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Est Quest

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June 1946, a dispatch to Soviet embassies... France, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia...
lfthey so wish, any Russian in exile since 1917...
...will be eligible fora Sovietpassport...
...and will qualify forrepatriation to the U.S.S.R.
Thousands decided to return home...
...the last travellers of dark years in Europe...
...that had displaced 30 million people
You will soon arrive back in the motherland
You left her 30 years ago, but she never left you
...she needs you, all of you
The country needs rebuilding
We paid a greater price than any nation...
...but the war against fascism united us...
...until victory
The Soviet government opens its doors to you...
...and welcomes you...
...regardless of past events
Too serious, Yevgeny!
Let's drink and sing
Get out your passports
The lowest number raises a toast
Can I join in?
-The French police deported me. -Be my guest
Guess who was given Soviet passport number 1
The head of the Orthodox church in Paris
What number?
I have passport 2002
And my son Leonid...
...has number 2003
Be patient with him, he speaks awful Russian
With an accent, too
Well, doctor? What number?
It's up to you, then
I would like to thank my wife
...l asked you to follow me. You did
You left your family...
...friends and home, without hesitation
For that...
...and for so much more,
...and I admire you
To you
Is what he said true?
You must be a brave woman
Welcome to Odessa
Welcome to our Soviet homeland... the victorious nation...
...where, guided by Comrade Stalin, wise among the wise...
...all peoples live as one family...
...united and happy
My God...
At last, in Russia
Russia... land
Passengers will divide into two groups... follows:
Kozlov, S. Vassilievitch
Kozlov, S. Vassilievitch. Here
Kozlov, L. Sergeyevitch
Kozlov, L. Sergeyevitch. There
But he's my son
He should be with me
Don't worry
It's a mistake
We'll soon sort it out
I told you the truth
I came with my husband. I'm a French citizen with a French passport
You're mad!
You work for the secret service...
...of your country
You're talking nonsense
I want to see the Consul
And the Queen of England perhaps
We've been watching you, Golovin
You are a good doctor
-We have work for you. -Where is my wife?
Forget your wife. She's not wanted
We'll find you a Russian wife
I offer him a woman. He says no
Your wife is a spy
Is that a joke?
Not at all
90% of emigrants returning to Russia are imperialist spies
We'll leave you your son
Where is my wife?
Don't destroy your destiny. We trust you
Do you really want your wife?
We need a little talk, then
Where is Serioja?
They're fetching him
-You're leaving now. -Where to?
Your new tenants
Tell them I'm the supervisor...
...and that we have strict rules
I speak Russian
Who are they?
French, apparently
Hello. Petrov
My wife, Marie, and son, Sergei
Have you come to visit?
No, to live
Does your wife speak Russian?
She's going to learn
If you need any...
Sacha, fetch some bread
This is your key
I'll be very clear to avoid any problems...
...especially for her. You translate
Let's go
Five families live here
The rules must be observed
This table belonged to the previous tenants
Now, it's ours
The bathroom
Our day is Thursday
That's our laundry day
Never leave the light on in the toilet
Do you like it here?
What does a traveller need?
Strength and courage
That's right, darling
I'll be right back
You couldn't know
Nobody could
We'll give back the room and go home
They can't force us to stay
I can't live here
Nor can Serioja, nor you
Somehow, we'll get back to France
Every prison has a way out
Forgive me
I worked on the machines...
...for six years
I know how they make your back ache
Fine. In terms of the air they have to breathe...
...what steps do you take?
We'll install pipes to humidify the air...
...and make the dust fall
Just like in France
Forget France!
We know how France exploits its workers
You're here to work...
...not change everything
I am responsible for 2,000 workers
I take their health seriously
Wrong table
Leave her alone, you drunkard!
Why did you come? Didn't you know?
You speak French?
I had a French nanny
It was in this apartment...
...but in a different life
Good health
Join in with me, you know the words
Why stop? It was very pretty
Madame Marie... Chapkas!
You want to buy one?
No, thank you
I'll do it cheap
For what they pay for them
Do they steal them?
They have suppliers all across town
...take your chapka and go
Careful, you talk too much
Enough. Get out!
I had their room as a girl
Where you are was my mother's music room
My dear, what a mess you're in
Try to forget France
Good evening
My soup is ready
It's all a mistake, Sacha
I'll be back soon
Keep swimming. It's your only chance
Don't provoke them
Are you a Young Communist?
