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This is based on the true story...
Writer Kim Hyunhee
That's right.
This is my story. Writer Joo Jungeun.
- Go! - Yes, sir.
In 1592 Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 - Go! - Yes, sir.
- Go! - Yes, sir.
Shin-Ah, Oh Gi-Ho Yun Da-Hun, Song Sun-Mi
What a beautiful woman!
What's that?
What a stupid!
In 1636 The Manchu war of 1636
In 1636 The Manchu war of 1636 Our people love Korean women.
How dare you approach me!
Our things are very big as our country is big.
I'm satisfied as you are.
An ornamental silver knife
This was recorded on the ancient literature since then,
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year This was recorded on the ancient literature since then,
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year This was recorded on the ancient literature since then,
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year so this gate of a virtuous woman got built.
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year You must keep in mind that you are from a virtuous family all the time.
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year
In 1988, a Seoul Olympic year You got it?
You got it?
What is this?
The gate of a virtuous woman.
Oh, open the door, open the door. Can we take a picture together?
In 1996, The day when Seo Taiji declared his retirement
In 1996, The day when Seo Taiji declared his retirement Oh, our little girl became a woman now.
I heard about that.
- You know what ornamental silver knife for? - Yes, dad.
You have to protect your body for yourself now.
- Do you understand me? - Yes, dad.
In 2001, The year when the movie 'Friends' hit the jackpot
In 2001, The year when the movie 'Friends' hit the jackpot Minseo, are you wearing many again?
Minseo, are you wearing many again?
Panties, a girdle, underpants, and an underskirt.
You're going to have prickly heat there.
- Why is this not opened, though? - Mine isn't, either.
Oh my!
Come here.
It was just kidding between friends.
Come here!
Minseo, I believe you're not going to stab friends.
- Eat it. - It's yours.
- Eat it! - Thank you, my friend.
What? What did you say?
You said you wanted to enter a college in Seoul, you did?
A girl is going up to Seoul alone?
Her teacher also said Minseo got good marks.
I said no, that's it!
What do you think of my word?
Are you listening to me?
What's this?
- Shh! Go to Seoul with this money. - Mom
Your life should not be like mine.
- Don't skip a meal, and take care of yourself. - Mom
- You have to be wary of men. - You don't have to worry about that
- because I have this. - Ok. Oh my god!
What are you doing here?
My goodness, you scared me, honey.
Minseo, What are you doing? Run away! Run away!
Hurry up! Run away!
- Let me go! Minseo! - Mom, mom.
Hurry away!
Hurry away! Minseo, go away!
What are you doing!
Oh my!
Let me go, what are you holding now?
Minseo, where are you going?
Have some eggs while you are going.
Brother. Brother, brother...
Minseo, stop there!
Brother, brother...
What are you doing?
Hurry up.
Mom, mom...
- Minseo! - Who is it?
Look at that!
Happy birthday to Minseo,
Minseo, I love you!
- Minseo. - Joohak.
Got it? This is the only way to achieve your love.
Hurry up.
There is no choice, go up! It's ok.
That's good, without any mistake.
Good! That's OK
Watch out.
Watch out. Hold it.
What? Did the perverted guy who does this stuff show up again?
If I catch the psycho, I'm going to kill him!
You are such a perverted psycho!
- What's that - What a terrible
Minseo, happy birthday!
What is this?
- Minseo's birthday gift. - I won't get it.
It is one year that Joohak has tried to obtain your love.
Give him a chance.
There is nobody like him.
He is handsome, and tall. You should not miss him.
Is this fellow great so?
She is winning a scholarship, she is Hillary in our law school.
Minseo, I was so sorry the other time.
- I was just... - I said won't get it.
No, It's ok. I'm taking care of this, be careful.
Be careful of the glass.
A pill of love? Can I eat this?
I love you I love you forever
I love you, too
- Han Seongki. - Yes.
- Kim Joohak. - Yes.
- Wait a minute. - Where are you going?
Let's go.
These are called a rule of a new law's priority in criminal law.
So much for today.
Well, an examination is up to page 82,
criminal conversation.
And that criminal assault substitutes a report for a exam.
- I'll finish with the lecture. - There is no time for drinking
Did you do criminal conversation? (Did you study criminal conversation?)
- Is it good and easy enough? - Sure.
Did you do criminal assault, too? (Did you study criminal assault, too?)
