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Subtitles for Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

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" do the afrodisiacos work? "
this is an excellent banquet.
Soon we will move back to the real bedroom.
But earlier, since I have gone out victoriously in battle this week...
wished to entertain me. Bring my buffoon!
Good night, your Majesty. It is a pleasure to return to the palace.
Already knows what is the palace. 24 rooms and a dungeon.
But, already seriously, the king adored.
Is one of the strongest men here: not?
Is the only one between us that everything long of the pit can swim.
Know that they are there. I hear them breathing.
Good, checkers and horses, I want to say that...
this plague is something serious: truth?
does not it turn out to be quite black?
Certainly, is a black plague.
Keep the applause by the end.
I love the exercise that your Majesty does to be supported in form.
calls Himself " to receive taxes from the plebeian ones ".
Indeed, the best thing of everything--
I do not support already any more! It is not graceful!
Have cut the people in two for saying pranks as bad as those.
- But, Majesty- bring a graceful buffoon!
finished the banquet.
is not graceful at all.
Was all.
Do a pair of very good imitations.
Am one of the few ones that can imitate the king of France. His way of walking.
do not know if they have noticed that sometimes it moves rarely when it walks.
goes away a little of side. It has a species of--
do not pop in in spontaneous applauses.
what do you do, buffoon? - Madame, allow me your puberty.
I will not allow it to you. You have thrown the rubies and the real emeralds.
Then I will gather them and will place them in your real breast.
- My brooch. - Bring for here his breast, Majesty.
And I, therefore, it place and touch the grapefruits. Perfect.
am I wrong?
or did I feel that your two hands were handling my majestic body?
Madame, I never...
would put my hands in the real melons in front of the checkers.
melons? If my husband, the king, and my son, the doctor...
were approaching these homes...
and they were listening what you say with regard to groping me...
your life would cost not even a cent.
But, madame, they seem very beautiful, one in every side.
- This way were done, idiot. - An unbeatable pair.
Me cai on my bells.
to see...
or not to see?
This is the enema.
what can we do in this respect?
To cough, to cough.
holy sky!
My pranks become mellow.
Would take my life as a naked cuerpecito.
If only he could see the naked body of the queen...
or to whom it belongs, really.
Or even a body with scarce clothing.
I feel very melancholy.
Guildenstern and Rosencrantz have died.
your tailoring is closed.
who said my name?
it is known Nobody that I am here. Not even my telephone service.
Am the bogey of your father.
My father.
Have died after I was born.
cannot rest...
unless you do it with the queen.
But she is a queen, and I plebeian buffoon.
cannot copular ignoring my social condition.
Must know, my son...
that your uncle...
your father...
put me hemlock in the ear.
do not ask me why.
Does the same thing with the whole world.
Whenever he sees an ear...
he likes to put hemlock.
Oh, father!
Sees the wizard, my son.
magical AI!
went away Already.
will I dare to put myself to bed with the queen? And she: will he go to bed with me?
Although he goes to bed with the king and he uses tights.
magical EI.
Ah, an afrodisiaco.
you want the soft one...
one fortress...
Any thing that it could obtain without medical recipe.
This, if you place it...
in the drink of the queen...
will do that he boils the blood.
your passion will be wild...
- In other words ... - It will be burning for me.
But be careful.
Because if your Majesty the king will find out your intentions...
will cut you the legs...
the arms...
and the head.
Good, five of six is not bad.
Now, you go.
Believe that his eggs are ready.
- High place. Who walks there? - I am only the buffoon.
what matter do you have in the real bedroom?
bring to your Majesty his juice of orange.
why? Where is his servant of custom?
Is thrown in the soil of the kitchen with chicken pox in the socks.
- Enter, then. - Yes, I hope to be able to enter.
did you like the form in which I cheated these guys?
Crafty buffoon what do you do in my bedroom?
Madame, I thought that perhaps it should long for something to you of drinking. A tranquilizing philter.
Confess that I have be. Bring it to me.
Yes. To drink the philter before he is finished the bubbles.
is not it wonderful? - It is effervescent in end.
To swallow it, my lady.
- Health. - Money and love.
Has great quantity of bubbles, but it is well.
To take her to you.
Good, now I have to return to the dungeon...
to which they return the amount of the glass.
Wait. Buffoon, come here.
Feel an extraordinary heat in the body...
that flows for my veins, making to wish - not, to gasp...
that you touch my body frantically and make me love immediately.
- Devastate me and take me now. - It will be a pleasure.
- Take me to the bed. AI bed?
- And make me love. - Yes, to the bed.
- Take me, buffoon. - There we go.
- This passion is growing in me. - Skylight.
- Come rapidly. - I cannot walk rapidly, buffoon.
- The passion is very big. - Excuse to me if I jump to the bed.
- Guide me to the bed. - Somewhere here.
The philter will be under the pillow.
In case you lose the fever, you will be able to recover her.
to approach! Explore my body with your hands.
