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Subtitles for Explosive City 2004.

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Explosive City 2004

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Local news:
After two-day visit, Senior Official Rong Dagung
will leave Hongkong today.
Rong Dagung is satisfactory with the visit
He made a description of the new year
The local economy development will be optimistic
International News: FBI
has formally issued a worldwide hue and cry
fot the ex-chief of staff in Bai lao Da of Africa
Report indicates, the last president as "madman of bai lao da"
although died three months ago
his followers activated in all place in the world
setting up terror activities¡­
Seagent Zhang,Mr Rong's motorade will arrive in ten minutes
Please show me you ID card
The motorade enters the security zone
Get ready, guys in the meeting place
Team C is ready
Welcome, Mr Rong. This way please
Sorry,madam,smoking is forbidden here
Mr Rong,please comment on...
Mr Rong,are you satisfied with the visit?
Mr Rong, what is your plan for this year?
Good morning, all friends from the media
I hope everyone a happy new year
The year 2004 will be a wonderful year
We look forward¡­
The economy will enjoy a decent increase
The cooperation between mainland and Hongkong will be closer
I will leave Hongkong today
And I will visit you again in the near future
Calm down...
Get to the scene at once!
Where? Ahead!
Catch her!
Headquarter, Can you hear me?
Copy, please!
The suspected has overcome the security zone
Keep eye on her
Get out of the way!
Has the medical team arrived in the operation room yet?
First transfuse the blood
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way¡­
Headquarter,have the inspectors arrived?
Already arrived
Get out of the way¡­Team A copy
It's impossible
After on-board, Mr Rong had good reputation
I can't understand there's still someone wants to kill him
It happened already although nobody expected so
You worked hard though
Without you, Mr Rong could lose his life
It's our duty
When that woman wake up,we will immediately begin to interrogate
Huang sir, This is hong sir.
Mr Dong is curious about this stuff He's on his way here
How's Mr Rong now?
The operation has finished, and the bullet was taken out
He had at present no life risk
Who's our opponent?
A Chinese-born American
sneaked into the meeting as a foreigner journalist
The motive is unknown
She is in coma
I have informed the internal security department taking over the stuff
If in need, I will assign another team¡­
Thanks, but up to now it's unnessesary
We can discuss after that lady wakes up
Ok,here we are
See who's waiting for you
Daddy,take care when you drive
Did you eat the icecream secretly?
Daddy, the breakfast was too nasty to eat
Happy new year
Happy new year
Is the clothes in immediate need?
It's ok if postponed
You are going to work?
Goodbye dad.
How's the situation?
Gather in 30 minutes in hospital
Other colleuges set off already
Still stay here?
How's Mr Rong?
Excuse me¡­
Officer,this way
Mr Zhang
Hallo,Timmy Yao
Chican Zhung
The suspect is a female, aged between 20 to 25
speaking fluent Kantonese and English
It's said she was the finance reporter from Asian version
She made three shots, all hit
very professional
When she ran away, she fell off the building
She was hurt in head and now in coma
In the scene 7.62 bullet was found. The motive unknown
I ordered to inspect the case with all efforts
It seems a difficult case
Here will be used as the temporary headquarter
Everything is fixed up now
Thank you,Seagent Zhang
Thanks Seagent Ming
Seagent Zhang
After solving the case, I invite you to having a cup of coffee
I know a place where the Italian coffer is rather good
The dumb¡­
I'm too tired I need a rest
You continue to clean the room
Virgin Mary,Holy Son,Son Matil,Son Aicic
Aerc write it
Years ago¡­
I saw the real one in Madrid
now see the copy here unexpectedly
Maybe it's the fate
Excuse me
Our church is shut
So we don't welcome any visitors
I see
My son Sual has told me already
What are you doing?You...
Bring the big case in. What's that?
Basam, he is my son.
Sual,he is Basam,chief of staff
but the former one
How's the life in church?
That's ok, but dull to be a dumb
How can a dumb speak?
Get out!
My son has a bad temper
I want to use your place
I don't care who you are
It's a sacred place,if you do something bad here
It derserved you right!
That's excessive!
What the hell do you want?
Is the laptop ready?
In ten seconds
Check the communication
Communication ready
It's done,I'm leaving now
OK,take care
Thank you
Get ready!
What's up?
Well done,But °¢Õæ was caught by the police
The officer taking over the case was called Yao
Proceed with B plan
Hold on
Yes, copy, thanks
Seagent Ming,the suspect wakes up
I'm the police from Hongkong
The Chief of Couterstriker and internal Security department ³Â°¬ï
This is my college Jun Chan
Can you understand me?