Well, are you also going to do murder? (Are you also going to study murder?)
- Of course. - When?
I'm going to get it done tonight certainly.
I'm living off my junior now. Do you want me to be driven out of here?
- Ok, take it easy. - Just sit down, please.
If you demonstrate this...
Hey, concentrate on this, this is going to be a question for examination.
When I concentrate, your thing is erecting.
Is your thing always erect?
- Joohak, does your thing erect again? - What are talking about?
His thing gets bigger like this size
because of Minseo all the time.
So, his pants as well as underwear became stretched.
Oh, Minseo. Oh, Minseo's breast!
Damn it!
Why does my period start during an examination all the time?
Man, I have to wear panties again.
Are you a pervert? Why aren't you wearing panties?
Shut up!
I'm feeling awful enough. A hygienic band is fucking expensive!
The reason is a surtax.
Why does a surtax add to a hygienic band, huh?
What is our President doing about that?
By the way, your period is irregular.
It's good for you because you can save some money.
A male hormone is the best for irregular periods.
- Why don't you ask Joohak? - Jeez.
I will not have sex ever before I get married.
Joohak is going to be very painful.
He is young and passionate, so his thing might erect easily.
- Stop it! - You are a pervert.
Anyway, I worry about my cobwebs.
If I have cobwebs for a long time, my cobwebs will be thickened
and transformed into the virginal membrane again.
Can you always wear panties, please?
my cobwebs will be thickened again if I wear panties more times.
Enter the room and wear them!
Just do it if you want.
But I just held her hand.
You are a loser at having sex even though you are good at math.
- Have any relation to having sex? - Math is just like having sex.
Add a bed, subtract clothes, divide legs, and multiply the legs.
Wow, it makes sense.
Did you say you held her hand?
In that case, the game is over. You win!
- But how... - Just take her to our group.
I'm going to educate her mentally, for sure.
Therefore, she's going to be crazy for having sex with you.
When we look back to our humane history,
women's sexual desires
have been repressed and controlled by men.
Can women's sexual desires be controlled or repressed?
Why should they be controlled?
Why do they have to control themselves and worry about other people?
Why! Why! Why!
Women need to
enjoy having sex. They have the right to have sex.
now assert their rights magnificently!
We are so diverse,
a law course, a math course, and a biology course.
We are making a crazy night with Adam and Eve, ok?
On Minseo's birthday, we couldn't celebrate it as it should.
- I regret not buying a birthday cake. - I will buy one.
- Hey, she likes a sweet potato cake. - I see.
Hurry up. Wait,
is there any store to sell a sweet potato cake around here?
Here it is.
Hey, Here's to Minseo's birthday one more time!
Let's dance!
Let's dance.
Are you leaving?
I have to go early because my parents are very strict.
Come on!
The atmosphere is so great. I'm in high spirits.
Take her to a room for singing at once.
And choose a song no.10238.
It's a perfect chance for
kissing during an interlude
- since the song is so romantic. - I get it.
- Do it clearly. - I will
Minseo, let's go.
- Hey, I'm leaving with Minseo. - Are you going?
Have your time with a coffee.
We're talking a bit and follow soon.
She seems to be crazy for you, so take her.
No, she's majoring in the same course.
Do it softly.
- Stop doing like this. - Just let your body lie.
- Softly! That's not. - I know you like it.
Damn it!
A son of a bitch!
Do you use only your force while having sex? You want to see my force?
- You like it? - Do you?
Waiter, spicy Bulgalbi for two, a bottle of Soju, please.
- A Soju first! - Yes.
She is in very good shape,
and she is also good-looking.
Ok, He seems to like me.
I can remove my cobwebs tonight, if a chance is good.
Our order is served, wait a second.
I'm making them more hygienic.
You are so clean.
this part will be touched with your lips.
this part will be inserted in your mouth.
Drink it.
It's time for romance.
What was that number, though?
Is it no.10283 or no.10832? I'm confused.
Is this a traditional song?
Is this a traditional song?
Well, this is also good.
- Waiter! - Yes.
Can you do something with a wet towel? Do you want me to exchange it?
No, I want you to squeeze the water out.
No, it's ok. I'll do that.
It's so hot.
What the hell is she doing?
- Minseo. - What are you doing now?
- Jeez. - Not any more.
Ok, I won't.
What's this?
Is this a knife?
Is this a real knife?
I'm so sorry to bother you.
