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You have to ask yourself...
what brought the person to this point.
What was seen in his face, his manner, that channeled him here.
You have to convince yourself...
that this person has something hidden that you have to find.
You check his bags, but it's his face...
his gestures that you're really watching.
Thank you.
He's staring straight at you.
Look at him, carefully.
What do you see?
Security 4 to Baggage Claim 17.
- Where you headed? - Uh, downtown.
- You want to split it? - S-Sure.
What? Not tonight. Are you sure?
Well, can't you cancel?
Oh. Uh... what are these?
Ballet tickets for tonight.
- You don't like ballet? - Well, some ballets.
Well, that's exactly what this is: some ballet.
Look, you can always scalp the tickets at the door.
Oh, you mean, uh, take these in exchange...
- for you paying your part of the fare. - Well, what do you think?
- See ya, John. - Good night, John.
- See you guys. - See ya.
Christina, here you are. Hurry and get dressed.
- People are asking for you. - * Exotica *
- She's right over there. I'll get her. - * Exotica *
Let's bring those big, hairy palms together, gentlemen...
and have a nice, big round of applause...
for Kali!
Yes, indeed. Kali.
And you, too, can- You, too, can have Kali come over to your table...
for only five dollars, where she can show you the mysteries of her world.
Trust me, gentlemen. Trust me.
Oh! Baby, baby, baby!
Ooh! Do it for me, baby!
Oh! My God, that's incredible. That's incredible.
Let me ask you something, gentlemen.
What is it that gives a schoolgirl her special innocence?
Her sweet fragrance? Fresh flowers... light as a spring rain?
Oh, my God. My God.
Or is it her firm, young flesh inviting your every caress...
enticing you to explore...
her deepest and most private secrets?
Well, gentlemen, I'm gonna let you decide that one for yourselves.
Please join me in welcoming a sassy...
bit of jailbait to our stage.
Yes, indeed.
Come out, sweet Chrissy.
Wherever you are, baby, come on out.
You think you're bad, eh, baby?
You're bad.
That will be $5.50.
Thank you.
- Eric? - What?
Linda finished her dance.
Let's bring those big, hairy palms together, gentlemen.
Give it up. Yeah, gentlemen. Yes.
Have a nice, big round of applause for Linda. Yeah.
Yes, indeed, Linda.
And just a reminder that there is nothing Linda would love more...
than to slink over to your table and...
give you your own private show for only five dollars.
That's right.
Five dollars is all it takes to have one of our beautiful foxes...
come over to your table and get you all hot and bothered.
But, hey, why be bothered...
when you're being treated like a king?
You've had a rough day.
Don't you think you owe it to yourselves to...
do something that'll make you feel like you're someone special?
You are someone special.
Five dollars is all it takes to prove it.
Yes, let's have a nice big round of applause for Michelle.
My God, that was beautiful.
Ooh, baby, you come out.
And just to remind you that, uh, there's nothing Michelle would love more...
than to come over to your table and give you your own private dance.
Hello, gentlemen!
Anybody out there? Anybody alive?
Anybody, for five dollars, you can have Kali.
Kali at your own private table.
Let me ask you something, gentlemen.
What is it about a schoolgirl...
that gives her that special innocence?
Is it the way that they can gaze at you...
waiting for you to say something with so much expectation and hope...
that you're just... you're just paralyzed into...
into silence?
- Look, uh, I want to give this back to you. - Why?
Well, you see, those tickets were given to me...
and, uh, I just feel uncomfortable about having sold them.
- That's okay. - No, no, no, really, I-
We never really introduced ourselves. I'm Thomas.
Can I use this to take you out for a drink?
- Oh, that's, uh, very kind of you, but, uh- - But what?
But I really have to get home.
Are you available next Thursday?
- Uh, I think so, yeah. - Good, good.
- Tracey? - Yeah?
I'm not that boring, am I?
- What do you mean? - Well, the earphones.
I mean, we used to listen to the radio...
and you used to ask me all sorts of questions.
So you want me to ask more questions?
Sure. Yeah, I mean, if there's something y-you want to know.
Okay. I'll see what I can think up.
- Say hi to your dad. - I will.
- Good night. - Good night.
- Did someone say something? - No.
So, what's the point?
I've just noticed a change in your attitude.