I will do It. I will cover you the brakes.
Needed to feel our naked skins touching itself.
do not have naked skin but what looks like to you the velvet?
not! Kiss me rapidly. where is it?
can you undress me now? - I am kissing my own arm.
Yes. I will take the real garment from you.
do not pull me so much.
To put yourself of foot, buffoon. This is not a game.
what is this? Interior special clothes.
EI belt of chastity that the jealous king has placed me...
so that no other man enjoys the best of my body.
Bad luck for all those that we inhabit in the palace.
Wait here. I will go.
Now, with incredible urgency...
will open the lock to come to the sabrosura.
This key is too big for this padlock.
Forgive me.
Must think about something rapid, because before we realize...
will come the Renaissance and we all will be doing.
- your Majesty needs this. what?
Has jammed meal between the teeth and it needed to be extracted.
Excuse me.
To this was called him a hunt of monkeys.
Perhaps let's must force the padlock.
we achieve It.
- Now I am yours. - AI end, the portals of the delight.
Have portals of the delight: truth?
Prepare you. His Majesty woke up of his siesta for a noise sobrecogedor.
Prepare you. His Majesty woke up of his siesta for a noise sobrecogedor.
- will divide You in two. - Yes, it will divide me in two.
One somewhere here and other to another side of the bedroom.
Yes, of an alone blow.
And I do not turn out to be divided well in two. My suits are for a finished person.
Then I will not satisfy this passion.
Good, close the this thing that you have there.
EI real padlock. Rapid, before--
- Help me. - I am helping You, but--
Perfect. Closed solidly. This is more solid than--
My hand is jammed in the belt of chastity.
Always find me with the hands in the mass.
approaches. What will we do?
EI king?
Yes. Rapid, to put yourself on the garment immediately.
my queen! Where is my queen?
very informal, as if nothing had happened.
my Queen, a noise sobrecogedor has woken up me...
putting myself of terrible humor.
my Husband, you have startled me.
Yes, your majestad. Be a good king and bring to me a water glass.
EI buffoon has said to me the most graceful details in your absence.
This way is, your Majesty. It was almost like to tickle him.
Is that I feel very alone when you sleep your siesta.
I also.
does not seem to me graceful.
Have a few riddles for Your Majesty.
what is white and black, white and black and white and black?
A nun falling down for the stairs.
Give me a kiss.
- Skylight. Extract the language. not, you!
be enough! Out of here, buffoon.
- I go away Already. - I will accompany You on the door.
AI end.
AI end we are alone.
Yes, my husband.
Majesty, wanted--
The key. I need the key. Where is it?
ah, here is.
you tickle Me.
Hello, Majestad.
do you remember that you have said to me that it should cause pleasure to your wife?
do not know for what the whole world it is so shaken.
do not copolish.
Clean me a little the neck, make hair enough above.
" what is the sodomy? "
Says "ah".
In this side of my arm, on everything at night.
did not notice it very much in the day, but it bothers me at night.
I do not want to hurt her but up to where it can raise it?
Mr. Milos does it want to come with me, please?
Pass, Mr. Milos. feel here.
Want that it gives me some information first.
how is it called? - Stavros Milos.
where does it live? - In Armenia.
Armenia? - I am from Armenia.
- I Came to visit my brother. - I see Already.
his occupation? - Shepherd.
is he a shepherd? - We all in my family it are.
Less my brother, which lives here. EI sells carpets.
has it had any illness important?
None. Well.
what problem does it have then?
Am in love with a sheep.
how did he say?
Am in love with a sheep.
I see ah, already.
Looks, doctor. In the mountains where I shepherd to my cattle...
is so beautiful, under the starred sky...
and I am alone. Sometimes I feel very solitary.
Spend the hours, and prompt desire to a woman.
But there are no women, doctor.
am not married and--
Good, one night, last summer...
was already not lasting.
My body needed satisfaction.
- And then the to whom?
- To Daisy. the sheep?
I took her to Myself to a side of the mountain...
and there, down the Armenian sky, we had sexual relations.
did it do it with the sheep? - Naturally.
holy Sky.
Was the best knocked down one of all my life.
Mr. Milos, forgive me...
if I seemed scandalized. I feel it.
Doctor, Ms. Goldblatt wants to speak with you with regard to his hernia.
Mr. Milos...
am very satisfied for you two...
but I have other patients.
And unless there is something specific...
in what could help him--
Doctor, please. A minute.
Looks, the problem is that...
she already does not love me.
Because of it I came.
Because she is not already won the love of me.
how is it known it?
For certain details. He behaves cold, indifferent.
Speaks with her. Him attention will pay to you.
Mr. Milos...
you are...
I brought It from Armenia.
My brother says that he is a great doctor. Once it saved the life.
you need a psychiatrist. I am a doctor of medicine.
Speaks with her, please.
cannot speak with a sheep. Is he crazy?
