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Subtitles for Everwood 01x03 - Friendly Fire.

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Everwood 01x03 - Friendly Fire

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Previously on Everwood:
- Moving where? - Everwood Colorado.
- Where's that? - Colorado moron.
- How'd you know I was from New York? - That doctor who moved here's your father.
You are aware that we already have a family doctor in town?
You're the other doctor. How are you? I'm Andy Brown.
Tell him why you're really hanging out with him.
Remind me and my tired feet just why it is that you are offering this thankless town... medicine. - I'm nuts.
Mom would never have done this! She never would've moved us here or gone crazy!
- Don't be so sure of that. - I knew her.
You didn't know her. You were never around. We tolerated you.
- That's pretty good. What else you got? - I wish you died instead of her!
- Do you have a boyfriend? - Yes.
Ephram Brown meet Colin Hart.
When it comes to my sister Amy I'm a genius and she's playing you dude.
Soon as she gets your daddy fixing up Colin she's not even going to look at you.
You want me to ask my dad to help Colin?
If you could just talk to him.
I'll ask him.
Thank you.
- Where's dad? I want dad! - He'll be home soon. Here lie down.
Boys who can't breathe trump girls with nightmares.
In my profession they do.
In the medical profession or in the crappy father one?
- You asked your father didn't you? - He said no.
I mean you can't really begrudge the guy.
He's getting out of the brain business start a new life.
I wish I could tell you everything's gonna be okay.
What I know is that all we have is each other.
I need your help raising your sister. She gets us.
Folks move to the country for lots of reasons.
Clean air, better schools, stores where you don't have to fake a heart attack...
... to get a salesperson's attention, and diners like this one.
You really ought to take a squeegee to these menus.
- That or serve them as an appetizer. - I'll take that under advisement Andy.
Is it too late to change to baked potatoes?
I don't know how many nights you can feed the kids fries without being a bad parent.
- No problem. Three bakers on the fly! - Where's the kitchen? Pittsburgh?
- Simon only hears out of his left ear. - What's the matter with his right?
- He doesn't have a right one. - You know just think.
A year ago I was perusing the menu at Le Cirque.
Now I'm waiting for three blue-star roast beef specials cooked by one-eared Simon.
I'd find humor in that but I'm 81/2 months pregnant so I only laugh when lying down.
You're about to deliver any day now. What Mama Joy won't give you time off?
Well she's not really in a position to. She's been dead for 20 years.
It doesn't hurt to ask.
Mama Joy's is owned and operated by Mama Joy's nephew Art. Thanks.
Oh so actually Mama Joy is Aunt Joy.
And Aunt Joy is actually Gertrude Schmaltz but nobody found that appetizing.
Maybe I'll go with a different side. Is there anything besides baked or fried?
Yes there is.
Get out of here. Your kids are starving.
- Edna why did you do that? - Oh forget it!
He's just gonna have to be a part of this.
Nina Feeny this is your first official baby shower!
- Surprise! - Surprise!
Oh bless your heart!
- You really didn't know. - Oh you shouldn't have.
Nina that's what I told them. Just try to make the best of it.
- No I can't accept these gifts. - Don't worry.
- They're not for you. They're for the baby! - This is not my baby.
Right and these aren't my thighs.
But somehow I woke up one morning and had to give up spandex.
No you don't understand. I'm carrying this baby for someone else.
Do you know what she's talking about?
- Here comes geek boy. - You guys are awful.
- Bye. - Later guys. Hey Ephram.
- Boy can I clear a hallway or what? - That's Kayla and Paige.
They're allergic to anyone who's not at the top 2 popularity percentile.
I'm only 98 percent short.
Friends of yours?
Those legs belong to Baryshnikov and Twyla Tharp.
- I cut it out of a dance magazine. You like? - Sure.
- Where's the rest of them? - I dig legs.
What's up? You look like you wanted to ask me something.
