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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
Merlin, I am the strongest.
I am the one.
The sword! You promised me the sword!
And you shall have it,|but to heal, not to hack.
...a truce. We meet at the river.
Talk! Talk is for lovers, Merlin.
I need a sword to be king.
Show the sword.
Behold the sword of power.
Forged when the world was young...
...and bird, and beast, and flower...
...were one with man...
...and death was but a dream.
Speak the words.
One land, one king!
That is my peace, Cornwall.
Lord Uther,|if I yield to the sword of power...
...what will you yield?
Me, yield?
He has given. Now you must.
The land from here to the sea|shall be yours...
...if you enforce the King's will.
King Uther, let's feast together.|To my castle.
My wife will dance for us.
Igrayne, dance!
You may be king, Uther...
...but no queen of yours|could ever match her.
I must have her.
Are you mad? The alliance.
I must have her.
And risk everything you've won?
King Uther.
You'll never batter this down...
...and you'll never have Igrayne!
Merlin! Where are you?
- Have you found him?|- I haven't.
He's here, all right.
He won't show himself.
Where have you been?
I have walked my way|since the beginning of time.
Sometimes I give, sometimes I take.
It is mine to know which and when.
- You must help me, Merlin!|- Must I?
I am your king.
So you need me again,|now that my truce is wrecked.
Years to build and moments to ruin,|and all for lust.
For Igrayne.
One night with her.
You don't understand. You're not a man.
Use the magic! Do it!
You will swear by your true kingship... grant me what I wish.
Then you shall have it.
By Excalibur, I swear it.
What issues from your lust shall be mine.
Swear it again.
I swear it!
They have given up. It's over.
Not quite.
When night falls,|we'll follow them and finish them.
I dreamt of the Dragon.
I have awoken him.
Can't you see, all around you,|the Dragon's breath?
We have drawn him out.
The Duke is off to pursue your men.
There he goes.
Mount your horse.
I will transform you|into the semblance of the Duke.
Igrayne will think her husband|has returned.
But the cliff, the sea?
Your lust will hold you up.
You will float on the Dragon's breath.
Take on the outer shape of the Duke.
That's it.
That's it.
It's the Duke.
The Duke has returned. Open the gates.
Have the horse ready.|I ride out before sunrise.
Find the King. Find Uther.
Uther, come out and fight.
We're under attack. It's Cornwall.
My father is dead.
Hush, Morgana, hush.
My father, my father is dead.
Here's your father.
It was just a dream, little one.
Come, Igrayne.
Go to sleep.
My lord.
The future has taken root in the present.
It is done.
When? Where?
In the camp of Uther, my lady...
...just after nightfall.
It can't be.
He came to me... his bed, last night.
What shall become of us?
Lord Uther, my lady.
It will be for him to say.
Oh, Morgana.
The King. The King.
- What is it, lady?|- A boy, sir.
- Send the girl away.|- She's only a child.
- Out!|- Go, Morgana.
She watches me with her father's eyes.
Is it mine or his?
A man came to me...
...and loved me...
...and made this child.
I thought it was my husband...
...but he was already dead.
All I know is how to butcher men.
From now on, I shall learn to love them.
I am weary of battle.
I shall stay by his side...
...and his mother's.
He's hungry.
Merlin, you come when you're not asked...
...and pay no heed when I call you.
Oh, I have slept for nine moons.
What I did for you wasn't easy.
Now you must pay me.
The child is mine.
You made an oath.
They were hasty words, Merlin.
This is flesh and blood.
Uther, is this true?
Don't let him take the child.
I swore an oath, Igrayne.
I made a pact with Merlin.
It was you!
You came to me that night.
You are the father!
It's not for you, Uther...
...hearth and home, wife and child.
To kill and be king, is that all?
Perhaps not even that.
You strike me with words hard as steel.
You betrayed the Duke, you stole his wife... took his castle,|now no one trusts you.
You're not the one, Uther.
Give me the child.
I will protect him.
Take him.
Take the devil child.
Why the baby?
No! Go after him!
That's it.
Sleep now.
Go after him!
Get him back!
Are you the mother and father|of the baby now, Merlin?
Where are you?
I want my son.
Help me, Ulfius.
The King's bodyguard! Look out!
The King! The King is ambushed!
The sword!
The King's sword.
Merlin, where are you?
Call your Dragon... weave a mist... hide us.