Is out, in the truck of my brother.
does it want to go out of my office, please?
I am a doctor! Not a veterinarian!
I will bring It.
do not bring sheeps to my office! My mother has just stopped paying it!
Doctor, I am a simple man. I do not meet wise men.
- My brother says that you it are. - I it am not.
Am a common and current doctor, that is quite.
- I Will go for her. - Mr. Milos, you do not understand.
it is not normal...
to experience mature love for something that has 4 paws!
Hopes that he should know her.
I cannot believe it.
- I cannot. - The recipe is not working.
I feel It. Does it want to sit down?
does it want to sit down, Ms.-? I will speak with you--
Dr. Ross, it is a Daisy.
Ah. Very well.
Take her to my office.
Will have to forgive me. The sheep has...
sore throat.
Mr. Milos, I am going to have to call the police.
can we speak? Do not put it in my office, please.
must not do that.
is not it a beautiful Daisy? - Yes, it it is.
Mr. Milos, you are a good man.
I do not want to see it getting into difficulties.
what I do not believe that he understands is that...
a psychiatric problem.
Really needs to see one--
To someone who devotes himself to the psychiatry.
I am a general practitioner.
Know that it did not want to make anything bad...
on having brought to this sheep here, but...
have patients: does he know?
With problems of kidneys...
and of the heart, and...
seeing to a sheep like that--
Hello, Margarita.
Am the doctor Ross.
Doug Ross.
I would like to see the two again...
but in this moment my office is full.
Knew that it could help us.
Thank you, doctor.
In fact...
if it could see to alone to Daisy...
perhaps could--
what is. Any thing.
what happens to you, fondness? - Not at all.
I am Only a little tired, that is quite.
Then vetoes to putting to bed early.
what bundles?
Not at all.
were not without doing anything. You were caressing your pullover of wool.
is not true.
why would it do something like that?
Only God knows it.
Mr. Milos brought to his sheep.
is she here?
That happens.
Thank you. It can go away.
Know that this must to you seem very strange.
You are of the hills of Armenia, and I am of Jackson Heights.
believe that it might work...
if we try it.
A room, please.
Thank you very much. A moment.
Here has.
does he want the sign of " not bothering " in the door?
Good, is well. Thank you very much.
service to the room? He speaks Dr. Ross of 525.
Want to arrange white cold wine...
caviar, and a little of grassland.
green normal Grassland.
For 525.
Thank you.
Small Daisy.
Are tender: do you want?
cannot. I am exhausted.
that was incredible.
I never thought that it might be like that.
Not in my craziest fantasies.
Really you are very special.
I love our bedroom in the shape of L.
I will never forget the evenings that we have spent together.
am not thinking about having known this peace and happiness in my life.
Hoped that you should feel the same thing.
I feel It, wanted. It was out when you called.
Had to do an emergency consultation. You smell well.
is it my imagination, or do you always smell to chops of ram?
how that to chops of ram?
what class of foolery is that one of the chops of ram?
how might it to smell to ram? That is not logical.
what class of cheap suit is this one?
Is enough of these suits.
Ann! He waits. I can explain it. We are only friends!
how could you do that? - She is Ms. Bencourse.
Is one of my patients.
believes sheep. That is quite.
Nothing more.
marked EI committed an act of adultery with a sheep.
Is even worse for the fact that the sheep is a 18-year-old minor.
and what?
Ann left me. It took all my money, all my savings.
took my doctor's license from Me.
But it does not matter for me.
If you are arranged, we will get them ready.
Will obtain an employment, I do not know.
do not be called me a waiter! I am a doctor!
do they understand? I am not a waiter! I am a doctor!
do not be called me a waiter! I am a doctor!
Says "ah".
Come here. Open the legs.
could not it remain at least on an empty stomach this morning?
was not it that what I said to him-? What filth is those?
Daisy. Fondness.
" Finally I saved sufficient money...
to return to the United States and to lead to me to my Daisy to house.
you made me slightly terrible.
But I took already to Daisy again to the mountains...
where he will never find her.
Stavros Milos ".
" Detergent for Wool "
" why to any women is it difficult to come to the orgasm? "
Have waited for so much time this moment--
Fabrizio, my love...
be careful with my hymen.
Gina, for me your body is a cathedral.
Now take the trousers from yourself.
did you like?
did not seem to me that you were enjoying it.
Yes. You were wonderful.
But you remained passive...
as a cold salmon.
But: did to you like?
to me? Are you joking? It is more entertaining that to laugh.
Perhaps the next time is more relaxed.
Marcello: do you know anything with regard to the frigidity?
Everything consists of exciting the woman before possessing it.
how much time?
Fifteen minutes, half an hour. It depends on the woman.
and your wife?
Thirty seconds.
what luck you have!
do not say to me that your wife has problems.
Not, is not that.
you handle her...
before getting it?
to put him what? Ah!
I do not like to speak 440 about Gina as if she was a slut.
how much time do they take of married?
