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Subtitles for Everwood 01x02 - The Great Doctor Brown.

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Everwood 01x02 - The Great Doctor Brown

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The family doctor, an icon of the American experience.
For generations, they've mended our wounds and warmed our hearts.
In my lifetime, Andy Brown was just about the best example I ever knew of one.
Doctorwise, that is. As for the "family" half of the job title...
... he was a bit rough around the edges.
Okey-dokey. Here we go.
- What is that? - I think it's dinner.
I found Mom's old recipe book.
- And you cooked it? - No smart-ass.
I cooked her meat loaf. Come on everybody eat up.
- I think we should say grace. - You're both half Jewish.
- Is there a half-Jewish grace? - Quit stalling.
Tomorrow we'll try a restaurant in town okay?
- lf we're not in the hospital. - I have my film pick for the night!
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Excellent choice Delia.
- Don't let her watch it. - Be quiet!
- I miss something? - Raising her.
- She can't watch that movie. It upsets her. - It does not!
Not if you don't count screams and sleeping on my floor.
- Delia tell the truth. - It used to scare me but not anymore.
That's what she says every time like a junkie begging for more smack.
I'm not a junkie! You're a junkie!
No one's a junkie in this house! Yet.
Dr. Brown.
Yes. Yes I can.
We're just finishing dinner now. I'll be right over. What's your address?
Okay then. See you in a bit. Will do.
- Who was that? - What I've been waiting for since we came.
- My first house call. - "We're just finishing dinner" huh?
Well I can't let my first house-call family feel bad Ephram.
Wouldn't be very country-doctorly of me would it?
Besides I won't be long.
- Is a knapsack country-doctorly? - Good point Delia.
I need something that says "country doctor." I know an umbrella!
- That says "singing English nanny." - Never mind. I'll see you guys later.
Remember save me a piece of that meat loaf.
Without a doubt.
- I'll order pizza. - Half cheese half pepperoni.
- Mrs. Dudley I presume. - Evening doctor.
- I see you found the place. - It took me longer than I thought.
Just out of curiosity how long is Forest Lane?
Fifteen miles.
Where I come from that's a turnpike.
I was just about to put on some coffee if you'd like a cup.
No thanks. So which one's the patient?
- You don't charge right? - That's right.
All of them.
Yes, the chocolate, but that's just the beginning.
We have to get on. We have to get on. We have so much time and so little to do.
Strike that. Reverse it.
This way, please.
We'll take the wonkavator.
Hey Dad.
Hey kiddo.
- How was the movie? - I tried not to watch it honest.
But it called out to me.
- I bet. - I didn't get scared.
I even watched the part where the girl turns into a blueberry...
...which you and I both know isn't really possible. Is it?
Well there was one reported case in Norway in the late '60s...
...but I wouldn't worry about it.
Go back to sleep.
I'm back.
Sound the trumpets.
I know it took longer than expected.
I hadn't really noticed.
The door?
It's a vacation Andy you gonna spend it all cleaning?
I was just straightening up.
Admit it the great Dr. Brown can't sit still.
You need to do settle down with a book.
Like Madame Bovary? There's some light summer fare.
Now about your son...
That argument tonight was not my fault. Did you hear the way he talked to me?
He's a teenager. Sarcasm is how they express their affection.
- Well he's got a funny way of expressing it. - And your way isn't?
You take one week of family vacation a year and you spend it cleaning.
- The garage the kitchen... - I asked him to go in the boat today.
He didn't want to go. Okay?
I was gonna teach him how to drive it.
Teaching him something isn't the only way to get to know him.
When I was his age I would have killed for my father to teach me to drive a boat.
I would've killed to have a boat.
I swear to God one day you two are gonna understand each other...
...if it's the last thing I ever do.
Well if that's your goal you're gonna be around a while.
- Hey Nina. - Evening Andy.
Sometimes I remember conversations with my wife.
And this one...?
It was a talk we had last year.
We had a house in the Hamptons.
She'd take the kids for the summer.