Merlin, where are you?
Nobody shall have the sword.
Nobody shall wield Excalibur...
...but me.
He who draws the sword from the stone,|he shall be king.
Arthur...'re the one.
Now remember, my sons,|what I've told you.
Pay no heed to these robber knights.
You, Kay, be brave and honest|and merciful... a knight should be.
And you, Arthur, be modest and true...
...and help your brother|to uphold the good name of Morven.
I remember my first joust.
It looks far worse than it feels.
Camelyarde! Camelyarde!
God, send us a true king.
We are unworthy...
...but the land bleeds, the people suffer.
We have sinned, but on this Easter Day...
...when Christ rose from the dead,|may one knight here...
...through victory in arms find the grace... draw the sword and be king.
By my right of victory... my blood...
...give me the power.
All knights prepare and be ready...
...who would joust for the right|to draw the sword...
...from the stone.
Arthur, where is Kay's sword?
A good squire doesn't forget|his knight's sword.
I left it in the tent, Father.
Well hurry then, and get it.
I'll see what's keeping him.
Well hurry, you'll miss your chance.
Your sword was stolen,|but here is Excalibur.
Did you free Excalibur from the stone?
No, I didn't. Arthur did.
The sword! The sword!
You freed it, Arthur?
I did, Father. I beg your forgiveness.
You must put it back.
Now try to draw it again, Arthur.
Wait! I, Uryens, will try.
Stand back.
Let the boy try.
Let the boy try.
Come on, Arthur. Don't be afraid.
We have our king! Thanks be to God!
Rise, Father, please.
I was your son before I became your king...
...if I am king.
You are king...
...the more so,|because you are not my son...
...and I am not your father.
Not my father?
Then Kay is not my brother?
Merlin the magician brought you to me|when you were newly born...
...and bade me raise you as my own.
At first I did so because I feared Merlin,|but later...
...because I loved you.
Who is my true father?
Only Merlin can tell you that.
And who is Merlin?
I am Merlin.
Whose son am I?
You are the son of Uther and Igrayne... are King Arthur.
We haven't forgotten you.|What trickery is this?
He's trying to foist|a fatherless boy upon us.
Do you want a bastard as a king?
Lord Leondegrance, join us against the boy.
I saw what I saw.
The boy drew the sword.
If a boy has been chosen...
...a boy shall be king.
No, I challenge that.
The sword has been drawn.
Are you with us or against us?
Against you.
Why have you done this to me?
Because you were born to be king.
What does it mean to be king?
You will be the land,|and the land will be you.
If you fail, the land will perish.
As you thrive, the land will blossom.
- Why?|- Because you are king.
- What are you afraid of?|- I don't know.
- Shall I tell you what's out there?|- Yes, please.
The Dragon.
A beast of such power...
...that if you were to see it whole|and complete in a single glance... would burn you to cinders.
- Where is it?|- It is everywhere.
It is everything.
Its scales glisten in the bark of trees.
Its roar is heard in the wind.
And its forked tongue strikes like...
Like lightning. Yes, that's it.
How can I...?
What shall I...? Must I...?
Do nothing.
Be still. Sleep.
Rest in the arms of the Dragon.
Excalibur. It's part of the Dragon, too.
Oh, yes.
Oh, you learn quickly.
That's good.
I like that.
What kind of man was my father?
Oh, he was brave, he was strong.
He was a great knight.
Was he a great king?
Well, he was rash.
He never learned|how to look into men's hearts.
Least of all his own.
You loved him?
Well, it is easy to love folly in a child.
Merlin, will you help me to be wise,|not to be rash?
Where are you going?
Where do you think?|You have a kingdom to rule.
But how? I don't know how.
You knew how to draw the sword|from the stone.
- That was easy.|- Was it?
I couldn't have done it.
You couldn't?
You're the King, not I.
But where to start?
Well, what do you think has happened|since you ran off?
Sir Ector and Kay.|They must be waiting all this time.
Most of the great knights were against me.|Except Leondegrance of Camelyarde.
But if he supports me,|the others will turn against him.
Even now they lay siege to his castle.
I need him. We must help him.
There you are.
That was easy, too, wasn't it?
We have to get back.
That's it.
There they are.
Well, you go and show them.
Arthur, I knew you wouldn't fail us.
Go on.
I picked out a horse for you.
All these men are loyal.|Now what do you want us to do?
