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Subtitles for Ett anstandigt liv (A Decent Life 1979).

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Ett anstandigt liv (A Decent Life 1979)

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Here come all the Joneses...
Three blind workers, Three blind workers
See how they run, See how they run
Part Two of a trilogy where ''They Call Us Mods'' was Part One.
Translation: Unn Printz-Påhlsson, Kim Loughran
No, not me. l can't see it-
-me fitting in with folks who only care about Volvos and Volkswagens...
And what the soccer results are. And liquor shop hours...
l couldn't live like that. They're so narrow-minded.
They only care about their little world. No vision.
These guys here are different. They like to move around.
They're more original. They like to try out new things.
lt's what makes life worth living, right?
Kenta and Stoffe were close friends.
l shared a flat with them in Stockholm.
They both belonged to a street gang.
They called themselves mods. Many became my friends.
Everything was within reach, life was there for the taking.
That was quite a while ago. More than 10 years ago.
The building we lived in has been torn down-
-and Kenta and Stoffe don't see each other anymore.
Shit, no one's answering.
-Police Headquarters. -Women's Remand, please.
-Women's Section: Johansson. -My name is Kenneth Gustavsson.
My mother, Majken Gustavsson, is being held for manslaughter.
l'd like to speak to her arresting officer to find out more.
l see. Just a moment and l'll put you through to Remand.
l feel like l'm chasing chickens!
Women's Section.
Hello. My name is Kenneth Gustavsson. l believe-
-my mother is being held for manslaughter.
l'd like to speak to her arresting officer-
-to find out what has happened.
Alright. l'll put you through to Criminal lnvestigation.
-Yes. Yes, thanks. -Just a moment.
This is Eva's apartment. Kenta lives here most of the time.
They have a son called Patric.
Damn switchboards...
Davidsson speaking: Duty Office.
My name is Kenneth Gustavsson.
My mother is called Majken Gustavsson...
...and l believe you suspect her of manslaughter. ls that right?
l'd like to talk to her arresting officer.
l'd very much like to find out what has happened.
l understand. Let's see... Just a moment.
-Can you hold on? -Of course.
Right. l'm finally through. Let's see what happens.
Hello. My name is Kenneth Gustavsson.
l've heard you're looking after my mom.
l just wanted to find out what has happened.
Well, we're not so sure ourselves.
But she's in here: we know that much.
What do you know about the relationship-
-between your mother and this man, Åke?
Yeah. Well, l didn't see them too much.
As far as l know they were boozed most of the time.
You knew that he had a bad heart, though?
Yes. We know. Did they have many quarrels?
Naah. l dunno...
A few drunken fights. You know how it is.
Yes. No specific quarrel, then.
l don't know what you mean by specific, really.
l wondered if he had been beating her...
-...maybe put her in hospital? -Yes, that has happened.
She had to have her head operated on.
Ten months ago. l think it was him who hit her.
ls there any chance of a word with her?
Of course. Could you come and talk to me first-
-and kill two birds with one stone?
-So. You're Kenta? -Yeah. You know all about me.
-You've worked at Vällingby station? -No. Not me.
-Oh. lt's not you? -No.
-l thought l knew you. -Can we meet at eleven tomorrow?
You could help me out with this other business.
-Okay. Goodbye. -Goodbye.
l have rebelled against tradition
Against the tight-assed and dull
But the rush has transformed me
From rebel to gangster
Your rules, they violate my pride
You make my sickness mount
Your laws, they cannot confine me
And l fly high above your dung
Heroin, you are my baby
So demanding, yet so warm
You set my mind on fire
When l press you to my arm
Kenta's mother... On the jug most of the time.
You booze every day and you get trouble in the end.
Especially if you're young. lt's fucking easy to become an alcoholic.
-Do you think you'll make it? -No.
-You don't think so? -No.
-What are you doing about it? -Nothing. l don't have to.
-Why not? -Why should l?
Being a wino isn't so great, either.
l dunno...
l can't go on drinking forever.
l don't count on living past 30.
l'll be 28 soon.
