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Subtitles for Everwood 01x01 - Pilot - Extended Version.

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Everwood 01x01 - Pilot - Extended Version

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I wasn't there the day Dr. Andrew Brown's life changed forever.
But like most folks in Everwood...
... I've heard the story enough times to be able to tell it.
It begins where many stories begin...
... in the city of New York, where Dr. Brown lived comfortably...
... with his wife and two children.
- Ephram you're gonna be late again. - I know I know.
Finish your orange juice sweetie.
- Good morning. - This mine?
It is.
- Someone's unusually quiet this morning. - Someone's unusually interested.
Don't be nervous about tonight. Your dad and I'll be there.
Yeah I'm sure. See you.
- His recital's tonight? - I've only told you 10 times.
- What time? - Eight. He's going early with a friend.
We're leaving at 7 to make it on time.
Tell me why with all the piano teachers in Manhattan... son has to study in New Jersey? - The best is in Jersey.
- I didn't think Jersey had the best anything. - The Giants play in Jersey.
- They're not from New Jersey. - They should be.
What do you know? You're 8.
- Bye. - Be home on time.
I will.
Glioblastoma multiforme.
I call it the great white of brain tumors. It's malignant and grows quickly.
Typically occurring in the frontal or temporal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere.
In your case Mr. Saddlebrook it occurs in both hemispheres...
...and has begun to metastasize into the spinal fluid.
We know all this already. The other doctors diagnosed him weeks ago.
They say it's inoperable. We came to you because you're the best.
I'm willing to go after this cancer with all I've got. Starting with radiation therapies...
...followed by an immediate and massive surgical resection.
- Thank you. - Don't thank me now.
You can thank me when I save your life.
I hope he's as good as he is brief.
Night fell and a nasty storm rolled in.
They don't know the first thing about this medicine in Boston.
You asked me to remind you when it was 7:00.
- It's 7:00? - It was 7:00 a half-hour ago...
...when I reminded you the first time. - Tell Julia to go without me.
She called to say she was leaving.
And she asked me to remind you that you're a lousy husband/father.
Thanks Barb. I don't care!
Look Larry listen to me. Listen to me. The fact remains...
In his usual fashion, Dr. Brown worked late again.
So late, he was still at the hospital when he received the news.
Excuse me ma'am. We're looking for Dr. Andrew Brown.
Dr. Brown...
I'm Andrew Brown.
There had been, it seemed, an accident.
Sadly, Andy's wife never made it from home to their son's recital that night.
Instead, her life was taken tragically...
... on the icy highway in between.
Oh, sure, the Browns did the best they could to get by after that.
Pretending as though nothing had changed...
... knowing that everything had.
As expected, Dr. Brown wasted no time going back to work.
What wasn't expected was what happened once he got there.
- Morning doc. - Morning Mr. Saddlebrook.
- You ready for the big day tomorrow? - Well I hope so.
Say listen doc...
...I heard about the tragedy you suffered.
I'm sorry.
If you could be anywhere in the world right now...
...where would it be?
Hershey Pennsylvania.
It's where I was brought up.
I've kept my parents' farm there.
Go there.
I can't save your life.
At best I could prolong it eight months maybe a year.
Most of that time you'll be barely coherent recovering from surgery.
And that's all so this hospital can brag about its statistics with terminal illnesses.
But statistics don't measure quality of life.
If you have even the slightest hope of preserving your own...'ll get out of bed and leave this place as fast as your legs will carry you.
And those were Andy Brown's final words...
... as a big city doctor.
- Moving where?! - Everwood Colorado.
- Where's that? - Colorado moron.
Okay. Well why are we moving there?
Somebody told me about it once.
They said it was the most beautiful place they'd seen.
It's on this hill. Or is it a mountain?
Maybe it's on a hill by a mountain. Anyway...
...I was thinking we should move there. What do you say?
- I say that's not even a reason! - I know. How great is that?
- We'd be moving for no reason. - That's not great. That's crazy!
That's Harrison Ford in Mosquito Coast crazy.
You say crazy. It might be the sanest thing I've ever done.
I want this to be a democratic decision so we're gonna vote.
Everyone who wants to move...
...and get their own horse raise your hand.
- Well that decides it. - Democratic? You bought her vote!
Yeah. That's the American version.
I want you to remember this.