Six weeks.
Plays with her. Caress her. Excite it.
Is a fault of the man. Any woman is possible to make come to the delight.
Marcello, last week when we were--
She saw the television.
Must be harming.
Some women are late more.
Finds his erogenous zones.
your father gave me a diagram of them...
and nevertheless--
Good, dates the return.
Dates the return.
Want to check rapidly a few parts to that I did not attend.
To get excited.
To get excited.
Fabrizio, there is nothing that the church could do for you.
If it could, would try to do that one was coming your wife...
but that is impossible.
AI fewer you obtain pleasure of her.
Perhaps some day she obtains it of you.
Here will be my new offices.
Hundred persons will work for me.
But speak to me about your sexual life...
of your wife.
Wails, shouts...
and the back scratches me...
one comes 469 six, seven times.
Is like a wolf in brama.
Mine remains there stretched out, looking at the roof...
as if she was dead.
you have it ... small?
small? As a French bread. Small!
Then I do not understand.
Still you are still depressed.
Not. I am well.
Continue thinking about that.
Because I love you. Because you are very beautiful...
and I want that you wish to love you.
Please, Fabrizio.
what bundles?
Take me. Do it to me.
here? - Yes.
- There Are the people around us. - it does not matter for me.
might see Us.
I know It. Do it.
Take me now.
Golly. He wants it now.
In the gallery of art one comes 490...
as an express train.
And the following night, remains put to bed without moving.
Is the danger, friend.
EI fear of which they see them.
The perverse tension of the danger. Do you understand?
This is what he needs.
me Pay attention.
there is no doubt.
Is one of these rare girls.
did anybody see Fabrizio?
Fabrizio, listens carefully what I say to you.
are going to see You. It is dangerous. Do not do it.
Almost found us doing it last week.
In the church. In the confessional.
Still I have the legs got cramps.
Stops doing it, before it is too much late.
are you angered by me?
loved You. AI less we know that you are not frigid.
Are a wonderful husband.
Vamonos to sleep.
do not you remember? Tomorrow we will go to the Vatican.
" are the transvestitas homosexual? "
do we have to come so early? Where does he say that we have to do it?
Sam, are the dads of the fiance of Julie. Do you want to come late?
Listening, Tess, I have not felt good lately.
Is psychosomatic, a fondness.
do you believe that a headache for tension is psychosomatic?
suddenly did you turn into psychiatrist?
you Stops complaining, Sam.
Are the parents of Alvin, so it is an obligation.
Sight, Sam, I do not like 522 either.
or should he say that they look at us over the shoulder?
I Already heard it, and I believe that the two little paranoiacs are.
The parents of Alvin are charming. They like you very much.
To that was called him a lawn. Cut good not too grown as mine.
who is his gardener? - I.
are you the gardener? - it cannot be.
- Sam: does it dress the roses? - I cultivate them.
- With his permission. - This is exquisite.
Adonde do you go? - AI bathed.
Is above. The first door of the left side.
Yes, we prefer the Bermudas to Puerto Rico.
Is much nicer.
Of course, I like 535...
to dress of label occasionally...
but when I am away on holiday...
I like to put oneself on commode and to use trousers...
or falditas and smocks with pretty sombreros.
your husband and I had a pleasant conversation.
Is a very kind man. Very interesting.
I would love 542. I have never seen engravings in wood.
Are African heads and we buy them in--
Were a real bargain. He would not believe us how much they cost us.
does he want to see engravings in wood? Him mostrare some. Say it to him.
Has to see them. They are absolutely magnificent.
George! yes, wanted?
Are in the shelf of above. I finish of remembering.
in the cupboard or in the commode?
In the top shelf, in the cupboard.
In of above.
Bimini is a free port and we obtained a magnificent price.
Are from Bimini, from the Bahamas.
Beautiful: truth?
- Yes. - Look at the details.
- very interesting. - I would like that his husband saw them.
thief! Steal purses!
I help!
- We Will send someone. what happened?
do they know? I wonder why Sam is late so much.
do they forgive me a second? - Skylight.
- ? one finds good, lady? - it is not at all.
Is only another crime in the street.
Is something that every day happen, and now it finishes of happening to me.
- Is very lucky. lucky? I do not know it.
- Certainly, could have been worse. - It has the whole reason.
did it have valuable articles in his purse? - I do not believe it.
Probably wonder why I put myself on this.
Have a cold: do they know? I do not fit myself.
The young people of today. Is she sure that it is well?
what can do one? She is the society in whom we live.
is not alarmed.
Sam: what did you do? You do caiste enter?
is she sure that it is well?
Good, to seeing. From whom did they steal the purse?
Everything is well, official. I excuse the small crooked one.
I feel It, but I will have to do a report.
do not want to present any accusation. Indeed, idiot.
what causes so much clamor, Alvin? - There is a multitude, and the police.
police officer? - exciting What.
I also am like that. I continue to the firemen's trucks.