Look, I would understand if you would prefer not to introduce Christina.
I could do it myself.
Actually, I've been thinking that, perhaps...
I should be getting more involved in the introductions overall.
I could have my own microphone, like my mother used to do.
No, I mean, I actually enjoy introducing Christina.
I mean, I find it very therapeutic, you know?
- That's not what you're getting paid for. - Well, it seems to me...
that I'm being paid to make every girl seem like she's something special, right?
- So, in order to do that, I have to let my imagination run wild.
So, I mean, when it comes to Christina, I, you know-
My imagination is bound to run a little wilder.
There's nothing that I can do to control that, Zoe.
Makes the clients uncomfortable.
And you think your state puts them at ease?
Is he kicking?
All the time.
Do you feel like touching it?
How are you feeling about this?
- Fine. - Fine?
Are you happy?
For you.
What about you, Eric? What about you?
Well, I guess I got to be pretty careful about my feelings, right?
I mean, uh...
that's why we have a contract, isn't it?
There's plaster dust all over the apartment.
No, I'm not exaggerating. No, I was coughing in my sleep last night.
You told me that it was going to be comfortable for me to live there...
and it is not comfortable.
There's plastic on the furniture.
That is not comfortable living.
Yeah. Oh, come on, look.
You told me you were going to strip the wallpaper, not strip the walls down.
Well, no, if you'd, if you'd told me in the first place-
If you'd told me what kind of job it was, then I would have considered it.
Although, it's- It makes me seem like you've maybe made a mistake.
That's what it makes me suspect.
What? No, it's too late now. It's inaccessible.
I'm not gonna pay you. Pay you for what? You didn't do the job.
Well, you did a job, but it's not the job that I asked you to do.
It's not the job we agreed on.
Well, I can get anyone, any number of people to do this.
Yeah, that's just fine with me.
Yeah, can I help you?
- Mr. Pinto? - Uh, yes.
I'm Francis Brown. We spoke, uh, on the phone a couple of weeks ago.
- Revenue Canada. - Oh, uh, of course. Uh-
- How was your trip? - Oh, it was fine.
- And when did you get back? - Um, just yesterday.
Good weather?
Yes, yes, lovely. Yeah.
- Is this a good time, Mr. Pinto? - Oh, sure.
- It's just that you seem a little, uh- - A little what?
- Flustered. - Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen, I can't talk to you right now. L-Later.
Okay, uh-
- So this is where I'd find all the bank s-statements? - Uh-
Yeah, that's right, and those there.
Okay. Well, if I have any questions, I'll let you know.
- Is it a little hot for you back here? - It's, uh, yeah.
You could turn it down a tad.
I suppose you have to be pretty careful with the temperature with the animals.
Oh, well, they're a lot hardier than you'd think.
I wouldn't think they're not hardy.
I mean, just because they're exotic doesn't mean they can't endure extremes.
It is, after all, a jungle out there, isn't it?
Um, so, how long will this take?
- An audit? - Yes.
Well, it depends on how prepared you are.
- Have you got an accountant? - Uh, well, um, no- Well, no, not really, no.
Not really?
- So this will take, uh, a while? - I could be done by the end of the day.
Or it might take a week. It's difficult to say.
- Oh. Okay. Uh, well, if you have any questions, um- - I'll let you know.
Did you know her?
Sort of.
She was your neighbor?
I, uh, I baby-sat her a couple times.
Oh, so you knew her pretty well, eh?
Yeah. I did.
What about you?
Oh, I just, uh, I heard this thing was being organized, so-
It seems so, uh...
surreal, doesn't it?
- What? - That we'd find anything.
I mean, there's so, uh, many places you could hide something in this country.
- My name's Eric. - I'm Christina.
Hey, nice to meet you, Christina.
- Well, what? - Don't you want to touch it?
You don't have to. It's one of those things people normally like to do.
What is this thing about Eric calling you "a sassy piece of jailbait"?
- What's this thing? - It bothers me.
- Why? - It makes you out like a child or something.
Unlike the tartan skirt and my socks or the blouse or the way I act, right?
Do you find it strange that he would still want to work here?
Zoe, not all of us have the luxury of deciding what to do with our lives.
It's a job, and he's getting paid all right.
I just find it cruel.