- There is a robber there! - Boy, I'm not a robber.
- Where is it? - This room is!
Hurry. Help me
Stop it!
I'm not a robber.
Are you tired?
- You look tired. - What the hell is this wet towel?
What are you doing?
I'm going to the bathroom.
He's purer than he looked.
I'm so shameful to want to have sex with him as soon as I met him.
It's very nice to meet a guy who gives me a good feeling.
It's been a long time. How much did she drink?
Where is a liquor jug?
Oh, this is free fried food. He gave us this for free.
It's good.
Oh, no!
- It's free, it's hot. - Wait, oh no.
It's good, it's hot.
Garyun didn't come back yet.
I'm tired.
I'm not in now.
Leave me a message after you hear beep, please.
Beep, ok
Can I say now?
Did you have seaweed soup on your birthday?
Stop saying those uselessly, and tell her to come back right now!
I want to talk to her.
It said she was not in.
- Who said it? - Minseo said.
Are you crazy?
How could she say that she was not in?
You should not protect her when she didn't come back home late at night.
It's the last one. Watch out.
Joohak, you have to do well because this trip is just for you.
You should not be like an idiot to Minseo.
Stop being a fool saying like "Jeez, jeez!"
- Jeez. - You said jeez again.
They're coming over there!
- Is she making a trip with us? - Yes.
I told you this trip was a secret to her.
Minseo said she would not join us without that woman.
Look at that costume.
Is that costume for a trip or a wedding?
Oh, red shoes.
Is it far to a marriage ceremony hall?
Are we friends of a groom or a bride?
Hey guys, let's sing a song.
OK! Let's singing
Get the chewing gum out.
Stop doing that, please. Have this one.
Drink water!
Can anybody see here?
- It's so hot. - Nobody.
How could she go to shit in this situation?
It's impossible.
So do you think she went to eat any food?
- Can anybody see here? - I said nobody.
She's going to feel high, and lose weight.
- Can anybody see here? - Nobody.
- Is there anybody coming here? - A car instead of people.
- There is? - Hey girl, where are you going?
- Just go. - I will give you a ride.
- Just go. - Just get in the car.
Shit, go!
- Man, let's go. - Go.
Catch them!
- What the hell~ - What a bastard.
- What's that? - What's that?
What the fuck is your problem!
Did you pass away after hitting people by a car? You did?
Didn't you see anything?
Is this a rule of your fucking country?
Can't you see? Can't you see?
I see, I see, I'm sorry.
You have to go around with your eyes open. Got it?
Joohak, you are the best!
By the way,
my boyfriend was cool on the road, wasn't he?
Yes, you were cool.
I'm going to beat whoever does something bad to my Minseo.
Guys, have this fried food.
Do you want to have this in front of me?
I tried not to say this, but I can't put up with your clothes anymore.
Are you joining an army athletic meeting something?
- That's enough. - Let's start any game.
- That's good, let's start. - Ok, let's do it.
Do you know what the game of 'I love you, SOB!' is?
Of course.
You all have to swear in turns.
- Sejin, join us. - Come to join us.
I'm looking forward to hearing her voice.
Me, too.
Ready, start! One, two, three, four.
I love you, SOB! I love you, SOB!
I love you, bitch!
I love you, bastard!
I love you, whore!
- Why? - Why?
She can't swear at all.
Kyungjoo, this is just a game.
Ok, I'm giving you a second chance.
Just try it this time, ok?
Ready! One, two, three, four.
I love you, SOB! I love you, SOB!
I love you, bad guy. I love you, bimbo!
I love you, wacko, jerk, dumbass, scumbag...
- You lost, you lost! - Penal regulations! Penal regulations!
Stand up! Stand up!
Guys, Tear it!
Indian Bob, Bob, Bob!
I can be beaten more and more.
But how can you swear at me something like wacko...
Don't be silly.
Let it go, let it go.
Are you leaving for Seoul now? It's too late.
Why don't you leave tomorrow?
- My parents are very strict, so... - Oh, man.
- How about sitting here? - That's good.
It was a good decision to make a trip together.
We are...
Minseo, let's kiss.
What are you doing?
Let me touch one time, please. Just one time, please.
Do you have to touch them by all means?
I'm just curious, I just want to know how I feel if I touch them.
Just one time, please.
You can do anything
you want after we get married later.
I see. Let's go. There are lots of mosquitoes.