I do.
I was wondering if you...
...were gonna do the reading for Mr. Donnelly's class at lunch.
I heard he might be throwing a pop quiz. I just wanted to warn you.
I'm prepared. But thank you.
See you later.
You could always get calf implants.
There's a doctor down in Denver...
...who evidently works miracles on men with chicken legs.
This is the part where you shake my hand.
If you're looking to get your picture in her locker you're going about it wrong dude.
The whole school knows Amy worships at the shrine of coma boy every weekend.
If you wanna break her habit you'll need help.
- Well not yours. - I provide a service.
One that you might find infinitely beneficial in your doomed...
...albeit noble romantic pursuit. - What are you talking about?
You'll see Brown. I'm just finishing your dossier.
Give me some time to work out the finer details and I'll call you with the plan.
Everything's treatable but the blood pressure concerns me.
Don't you worry about that. It'll drop the second I'm out of here.
- Why? Do I make you nervous? - You no. Edna yes.
We went steady in the fifth grade. She introduced me to hickeys and shoplifting.
Right. Walter I want to see you back here in a couple of weeks okay?
Look doc I can't make this a regular thing. Not if you won't take my money.
Now if you don't fancy a box of steaks the least you can do is enjoy my boat.
- It's very kind Walter but... - Everyone needs an escape.
- Everwood is enough escape for me. - You'll need to get out now and then.
My Sea Breeze is a beaut. Docked at Lake Tasha. Prettiest watering hole in the county.
Surrounded by 2052 acres of evergreen bliss. It's a little slice of heaven.
- And take some bug spray. - Hello?
We need to talk Dr. Brown. Now.
That's my bench.
Can't we share it?
Anyway the point is that Nina and the child share no genetic material.
Her body essentially incubates and nourishes.
Well how does Nina's husband feel about all this nourishing?
- I imagine he's fine with it. - Fine?
Would you let your wife go do...?
- I am so sorry. That just slipped out. - lf you'll excuse me.
- I have a lot of patients waiting. - Nina has to be doing this for the money.
They must be financially ruined. I say that you and I co-chair a fundraiser.
Get the community to pitch in raise enough so she can buy herself out of the contract...
...and keep the baby. - Not an option. Where are my patients?
Then we'll raise double the money. Forget bake sale think Monte Carlo night.
This doesn't concern me and you. Nina's not even a patient of mine.
- She's just my neighbor. - We're all neighbors here in Everwood.
We look after each other.
- lf you want to be a beloved healer... - This has nothing to do with healing.
When you have another medical question feel free to come back. In fact mail it.
Here you go Chet.
Just keep the change.
Gary Wanamaker you catch trout for a living.
Since when can you afford to give me a $20 tip?
No keep it.
Thank you.
Is this spot taken doctor?
Oh that it were.
You know...
...l've never eaten lunch here before just dinner.
Do you eat here every day?
I used to.
- Is that all Martha? - It is. Here you go. Extra's for you.
Martha this would be a $60 tip...
...and you haven't tipped me since I started working here.
I'm catching up.
Since when did everybody decide to start tipping 800 percent?
Will you help me up?
- A pregnant woman shouldn't... - What do you know about it?
- That's what I thought. Please help me up. - Okay.
Attention everyone. I am not poor.
Nor am I a charity case.
A year ago my cousin in Boulder called and asked me...
...if I'd be interested in helping an old friend of hers.
And when she explained the situation to me I thought she was crazy.
Then I met her. Her name is Sarah and she's a single woman...
...who teaches comparative religion at the university there.
She's unable to carry a child to full term and she desperately wants to have a family.
Now I don't know about you all but I don't believe single women should be deprived...
...of experiencing motherhood.
And if any of you have a problem with me doing this I invite you to speak now...
...or forever keep your mouths shut.
Thank you.
I would like to say a little something if I may.
Call us old-fashioned but some of us don't believe...