So fire him.
As a favor.
How can you be so detached?
Well, I'm finished for the day.
Uh, for the day? Uh, you mean you have to come back?
Yeah, I'm afraid so.
When is a good time?
But, but, I thought you said it was only going to take one day.
Well, it can only take a day.
But you have to understand, you don't keep very well-organized books.
That's why you should really think about getting someone in to help you.
Just somebody to come in once or twice a week...
depending on the amount of activity and... the type of activity.
Uh, what do you mean by that?
Well, some types of activity are more complicated, aren't they?
It might take more effort to account for.
I found a gun in one of the drawers.
- Oh, well, that belonged to my dad. - Your dad?
Yeah, I guess he just kept it, uh, just in case.
- In case of what? - Well, in case of trouble.
With the animals?
Would Monday be a good time for me to come back...
- Mr. Pinto? - Oh, yeah.
Well, how about, uh, tomorrow?
Uh, I have appointments for tomorrow. Actually, I'm pretty busy 'til the end of the week.
Monday's not good?
No, uh, Monday's fine.
- Around 10:00? - Yeah, sure.
Well, good. Have a nice weekend.
Strange to think that bird is probably going to outlive us.
Did you ever teach it to say anything?
- What does it say, Harold? - It doesn't really say it anymore.
It forgot?
I don't think so. They're not supposed to forget.
It must have just lost interest.
- I'm sorry I'm late. - It's okay. We're just talking about Felix.
What about him?
I had the piano tuned. It sounds beautiful.
So, how does it sound?
- It's good. - Yeah? Good, good.
- Okay, well, I shouldn't be too late. - What's "too late"?
- Around 11:00 or so? - Okay.
You looking for tickets?
Uh, yeah. How much?
That's too hot.
He comes in here every other night.
He has his favorite drink...
at his favorite table with his favorite dancer.
Sometimes he has to wait for her, and sometimes she's waiting for him.
She'll protect him. She's his angel.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's show time at the Exotica.
And just to remind you that five dollars is all it takes...
to have one of our lovely ladies come over to your table...
and show you the mysteries of their world.
Now if that didn't turn you on, gentlemen, nothing will.
Oh, let's have a nice, big, warm round of applause for Christina, gentlemen!
Yes, Christina!
What are you thinking?
I was just thinking, what would happen if someone hurt you?
H-How could anyone hurt me?
If I'm not there to protect you.
I- You'll always be there to protect me.
An angel.
Why would somebody want to do something like that?
How could somebody even think of doing something like that?
You mustn't worry.
Eric! Eric!
All hot and bothered, yes, indeed.
Let's have a nice, big round of applause for Melinda.
Uh, listen, I feel bad about, uh, taking your money.
- Why? - The tickets were given to me, and...
I should have given them away for free.
- Well, that would have been stupid. - Why?
Because no one gives anything away.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, p-positive.
Do you consider my dad a friend?
- Why? - J-Just asking.
Does he consider me a friend?
I don't know.
Why not?
'Cause he always seems different when you're around.
- Different in what way? - J- Tense.
Is that bad?
Well, I don't really like to feel tense around my friends.
Well, sure, yeah.
I didn't like to feel tense around my friends when I was your age either.
But you do now?
No, it's not a question of liking it or not.
It's just something that happens.
well... as you get older...
you become aware that the people you meet and the person you are...
um, as carrying a certain amount of baggage.
And, and that baggage creates tension.
So what do you do about it?
Well, you can pretend it's not there...
or you can choose not to have friends...
or you can acknowledge that it's there and have friends anyway.
Like my dad?
I don't think that I like my dad when he's around you.
Well, that's...
because your dad doesn't like himself when he's around me.
But that's okay.
That's... part of what friends do to each other.
- Good night. - Good night.
I, uh- I just graduated.
Really? So did I.
- Oh, yeah? In what? - Radio communications.
- So, so is that what you do? - That's what I'd like to do.
Uh, I do a little freelance deejay stuff...
but, you know, right now I'm just driving a cab.
- I thought you might do something like that. - Drive a cab?
- No, do something where, you use your voice. - Why?
I don't know why. Because you're easy to listen to.
Because of my voice, eh?
I just need to find a structure, you know?
What do you mean?