Okay. Maybe there's one year left at the outside.
l don't give a shit...
l'll either try to kick, or just go on for a while...
You win or you lose. l've got a lot left in me, though.
l'm not finished yet. l'm still alive and kicking.
l've still got a taste for life.
l have a good time. lt's a ball...
This is Stoffe. He's dead.
We had a club here on Drottninggatan.
l knew about four guys who sold hash.
lt was hard to get hold of in those days. Now, twelve years later-
-it's easier to buy heroin than hot dogs.
Terrible to see how it's gone...
l started here in '65. Now it looks like shit.
Opium turned up in '68.
We were too young to know what we were doing.
Then came morphine in '70.
My friends started dying like flies.
Then came heroin.
Everyone got sick when they stopped morphine. There was only heroin.
l've ended up in an ambulance seven times.
One time my heart stopped.
We used to hang out at clubs... drink some wine.
We were together, you know.
Now, when they're stretched out, purple with suffocation-
-or dying in a public toilet-
-kids are going through their pockets for money.
Everyone who goes down there-
-is searching for something. Maybe company.
Where is she? There or there?
-No. Up there. -There?
Yeah. l can visit whenever l want.
-l'll come too next time. -Sure.
She got ''Limpan'' with a knife.
-What happened? -He started a fight.
She grabbed a knife and stuck it in his chest.
-And he died? -Yeah. Of course.
l wonder how she felt.
They figure either a suspended sentence or probation-
-because it was self-defense.
There's a lot of witnesses who'll say he used to beat her up.
They all think she might go free.
-How was she? -Seemed quite well.
-She wasn't depressed? -No. She had a laugh or two.
-Has she got money and stuff? -She only wanted magazines.
l'll work itself out.
l hope so. lt's a drag having a mother-in-law inside.
She's still got her apartment. l'll take care of it later.
l come from an ordinary working-class family.
My dad was a janitor-
-and my mom worked at a public bathhouse.
lt was a hard job.
The only thing l really remember about Dad-
-was the time he pinned Ma down with her arms under his knees-
-and just slugged at her with his fists.
That picture's up here. l'll never forget it.
Every speed freak or heroin addict-
-who goes down to the subway station-
-they're all working-class kids.
l've never seen any kids from the rich side of town. Never.
Hi, Jerka! You still alive?
Hi, darling. lt's me. How was it on the street today?
Got many more tricks?
The shits. We've got to be careful.
We need another thousands crowns for tomorrow's fixes.
l'm buying two bags from a guy at eleven in the morning.
So l need that thousand.
But take it easy. Watch out for weirdoes.
Okay. Love you. l love you.
Goodbye. Here's a kiss.
Fuck it. Hardly any cars.
Have the cops blocked off the street?
They've had it blocked off up there a long time.
You can't drive up Lästmakargatan anymore.
They have to drive all the way around.
You know, l think it tastes good.
No, it doesn't. But it does you good.
-What's the time? -Half past nine.
l've got to get another 200 together.
Wow. l'd be here all night. l'm a dime-a-time.
When are you through?
About 30, maybe 45 minutes if it goes okay.
l'll see you later, then.
-Have you got any works? -No, l don't.
Then l'll have to go down to the station.
l'll put on some make-up in case l get a trick.
-You got any works? -Yeah. l'm going to fix, too.
-We can go together. -Know any good doorways?
Come on, Jerka, don't nod out! There's cops around.
l've slept in a lot of doorways in my day.
But it can't go on like this. That's for sure.
You work your way up. l went on to morphine, then heroin.
lt's cost me a few years inside.
l've done close on three years.
l've stopped using heroin. Just gave it up. But after years of using.
You see your friends die and you get so damn cynical.
You find out that a close friend has died and you just kind of shrug it off.
lt's like you could borrow his hypo after his O.D.
Hi, Jerka. How are you?
lt's a miracle you're alive.
What the fuck happened?
We were down at the station, checking things out and someone says:
''Jerka is not too good. He's six feet under.''