...that medical technology should be put to this end.
When privileged people play God... babies then pay less-privileged people to carry them...
...we are embarking upon a very scary brave new world.
And Nina another thing. If you felt so confident in your decision to do this...
...why has it taken all this time for you to tell all of us?
We are your neighbors your friends your doctor.
We have a vested interest in this child that you're carrying.
And we had a right to know the truth.
Oh no. No come on.
- Could I jump in here? - Go for it.
Hey everyone. Andy Brown here.
The crazy doctor that works out of the old train station.
Just a word if I may about the moral implications of surrogacy.
While I know it's tempting to view certain advancements... reproductive technology as threatening...
...some of these advancements bring us things like ultrasound and amniocentesis...
...which allow us to improve the health and even save the lives of the unborn.
Technology cuts both ways.
That's why it's important for us to evaluate each case individually.
Now are there ethical questions to be raised? Without a doubt.
Does Nina strike any of us as the kind of person who would make the decision... help bring life into this world without asking herself those questions?
I don't think so. And as for not letting us know sooner...
...if I knew I was gonna suffer a character assassination from my own doctor... front of half my friends and neighbors I'd be inclined to keep things to myself too.
Wait a minute. Where's my jacket?
- Quit it Magilla. - What did you just call me?
You say it again I'll fry your face in fat.
There it is.
- Wait! - What? What are you looking at?
Move it.
- Why are you eating that before dinner? - Because I know who's cooking it.
- Hello. - What do you know about Tchaikovsky?
- Who is this? - It's Wendell.
If you can swing Swan Lake, you're in with Amy.
- How did you get this number? - Don't get hung up on the details.
Practice your Russian.
- Who was that? - Sales call.
- Hey Ephram. - Hey Nina.
- Hey Daddy. - Hi sweetie. Go wash your hands.
You can help your brother set the table then ignore everything he says.
Remember no one loves a critic. Skedaddle.
- Bye Nina. - Bye.
Listen if you and Sam don't have any dinner plans...
I'm expecting someone. But listen I was wondering...
...l'm in the market for a new family doctor. Are you interested?
I'm not sure.
I've never had a patient I shared a fence with.
Although I have had a few impaled by them.
What's the matter? Afraid you can't be both a friend and a doctor?
- Sure I'll take you on. - That must be my guest now.
- Come meet her. - Who is it?
- Sarah the baby's mother. - I'll be right there.
Who's the old lady?
- Doing a lot of laundry these days. - Do you wanna charge me?
I was once a happy sack of hormones myself.
Gross. Find another sack to share with.
Ephram your friend Wendell's on the phone.
He's not my friend.
- He's a freak. - He said he was your friend.
Yeah well don't be so gullible. Hello.
Meet me on the third floor at lunch. Take stairway D next to the chem lab.
- We're getting caller ID. - You should be happy you made a friend.
- What's that supposed to mean? - It's not easy.
Everyone in my class has known each other since the '90s.
Look Delia do you wanna make a friend?
The first step don't look so needy.
Is it these pants?
Here come on. It's not that bad. All you need to do is look busy. Trust me.
If you look like you don't need a friend you'll make one in a flash.
You want me to round this off to the nearest 100?
I'll hurt you.
That's really not that bad for a linebacker. Come here.
Do you want me to take my shirt off?
No I'll just go under it.
Aren't you gonna say something?
- About? - Sarah.
I could tell you were frazzled last night and I was too when I first met her.
- Well she is a little... - Old.
- Older for a new parent. - She tried for years to get pregnant.
By the time she realized she couldn't it took her a few more to save for a surrogate.
And Catch-22 because by that point...
...she had to find a surrogate that was okay with her age.
Well she's lucky she found you.
You're giving her an incredible gift.
It goes both ways I guess.
I'm not a saint Andy and political beliefs aside...
...a big part of me did this for the money.
If my husband and I have some savings in the bank and pay off some loans...