Listen, I waste so much time, you know? I just- My days just slip by, you know?
- Isn't that what days are supposed to do? - Yeah.
Not if you want to make something of yourself, you know?
- What do you want to make of yourself?
I don't know. I just feel that I was meant to do something with my time.
I mean, otherwise, I wouldn't be thinking of this this way.
I'd be able to just continue what I was doing, you know?
Do you have a lot of friends?
Not really. Do you?
- No. - Yeah.
Do you ever feel like you need a friend?
Yeah, sometimes.
Like right now.
'Cause I just met you and...
I just feel like telling someone, you know?
No way. No way, no way.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Jesus. - What's the matter?
"What's the matter?" Her wigs, her clothes.
Sometimes I just feel like throwing them all away, you know?
What are you looking for, Zoe?
- I mean, is this where you see your future? - My future?
The club?
When Mom died, my immediate idea was to get rid of this place. Just sell it.
- I never thought it would have any interest for me. - So why did it?
I used to be very shy as a child.
I used to watch my mother for hours...
just admiring her sense of freedom.
So when the opportunity came up, I thought I would take on the challenge.
So you feel better about adopting her options rather than creating your own?
I have created my own options too.
Oh, I know.
It's your contract for the baby with Eric.
I found it.
Does he know?
I would hope so.
Otherwise he might just think I'm disgusted with him for no particular reason.
Look, I really desperately needed this child...
and it just worked out with Eric.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
You know, I remember when your mother built this hallway.
She, uh, she built it for this very rich man who used to come here.
He used to get off watching us dance for other guys, so he actually paid her...
to construct this very special place that he could watch us from.
Your mother never told us that.
She said it was to protect us...
so she could patrol things.
And I believed her.
Until Eric told me the truth.
Why did you believe him?
I made a choice.
And Eric promised me he'd never lie to me.
How could anyone...
hurt you?
Take you away from me?
How could anyone?
What's this machine?
Uh, uh, it's an incubator.
- Wh-What's it for? - Well, what do you think it's for?
- Eggs. - That's right.
Are they yours?
Wh-What do you mean?
- I mean, shouldn't you be sitting on them or something? - Oh, yeah.
Well, I guess I've abandoned the nest.
What's inside of them?
- Uh, the eggs? - Yes.
Well, uh, Hyacinth Macaws...
if you want to know the absolute truth.
And where did you get them?
From... very far away.
Hey, check her out, eh?
I said check her out.
- Yeah. - You talking to me?
Uh, yes, I'm talking to you.
What? Check who out?
The babe that's dancing for you, man.
You've given her quite a run for your money, man.
What do you mean by that?
- She's been dancing for you all night. - Yeah.
Yeah, and not just tonight. I mean, I've noticed you with her other nights too.
You come in here all the time or-
Uh... yeah. All the time.
This- Visuals, you know? It's good.
But, uh...
she seems to have a bit of a thing for you, doesn't she?
We, uh... get along.
I'm sure you do, my friend.
What do you two talk about, huh?
Oh, just, uh... the usual, I guess.
The usual?
I don't think you're talking about what I would call "usual. "
- Why not? - Because I can tell.
You get pretty intense, my friend.
Well, I guess that's just the way I am.
So, uh- Hey, wh-why don't you give her a little touch, huh?
- You're not supposed to touch. - Ah, but she is into it, believe me.
- How do you know? - Everybody knows, man.
Trust me, my friend.
Trust me. Just a little touch.
Nothing too drastic.
Then you will get the full experience, my friend...
and you will love it.
You will love it. Okay?
And what happens when I touch her?
What happens?
You're outta here, man! Get out!
Come on. Get down there.
Come on. Go.
Hey, what the hell you doin'? Get off the road!
What's so funny?
It's like pettin' a gorilla.
Was your father this hairy?
No, I, uh, I got it from my mother.
I mean, I mean, from my mother's side of the family.
That's where you, um, inherit hair patterns.
- My uncle's bald. - On your mother's side?
Well, um, I guess I'm talking about usual patterns.
- Hmm. - There's always exceptions.
That's the way these things... work.
Shouldn't you go to the hospital?
No, I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
You worry about me, don't you?
You think this is normal?
- What? - What we do.
What do we do?
That's just it. We don't speak about it.