Answer me. Are you?
Get a grip then
Calm down
That's better
What happened? Who was it?
Sacha, what happened?
She was denounced
It's your wife
Grandma spoke French to her
She'll be accused of spying
You foreigners are always watched
Go home. Leave us
Hello... I would like address...
...of lnterior Ministry?
The lnterior Ministry?
You want to go there?
Sure. Give me a minute
I'll take you to the bus stop
Is that the Red Flag factory?
I would like to speak to Dr. Golovin
Come with me
You followed me?
-Let go of me. -Quickly
-Who told you? -Come on
Leave me alone
Let go!
I'm all right
Come to the infirmary
No, thank you, I'm okay
I'm a doctor
What did the foreigner want?
Nothing, she was lost
What got into you?
I can't bear waiting any more
You said you would apply
If I ask to go, I condemn the state
Do you want us to end up in a camp?
They can't force us to stay!
They're duty-bound to let us go
-People are staring. -I don't care!
We had a deal...
...if it didn't work out
I want to go back to France
We'll die here, Alexei. I will at least
I want to leave!
Let go!
Let go! I want to leave here!
I can't stand it here! Let go of me!
I can't stand it
We will get out
It will take time, but... me
Until then, we must make do here
Bravo, lrina
Tolia, you're too stiff. You are the Soviet ideal
The whole world will be watching
What's this?
That's not my shirt
She mixed them up again
That's mine
You missed your call
You're on the moment the song ends
It's the Frenchy...
Hello, my dear
You have to eat
They're wary because you're foreign
It'll sort itself out
You're very pretty
They got the boxes mixed up again
Now I'm supervisor...
...l have to watch over everything
You do a very good job
I do my best. With you, it's easy
You're well brought up, you understand things
I bought some pies. Want one?
Thank you
I didn't know where they took her
I wasn't allowed to see her. She died all alone
She knew that you loved her...
...and were thinking of her
Is anyone else coming?
Mum, what's that?
It's Grandmother Anastasia's place
We knew Anastasia Alexandrovna only briefly...
...but enough to see...
...that she was a remarkable...
...and kind woman
May her soul rest in peace
May the earth be kind to her
New tenants for you
But every room is taken
-What about Vassilieva's? -Her grandson has it
My husband lost a leg in the war
We fully deserve a room...
...with modern conveniences
Where is he to go?
What a thing to do the day of Babushka's funeral
And Sacha?
-What about him? -He'll go to a hostel
No, I won't
It's a mistake. We'll sort it out
Calm down
I'm the supervisor and no one told me of this
-I have all the papers. -Quiet!
What's going on?
Sacha can't stay
He must go to a hostel
He can move in with us
These are the books Babushka used to read
That's how she taught me French
You have them
Thank you
I would like to be alone now
Vassiliev, come here!
Guess your time
Worse than a year ago... five seconds!
You're through
I hear you've been drinking and smoking
You're gifted...
...but you just float along like a turd
My grandma died
Mine too! Both of them
Clear out, Vassiliev
Don't let me catch you here again!
Girls, in the water
You kept your eyes closed...
...the whole time
I lost track of where I was
We're together
I won't forget
What I miss most... having you to myself
Being totally free...
...and you...
...looking so beautiful
The two of us together...
...alone in the world
Are you drunk?
Yes, but not much
You were with them again
Go back to the pool
I was thrown off the team
You don't need a team to swim
You have talent, don't waste it
You treat me like a child
You behave like a child
Sleep now, we'll talk tomorrow
I can't sleep
I haven't slept for ages
I think about Babushka
I think about my parents
I've forgotten their faces
They were arrested together...
...and executed
Babushka hid their death from me for years
I received letters, which she had written
Why were they arrested?
You never know why
I want to get out too
Leave the country
Why tell me?
I hear you at night...
...talking to Alexei
You don't sleep either
I hear you crying as well
You must not be afraid of me
I want to help you
It's kind of you
I'll help you too
Tell me about France
I'm doing this for you
No, for yourself
For both of us
You'll be the best because you fight the current
It's too hot
It's supposed to be
Do you ever do house calls?
Five minutes more
You are a good doctor, Alexei
We all know that
...they are wondering if you are a good Soviet citizen
Stop it
Are you coming? Make your mind up
I've no jacket
Calm down, we have lots of time
The car will be here in five minutes
What car?