We waited here for you.
Any man who would be a knight...
...and follow a king, follow me.
Where to? Where are we going?
Leondegrance, his castle is under siege.
Guenevere, get back.
You're beaten, Leondegrance.
Get the hook.
Throw the rope.
That's good.
That's it.
Now round the other side.|Uryens is attacking.
Go on!
Hold on! Hold on!
Take the knights in the moat.|Hold them off.
I'm going for the ladder.
Father, look.
It's the boy king.
Behind you.
Swear faith to me|and you shall have mercy.
I need battle lords such as you.
A noble knight swear faith to a squire?
Never, never!
You are right. I'm not yet a knight.
You, Uryens, will knight me.
Then, as knight to knight,|I can offer you mercy.
What's this?
What's this?
Keep it, Uryens.
In the name of God,|Saint Michael and Saint George...
...I give you the right to bear arms|and the power to meet justice.
That duty I will solemnly obey... knight and king.
I never saw this.
Rise, King Arthur.
I am your humble knight...
...and I swear allegiance|to the courage in your veins... strong it is...
...its source must be Uther Pendragon.
I doubt you no more.
- It didn't hurt too much, did it?|- No.
I've sewn my father's wounds|more than once.
Careful! You'll tear them open.
You'll have to stay still and rest.
How long?
A few days.
Oh, no! What is it?
The stitches.
It's all right.
Come on, come on. Dance.
A king must marry, after all.
So it seems.
I love her. If only she'd be my queen...
Merlin, can you make her love me?
Now, look.
I once stood exposed|to the Dragon's breath... a man could lie one night|with a woman.
It took me nine moons to recover...
...and all for this lunacy called love...
...this mad distemper,|that strikes down both beggar and king.
Never again!
Who will I marry then?|You can tell me that at least.
What do you see?
Oh, Guenevere.
And a beloved friend who will betray you.
You're not listening. Your heart is not.|Love is deaf as well as blind.
You have a land to quell before you can...
...start all this hair pulling|and jumping about.
I've made these only for you.
I've mixed into them things|that will heal you, but not too quickly...
...and they'll make you a little sleepy|so you can't escape.
What's in them?
It is an ancient mixture...
...soft, unborn grains...
...flavored with rose petals.
The rest is secret.
Looking at the cake is like|looking at the future.
Until you have tasted it,|what do you really know?
And then, of course, it's too late.
Too late.
We have won battles against armies.
And now one man defeats all my knights.
He's a mighty opponent.
A hard man.
I'll go myself.
The King must not engage|in single combat. I'll go again.
No, I will.
Merlin, who is this knight?
Look at him.
So beautiful.
So quick.
...there's always something cleverer|than yourself.
Move aside. This is the King's road...
...and the knights you joined arms against|were his very own.
I await the King himself.
His knights are in need of training.
I am King, and this... Excalibur...
...sword of kings from the dawn of time.
Who are you? What do you seek?
I am Lancelot of the Lake,|from across the sea.
And I have yet to find a king|worthy of my sword.
That is a wild boast.|You lack a knight's humility.
Not a boast, sir, but a curse.
For I have never met my match|in joust or duel.
Move aside!
I will not.
You must retreat...
...or prove your worth in the test of arms|under the eyes of God.
Then may He give me the strength|to unhorse you...
...and send you with one blow|back across the sea.
Then come across, sir.
You joust well, sir.|I offer you another lance.
Yes. Yes. Another lance.
Yield, sir.
- I have the advantage.|- I will not.
Fight me, on your horse or on foot,|but fight me. Your avoidance mocks me.
I sought only not to harm you.
Your rage has unbalanced you.
You, sir, would fight to the death|against a knight who is not your enemy.
For a stretch of road|you could easily ride around.
So be it, to the death.
...I call...
...on your power.
Merlin, what have I done?
You have broken...
...what could not be broken.
Hope is broken.
My pride broke it.
My rage broke it.
This excellent knight...
...who fought with fairness and grace|was meant to win.
I used Excalibur to change that verdict.
I have lost for all time|the ancient sword of my fathers...
...whose power was meant|to unite all men...
...not to serve the vanity of a single man.
I am nothing.
The Lady of the Lake.
Take it!
Is it true?
Take it! Quickly!
Thanks be to God, you're alive.
I, the best knight in the world, bested!
This is a great day.