Me I was there a total of three weeks in five years.
And yourself? I assume you're not out here talking to a deceased spouse.
No just enjoying the warm night.
Which is unseasonably warm considering we had a snowstorm last week.
- Oh it's the fall thaw. - Excuse me?
Welcome to one of Everwood's many oddities.
There's a fall thaw?
With a legend behind it no less.
Once a year like clockwork we get a fall heat wave that lasts around a week...
...and the town whips up a festival to celebrate it.
I'm gonna stop you before this gets weirder.
Oh you think that's weird?
Last week we got a doctor who doesn't charge anybody.
- Good night Andy. - Good night Nina.
The next day, as the temperature climbed, so did the town's excitement.
Looking around, it was almost impossible to imagine anyone in Everwood...
... not happy about the recent turn in temperature.
Notice I said, "almost."
You there! Yes sign boy I'm talking to you.
If you're gonna hang that banner off my building don't chip the paint.
That is Benjamin Moore latex the Rolls-Royce of exterior coatings.
Morning doctor.
- Happy thaw. - You're an educated man doctor.
You don't plan on succumbing to one of this community's nonsensical traditions?
You gotta admit it's a balmy day for mid-September.
The weather pattern we experience this time of year is a typical Indian summer...
...brought by a flow of the polar jet stream...
...which with our proximity to the mountains in turn traps and stagnates...
...the hottest air directly above our region.
And as much as this town enjoys celebrating this anomaly...
...for us sensitive to the allergens in the air this is not much of a fun week.
As opposed to all those other weeks where you just like to party down?
As usual you make it difficult to have a civil conversation with you doctor.
- Thaw well. - Bite me.
- Morning everyone. - Morning!
You're late. They're getting hotter than a hooker's...
Don't finish that analogy Edna. I haven't had my coffee yet.
- Late night? - I answered my first house call.
Oh you finally busted the old cherry.
- Who with? - The Dudleys.
- On Forest Lane? - It was no lane.
Took me half an hour to find the place another hour and a half to examine her kids.
I hope you got some rest. We got ourselves another packed house.
Oh it never lets up Edna does it?
Remind me and my tired feet why you are offering this thankless town free medicine.
Long answer is I spent enough years making money off people's sickness.
In order to assuage my guilt I wanted to do something incredibly altruistic.
The short answer is...
...l'm nuts.
Okay give it to me.
- Excuse me? - Your academic update.
You've been here a week. What do you think of classes?
I think they're as annoying and dull as my classes in New York...
...only further west.
I'll warn you there's a movement to issue the new kid a nickname.
Why do I not like the direction this is going?
It's an offensive tactic. The way I see it as the new kid you'll get a nickname.
These labels are never kind. They're either fun or mean.
- Most are mean. - I know.
- I have gym with "Blackhead" Davis. - See what I mean?
Now if you annihilate the few suggested nicknames...
...we have a shot at making a fun one stick.
You know for the classic girl-next-door you have a really warped mind.
- It's something in the water. - So...
...what's yours? - Me? They call me...
Late for class!
- See you bubba. - Bubba?
Just testing one out.
Well howdy loser.
You guys choreograph the bathroom-stall exit and I'm the loser?
I see you're still getting cozy with my little sis.
I told you once she's spoken for.
"Spoken for"? Hey Bright the '50s called they want their lingo back.
As soon as Colin finds out about you he's gonna kick your sorry ass.
I figure I might have a slight advantage over him seeing as I'm conscious.
Watch what you say little man.
Another comment Colin won't be the only one in a coma.
Statistically I'm not little but according to every chart I've seen you're still a moron.
Oh you may think I'm a moron.
You may be right. When it comes to my sister Amy I'm a genius.
And she's playing you dude.
Soon as she gets your daddy fixing up Colin she's not even going to look at you.
Just remember I said that.
And that children is how Ronald Reagan saved the world from the evil empire.
Yes Delia what is it now?
I can't see the board as well from here. Can I move up front?
Is there something wrong with your eyes?