And two cops come up and say:
''Your buddy's dead, Stoffe.''
-''Which buddy?'' -''Jerka's dead.''
''What do you mean, 'dead'? Christ, l saw him twelve hours ago'', l said.
''Want to bet money on it?'' they say. lt's all over town that you're dead.
And here you are. What the fuck happened?
-l dunno. -You don't know anything?
They said it's my heart.
ls it shot?
Yeah. Must be.
l did the same thing last summer.
l was using the same poison. And boozing at the same time.
And my body starts to hurt like it was crushed.
So l took a little fix and it felt better.
l thought: ''Okay, there's only me to blame.''
So l fixed for four or five days.
But even horse didn't help in the end.
l've lived in station toilets for the last few years.
Can you believe everyone thinks you're dead?
You can't remember anything at all?
One and a half bottles of Rosita, or something.
-ls that all? -That was all.
And you collapsed?
Yeah, but the second time l collapsed-
-l don't remember a thing until l wake up on a rug-
-or a plastic mattress on the floor.
Soaking wet.
My pants felt like they were glued to me.
l was alone. l just went to sleep.
Then suddenly some bastard kicks me in the back.
l thought: ''What the fuck?'' So l start fucking around as usual-
-and they take off all my clothes and put me in a freezing cell.
l could have frozen to death in there.
l banged my head against the door until they opened up.
l just ran into the door, head first.
You've got to stay put here if you want to make it through.
l know. They told me that.
l knew it all the time.
But l've got the craving. The need.
l know.
lf that's all you've got... then it's like love.
Yeah. Like you're married to it.
lf you go on methadone-
-you can cut down, can't you?
You've got friends thinking about you all the time, right?
Yeah, l hope so.
You know so.
What are you going to do now?
What l'm going to do?
Stay here.
Have you got any plans... well, for the next few weeks?
No. l've got no...
l've got, like, nothing in my head. lt's just empty.
lt's just empty.
lt was the same with me. You know that.
l just collapsed.
My whole pancreas, the whole thing just busted.
l just had to get myself together.
l had to choose. Stop or keep on and die.
Try to keep yourself together until the summer, for fucks sake.
But Jerka never made it to summer.
After two days he sneaked out from the hospital.
A couple of weeks later he's dead.
What are they like, the tricks you meet?
Most of them come from the rich side of town.
l've had lots of those as regulars.
Well, they've got the money.
They drive around in their cruisers. But l'll tell you a story:
l met a guy on the street. We made a deal.
We'd go and buy rubbers and then we'd go in this doorway-
-and right up to the top and...
l'd get the money. Everything is arranged, right?
And he says: ''l'm not gonna use a rubber.''
'' But you just bought it'', l say.
Then l don't remember anymore. My head hit the floor.
l got such a shock.
lt just happened so suddenly, understand?
A helluva thump. l just fell to the floor like this and hit my head.
l tried to crawl away from him.
But he was after me the whole time, kicking at me.
l had to have my Fallopian tubes removed after that.
l crawled down the stairs.
And he followed me the whole time, kicking.
He mainly kicked me in the stomach.
l was wearing white trousers when l went up with him...
When l came down to the street the cops came and drove me to hospital...
The doctor didn't know what color my trousers were.
l was just covered in blood.
He's a company director, his own firm.
He has employees and two small kids-
-and he lives in a house in the suburbs. He's got everything.
And l don't think he had any trouble with his wife.
lt was just that he had this thing.
l could never dream... He had everything.
His wife never turned him down. She said so in court.
So he wasn't dying for it.
So there wasn't really any reason for him to do this to me.
l was pregnant, too. Three months.
-Did you miscarry? -What do you think?
When you're on morphine your periods stop coming.
So l tried like hell to get pregnant.
So l get pregnant after all these years.
You destroy quite a lot, you know. Well, physically-
-everything stops functioning. But then l get pregnant.
There just aren't any words... What a cunt...
There's a difference between being a cunt and having one!
l just can't find words to describe him.
l can't have kids now. They took out my tubes.
lt hit me real hard, psychologically.
lt was then l started cranking up a lot of speed-
-because l thought: ''l don't give a fuck any more.''