For my search is over, my king.
Make me your champion.
But your life and lands are far from here.
I give up my castle and my lands.
Here is my domain...
...within this metal skin.
And I pledge all that I still own:
Muscle, bone, blood,|and the heart that pumps it.
And a great heart it is.
Sir Lancelot, you will be my champion.
We killed every one of them!|Burnt their ships!
Lancelot, how'd you fare in the North?
We spared a few to tell what fate they met|at Arthur's hands.
- And you, Uryens?|- Victory!
Lot, and you?
We drove the invaders back into the sea.
Gawain, you?
The East is ours again.
The West is free and with us.
The wars are over!
One land, one king!
Stand back!
Be silent.
Be still.
That's it.
And look upon this moment.
Savor it.
Rejoice with great gladness.
Great gladness.
Remember it, always...
...for you are joined by it.
You are one, under the stars.
Remember it well then, this night...
...this great victory... that in the years ahead you can say:
"I was there that night,|with Arthur, the King."
For it is the doom of men that they forget.
Your wisdom has forged this ring.
Hereafter,|so that we remember our bonds...
...we shall always come together|in a circle... hear and tell of deeds good and brave.
I will build a round table...
...where this fellowship shall meet.
And a hall about the table.
And a castle about the hall.
And I will marry.
And the land will have an heir|to wield Excalibur.
Knights of the Round Table.
It's Sir Lancelot.
Lancelot, welcome.
This is a great day.
Everything is prepared.|We'll leave at dawn.
Guenevere... is Arthur's greatest knight|come to escort you to the King.
They want me to ask you if...
...any one of them could win your heart.
I'm a fighting man.
I'm sworn to the Quest.
But surely there must be some lady|somewhere in the world who inspires you?
There is one.
Who is she?
Oh, go on, tell me.
You're teasing me.
I will love you always.
I will love you as my queen...
...and as the wife of my best friend...
...and while you live...
...I will love no other.
By the blood of Jesus Christ...
...I join you in marriage.
Man to woman.
King to queen.
Arthur to Guenevere.
Don't you know me, Lord Merlin?
Morgana of Cornwall.
You have your father's eyes.
I remember you.
When my brother, Arthur, was born|you came and took him away.
And now you leave his wedding.
Because I am a creature like you.
What is the stone that burns?
Sulphur. To mix with mercury.
What is that root?
The essence of it|can prolong the act of love.
And if too much is taken?
Pain and death.
That's it.
Oh, you do know something of the Art.
Do you have the Sight?
Do you see the future?
Sometimes, I dream of things|that come to pass.
Look now.
What do you see?
What will be?
I see a castle of silver and gold.
Up there.
That plan is well-known.
You'll have to do better than that.
It is a lonely way, you know.
The way of the necromancer.
Yes, to know too much...
..."lacrimae mundi"...
...the tears of the world.
But the power? The joy?
Moments. Fleeting moments.
I can ease your loneliness.
Let me help you. Teach me.
The days of our kind are numbered.
The one God comes to drive out|the many gods.
The spirits of wood and stream...
...grow silent.
It's the way of things. Yes.
It's a time for men and their ways.
Run home to your mother, boy.
Take me with you.
I want to be a knight.
I'll find food for you.
Did you like the rabbit?
Do you know what it means|to serve a knight who serves a king?
Jump up.
I'll run.
Listen boy...'s more than 20 days from here.
Twenty days! The world's not that big.
What's that?
Camelot, the King's castle.
- Cavalry!|- Lancelot, welcome.
Hey, Lot.
Hey, Lancelot. Great to see you.
Will you train this lad to be my squire?
Who'll give me my armor and sword?
Kitchen knives and greasy spits|shall be your weapons, boy.
To the kitchens.
There's a meeting of the Round Table.
No. I can't.
Sorry, old fellow.
What're you doing here?|This is no place for an old man.
I built it, dullard.
- All on your own?|- Yes, and for the likes of you, it seems.
Oh, well, then you can tell me|the way to the kitchen.
Follow your nose.
I'm dreaming.
I must be dreaming.
Get away from there, boy.
Lancelot doesn't come, once more.
But we must fill his cup|to show our love for him.
Watch Guenevere.
Remember what I told you about them.
Your eyes never leave me, Merlin.
Can't I acknowledge beauty?
Can't you acknowledge love?
Perhaps you ache|for what you've never known.