Are going to see.
how is it called?
Jasmine Glitz.
- Is a very slightly usual name. - Moan, he is you very kindly.
what is the problem, official?
there is nothing of which to be alarmed. It is a theft of routine purse.
I feel It very much, lady.
- If I lose my baby- baby? Pass and go to bed.
- I Have 3 months of pregnancy. - I feel It.
My gynecologist said to me that he should avoid the strong emotions.
- Please, pass and allow me - - Not.
my god! He is my husband!
Sam! Sam Waterman?
yes! Sam Waterman! Yes, I am a man!
look! Pull!
George! Look! Raise me the zipper! Lower it to me!
Look at this.
And this.
Look. Now I take this from myself.
take! Look at that!
Sam, you must have said it to me, that is quite.
had understood It.
is not easy to speak about something like that.
Sam, we take many years of married.
loved You, and you to me.
could Have come to me and to to say:
" Tess, I have a sick mind.
Am a mad individual.
Needed help. I need treatment.
Am the perverse one.
cannot work with the normal, decent people ".
- had understood It. - Thank you.
Tess, I am going to go to see Dr. Fillmore next week.
- makes me happy. - You are wonderful.
The face that they put when the police took the sombrero from you.
" what sound the sexual perverts? "
" What is my Perversion? "
Sponsored by Lancer, the conditioner of hair for men.
yet do you use the same product in your hair?
Yes. Why?
Tries this one.
Lancer? Indeed? - Prove it.
Hears, this is fabulous. It has neither fat, nor oil.
This way is. It smartens up and conditions at the same time.
And it smells very well.
Lancer. EI conditioner that it smartens up and conditions.
1.98 $ in pharmacies and stores everywhere.
Lancer. For this elegant appearance. A laboratory product K.
Thank you very much, checkers and gentlemen.
we give Them the most cordial welcome to: what is my Perversion?
The members of the panel shine of marvel this night.
so beautiful Wide-brimmed straw hat and Toni, and You Apply and Robert Q., so nice.
Friends, we have some very interesting guests this night...
and I believe that it is time to begin.
So, invited number one, I noted down his name please.
Mr. Jaffe: does it want to sit down?
Is a pleasure to have it here in: what is my Perversion?
- Believe that he knows the rules. - Yes.
Will obtain 5 $ whenever the panel asks a little whose response is "not".
And to begin our game it would be so kind...
of being rumoured to the ear which is his perversion?
public EI of the study and that of house will be able to read...
exactly what is his perversion.
" Likes To show oneself in the Meter "
Good, members of the panel.
public EI knows already what is his perversion.
- We Will begin with Robert Q. Lewis. - Thank you, Jack.
Mr. Jaffe: she is one of these agreeable perversiones...
to that any man might submit?
Anyone can do it. I am sure that you might.
- Is a question of wanting to do it. - I see Already. Thank you.
is she one of the perversiones who is carried out in the house?
-or might it to do in any part? - Not necessarily.
Believe that the response is not. 5 $ for you, Mr. Jaffe.
Now is Pamela Mason's shift.
is it anything that does with the hands?
does it want to help me with that? - Yes.
seems to Me that not necessarily the hands have to be used for it.
Other "not", so they are already 10 $ for you, Mr. Jaffe.
Govern Philbin it is the following one.
to carry out his perversion...
does he need certain objects?
- Yes, like whips or leather boots. - Not.
That definitively is not necessary. 15 $, You Govern Philbin. Now Toni Holt.
Mr. Jaffe: a telescope or a few binoculars would help him...
in any moment?
Would have to be pointing...
in the suitable direction.
Believe that we will intervene to say that...
would not serve you, but another person.
And because of it we must answer that not, Toni.
- Robert Q. Lewis. is it one-?
Am going to treat of adivinar. Is he a rapist?
- Hardly. - Not.
For nothing. 25 $, and Pamela Mason.
I will spend it to Regis.
is it anything that goes with you?
Yes. All the time took it with me.
- Is something that goes with it. - I am going to treat of adivinar.
what is? does it abuse children?
Not. I am afraid that they all are wrong.
does he want to say to them exactly what is his perversion?
Already has his 50 $.
- I like to show oneself 691 in the meter. - In the meter.
I feel It, members of the panel.
And now the winner of the contest of this week.
Every week we give to the public the opportunity to play our game.
we ask Them that they should write to us saying to us what is his perversion.
Select the most interesting letter, bring for plane the candidate...
and we give him the opportunity to carry out his fantasy here in the program.
Is a pleasure to present them to the winner of this week.
Checkers, gentlemen and members of the panel...
of Muncie, Indian, our winner, the rabbi Chaim Baumel.
A lot of congratulations, Chaim Baumel.
Forgives. It is not Chaim.
is not Caim.
- declares himself Jaim. - Jaim.
very well.
Have understood that, in addition to being a very distinguished clergyman...
has a very interesting fetish.
