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Subtitles for Everwood 01x08 - Till Death Do Us Part.

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Everwood 01x08 - Till Death Do Us Part

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People go to church for a lot of different reasons.
Some for community, some for appearances.
For others, and it may be a very few, it's a matter of true faith.
The simple fact is, life is hard for most people.
By the end of a long week...
... the soul can be as devoid of spirit as...
... Everwood's Taggard Mine is empty of ore.
Only, if you're lucky, when you come here...
... you leave with something more than you came in with.
A lot of people are wearing hats.
- Do they have team names on them? - I see your point.
Also Don and Mary Finley will be hosting this week's Bible study.
Thank you Don and Mary.
Also remember everybody BYOB.
That's "bring your own Bible."
- When does the singing start? - Soon probably.
- Don't you know? - Of course I know.
Right now he's doing the...
Welcome speech.
Then there's gonna be a brief order for confession and forgiveness.
That's where people confess and forgive briefly.
In an orderly fashion.
Then we'll do the first hymn.
Then lesson number two gospel lesson another hymn...
...then the sermon then the offering...
Jesus how long is this thing?
- Doctor. - Hello there.
Nice to see you. Happy Sunday.
Why's he so scratchy?
He's just feeling the power of the Lord.
If everyone would please turn to their hymnals...
...we're going to start today with hymn number 31.
Don't look at me. That wasn't in the program.
So are you two gonna make this church thing a regular event?
Delia asked me to take her as an exploratory mission.
You're going next week?
- You don't want too much of a good thing. - I meant for the hope service.
Once a year Reverend Keyes gives his hope speech.
The town fills the place up no matter their denomination.
Must be inspirational.
That's not why everyone really goes.
- Why do they go? - The reverend picks a person...
...whom he feels best exemplifies hope in the community.
Everybody wants to get picked.
Or at least see who else is gonna get picked.
Competitiveness springs eternal.
Yeah something like that.
There's not much suspense. Irv Harper's won it three years running.
- Hey Dad can you sign this? - What am I signing?
- Permission slip for a field trip to the mine. - That sounds educational.
What future would I have without knowing how a mine operates?
You don't wanna be the only kid in school who doesn't know where coal comes from.
Silver Dad. In Colorado it's silver.
Okay the good ship Feeney's shoving off.
- Bye Dad. - Bye kiddo. Oh come back.
Wait for your lunch.
Bye. See you. Thanks Nina.
- I'll take Sam and her one day this week. - No problem.
- Hey Dad I don't have to go on this thing. - Why wouldn't you?
I don't know I figured...
...tomorrow's your anniversary. - Don't worry.
Your mother and I never made a big deal out of our anniversary.
What do you mean? Last year you guys flew off to Hawaii.
Yeah well it was one of the smaller islands and we had coupons.
Your concern is appreciated Ephram...
...but I'm fine.
Now stop loitering. Go on get to school.
- So this has happened before? - It sure has.
Dr. Abbott suggested I see a specialist in Denver.
I was exposed to every allergen on his list...
...didn't test positive for a single one.
Are you taking any medications...?
No and I haven't had any shellfish. I know how you doctors...
...are big on that one. - It is a common...
Look doc I wanna get to the bottom of this as much as anyone...
...but the most important thing is that...
...I get rid of these hives before my sermon on Sunday.
I can offer you the same treatment that Dr. Abbott prescribed:
Antihistamines and a local steroid cream.
But unless we figure out what's causing them...
...I can't guarantee you won't have another episode.
What we should do is try and narrow down the possibilities.
Unless you've already done that.
Go on tell him.
The fact of the matter is...
This doesn't generally happen.
That is... That is to say that...
This only seems to happen when the wife and I...
You know.
- When we're intimate. - On the rare occasion...
...we attempt to get it on like the other morning before the service.
Good Lord you don't need to spell it out for him.
It's not like the mission was accomplished.
Okay so it is possible that your wife is responsible.
Not responsible but...
Are you using any new products lately Mrs. Keyes?
New soaps lotions lipsticks?
She's got a hundred new soaps lotions and lipsticks.
She nearly bought out the beauty store.
- Don't start. - That's probably what it is.
Dr. Abbott suggested we do an elimination technique... order to figure out which product it is exactly but the sermon is in six days.
- I told her she should just stop using all... - I'm not going to stop...
I suggest that until Sunday the two of you abstain from all physical contact.
In the meantime I'll go over your files with Dr. Abbott.
No rush.