...maybe he'll stay home more than a few weeks a year.
Constant traveling's not really the best thing for a marriage.
And I'm not a single parent by choice.
Me neither.
You're late.
Who told you I played piano?
And what makes you think I like Amy?
And why am I following you?
This is where the swans rehearse.
I called in a favor gave their pianist an acute case of carpal tunnel.
- What? - That's my business Brown.
I trade in favors. In this case the piano player gets a collector's baseball card.
- You get a chance to impress Amy. - What do you get?
The satisfaction of knowing that I can change people's destinies.
And a DVD player.
Don't ask.
Of course you will have to deal with Ms. Baxworth.
She's the windbag beneath their wings.
And dégagé. Dégagé. Dégagé.
Arms good good.
All right excellent. Good. Good. Dégagé dégagé.
- Are you the sub? Where have you been? - I just got the music.
Well for God sakes sit down. Let's take it from measure 14.
Good good. Everybody up! Get up. We're gonna take it from the entrance of Rothbart.
That means "red beard" in German all right?
Let me see your arms. Arms up up.
Ashley Ashley. Reach. You're a swan not a duck.
All right maestro.
- Give it back! - Bite me pinhead.
- It's my brother's. - Who cares?
Tell your daddy to buy him another one. You're rich.
- No we're not! - Yeah right.
Then how come your dad doesn't charge people?
You could buy 5000 million more of these.
And you're swans. Swans. Chins up.
Chins up. Yes. Yes.
Yes. All right.
I'm clapping as the audience not me. I have much higher standards than this.
See you all right after school. And Ephram that was super.
I'll see you at 3:30. The left hand needs work.
Let's get out before the hockey players come in.
- Hello? Why have you kept this top-secret? - What are you talking about?
- I told you I played. - Not like this. How long have you studied?
Probably about as long as you've danced.
You're pretty amazing yourself.
...what are you doing tonight?
My friend Kayla's having a birthday party. Do you wanna go?
You need somebody to play "Happy Birthday"?
- Come on. You'll be my guest. - I don't know. Me your friends...
...lit candles in the same room. - You don't know them Ephram.
And they don't know you. Yet.
Give them a chance. At worst you get some free cake and an evening with me.
- Yeah okay. Sure. Yeah I'll go. - Cool.
- What's this? - Your new patient's files.
I thought it appropriate you should have them since I'll no longer be attending her.
You'll want to keep a close watch on Nina's potassium levels. They run a little low.
And she should have had her tonsils removed years ago.
Thank you doctor.
- Aren't you gonna sit? - I'll be taking my food to go.
I've had my fill of afternoons in this greasy spoon with its even greasier patrons.
More coffee Gary?
You all done Martha?
Everybody what's going on? Yesterday you treat me like George Bailey... the end of It's a Wonderful Life. Today I'm the monkey from Outbreak.
- She's 55 Nina. - 55? Who's 55?
The woman that Nina's having the baby for.
- She came into the drugstore last night. - Fifty-five? That's just wrong.
If God wanted 55-year-old women to have babies he would have given us...
...lifetime warranties on our you-know-whats.
- Look she's really... - Yet we smile when we hear...
...that a 70-year-old man just became a father for the first time.
- Why's that? - I've got this one Andy.
If biology allows a man to become a father until the day he dies...
...why should a woman have to give up that dream at the age of 45?
- But she's 55! It's... - It's not natural doc.
Who's to say what's natural? All species adapt.
Female dogs have nursed orphan kittens. Is that natural?
- That's gotta be a New York City dog. - Out here a dog knows he's a dog.
- Look everybody we really don't need to... - No no no.
I admit when I first saw the mother of the child...
...I felt she was too old to become a parent for the first time.
But today I learned from Nina just how badly that woman wants a family.
And I don't think the qualifications for parenthood...
...should have anything to do with age.
What's so unnatural about wanting a family?