Are you mad at me?
I don't think I can control myself any more if I'm here with you.
Will you get angry at me like this?
I'm not angry. I'm just control myself.
You don't know how painful patience is.
Are you eager for touching them so?
- Touch them. - Minseo.
Are you ok?
Are you ok? Get out of there.
Wait, can I touch them?
Yes, are you ok?
- Joohak, get out of there, hurry up. - Can I really touch them, though?
Get out of there.
How about my killing butt?
Yes, fantastic.
Come on.
I think so.
- Do you want me to start? - Yes.
you're going to be stunned.
I will start.
- This was good, wasn't it? - What?
Wasn't it perfect?
I'm thirsty.
What the hell is this?
Shit, what a rabbit boy!
A rabbit?
Yes, you are. You're a rabbit.
Do you want one more time?
It's going to be just 6 seconds even if you do it one more time.
What a big loser! You pissed me off!
Here is our laboratory.
This is exciting. What's this?
This is a lizard.
What's this?
- This is a white snake? Isn't it? - That's right.
I haven't eaten a white snake ever.
Oh, boy.
I have a funny story.
What's that?
A female has more sexual relations than a male in the animal world.
- It does? - Yes.
I envy them.
- What's that? - Food.
- I want to get out of here. - Wait a minute.
I have something which was named after Garyun.
- Come here, hurry up. - Really? What's that?
- This one. - What's this?
A spider.
You are a bastard.
I have cobwebs. So what? What?
I'm so sorry. That's not what I meant.
I just thought your long limbs were much like spider's ones
Kyungjoo, What animal do you hate most?
A rabbit.
- Can't you be prompt? - I will.
Let's do it.
Call me anytime you want.
Did she ask you out?
- She seems to want to have sex with you. - Forget it.
Let's go, we're going to be late for the lecture.
That's not for you, I just feel pity for your thing.
Look at that, your thing is erect again.
How can it be erect all the time?
How about honeymooning first?
We don't even get married yet.
The trip of two of you is like a honeymoon.
Go to an island, and wait there until all the ships are cut.
And Spend your romantic time, and do it. Got it?
- An island? - An island!
Minseo, let's hurry.
We are going to be back right after seeing the sea, right?
Sure, we're seeing just the sea. That's it.
- We're coming back at 5, huh? - Look at this. It says 5, right?
Yes, That's right.
What's this?
Your real knife is too dangerous for you.
How about having this with you instead of that.
This is called 'an ornamental silver knife of love',
- I also have one. - They are cute.
Are they?
It's the sea.
- It's the sea. - come with me.
We can serve many shellfishes because we have plenty of them here.
These are much better when you broil them like this than uncooked ones.
What is this, though?
They are dimples.
How much did he drink?
Let's leave.
After I finish this one. We can't throw away any food.
You are done. Let's go.
- Waiter. - Yes?
How much do I have to pay?
This girl paid in full.
Let's move on quickly.
Why did you pay in full?
A girl usually doesn't pay for a meal.
Good for you.
Let's go quickly, Minseo.
Thank you.
You guys should not do anything today.
What's this?
This is a ticket for a ship.
A ticket for a ship.
Let's run, run!
It's going to be exciting.
- A ticket for a ship. - You just need this to go back.
There will be no extra tickets.
Hey, come on. It's wonderful here.
Where are you going? I'm out of breath.
It's cool over there. Follow me.
It's nice here.
We have to go back.
- Let's stay here just for a while. - We can miss our ship, hurry up.
- It's nice here. - Let's go.
Ok, let's go back, then.
- Where is my ticket? - You don't have it?
- I certainly had it. - Oh, boy.
What happened?
- Did the waves take it? - The waves?
- Does the ticket have legs? - Legs?
What do we have to do?
- Was it buried under the ground? - Don't be silly.
Why are you saying strangely like that?
- You messed up. - What do I have to do?
Jeez, what are you doing?
God, help me to find my ticket, please.
Joohak, what's the matter?
I'm a bad guy.
God, help me to find my ticket, please.
Hey, boy!
A ticket for a ship.
Oh, no!
A ticket for a ship.
- A ticket for a ship. - No, no...
You need this to take a ship.
I need a safeguard.
Wait, waiter.
- What are you doing? - Please, help me one time.
You sure understand me, I believe.
Why didn't you say about that early.
- Help me, please. - A ticket! Eat a ticket.