Now I'm gonna hand back your lab reports...
...and if you're not too traumatized by your grades...
...l'd like you to split up into groups of four. Each group will...
...categorize and research the rock formations found in silver mines.
And then next week we're gonna give a presentation to share your findings.
Hey Amy is there any chance you might wanna do this together?
Be in the same group.
She has a few other things on her mind right now Darkman.
Wait we're definitely in the same group right?
Whatever. You me Ephram. That's fine.
- Yo Brown can I join this...? - No.
- That would be up to me. - And why's that?
Because I wear deodorant unlike some people.
If Wendell wants to join the group that's fine okay? Just let it go please.
As if Keyes picking one person who best exemplifies hope wasn't bad enough...
...Davenport has to report on the race. - I notice...
...that you're considered a long shot. - Thank God.
The man ever picked me I'd have to euthanize myself.
- Those the files? - Oh yeah.
Whatever good they'll do you.
Tom Keyes has been tested for every common allergen known to man.
The only thing he ever tested positive for was some distant cousin of tetracycline.
Any chance Mrs. Keyes has taken that antibiotic recently?
- Not unless she's livestock. - Got it.
So otherwise nothing?
He swears contact with the wife is the trigger...
...but we tested everything she ate drank wore.
I did everything but put the contents of her bathroom in a blender...
...doing a stick test on that.
Did you?
Test the contents of her bathroom.
Personally? Every product? No.
What respectable practitioner has 15 free hours on his hands?
I said respectable practitioner.
We could do it together make a night of it. I'll buy the wine.
- You're not serious. - In the interest...
...of rekindling Everwood's hope.
As tempting as the offer may be doctor...
...I am otherwise engaged tomorrow evening.
Oh yeah? What are you doing?
Dance classes with the wife.
You know if I say nothing right now you owe me one.
I appreciate your reticence. Good day.
One two cha-cha-cha.
- Hello? - Dr. Andrew Brown?
- Yes this is he. - Oh, thank God.
This is Minnie from West Village Travel. I can't believe I finally located you.
I was ready to send out the FBI. I've been trying to find you for days.
- I have your tickets. - What tickets?
This isn't a surprise, is it? I don't have that marked anywhere.
I guess your wife made the reservation.
I wasn't here when these were booked that was Bruce but this definitely says:
"Anniversary trip for Dr. Brown and wife. "
- My wife must have made them. - Then it was a surprise.
I'm sorry. But you are not getting the destination out of me... matter how hard you pry.
Well Minnie the fact is...
The fact is...
The fact is we're in Colorado now.
Let me give you the address.
It's 2179 Dearborn Street...
...Everwood Colorado 80167.
I'm telling you Dr. Brown you're wasting your time.
Not at all I'm happy to do it. I can drop this off if you don't wanna wait.
I'll be stopping by to give the reverend a scratch test...
It's just that I don't believe my husband is allergic to anything that's on your desk.
He's allergic to me.
- Come again? - He doesn't like all the changes...
...l've made to myself so he's decided to go and get warts.
- Hives. - Whatever.
So you think his allergic reactions are actually psychosomatic?
I think they're just plain psycho.
Most men I know would be thrilled if their wives tried to look nice for them.
Do you know for the first time in forever...
...I can wear short skirts without feeling my thighs brush up against each other?
- Yes well... - I'm on a very high-protein diet.
All I eat is chicken. Steamed chicken baked chicken skinless chicken boneless chicken.
I've lost 35 pounds. I exfoliate every night and do a 4-mile jog every morning...
...and I feel great Dr. Brown. Don't I look great?
You look... Great.
But he doesn't care.
I'm finally happy and all he wants is...
...for me to go back to being his dumpy reverend's wife...
...that I was before but that's not who I am inside.
We went to see Dr. Trott for marriage counseling...
...last time she rolled through town.
Dr. Trott really? How did that go?
She said our emotional paths had diverged.
I don't know what she meant but I know that's not good.
- My mother thinks I should leave him. - Well that seems a little hasty Mrs. Keyes.
Fifteen years of marriage you get complacent.
It's easy to forget who you are who you were.
But you know a little while ago...
...something inside of me snapped. It's like...
...I woke up and I saw my life going on without me.
And I had to do something about it. I wanna live my life Dr. Brown. I wanna feel it.
Don't you wanna feel your life?
Were you married a long time?
It would have been 20 years today.
I bet you never took her for granted.
I wouldn't take that bet.
Hola and welcome to Learn to Salsa Now.
