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Subtitles for Even Dwarfs Started Small 1968.

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Even Dwarfs Started Small 1968

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Even Dwarfs Started Small
Your head up! Look at me! Your sign up!
Make that chest high! Sign higher! Too high!
That's it!
Lean your head back! Look more at me!
Head to one side!
Look more to one side. Look that way!
All the way to the side, more yet! Okay.
Keep looking that way!
Now turn around! Turn around!
Are you dumb or something?
My ears are ringing. Someone's thinking of me.
You might as well confess. We already know.
No. l won't tell you.
The principal had gone to town with the other inmates.
You had to stay behind as punishment.
Only one instructor stayed behind with you and Marcella, the cook.
Then Territory attacked her in the barn. You wanted to have a go, too.
l'm not saying anything.
Marcella screamed for help, and the instructor came.
Don't try and tell us the blind ones did it.
lt wasn't Pepe. The instructor had tied him to the chair right away.
Right now we don't even know if he'll make it.
The cops. . .we know all the holds they use.
No! How should l know?
No! l won't talk. l won't give anyone away.
We want to know exactly-- how did this mess start?
Get him! Get him!
Let him go!
Harder, harder!
Everyone to the house!
Get him! Get him!
Tear the phone wire down.
We'll break the door down. We'll get you out.
Pepe, do you hear us?
The phone wire is cut off.
lt is broken.
We're coming.
My shoe's in there.
- You'll never get in there that way. - l want my shoe back.
This will never get you inside!
Try and be sensible!
What have l done to you?
- Let Pepe free! - Come down, you pig!
Theresa, be reasonable. You're the most sensible one.
lf you don't stop now, l'll call the police.
The phone isn't working!
You know what it means if the police come.
We know all their tricks.
lf you don't calm down something will happen to Pepe.
Quiet down, or something will happen to Pepe.
He wouldn't dare.
He wouldn't dare. He's too much of a coward.
We want into the whorehouse, too.
He won't harm Pepe.
- He hasn't got the guts. - l agree.
ls that the police?
This is the institution. Please come at once!
They're trashing the place. Come as quick as you can!
They've surrounded me. l'm locked inside.
Okay. Fine!
Now, old friend. . .
. . .l'll push you to the window. . .
. . .and you'll tell them the police are coming.
You haven't forgotten the saying, about leading a decent life here.
That's why our mother's gave birth to us in pain.
Don't laugh! Shut your damn mouth! Understand?
l'll show you. . .
Stop laughing!
Ouch, my foot! l want my shoe back.
Oh my God.
l want my shoe back, it's in the house.
Let's get out of here. lt would be best if we'd leave for good.
Why? Where would you go?
Running away! There's no sense in it!
You always were a coward. Where would you go?
To the lava fields? The cops would get us in two days.
Yeah, the cops.
Here you really have to raise hell for the old pig to notice.
Whether we're good or bad, the treatment is the same.
Always drinking that powdered milk! Are we calves or something?
Powdered milk.
Yeah, and those old shitty animals he has running around.
And watering the fields, and dealing with Mother Nature.
lt's driving me crazy.
And watering all those flower pots. . . What's all that shit for?
l've got an idea.
You know what?
We'll tear down his f avorite palm tree.
You're always shitting your pants, you coward.
- What's down, is down. - That's true.
Mother Nature! Yeah, the cops!
My foot got stuck, it hurts like hell.
All scraped.
Let me try it, too.
Can l look inside?
Can l look inside?
Pull harder!
Let's get some women!
Let's get some women now.
Now you can show what you're made of.
He's always wearing those shitty pants.
l know what, we'll make Hombre get married.
l don't want to.
l don't want to go in.
l don't want to be married.
l don't want to go in!
l don't want to go inside.
l don't want to be married.
l don't want to go in there!
l don't want to be married.
Let me out!
Let me out!
No, no.
Try it again.
Go to bed where it's nice and warm.
He should give it a try.
l'm sure he can do it.
- Are you in bed, Hombre? - ls it nice and warm?
Come on up! Try and get up! There you are.
- Come up, Hombre! - l'll go this way first.
l'll see if l can get up here. Now l'm all right.
No, my foot's too stiff. l can't get up there.
No, l have to get down again.
Try it from this side.
From this side, yes, l can try that too.
- Try running. - Yeah, l'll try that.
- No, l can't get up. - Try it with some magazines.
Oh yes, here are two. l'll give it a try.
l'll put these two down here.
l'll add another one.
