?
[ Gasping Continues ]
Why didn't you just say no ?
Fucking about being clever.
- [Jason Sobbing ]|- [ Gasping ]
[ Exhales eeply]
[ Grunting ]
Suzy, wake up.
Suzy, wake up.
Suzy, wake up, babe.
[ Labored Breathing ]
[Doorbell Rings]
[Nicole]|Come on, open up. We're freezing.
[Knocking On Door]
Just wait a sec !
It's cold, isn't it ?
Hiya. What's happened ?|Look at the state of ya.
- You can't come in. I'm sorry.|- Why not ?
You just can't.
Why not, Billy ?
-You got some one in there, haven'tyou ?|-No.
Yes, you have.|Who is it ?
Come on, Candy.
- Sorry, Candy.|- Don't talk toher!
Just go back inside|and leave us alone, all right ?
This is a fucking nightmare.
Twenty kids in hospital,
throwing up, hallucinating.
I've never seen Spotty dogs before.|Must have been a bad batch.
Bad ? It's disastrous !
-It makes us look like fuckin' amateurs.|-What about her ?
I don't know.|Think of something.
You're the fucking driver.|Fucking drive her !
Somewhere ! Anywhere !|I don't care !
Just get rid of it !|I don't wanna hear about it again !
[Billy Panting]
Hurry up, Billy.|It'll be light soon.
It's moments like this|that either make you...
or break you.
Come on.
Either you learn|to live with it...
or you crack up.
Now which one|is it going to be ?
Henry !
- Henry.|[Muffled Screaming]
[Muffled Screaming ]
All right,John ?
do you think|I'd try and stiff you ?
Do you think I'm mad?
It was a bad batch.|There was nothing I could do.
You know,|when I was inside,
I heard this screaming one day.
So I went to have a look,|and I found yke here...
bent over the table with his trousers|round his ankles,
four big, hairy paddies holding|him down, about to bugger him.
Old Henry, he's off playing bingo.|Ain't that right, Henry ?
Please. Please,Jason,|don't do--
don't do anything stupid.
That was the first time|I met you, wasn't it ?
Well, in a little while,
you're gonna be wishing I'd walk|straight past you that day...
- and just let 'em get on with it.|- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,Jason.|I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[Whimpering ]
You've got 48 hours|to get me my money back...
and the profit we lost.
You fucking worm !
-[Lovell]|What you gonna do about Lisa ?|- [ Sniffs ]
Fuck all !
- Hey, Billy Whizz, have you seen her?|- No.
Where'd you take her then ?|You drove her away.
I brought her back here|and I went home.
Leave her. She'll come back|with her tail between her legs,
-likes he always does.|- What about that other business ?
- You sort that out as well ?|- Yeah.
- Where did you dump it ?|- I sorted it out.
That's all you need to know.
- You ought to watch your fucking mouth.|- Leave him.
- No ! Fucking kid !|- Leave him, leave him. Come on.
Billy, which one|do you want, eh ?
Huh ? You can have|first choice,
as long as it's not|the blond one.
Um, I'll pass, thanks.
Is it all right|if I see you lot later ?
Which one, Billy ?|Where you going ?
I'm going home. I'm tired.
- You're not leaving.|- Look, I've had enough. I want out.
You don't want out on me,|you skinny, little prick !
Now I said,|which one doy ou want, eh ?
- This one ? Eh ?|- [ Screams ]
do you want this one,|or do you want this one, eh ?
No ? Well, why not|do 'em both, eh ?
Now get in there and don't fucking|come out till you've done 'em !
You know, I went to that place--|what's it called ?
Lakeside last week.
I spent the whole afternoon|in a tea shop just watching.
Something about the women|in that part of the world that|I find absolutely irresistible.
Thought you were only|interested in Henry.
No, they're fiercely pretty,|yet hard as nails,
and it's a perfect combination.
What I wouldn't give to have|my youth again in Essex.