This tastes good?
I will get some drugs.
032... shit!
Is this a motel there? I'm going there soon, but...
Can you say that there is just one room left, please?
Take this.
Minseo, I feel sick,
I want to lie in bed.
But where can you lie in bed now?
Over there.
I'm so cold, come in.
I feel cold.
I feel cold.
Are you painful?
You must be hateful to me.
I'm such a fool to lose a ticket, and want to have sex with you.
No, I'm ok.
Actually, I want to have sex with you, too.
Are you serious?
But I can't, so I'm also painful.
Ok, I got it.
We should not stay like this all night.
I want to talk with you seriously all night
with looking at the window together which shows our future.
Can you do that?
Of course. Don't tempt me to do it, instead.
Men can be excited very easily by small things.
I see. I'm going to the bathroom.
Garyun, we missed the ship.
So are you going to remove your cobwebs tonight?
No, it's not going to happen.
Oh, stop being prudish, got it?
You have to try to make flaming love from now on. I'm hang up.
Hey, my underwear doesn't fit each other.
Upper is black, and bottom is white.
You don't have to worry about that.
Men become a blind
when they are excited enough.
What's this candle?
There was a candle which had been used for a memorial in my bag.
Had this candle been used for a memorial?
Yes, They gave me that stuff.
Aren't you going to take a shower?
She saw everything?
I couldn't see anything from the room, though.
Man, she's going to kill me.
- Minseo. - Are you eager for me so?
- No, That's not. - You did make up everything today, didn't you?
- I did because I love you so much. - I will go!
Minseo, wait a second, please.
Let me go!
- Please, wait a second. - Let me go
Minseo, give me a chance.
Please, put down the bag, and listen to me.
That's why you told me to throw away this?
That knife again?
- Do you like it? - I like it.
More, more, more...
Ah, more...
Wait, calm down, please.
Wait, wait.
Can you do that for me one time?
- I've just done it. - Honey, just one time...
Please, let's stop it.
Stop what?
I'm going to kill myself if you don't want to die.
- They do it again. - Man, eat shit!
- Please, stop it! - Let me go.
- If you forgive me, I will. - Let me go first.
It's all my faults. It's not going to happen ever.
We've got a fire! Fire!
What's going on?
- It's hot, hot! - Hot!
The chair, the chair...
They're doing it again, and we...
What the hell are they?
- We... - What a crazy!
Honey, the rules of multiplication, please.
Two times two equals four.
- Three times six equals... - Until nine times nine.
- Eighteen. - Start four times one.
Four times four equals...
You idiots,
students were playing
- with fire in broad daylight? - I'm so sorry.
What school are you going to?
Bring your parents with you to me.
You've got a fire!
Again! It's too hot.
It's my first time to see a idiot who's got a fire on his dick.
Put out the fire.
Where is here?

My cobwebs, my cobwebs, oh man...
I should not stay doing nothing like this
while Minseo is removing her cobwebs.
Who the hell came at this time?
I can' put up with this thing, that is killing me.
Who the hell is it?
Who the hell is it?
Hey, it's me.
Oh, man.
Don't do that. Don't do that.
I'm going to be crazy.
Let me go, let me go.
Please, let me go.
Hey, you...
Why are you taking off your stockings?
My honey.
What the hell are you doing here?
I can't take it anymore!
- My sweetheart. - Don't do that.
- Honey, I'm not wearing panties, actually. - What's the matter with you?
- Don't you like me? - I don't like you.
Why not?
I don't like you because you visited me late at night,
you threw up after drinking,
you're not wearing panties, and about a wet towel...
Are you crying?
What's she doing, she's making me soft-hearted.
Garyun, listen to me.
It's been a quite short time since we met, right?
We don't know each other well, and we don't feel any love yet.
Therefore, we can't have sex
because we don't have a love feeling.
I believe that you think as I do.
Only when I hold a firm belief,
I can have sex.
But I don't hold a firm belief now.
You are so pure, and gentle.
Watch out.
This soup is so hot,
you don't have to burn it twice.
- Watch this out. - Hey
- Oh, Inhye, a plate. - Yes.
- Who is she? - She's my new lover.
She's nice and pretty, isn't she?
- Here it is. - A little bit more,
- water. - Yes
Let's have a meal.
- Who is she? - She is a young girl who likes me.
- Do you guys want something to eat? - Water.
