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Extremely Goofy Movie An

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# Hmm, hmm, hmm #
Ohh !
Ugh !
- Ohh ! Ohh ! - [ Gongs ]
Ow ! Wow-hoo ! Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo-ee !
Yah ! Whoo !
Yeah, dude!
Bobby, do that again, but this time don't fall down.
## [ Humming ]
- Aah ! - Whoo-hoo-wow !
Huh ?
Do you realize going off to college means no more...
well-meaning but totally smothering, overprotective,
doting, ah-yucking dads ?
Yeah, well, yours at least.
My dad's been counting down the days until he can turn my bedroom into a bowling alley.
Hey, we have a surefire way to shoot straight to the top of the freshman heap.
[ Together] The College ''X'' Games !
First freshman team to win it all !
First team to boot those number one Gammas on their boot-tays !
Huh ! The Gammas may be five-time winners,
but I hope they're ready for a losing streak !
[ Together] Let's beat the Gammas ! Let's do it to it !
[ Cheering, Laughing ]
Gawrsh, Pete, one day you're changin' their diapers,
and the next thing you know...
they're all grown up and leavin' for college.
Well, Goof, the way I see it,
it's my last night of baby-sitting, and I'm a free man !
Oh, yeah ! Ha-ha ! Free, free, free, I tell you !
Yah-hoo ! Ha-ha ! Come on, son.
I can't miss you if you won't leave !
- Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! - Yeah, free.
Hey, why don't you get the boys ? Food's almost ready.
It's time to serve these little babies now.
Ha-ha-ooh !
Nice rasta, pasta, Maxman.
Ooh, Maxie's pretty good at that boardin' stuff.
He is totally gonna kill at college.
Huh ?
- Yeah ! Yes ! - [ Cheering ]
Listen, son, that there ''X'' Games fiddle-faddle...
may be all well and fun,
but remember, you're going off to college to make something of yourselves.
- Exactly. - You'll get a degree,
and the world will be your clam.
Uh, oyster, Dad ?
No, thanks. I'm saving room for weenies.
Now, let me show you exactly what I mean.
Oh, no, not the old horseshoe lecture.
You see, tossin' horseshoes is a lot like how life works.
[ Coughs, Sputters ]
Sorry, Pete.
Uh, like I was sayin'--
[ Together] It's about staying focused on your goals.
Right. You see, every once in a while...
life gives you an important tossin' opportunity.
Like, uh, well... college, for instance !
If you want that dee-ploma,
you gotta fix both eyes on it like it was this here horseshoe stake.
And with the proper ''consecration''...
and follow-through,
Throw it, will ya !
you should hear the clang of a ringer!
[ Clanging ]
Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo ! A ringer !
See, Maxie ? You've just gotta stay focused.
- Huh ? - Hey, Goof,
- it's gettin' cold already. - [ Chattering ]
Save a weenie for me !
Hey, Peej, isn't ten hot dogs enough ? Pass 'em over here.
Ooh, I can't wait to get out of here.
Here, let me help you pack.
Dad, I can do that.
I sure hope so. I'm not gonna be there at college to pick up after you.
In fact, it's gonna be a long time...
before you see your old man again.
What, maybe Christmas ?
Ah, Dad, it'll go by fast.
[ Whispering ] Not too fast, I hope.
It's time to take charge, live your own life.
You're a grown man now, Maxie-Poo.
I'm not takin' ol' Stuffed Bear to college, Dad !
- Sure you are. - No.
What are you talkin' about ? You love Stuffed Bear.
- Come on. You're gonna need him. - I'm not kidding !
- No! - [ Squeaking ]
Well, then,
I got somethin' else for you.
- [ Grunts ] - Son,
I want you to have this.
Oh ! It weighs like a ton !
I bet it's one of those combo TV/CD/VCR/Laptop/Scanner/Fax things, right ?
Oh, man, they are so cool!
[ Camera Flashes ]
- Too stunned to speak, huh ? - No,just stunned. What is it ?
This was my father's.
And now, son, it's yours.
Thanks, Dad. This means a lot to me.
Oh, listen, I'm gonna turn in.
[ Yawns ] You know, big day tomorrow.
- Good night, Dad. - Good night, son.
[ Squeaks ]
## [ Whistling ]
## [ Humming ] Ah-yuck.
Ah-yuck. ## [ Humming ]
Did you brush your teeth ?
[ Gulps ] Yeah, Dad.
- Comb your hair ? - Yep.