To me what's unnatural is not wanting one.
And let's not forget about Nina.
If she can use this money to keep her husband home a few more weeks a year...
...then she hasn't just helped to create a family...
...she's helped to save her own.
- And by that I mean to say... - Andy please! God!
On second thought maybe I will be eating here.
- Wonder what they're talking about? - Well no.
- I don't care. - It's probably not that exciting.
It looks exciting because of all the wild gesticulating and hair flippage going on.
You'd think they were solving the world's energy crisis or better...
...revealing their secret crushes. That's what they want us to think.
My guess is they're debating which lip gloss is the best flavor.
They come in flavors?
That is exactly what I'm talking about.
Case in point. He's talking to that Wendell freak.
He's new here. He's just trying to meet people that's all.
Amy sweetie we know you feel sorry that his mom died...
...and you have a thing for him and everything...
- What? I do not have a thing for him. - Okay.
Whatever. The point is is he's not gonna fit in at my party is he?
And then I'm gonna feel all lame like I'm having a loser party...
...because Eddie Munster isn't having any fun. And it's my birthday.
I shouldn't have to worry about other people having fun except you know us.
He's lame. We just think you can do better that's all.
I am not trying to do anything. I already have a boyfriend.
We love Colin too and he's totally gonna get better.
So if you don't "like him" like him you won't care if we just uninvite him.
- It's not that I care. I just think it's mean. - We're not gonna be mean about it.
Would we ever do anything mean to someone's face? Come on.
Wet 'n' Wild has a fantastic piña colada flavor.
It's like taking a Caribbean cruise every time your lips touch theirs.
You're making me uncomfortable Wendell.
Yo goth guy got a sec?
Here's the thing. We totally want you to come to Kayla's party but...
Yeah but my mom said I could only invite 12 people.
And it's not Amy's fault because she totally didn't even know.
- But it's like a mom rule. - Which I would break.
- lf she could. - But you see I can't.
We are so sorry.
- I completely understand. - We knew you would!
That was easy.
It can't be.
Walter I'm gonna give you one very thorough colonoscopy when I get back.
Hold it.
- Why didn't you take the cookie? - I don't want it.
- Well give me my bookmark back. - Get lost.
It was a gift from my mother.
It comes from my favorite museum in New York City and I can't get another one.
Why don't you ask Daddy to buy the stupid museum?
We don't live there anymore okay?
And my mother she's never gonna be able to take me there again.
Just take whatever you want but not that please.
Come any closer and I'll smash you like a bug. I mean it.
And I swear if you tell Miss Violet your little bookmark gets flushed.
All right are we ready? All right everybody first positions. Ephram?
And plié.
- I have to talk to you. - You can talk all you want.
- I don't have to listen. - Just let me explain.
What? Why your friends are total bitches or why you're with them in the first place?
And cambré forward.
Straight backs. Stretch those arms ladies. Stretch.
They weren't always like that. They didn't start out this way trust me.
So as the bitchiness worsened you chose to ignore it and follow along like the Nazis.
Heels. Keep your heels down.
Not everyone's a loner Ephram.
Some people like having friends even if they're difficult.
If you prefer quantity over quality that's your problem.
That's it. Feel the stretch. Stretch extend. Good.
I don't agree with what they did.
But maybe if you weren't scowling all the time you'd be invited places.
Right. It's my fault. I should take up football and cow tipping.
Then your friends would like me and I'd be the most popular boy in the whole school.
- Is there a problem? - Yeah this music is totally messed up.
- There's nothing to keep time to. - It sounds fine to me. He's improving.
- Not for me. He's all over the place. - I'm sorry. Is this better?
No? No? How about this?
What about "Dead Swans in the Lake"?
You don't have a problem with the music just the loser who's playing it right?
What just happened?
Damn it!
Looks like you got the last laugh Walter.
There's no sea there's no breeze.
There's more wood in my hand than your freaking boat.