- Nothing. - Nothing.
- Orange juice. - And you?
I would like to have spicy bean sprouts soup
because I drank a lot yesterday.
- Where can I get it? - Here it is.
Minseo, Joohak, why don't you make up?
Make up with each other.
Is there any ornamental silver knife which is used to peel fruits?
Look at those eyes which look like a scar from a knife.
Knock it off.
What are you doing?
We wanted to make peace between two of you.
Is this Garyun?
And is this Sunggi?
I met a college friend and a army friend here at the same time.
You were the most faithful
between noncommissioned officers.
Did you discharge, though?
You told me you would not.
I discharged as a sergeant.
So all of these were caused by the guy?
That you joined the army, you wanted not to discharge,
and you discharged...
Don't say about the guy.
Can't you
- have sex up to now, though? - Yes.
That's why you go to college again? For any joy?
How long has it been since your thing didn't erect?
8 years.
Are you still lying that your thing
doesn't become firm because you don't hold a firm belief?
That is the only way.
Don't you have a relic something?
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Since when?
I was 23 years old.
Then, I loved a girl so much,
but she dumped me and met a rich guy.
I was shocked terribly at that time,.
and my thing became weak sine then
male animals which
get the power always obtain
female animals, you know.
So does the human world.
Money is the power.
I thought hard what would be next money,
the answer was having sex. That makes our body happy.
Therefore, I got to study about having sex,
and I became a master in theory.
But that's it,
I can't do it up to now.
Why did you attract that girl, then?
Because Inhye is young,
so I though she would not be interested in that
Garyun also seems to like you.
We went to a restaurant...
I threw up all.
Look at the babies of Garyun, it's so impressive.
Yes, where is the mother?
She died
because her babies ate her. That is her dead body.
That's terrible.
That's why a spider is so great.
A father risks his life to make love, and a mother sacrifices to lay eggs.
I was thinking something looking at these spiders.
If there is something that I can risk my life, what is that?
He definitely seems like he is addicted to me.
Ok, I decide that
I'm going to meet only this guy.
He is a good man, so it's ok though
he isn't a good-looking man.
The scenery is good here.
Yes, it is.
- I can't unbuckle this safety belt. - You can't
- Yes - Wait.
My god!
I'm ashamed.
- Why? - What!
- Kyungjoo. - This is not good.
What's the matter?
I should not be pregnant because my father is so strict.
- There is no condom, so... - A condom, a condom.
Here...Here it is.
Wait a second, Kyungjoo.
- Can you wait a minute? - Do you need my help?
Are you sure that I'm not going to get pregnant?
Yes, it's ok. Kyungjoo.
It hurts.
Do you hurt?
every woman hurts at first time. Can you bear with it, please?
What happened?
- A car is passing by. - That's ok, don't worry.
- It's ok. - Kyungjoo.
Keep going.
- Don't stop. - Kyungjoo.
- Keep going. Just keep going. - Kyungjoo, calm down.
You're not a virgin, aren't you?
I thought you were a virgin.
What a jerk!
Are you sure you won't regret it?
Why doesn't this bastard answer me?
I believed this was a right chance,
but he is the same. Damn it!
You should not live like that.
I don't have any problem.
Do you like having sex without love?
I don't want to have sex with a guy whom I love.
Instead, I want to love a guy who is technical about having sex.
I want to have sex with a guy whom I love after getting married to him.
Is it impossible?
Get married to a guy whom you love, and have sex.
You hope too much.
That's just a fantasy with
Love, marriage, and having sex. Wake up. I'm going.
Jeez, Minseo doesn't answer me.
She was not a virgin.
My biggest secret was released.
I will join the army.
Hey, Sejin.
- Why is she here? - I told her to come.
Sejin, he is going to join the army,
so just soothe him.
- Really? - Yes, she told me.
You're drunk a lot tonight.
Let's sleep together tonight.
- Garyun. - Why?
Do I have to have sex by all means?
It's not important whether you have sex or not.
And it's not important whether you are a virgin or not, either.
Important thing is your mind. If you hold a firm belief, just do it.
How is the feeling while having sex, though?
Anxieties, no, no, impatience,
no, dizziness, riskiness...
Oh, man, I can't remember since it's been a long long time.
How about relations with Kingka?
A firm belief is a problem.
Why doesn't he hold a firm belief about me?
He doesn't hold a belief has relation to that his thing doesn't firm?