Before we begin, allow the music to wash over your body...
... like a sultry breeze.
Just let yourself go.
Feel the rhythm. That's right, feel it.
And move.
I thought I told you to hold my calls.
Well what is it Louise?
l... I forgot.
Man the Broncos suck this year.
You're awake.
Of course I'm awake. What'd you expect?
I'm a little tired but other than that...
I didn't know. The nurses said that...
Hey come here.
I heard you.
Everything you said.
The whole time I heard what you said.
You did?
I felt you pulling me back.
But I was like trapped.
You know that dream you have when you're trying to run...
...and your feet are glued to the floor and you're naked?
I'm not usually naked in that dream but okay.
Well that's how I felt.
Like my feet were glued to the floor...
...and my mouth was wired shut.
The whole time you were here I... I kept...
...wanting to say... - What?
I love you Amy.
And I should have told you that day at the lake but I was afraid.
I love you and I can't live without you.
You're the reason I came back.
Amy do you hear me?
Your phone it's not gonna work down here.
Your phone it won't work. Don't waste the battery.
All right I'm gonna run outside see if I have any messages.
- Dr. Abbot, your wife... - Louise I thought I told you to hold...
- Is here. - Thank you Louise.
Look what I've got. They're for dancing.
Professionals wear them. I special-ordered them from Sally Henderson's shop.
Rose I'm not going to the dance class.
Why not?
I don't have the time or the interest.
Well I have the time and the interest. I do. Can't you go for me?
Life is too short Rose. I'm getting too old for frivolous pursuits.
"Frivolous pursuits."
Like ironing your shirts...
...making your bed raising our children sweeping out the garage?
I love our life Harold but I do not love cleaning toilets.
This is time I take out of my life because I love you.
Time when I could be reading or painting or gardening or seeing the world.
This is what I give up.
This is what I give of myself to make our marriage work.
Now what do you give up for me?
- I'll go by myself. - Oh now come on Rose...
I'll see you later tonight Harold.
I appreciate your coming down here to do this doctor.
I like to be near the old laptop in case I get hit with a thought.
How's the sermon coming Reverend? Have you finished it yet?
Not exactly.
Let's just say the hope isn't exactly flowing out of me right now.
- Shoot that smarts. - Sorry.
How about rhyming "hope" and "pope"? That might lead to something.
You should have Dr. Brown write your sermon. At least he's got a sense of humor.
There's my little ego booster.
Glad I'm getting pricked to death just so I can kiss you again.
Hey who asked you to? I sure didn't.
Just a couple more and I'll be out of your way.
Forget it. We can sleep in separate bedrooms from now on.
- Is that a threat or a promise? - Stop moving for just a second...
Have you lost your mind? In front of the doctor?
Dr. Brown already knows how I feel. I told him all about it this morning.
Told him all about what? How you've up and gone crazy on me?
We talked about life and love and passion and how some people actually have it Tom.
Dr. Brown doesn't think I'm crazy. He thinks I'm beautiful don't you Dr. Brown?
Well I didn't say... I said she looked great but that doesn't mean...
See? Other men actually want to have sex with me.
They don't break out into hives at the thought of it.
Those men don't have to live with you.
They don't watch you starve yourself on nothing but chicken breasts... in and day out piling all that junk on your face...
...trying to look like somebody you're never gonna look like.
Maybe if you spent less time on yourself and more on the important things in life...
Like being your wife?
Do you see what I'm dealing with here?
- Why don't we all just sit down and try... - I think you'd better leave doctor.
- Well we ought to finish the test. - No need.
We're done here anyway.
People may I have your attention please?
Come on.
Route 79 has been closed due to the storm.
I'd like you to all contact your parents on the public phones in the hall...
...tell them you'll be late for supper.
- Well that bites. - Did you have plans for tonight?
Kind of. I was supposed to get dinner with my dad.
It's his anniversary.
How's he handling that?
Well he's no longer talking to her like she's still here... I guess that's a step in the right direction.
- Hello? - Hey, Dad.
Hey where are you? I'm about to start cooking.
- I'm at the mine still. - Still?
Yeah there's a storm. We have to wait here till it passes.
Think it'll be long? I can hold dinner...
I think I'm gonna be late. They said we're not gonna leave till 9 at the earliest.
- So you won't make it home for dinner. - I'm sorry.
No no it's fine.
There's nothing I can do.
Of course not. It's a good thing I didn't cook this stuff.
Well don't worry. I'll see you when I see you.
- Dad... - Hey, do me a favor...