Perhaps you lust for what you cannot have.
Cannot have, but you promised.
Your secrets.|You said you'd show me everything.
I've shown you too much already.
Are you counselor to the King,|or to my sister?
At your service, sir.
Then answer me this.
For years peace has reigned in the land.
Crops grow in abundance, there's no want.
Every one of my subjects enjoys|his portion of happiness and justice.
Tell me, Merlin, have we defeated evil?
It seems we have.
Good and evil,|there never is one without the other.
Where hides evil, then, in my kingdom?
...where you never expect it.
I know where.
Where, Sir Gawain?
I cannot say.
You must speak your heart.|You sit at the Round Table.
Where is this evil?
He's our best and bravest.
Why then is he never here?
Without Lancelot this Table is nothing.
Is there anyone here|who doesn't think him a god?
And now to be driven from us|by a woman's desire.
In the idleness that comes with peace,|I see that gossip has bred its own evil.
I will forgive your...
...hasty words.
Drink from Lancelot's cup|and partake of his goodness.
You dare accuse the Queen, Gawain?
I do!
I protest my innocence.
Were I not king, I would make you pay|with your life for what you've said.
- Will you not champion me?|- I cannot.
I'm your king,|and I must be your judge in this.
Lancelot must do it.
He also stands accused.
I decree...
...that at sunrise two days from now...
...the champions will meet,|and the truth shall be known.
For by the law of God... knight who is false|can win in combat...
...with one who is true.
You are the people I love best in the world.
- Then why can't you defend me?|- The law!
My laws must bind everyone,|high and low, or they're not laws at all.
- You are my husband.|- I must be king first.
Before husband?
If need be.
Before love?
Lord, we are innocent...
...but not in our hearts.
To hold her once in my arms,|I would sacrifice everything:
Truth. My sacred trust. God... me from myself,|purge me of this love... that I can defend her.
I fight against myself.
Oh, God!
My lord, the sun is upon the field.
The queen has no champion.
I demand justice, as is my right.
So it is.
Let me champion the Queen!
Since no knight comes forward,|I demand justice.
Is there not one of you?
Let me through.
Boy, kneel.
In the name of God...
...of Saint Michael...
...and Saint George...
...I make you a knight.
Rise, Sir...
- Perceval.|...Perceval.
It's my task, Perceval,|to prove the queen's innocence.
I yield to your mercy, Lancelot.
The Queen is innocent!
Look at your laws now.
Look what they have done.
- Save him, Merlin.|- He has no will to live.
Bring him back, whatever the cost.
Whatever the cost! Do it!
So be it.
- Will he live?|- Oh, yes.
- Will Guenevere...?|- Yes.
- Merlin, will I ever have a son?|- Yes.
No riddles, nothing but a simple yes?|That frightens me.
But a king should be afraid,|Arthur, always...
...of the enemy waiting everywhere... the corridors of his castle...
...on the deer paths of his forest...
...or in a more tangled forest... here.
Welcome, welcome back.
Take your place again, Lancelot.
My lord.
Look! Sir Lancelot! He's back!
No more going.
They miss the battlefield.|I think we do, too.
We have lost our way, Arthur.
It is not easy for them without|the hard teaching of war and quest.
It is only your example, Lancelot,|that binds them all.
Which is the greatest quality|of knighthood?
Courage? Compassion? Loyalty?
What do you say, Merlin?
The greatest?
Well, they blend like the metals we mix|to make a good sword.
No poetry. Just a straight answer.|Which is it?
All right, then.
Truth. That's it.
Yes. It must be truth, above all.
When a man lies,|he murders some part of the world.
You should know that.
I must take my rest in the forest.
Hasn't Merlin mended your wound?
It is deep.
You'll be sorely missed. Heal yourself...
...and come back.
Do you still have the Sight, Merlin?
Are they together?
You warned me of this, all those years ago.
What must I do now, kill them?
I can tell you nothing more.
My days are ended.
The gods of once are gone forever.
It's a time for men.
It's your time, Arthur.
I need you now, more than ever.
This is the moment|that you must face at last... be king alone.
And you, old friend?
Will I see you again?
There are other worlds.
This one is done with me.
That's it.
Bat wing. Snake skin.
Is this all you've learned, Morgana?
To deal in potions and petty evil.
And where have your meddling arts|brought the world?
To the edge of ruin.