This is the moment you conspired with a psycho... ruin whatever was left of our pathetic little lives.
As it turns out...
... Andy's leaving caused quite a stir in the medical community.
TIME magazine even wrote about it...
... calling Andrew Brown's departure from neurosurgery:
"One of the great losses of modern medicine. "
Like a lot of people, you might think they were exaggerating.
But then, you probably don't know Dr. Brown.
Everwood, Colorado. Population, just over 9000 and growing.
Founded in 1853, this jewel of the Centennial State...
... is home to one of the country's first opera houses...
... oldest gold mines, third largest chili cook-off...
... and even the occasional world-famous brain surgeon.
Son of a...
- Rangers. - Nope.
Rockies. Somebody's acclimating.
- Getting adjusted. - Do I have to eat these?
- They don't smell right. - You're in luck we're late.
But I want you to drink that orange juice.
Dad Ephram read that high doses of vitamin C cause blindness in lab rats.
- Does Ephram have a medical degree? - No.
- Do I? - I see where you're taking this.
There's your bus.
- Where's my lunch? - Lunch?
I forgot to make it. Tell you what. Here.
Here's some cash.
- I don't think they'll change a 50. - Okay here's some singles.
I forgot. You want to do this alone.
It's a big step for me. Love you.
I love you too kiddo.
Rosemary Clooney. My my my.
It's Delia Brown.
I know. Rosemary Clooney's on the radio.
I take note of what's playing when a passenger enters my bus for the first time.
It tells me something about them.
What's Maryrose Clooney tell you?
She tells me that you and I are gonna get on just fine.
The kids call me Mr. Irv.
- Let's get you to school. - I'm riding my bike.
- Why? I can drive you. - I appreciate the offer...
...but it's about 10 years too late.
You're not a plant.
- I'm a boy! - Impressive.
I see you've met my resident horticulturalist.
Honey why don't you go inside. It's cold.
Nina Feeney. And that monster is Samuel. We're your neighbors.
That's a weird coincidence I'm your neighbor.
- Dr. Brown right? - Please Andy.
- And how did you...? - Oh small town Andy.
If you'll excuse me I have to ship him to daycare. Nice meeting you.
Nice to meet you Nina.
Nice hair color.
Hey freak. What's with the hair man?
- They run out of green at the store? - Hey you.
My friend asked you a question. Where's your manners?
I'm sorry. I didn't understand him.
You see I don't speak dumb-ass.
But since you obviously do maybe you could translate for me.
- Hey. - You were bold out there.
- Oh it was just strategy really. - Strategy?
I find it best when dealing with any unfamiliar bully to strike early with sarcasm.
Makes them wonder if I have secret butt-kicking prowess...
...they're unable to detect. - Wow you really have this thought out.
Spend as much time inside a gym locker as me you'd have a few theories of your own.
- Were they that horrible in New York? - How'd you know I was from New York?
That doctor who moved here. He's your father.
Yeah if you use the term "father" loosely.
Ever since that article in TIME he's all anyone can talk about here.
Yeah? Well what do they say?
Mostly they just wonder why he came.
If they figure it out let me know.
You don't know why you came here?
- Whacked I know. - I think it's wild.
Sometimes I wonder if my dad's the most boring man alive.
There's the bell.
We should eat lunch sometime.
- What's your name? - Amy.
And I like your hair.
If you like the house you are sure to absolutely adore these offices.
Mrs. Baxworth why is everyone staring at us?
Not us. You. You're quite the celebrity in town.
- Celebrity? - There's been all sorts of chatter...
...about what brings you to our corner of the world.
- Saw it on a map. - "Saw it on a map." Such a kidder.
Seriously I don't want to pry but everyone's wondering...
...what kind of practice you're gonna set up here.
There's been some talk that you're here to do some top-secret brain research.
I'm just opening up a general practice.
Why? Is there a problem with that?
You are aware that we already have a family doctor in town?
Oh sure. I assume there must be.
But surely a town can use two doctors.
Of course we can!
Hey doc! Doc!
I've been waiting for you. Right on time.
How are you today Dr. Abbott?
- Just fine Mr. Greeley. - That makes one of us.
- And how are you today Mr. Greeley? - I'm so glad you asked.
There's a pain in my left leg just above the knee.
- A throbbing pain or a sharp pain? - Throbbing.
No no. Sharp. No. Throbbing.
- How long have you had it? - About three years.