- No. - Then why do you need to sit up front?
To hear you better.
Oh you have a hearing difficulty?
I'm sorry Delia I don't understand.
I just like to sit close.
In this class the boys sit in the front rows...
...and the girls sit in the other rows.
- You mean the back rows. - Yes.
Now if everyone will turn in their reading books to page 86...
Do we ever switch?
- Excuse me? - Do the boys and girls ever switch?
- No. - Then I'd like to sit up front please.
I see.
Well to do that you'd have to be a boy.
You're not suggesting that you really are a boy Delia are you?
I didn't think so.
And while we're at it remove your hat.
This is a classroom not a ball field.
I said remove your hat.
Welcome to Gino Chang's, Everwood's Friday-night culinary hot spot.
Gino, the restaurant's proprietor, moved to town from Naples a few years back.
At the time, Everwood was without a Chinese restaurant or an Italian one.
So Gino opened both.
We'll have one order of the minestrone two orders of the chicken parmigiana... sweet-and-sour pork...
...and a couple of egg rolls to start.
I'd like to point out that this is the weirdest restaurant we've ever been to...
...and we're from New York City where we're served by drag queens.
I think it's cool.
So who's up for going to the Thaw Fest tomorrow?
I'd love to as long as you promise to take up surgery and lobotomize me first.
Come on Ephram it'll be fun. There's gonna be hayrides a Ferris wheel.
In what universe does that translate into "fun"?
Dad what's it mean when someone takes "extreme disciplinary measures"?
- Where'd you hear that expression? - On TV.
It means someone's in trouble.
Dr. Abbott Everwood's big shot tough guy!
- How are we doing tonight? - Fine Gino. Our regular table please.
I'm sorry. Your regular table she no avail this evening.
What do you mean "She no avail"?
Have no worry. I'm gonna give you a bellissimo table right in the corner.
Gino I do not want a bellissimo table. I want my regular table.
As a dedicated patron of this establishment...
...I find it appalling you would just jettison my table without any regard whatsoever.
You smarty-pants doctor I no get your fancy words.
But tonight the dessert she's on the house.
Hey Ephram how's it going with the Abbott girl?
- What brought that up? - Just curious.
- Don't be. - It must be going well...
...she's walking over here.
- Hey bubba. - Dad you remember Amy.
- Of course. Hello Amy. - Hello Dr. Brown.
My boyfriend is in a stage-4 coma and I was wondering...
...if you would consider using your talents in neurosurgery to help awaken him...
...from his severe head trauma so that I can sleep with him.
I'd be glad to.
Dad you remember Amy.
- Hey there Amy. - Hi. What's your name?
I'm Delia. You're pretty.
Hello? Hello? This is he.
- So you're just here with your dad? - Yeah. How'd you know?
He's kind of hard to miss.
It's father-daughter night so we eat and go home and watch something...
...he's taped off of Turner Classics. - Sounds bitchen.
I know it's hard to believe but he can be cool...
...when no one's looking. - Amy? Hello.
Anyways I better get back before he combusts. I just wanted to say hi.
- See you. - See you.
Is she your girlfriend?
- No. - But you want her to be.
You're close to knowing pain you've never known before.
That was my patient. I've gotta get right over there.
- It's an emergency. - We just ordered.
I should be back by the time you finish okay?
Look I'll tell you what here's money for dinner.
And you can use my phone to call a cab.
- Can you do that Ephram? - Sure thing Pops.
Look I'm sorry guys. I'll make it up to you.
I promise I won't cook dinner for a whole week.
Not working tonight?
It took me 20 minutes just to track this number down.
Look at this. Now what kind of a father leaves his children in a restaurant alone?
Just trying to get a taxi.
It turns out there's only one cabby in town and he's taken the night off.
Mr. Randolph. He doesn't work Friday nights he calls bingo numbers at church.
This really is the town that time forgot.
We can give you a ride home. Right Daddy?
Of course we can.
He sits up front with me.
Good boy.
It doesn't make sense. Susie was the one with the cough.