Now l'll give it a try.
No, it won't work. l can't get up.
- Try from that side. - From that side, okay.
No good.
- What'll we do? - l don't know.
Or should l try again here?
- Put some more magazines down. - No, that won't work.
l might try it, but l already have so many papers down there.
So, now l really put down a lot.
Now, let's see.
- lt's not working. - lt's too high.
l'm standing so high but it's still not working.
Do you want to have a look at this one?
- Let's try looking at one. - Okay.
- What do you have there? - Let's have a look.
See! Ooh, lovely girl!
Oh, the stuff the instructor's have in their houses. . .
- We can look at this, too. - Yeah, we can look at this, too.
Let me turn the pages.
See, here is Santa Claus.
- Two lovely girls. - Let's show it to the other's.
Yeah, let's show it to the others.
Yeah, lovely f ace!
Yeah, lovely f ace!
Yeah, yeah, lovely f ace.
That's what that pig of an instructor looks at!
Two pretty dots. . . and the necklace.
Her eyes, just like stars!
Yeah, yeah, lovely f ace.
Pretty girl.
Lovely tits.
Come out!
Get him! Get him!
Yes, Pepe, we instructors can make mistakes, too.
Do you remember when Territory came here. . .
. . .and we gave a football match in his honor?
Do you remember them all washing their hands. . .
. . .and he refused to?
Then l forced him to take off his jacket.
''Cleanliness and Order'' is our motto.
l forced him and said, ''You little runt, now take off you're jacket!''
And when he took it off, l saw. . .
. . .how dirty and greasy his shirtsleeves were.
That's why he was ashamed to take it off.
His mother ran off with the manager.
But that evening we got the people together. . .
. . .and presented him with a clean, new shirt.
That's what makes my job enjoyable.
Yes, we'll do that.
- Have you got some new ones? - Yes, two.
Well, let's have a look.
The whole procession is there. The beetle mob.
This is a grasshopper. Oh, he's lost one of his legs!
- Good lord, it's lovely! - Wonderful. Look.
This is the grasshopper as the groom.
Didn't l make a lovely coat, of pure silk?
- He's even got a starched shirt front. - Careful!
- And here's the bride. - That's a slip.
- You can give that away. - This is the bridesmaid.
l couldn't make anything for her. She's so fine and delicate.
Her body's so fragile.
lt's pretty difficult, but l've got some replacements.
You've got a few more in the box. Let's have a look.
This is the replacement for the grasshopper.
- Where did he go? - He might have escaped.
l can't see him anymore.
He's trying to cause trouble, that bad bug.
- Maybe it's crept under there. - No, no.
No, it's gone.
lt's hiding down there.
Here it comes.
He's beautiful!
Touch him.
Ooh, it pinched me!
l've got a spider with eight legs here. l was going to knit it a sweater.
l know positively, spiders have only six legs.
Mine's got eight.
One. . .two. . .three. . .four. . .
. . .five. . .six. . .seven. . .eight.
That means knitting eight sleeves.
You won't mind that.
lf we pull off two legs, that leaves only six.
We'll tear his ass open.
That's not a nice thing to say.
That doesn't belong there.
- What's that? - The best man.
- l've made him a top hat. - lt looks beautiful.
What about that, eh? Lovely, ain't it?
Does it know what heaven is?
No, we can't tell. Do you think so?
A poor beetle like that, he'd sure like to go to heaven.
He's got no f amily here.
- They've killed the pig! - Which pig? Where?
Back there!
Not so f ast.
- How did you do that? - We won't tell.
- How did you do it? - We're not saying.
- We won't tell. - We've already said, we won't tell you.
l can't keep up with you.
Excuse me. . .
- . . .which is the way to San Christóbal? - Have you come from Arrecife?
- Yes, that's where l've come from. - Then you've made a big detour.
You've got to go on over the mountains.
But you can't go back now.
Thank you.
Help! Call the police!
Help! Come here quickly!
Help! Come here quickly!
Call the police!
They must have seen me.
They can't possibly have missed me.
Maybe they've really seen me and will get help.
Pepe, what would you do in my place?
Maybe the principal will return earlier than usual today.
Maybe Marcella has alerted the police.
Well. . .
This is terrible.
Let's get out of here.
We're going to town now!
Aha, missing.
He knows what he's doing. He's already broken into 60 cars.
- Pliers! - Yeah, pliers.
- Wire! - Yeah, wire.
Let's go! Let's go!
Come out, you dirty pig!