I have an opening this Friday around 2:15.
Couldn't you just check me out here?
As I've explained to you before there are insurance regulations that prohibit me...
...from diagnosing you without a proper checkup.
- But it's just a little pain. - A little pain can become a big lawsuit.
Let's say hypothetically I were to misdiagnose you now...
...with an osteoarthritic condition and advise you to purchase aspirin.
You adhere to my suggestion and this evening you drop dead...
Again hypothetically of a brain disorder expressing itself unilaterally in your left leg.
Can you imagine the malpractice case that your family would have against me?
Sorry I don't make the rules. I just live by them.
Friday 2:15 then.
Three examining rooms back here.
Spacious reception area.
- Just like in the big city huh? - That's just the problem.
I spent my life in this office. This is exactly the office I'm trying to get away from.
Did I mention this has DSL capability?
Do you smell that?
Smell what?
- Perfume. - Oh Estée Lauder White Linen.
No no. This is coming from the street.
It's called Jeanette.
It was popular in Europe in the early '80s.
A wealthy Frenchman had the fragrance named for his fiancée.
Only after she died he had it discontinued...
...which made it increasingly difficult to surprise my wife with every Christmas.
It was her favorite.
You mean you smell your deceased wife?
Look at this.
What is this place?
This offensive monstrosity?
It was the train depot till the city shut it down.
- Shut it down? - About 10 years ago...
...the railroad decided to re-route the train through Central City.
They said it was a safer approach through the mountains.
Everwood doesn't have a train running through?
I'm afraid we've ceased being a destination.
Not to everybody.
I'd be careful. You never know what animal might have taken refuge in here.
Or God forbid a hobo.
You see what I see?
Multiple opportunities for staph infection?
No Mrs. Baxworth.
My new office.
The most important thing about manga is it's different than American comics... every way shape form.
I mean forget style. It's more than aesthetics.
The manga-ka. The writers of manga.
They write heroes who are someone's kid or someone's boss.
The hero's civilian life is as important to the story as their secret identity.
It's not just Clark Kent waiting to turn into Superman.
It's Superman...
...waiting to turn into Clark Kent.
I never knew comics could be so hot.
Have you ever had a perfect make out song?
Several really.
Mine's Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."
I think it speaks to a girl's dual desires... be held and ravaged simultaneously.
Not in a literal sense. It's more primal.
Just listening to the song right now makes me want to take off my clothes...
Right here? I mean in front of everybody?
Why not?
Damn it.
What are you doing in here?
What does one normally do in the laundry room?
- Since when do you do your own laundry? - I spilt something on my sheets.
- What did you spill? - Chocolate milk.
- When did we get chocolate milk? - I don't know. Stop asking me questions.
- I'm making pancakes. You want some? - Go to hell!
That's my boy.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Excuse me.
Yeah can I help you?
- Yeah you're parked in my spot. - Your spot?
That's your black foreign-made sports utility vehicle...
...with the New York plates is it not?
- Yes it is. - It's in my spot.
Park there again I'll have it towed.
I'm sorry. I didn't see a name on the curb.
It's implied. It's in front of my office.
You're the other doctor. How do you do? I'm Andy Brown.
I know who you are.
And if by "other doctor" you meant Everwood's primary care physician...
...yes that's me.
- Some golfing weather huh? - I happen to belong to an indoor range.
- Is that driver Titleist? - It is.
Expensive. Can I see it?
Be careful. That club was used by none other than Tiger Woods himself... the '99 British Open.
- Purchased it on eBay. - No kidding? I'll have to tell him.
- You know Tiger Woods? - I operated on his uncle. Sweet kid.
About this whole office thing I'm not here to step on your turf.
My turf? That's rich. Nobody told you did they?
- What? - I wouldn't waste your time...
...turning this place into a doctor's office. No one will use it.
Why is that?
That building over there will continue to receive...
...all of the patients in this community.
The flower mart?
- The other one. My doctor's office. - How do you figure?
Because while you have been operating...
...on Tiger's uncle and getting you picture in TIME...
...I have been the doctor in this community for over 15 years.
Before me it was my father.
Was it your father's father before him? Because that would be really cool.
Do what you want sir.
I'm just advising you not to waste your time.
I appreciate your concern but I came a long way to open this office.
- Nothing's gonna stop me. - In that case...
...happy painting.