What appears to have been bronchitis... bacterial pneumococci which is a silly way to say...
..."infectious pneumonia" which is not silly at all.
- He's got pneumonia? - He does.
Judging by the tightness of the quarters here my guess is all your kids are infected.
On the off-chance they're not I've got vaccinations.
Unfortunately I don't have any antibiotics with me.
- You can give him a dose of Susie's tonight. - I'm sorry I can't do that.
It's perfectly allowable Mrs. Dudley.
I could write a separate prescription and you can pick it up...
- I never got Susie's medicine. - I'm sorry?
Our truck's been out of commission for a few months.
I was gonna have my sister drive me. She doesn't get back until next Tuesday.
Mrs. Dudley your son doesn't need antibiotics on Tuesday he needs them now.
You said yourself that Susie's cough was mild so I thought it could wait.
Well it can't wait the night not unless you want to spend tomorrow at the hospital.
Get your kids ready. We're gonna go find the nearest pharmacy.
- Dr. Brown I can't let you do that. - You have to.
- Why? - Because your children are sick.
Because I should have diagnosed them properly days ago.
Because I have a car and you don't. But mostly because...
...l'm your doctor.
Now come on.
Thanks for the ride Dr. Abbott.
Thaw Fest is tomorrow. I was wondering if you were going.
- Ephram? - Just a second.
I'm thinking about going. I hear they have hayrides and Ferris wheels.
Did you know they have a horseshoe-throwing competition?
- Ephram! - I said just a second!
Little sisters you know.
But yeah no I was thinking about going to the Festival...
...of the Thaw.
That came out wrong.
- Two o'clock. - Ephram!
- What? - We're locked out.
Over my dead and decaying corpse you're going to Thaw Fest with that boy.
I am not going with him I am just meeting him there.
Since when do you care who I go to Thaw Fest with?
Since you started asking future parolees to attend with you.
You don't know him.
- This is so unfair! - Well in certain parent-child conflicts...
...fairness is irrelevant.
Why is it the parent that always gets to decide the relevancy?
- Excellent question if I do say so myself. - Hello dear.
Mom Dad is being excruciating!
"Excruciating" literally means to feel the pain of crucifixion.
While my law may be difficult at times...
...I think we can both agree that Jesus had it a bit tougher.
He didn't live here!
What...? Now...
Where are you going? We haven't gotten to the movie half yet. It's your favorite.
Repeat viewing of The Red Shoes.
Oh don't look at me like that.
- Like you're gonna overrule me. - I don't have to.
You're gonna rescind your own ruling.
Our daughter hasn't had a moment's fun since Colin's accident.
Now if she wanted to go to that festival with Eminem I'd let her do it.
Rose do you know who this boy is?
He's the son of that faux Marcus Welby.
You'll be interested to know we had another five cancellations today!
"Just feeling better Dr. Abbott" they all say. Yeah give me a break.
Like Marion Wattle's biliary cirrhosis just healed itself.
Come on! They're all going across the street for some free medicine.
And how can I compete with that?
We've had this conversation umpteen times Harold.
This isn't about that doctor...
...or his son or even about free medicine.
You know what this is about.
This is not about my mother.
I couldn't care less what that battle-ax does.
Her working there is just another attempt meant to embarrass me...
...and it'll prove just as ineffective as all the others.
Good night Harold.
Delia Brown...
...what did I tell you about hats in class?
- No hats in class. - That's right.
- No hats in class! No hats in class! - Miss Violet you're turning violet!
No hats in class! No hats in class!
She's gonna explode! She's gonna explode!
- She's gonna explode! - Delia what's wrong?
- Miss Violet's gonna explode! - Nobody's gonna explode.
- Where's Dad? I want Dad. - He'll be home soon. Here lie down.
- Ephram? - Yes?
Could you stay with me for a little while?
Move over.
Where have you been?
I was stuck at the Dudleys. Why what's the matter? Everything okay?
No everything's not okay. Your daughter had a nightmare tonight.
- How is she? - She's fine now.