You know that feeling you get sometimes, Tracey...
that you didn't ask to be brought into the world?
Well, then who did?
If you think that you didn't ask...
to be brought into the world...
then who did?
All I'm saying is nobody asked you if you wanted to be brought into the world.
You just ended up getting here.
So the question is, now that you're here...
who's asking you to stay?
- Thanks. - Thank you.
Look, are you sure you're gonna be okay?
Good night.
Good night.
- He touched you? - He didn't want to.
- What do you mean? - I know him.
- We all know him. He's crazy about you. - Not like that.
Why didn't you get one of the boys to handle this, Eric?
Because I didn't think of it.
I just saw him touch her, and-
Why didn't you ask him to leave?
- Because he wouldn't have listened. - How do you know that?
Because he's in his own world, the ass-wipe.
I don't know where you're both coming from.
You are telling me that he touched you, but he really didn't.
And you're saying that you overreacted, but you didn't have a choice?
- I didn't. - Why not?
Why not? Because he touched you.
All I'm concerned about is if he makes a case...
I have to know what happened.
We told you what happened, Zoe.
And that is what happened?
- Yeah. - Okay.
Is that it?
Hi. This is Thomas.
I am not in at the present time, but I am in town.
Please leave a message following the beep.
Good morning.
You're probably not up yet, so you haven't seen what I've done.
I'm a customs officer at the airport.
Actually, I saw you the other day when you were having your bags inspected.
I know- I know how you probably smuggled those eggs in.
There's a special unit at work. I think they give them to the zoo or something.
They asked me where I got them. I had to lie.
Where are they?
- I took them. - Where?
- I'd like to see you again. - Oh, no.
Uh, no, they're in the country now. Uh, they're definitely in the country.
It's just I don't have them, uh, with me presently, but it doesn't mean I can't get them.
- And if you can give me, like, uh, just, uh, um, a couple-
- Good morning. - Hi. Uh, and, uh, I'm here. Okay.
So I'll call- I'll talk to you later. Bye.
You look like you're in worse shape than I am.
Uh... what happened to you?
Oh, I fell down some stairs and-
- Are you okay? - Well, do I look okay?
- Uh, no, not really. - Well, I'm better than I look. Here, I got you a coffee.
I didn't, uh- I didn't know how you took it.
- Oh, black's fine. - Oh.
- Uh, I added cream. - Oh, that's okay.
- No, here, have mine. No, I insist. - No, really-
What is it?
Well, it's just that this has cream in it too.
It's milk.
Oh. Oh, good.
Okay, well, I'll, uh-
I'll get to work.
Mmm, what?
What is it?
What is it that gives a schoolgirl her special innocence?
Is it the way they smell?
The sweet smell of their perfume, of their hair?
The aroma of fresh flowers...
and all that other stuff that hasn't been fucked up...
by late nights and a lot of bad food.
Is it their gestures... and the way they move?
The way their body still holds on to some semblance of self-respect and...
and dignity?
When they wrap their beautiful legs around you...
tight and holding on, looking at you...
you looking at them.
It's just-
Or is it whatever comes out of their cute little mouths?
All those questions, all that wondering that-
It's just, you know, you - They got their whole lives ahead of them, you know?
And you've wasted half of yours away.
What is it?
There's this feeling I get sometimes, you know?
What sort of feeling?
That I wasn't ever meant to be satisfied.
Satisfied with what?
A lot of things.
I mean, it seems to me that every time I'm about to...
you know, get a hold of something or someone...
it's just bound to slip away.
Maybe you want it to slip away.
Maybe I want what to slip away?
The things that you think you're about to have.
What would you think about that?
As a general philosophy...
or how it pertains to you?
You think you could talk about how it pertains to me?
What do you mean?
Well, I feel like I want you.
Do you think that means you'll slip away?
I'm not going to baby-sit for Uncle Francis anymore.
Baby-sit? You go there to practice.
That's absurd.
Dad, he pretends I'm still baby-sitting for him.
Why would you think that?
Because he's paying me.
To house-sit.
Twenty dollars an hour?
When did it go up?
He wants to believe that Lisa's still there.
I make it easier for him to convince himself.
Francis always had strange ways to convince himself...
of many things.
Things that never happened, things that might happen.