All I remember of my youth is getting|freezing cold under Southend Pier...
with me knickers around me ankles.
[ Chuckles ]
Well, I'll take you|under that pier again.
You can haveyour knickers|around your ankles again.
You know, I'm gonna|have to go back to him,|don'tyou ?
You know, I'm just about|to do something... really big.
After that, I'll be able|to pay them of,
and I'll still be|a very rich man.
We could go somewhere|where he'd never find us.
It's just a little investment. Spreading|out the old tentacles, youknow.
Had bit of spare cash|laying about,
and I fucking hate|waiting for cabs, so why not ?
[ Chuckles ]
- Perry.|- Oh, thanks, darling.
-did you, uh, watch 'em make it ?|- Yeah. Smoked salmon ?
Yeah, great.
You know they gob in these things|in those places.
So, what happened|to your face ?
Oh, I, I, uh--|I had some, um--
- I had some problems the other night.|- Uh-huh.
- So speak to me.|- Well, I just wanted|to talk about the drop,
make sure everything's|going to plan.
Oh, yeah. Everything's|still going to plan,John,
except for one small detail.
You're no longer|part of that plan.
What's the matter?|You think I don't know about things ?
Perry, I need this job.|We've been friends for a long time.
Are you taking me|for a cunt,John ?
Perry, that was a one-off.
John, are you|taking me for a cunt ?
- It's a very simple little question.|- No. No, of course not.
Well, listen. Take my advice|and fuck off right now...
before I lose my temper,|all right ?
Perry, you--|you can't just cut me out.
Can't ? Can't ?
You just watch me.
The minute that you do business|with those fuckers, you become dirty.
I can no longer trust you.
So now... you're gone.
Fuck off.
Nothing personal,John.
I haven't got your money.
But I've got something better,|a new proposition.
Something that will be|worth much more.
-It'll make you a million each. Minimum.|-Come on,Jason.
Let's listen to what he's gotta say.
Perry Elley is flying in|a consignment of coke.
- A big one.|- Mm-hmm.
I know when and where|the drop is going to be made.
I can put you in the right place|at the right time to hit the courier.
We divide the consignment|into four,
and that's a million a piece.
And we get to whack|Perry Elley.
It's perfect.
There are two stipulations.
Stipulations ?|Like what ?
First, this wipes the slate clean.
And ?
And we never cross|each other's paths again.
Why not ? Who wants|to see you again anyway ?
[Laughing ]
[Billy]|So, now they're all in it together.
A nice little|jolly boys outing.
[ Peter] Well, we're gonna need|a four-wheel drive, ain't we ?
The plane will come in|over the top of those trees,
and the pilot will probably set it down|in that stretch of field over there.
They have runway lights|that flick on at the last moment.
Oh, yeah ? Well, what if it's|raining then, like tonight ?
Shouldn't make any difference.
Well, we can hole up over there|for a couple of hours|before they make the drop.
Yeah. Get here nice and early.
And then boom, boom,|fucking boom.
Take out|the reception committee...
and the courier.
We'll need automatic weapons|and night sights.
Yeah, we can do this.
- When then ?|- Oh.
Look, I've, uh-- I got the keys|to the, uh, to the gate here.
You won't want me around,|will you ?
It's not my scene, really.
What's the matter,|ykey ? Squeamish ?
This is a field.|This is where worms belong.
I wouldn't let you miss this,|not for the world.
That goes for you too,|BillyWhizz.
[Jason Humming]
[Jason And Crew]| Who wants to be a millionaire
We do
Who wants to be a millionaire|We do
There's no waywe're gonna chuck|it all away, not what we've got.
- Good.|- Yeah. I mean, we're|really great together.
[Jason]|Get us another bottle, will you, babe ?
[All Laughing ]
Come here.
You know, we've|discovered the secret...
to a happy relationship,|haven't we, Lisa ?
I do what I want,|and she does what I tell her.