Got her back to sleep about 30 minutes ago.
It was that movie wasn't it? I should have made sure she didn't see it.
For someone who was cited by U.S. News & World Report... "one of the greatest minds in America" I'm amazed how clueless you are.
You really think this was about a movie?
Well why don't you enlighten me Ephram as to what it is about...
...because what I need tonight is another lecture from my 15-year-old son.
Don't talk to me like you talked to Mom. I'm not your wife.
- What's that supposed to mean? - You think I wanna have this conversation?
I didn't marry you. I never agreed to pick up your slack.
Look Ephram I am sorry I couldn't take care of Delia tonight...
...but I was treating a 7-year-old boy who could hardly breathe.
You win! Seven-year-old boys who can't breathe trump girls with nightmares.
- Yes in my profession they do. - The medical one or the crappy-father one?
All right that is enough!
As of this second you and that mouth are gonna start showing me respect or...
Or what?
What happened to your hand?
It's tonight's punch line. I sliced it while trying to pry open a window to this place...
...which happened after we couldn't get a ride...
...after you left us at dinner for the second night this week!
- Let me take a look. - It's fine.
- Let me just see it. - Don't touch me!
"The great Dr. Brown." That's what Mom and I used to call you.
You always thought it was endearing but it wasn't.
It was our own private joke.
"Will the great Dr. Brown be at dinner?"
"Will the great Dr. Brown join us this weekend?"
Don't you see? You're still that guy.
You'll always be that guy. Whether it's the Dudleys on Forest Lane...
...or some rich lady on Park Avenue they'll always come first.
Only difference is this time Mom's not here to cover for you.
At least I got her.
Who does Delia get?
Now what did we talk about in the car?
- For the next three hours I don't know you. - Good.
- Hey Edna! - Remember my main squeeze Irv?
- Good to see you Irv. - Hello.
- Hello there Delia. - Hey Mr. Irv.
Doc Brown Thurman Revere from Glen Oaks Drive.
- Hi Thurman. How are you? - Listen I have a cyst above my backside.
- Well Thurman I'm here with my family... - It's a quick look-see. It'd take a second.
- Well Thurman... - Go ahead doc.
We'll watch the munchkin for a bit.
All right. No not here Thurman.
- Hey. - Hey there you are.
Ephram Brown the melting man. The melting man Ephram Brown.
- He's oddly quiet. - He's not having the best day.
I think it might be his last.
Everyone just watches him melt?
It's a contest. You bet when the hat will hit the ground.
Mr. Lawrence there won three years in a row.
I think it's safe to say we have a few hours yet.
Here's the deal. My dad agreed I could hang with you...
...under one condition. - Yeah? What's that?
How goes it bone lick?
He has to hang with us.
No offense Amy...
...but he's really my least favorite thing about you.
Well you're really my least favorite thing about you.
You gotta work on the insults.
So what are we gonna do first? We got face painting over there.
Let's try the silent auction here.
Vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt in a cup...
...with a spoon-and-a-half of sprinkles distributed evenly over the top.
Make sure to rinse that sprinkle spoon...
Buddy how about you finish ordering before the thaw's gone.
Hello Mother.
How's it hanging Junior?
With the plethora of greetings in English...
...I find it hard to believe that's the best.
I find it hard to believe you use "plethora."
Two scoops of chocolate on a cone please.
You got your panties in a bunch we're gonna steal your patients don't worry.
There's enough hoity-toities around these parts who don't want to wait... the same room with folks from the wrong side of the mountain.
I do not have my panties in a bunch.
- lf you must know I'm concerned for you. - Concerned?
You're working with an addled human being.
Considering you've had bouts with reality too I don't recommend the exposure.
- What are these bouts? - How about the time you decided... leap your motorbike over four cars down Main Street?
That was a fundraiser for Myrna Sander's goiter operation.
How about this drunken bar brawl last month with Edgar Cage?
Edgar had it coming. He called me a puss.
Your sophomoric stunts aside the truth is Mother...'ve given no thought to the fact that you may be driving into an early grave.