- Wants to say an obsession. - Yes.
Yes. The averages of silk.
the averages of silk? - I love Them.
I like to touch them, to embrace them--
Wrote in his letter that he would like to be...
Because of it we need the help of one of the members of the panel.
who wants to tie it? You govern Philbin: does it want to do it?
Forgives. She must be a girl.
Have two charming girls.
Wide-brimmed straw hat: does it want to do the honors and to tie the rabbi?
- I would love 719. - Rabbi.
Now Wide-brimmed straw hat is going to tie the rabbi Baumel...
in agreement with his desires expressed in the letter.
have not had a lot of experience, rabbi, but I believe that I can do it.
If it has special instructions, warn me.
If there is some certain area that wants that it ties him.
not too tight.
Well. Now a model of the agency Lucy Jones...
is going to claim that she is the governess of rabbi Baumel...
and it is going to give him lashes.
- Has been a very bad rabbi. - But at the same time--
Not so loudly. I have to be in the synagogue in the morning.
Ms. Baumel, the wife of the rabbi, who flew even here from Indian...
will sit down to the feet of the rabbi...
and he will eat pig.
you have behaved very badly. Bad rabbi!
not do it again.
There have it, friends.
Another lucky winner manages to realize his fantasy.
Am Jack Barry, wishing them good night, and good luck.
we will meet next week in: what is my Perversion?
" there are exact the results to which the doctors come...
that do investigations and sexual experiments? "
deme 50 cents of regular gasoline.
With great pleasure.
Forgives. My car decomposed like to 3 kilometers of here.
might he to send anybody for him? - Certainly, miss.
Thank you very much.
what that far is the house of Dr. Bernardo?
As to eleven kilometers and a half.
Tongue is.
miss? yes?
did I hear her saying that it was going to the house of Dr. Bernardo?
does he want that it takes her? I go for there.
Would be fabulous.
yes? - Yes.
Good, vamonos.
is he a friend of Dr. Bernardo?
am not precisely his friend. I am going to help him with his experiments.
do you also study sexual phenomena?
Yes. I studied biology in the university.
And I am anxious for working with the doctor.
Is one of my heroes.
do not know if it is known it, but he was the first man...
in measuring the waves of the sound produced by an erection.
- Yes, I know it. ah, yes?
Yes, I am a correspondent of the Globe. I am going to interview Dr. Bernardo...
for a reportage for our Sunday supplement.
Is a correspondent: eh?
Is nice.
Yes, but look at the highway.
how is it called? - Helen Lacey.
and you? - Victor.
Victor Shackelpopolous.
is Dr. Bernardo?
Believe that he wants that we happen.
EI doctor is waiting for us.
look at this house!
Yes, is magnificent.
still does his decorator live?
Is Cold.
what says? Is Dr. Bernardo or not?
I am Dr. Bernardo.
you may be Victor...
and Miss. Lacey.
Igor, I you was thinking about having said that you should remain in your room.
Forgive it.
Generally remains in his room.
There Is an enormous problem with the servitude in the actuality.
do they want to have dinner?
Say that it is famous for his dad's omelettes.
Dr. Bernardo, it is not known it thrilled that I am for being here.
Have waited for a lot of time to know it.
Am anxious for it helping with his experiments.
do not know if he has read my last book...
" sexual advanced Positions - How to achieve them without laughing "...
but it is turning into the classic one.
Am acquainted by me with him.
Is wonderful that the scientists finally approach the topic of the sex.
the girls like 801 his work " The respiration during the orgasm ".
A trifle compared with my real work.
Doctor, I read that you affirmed...
that thinks that I divide equally the length of the penis must be 48 centimeters.
does not it seem to him a little long?
do I chatter?
Friend, I am doing discoveries that he would not imagine.
Yes, I know it, but 48 centimeters--
- That is - - is not a madness.
This way call me in the clinic of Masters and Johnson. Madman.
Because I had visions of exploration in sexual areas...
unimaginable for human low beings.
I discovered how to make a man impotent hiding his sombrero.
Was the first one in explaining the connection...
between the excessive masturbation and entering the politics.
Was the first one who said that the orgasm clitoral not must be only for women.
laughed at me, ridiculed me. They said that he was crazy.
threw Me of Masters and Johnson.
Without indemnification. It was deserving it to me.
but I showed them!
are we going to eat dessert?
Come. I want to teach them my laboratory.
Clean this table. And date hurry.
Forgive Igor.
Was a part of one of my experiments that went out badly.
Using an electrical generator, I gave him an orgasm of 4 hours.
amused himself, but it finished this way.
Takes care of your position.
Here is.
Here is where I am discovering new facts with regard to the sex...
that some day they will turn me into a great man.
Dr. Bernardo what is all this?
Come somewhere here and they will see it.
Here I am studying the premature ejaculation in a hippopotamus.
what so often presents to himself this problem in a hippopotamus?