Nina Fiodorovna's car
Your boss?
We're all wonderful
Dear fellow citizens... is a great event...
...that brings us here tonight
You will see...
...a performance of "Marie Tudor"...
...a play by Victor Hugo
Where's Papa?
I don't know
The role of Marie Tudor...
...will be played by the great French actress...
...Gabrielle Develay
Your photo will be in all the papers... an example for us all
This is a great honour for you
And for me, too
I call on a compatriot...
...who spent many years in France...
...Comrade Golovin...
...director of the dispensary...
...of the Red Flag Factory
Dear French guests...
...dear fellow citizens...
...l would like to take this opportunity... thank the Kiev municipal authorities...
...Soviet government...
...and Communist Party leadership...
...who enabled me... return to my homeland... work for my people...
...and welcomed my wife...
...and son
You love me, don't you?
Do you love only me?
Tell me once more...
...with those same eyes
We poor women never truly know...
...what a man's heart holds
...your gaze is naive and sincere
How infernal that heavenly eyes might deceive
Your eyes are those of an angel or of a demon
We are honoured to see...
...such fine actors
This is a great occasion for us
We are expected
I said, no receptions
I instigated this tour...
...for my own political beliefs
The rightwing press dragged me through the mud
They'll do it again on my return
They'll be waiting
I came here to see...
To meet people and talk to them
These receptions aren't real life
Dignitaries, speeches... It's a charade!
You heard the applause
They adored you
I'm sick of applause and full houses to order
Barely a handful...
...had even a scrap of French
Take me out
The good restaurants are for Party members only
That leaves the station bar
The station bar it is!
I must see you urgently
Sorry, I must see a French diplomat
But not here and not now
My life depends on it
I said, not here and not now
Come along
Don't move till I get back
You must go to the Embassy
The Embassy is in Moscow and I am a prisoner here
I want to leave. Help me
It's all in this letter... official application
You have a French passport?
No, they destroyed it
So you are a Soviet citizen... is a matter for your adopted country
You have no right... You must do something!
-I can't take it. -This is mad
She's plainly not lying
Give me it. I'll take it to France
It won't do any good
No one will act
Give it to me, please
I am Alexei Golovin
My family and I are happy here
We have no need of anyone's help
Give me it
I can't, it's not yours
Leave me now...
...l must change for the reception
You don't appreciate the risks
I'll risk anything to get out...
...and I'll do it with or without you
-Listen... -Quiet
Give me your arm
Your stubborn French brain refuses... understand the position we're in
My stubborn French brain sees right through you
I want to save you and Serioja
Save us?
By thanking our jailers?
What do you expect? You betrayed me
All those who came back with us were executed or imprisoned
All except us
To save your lives, I do as I'm told
I must carry on
I have no choice, Marie
You don't help me, you accuse me
Every morning when I get up...
...every evening when I get home...
...the only thing I see in your eyes... your hostility
I can't stand it
You won't even make love in this room
Quiet down!
Shut up... smart-ass intellectual
Last week...
...l slept with Olga
She looks at me differently
Get out, Alexei
Leave this room
Get out!
Open up
I want my cigarettes
Have a fight with your wife?
Did she lock you out?
Two months later
Thank you
You're training him now?
-Is he improving? -Yes
He comes every day
I used to swim here
A long time ago
I knew he wouldn't give up
Tell Sacha I'll see him at the pool. The water is warmer
Hey, kid, everything okay?
It's open
Good morning
Do you want breakfast?
I already ate with Mummy
I'm stuck on this problem
I'm better doing it by myself
You didn't come yesterday
I forgot
What are you doing today?
Sacha is taking me to the park
With your mother?
I don't know
I already said, not in front of the boy
Your son knows full well that we're together
I'm a simple woman
I'm happy just being with you
I want this to last forever
...a letter for your wife
-You read it? -No, it's in French
I was always taught...
...not to read other people's mail
We had different upbringings, you and I
You're okay...
...but try to get some rest
I don't know how to rest
I'm like you...
...l'm a perfectionist
Let me tell you a secret
I'm going to leave here for a more important position
We will miss you
I'll get you a job running a hospital... you never saw in France
I can already get you a two-roomed apartment
You can move in with this...
-She has a good record. -You already know?
Of course
But you'll have to return the room we gave you
I can't do that
My wife and son live there
Get a divorce
Then they can keep the room
Decide quickly
Nina Fiodorovna...