We see one generation after the other-
-entering the arena like a bull-
-that we know is going to be killed.
Heroin overdose.
ln one month l've collapsed about three times, right?
lt's no fun, l mean l know that l've got resistance.
Find out what's going on.
lt's really important.
Just a fix and then l collapse...
What can l do? l know l've had trouble with my pancreas.
When l was at St. Göran's Hospital they said:
''lf you keep on messing around with alcohol and drugs''-
-''you'll only live for one more year. You have to quit. Understand?''
l want to know what state l'm in. l feel awful.
And l want to know why.
We can't say anything until we've seen the blood test results.
They'd better realize there's something wrong with me, right?
l mean, l want to live a few more years.
Goddamn! Shit!
l want the results, so that l know how the fuck it's going to be-
-if there's something wrong with my body, like they're saying.
Then l'd better stay here and get well.
l don't want to die yet. l'm too young.
''Molok, whose mind is pure machinery!''
''Molok, whose blood is running money!''
''Molok, whose fingers are ten armies!''
''Molok, whose ear is a smoking tomb!''
''Molok, who entered my soul early!''
Shall we have a chapter, then?
You know, l read this book when l was little.
Where the hell is it? My ma read it to me.
''On the Farm.'' ls that it?
Do you want me to read? Have you brushed your teeth?
Have you brushed your teeth?
-l have. -You're lying.
Well, l always played it straight when my dad asked me.
Here we go. Okay. We're reading ''On the Farm''.
When do we get to Aunt Dagny's house?
Around nine o'clock tomorrow morning.
''Goodbye for now. l'd better be off before Anne''-
-''persuades me to give an ear wiggling lesson.''
-Can you wiggle your ears? -No.
You're no good. l can.
Just because you can do it doesn't mean l'm no good.
No, it's a special trick.
You're not cold?
Nice and warm. That's good.
-How do you wiggle your ears? -Tense up the muscles like this...
You're useless.
You can't do it.
Hi there! Where the hell are you headed?
-Home. -Where's home?
-Umeå. -Do you live there?
How the hell can anyone live in Umeå?
Where's the restaurant car?
-When do they close? -lt's closed.
Fuck it. l can't sleep. l've just put my kid to bed.
And now l'm just sitting here with nothing to do.
Sit down if you want to. Go on. There's a seat.
-What do you do? -l'm a welder.
Welder? Then l've got a job for you.
l know of a good bank we could take. Any good at cracking safes?
l'm only kidding.
Now you're going to see a fine place where l stayed when l was little.
l was about as old as you are. l was here every summer.
There're really nice people up here.
-Were you here Easter too? -Yes, l was here every holiday.
-And Christmas? -Yes, of course.
-Why? -l liked being here.
And they were kind to me.
-Weren't your parents kind? -They were always fighting.
l was always really glad when l could come up here.
Peace and quiet. Cooled me down, you know?
You're going to like it up here.
See that lake? l caught my first fish there.
A big pike that Grandma cooked for us.
l got it all sandy, though. Granny was mad.
Do you know what Aunt Dagny said today?
That you used to eat pancakes every Saturday.
l loved pancakes when l was your age.
l used to help Uncle Tage with the haymaking here.
Then we played in the hay.
-Was he younger then? -Yeah. About 45.
Wouldn't you like to live here, Patric?
No? You could work in the forest and get big and strong.
This must be more fun than all that concrete in Jakobsberg.
You've got nature here, haven't you?
No one telling you: ''Do this and do that.''
You can do your own thing.
Wouldn't you like that? You're a real city kid!
lt's me, Gustav. Open up.
l've waited out here all fucking night. Open up!
Damn bitch.
l'm not going to let you in if you yell.
-l won't. l just want to talk to you. -You've done that already!
Are you going to open or not?
Why the hell don't you open up?
-You're such a bastard. -A bastard?
Do you want me to sleep out here and freeze to death?