Next time remind me to take the steaks.
Oh no. Oh no no no no.
I hope you're watching this Julia.
Hope you're getting a big kick out of this because this is for you sweetheart.
That's right Mrs. Brown.
Your whole family left a civilized life in a civilized city...
...and moved to some godforsaken mountain town...
...because your train stopped here in 1964...
...and you fell in love with some purple mountains and some fluffy clouds.
But you didn't know this town Julia!
You didn't meet the people because you didn't get past the gift shop!
I've moved into a snow globe!
Oh God.
What am I doing here?!
I need a new jacket.
- What's wrong with the one you've got? - It was stolen.
- What do you mean? - I know who took it. He won't give it back.
You went to school today without your jacket? I didn't notice that.
Eat your pizza. Who stole your jacket?
- The same kid who took my yo-yo. - Your yo-yo?
At first I let him take stuff because I thought maybe he'd be my friend...
...but now he just takes whatever he wants.
Honey wanting people to like you doesn't mean giving everything away.
- How come you don't charge your patients? - That's very different.
Go on.
This boy is stealing from your sister. Either you or I are gonna have to talk Ms. Violet...
Forget it. Kick his butt. That's the only way to deal with a bully.
Not true. There's a proper way to deal with the situation...
- He took Mom's bookmark. - And that's to kick his butt.
Evening doc. I got your message you're all done with the boat.
Ephram Delia this is Mr. Cunningham.
One of my patients who let me borrow his Sea Breeze.
A real delight. Next time patch it with something more lasting than earwax.
Oh sprung a leak did you?
Gino Chang's. He works magic with that crust.
Hey I'm glad you came over. I was gonna come by...
...after dinner and apologize profusely. - Andy.
I screwed up. I shouldn't have said anything. I don't know what came over me.
- I got caught up in the spirit of the moment. - Make it up to me by giving me a ride.
A ride? Where?
- To the hospital? How close are you? - Close.
Okay. Delia finish your dinner. Ephram I need you to come with me.
- Why? - In case we don't make it I'll need you.
- Wait a second... - Don't argue with me! Go grab the keys.
- Walter would you watch my daughter? - No can do. I watch Oz tonight.
Remember what you said about taking and not giving in return? Here's your chance.
Watch my daughter please. And you're watching The Wizard of Oz. You got it?
- That Oz gives me nightmares. - Me too.
- Dad maybe you need to stop. - We can't stop. You all right Nina?
- We should've called an ambulance. - No! No! No ambulance!
I'm not having my baby in an ambulance.
How do you feel about a doughnut shop?
Why are we stopping? This isn't happening!
- Oh no. We're closed. - This woman needs medical attention.
- Yeah we're closed. - We're not here for crullers.
- This woman's about to give birth. - No way.
- I just mopped. - Ephram give me your shoelace.
- What? - Shoelace now!
After that go into that kitchen find a pot fill it with water and bring it to a boil.
Find some scissors toss them in the pot.
If you can't find any scissors get a knife with a serrated edge.
If they have any aprons a baker's smock bring it out. I need towels gloves mitts.
Whatever they got. Now go.
- Hey you're not allowed back there. - Someone should call Sarah.
- Who's Sarah? - The baby's mother.
Are you people from around here?
We could be fined for this. This county has a very strict health code.
How long you been using ants as chocolate sprinkles? Where are the knives?
- All we have are spatulas. - What about this?
- Will this work? - lf you're making a custard.
Ephram! Where are those towels?
- Give me another pot. - What size?
Big enough for me to barf in.
Back on the Boardwalk.
I'd feel sorry for you sweetheart but I enjoy winning too much.
I have nothing left to mortgage. I'm wiped out.
- Then you owe me another side of fries. - Forget it. You cheat.
I see you stacking those Chance cards.
Your hands aren't as quick as they used to be.
Wanna start a new game?