Joohak, it's me.
I'm not wearing clothes.
Why did you turn off your cell phone yesterday?
At night.
- My battery was gone. - But I got a dial tone,
Who was it with you?
What are you talking about, I'm innocent.
Joohak, did you wake up? I got out early because you were sleeping.
Did you sleep with Eunha last night?
Minseo, what are you doing?
Minseo, stop it, please.
Minseo, answer me, please.
Please answer...
She didn't answer me.
What a pity!
Minseo, it's me.
Can you break up with me truly?
It's all my faults, It's not going to happen ever.
I will do whatever you want.
Can't we go back to the time when we were happy?
Minseo, I love you, I love you so much!
I love you so much!
What happened?
The battery's gone.
The battery...
What do I have to do?
Can we talk for a minute?
Minseo, wait a second,
I need to talk.
Ok, I see.
Just take this, I will not follow you.
it's all my faults, I'm serious.
You would give an another chance to a criminal if you become a judge!
But you are not giving any chance to me, it's unfair.
Shit! I'm going to die today.
Let's drink to death today.
- Drink it. - Here is today's highlight,
it's a sexy dance contest!
I'm going to give the winner a box of fine liquors.
A box of fine liquors. Drink to death all.
I'm going to die today.
Me, too.
Will you break up with him seriously?
Just forgive him this time.
He loves you from the bottom of his heart.
See that he's hurting his pride for you.
He's bad.
There is no good man actually.
Every man hurts you.
That's right, damn it!
Just follow me this time, ok?
Be ready to go out.
They're drinking to death there obviously.
Let's go there quickly. If I catch him.... Sun of bitch!
OK! Be ready to go out!
I'm going to make it a sausage as soon as I catch him.
What sausage?
Sausage is what?
Look at that. How can they do that?
We have to do it without a hitch if we want to be the winner.
That's too much.
Just do it.
Next is a team of three sexy dancing guys,
the passionate Casanovas!
Come in, come in.
They're drinking to death here obviously, and...
- What the hell~ - Hey, I'm joining now!
- Where? - The army, the army...
You came back home, good job!
Good job...
I'm going to forgive you everything you've done so far.
It's so good to come back my home.
- Doesn't your head hurt these days? - No, it doesn't hurt.
Can you remember well?
So you can remember the rules of multiplication, right?
Six times seven equals what?
Start two times one.
- Honey... - Inhye,
what are you doing here at this time.
You can have my body tonight.
Hey, wake up. What's the matter with you?
Every man is eager to have just my body so far.
But you are the only man who protects me.
Don't do that, please.
What are you doing?
Put on your clothes, please!
Inhye, please...
You're the only man to me.
Wait a second, Inhye. Listen to me, please.
I have to hold a firm belief, I have to hold a firm belief.
- A firm belief? - Yes, a firm belief.
- A firm belief. - Yes.
Let me make you do that.
Don't do that, please. I'm going to be crazy.
Don't do that, Inhye.
You can't be repressed even if you're such a gentleman.
What the hell~
Shut up!
Do you want to know what kind of girl he hate most?
A crazy girl after drinking just like you!
Today's your a sacrificial day
You, watch out!
You are such a young girl, but...
He has to hold a firm belief, ok?
Have mercy on me.
Have mercy on me, please.
The son of a bitch joined the army?
Minseo, come back to me, please.
I have to go early because of my strict parents, shit!
- Hey. - Oh, you came!
I was too drunk last time, I'm so sorry.
- Have a seat. - Yes
She's so familiar with me.
Me, too.
Are you from the Silver necklaces in Eunil woman's high school?
Are you from the Black roses in Yesung woman's high school?
Do you know each other?
- Where are you going? - To see Minseo.
Are you heading for Andong city now?
You need a ticket for a train,
but you and we don't have any.
Here it is!
But we need four tickets more...
Four tickets more!
- It says 'This gate is for a virtuous woman'. - What's this?
This is the gate of a virtuous woman I've seen this only from a textbook.
That is the building...
- What's that? - What a tourist bus in the small country.
I remember,
she told me her house is the cultural inheritance,
What do you want to become in the future?
A TV actor.
Have you ever talked to father about that?
- Minseo! - Minseo!
Here we are.
Who are they? Are they friends of you?
Who is it?
How did you come here? Just take him quickly.
Minseo, It's all my faults. Please, forgive me one time!