We're going to burn the place down!
Stop! The police are on their way.
Behave yourselves and be quiet down there.
When we behave nobody cares. But when we are bad, nobody forgets.
We are sick of the cross-country runs that are supposed to improve us!
This time it's for real. l'm really going to hurt Pepe now!
Let's burn this joint down!
Look at the mess we're in.
Why did you let yourself be captured?
And run ahead of all the others?
What shall l do with you? Tell me! Open your mouth! Speak, can't you?
l can't let you out and make a fool of myself.
Shall l hang out the white flag and say. . .
''Do come in and tear the place apart or burn it down?''
Then l'd be making a fool of myself.
When the principal comes back, everything must be ship-shape.
l must keep cool and restore peace out there.
l want to have an elegant dress for a change.
No, l want to be a fine lady, for once.
Do it! Do it!
- Didn't you see anything? - l think l heard something.
- Listen! - No. l didn't hear anything.
Let's see for ourselves.
Maybe it's the police, after all. Come on!
lt must be over there.
No, nothing here!
Can't see a thing!
Neither can l!
The silly cow has been seeing things.
- Hombre, come! - Oh, why don't you kiss my ass!
- Up yours, too! Come over here! - l can't get over there.
Of course you can. You're just lazy. You coward!
Here's a real deep ravine.
Come on! Come on!
No, l can't. There's a very deep ravine.
Oh, you're just too lazy!
No, that's not true. Why don't you kiss my ass.
And you guys come to! Come on!
- Oh, you idiot! - There's nobody out there!
- Listen. Don't you hear it? - Oh, leave me alone!
She's crazy.
Territory, it must be there!
No, there's nothing there.
Something must have happened to Chicklets out there.
lf l go outside, things will get worse.
They'll kill one another one of these days.
lf l lock them up, they fight with each other.
And if l separate them, they go on hunger strike.
l can't lock them in with the inmates, they'll kill each other.
What would you say, if your parents. . .
. . .put your eyes out, and you had to beg?
You wouldn't like that, either, eh? That's why they're locked up.
That's the bitter truth, my friend. No laughing matter.
Say grace before meals.
Father, bless this food, keep us pure, keep us good!
A blessing on this meal! Let's not forget that.
Bless this meal. Amen.
Fetch the food! We want to begin.
A good meal at last! Don't forget your table manners, either!
Your knife on the right, fork on the left.
You raise your fork to your mouth. . .
. . .not the other way around.
Don't help yourself first!
And don't take the most!
And the white bread!
And peas!
Let's pour gasoline on the flowers. They're in full bloom.
Burn them! He'll think the barn's on fire.
He'll shit in his pants!
Hombre, smoke a cigar.
Pour gasoline on them!
Oh, they're in full bloom, now.
All the flowers!
Now they're blooming nicely!
The barn's on fire!
We've no use for mangy hens.
All the hens have bald asses.
What does a hen do after laying an egg?
lt wrinkles it's ass.
lt wrinkles it's ass.
They have a bald ass!
Wrinkled ass!
Chicklets has lost his stick. They've been fighting.
Take him to the front of the house!
Get him! Get him!
Harder! Harder!
Come out, you dirty pig!
We've already killed Azúcar.
Come out, you dirty swine!
Now Chicklets is going to kick the bucket.
Come out, you dirty pig!
We're going to hang Chicklets!
Before you are hanged, you must comb your hair nicely.
Come to your senses!
We're just cleaning everything up.
We've cleaned up the kitchen.
- We'll tear your ass open. - We'll burn this place down.
We'll pull the feathers off your ass.
- Quiet! l'll say what l'll do. - Then say it!
l'll do what l say.
l'm serious. l need room. l'm going to lay my hands on Pepe.
Let's burn this place down!
l mean it.
l need some room here. lt's getting serious.
Room! Now it's getting serious! Room!
l need room!
l'm doing it now!
Look, the pious creature. All you need say is ''By all Saints''. . .
. . .and it's down on it's knees. Doesn't want to get up, it's so pious.
You bastard, get your arm down, will you!
Put your arm down, right now! Why are you pointing your finger at me?
Alright, if you don't stop, l'll point my finger at you.
Let's see who holds out longest.
The President has talked to me. Now, take your arm down!
l'll keep my arm up until you lower yours.
Take it down, l said!
l can hold out longer! My arm is quite light!
Now we'll see which one of us can hold out longer?
l have more endurance!
Now, will you lower your arm you!
Arm down!
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