...l love my wife
I can't tell them upstairs that you love your wife...
...but live with another woman
That's all very French
It would be better if you divorce
See you
l don't know ifthis will reach you...
Don't write to my wife...
I said to speak French at home
And I want him to speak Russian
Isn't your homework done?
Nearly finished
It's my fault, I got in late
Where have you been?
Still need your Dad?
We must talk
We already have
I want to move back with you
It's too late
Hurry up!
The European championships are coming up
The selectors...
...will be in Kiev in weeks
They will only take the very best
You'll all live in...
...and training will be stepped up
The championships are being held in the West
Over there, they sneer at us
Say it again
Say those beautiful words...
...ln Vienna, Austria
It sounds as beautiful as Paris
I'm not there yet. I have to win the trial
You'll win
I'm sure of it
You have no choice
We have no choice
If you do get to Vienna...
...go to the French consulate
They'll send you to France. Go and see my family
Let them know I'm alive
Get in touch with that actress
She'll help you get me out
If I make it...
...l may not be able to help you. Maybe it will take time
I would hate being in France, if you're here
Is that Vassiliev in lane four?
He's your protégé?
Have you lost your mind? Have you seen his file?
His family were enemies of the people
What are you playing at now?
Did you steal them?
No, they followed us here
Where are you going? You're beautiful tonight
It's Boyko's birthday
For Serioja...
For Madame Marie
-No. -Yes
On loan till tomorrow
Inherited from our grandma
Thank you
Four rings. It's for you
Answer it, it's Sacha
They must have your size
Clear the table, it's time for dinner
If Sacha is selected... won't go too, will you?
No, I won't go
I'll stay with you
I'll always be with you
Can you take over? And put him to bed
-Where are you going? -Out
Back late?
Most likely
Ready to go, champ?
Nothing's sure. They pick the team at the last minute
...our present!
To you, Pavel, and to our friendship
To friendship!
Let's drink
Between us...
...we've made a real champion
Let's celebrate
I have good news
You're in the team
I had to put myself on the line
Don't betray me by doing something stupid
Of course not
If you do, I will pay for it. Get it?
-Sure. -I'm relying on you
May l?
Thanks for coming so quickly
What's happened?
Is it Sacha?
He didn't go to Vienna
Before they left, I searched his locker
Letters for my family. It's not a crime
Where's Sacha?
What if he decided to take them to France in person?
Tell me! Where is he?
At a training camp on the Black Sea
Where our best men go
We'll see if he sticks it out
And now, Marie...
...leave him alone
He wants to get away from your influence
"Three whole days...
"...a true honeymoon...
"They lodged in a hotel by the port...
"...keeping the shutters closed and doors locked...
"...with fresh flowers and iced cordials...
"...brought to them every morning
"For dinner, they would take a boat to an island
"They would stroll along the quay"
"The hubbub of the town died away
"She untied her hat and they stepped ashore
"They lay down in the grass...
"...they kissed in the shade of the poplars...
"...and they would have liked...
" live forever in this small place...
"...which they blissfully imagined...
"...the most magnificent on earth"
-Where are you going? -Shopping
-The shops are shut. -Let go
Let go of me!
...keep out of my life
-Hasn't your boss told you? -What about this?
I saw a man put it in your letter box
I'm going to denounce you
Don't be foolish. I'm a Party member
They would say you're jealous...
...trying to get revenge
It's best if you move out
You'll have me evicted?
I'll find you somewhere else
I see why you moved in with me
To stop me watching your wife
Now you don't need me, you throw me away
Do you hear me?
You're a bastard!
Four rings...
You know, Mummy... mustn't worry about me. I'm fine here
We have a guest
-Why didn't you write? -Too busy training
A present
Inherited from our great-uncle
Sit down. Papa made some soup
How are you? You've grown
As they say on the radio... is getting cheaper and more and more fun
Have you come back to live? I mean, in Kiev?
No, I have 24 hours' leave
Okay, thank you all very much
I'll visit her grave. Will you come?
Babushka, I'll never forget you
All that you told me
All that you taught me
I'm getting out, Marie
To the West
In Odessa, ships come in from the West
I met a Turkish captain who will take me
He's done it before
What are your chances? 10 to 1? 15 to 1?