Here I am forcing a man to copular with an enormous bread of rye.
do It of marvel.
Here, I am going to take the brain of a lesbian...
and to put it in the body of a man who works for the company of phones.
but why? Of what will it serve his that the people?
will serve as lesson the idiots who are called me a madman. Come.
But, doctor, this is immoral.
Bullshit. The human mind is capable of many strange things. Look.
Every day, for one year, I have not given him anything any more than silicone.
Earlier his breast was flat.
Give me another year, and care.
Is an insane person.
This was what they said in Masters and Johnson.
And quite because I constructed a diaphragm of 120 meters.
control of the birthrate for an entire nation!
you will be the subject of my most recent experiment.
Yes. Look.
Have here 20 explorers.
Want to measure his respiration when they violate it collectively.
Move away from her.
why does not it allow her to relax and to enjoy it?
If it shoots him, I will demand it for bad medical practice.
Victor, do something!
Manten the crossed legs.
Now we owe to them a dinner.
what raisin, Victor?
Believe that the battery is dead, and we have gasoline, neither oil nor water.
are you well? - Yes.
what was that? - It sounded as Igor.
Victor! Look!
A giant nipple.
what are we going to do?
do not know what you are going to do, but I am going to bring my glove of baseball.
Looks. It turns out to be angry. EI nipple is erecto.
they see! Vamonos!
not so rapid. In my family they all are males.
Deputy, I want to denounce to a nipple that escaped.
one what?
Already killed two persons, Dr. Bernardo and his assistant.
- Is an enormous nipple. have they been drinking?
have no time to discuss.
EI field is being destroyed by a colossal nipple.
Have a few beautiful bosoms.
Hears, something walks badly with the radio.
- do not worry. - Something walks badly with the radio.
do you see?
moan, my God!
holy sky!
Are alert to an enormous feminine bosom.
Is an approximately a height 4,000 with glass the Xth.
Carves 4,000 with glass the Xth.
" Everybody Needs Milk "
Is too much late. He is dead.
I know It. The cream delayed it and the milk killed it.
talks each other itself about a very crafty nipple.
Shoots half cream and half milk.
what will we do to stop to this diabolical nipple?
Have an idea, but I am going to need camouflage.
Can obtain the whole camouflage that he needs.
Please do not make anything dangerous.
do not worry. I know what to do with the nipples.
Victor! I am very proud of you. You achieved it.
Worried much. Were you afraid?
do you joke? Do I look like the type of man who is scared?
I it was. I believed that it was going to nurse you to death.
Good, now quite is sure. They do not have to worry for anything.
But I ask myself about a thing. Is he sure that it was the only one?
- Yes. - In general they travel in pairs.
- does not have to worry because of it. - I have never seen the only one.
Two, yes. But the not one.
So we will take a trace pezonal, to be able to identify her.
Believe that we will set her free for approximately 90 days...
and we will take her to the orphan-asylum to which I fed the hungry babies.
Look after.
Were magnificent. Then I knew that he was wishing you.
Good, did not want to say anything on this, Helen...
but it had a personal interest in this case.
had never said it to anybody...
but when he was a baby, fed me with false bosoms.
The truth is that I have learned a thing of all this.
When it is a question of the sex, there are things that must always be left without know.
And with my luck, probably will never be known.
" what happens during the ejaculation? "
Room of the brain.
Forward, function motorboat 12.
Has itching in the leg.
Scratches the left leg.
left plastered Leg.
There Is a prank in four one.
Prepare response for prank.
prepared Response, 18.2.
- Smile, please. - He is smiling.
Brain to the stomach.
Stomach to brain. Out.
- Is lowering meal. of what type?
- Fettuccini. golly!
Italian Meal descending.
Italian Meal.
Stomach proceeding to crush the fettuccini.
speaks to Them the control of the mission.
Be Prepared for a system review.
Good: what do you think?
Not, thank you.
do you believe that we are going to have sexual relations this night?
I feel very optimistic. The girl is very beautiful.
does it already dress her? - Not, I have not been able.
Have been too busy.
Is charming. You should see her.
Brain to eyes. Forward.
Eyes to brain. Out.
Approach in the girl with whom it is having dinner. I want to see something, please.
EI finished body? - Yes, please.
Would be a shame to lose this one.
some indication?
Brain to ears. Can they send to us anything of voice?
seems To me that...
Norman Mailer has exactly the same type of relevancy.
This duality affirmative answer - denial...
that only Proust or Flaubert could achieve.
do not know if we are going to achieve it. It does not seem very probable.
I graduated of the University of New York.
we Are going to achieve it.
- For a possible defeat: not? - Yes.
Anyone can suffer a fiasco occasionally...
but two followed ones can cause a serious loss of confidence.
you Already see what it is doing to him to the general frame of mind.
do not worry.
Are going to have success.
your house or mine? It does not matter for me where we do it.