People who did things for reasons, but they didn't.
What has any of this got to do with me, Dad?
Nothing at all.
So why do I have to keep going there?
You don't.
And you'll tell him?
I was in here the other night when that guy was thrown out.
Why did that happen? Has he ever been thrown out before?
- Why do you think he would touch you? - Why do you think he would touch you?
Why do you think he would touch you?
Well, what do you think was going through his mind when he-
Or-Or what was he thinking?
- Well- - What's so funny?
Well, this is a joke, right?
Not at all.
If you do this favor for me, I'll do that favor for you.
But I'm not hiding anything.
Thomas, you're hiding a smuggling operation...
that brings in over $200,000 a year, probably a lot more.
We've suspected you for a long time.
I was just brought in to confirm what was already known.
So how do you want me to report back?
All I'm asking for is a bit of help.
That's all.
It's very important for me to know these things. Just ask her these questions.
Do this for me, and you have a clean slate.
This really hasn't been my day.
So change things. Make it your day.
And all you men sitting near that stage, I can see you.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking that "because I'm sitting next to that stage...
I'm getting the same feeling as all those guys...
shoveling out that cash for their own private dancer. "
Well, you know, you guys want to watch, go to the movies.
We're in the live-action business here, gents.
And, okay, granted - Granted, that beautiful creature writhing before you on stage...
she maybe, you know, smiles at you.
She winks her eyes at you occasionally...
and you may feel like the man.
Is that all you guys are looking for?
Is that all you want? Come on, come on.
Invite one of our lovely ladies over to your table where the real action is.
- Yeah! - Hi.
I'm really sorry that took so long, or I took so long.
- Hi. - It's such a busy night.
Hi. I'm Chrissy.
Hi. I'm Thomas.
It's nice to meet you, Thomas. I like the name Thomas a lot.
Oh, thanks.
Are you from out of town?
Where are you from?
Um... San Francisco.
Oh, you're kidding. I love San Francisco.
Oh, you've- You've been there?
Yeah, I was there a couple of years ago with my debating team.
- Debating team? - Mm-hmm.
Um, that's- I admire someone who can debate well.
I mean, who can debate instead of just argue.
Well, anyone can argue, but it's a good skill, uh, discipline...
to be able to debate and stand back.
Um, and that's something you can apply in your life...
- outside of school. - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
And, and when you're meeting someone or negotiating.
- Negotiating? - Well, I mean, if you have... If you have to...
Um, it's a good skill to learn, as opposed to cheerleading or-
Well, that's what I say.
Don't be nervous about this, Thomas.
- We're gonna have some fun, okay? - Sure.
Um... um...
I was here the other night, um-
What night was that?
The night th-that guy was thrown out.
You were dancing for him.
His name is Francis.
Um... what happened?
He was a bad boy.
- Wh-What do you mean by that? - What do I mean?
I mean, have you danced for him before a lot?
-And has he ever been thrown out before? -No.
So what do you think happened?
He touched me.
And when you're dancing for the customer...
they can't touch.
Yes, but why do you think he touched you last night?
Has he ever touched you before?
Is this what you really want to talk about for five bucks a dance, Thomas?
Well, I just want to know what you think was going on in his mind.
Are you here for some kind of psychology conference?
Uh, well, uh, yes.
Uh, I am, actually.
He's, uh-
He's a very particular case.
Particular in what way?
Um... you want the full story?
His daughter was murdered a couple of years ago...
and then he was implicated.
- For th-the murder? - Yeah.
- But why? - I don't know. I don't really remember the details.
I mean, he was cleared, and then they caught the guy who did it.
But... it obviously had, like, this...
this incredible effect on him.
I mean, he is-
He's just so fucked up about it.
You know...
Francis and I have a very special type of relationship.
And I've never- I've never minded.
But then he chose to violate it.
S-Special in what way?
Well, we've, we've always had this understanding.
I mean, I need him for certain things...
and... he needs me for certain things.
I mean, that's the way it's been.
Uh, and how did he violate that?
He-He violated that in his-his, in his role and what he was supposed to do for me.
Wh-What's he su- Why?
What's he supposed to do for you? I mean, he comes to this club. He pays you.
Because I was doing things for him...
and he's done things for me.
What has he done for you?
I'm sorry.