Nice meeting you.
Nut bag.
We're almost there.
- I told you you're gonna love this place. - Yeah.
I'd love it even more if it were indoors.
Okay you ready?
You can see the whole town from here.
There's Main Street and the grade school.
The factories are all that way. And that's the church row.
Episcopalian Presbyterian Catholic Lutheran and Baptist.
- Where's the synagogue? - Are you Jewish?
Half. My mom is...
- Sorry. - About what?
- I didn't mean for the topic to come up. - No biggie.
Talking about her is pretty unavoidable.
What with her giving birth to me and all.
So did your dad really work on a king?
He was just a prince at the time but sure.
What's it like?
Having a dad who's famous?
It's like this. You're 8 years old.
He misses your birthday party. You want to cry about it.
But he's on TV that night for separating the heads of Siamese twins.
You're 10. He's not there to see you in the school play.
He is in The New York Times for restoring the vision of a 5-year-old kid.
You know that prince that you mentioned?
I think of him as my dad's excuse...
...for missing my elementary-school graduation.
You want to be mad at him you want to hate him but you can't.
He's saving lives.
Amy why are you talking to me?
- What? - Where I come from...
...girls like you don't breathe around guys like me...
...without having some secret agenda.
- Mine's world domination. - Seriously. I mean... seem like you have enough friends.
Why go out of your way to make me feel welcome?
You've got kind of a tragic lonely thing going on.
I dig it.
You don't happen to listen to Al Green do you?
Who's Al Green?
Oh I should get to class.
- Okay. All right see you later. - Bye.
Dad's gonna skin your ass when he finds out you're hanging out with that kid.
Dad's not finding out because you're not telling him.
- Aren't I? - No.
Not if you value that collection of porn stashed on our computer.
What was the file name again?
Oh yeah. "Favorite biblical passages."
Dude she is smooth.
It's crooked.
Sure if you look at it straight on. But if you lean a little bit it's perfect. See?
- You Doc Brown? - Yes I am.
You're scrawnier than your picture.
Nice to meet you Sparky. Name's Edna Harper.
- Hello Edna. - Who's the private first class?
I'm Delia.
Word on the front is you're turning this into a doctor's office.
If so I've come to inquire about employ.
- What do you do? - Forty years' nursing experience.
That includes two tours of Nam.
Army nurse corps. Thrice decorated.
Here's a résumé. I'm sure you'll find it to your satisfaction.
- You worked for Dr. Abbott? - Senior and junior.
Why'd you leave?
An unfortunate incident the details I'd rather not divulge...
...on account of they're of a personal nature.
I can assure you however the parting was mutual.
Well why don't I look at this and call you later in the week.
Will do. See you around doc.
Adiós, private.
- Stop it! - It just sits here.
- No one touches it. - I said stop it.
- Dad! - That's enough both of you.
Go upstairs get ready for bed. I'll be up in a few minutes to read to you.
- But I want to... - Go on.
She does have a point you know.
You gotta start playing again sometime.
You're right.
- I am? - Yes Father.
For it is only through the gift of music that I can heal the pain...
...that grows deep within me.
Like you ever cared if I played or not.
What did you say to him?
- Who? - Mr. Warren. About his wife.
What could I say?
She died on my watch.
On top of that the poor guy was left with a family to raise.
Guess how many kids.
- Three. - Six.
And for a single dad that's six kids too many.
- You should grow a beard. - You've said that for years.
- You'd look distinguished. - I'd look like my uncle Norman.
- Your uncle Norman looks distinguished. - You've got a thing for my uncle?
Do you ever think about it? You must.
You and my uncle Norman? I try not to.
- What you'd do if you were left alone. - That's morbid.
It's important we talk about it.
No you're not gonna exercise the spousal "it's important we talk about it" clause.
- Why not? - Because I'm tired I've had a 16-hour day.
These conversations always end up getting me in trouble.
And as far as hypothetical tragedies go can't we start with a lesser one?
Ask me what I'd do If I lost my sight or my hearing or I could never walk again.
Ask me what I'd do if I could never see another Yankees game or eat another pizza.
But don't ask me what I'd do without you.
I hate when you do that.
- Say the right thing? - Attempt to say the right thing.
The actual right thing would have been far less cheesy.
What are you doing?
Certain cultures refer to this motion as dancing.
But there's no music.
Yes there is.