That's what works for us.
- And a back hander every now and then.|-[Laughing Continues]
Only it's important to have a secret|when they get to this age, you know.
Once they get past 30,|they start getting saggy, you know ?
imples in their arses,|eh, Lisa ?
And their tits|start to hang down.
And they still wear frilly underwear,|but it don'tlook very nice, no.
But I tell you, they're still handy|for carrying and fetching.
Now go on, get some glasses.
BillyWhizz, give her a hand.
[Laughing Continues]
He's a fucking arsehole.
Forget it.|I can handle him.
When this all comes off, perhaps|you should bury the hatchet with yke.
- He could be useful.|- Oh, I'll bury it in his fucking head.
Look, I've made up me mind.
We hit yke|and have his share between us.
About the other night,|I'm really sorry for what I said.
I was hurt, and when|I'm hurt, I lash out.
You just happened|to be in the way.
- Are we still friends ?|- Yeah, no problem.
What about BillyWhizz ?|Can we trust him ?
No. Better do him and all.
[Tapping On Window]
[Keys Drop]
Evening, Billy.
How many of them|will there be ?
About three or four,|I should think.
They'll all have to|be taken out.
[ Sighs ]|Fucking hell.
[Car Approaches]
Wish me luck.
All right, BillyWhizz !|You wanker !
Heckler & Koch MP5.
Fires a standard|9mm Parabellum round.
Thirty rounds a magazine, eight hundred|rounds a minute on full auto.
Fucking quality.
We couldn't get|the night sights,
so we're just gonna have|to get in close, eh ?
Shall we go ?
What's up, Mr. Worm ?
[ Whistling ]
Who wants to be a millionaire
We do, we do
- Who do ?|- We do !
Yeah !
I'll get the gate, shall I ?
[Cell Phone Ringing]
Where are you ?|You sound funny.
Yeah ? Yeah,|get a couple of bottles.
[Billy Screaming]
[ Continues Screaming ]
Shut up, Billy !
There's no need|for this,John.
You can keep it all.
Oh,Jason,|you foolish, greedy boy.
There are no drugs.
There is noplane.
You want to mess with me ?|You're not in the same league.
I thought we were mates.
I looked after you in prison.
I'm a man of honor,Jason.|I always pay my debts.
This is silly.
Billy, you said you wanted to know|how far this was going to take you.
- No ! don't !|- Hold it,John.
- Leave him, Henry.|- He's a witness.
I'm not having this little bastard|hanging over me.
No, no, no.|Leave him alone, Henry.
That's enough for tonight.
Who wants to be a millionaire
They don't
[ Chuckling ]
[ Laughing ]
Hello, Billy.|Yeah, come in.
You can listen to this.
Obviously,|if you don't mind, Lisa.
I had no idea where|Jason was going that night.
Yeah, but-- That's weird though, isn't|it ? It's not very romantic, is it ?
He'd been out of prison for,|what, two weeks ?
I mean, he's hanging out with|all sorts of strange people,|leaving you here home alone.
Don't know who he's with,|where he is.
My husband fucked around.|Is that what you want to hear ?
- You ever heard of Suzy Welch ?|- Who ?
Suzy Welch. Young girl.
Very pretty.
on't know whether your husband|associated with her in the last|couple of weeks, doyou ?
It's possible.
If she had a cute arse,|it's certainly possible.
Hmm. She disappeared.
And you think Jason's death|may have something to do with it ?
Some one killed him|because of her?
Thanks. Makes me feel really great.
Oh. I've upset you now, ain't I ?
I didn't mean to do that.
All right.|I'll leavey ou here.
Leave you two in your grief.
Used to drive for Jason,|didn't you ?
Yeah, now and again,|but not that night, obviously.
[ Chuckles ]|Obviously.
I'll be in touch.
You didn't think I'd go through|with it, did you ? Admit it.
I did it for you.