- Did you put on clean underwear ? - Dad !
- [ P.J.] Come on, Max! - Oop ! Gotta go !
But, Max--
Ooh !
- Goin' already ? - Gotta get there early for freshman orientation. See ya.
What about breakfast ?
- You need your three squares a day, you know. - Don't worry.
We'll pick up donuts on the way. Love ya ! Miss ya ! See you at Christmas ! Bye !
Don't forget to have some milk with those... donuts.
Don't forget to have some milk with those... donuts.
Good-bye, my little college man.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffles ]
- Gawrsh. - [ Squeaks ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Bobby ] # Doot-doot-doot-doot #
# Doot-doot-doot #
Okay, dude, south.
Un, no, wait. I mean-- I don't know, man. Do I look like Magellan ?
- P.J., you couldn't spell Magellan. - Try hangin' a Louie.
No, no. Wait. That's the other Louie.
Louie, Huey, Dewey ? What're you talkin' about ?
Yo, it's right here. This way.
Yeah, Peej, Bobby's right.
Hey, Bob, um, who's drivin' ?
- [ Horn Honking, Tires Screeching ] - [ Boys Yelling ]
[ Yelling ]
Aaah !
Check it out !
Gentlemen, I welcome you to the first day...
of the rest of our lives.
Wow. That's pretty deep.
[ Bobby ] Did you get that off a bumper sticker ?
Yo. I spy the Gamma house, which means...
that dude right there is the one, the only...
[ Boys Together ] Bradley Uppercrust the Third!
Whoa ! The College ''X'' Games king !
Yeah, until we take the crown.
Let's play ball, Dad.
[ Sighs ] Max.
[ Factory Whistle Blows ]
- Hiya, Dad. - Maxie.
Mr. Goof! An assembly line is for assembling.
Stop daydreaming and get back to work... or else !
Oh-oh-oh-oh ! Ohh ! Wah !
[ Yelling ]
Oh, no ! Look out !
Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo !
[ Goofy Groaning ]
[ Groans ] Ooh !
Ooh !
I warned you !
You're fired !
[ Together] Huh ?
Oh. Wow !
Great air, Max-a-million ! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah !
Yeah !
- Look at that guy go. Oh, my gosh ! - I can't look at anything else.
Whoa ! Did you see that ?
[ Excited Chatter ]
Well, well, well.
Look what the freshman cat dragged in, baby. Some new meat.
Hey, easy, big fella. That new meat looks like Gamma material.
Let's check him out. Gammas, roll !
Ugh ! #Ta-da #
Check it out.
Look who's following us.
[ Chuckles ] Let's just make sure it stays that way.
[ Excited Chattering ]
[ Waitress ] Grande cap, extra foamy, hold the whip, cinnamon dust, biscotti side.
- Iced double-tall, percent cap. We have any scones ? - [ Man ] We got two.
You guys grab a table, I'll grab the java.
Life. [ Clicks Fingers ]
Life is like a lime.
Hmm. It's tart and tangy.
Sweet. Ooh, so sublime.
[ Whispers ] Quiet, speechless like a mime.
Bold and noisy like a crime.
- Don't you dare waste my time, 'cause life can stop... - [ Bongo Beats ]
- Don't you dare waste my time, 'cause life can stop... - [ Bongo Beats ]
on a dime.
[ Clicking ]
[ Bobby ] Bravo! Bravo! Encore!
Author, Arthur Miller !
Suddenly I'm feelin' dizzy...
with emotion.
Check it out, Bradley. He's over there.
I'm gonna go give him a Gamma welcome.
- Ahh ! - Ooh. I'm sorry, I, I--
No, no, no. No. It's, uh, all right, really.
I'd wager that if you were on a skateboard, you wouldn't have spilled a drop.
[ Chuckles ] You'd win that bet.
It's my best event. Hi. I'm Max.
Bradley. Bradley Uppercrust the Third.
- [ Man Clears Throat ] - Ah, yes,
my right-hand man, Gamma Brother Tank.
The pleasure's all mine, baby.
Welcome aboard, little tyke. You're class, the high kind.
Max, we have won every College ''X'' Games competition...
since the beginning.
And we have decided to make you our first draft pick.
Lucky you, huh ? What do you think of that ?
No way. You want us to be Gammas ?
Ha ! You guys, you hear that ?
- We're gonna be part-- - Hold on, pal.
This reservation's only for one.