I'm worn thin and threadbare.
I've tried to guide men,|or meddled in their affairs... you would have it, for far too long.
The time has come for me to go.
Forgive me. Where are you going?
Whence I came.
Merlin, take me with you.
The Charm of Making,|you swore to pass it to me.
You think you're ready?
Are you worthy?
I am.
I am.
Then follow me.
What is this place?
Here, you enter the coils of the Dragon.
Here, my power was born.
Here, all things are possible...
...and all things meet their opposites.
The future?
And the past.
And regret.
And oblivion.
Oh, yes.
Show me more.
Show me the Dragon.
Tell me the sacred Charm of Making.
Even though such knowledge would burn...
...and blind you?
Then burn me.
Look into the eyes of the Dragon,|and despair.
I destroy you. I consign you to oblivion.
Excalibur, into the spine of the Dragon!
The sword! The land!
Yes, Merlin. That's it.|Set the world to rights.
Call the Dragon.
Mend the sword.
Speak the Charm of Making.
You fool!
You thought you would trap me.
You are trapped yourself, by the same|sorcery you used to deceive my mother.
You're nothing.
You're not a god, you're not a man.
I shall find a man and give birth to a god.
The King without a sword!
The land without a king!
Love me.
Love me.
- Guenevere...|- Forget and love me.
I have conceived a son, my king... brother.
I could kill you now, brother.
But I want you to live|to see our son be king.
God save us from Morgana.
And save us from her unholy child.
Is he dead?
No, he lives.
A knight...
Help us.
Help us, please.
We're dying. Our children are dying.
Where is the King?
Please, help us!
We must find what was lost.
The Grail...
Only the Grail can restore leaf and flower.
Search the land...
...the labyrinths of the forests... the edge of...
Only the Grail can redeem us.
Where do we look for it?
The King has spoken.
I will ride forth in the name of that quest.
We will find this grail or die.
Have you found it? The Grail.
It's me, Perceval.
We will never find it.
You seek what Arthur wants?
- That thing they call the Grail?|- I do.
Then follow me.
They were looking for it, too,|but they weren't good enough.
Mordred, my lovely, clever boy.
You have crossed the great wasteland.
You are burning with thirst.
For ten years and a day you have searched.
Is it so long?
And tell me...
...have you found what you seek?
I have found nothing but sorrow and death.
I never thought to hear laughter again...
...till I saw this boy.
He promised me the Grail.
Is it here?
You have searched too hard.
Take your ease.
Drink, and join with me.
Bors! You're here!
Meliot! You, too.
You are alive.
There is no grail,|as these good knights have found.
They serve me instead.
There are many pleasures in the world,|many cups to drink from...
...and they shall be yours. Drink.
He's no good, Mother.
Take him to the tree.
There is a grail!
{y:i}What is the secret of the Grail?
{y:i}Who does it serve?
Arthur, the secret was in my grasp.
I failed you.
When am I going to be king, Mother?
When the time comes,|I will send you to your father.
You will take what is yours|and then you will be king.
No spear. No sword.
No arrow.
No lance. No blade.
No weapon forged by man...
...will harm you|whilst you wear this armor.
Any message for your dear brother,|my father?
You are my message.
Keep a distance, Mordred.
I have come to claim what is mine, Father.
Show yourself.
I cannot give you the land...
...only my love.
That's the only thing of yours I don't want.
The Quest Knights have failed.
They're all dead.
You are dead, too.
I shall come back|and take Camelot by force.
Renounce the King and I'll spare your life.
So be it.
I was afraid to help you.
Perceval, never give up the Quest.
I saw the Grail, Uryens.
It was in my grasp.
I failed.
You are the last of us. Try again.
I am not worthy.
You must... you...
They call you.
All around is death!
Death everywhere!
All of you will come to death...
...for it is our constant companion|through life as we trudge...
...through this weary...
...and tragic scene|of the valley of the shadow of death.
Look at the great knight!
Peace and plenty they promised.
But what did they give us instead?
Famine and pestilence.
- Lancelot, is it you?|- And death.
Because of their pride,|and because of their sin...
- It's me, Perceval.|...God has left the world.
They made themselves God...
...and Christ has abandoned us.
Lancelot, won't you help us?|Come back to us, Lancelot!
Arthur needs you!
I can't give up hope, Lancelot.
It's all I have.
{y:i}What is the secret of the Grail?