...if I'm asleep when you get home wake me up will you?
- Okay. Bye. - See you.
Are there no safe havens anymore?
Macallan 12 neat.
Another Scotch man.
- We have more in common than I thought. - Make it a gin and tonic Marty.
Thought you had a dance class.
Why do you remember that?
Because the image of you merengue-ing is hard to forget.
I take it you've decided not to go.
Rose knew I wouldn't. She signed us up just to make a point.
- What kind of point? - Oh who knows?
That I'm boring or stodgy or she's the fun one.
I know you wouldn't think she'd have to struggle to make that point. Nevertheless.
My wife signed me up for one of those once.
- I think it was a ballroom dancing class. - And?
I didn't go either.
I worked on Christmas. I worked on New Year's. I worked on Thanksgiving.
I was even working when Ephram was born.
The only time Julia and I were ever alone...
...was the one week a year we spent our anniversary together.
You had a difficult schedule to keep.
I was an idiot.
You ever been to Florence?
Not yet. It is on my list.
It's amazing.
Julia and I spent our honeymoon there.
You should go.
You should take Rose to Florence. I bet she'd love it.
Yes. Well...
Maybe next summer.
You can run out of those you know.
- Run out of what? - Next summers.
I know you think I left my sanity back in New York Harold.
Perhaps you should go back and locate it.
But I can tell you this much.
If you're lucky enough to meet the right woman...
...and she's stupid enough to fall in love with you... hang on to her like a son of a bitch.
You wanna hear the late-night specials?
- Fire away. - Spicy chicken wings...
...chicken skewers with peanut sauce fried chicken tenders.
It's all from Petaluma fresh off the farm.
What happened Marty chicken truck tip over somewhere?
What'd you say about the chicken tenders?
Chicken's free-range so it's not pumped up on...
- Antibiotics. - That's right.
- Hello? - Is this Amy Abbott?
- Yes who's this? - This is Colin Hart's nurse.
I wanted to let you know that your boyfriend's doing very well.
He's sitting up right now and singing the greatest hits of *NSYNC.
Who's this?
You think that's funny?
Get off me jerk!
Don't you think before you open your mouth?
Who are you the coma police?
Are you that much of a dumb-ass?
You have any idea what it's like to lose somebody?
Stop it or you'll be taking this class next semester!
- It's the chicken. - Excuse me?
- Is your wife here? - Now's not a good time.
- Who's at the door? - Mrs. Keyes...
...the chicken you've been eating is it factory-raised or free-range?
- Are you drunk? You smell like liquor. - Listen to me.
Factory-raised chicken is pumped with antibiotics.
That's the same family of drugs you're allergic to.
Your wife has been eating an inordinate amount of chicken.
She's got so much of that stuff in her bloodstream...
...that that's what's causing you to react. That's what's causing your hives.
Why don't you seem as happy about this as I am?
We've decided to get a divorce.
A divorce? No no.
- This is curable. Don't you understand? - We appreciate your help...
...but I'm afraid our problems have become bigger than a simple case of hives.
Simple? Miss Marple couldn't have solved this case. This took work...
...and so does marriage. You both know that. You can't give up now.
This is something we should have done a long time ago... just helped us figure it out.
I helped? No this is a mistake. Reverend...
What about your sermon? What about hope?
I have to finish packing.
...don't make this decision today please. Not tonight.
What difference does it make?
- Today or tomorrow... - It makes a difference. Just not tonight.
I'm sorry.
Good night Dr. Brown.
Yeah I think this area is off-limits.
- Let them arrest me. - I could show you how to take a mug shot.
You could look at my seventh grade yearbook picture.
Can you imagine working down here...
...spending whole days without ever seeing the sun?
I feel like I've been living down here for the past four and a half months.
I can't even remember what my life was like before.
Like every second is about turning back time.
Convincing Colin's parents that he should have the surgery...
...convincing your dad that he was the best one to do it.
Now the surgery's over...
...Colin's still lying in that bed and I can't convince myself that any of it was worth it.
- It was. - No.
No even my friends look at me like I'm pathetic...
...sitting around waiting for some sort of... - Miracle?
You should.
I hear they happen every once in a while.
Can I ask you a question?
If he suddenly wakes up tomorrow... and I will become total strangers?
I've shared more with you in the past few months...
...than I've shared with anybody in my whole life.
- Yeah I know... - You're the only person...
...who's been here for me this whole time.
You came to the hospital with me. You helped convince your dad.