-Janne has to get some sleep. -Why the fuck don't you open?
When you are as drunk as you were last night...
Okay. So l was a bit boozed. We had a party.
But l didn't mean to be a shit.
Well, you were.
Yes, well, l don't remember much, but l wasn't that bad.
Weren't we going to the zoo today?
-lf you apologize first. -Apologize for what?
Because you were so shitty yesterday.
The zoo would be nice now, the weather's so fine.
Yes, okay. l'm really sorry-
-if l was that terrible. Alright?
Alright. Apology accepted.
Not that you're the perfect little woman yourself.
-l don't pretend to be. -Can l come inside for a while?
Kenta's mother's apartment
When l came home from the second foster home-
-Ma had married Benke, my stepfather.
And l can remember when Ma was really ill.
Dad was drinking as usual.
She asks him: ''Can't you go out and buy something nice to eat?''
After a lot of nagging he went out-
-and came back with a load of cream cakes.
Then he sat down in a chair and threw one in her face and said:
''Here you are, pig.''
Then he ate all of them just to hurt her.
Even though she was so sick.
Then Grandma came and took care of my brother, Benny-
-and l was left to look after myself the best l could.
Hi there, little Janne
Hi, my little friend
We're going out into God's beautiful countryside
Out among the flowers, among the animals
All three of us
Yes, all three of us
Put the beer away, Kenta, now that we're on the prison grounds.
There's the old warden's quarters.
-That's it. -What a mansion!
Sometimes the trustees get to rake the lawns.
Those are the barracks down there.
That's the laundry. The chicken coops are there, too.
-What's that damn tower? -l don't know.
ls it the watch tower? Where they sit with the machine guns?
Sweden's Alcatraz.
Shit, do we really have to wait this long?
Here comes Tiger.
Hello there, Tiger!
-ls Patric with you? -No, he's in the country.
Have you got yourself a new pair of jeans?
-Yes, they're all l have with me. -You've put on weight.
Yes, but l've lost a little bit now.
l've gone on a crash diet. l've hardly eaten a thing.
Okay. Now we're going to paint the town red.
l've got paper cups in the basket.
lt will be lovely to get out. Great luck we're having with the weather.
How does it feel to be in there?
l don't know how to explain it.
lt's like when your ma was working...
l went to work in the morning, had my lunch-
-waited for payday... lt's about the same.
The only difference is that they lock you up at eight o'clock.
But, l mean, you can't get out...
Doesn't the lack of freedom hit you hard?
No, l didn't have any freedom before l came here.
l just hated the feeling of being locked up.
The fact that you're a prisoner...
l never forgot it for a minute.
Outside of the bars everything was blackness.
l might as well have been sitting on a desert island in China.
So you felt yourself literally locked up?
Yes. lt was the loss of my freedom that affected me.
The place itself wasn't too bad.
But not being able to make my own decisions-
-or to do anything myself, you know...
This was my first. l've got nothing to compare with.
l've never been on drugs.
Okay, l'm an alcoholic. Or at least partly...
When l did my time l thought about it all day.
lt ate away at me. ''l'm inside. l'm a prisoner.''
l thought about it every day.
You know the feeling, when you're locked up-
-but you won't admit it to yourself.
You want to just let the days go by but at the same time-
-you can't shake the feeling that you're locked up.
lt's stamped on your mind.
When you were in the jug-
-you were robbed of your freedom as soon as you came in.
l've been lucky. lt's been great.
l've had a very good start here-
-and l've tried quite hard...
But l didn't pretend l was better than l really am.
And l showed them right away that they couldn't shove me around.
l made it clear that l was going to work-
-do what l had to do-
-look after myself, and be as straight as possible-
-until someone pushes me the wrong way.
l don't know, maybe l'd feel bad then. But this prison isn't all bad.
lt's no rose garden, though - there's a lot that's lousy...
But you're just walking around like a loose cunt.
No, l work, Kenneth.
Okay. You work.
What the hell, after a hard day's work then, what next?
You go home and switch that idiot tube on, and then nothing.