Where have you been ?|I've been waiting for two hours.
I've had the police around.
- I'm sorry.|- It worries me how much they know.
Oh, what can they know ?|They know nothing.
The only people who can|tell them anything... can't speak.
Billy can. They know|he drove for Jason.
No. Billy's all right.|on't worry about Billy.
You sure you can trust him ?
No. He's too scared|to say anything.
So, how are you ?
Is the burden of knowledge|weighing you down ?
No. I'm fine.
It's like I told you, Billy.
It's moments like this|that will make you...
or break you.
Have the police been to see you ?
Yeah. There was a smart arse|Old Bill around Lisa's.
- What did he ask you ?|- Nothing.
- He just give me his card|and said he'd get in touch.|- Good.
We must expect this, Billy.|It's perfectly normal.
They'll be questioning|all his associates.
I'm sure they'll be|talking to me at some point.
The situation|is very simple, Billy.
The only people who|know what happened...
are you, me and Henry.
The other people who knew...
are, of course, dead.
Mr. ., you know, I--|I, like--
I wouldn't say a word|about this to anyone.
Look. All this work|for a drainage trench.
Can you believe how obsessed|Henry gets about this garden ?
I'm bringing a shipment in|this week.
I wanted to make sure|I could rely on you.
Y-Yeah, ofcourse.|Nothing's changed.
Now tell me, how's Lisa ?|I haven't seen her for awhile.
Uh, she's a bit upset.
I want you to, uh,|look after her a bit.
drive her around, make sure|she doesn't come to any harm.
I'm worried about her.
I'm taking over|the business, Beverley.
- I want the books.|- Go fuck yourself.
Lend me one of your vibrators,|and I will.
Which one's been your favorite|since Peter got splattered ?
You bitch !
Fucking try that again,|I'll fucking do you !
What gives you the right to think you|can just come in here and take over ?
'Cause who's gonna stop me ?|You, Beverley ?
don't make me laugh.|Look at you.
This place. This stuff.
You got your drinks trolley,|chandelier, piano.
Can you even play|the piano, Beverley ?
And how'd you get all of this, eh ?|Of of Jason's back.
- That's how.|- You're the one's who's|got everything on your back.
don't annoy me, Beverley. The terms|are getting worse all the time.
Now, you can keep|this house and the cars.
I'm taking over the doors.|If you have a problem with that,
you can have a chat with Kiri Christos|about the money you owe him.
What am I supposed to live on ?
I've been thinking about that.
250 quid a week.
Remember? That's what Peter|was paying me when Jason was inside.
That's when he wasn't trying|to get inside my knickers.
Fair's fair, eh, Beverley ?
Where now ?
I keep turning it|over and over in my mind.
I must have been speaking to him|just before he died.
Yeah ?
- Where were you, Billy ?|- Me ? I was at home watching the telly.
Well, I knew they were|planning something.
Why didn't they|want you to drive 'em ?
don't know. They were all|very secretive about it.
- You wouldn't lie to me,|would you, Billy ?|- I weren't there.
So, who do you think done it ?
don't know. Perry Elley ?
What about John yke ? do you think he|could have had anything to do with it ?
No. Mr. . ? No.|Why, do you ?
I don't know.
There's just something about him|that's not quite right.
Lisa, there's--
- there's something I gotta tell ya.|- What ?
It's been playing on my mind.
What has ?
It's about Jason.
And just, like--
The way he died.
[ Sighs ]
How did he die, Billy ?
I just--
I just keep thinking it-- it's|gonna happen to you and me.
[Cell Phone: '"Jingle Bells '']
- Hello ?|-[Dyke]|Billy, the groceries are ready.
Oh, right, yeah.|Um, I'll be there as soon as I can.
- Where are you ?|- I'm at home. I'm on me way.
Where's Lisa ?
I, uh, I-I-- She went shopping.|I dropped her off.
Okay. Be as quick as you can.