Let her hand go immediately!
Who is it?
He's a lover of Minseo.
He's not a lover of her yet
because she didn't allow him to do. But we will try until Minseo allows...
What are you talking about?
She told me she would go to Seoul to study,
but this sounds...
Let it go.
What are you doing in front of her guests?
Calm down, my father-in-law.
What the hell~
What is it?
Did you swear at me?
You have to educate your child well!
What' the matter with the world?
I'm startled!
How could you come in?
This way, like this...
These educated girls come in the room like a burglar?
Parents look after a tree,
that is a child, with love
to make it grow well.
When I come to my home in the country,
my father brings me a straw rice-bag to the bus station.
And he says he cultured this for a year in person.
What the hell are you talking about?
The rice means love of my father.
I can't carry the rice on the back because his love is too heavy.
- Stop saying bullshit, and go away! - Yes.
- Again! - But my shoes are here...
- Go this way! - Yes!
I'm also upset like you.
Sit down.
What are you looking at?
Can I borrow a fire?
What the hell are these tiny kids?
These tiny kids?
Are you calling me names?
- Are you leering at me? - You had better put your eyes down.
Oh, leering at her?
No kidding!
They are strong, go away!
Wait a minute.
Hey...Just tiny kids...
I met
the Silver necklaces and the Black roses today.
It's my big honor to see you.
Take off make-up. Just middle school kids...
Did you hear that? Do it quickly!
You should not go anywhere.
You have to get married soon rather than go to college.
don't want to live like that. I won't. Dad.
Are you shutting her up like that?
Have it.
Have it!
you should not have even the white of an egg.
Do you think I'm inferior to a dog?
How dare you retort my word?
The reason that I held
a meeting of my folks is to discuss this.
Is it sounds good that my
house is managed by our folks not by the county?
- Give me a phone number of him. - Why?
Just give me a number quickly.
I think many people from a city have
a bad effect on our children.
No, they should not.
We can finish up only if you order us.
Who are they?
And how about Minseo?
- Over there. - Where is it?
The door is blocked firmly.
Break down!
Can I break down?
Shut up!
Some people suggest that a system of a householder have to be abolished.
But I worry about this confusing world.
Push it.
This has to be fallen down?
Minseo has to carry this on the back all her life if this remains.
Push it. Push it!
Do you want your sister to change into Park from Lee?
He had to go to law college instead of Minseo.
Unless he fell off a tree when he was little,
Make an effort!
Get out of the way.
Just do it.
Hold this tight,
Make an effort!
She's so strong, she's got the power.
Look at that.
She's like a general not a middle school student.
And the next agenda is...
Take her out.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Lower your head.
Take a position
Get down.
People from city and Yankee...
It's ok. Minseo, open the door.
It's all my faults.
Many thanks for your trouble. Take care.
I appreciate what you have done.
- Minseo, hurry up. - My bag...
My god...
What happened?
What the hell are you doing?
- You... - What have you done?
Why did bad things happen in our folks?
Give me an ornamental silver knife, It's better to die.
Why do women have to carry this with them?
It's all men's faults,
they couldn't keep our country and our women.
Why do women have to die?
What did you say?
I can protect my love for myself,
I'm going to
kill anyone who attacks her.
So Minseo
doesn't need this.
Dad, I want to achieve many things,
I want to do them. Can you just let me do?
I'm full of confidence, dad.
What are you saying?
- Joohak, run away. - Hurry up.
Stop there!
What a fool!
You... what are you doing?
Let me go, let me go!
Hurry up.
Wait...Where are they, though?
It's a problem. Did they run to Seoul?
- Why? - Wait second
I'm so sorry.
Do you know What wishes I made on my birthday?
God, Buddi...
I want to fall in love with this guy forever.
Where is my partner?
Do you guys think I can't go to Seoul?
I didn't tell you to set a breakfast.
You don't have to be here anymore, get out of here!
What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
Hey, Mangeun.
Excuse me, what did you say?
I sure know how to eat the yellow of an egg.
In our college, there is a legend since then.
If you have an ornamental silver knife with you,
you can meet someone who falls in love forever.
Minseo undertook a rock cafe with the money
which Joohak made doing a plate-nude show.
Kyungjoo chased Dongjoo to the army, and she still bothered him.
And l...
started living together with Kingka.
I'm going to...
make his thing become firm using my own method, for sure
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