No, it's the same as when l was married to Benke.
Except that l don't have my children to cuddle.
But otherwise it's just the same. lt was pure hell, like a prison.
l used to come home, read the papers, do the dishes-
-make sure the children got to bed.
Then l went to bed and prayed to God:
''Let him be sober so that l can get some sleep tonight''-
-''so l can get up in the morning and start cleaning.''
l don't have that here. Now l just go into my room and put on the TV.
lf someone knocks on the door l don't have to open.
lt's like coming to a rest home.
-Yeah, l see what you mean. -Understand what l mean?
But l shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Mom and Dad are welcome to our Christmas Party-
-at school on Sunday. Patric
To do a year inside
lt doesn't make you feel good
Everybody knows about that
But how many know
How long the way back home is?
Back home to your friends and family
l must start to live again
And forget the past
l must realize that everyone
ls still the same
And it's me who has changed
Changed to what, l don't know
And when l find out l'm home
To do a year inside, it doesn't make you feel good
l reckon Majken is going to have a tough time when she gets out.
l remember what it felt like. l felt so lonely.
l didn't understand that it was me who was being difficult.
l mean, l had to go through a lot.
l knew a lot of odd people.
There was this guy who had been in a jam now and then...
And two guys came to his house and threatened him-
-told him to hand over all his money and valuables.
Well, he didn't. So they took his three-year-old kid out to the balcony.
But he didn't give them any money. They dropped the kid.
That's how it goes.
Lena, you kicked me out
Where l shall go l don't know
Why, my friend, why did it happen?
When you know l love you so
l've moved home to my old mother
And live with my younger brother
Now l can't see either of you two
But l hope Janne knows that l'm his dad anyhow
How's it gonna be when the kid grows up?
l don't dare to think about it
l know nothing of the future
Only know my rum
One fine day, little Janne
You'll be a shit like me
l just can't take it any more.
He has to pull himself together. lt's too much.
He gets up early and pisses off to town.
Then he gets home late at night.
lt doesn't seem as if we're together anymore.
He's never at home, he's always out.
lt's not a joke seeing your fella turn on to that shit.
And then you blame yourself: ''What have l done?''
''ls it my fault that he's started on it?''
lt's the only thing that counts for him.
l mean money-wise.
lt's a real drag, but you just don't know...
When Janne came, it was great even though l got depressed a lot.
But now it's alright. l mean, l look after him.
l'll do everything for him. He's my best friend.
This looks like something!
Do you see that far-out red carpet?
Can't you hurry up? lt's freezing.
The caretaker lives here.
l've got to find something to bust it open with.
You'll have to take the next door.
ln we go.
What a simple lock! They might as well use a twig.
This is pedigree china!
Nice coffee.
These citizens have bread.
Nice area to live in...
You should have seen me with the bank manager.
He was a trick who took me home.
He picked me up on the street. Then he asked me what l was on.
''Well, l'm on my feet, aren't l?'', l said.
''No, what are you on?''
''Are you on horse or speed or what?'', he said.
So l said speed, just because it didn't sound so bad.
So he wouldn't get scared.
ln the end he started boasting and hinting-
-that he'd invested company money into speed, amphetamines.
Do you understand, bank money!
He's sitting saying ''company''.
lt sounds as though it's a company.
And he's a bank manager and sits there saying:
''l've taken the company's money.'' lt must have been quite a lot.
''l've never touched it myself.'' He meant speed.
Well, then l got fucking mad.
He's talking like that and l'm hooked on it!
He meant that he only put in money-
-and not even his own money at that, and made himself a packet.
Well, l got mad at this fucking pig.
lt was disgusting.
So l got him drunk and took his wallet. Eleven grand.
l took it back. My money.
Enemy land, all around you.
Proof of their power, everywhere.
You're wandering in enemy territory.
Their way of living makes you waste away.
Buy your life
You're walking on a golden bridge
Buy your life
You're walking in golden shoes
Buy the whole sun buy the whole moon
Buy the whole of our earth
Hello. Yeah, hi.
ls it Elsie? This is Kenta.