- Come on. I'll let you be the thimble. - Don't do it Irv. She's a killer.
Hey. Aren't you supposed to be at some fancy birthday party?
Yeah I decided not to go. But I couldn't stay home. My mom would just bug me...
...about how I have to be more social and I can't sit around moping about Colin.
You're not moping. You're about to have a bowl of ice cream with your grandparents.
- Thanks Irv. - Bring extra ketchup.
Dream on cheater.
You know the only time you remind me of your father is when you got a sourpuss on.
Spill it Grover.
My friends they basically pulled a Heathers on me.
I see.
No I don't. What does that mean?
They uninvited a friend of mine to their party because he's not popular enough...
...and when I tried to talk to him about it and explain everything he blew up at me.
His feelings were hurt. That's normal don't you think?
I didn't want to hurt him.
But they've been my friends since second grade. What was I supposed to do?
Never mind. I know. I shouldn't have let them treat him like that.
It's not easy to care about someone when the whole world is telling you not to.
You have to live your own life Amy.
Trust your instincts. They're pretty good.
- Must be my genes. - That and a bladder like a yak.
- Thank you doctor. - You're welcome.
An egg whisk?
So... many babies have you delivered?
This would be my first.
- Do you have a death wish? - No but I have a new choker.
- Give it back! - I will after you return what's mine.
You need a friend just as much as I do Magilla. You're just too scared to show it.
So I heard you were like Mr. Midwife last night.
Well I prefer "junior resident" but it was pretty cool.
- Nina was lucky to have you guys there. - It was mostly my dad.
I basically supplied the shoelace. You know to cut the cord.
So how was the party?
- I didn't go. - You didn't?
Why not?
I think you know why.
- You scare me Ephram. - Well that doesn't sound good.
No no I think it is. You...
When you first got here I know I got to know you for all of the wrong reasons.
Friendship wasn't exactly at the top of my list. But... it turns out you're really funny and weird and now...'re like this guy in my life that I care about.
Does that make any sense?
Define "weird."
I think you just need to cut me some slack once in a while.
Define "slack."
I can't believe I put you and Ephram through this.
I was counting on my husband being here to help.
- Where is he? - Phoenix. He was supposed to come home...
...after St. Louis but heard his boss was offering Arizona to another salesman...
...and insisted on taking it. He's very ambitious.
I'm familiar with the type.
- Nina... - He's a great man Andy.
I can't wait for you to meet him. I was hoping he'd be here...
...but I guess I should have known.
Hello? Anybody home?
Come on in.
- Hello there. - Dr. Abbott what brings you by?
Rose baked her traditional apple cake for the birth.
- I thought that was only for your patients. - No. It's for friends too.
- Thank you. - Evening doctor.
Congratulations on your first doorstep delivery as we like to say around here.
Thank you very much.
If you wanna break records top my delivery of Jane Deseep's triplets... the women's hosiery aisle of the local stop-and-shop.
Just give me a few years.
Nina perhaps this isn't the time to address this matter...
...but when last we were in close quarters you said you had no family doctor...
No she has a family doctor standing right next to you.
Boys boys hello.
One of us just gave birth so maybe you could take it outside.
- I think the words she said were... - No I am their family doctor.
"You aren't."
- You need a real doctor's bag. - I do don't I?
- How's Nina? - Oh very tired.
You got a phone call. Who's Magilla?
- The kid who stole your yo-yo. - Great. What does he want now?
- I think he wants to be my friend. - Your friend?
It's complicated.
I don't know how she did it.
I don't know how anyone could just hand over a baby.
Maybe she was more focused on someone else's gain not her loss.
Still I don't envy that kid.
- Why? - Well think about it.
When he's 10 his mother's a senior citizen.
When he's 15 she's what 70?
One slip in the tub she breaks a hip.
She could be dead before he graduates high school.
You're right.
Then again she may live to be 100.
Maybe that kid will be luckier than you.
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