Please tell me your real identity
your real identity please
My identity¡­
Who's this little girl?
Hojo Mari,that's you!
Suspect's physical situation is normal
I'm¡­Hojo Mari?
In 1986 you were kidnapped in a sandbeach in the near Tokyo
You were 3 years old at that time
Absolutely no impression?
Your parents felt guity for your kidnap
In 1988,that's two years after your kidnap
they both commited suicide
My parents¡­commited suicide?
They were dead, you have no feeling at all?
I'm Hojo Mari?
Who am I?
My parents commited suicide?
Where am I?
I can't remember.. My head ached...
Why lock me up?
Let me go¡­
Let me go!
Let me go!Let me go¡­
Take it easy!Calm¡­
Don't worry!
Calm down!
This lady caught the temporarily amnesia
Temporarily amnesia?
How long can she recall the memory?
It's hard to say
Maybe couple hours, maybe a year or so
all depends on her memory pieces on her brain
like the jigsaw
Seagent Ming,What can we do now?
We cannot just wait
If she stayed here, the only result is the more pressure on security
I think... it's better to arrest her in the headquarter
You arrange it
Due to security reason,the suspect will be detained in headquarter
Team B will be responsible Team C idle in the headquarter
Remember be on your toes in the action
never slack!
Yes Sir!
Set off in 30 minutes, get ready!
Yes Sir
I ask the PR-collegue to release the news in hobby in 30 minutes
You go from the special tunnel
Thank you, Seagent Zhang
Temporary headquarter...
Three cars for Team B waiting in the special tunnel
Where's the DNA report of the suspect?
Chenjun holds that
It's team B
Don't do anything silly
On the computer desk, the bottom drawer
There's a bag,take it out
Open it
Put the lens upon the chest,and take on the earphone
I will give you further instruction
Don't be silly, everything's on my eye
Remember, I have your son
Why.. do you react so strong?
Seagent Ming, what's the matter? You look pale
I'm fine
Mr Rong is now under high-degree protection
The situation is stable. He has no life risk at present
I'm sure he can leave hospital very soon
So don't worry
Chief governor,how's your position?
The suspect has transferred to B zone, arrive in two minutes
Number one two and three,are you ready?
We take on in one minute
All cars ready
Take care of the outside
Normal here
Number two ready
Number three ready
Listen I won't repeat
Stop the motorcade
Stop it
Get out to the second car
Don't get out
Seagent Ming gets out
What's up, Seagent Ming?
Get back to the car
Boy, speak to your daddy
Did you hear?
Please report the situation
Team B awaiting orders
In five seconds kill the suspect
Leave the scene at once
Seagent Ming¡­
Team B, report the situation!
Put the gun off!
Seagent Ming¡­
Tai was shot!
Find the shield!
Be careful!
Report to the headquarter!
Find cover!
Watch out!
Take him away!Move!
Zhang Sir,Ming Sir chasing robber at West Kowloon highway
there is explode
Is that excite?
Where is that bitch?
You not seen?I killed her
So easy?
How can I take back my son?
One more shot,let me see you kill her
I asked you how can I take back my son!
Just shoot!
You answer me first!
You wanna come?You can't make it
Faster,I wanna see my son
Little friend,say "goodbye" to dad
Please report the situation of western area
firemen is cleaning the scene
will take about 30 mins
How about that woman?
Ming Sir shot her chest
I don't sure if she still alive
Did he said something to you before he do that?
Zhang Sir,we have been together with Ming Sir many years
He was not that kind
It's not right time for these words
Ma Gausy
You go back,and record Ada's statement
I want to know all details
Release the photos of Timmy Yao and criminal out
Call everyone be careful
They have guns
If nessary,just kill
Who killed my wife?
Who are you?Tell me!
I don't know... I can't remember...
Who is tina?
Who is tina!
Let her out,Let her out!
Help me,I wanna see you
How about this?
After 30 mins,meet you on dock #3
See you then
Take it,it's my wifes'
Chan Aida
It's me
How is everything going?
Everyone looking for you,where are you?
Don't ask,its not good for you to know much
Surrender oneself...
I will..
I wanna ask you a question
Can i believe you?
My wife was just killed
Killer is a chinese,about 25 to 30 years old
There is tattoo on his righ hand back,its a spider
I wanna know who is he
I'll call you later
I remember something...
Tina was my room mate
She was creative chief at advertising
What I can remember now is...
I used her relationship to cover my identity
Then... who are you?