Oh, well, I'm sorry, but P.J., Bobby and I are in this together.
It's all of us, or none of me.
Max, Max, Max.
You don't wanna be weighed down by those clowns, do you ?
I thought you wanted to win.
Well, that's just what we're going to do.
Ha ! Like you'll find any better competitors than my teammates.
They're the real deal. Serious athletes.
Check it. Uh-huh.
- [ Laughing ] - The Dynamic Dorks.
Come on. The only thing you three could win...
is a loser contest, baby.
[ Snaps Fingers ]
Wow, nice trick.
Do they go fetch and play dead too ?
Why, yes. As a matter of fact they do.
Gammas, fetch.
Uh-oh. This can't be good.
- [ Snarls ] - Back off, man.
I've got a biscotti, and I'm not afraid to use it.
[ Nervous Laugh ]
All right, quit toying with my emotions.
I thought we were friends.
See, I'm giving you the opportunity to join the Gamma Mu Mu Fraternity.
Mu, Mu ! [ Laughs ] Who wants to join a herd of cows ?
- Tank ? - Now, pray tell, sweetheart.
Would Mr. Uppercrust like a little power wedgie for your viewing pleasure ?
Hey, leave him alone ! Huh ? Bobby !
Hey, don't worry, bro.
I'm a yellow belt.
Eee-ya ! Eee-ya !
Hey, Daddy-os.
This is a real L-7 scene.
Let's all take a trip down the road of forgiveness and compassion.
Ooh, passion. [ Laughs ]
I like your style, Little Miss Mochachino, but I'm busy right now.
Well, I'm dizzy right now from watching your downward spiral.
Ah, why don't you go off and save some whales or something ?
Ha !
Oh, you slay me, Tiger.
You are the fly in my soup. You are the eyelash in my eye.
You are so busy blowing out bad vibes in every direction,
that we are all choking on your secondhand smoke. [ Snaps Fingers ]
[ Snapping Fingers ]
[ Snapping Continues ]
Errr ! Knock it off!
What's wrong, Brad ?
Don't you dare call me that !
Yeah. Don't forget, he's the king, buster.
Yeah, well, we'll dethrone you and the Gammas, your royal lowness.
Huh. You'll be lucky to be my towel boy.
Why don't we just make a little wager on that ?
Loser of the finals will be towel boy to the other.
You got a deal.
Be ready to wipe the dirt off my shoes, freshman.
Gammas, out !
- Don't let the door hit ya. - Later.
Now, that's the first time I ever saw the trash...
take itself out.
You've got the beat, boys.
Well, you invented it, girl.
You let your fingers do the talkin'. Right.
[ Woman ] Next!
[ Tapping ]
Well, Mr. Goof,
I notice you don't have a college degree.
Well, I did complete three years, but--
Look, doll, I'm afraid we can only get jobs...
for people who have college degrees.
So, what do you need ?
What is ''a degree'' ?
Bingo ! We have a winner.
Oh, what's a Goof to do ?
Well, doll-- Uh, Mr. Goof,
the answer to your problem is simple.
The only way to build your career is to go back to college.
College ? Me ? I was there in the '7 0s. I'm too old for that now.
Come on, doll. You're never too old to learn a new trick.
''We who are godlike now were once a mass...
- [ Snoring ] - of quivering purple flecked with bars of gold.
Insentient ! Full of joy or misery,
and tossed in terrible tangles...
- Mommy, I didn't do it ! - of some wild...
- and windswept--'' - [ Doors Open ]
Hi, everybody !
[ Screams ]
[ Students Laughing ]
I'm just a yearnin' for some learnin'.
Who is this goon ?
Right on, brother ! Ah-yuck !
- Hey, Max, is my vision blurred... - Oh, no. Oh, no.
or does that guy look like your dad ?
- Maxie ! - Kill me.Just kill me now !
Hey, Maxie,
looks like you and me are gonna be classmates.
Ah-yuck. He's my son.
[ Laughing ]
Daddy's little baby couldn't be alone ?
[ Laughing Continues ]
Nooo !
So I got fired. Guess I lost my focus.
Ah, Dad, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Well, look, if you're here to stay, I think we need to--
Focus more. You're absolutely right.
Now that I'm with ya, I won't be distracted no more. No, sirree.
I'm gonna get me that college degree--
Whoa !
- [ Laughing ] What a bonehead ! - [ Girl ] What a loser.
Dad, what I was saying...
is that we need to establish some ground rules.