Yes, l'm fine.
ls Gustav at home? Can l talk to him?
Hi, Gustav. How are you? lt's Kenta. How's the living corpse?
lt's you, Kenta! Hang on!
-Piss off, Runt. -Hello?
No, not you! The dog. He's tearing...
How's life? Long time, no see.
How about yourself?
Okay. But Lena's got a new guy.
Anyway, l'm better off here, with Mom.
l get no nagging here.
You know my ma got done for murder? She got three years.
-Are you serious? -Sure!
Bad luck.
How are you? l heard you were dead a few times.
lt's dangerous! l heard your pancreas signed off, you dumb shit.
Okay. So l've O.D'd on smack a few times.
You're no different. Smoking dope from morning to night.
That can't be so fucking healthy, right?
The reason l phoned was because l want to meet and chew the fat.
lt'd be good to see you. l haven't seen you in years.
Okay. Meet you at '' Blackan'' around one o'clock.
Yes. l don't want to hang around, because when l came here-
-the cops nabbed me. Figured l must be carrying.
l laughed in their faces.
So l'll go down to the subway station and wait there.
l've got pig phobia. They make me shake.
-So l'll see you down there? -Okay. Tally ho-ho-ho.
But l'm cool. ''Cops. So what?'', l thought.
So l thought: ''l'll bust the bastard in the chops''-
-''then l'll ditch the matchbox with the hash.''
But l had another matchbox, too. You follow?
So l slammed one of the pigs and tossed the box behind me.
''Okay, now they can do the bust'', l said. And they did.
So l came out of the pig wagon.
''What are you carrying, Kenta? lt's the big bust.''
''No, this boy is clean'', l said.
So l showed them the box and l had dope in it!
l'd ditched the wrong box.
Listen, Kenta. Let's split to Centan and buy some booze.
Why there? l'm not going there.
Worst hole in town. No thanks.
There are better places.
There's Odenplan, Fridhemsplan, Hantverkargatan...
There's anywhere. Let's get off at Odenplan.
You want Odenplan?
l've got a relative there you've never met.
Hey, Kenta, where the hell are you going?
-Oh, the other direction. -We're going to visit my relative.
What kind of a dump are you taking me to?
You'll see.
My dad is buried here.
Old Soak? You're kidding.
No, it'll be the only grave without flowers.
This would be the only place he'd ever lie down in.
Even a fuck-up father is a father.
This is just a bunch of ashtrays.
Yes, ashtrays. We'll be like this soon.
Where the hell is he?
You want us to hang around here?
Here he is.
Born 1920. Died 1964.
Forty-four years old. Shit.
You mind if l take a swig?
You wouldn't have said no.
Tally ho!
Here's some flowers.
They're from someone who doesn't need them now.
-ls that okay? -Damn. We can't hang out here.
Can't we go bowling instead of hanging around this hole?
l'm going, anyway.
''We reflected an idiotic world.''
''And we made excuses for what was to lead to our own destruction.''
What a strike!
Good enough for you, bum?
This is how it's done in Bermuda.
What have you got?
Only 33. l'm leading by five.
Well, that's no big deal.
Remember old times?
You used to make 200 easily.
-Who's winning? -Me, of course.
You're not winning.
How the hell can you be winning?
Check me out.
Even the sun has spots.
-l'm still doing great. -You are?
More than anyone can say about you, you bum.
l'm doing better than you. Look!
Stop rubbing my face in it.
Morphine freak.
How's dope smoking?
When are you going to lay off that shit?
What shit?
The shit you're into.
Amps of horse and fixing and stuff.
Horse comes in ampoules? You don't know shit.
Take an amp, Superman!
You don't know what you're talking about anymore.
You win by one point.
Let's go for a beer.
Listen, Gustav. l don't want to put you down-
-but it's a bummer hearing you're dead.
We've been friends a long time.
-How many times have l died? -Three, so far.
-Where do you hear all this? -People ring me up.
They just ring and say that l'm dead?
No. They just say Gustav's done it again. The grapevine, right?