I can't remember that...
I'm Zhang Sir ZhiCheng
Ken,let's go!
Wait me on car!
Ming Sir,do you know what are you doing?
Sorry,Zhang Sir
I need her to find my son back
This is not a good idea.
Inspector Zhang, here's the report.
One dead, twele injured.
The victim is a passer by, five of the injuries are policemen.
Issues a warrant
to arrest that woman and Yao Tian Ming.
He's no longer a police officer, he's now an armed murderer.
Whoever sees him, give no mercy.
Yes sir.
Ming, here's the thing you want.
Thank you uncle Soon.
You're welcome.
Special NEws Delivery
There are some new discoveries for the case of two injured policemen due to the kidnapping of
a man which happened this afternoon in the highway of West district.
According to the police, the man being kidnapped
is a primary suscpect for assasinating Senior Officer Rong Da Gang.
The prison van had been seriously damaged
After the investigation, the Police has now issued a warrant
to arrest the Officer Yao Tian Ming whose in-charge of that operation.
He's also been suscpected for the murder in his appartment.
A woman is shot in the head, dead in the spot.
She's been killed for some time.
Since the suspect carries a gun, the Police advice everyone to be alert.
End of the Special News Delivery.
Get out of here.
Before I change my mind.
I have no other place to go.
Me too.
Uncle Soon is my dad's best friend.
When I was young, I used to play around here.
It's also the place where I propose to my wife.
Three weeks ago...
I was mad
and had a serious quarrel with my wife
so I ran away
Before today...
I thought of all kinds of excuses
Working pressure of men
Tension of work, needs to release
But when I saw the clothes my wife hung for me...
I was really regret.
Thank you.
How cute, what's he's name?
He's four years old this year
Four years old...
You ok?
Reminds me of my childhood
That time, there's a guy who take cares of us
All children likes him well
we call him...
Call him what?
I think Joe's gonna be fine
Because Ottosan likes kids, they're cute
How would he kill Joe?
Lu Da, my son
Have you eaten your dinner?
I just had some cup noodles
How's it over there?
Fine, everything's alright
Schedule remains the same
Thanks a lot
Where's Hai Gen?
He's girl friend is seriously injured
I got something.
Ottosan, in japanese means Father
He's a mixed blood of Japan and Russia, the soldier of the Soviet Union.
23 years ago, committed a murder which caused himself a global warrant
so he escaped to Europe
he formed a crime group during his escape, kidnapping kids from all around the world
brain wash them, make them his children
that's why they call him Ottosan
The guy you're looking for is call Hai Gen
Vietnamese, also an adpoted son of Ottosan
Although the former president of BaiLdaoDa, Ahmad has died
but the former Adviser Basang, who exile with him
is still under arrest of the America FBI
Maybe he and Ottosan has been wanted by Ahmad
to assassiate Mr. Rong
Why would they do so?
As for Hojo Mari, she's Ottosan's adpoted girl.
She's Mari
Recently, she's been suspected for 4 cases of assassination
causing 8 people to die, 25 people injured.
All did by me?
This guy is Motoki, a japanese
that came to Hong Kong tow months ago to commit crime
failed to assassinate the major drug dealer Lak Cha of Thailand
he's injured by Lak Cha's bodyguard.
While he's in the hospital, someone kidnapped him
ever since, he's disappear.
According to the information, its Mari that rescued him
Why would I rescue him?
Hai Gen...
Wait a minute.
Ming, bring me to a place.
Aida, I'll contact you later, see you.
Inspector Zhang.
Officer Ming will be in deep trouble if you guys continue to do like that
We all understand that his wife's death is driving him mad
He resist arrestment, attack police, kidnap prisoner...
Every single crime is enough to put him behind the bars
If you all really want to help him, then let me handle him
How's it?
Officer Ming, how are you now?
I'm with Mari in the temple street
I will soon find the answer to my question
I'll call you again, bye now.
They're in the temple street.
Let's go!
Why are they doing this to you?
Ottosan said if I carry out the mission
He'll take care of you.
How can he...
Everyone please be careful.
Let's go!
Come on lets go!
Get outta da way! Get outta da way!
Hold it right there! Don't move!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Put the gun down!
Inspector Zhang, I've arrested a criminal
Aida! Aida...
Call the ambulance!
Tian Ming shot her
Hang on! Don't fall asleep!
Hang on...
After I rescued Motoki
I let him rest in the temple street
Ottosan agree to take care of him for me
To let me finish my last mission
Then we can leave the organisation, and quit the assassination
I can never believe that Ottosan will betray us
That Zhang Zhi Cheng
Inspector Zhang?