{y:i}Who does it serve?
You, my lord.
{y:i}Who am I?
You are my lord and king.
You are Arthur.
{y:i}Have you found the secret...
{y:i}... that I have lost?
You and the land are one.
You and the land are one. Drink.
I am wasting away.
I cannot die and I cannot live.
Drink from the chalice.|You will be reborn and the land with you.
...I didn't know how empty was my soul...
...until it was filled.
Ready my knights for battle.|They will ride with their king once more.
I have lived through others far too long.
Lancelot carried my honor|and Guenevere my guilt.
Mordred bore my sins.
My knights have fought my causes.
Now, my brother...
...I shall be king.
Prepare for battle!
...accept my forgiveness...
...and put your heart to rest.
We've suffered too long.
I have always loved you, and still love you.
I loved you as king...
...sometimes as husband...
...but one cannot gaze too long at the sun.
Forgive me, my wife, if you can.
I was not born to live a man's life...
...but to be the stuff of future memory.
The fellowship was a brief beginning...
...a fair time that cannot be forgotten.
And because it will not be forgotten...
...that fair time may come again.
Now once more I must ride|with my knights... defend what was...
...and the dream of what could be.
I kept it.
I never dared to hope, all these years,|that it was in your keeping.
I have often thought...
...that in the hereafter of our lives...
...when I owe no more to the future...
...and can be just a man...
...that we may meet|and you will come to me...
...and claim me yours...
...and know that I am your husband.
It is a dream I have.
It is only me and my son.
All other knights of the dukedom|have rallied to Mordred.
What's that smoke yonder?
That is Mordred's army.
Then let us camp here tonight,|and fight tomorrow.
...if only you were at my side,|my old friend, to give me courage.
There are no war tricks|that will fool Mordred and Morgana.
More than I ever did, I need you now.
Where are you, Merlin?
If only you could see me...
...wield Excalibur once more.
Where have you been these many years?
- Is it true that Morgana...|- Stories.
You brought me back.|Your love brought me back.
Back to where you are now... the land of dreams.
Are you just a dream?
A dream to some...
...a nightmare to others.
Kay, wake up, my brother.
I was dreaming.
Of Merlin?
Yes. He spoke to me.
I dreamed of him, too.
Merlin lives.
He lives in our dreams now.
He speaks to us from there.
He said I would fight bravely tomorrow.
I have returned, enchantress.
You are beautiful.
Have you used up all the magic|you stole from me... keep yourself so young?
Have you any magic left... do battle with Merlin?
Nothing to fear from an old man|you vanquished long ago...
...who only wants to see|how powerful you've become.
You see, Morgana,|you made me into a dream...
...a shadow.
A shadow.
You must be greater than ever I was.
I once released the Dragon's breath... Uther could lie with your mother|and beget a king.
It almost destroyed me.
But I expect you could do it quite easily,|couldn't you?
I see no mist.
Have your powers faded, too?
The Charm.
That's it.
Use the Charm.
Have you forgotten the Charm of Making?
Use it.
Yes, use it.
That's it.
Oh, good.
Oh, that's grand.
That's better than I ever was.
It can damage your beauty.
A fog is rising.
That cannot be.
My mother has a sense for such things.|She said there would be no fog.
It will stand against us in battle.
Where are you? Where are you?
My dear, sweet boy.
- Where are they?|- Listen.
They won't know|how few we are in the fog.
We'll use the old ways.
Speed up horse.
They're attacking from behind us!
- Turn about!|- Look to the rear!
You dogs, move!
- There are too many!|- We can't hold them!
Lancelot, is it you?
- Is it true?|- It is.
Lancelot's with us.
He's back, he's with us.
Oh, my God!
My salvation is to die|a Knight of the Round Table.
You are that and much more.
You are its greatest knight... are what is best in men.
It is the old wound, my king.
It has never healed.
Guenevere... she queen again?
She is, Lancelot.
The fog is lifting.
No, Perceval.
Come, Father.
Let us embrace at last.
...take Excalibur.
Find a pool...
...of calm water...
...throw the sword into it...
Obey me, Perceval.
Do it and return.
When you cast it in...
...what did you see?
I saw nothing...
...but the wind on the water.
My king, I couldn't do it.
Excalibur cannot be lost.
- Other men...|- Do as I command.
One day a king will come...
...and the sword will rise again.
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