There's Gershwin.
And there's Sinatra.
And I think there's even a little Dionne Warwick thrown in but I can't be sure.
I know... too.
- Good morning doctor. - It was.
You know your office is back there.
I know where it is. I'm getting a cup of coffee.
I was thinking last night. You look vaguely familiar to me.
Perhaps I remind you of one of the inmates you knew... whatever asylum you escaped from. - It's my first day. Wish me luck?
Oh it'll take more than luck to launch the U.S. S. Wacko.
But what the hey. Good luck.
Now if you're done blathering one of us has patients to attend to.
- Have a nice day. - Whatever.
Edna Harper what are you doing here?
Let's see. I'm in a doctor's office.
I'm wearing my nurse whites. My taxes?
Does Doc Abbott know you're working here?
- Nope. - He will now.
Mrs. Baxworth how are you this fine day?
Just fine. I came to wish you well on your new venture.
- I brought you a plant. - Well thank you. That's very kind of you.
My my. Just look what you have done with this place.
Something wrong with your neck?
It's just been a little stiff lately.
Want me to take a look at it?
Oh I would. I've already made an appointment tomorrow with Doc Abbott.
Why put off till tomorrow what you can diagnose today?
- It's not that I don't trust you. - My loss.
It'd be like examining Ms. Taylor all over again.
- Excuse me? - You see how your clavicle rises up here?
Typically the lateral end is flat but yours has a perfect S shape.
The only other time I've seen that was on Elizabeth Taylor.
You operated on Liz Taylor?
I confess.
Maybe you should take a look at my neck.
I mean I'm sure Doc Abbott wouldn't mind.
Oh my goodness gracious.
It's not often I find a third-grader lost in profound thought on their lunch hour.
Hey Mr. Irv. I don't feel good.
Why is that?
Can you keep a secret?
I can.
I think my dad's sick.
He talks to himself to my mom like she's still here.
Only that's a problem because she died eight months ago.
I'm not gonna lie to you Delia.
Sounds like your dad's got a case of something.
- I knew it. - But what he has...'s the one sickness most people spend their whole life trying to catch.
What does he have?
A distraught heart.
It's not like other diseases. It can't kill you.
Just the opposite in fact.
In most cases it makes a person feel alive for the first time.
Only problem is...
...there's no remedy for it anywhere in the world.
As I suspected a mild case of torticollis...
...brought on my guess would be by a new bed.
I just bought a new California king.
It might take some getting used to.
Until then I'm gonna prescribe you a muscle relaxant.
Edna will get you a neck brace. Wear it if the pain gets worse.
I didn't bring my purse. How about I run you by a check later?
I'm not charging you.
For the neck brace fine. But for the visit I have my...
I'm not charging anyone for anything.
My services are free.
- As in... - No cash no checks no credit cards.
Not even Discover.
Well what will you do for income?
I was a brain surgeon for 15 years.
I have a few pennies tucked away.
Here's that prescription.
Okay. Well...
...l'm off to the pharmacy.
You realize by telling her what you told her... told the whole town.
You don't say?
Looking for Amy?
She's not coming.
- And you are? - Her brother. I left you that note.
- I wanted to talk to you. - You could have talked to me.
You didn't have to go to the trouble of imitating feminine cursive.
- That's my real handwriting. - Whoops.
Stay away from Amy. She's got a boyfriend. She tell you that?
No but she didn't talk about you either so we only covered the important stuff.
Hey nice bag.
- Wonder what's in it. - Give me that.
This stuff's way expensive man.
What do you say we double its value?
Bright stop it.
That's his name? Ironic.
Go ahead. Tell him why you're hanging out with him.
- Ephram I can explain. - Forget it.
There's nothing to say. Don't worry Bright.
I'll be staying away from your sister...
...for good.
By the way dude nice dad.
Has he always been such a headcase or just since your mom bought it?
Bright. Bright get off him!
You okay?
- What's going on? - I don't want to talk about it.
Well I should have known it was one of your offspring that did this to my son.
Wait. You guys know each other?
My sister forgot to tell you?
- My dad's the real doctor in this town. - Come on. Let's go kids.
Before I set a bad example.
Come on.
...what do you got to say for yourself?
Give it up.
Ephram I thought you'd change. I thought if we moved here...'d stop the fighting the acting out. - I got this black eye because of you...