If you get caught, you'll be shot
I'll make it
-You'll join me -Don't do it. The risk is too great
You've changed
Comrade Golovin's good little wife
I hardly recognise you
Forgive me
I'm just jealous
No, you're right
I need your help
-I need money. -I'll try
You'll have to bring it to me
I'll be stuck in Odessa
I can't travel either
The Army Choir will be in Odessa in three months
Ask Boyko to take you
You have it all worked out
You taught me that
Freedom at all costs...
...and persevere
Like it?
You have those in France?
I can't remember
Could you sell something for me?
That's not what we do
It depends. Let's see
Where did you get it?
My grandmother
Keep it
It's a tiny bit of France
I need money
I love you
Catch it
Stop it!
Don't go, Marie, please
I'll only be gone ten days
I haven't left this place in two years
We'll go to Crimea just the three of us
Stop it, Alexei. I won't pull out
I know why you're going to Odessa
What are you up to with Sacha? Are you lovers?
I can prevent you from going
Do that and I leave you
Are you Marie Golovin?
A young man wants to see you
He says he's your cousin
Thank you
The boat is docked
I was scared you wouldn't come
I don't have much time. Let's go
Were you followed?
We brought the money
I can't take you
My contact on the docks has disappeared
Was he arrested?
I don't know
They're on the alert. We heard shots last night
Go now
We never met
I've watched ships leaving port
They head out south-west
Here on the coast, a path leads down to the sea
I can't come in
I can swim out
Out to the buoys
From the coast to the buoys...
...must be 10 miles
It will take me five hours to swim it, maybe six
No more
You can't do it
It's impossible
No one has ever done that
I can do it
You're crazy. This is madness
If you can swim six hours...
...and I can spot you in the night...
...l'll send a launch to you...
...but I won't wait
And the cash?
All he wants is the money
Don't, it's suicide
I'm begging you
I take the risks I want. It's my life!
Give him the money
I have to go
Don't run off
I'm doing it for you, for us
So help me
Look at me
Where have you been? You're not a tourist
Work, Marie Golovin, not holiday
Remember me?
Why did Boyko bring you?
Ask him that
You left your husband and son?
A lover in the Choir?
The colonel perhaps?
I'm sick of your insinuations
I have work to do
Comrade Pirogov
Marie, help me. Where is Marie?
Our man in Kiev is a good cop
Not smart, but methodical
Here's what I think
You came here to see a swimmer...
...called Sacha Vassiliev
He's not a cousin, but your lover
-I'm listening. -I have nothing to say
When Col. Boyko hears...
Forget Boyko. He can't help you
Let's call the training camp
They'll send us young Vassiliev
You'll talk, you whore!
Where is he?
Vermin! French whore!
You'll talk! Scum! Bitch!
You will talk
I'll kill you!
One month later
No communicating
She's an imperialist spy
I should have killed her years ago
What's the charge?
You knew Vassiliev?
She seduced him...
...and filled his head with propaganda
He tried to escape her but she followed him to Odessa
There, she organised his escape...
...via a CIA-funded Turkish gang
In fact, the kid drowned
She killed him
Rubbish! My wife is innocent
She confessed
Is it true? Did you sign?
They hurt you?
-It's untrue. -You don't believe me?
What's this then?
Only Vassiliev with your wife's sister
Why say he was dead?
It would be much better for all of us
He's in France. He's free!
Do you see what you lived with all those years?
Now, sign this statement
You accept her guilt, disown her...
I'll never sign!
Yes, you will!
If you love your son
Sign it, Alexei, I beg you
-Is he here? -In your dressing room
Thank you
Are you today's snoop?
I'm here to protect him
Later. I'll send for you
The Foreign Ministry rejected the Soviet Embassy's request
You won't be sent back. But you can't stay
The Soviets resent all the newspaper coverage
However, Canada will accept you...
..with full citizenship
They will give you a new identity...
...a new life
I won't go
I can only help Marie here
Listen, Sacha...
...for her sake, go
They made that very clear
I won't go...
...and nobody can force me
On the contrary
-They can. -That's not freedom
I have a plan to help Marie
What kind of plan?
I can't tell you. Not yet
You trust me?
I get it...
...l have to disappear
Sorry, I have to go
No more curtain calls?
Where is my bag? ls the car ready?
What's wrong, Madame?
I shouldn't have let him go
Is Sacha in?
-Yes, why? -Where's his room?
That way
Just open it
Do his other arm
Stay here
I'll call the hospital
It won't tie...