Okay, this is really stupid.
And then I'm getting so emotional over the fact that he touched me...
because, I mean, he was, he was always paying me...
to do him this favor and-
- What favor? - I don't know, Thomas.
- Why do you want to know all this? - Well, I'm sorry, but I, uh-
What is it about a schoolgirl that gives her that special innocence, gentlemen?
Such a thing that you have absolutely no control over.
You never have.
And you never will.
- After this break, we'll be right back with sweet Chrissy... - He not supposed to do that.
- who'll help us answer that question. - Do what?
He's not supposed to- He's not suppose-
He can obviously see from his booth that I'm sitting here talking with a client.
He's not supposed to call me when I'm talking with a client.
Why? Do you have to go now?
Uh, yeah.
But I want to come back, and I want to, you know, talk.
But I want to move downstairs. I don't like it here.
Sure, sure, sure.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
Uh, I'm going to move to the washroom.
Hey, I've noticed you've been spending a lot of time with that lady.
Are you- Are you talking to me?
You seem, uh, to, to both hit it off together.
- Well, I guess. - Yeah.
Um, I guess that can happen.
So what do you guys talk about?
Oh, just things.
What sort of things?
Oh, this and that.
"This and that," eh?
You know, it's amazing how...
you can hit it off with someone like that, isn't it?
Have you ever noticed that some people just drift into your life...
like you've known them forever?
I mean, there are some people that you can remember...
the moment that you met them really clearly.
And other people that...
it seems like you've known them forever, even though you haven't.
And they all become part of this continuous memory you have of yourself.
This ongoing-
Are you with me?
Uh, yeah, I think so.
I mean, here you are, y-you know...
you're having this beautiful conversation with her.
You're getting to know each other, and-
I mean, there's other guys that come in here.
There's this one guy who comes in here every other night or something...
and he spends a few hours with her.
But he never really gets to know her, you know?
Not the way you have. Not the way you two-
She really seems to be herself with you.
Well, how do you know?
What? That she's being herself?
Because I used to be her lover.
I'm, uh, sorry, sir. I can't let you in.
Look, why not?
Look, can I... Can I at least just talk to the manager?
- You want to talk to the manager? - Yeah.
You have to understand that we have very strict rules...
regarding this sort of behavior here.
- And I have always respected them. - And this one time you didn't.
Now, the problem, Mr. Brown, is that this one time...
happened in a room full of other men who were watching.
Now, if I let you back into the club...
- what's to stop them from trying to do the same thing? - I told you.
Someone told me to do it. I was set up.
And you believed that someone?
This is, uh, Security. - Please, sit down.
Thank you.
Why did you touch her?
- Well, I needed to make sure. - Why?
What if she let you? What would you have done?
I'd have been disappointed.
I'm not sure... I understand you.
That's not the way she was raised.
You know her? Personally?
There is another club I can recommend.
I need to come here.
- I understand that very well. - No, I don't think you understand.
Exotica is a special place.
My mother was dedicated to creating a very particular type of atmosphere...
and I would like to maintain that.
You don't understand.
Mr. Brown, we're all aware of what you've gone through.
You've suffered a lot.
But you have to understand that Exotica is here for your amusement.
We're here to entertain, not to heal.
There are other places for that.
Other places?
I can give you a list.
Mr. Brown?
Are you listening to me, Mr. Brown?
um, I just met this man in the washroom.
What man?
Well, I'm not sure. I was in a booth.
I didn't really have a chance to see him.
- So how did you meet him? - He just started talking to me.
And what did he say?
Well, um, he said he used to be your lover.
Well, it's always a sad moment, gentlemen...
when that clock strikes that magic hour...
and we have to send you out into the long and dark and lonely night.
But just remember...
we're only ever just a dream away...
wherever that is.
- I guess- - I have to go.
Oh, okay.
Um, wait a minute.
- Oh, no. Thomas, don't. - No, no, no.
- Thomas, please, don't. - Uh... no, no. Uh, I insist.
Thank you.
Your dad told me about, um...
you not wanting to baby-sit anymore.
There's no baby to sit.
Well, I just want you to know, I understand.
Understand what?
That this might all seem a little weird.
A little?
- I just want to thank you, Tracey. - For what?
You've been very patient.