[ Beeps ]
[ Engine Hissing ]
Yeah, you fuck.
I had high hopes of you, Billy.
Thought you had brains.|[ Chuckles ]
Not like those other animals.
I was prepared to help you.
[ Chuckles ]|I knew you'd make mistakes.
Then you went too far.
She belongs to me, Billy.
I don't want you to touch her!
[ dialing Cell Phone ]
You wanted to know|where this would take you.
Billy, it ends here !
[Cell Phone: '"Jingle Bells '']
[ Stops ]
[Engine Starts]
You fucker !
Lisa, it's me. They just fucking|shot me. I can't believe this shit.
- Are you okay ?|- No, I fuckin' ain't okay !
They just tried to kill me ! Why didn't|you tell me about you and yke ?
- What the fuck's going on ?|- Listen, it's a little difficult.
Little difficult ?|Well, I'll tell you something, Lisa.
They fucking killed Jason.
Okay. Can you drive ?
did you hear what I just said ?|They killed Jason, Lisa.
- I fucking saw them.|- I can't talk right now.
- Can you drive ?|- Yeah, I can drive.
- Okay. I'll meet you at number six.|- Number six ? The motel ?
- Yeah, that's right.|- You will be there ?
Yeah, I'll be there.
don't fuck me up, Lisa.|I need you.
I'm really sorry, Perry.|Something's come up.
It's girl stuff.|Can we continue this later ?
Oh, that's a shame. do you know|they make these with fresh fruit ?
Tell you what.
You can have my cherry.
[ Panting ]
We can't stay here 'cause|he'll come here. He'll find us.
It's all right, it's all right.|We're safe for the time being.
- Let's get you out of this.|- It fucking hurts.
It's okay. We've gotta get you|cleaned up, get you in the bath.
Why didn't you tell me|about you and him ?
There's nothing to tell.
He's got some sort of|obsession with me, that's all.
Just got out of hand.
Well, he's just tried to fucking|kill me. He nearly did and all.
- He'll kill you too.|- Let's deal with|one problem at a time, eh ?
What have you done here ?
Well, we got them " E's" next door.
We can sell them two bags of pills|and just get out of here.
What do you think ?
I'm gonna need some antiseptic,|some tweezers and a dressing.|What's the time ?
Look, I'm gonna find|a late night chemist.
I'll take your clothes|to the laundry too.
We can't have you checking out|covered in mud.
Come on, drink up.
What do you think ?
I think it's a really good idea, Billy.|Just you and me together.
Well, don't be too long.
I won't.
-[Door Closes]|- [ Coughs ]
[Cell Phone Ringing]
Where are you ?
don't know.|You sound funny.
[Cell Phone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
- Hello.|- Good-bye, Billy.
John, you don't|have to do this !
I didn't know nothing|about you and her !
I swear to God !|I wouldn't have happened if I had.
John,John, here's the gear.
Look !
I'm not gonna keep it.|You have it.
I'll go away,John,|and I'll never come back !
You'll never see me again !
John, I won't say a fucking word !|I'll disappear !
[Detective On Megaphone]|We are the police! We are armed!
Come out of the cabin|with your arms up in the air !
Come out of the cabin.
Walk forward.|Walk forward!
Get down on your knees.
Face down. Face down !
Now spread your legs.
[Billy Laughing]
[Billy Narrating]|It was... very funny.
It was hilarious.
I mean, Mr. D. 's gonna kill Lisa,|and I've become a liability.
And now she's rubbing noses|with Perry Elley.
-She needs both of us out ofher life.|- Hello, BillyWhizz.
So, the Old Bill|gets ananonymous tip,
and they catch this fella|red-handed...
in a Southend motel room|with 50 grand's worth of pills.
This fella's looking at|ten years inside, easy,
unless he can make a trade.
Turns outhe's only the witness|to a shocking triple murder.
Essex boys ?
She done the lot of us.
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