The way I see it if there's any miracle in my life right now it's...
...the fact that your dad...
...looked at a map and of all of the places decided to move here.
We should probably check. They might be boarding.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
I'm surprised this place isn't falling down right now.
Just over eight months ago...
...that was the last time I knew life was worth living.
All my dreams died with Julia.
I wake up every morning and I wish I was still asleep.
...the thing is... heart's still pumping I'm still breathing l...
I still move in the world...
...but I've lost my joy.
We don't talk a lot.
I don't complain to you.
I don't ask for favors.
I don't whine about fairness.
And I never believed that you owed me anything.
But I am telling you right now I have got nothing left.
I used to have a gift.
Now everything I touch every...
Everyone I touch is just...
Just as broken as I am.
I got two kids...
...who need a mother and a father and...
These days I'm not much good to anyone let alone them.
I thought I knew what you needed from me.
I thought I knew what my life was about.
But... I don't know anything.
You gotta help me.
Please give me my joy back.
Where've you been? I was beginning to think Ms. Caleb threw you down a shaft.
- Hello? - Hey who is it?
Hey Dad yeah. We're just on our way home.
- When? - Hey is it about Colin?
He woke up.
Dude did you just hear that?
- Rose? - I am late for work Harold.
I have a planning committee meeting this morning.
Don't forget to pick up milk and paper towels tonight.
Please Rose just for a minute.
The planning committee will wait.
Especially considering it's just you and Jean Snoddy.
What is it Harold?
I just wanted to say what I should have said last night.
I am sorry for being such a jerk about the dance class.
No you're not. You just don't want me mad at you because it's uncomfortable for you.
That is not true.
Every time I try to think of something new for us to see or do... just pooh-pooh it like I'd suggested we go to a key party and become swingers.
- I am not that bad. - You are that bad.
I'm scared.
I don't wanna change. I don't want you to change. I like things the way they are.
Everyone changes. We can change together.
Not always. Look at the Keyes. She went one way...
...he went another. Where's either one of them?
We are not the Keyes Harold.
I'm sure even the Keyes didn't think they were the Keyes until they were.
You think I don't know this whole town says I'm a stick-in-the-mud?
You're the best thing that ever happened to me? Well they're right.
I just keep waiting for you to wake up one day and agree.
Listen quick because after your behavior this week... do not deserve to hear what I'm about to say.
And I'm not likely to repeat myself.
My affection for you will always outweigh my frustration with you.
Despite your...
...asinine comments and your insane shenanigans...
...I grow more in love with you yearly.
Because you're my stick-in-the-mud.
Words are a poor substitute for actions where love is concerned...
...but my love for you Rose is immeasurable.
You make sense of my silly little life.
- You're safe to eat. They're from a mix. - That's okay. I had my Cocoa Puffs.
- Those aren't good for you. - Says who?
How was the big mine trip? You came in pretty late.
It was great except for the whole "getting stuck six hours at a mine" part.
- Did you learn anything? - Yes.
Never go into a mine in a thunderstorm.
And Amy how's she doing? The hospital called.
I don't know. She's probably there already. She seemed pretty excited.
Well she doesn't know what she's in for.
Honey get your stuff. The bus will be here any minute.
- You want me to drive you today? - No I'll ride my bike.
- What's this? - Happy anniversary.
- This is very thoughtful. - It's...
...from Delia. It was her idea. - When did you guys have time to...?
We got it a while ago. We were gonna give it to you for Christmas...
...but after yesterday it seemed like...
She thought you needed a boost.
- Should I open it now or...? - Whatever.
What's that Dad?
- Well it's a present. - Who from?
Well honey I'm not exactly sure.
Come on. Let's go catch your bus.
- Mrs. Keyes. - Bye Daddy.
Bye sweetie. Have fun.
- I'm sorry to bother you at home doctor. - No no come in. Come in please.
I'm glad you're still here. You wanna come sit down?
No this should only take a minute.
- I thought you were leaving town. - I'm gonna stay with my mother...
...for a few days until I figure out what to do next.
I wish you wouldn't go. I feel terrible about...
Don't please. I don't want you feeling responsible...
...for what's happening between Tom and me. It's not your fault.
I'm sorry if I crossed the line last night.
These days it's hard for me to accept the fact that anyone would...
...choose to end their marriage. - I suppose it must look like that to you.
But it feels like the decision was taken out of our hands.
Somewhere down the line Tom and I grew apart.
We started wanting different things and we can't go back even if we wanted to.