Well, sure. Whatever you say, Maxie.
First thing, lose the wig.
But I need to look hip and groovy for college.
Dad, you're scaring people.
I know you're worried it might be hard to get into the swing of things here,
and, well, it might be.
But I figure two Goofs are better than one.
Two ''goofs'' all right.
Just think ! A whole 'nother year,
just you and me.
Ayear ? Did he say a year ? Tell me he didn't say a year. I heard a year.
Hold me and tell me he didn't say a year.
Ayear's like-- That's forever.
You realize this could severely affect campus hijink-age.
Yeah ! And how we gonna whip those Gammas now ?
- With your dad's ''practice interruptus'' ? - Listen, guys.
Cut the old man some slack. He has to be here.
He was fired, and he can't find a good job without a degree.
Fired ? Whoa.
You mean like his pink slip was showing ?
Don't push it, man.
Look, I talked to him and laid out all the ground rules.
No interfering with the ''X'' Games practice.
No hounding us about schoolwork. No coming into our room unannounced.
And no acting like a father.
Especially mine.
He's got his life, I've got my life.
[ Echoing ] ''My life. My life. ''
- [ Knocking On Door ] - Rise and shine !
- [ Boys Groaning ] - School's a-waitin'.
What do you say, boys ?
Dad !
Our first class isn't until noon.
Maybe so, but every day starts with a good breakfast.
Ooh ! Whoa, whoa !
[ Boys Groaning ]
##Nowhere to run to, baby ##
##Nowhere to hide ##
##It's my love I'm runnin'from ##
##It's a heartbreak I've nowhere to go ##
## 'Cause I know you're no good for me ##
## To become part of me ##
-##Everywhere I go, every face I see ## - [ Laughing ]
##Every step I take you take by me,yeah ##
- Look at it go! - No, no, no.
[ Max Groans ]
## Got nowhere to run to, baby ##
Hey ! Huh ?
-##I know you're no good for me ## - Oh, lookie!
-##Nowhere to run, baby ## - [ Bell Ringing ]
##Nowhere to hide ####
Hey ! Huh, huh ?
- Huh ? - Hiya, Max.
Errr. Goof.
[ Goofy ] So after we compare and contrast the Age of Enlightenment's...
dark period with the Spanish Inquisition's recessionary trends,
we can get a head start on our trigonorm--
Uh, triggy-- Uh, math.
Then as a treat, I'll get us tickets to the Museum...
of Natural Arts and Sciences.
- I hear there's a spectacular leech exhibit. - [ Sighs ] Oh.
But only if we finish all our homework.
[ Yawning ]
Huh ?
Where you goin: son ?
Oh, yeah ! Well, I was just gonna go to--
- You know, go to the-- - I have a temporary, but I never got my permanent.
To take you to sign up for your library card.
Dad, all new students need one.
Good morning, gentlemen. I am the Head Librarian,
versed in all aspects of your school's library,
including, but not limited to, fiction, nonfiction,
periodicals, reference and policy.
- How may I help you ? - Hi there, Miss '' Marpole-ee.'' Marpole. Marpole !
My Dad needs a library card. Could you--
Oh, it would be my pleasure.
We here at the college library believe that owning a library card...
is a privilege, not a right.
Consequently, we expect students...
to treat the Dewey Decimal System with respect.
You'll find these helpful to your library experience.
[ Gasps ] Well, I'll be !
Is that a genuine mood ring you're wearin' ?
Well, oh-- [ Stammering ]
Yes. Well, yes it is.
I'm a collector of'7 0s memorabilia and such. Sort of silly, huh ?
What, are you kiddin' ?
This here's a Gilligan's Island fan club seashell.
[ Gasps ] Get out !
Do you remember the one when the Professor built a noncombustible engine...
out of coconut shells and sand ?
Gawrsh, yeah, little buddy.
- [ Continues Indistinct ] - Come on ! We're supposed to be practicin' for the ''X'' Games.
I love all that '7 0s stuff!
- Come on, we're out of here. - Oh, gosh! Remember the '' Boogie Duck''?
That was my all-time favorite !
- Quack, quack, quack, quack. - Ooh-ooh.
- Quack, quack, quack, quack. - Ooh-ooh.
Here at the college library you'll find a most-- [ Gasps ]
A-A-Ahem !
Miss Marpole !
In a library?
Really !
And now, I actually think that the Psych Department...
will be most refreshing.
Well, uh, I really should be...
getting back to work.