Hears: why do you turn out to be so scared?
tongue is! Who showed the expression of fear?
did anybody oppress " fear "? - Not. There must be a short circuit.
This is what we needed.
Here the control of the mission. Be prepared for throwing.
Seems that they are going to do it.
Attention, sperm.
Good, here we go again.
do you believe that we go out this time? - I hope that it should not be another false alarm.
Are having problems below, in engineering.
Say that it was a mental question.
you are treading Me on the tail.
Factors of the heart, balanced. We need more adrenaline.
This is the adrenal glands. We are working very hardly.
Skies, Sydney. Cannot you wait?
do you want to do it here in the parking?
Do the sign so that the voice answers affirmatively.
Alerts all the systems. We will try to throw her to ourselves in the car.
rapid! Ears!
I have done It in cars, but in the convertible one never.
- Be Prepared for the throwing. - Brain to sexual organs.
- Proceed with the erection. be jammed!
Go, boys.
Do that it is given birth, friends. All together.
Extract the language.
Here comes the kiss. Fight!
Activate the center of pleasure.
can we have an erection, please? What devils is it happening there below?
Know that they can do it, boys. Strongly!
what happens to them? Do not remain there stop.
what happens, Sydney?
Support the hands in the bosoms.
Yes, gentlem. we are having difficulties with the respiration.
we pass Already of the limit.
If the erection is not achieved, something walks badly.
Proceed with the erection. All the systems, forward.
we go, boys! All together! We have to stop it.
what beams is it spending here?
I need an erection!
Need more help of the brain.
did you already check if there is some problem in the stomach?
EI fettuccini is moving well.
But here there is a pair of wounds, due to the veal.
I am not laughing, Sydney. Indeed.
Kiss me.
Have an erection of 45 grades.
must we try the penetration? - Be Prepared for the penetration.
Seems that everything is OK.
do they know what is on the outside?
what they said to us in the school of training. An egg.
Am Afraid. I do not want to go out.
For this was the whole training.
Yes: but who knows how it will be on the outside?
Dresses the slides in the classes.
Yes, but one hears strange histories...
as that of a tablet that some women take.
Or sometimes the type strikes the head of his penis against a wall of rubber.
That has no sense.
or how is if it was a homosexual meeting?
Sight, this is not the moment to doubt our mission.
AI to enter the school for sperm, you promised...
that you would fertilize an egg or would die trying it.
Am Afraid. I do not want to go out.
Are too low to achieve the penetration. They are not lasting.
Have to last.
Need more stimulation of the center of pleasure.
Room of organs to the control of the brain. Re-stimulate the center of pleasure.
- his thighs Prepare to be caressed. - We are in the thighs, caressing.
Attention, mouth.
Please blow in his ear.
The erection is to 45 grades, and being supported.
Readjust the mouth. Instead of in the ear, we are blowing of him in the nose.
- Try the penetration. lunge!
is not going to work. EI angle is bad.
we are going to do babies!
East is the control of the mission. Penetrate!
let's not prune! It is useless!
last, friends! We are losing it!
what am I doing here?
what am I doing here?
it is bending! Support it above, boys!
we go! Raise it!
Is useless. We are losing it.
Start preparing an excuse not to remain bad.
we discover It manipulating the machinery in the cerebral cortex...
igniting the feeling of fault.
it is a lie! I did not touch anything.
- it is a lie. - I am employed at the room of the conscience.
Find to the conscience tied to a chair. It left her out of combat.
is that true?
and if out?
does not he believe that it should be ashamed of this?
sexual relations between persons who are not married?
EI to take an innocent woman...
and to assault her in a brutal, sadistic, profane way...
it is a blasphemy!
Enclose it.
- finished the sabotage. blasphemy!
it is a blasphemy!
to any steam!
Here we go again.
I am not going to go out shot of the this thing.
and if it is masturbating? It might finish in the roof!
Control you.
Friends, it is dark on the outside.
My parents are waiting for me to have dinner.
My eyes have seen the glory of the arrival of the Gentleman
Is trampling on the crop in the one that keeps the grapes of the rage
Threw the spine-chilling lightnings of his agile and terrible sword
your truth goes forward
we are inside! We are achieving it!
Thinks about players of baseball not to ejaculate prematurely.
cannot Already any more. The sperm prepare to be thrown.
Willie Mays. Joe Namath. Mickey Mantle.
we meet in the ovary!
keep me an egg!
Good, at least he is Jewish.
Listen to all.
your attention, please. This is the control of the mission.
I Want to congratulate them on a made well work.
I say It sincerely.
was not easy, but we achieve it.
- She was costing the sorrow. - This way it is.
Drank to that.
Was wonderful, Sydney.
Let's do it again.
Be Prepared.
Here we go again.
All the ready ones.
how much does it have of fatigue? - Four and I come up.
Four and way of fatigue. One is OK. We go for the second time.
Attention, gonads. We are going to break our record.
(c) 2004 English subtitle created by Nezelodo from the orginal spanish
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