He's one of Ottosan's man
Operator, the wounded caught a bullet
right through the chest, severe situation
Preliminary inspection, serious hemorrhage of internal organs
Pulse 120, BP 80
Blood Pressure low.
Excessive loss of blood, prepare for blood transfusion
Operator, do you hear me?
Copy, 2 groups of people are preparing
Group 1, group 2 alert, the wounded is in coma.
bullet right through the chest, serious hemorrhage of internal organs
Why did Aida hang up, are you alright?
Tian Ming?
zhang Zhi Cheng?
Where's Aida?
You killed Aida, Jun nearly die too
Zhang Zhi Cheng...
There's not turning path for you now
Pulse raise to 150, BP drop to 60
Abnormal heart beats
Twitches and difficulty in breathing!
Falling into injury coma!
Pulse dropping, no BP!
Salt water! Full Speed!
I really don't understand.
Why don't Zhang Zhi Cheng just kill Rong Da Gang? He's just beside him all the time.
To sacrifice Aida and you?
I did what Ottosan told me.
To assassomate Rong Da Gang when he's about to leave Hong Kong
But I never thought that he purposely make me failed the mission
And he tries to kill me...
Why would he do that?
There's something I can be sure of, its has something to do with your neighbour country
A month ago, I got my mission there from Motoki
He said that Ottosan will arrange this deal by himself
Ottosan will go by himself?
Still remember where they met?
So,if we find Odesang...
then we can know about the truth
and maybe we can also find Joe back
Get a boat immediately We're crossing the sea tonight
Get in
Zhang Sir,we got a message
Tian Ming's old friend,Da Hei,has already sailed away
He should be crossing the sea
You're tired,take a rest
It's me
How did it go?
Your daughter came here for you
I'm cleaning my doors anyway
Relax,i'll handle it on my own
I'll tell you what This is not your game any more
It's mine
No matter whose game it is I just want a...
happy ending
That would be so boring
I came up with a surprising one
Zhang Sir
See if there's anything you need
You have a heart
I heard you had an accident
It's inside the police station I'm gonna take a look
I'll have somebody assist you
Not for now
Maybe we'll meet later there
It seems you like this novel
Chief Basang,this is not a novel
This is a classic of military
Really? As to a soldier...
isn't his gun more important than his book?
You think so?
If this is what you think...
then no wonder your president will end up like this
It's called "Sun Zi's Art of War"
Countless leaders have used it
This time,President Mo's last wish...
all depends on it
This book... is yours
Sleep tight,my baby
When you wake up...
I'll train you to be a real man
It's me
The situation is serious,i know you'll come to me
You got the message too?
Did you forget my girlfriend is the secretary of the security department?
I come to you for help
As long as it's not killing myself...
you can ask for whatever you want
I'll call you later
I'll be waiting
OK,I'll be back soon
It's said that the headquarter would send Zhang Sir here for the Yao Tianming case
This is where I met Da Shu
Do you still remember anything?
I saw a picture of this toy in Da Shu's hand
Get away! What do you want?
Get away... Someone's hurt!
Get away!
Get away!Get away...
Get away!
The lastest news of the serial explosions in this morning
The wanted headmaster,Yao Tianming
is proved to be involved in this case
The case took place at the same time in different locations
40 were injured
The police has already reinforced public security to catch all that's suspected
If anything came up,contact the police immediately
You are really glamorous
What are you trying to play?
Sometimes I have doubts about myself
Such as "will Mr. Rong be back?"
What do you want?
Sit,we can talk this over
Still remember i owe you a cup of coffee?
And,your son
Yeah,I do
Mr. Ma,did you get the message too?
I got it just now
Did Mr. Rong know?
Not yet,I was wondering how to tell him
Kun,get ready,we're going back
But Mr. Rong... Mr. Rong
Outside is disordered and plus,you are not recovered yet
We'll have you back after we arranged our security,OK?
We'll have you back after we arranged our security,OK?
Yes,Mr. Rong
I think... you still remember 911 quite clearly,right?
Three hours after the first hit that day
the mayor of New York has already arrived the scene
dealing with problems arising from the accident
In the same way,
it's the time that our citizens need us the most
What time is it now?
Half past nine,Mr. Rong
We try to go back at 11
I'm visiting the injured and their family immediately
No problem
Sorry,i have to change,sorry
Your coffee,Sir
Still remember i owe you a cup of coffee?
Where is my son?
What are you doing this for?
The million dollars from Odesang?