Sometimes I wish we could...
...because to tell you the truth I'm scared out of my mind right now.
I'll see you around doctor.
Hold on a minute Mrs. Keyes.
What's this?
It's where my life began.
Maybe you'll find what you're looking for there too.
Amy I want you to be prepared.
The doctors told us he's in a state of nonverbal consciousness.
I know. I know Dad. He can't speak.
As long as he can see me that's all that matters.
Here let me take that.
I'll be right here.
You can come in.
- lf this is a bad time I can... - No I'll be done in a second.
Feel free to speak. He can hear you.
Hey there.
I wanted to be the first person here when you woke up...
...but I was at Mt. Laurel when my dad called last night.
And I would have run to Denver if I could have.
I stayed up all night wrapping a whole bunch of gifts and stuff.
There's so much I wanna show you.
Brought a whole bunch of pictures from last summer.
Are you sure he can hear me?
Why is he staring at me like that?
Like what?
He doesn't know who I am.
Maybe he doesn't.
Considering what he's been through memory loss is quite common.
How long will it take before he does remember?
He may have to start from scratch. A lot of these patients do.
Amy honey you all right?
Of course I'm all right. I've been waiting for this moment for over four months.
Colin's back.
Come here.
The gift of community... that each one of us is absolved of the burden of completeness.
In and of ourselves at every moment...
...we can lean on one another for the elements we lack.
This week...
...I leaned on one of you.
For this week...
...I lost my marriage.
When you join your life with someone you plan your future.
Isn't that truly the meaning of hope?
The ability to look into the future and imagine a better moment.
A glimmer of beauty to strive for.
This week I lost all that.
At the moment when I was without reason...
...when I no longer could find meaning of my own I came here... this church.
I believed as I have in other moments of need that I would find God here.
I did not.
What I found inside this church was a man...
...more dispirited than myself crying out to our Lord...
...and seeking comfort and receiving none.
I say to this man today I cannot fix your broken heart.
I cannot mend your weakened spirit.
What I can do... pour the love of this community into your wound... your own faith was a healing salve unto my own.
Each year I select a member of this community...
...who represents the value of hope.
This year I would like to single out a man who is most deserving of our own...
...of this community's light and life.
That man is Dr. Andrew Brown.
There are two states in this life... and a call for love.
It is the latter which is most requiring of bravery.
Come together as a community...
...and help this courageous man find what he came here to seek.
For us all.
Congratulations Dr. Brown.
- I think the reverend made a fine choice. - Well thank you mayor.
So where is Bright?
He's at football practice. He's not really big on churches.
Finally something we have in common.
You get a chance to see Colin?
Hey Dad are we going for to eat soon?
- Your mother's picking the restaurant. - How about Mama Joy's?
That's where we're going.
We could share a table.
Oh why not?
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ER 01x04 - Going Home
ER 03x01 - Dr Carter I Presume
ER 03x02 - Let the Games Begin
ER 03x03 - Dont Ask Dont Tell
ER 03x04 - Last Call
ER 03x05 - Ghosts
ER 03x06 - Fear of Flying
ER 03x07 - No Brain No Gain
ER 03x08 - Union Station
ER 03x09 - Ask Me No Questions Ill Tell You No Lies
ER 03x10 - Homeless for the Holidays
ER 03x11 - Night Shift
ER 05x01 - Day for Knight
ER 05x02 - Split Second
ER 05x03 - They Treat Horses Dont They
ER 05x04 - Vanishing Act
ER 05x05 - Masquerade
ER 05x06 - Stuck on You
ER 05x07 - Hazed and Confused
ER 05x08 - The Good Fight
ER 05x09 - Good Luck Ruth Johnson
ER 05x10 - The Miracle Worker
ER 05x11 - Nobody Doesnt Like Amanda Lee
Eagle has Landed The CD1
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Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
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Eight Legged Freaks
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Enterprise - 1x08 - Breaking the ice
Enterprise - 1x10 - Fortunate son
Enterprise - 1x11 - Cold Front
Enterprise - 1x12 - Silent enemy
Enterprise - 1x13 - Dear Doctor
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Enterprise - 1x16 - Shuttlepod one
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Enterprise - 1x18 - Rogue planet
Enterprise - 1x19 - Acquisition
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Enterprise - 2x16 - Future Tense
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Enterprise - 2x20 - Horizon
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Enterprise - 2x23 - Regeneration
Enterprise - 2x24 - First Flight
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Enterprise - 3x12 - Chosen Realm
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