Listen, Kenta... l may take a little hit now and then-
-maybe a little too much sometimes...
Then what happens? You kick the bucket!
But anyway, l don't have a habit.
Not like you.
Go to sleep on dope, wake up on dope...
At least l haven't died three times.
Okay. Maybe nobody has smoked himself to death.
No, but plenty have killed themselves with a needle.
One guy dies every week.
That's why l get so fucking depressed.
We've known each other a long time. We're old friends.
Yes, and then l hear-
-that you're sleeping in the subway with Jerka.
You've got to remember just one thing:
You nearly died three times. Why? Because you O.D'd.
You talk about my lousy pipe...
So l have a little smoke... l don't wind up in hospital!
But you... You shoot up and then try to go on like normal.
You drink wine, feel okay, and then you crank up some more.
Your body can't take it. lt's finished.
Yeah, l know that.
Look, you asked me a question...
lt's when l'm boozed up and then take a fix.
That's when l collapse.
But why take it when you're already smashed?
-You have to get even higher? -No. lt just happens.
There's one thing l want you to know: l'm against fixing.
Okay, a sniff or two never hurt.
Take a sniff, get a bit high...
And you never do?
Nothing compared to what you're into.
Where do you draw the line with poison?
Right here.
You take poison, that's okay.
But the idea is to take poison and not feel bad.
-Take poison to make you feel good. -l do take it to feel good.
Yes, but what happens after five hours?
You get the shakes from the smack and feel like trash.
lt's the regular users who get screwed.
lf you only take a little hit now and then, you don't get the shakes.
You're sick a few hours and then it's over.
-ls that why your sores never heal? -What sores?
l've got an infection. Christ knows what it is.
lt's because you've pumped your body dry.
That's when you get sores that never heal. No resistance left.
-Where did you read that? -Read it? Use your brain.
Use your logic.
-Where did you read that? -Use your logic, Gustav!
lsn't it normal to have a little sore?
The sore is normal, but it's not normal that it won't heal.
-l've only had it three or four weeks. -Yes. And that's just not normal.
lt should heal in five days. But it just gets worse.
There is no sense in talking, don't you see?
You started arguing. l was just answering you back.
We think differently, that's all.
You know l hate arguing.
l know what l'm doing and l know what you're doing.
Yeah, leave. Rats leave when the sun goes down.
Vandalism costs Järfälla municipality one million crowns a year.
That is, it costs you and me one million crowns every year.
And something has to be done about it-
-because that money can be put to better use.
That's why we have organized this campaign-
-the ''Campaign to Keep Järfälla Together''.
And l have been given the proud honor-
-of handing out prizes to our competition winners.
The prizes have been donated by members-
-of the business community here in Järfälla.
When l was a kid l was interested in baking.
l thought it was great. l started baking at home.
My mom had never baked in her life.
l used to do experiments.
l was serious about it.
But when no one gave a shit about me it just died.
They shut me out...
lf things had gone like l wanted them to-
-l'd have a future.
But when you think: ''What the fuck?''
''Why the fuck should l carry on like this?''-
-''carry on working my ass off when the others are just pigs?''
What a drag!
Police Headquarters.
Yes, it's concerning the death of a friend...
-Concerning what? -The death of a friend!
-Can you hold on? -Yes.
Hello, my name is Kenneth Gustavsson.
lt's about Christer Gustav Svensson...
l just want to find out what happened to him.
Well, l don't know exactly what he died from-
-but he had gone into the toilet at Sergelstorg-
-and an attendant found him lying on the floor.
He was dead and a syringe was lying next to him.
-So you suspect an overdose? -Yes, we do.
You don't know what he was using? Hello?
The day after Stoffe's death, his girlfriend, Lena-
-is put into a mental hospital.
Their son, Janne, is taken to a foster home.
Hello, Mom. l am fine. l hope you will get well soon.
l miss you. Janne.
''Victory will consist of:''
''Seeing everything at a distance clearly''-
-''seeing everything closely''-
-''and everything will have new names.''
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