Keep talking like that you're gonna get another one.
He said you were crazy. And you know what? News flash. You are.
You quit your job You grow this ugly-ass beard.
You look like you wear your clothes to bed and move us to Nowheres-ville U.S.A.
And why? Because somebody told you it was pretty once?
If that's not enough you talk to Mom like she's still here!
I've seen you. Delia too. What do I have to say for myself?
What do you have to say for yourself?
- I can't believe you think my beard is ugly. - Mom would never have done this!
She never would have moved us here!
- Don't be so sure of that! - I am sure!
I knew her. You didn't know her.
You were never around. We just tolerated you.
- That's good. What else you got? - I wish you died instead of her!
- I wish I did too you little bastard! - I hate you!
- I hate you back! Now get in that house! - I'm going for a ride!
- Oh yeah? - Yeah!
At some point you're getting in that house!
- I run a tight ship. - So I noticed.
Want a cup of coffee?
Only if it's spiked.
I want to apologize...
...for that awful display of parenting techniques.
I'm just recently becoming familiar with them.
The only thing harder than being a parent is being a single one.
- Are you...? - Single? No.
I have a husband.
A wonderful funny and caring man...
...whose flaw is he travels eight months of the year selling computer software.
Where do you think you're going?
- That's a pretty nasty cough. - Yeah. He's had it for a month.
Dr. Abbott thought it was a chest cold but the medicine isn't taking.
- It's not getting better? - No. But he's not getting any worse either.
What you got in the bag?
- Shovel. - It's a shovel? You know a lot.
- Yeah? What's this here? - All right...
...down the hatch tough guy.
Great. Go visit your plants.
You know my wife was the perfect parent.
And that's not just revisionist history either. She really was.
Julia knew what to say. What to do.
When to talk to them. When to ignore them.
Do you know what the foramen magnum is?
Should I?
It's the hole at the base of the skull.
Most doctors need a device to find it.
I never did.
I could always locate it with my hands.
Surgery just came instinctively to me.
Julia was the same way with parenting.
It has to do with her doesn't it?
Why you came to Everwood?
Do you believe that people live on after they die? That...?
That their souls are with us?
Yeah I do.
I need to prove to my wife that I can do this.
That I can be the kind of doctor...
...the kind of father that she wanted me to be when she was alive.
I know that makes me seem nuts.
Maybe I am.
To love someone so much you're still proving it to them after they die?
Well if that's crazy Andy I hope my own insanity isn't far away.
- Good morning. - Buzz off.
And do me a favor. Keep your son away from my daughter.
- I don't think that's how it went. - Why would Amy associate with your misfit?
Well he said something about a crack deal.
You think you're so funny.
If you could get over whatever your problem is...
...we might teach each other a thing or two. - What might you be able to teach me?
For starters when a 4-year-old like Samuel Feeney...
...has a chronic cough you can't diagnose... might look at contributing factors outside of the pulmonary region...
...i.e. the slight cutaneous rash on his fingertips... obvious sign of the fungus spore trichosis a.k.a. the gardener's disease.
I suggest you get him off of the cough medicine...
...and on to a saturated solution of potassium iodide before his situation worsens.
Not bad for a nut bag huh?
Think that's impressive? Wait till you see what I can do with my hands.
You're so smart where are your patients?
Actually they're just gathering outside my office now.
Is it true? Are your services really free of charge?
Only my medical ones.
You're not charging anything?
- For real? - For real.
You can't charge people nothing.
Stay out of this Dr. l-Can't-Diagnose-You- Without-an-Appointment.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
All right. Hold on. Dr. Abbott's got a point. I can't just charge nothing.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. From this moment on I'm doubling my prices.
Oh that's funny. He's funny.
So it's true. You are a part of this madness.
Well what was I supposed to do? You got rid of me.
- You quit. - You cut back my hours.
And don't give me that bogus reason why.
You know the real reason. The whole town does.
You have done some ludicrous asinine things in your lifetime...
...but working for this man? Oh that takes the cake Mother.
Move it or lose it Junior.
I expected you wouldn't talk to me so I brought a peace offer...
Why should I talk to you? So you can lie to me more?
I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell you the whole truth.
- Do you have a boyfriend? - Yes.
I want you to meet him. If you do you'll understand.
That was on my list of things to do.
Right between picking up my dry cleaning and chopping off my hand.