I'm here, I'm with you
I'll save Marie
Somehow. I swear I will. But you must live
Do you hear me? You must live
Six years later
Transit Camp
The only hope forhumanity's future: Communism
It's silk
I got two sizes. I didn't know which would fit
You haven't changed
Even more beautiful than I remember
That's kind
Forgive me for being...
It's normal
It takes time
I'll help you
I would rather be alone
I love you, Marie
No, it's over, Alexei
It will never be over between us
I'm ashamed
The stench... I'll never lose it
My love
I love you so much
Papa and I knew they would let you out
When Papa was made director of the hospital...
...he wrote to Comrade Stalin...
...who sadly died before he could intervene
Nina pressed your case
She's a union leader
Other innocents have been rehabilitated
I wasn't innocent
I was guilty
I organised Sacha's escape
I heard news of Sacha. He's in Canada
All I did was for me, too
My little boy
Two years later
When do they arrive?
Tomorrow if things go to plan
Why Sofia?
It's the only Communist city where a friend is ambassador
What gave you the idea?
Your appointment
You're mad, Gabrielle
Jean-Louis... know what I'm like
But we're at war here!
I'm watched around the clock
Just think of what we risk
A new posting for you...
...deportation for me. Not prison
You think so?
Your fame and your leftwing politics...
...mean nothing here!
Why do all this for a woman you hardly know?
I swore I would
...l was uncertain about this mission
But now I am...
...very happy we came to Sofia
We have worked very hard
I would like to thank you all...
...especially Comrade Golovin...
...whose idea it was... come here
I propose a toast... friendship and cooperation between our two countries
Can you do me a favour?
My wife has bought another chandelier
Could you help me with customs?
Your wife will get me into trouble back in Kiev
Thanks, Jean-Louis
I'm truly grateful
That's all I can do
Take her the passport...
...and stop your games
Let her go back to Kiev...
...and that will be that
Where's Mama?
In the bathroom
Are we okay for time?
...this is very important
What's the matter?
Do you remember Gabrielle, the actress?
She's in the lobby. She's waiting... take you to the Embassy
What are you saying?
Listen to me
When we get downstairs, go with her
I'm lost
Gabrielle will explain
The French ambassador... a friend of hers
It's our only chance
Ten years I've waited for this
Why didn't you say?
I couldn't be sure
We have to go
The delegation will be down soon
What about you?
Serioja is going with you. I'll go back to Kiev
They'll send you to a camp
They don't suspect me. They'll think... tricked me
Come with us
The Embassy will protect you, but I'm a Soviet citizen
Tea, please
Have you seen anyone from our delegation?
Not yet
Go ahead
I'll join you
I promise
Come on, Mummy
You have your room key?
Yes, thank you
Put these on. They'll think you're Westerners
Outside the Embassy...
...there's a checkpoint
For you, Marie
It's yours
Vanished! Gone!
It's a mistake, let me through. I'll find them
You knew!
Admit it!
You knew!
We'll all be in trouble because of you
Me especially
Don't worry, it will all be okay
Get your passport ready
-Keep going. Don't stop. -Stop!
What's the matter?
Let them in!
You're in France. You're free
Follow me
Fetch some water, quick!
My God...
To communicate with Gabrielle...
...Papa had to wait for French delegations
He always risked being denounced
It took months to get her replies
When it was confirmed for Sofia...
...he told me everything
I didn't know what to do
We talked it over endlessly
I don't want to lose you again
The Ambassador wasn't pleased
He gave me a real telling off
The Bulgarians will let you go, but...
...they're demanding something in exchange
They want France... refuse asylum to a dissident and send him back here
But you're safe now
I won't go without him
What do you mean?
Without Alexei
He must come, too
Marie, Alexei won't come
We can do nothing for him. He knows that
He fought for years for this, to get you out
Nothing else mattered
Tell me, Alexei
It's important. I have to know
Did you know what she was planning?
Did you help her?
No, I didn't know
When I realised they had left the hotel... occurred to me they had run away
But I was sure
Even now, I still am
Just in time...
...for the train
That same day...
...we left Bulgaria... the free world via Greece
l can't rememberit. I was asleep
Alexei was sent to Sakhalin...
a Russian island in the Pacific, as medic in the labourcamp
Thirty years on, the Soviet Union opened up under President Gorbachev
Alexei was permitted to come to France in 1987
Subtitles: Simon John SubRip: Zdenda
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