I don't mind too much money I can't use it all anyway
What I want,money can't buy
Such as?
The feeling of being pointed by gun
Why pick me?
There's a story of the big emplacement
Three hundred years ago,the Hollanders broke in
The Portuguese were retreating in defeat Just when they were about to fail
a father stood up
using cannons to beat back the Hollanders finally
It seems you didn't follow me I meant...
A civilian,a hero,whichever you wanted to be
it all depends on the time
I haven't thought of being a hero
If I can choose...
I'd rather to wish nothing happened
The game has already begun We have to play
Character decides fate You and I are the same
You are gonna leave like this?
I'm going to pick Mr. Rong up
Everything is the same,nothing happened,except for you
The superior wins,the game is fair
Have you forgot Odesang's lesson?
Da Shu
Don't use the same way to assassinate in a short time
Opposing to us just for a guy you've known for less than a day
Is it worth it?
Who is the first one that betrayed?
That's because you stuck up for A-Mu too much
and riled Odesang
You asked for it yourself!
Zhen,recognize this knife?
Odesang gave it to us when we were kids
Where's yours?
I don't need this kind of stuff any more!
I remember we used to compete on knives
It seems today...
we have to decide who's the winner!
Come on!
Are you alright?
The classroom in the Li Dao mountain
the one which we used to compete in
Come on!
Luda,my son
How is there?
Quite all right
It seems there's no one patroling
Security is clearly slacked off
Hi,where is Hagen?
He's on the other side,looking outraged
It's good to rage
See you later
Come on,let's go
Sorry to trouble you
"Sun Zi's Art of War"?
Odesang's favourite book
Why burning it?
It looks familiar
In "False or True", Sun Zi wrote
Attack where it's weak while attacking
Defend where it's attacked while defending
Good attackers hide where they're defending from the enemies
What does it mean?
"False or True"...
Good attackers...
Attack where it's weak...
while attacking
You got it?
Asha,check something for me
Hold on
Go ahead
Listen,check the latest removement in security for me
And find out the weakest spot of police force
give me 30 seconds
The whole police force is focused on Mr. Rong and the city center
The weakest spot is Li Dao Airport
Li Dao Airport?
Check which politic VIPs are going to arrive today
The guests of American Chamber of Charity Commerce
American Chamber of Charity Commerce? How come they deserve such a superior security?
His name is...
Langnu Schemif
Langnu Schemif...
I got it
Their target is not Mr. Rong It's Langnu Schemif
Director Schemif,sorry for the trouble
Don't call me director
I've retired from CIA for many years
I've read Schemif's file in International Operative Department before
Because he pulled down the "Crazy A-Mo" he went into exile
Odesang should be the one he asked to kill Schemif before his death
It's not political assassination,just personal business
Da Xiong is set out
Maintenance man,it all depends on you
Let's see outside
Good attackers,while attacking...
attack where it's weak
Three Point!
Strict Guard!
Strict Guard!
No. 2! Up! Up! Up!
You little coward!
Go! Drive!
Come on! Hurry Up!
Get rid of him!
Go! Go! Go!
You are so mean!
Zhen,don't you forget... your honor
I'm the father who brought you up
I took care of you... I love you...
You forget it all?
When you couldn't sleep
I told the "Watermelon Boy"'s story to you...
until you were asleep... you forget all about this?
I would suffer the greatest pain for you...
A- Mu doesn't deserve you I'm the one of your life
Do you have the heart to kill me?
Shoot me if you do
My daughter...
Mr. Rong... How are you doing?
Mr. Rong...
The game is fair
Freeze! Freeze!
Get down! Get down!
Don't move!
Headquarter,we arrested an armed female
Please send some rescue
Headquarter,we need an ambulance! Zhang Sir got shot...
Roger,the rescue is on the way
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Enterprise - 2x17 - Canamar
Enterprise - 2x18 - The Crossing
Enterprise - 2x19 - Judgment
Enterprise - 2x20 - Horizon
Enterprise - 2x21 - The Breach
Enterprise - 2x22 - Cogenitor
Enterprise - 2x23 - Regeneration
Enterprise - 2x24 - First Flight
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Enterprise - 3x09 - North Star
Enterprise - 3x10 - Similitude
Enterprise - 3x11 - Carpenter Street
Enterprise - 3x12 - Chosen Realm
Enterprise - 3x13 - Proving Ground
Enterprise - 3x14 - Stratagems
Enterprise - 3x15 - Harbinger
Enterprise - 3x16 - Doctors Orders
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Enterprise - 4x03 - Home
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