And, uh...
if you think the time has come for this to end, then I understand.
Thank you.
Good night, Francis.
He-He-He calls me from a table to dance. Of course I expect you to do something.
- Christina- - And then- And then he follows this guy to the washroom...
- and he tells this guy that, that he was my lover. - Well, he was.
It's going too far, Zoe.
Actually, baby, you have no idea how far it's gone.
You know, I told him to touch you.
I said you were into it. Yeah.
It used to be wonderful watching you dance for him, seeing how you could soothe him.
I mean, it soothed me.
You know, you soothed me.
Do you understand that?
- Hey, hey. - Don't, don't, don't!
- Stop. Stop that! - Don't fucking touch me, you fucker!
- Stop! - Just fuck off, Zoe!
- Stop it when I say! Eric! - Stop it! Ow!
Chill out! Chill out!
Chill out! Relax!
- All right? Relax! - Eric, come here!
- John! Get out. What's the matter? - No!
Fuck off, Zoe! No!
Morning, Thomas.
- What happened? - I had to leave.
Did you, uh, hear everything?
Did you know?
Did I know what?
That she knew... about your daughter.
You know, when the, when the police came to question me...
they told me a lot of things.
They told me that my wife was having an affair with my brother;
had been for years.
They told me that I thought Lisa wasn't my daughter.
They told me I thought she was Harold's.
Wh-Why would they say that?
Because they thought I could harm her...
that I would harm her.
And then they found the man that, uh, that did it.
Let me go.
And I went home.
And then my wife was killed in a car accident a couple months later.
And, uh, Harold was in the car.
He lived.
What do you think it would have taken...
for your father to kill someone?
I'm asking because there's someone that I want to kill now.
I felt it last night as I listened to him in the washroom.
I don't understand.
He set me up... to touch her.
Why would he do that?
He took something very special from me.
I've had too many special things taken away.
- That's why we have to go back tonight. - To kill him?
- What would you do, Thomas? What would you do? - Well-
- Well, I would talk to him. - I can't even get in there.
What would you do?
You go back tonight...
and you have her dance for you...
and then you touch her.
And he'll throw you out just like he threw me out.
But I'll be waiting outside with the gun.
I'm not gonna help you kill somebody.
Not even to save a few years in prison?
Well, to help me then?
And that was Mirella, gentlemen. Mirella.
You can have her at your own table for only five dollars.
Thank you, Mirella.
And now, it's always a pleasure to announce to you our next dancer.
Gentlemen, please, let's give a big round of applause...
for Christina.
Don't be afraid.
I know everything about you.
What do you know about me?
I found her.
You found who?
Your little girl.
Oh. Oh.
I found her, man.
I found her.
Yeah, play something happy. Play something happy.
Yeah. Hello.
Okay, I'll get it, I'll get it, I'll get it.
- Hi, Christina. - Hi.
- I'm a little bit early. - Yeah, th-that's okay. Come on in.
Yeah, I mean, it's difficult for me to tell...
'cause I never had much of a musical education myself...
but her teacher thinks she's really talented.
And, um, actually, we were thinking of buying her a better piano.
An exotic baby grand, you know?
And when I mentioned "baby grand," do you know what she said to me?
She said, "Dad, isn't that a contradiction in terms?"
I mean, she just never ceases to amaze me.
I mean, she's eight years old. Can you imagine?
She can already identify- Wh-What do you call that when...
it's two words, kind of cancel each other out?
Oh, she just amazes me.
Where's your mind?
I was just thinking.
About what?
About the way you talk about Lisa.
You get so excited.
It's nice.
Well, I'm sure your parents talk about you that way too.
I don't think so.
Oh, I do.
Because you're a very responsible young woman.
Responsible to what?
Well, to whatever it is you believe you have to do.
Like what?
Well, Lisa loves it when you come over to baby-sit, for example.
She says you really listen to her.
That's nice.
She really listens to me too.
She thinks you're not very happy.
Listen, Christina,
if there's, if there's ever anything you want to talk about...
about what might be going on at home or whatever...
you know that I'm here, okay?
- Okay. - Okay?
Oh, no. It's okay.
Thank you.
You know, I really enjoy these drives home, Mr. Brown.
Good, good. So do I.
- Bye, Mr. Brown. - Good-bye.
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