He's in Denver. That's three hours away from here four by bus.
To make it back by dinner we have to leave now.
You're serious about this?
Come with me.
After that you don't have to talk to me ever again if you don't want to.
- That's it for the patients. I'm Audi 5000. - Hold on there a second.
- You want to talk about something? - I do.
I wasn't entirely forthcoming regarding my previous employment.
I should've told you Old Tight-ass was my son. Apologies Sparky.
I'm happy to have you here but if working for me is some revenge scheme...
Heck no. I need the gig.
Though I got to admit I did enjoy the look on that sour apple's face this morning.
- You want to tell me what happened? - His pops died two years ago.
I got re-hitched not long thereafter.
It caused a scandal in the community. Junior thought it was affecting business.
Not to mention he was never crazy about the new beau.
So he cut back my hours and I quit.
How soon after did you remarry?
- Two months. - Two months?
Do I strike you as the mourning type?
No not really.
Anyway I knew where Junior was coming from.
He worshipped his pops.
Never got on with him.
But he sure did worship him.
The truth is they were exactly alike.
You think that's possible?
That a father and son who don't get along can actually have something in common?
In my experience when a father and son don't get along... usually means they got everything in common.
There's my hunk of burning love as we speak. See you on the flip side.
So long Edna.
So this is your boyfriend.
Ephram Brown meet Colin Hart.
Colin grew up down the block from me.
We did everything together.
He was the first boy I ever hated.
The first boy I ever hit.
Bright and him were best friends. They were always getting into trouble.
And last Fourth of July they decided to swipe Colin's dad's truck...
...and go for a joy ride.
Colin drove. There was an accident.
Bright was thrown from the vehicle. He doesn't remember what happened.
By the time the ambulance got there Colin had fallen unconscious.
He hasn't woken up ever since.
Every night I've prayed for a miracle but nothing happens.
When I heard about your dad coming to town I thought:
"Anyone could help him it would be him right?"
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings Ephram.
I was gonna tell you I just...
I didn't know how.
- It smells good. - Which in and of itself is a success.
- What are you cooking? - Only the finest in haute cuisine.
Reheated Kentucky Fried Chicken.
I'm gonna set the table.
Oh Delia wait. This could be my first edible meal.
Go down to the basement get the silverware.
- I'll get the fine china. - Okay.
He never even looks me in the eyes anymore.
It's because you don't talk to him.
- I talk to him. - You talk at him.
Try asking him how his day was. Try listening.
Delia's so much easier.
- She's 4 Andy. - It doesn't matter.
She's always known how much I love her.
Somehow I've never been able to get that message through to him.
Well call me an optimist.
But this is one case doctor that's not terminal.
Hey guess what. I figured it out.
Figured what out?
- Where to go if something happens to me. - Not this macabre subject again.
Everwood Colorado.
When I was a kid...
...I took this train trip with my parents across the country.
There was a snowstorm and we had to stop for a day in a town called Everwood.
It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen Andy.
It was on this hill surrounded by the Rockies.
And I remember thinking even then:
"This is what heaven must look like."
There's no chance this place is also a major center for neurosurgery is there?
That's the other part of the deal.
No more working for the rich and famous doctor.
Even small-town folk need medical miracles.
I'll have to start writing this down.
Just remember one thing. Everwood Colorado.
That's where I'll be.
- You can't be in the Bahamas? - Nope. Everwood or bust.
Then that's where I'll be too.
Delia we should talk about this.
It's okay Dad. I know what's wrong with you.
You do?
You have a distraught heart.
Yeah I do.
Come here.
- I love you so much kiddo. - I love you too Dad.
You're playing.
I felt like it that's all.
I'm gonna finish setting the table.
How was your day?
It was okay.
I'm in love with a girl who's in love with a guy in a coma.
Other than that it was standard.
About the other day...
...I said some things I didn't mean.
We both did.
- And that comment about my beard? - Well that I meant.
- I'm not shaving it you know. - So don't.
It's ugly but it's also kind of distinguished.
Distinguished? Why do you say that?
I don't know.
It just is.
You play so well.
I'd forgotten how good you are.
Mom used to say I had your hands.
And there they sat, father and son...
... like they were sitting together for the first time.
No, I wasn't there the day Dr. Brown's life changed forever.
But I was around for many days thereafter...
... when he and his family...
... would call Everwood...
... their home.
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