You'd like that too. Then you could say to my corpse "I told you so."
You're presuming I'd attend your funeral.
You know what your trouble is Junior?
Your whole life you've wanted this town to see you...
...the same way they saw your pops:
Wise generous big-hearted.
Trouble is...
...people can't see what's not there.
As usual I'm bathed in your maternal warmth and kindness.
I'm surprised Bright didn't charm himself up here with us.
I knew he wouldn't go near this thing. He's deathly afraid of heights.
So what do people do up here...
...aside from wait for an early demise...
...and ask really dumb questions?
Actually I brought you up here to tell you something very important.
It's my nickname.
I always loved Grover as a kid.
I know for most kids it's all Winnie the Pooh or Hello Kitty...
...or occasionally Strawberry Shortcake...
...but for me life was about a little blue Muppet named Grover.
Well Grover was a very underrated Muppet.
Colin and Bright used to torment me by stealing my Grover doll and hiding him.
And then one day Colin refused to give me the doll back unless I kissed him first.
Colin that is not Grover who...
...I had kissed many many times.
So I closed my eyes Colin closed his.
We both leaned forward.
And I kicked him right in the nuts.
Colin that is not Grover who didn't have nuts.
At least none that I was aware of.
Anyway Colin screamed and doubled over.
My parents raced into the room and when they asked what happened...
...Colin wouldn't tell them.
All he would say was that Grover did it.
And somehow suddenly I had...
...developed my first crush.
On Colin that is...
...not Grover.
Look I know we haven't talked about this since that trip to Denver so...
You want me to ask my dad to help Colin.
If you could just talk to him.
I mean I know there's probably nothing he can do but...
Yeah. Sure Amy. I'll ask him. No problem.
Thank you.
Dr. Brown! Care to try for a wish?
- Anything for my premier patient. - Such a doll doctor!
All you do is drop a quarter in the tank.
If it lands in those shot glasses you get your wish.
It costs 50 cents not counting the 25 cents in the tank of course.
All the money goes to benefit the girls dance troupe I teach...
...The Everwood Swans. We have a recital coming up this fall.
You know what's funny?
I didn't get the coin in the glass but I still got my wish.
You're lucky that way.
Aren't you gonna tell me why I'm here?
I wanted to see you...
...know that you're more than just a memory...
...and tell you that I kept my promise.
You didn't keep yours.
You promised you'd be here... Everwood...
...but you're not.
I've got bad news for you Andy you're gonna be fine.
"Fine" is not great.
You've had enough of "great." It isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Fine is real.
Now come on...
...say it.
Say what?
That's why you wanted to see me isn't it?
You wanted to say goodbye.
No! No not to you. Just to...
To this.
I understand.
You do?
Besides I was never the reason.
- I don't get it. - He was Andy.
You came here so you could know him.
Know who?
Let's go home Dad.
...what did everyone think of the festival?
- No it's not funny. - It's a little funny.
- What's this? - It's a note from school.
I'm in big trouble.
See you inside!
She's crafty that one.
I see her too sometimes.
Mom I mean. Not like you do. I don't talk to her or anything.
More like...
...I feel her...
...with us.
When we're all having dinner...
...or when there's a song playing on the radio she used to like.
I just know she's there.
Ephram I wish I could tell you everything's going to be okay.
I know that's what I'm supposed to say but the truth is...
...I don't know what's going to happen to us.
What I do know is that all we have now is each other.
I need your help raising your sister.
I can't do it alone.
She gets us.
- Morning doctor. - Good morning.
What's the matter?
Didn't have time for your usual bowl of sarcasm this morning?
I wanted to thank you for giving my son and daughter a ride the other night.
That was very kind of you.
You're welcome.
Since you seem hell-bent on becoming a permanent fixture here...
...I should give you a piece of advice.
And that is?
When I first joined my father's practice...
...I too went out of my way to be available to all people at all times.
I realized that exhausting myself was no good for anyone...
...least of all for my family who needed me the most.
Being a small-town physician is a marathon doctor not a sprint.
And if one of us is going to win this race... are going to have to stay in it.
And behold the people...
...who had every attribute of dogs...
...except loyalty.
Go on everyone.
- Inside. - Thank you doctor.
Welcome back.
All is forgiven.
You hear that?
That was the sound of a pin dropping.
After what happened I'm surprised you're still here Edna.
You're paying me.
We're in this foxhole together compadre.
Don't worry about everyone else.
They'll come around. They always do.
It's sort of the nature of this place. You're up one day you're down the next.
In the meantime we have some excellent periodicals.
- Morning doctor. - Mrs. Dudley what a nice surprise.
- How are you? - Just fine thank you.
I wanted to stop by and take the opportunity to say thank you again.
Well that's quite a long way just to...
How did you get here?
I heard about what happened yesterday...
...and I wanted to tell you that my family...
Well like a lot of other families around here...
...we don't have much but now we have a doctor.
I know it was a tragedy that brought you here sir.
For that I am sorry.
But I'm not sorry that you came.
Neither am I Mrs. Dudley.
You take care now.
Well at least offer her a ride home.
Mrs. Dudley!
- How's it going there ham? - Ham?
- It's your new nickname. Welcome to it. - My nickname's a deli item.
See that's what everyone will think but we'll know it's really short for this.
See? You look just like Hamlet.
That does not look like me.
No no you can't deny it. Everwood finally has its own dark prince.
You want to grab some lunch?
Before we get lunch we should talk.
You asked your father didn't you?
He said no.
I mean you can't really begrudge the guy.
He's trying to get out of the brain business start a new life.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I'm sorry. It was silly for me to ask.
I'm sorry Amy.
You still want to get lunch?
I think I'm just gonna hang here a while...
...and look over some notes before class.
Your daughter has a mind of her own Dr. Brown.
She repeatedly interrupts my lessons with questions that make very little sense.
This in addition to her inappropriate apparel...
I've never been to a parent-teacher thingy.
Am I allowed to speak?
You have to raise your hand.
- Excuse me Dr. Brown! - I'm sorry. Just out of curiosity Miss Violet.
Why do the boys sit in the front?
Very simple. Boys are rowdier.
- Rowdier? - They cause more of a fuss.
By having them sit in the front I can monitor their behavior more closely.
You believe girls are genetically less rowdy so you relegate them to the back?
- The term "relegate" is... - Entirely appropriate.
As for Delia having a mind of her own whose mind is she supposed to have?
- I think you misunderstood my point. - No I don't think that I did.
Delia perhaps you should step outside while your father and l...
No no. She was here for the bad part. I want her to hear what I'm about to say.
My daughter has been through a traumatic year and come through it remarkably well.
I'd like to take more credit for that but I can't.
She's the product of a mother who taught her about strength...
...courage and independence from an early age.
My job is to make sure she doesn't forget those lessons.
She will sit wherever you tell her to sit but as long as she's polite about it...
...she can ask all the questions she wants.
And I'd get used to those baseball caps. As for you and me... can keep calling me in here but next time... daughter better have done something wrong or you'll have one rowdy father.
- This meeting is over doctor! - Yes it certainly is.
Come on Delia.
See you tomorrow Miss Violet.
- Where have you two been? - You want to tell him or should I?
We went horse shopping.
There's a ranch just off the highway that breeds horses.
Dad took me there. We just looked though.
- Finally making good on that bribe? - You cooked dinner?
We should have meat-loaf-flavored meat loaf for once.
How's the hand doing?
Tell you what I'll stay away from recipes that involve three or more ingredients... stay away from the first-aid kit. - It's a deal.
Now go on. Sit down. Dinner's ready.
The first fall thaw that Andy Brown and his children ever knew...
... passed through Everwood later that night...
... taking with it our last bit of warm autumn air...
...but not our warmth of spirit.
That was in the people of Everwood...
... and in our hearts...
... some broken, some mending...
... and some, for the moment, complete.
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