Say, um, Miss Marpole--
Oh, you can call me Sylvia.
Gawrsh ! Sylvia. Ah-yuck.
I was just a-wonderin' if maybe you'd like to--
Go out to dinner ?
Well, then maybe afterwards, uh--
- Go dancing ? - Sure !
So, if, uh-- Well, if you're free on--
Saturday ? Oh, I'd love to. 7:00 ?
All right. Ah-yuck. See ya then.
You know, Goofy, you're pretty groovy.
Aw, shucks !
She said I'm pretty groovy.
Hey, Maxie ! Guess what ?
Maxie ?
I got a date.
[ Kids Cheering ]
- Yeah ! - [ Bobby ] Excellent, bro.
- [ Cheering ] - I got a date.
Ah-yuck ! I got a date.
Gotta tell Maxie. There he is.
- Maxie ! I got a-- - Huh ?
- Whoa ! - Let go, Dad !
Wow ! Waa-hoo-hoo ! Waa-hoo !
Whoa ! Waa-hoo-hoo ! Waa-hoo !
Hey, that guy is good !
Isn't that Baby Goof's old man ?
[ Excited Chattering, Cheering ]
[ Whistling, Applause ]
- Wowee ! - Gimme that.
That sure was a heap of fun. Now I see why you're so crazy about it.
Hey, Maxie, what if I join your team ?
We could practice together, and wear them funny outfits and everything.
- It'd be a lot of fun. - Dad, as fun as that sounds,
there are no openings on my team.
Okay ?
Mr. Goof!
Your performance was, without a doubt,
the most breathtaking display of alternative sport inventiveness...
yet to be parallelled by mankind !
Gee ! Ah-yuck. Thanks.
Whatever you said.
The Gammas, the number one team in the history of the College ''X'' Games,
have an opening on our team.
And it has got your name on it, buddy !
Be a winner. Join us.
Hey, welcome to the team.
That's real nice of you to ask,
but I'm really only interested in stayin' close to Maxie.
Uh, I'm not sure you understand this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Well, ah-yuck, I'm not sure you understand...
the bond between a father and his son.
Guys, I have a plan.
Well, if you change your mind, here's my card.
Gammas, let's pack it up.
- Gawrsh. - Yeah, get outta here.
Listen, Dad, next to our team...
the Gammas are the team, and they need you more than we do.
Oh, yeah, Mr. Goof. The Gammas are like way hot, man.
Besides, we'll all still be around each other at practices and events all the time.
You'll have oodles of fun !
Well, son, if you say so.
Go for it, Dad.
Hey, uh, Mr. Uppercrust, you can count me in.
All right, then. There you go.
Gentlemen, please. Gamma Brother Goofy,
let me present you with your Gamma Mu Mu pledge pin.
Gammas, exit.
Gamma Brother Goofy!
[ Laughing ] Whoo, yeah !
[ Male Singers ] ##It is you ##
## Oh,yeah ##
##It is you ##
A crunch to us. [ Laughs ]
I can't believe it. It worked.
We unloaded my dad, and now we can focus on winning.
[ Together] Let's do it to it !
Hey, hi. I know you.
You're that awesome new skateboarder.
Save a dance for me ?
[ Gulps ] No problem.
[ Laughing ] You dance ?
- I gotta see this. - Oh, wow !
[ In French Accent ] Me and a little crumpet like yourself...
could make beautiful bongo music together.
Whoa ! Easy boy. You're foggin' up my karma.
- Hey, you wanna sit with us ? - Sure.
Your cool balances out his fool.
Okay, whatever.
[ Chuckles ] Well.
If it's all the same, I, uh, forgot your name.
It is endemic of the current culture that those with large stature...
are overlooked, except by vultures,
with no regard to the depth of their souls,
the height of their passion,
the beauty of their moments.
O wise Buddha Boy,
how could anyone overlook such a bundle of''yes-ness'' ?
Let's dance.
Ha ! Guess the Bob-boy's lost his touch.
[ Knocking ]
[ Whispering ]
####[ Disco ]
[ Patrons Chattering ]
Hey, what's goin' on ?
[ Female Singer ] ##Shake it, shake it Shake your groove thing ##
##Shake your groove thing Yeah,yeah ##
##Show 'em how we do it now ##
##Shake your groove thing Shake your groove thing,yeah,yeah ##
##Show 'em how we do it now Show 'em how we do it now ##
##Let's show the world we can dance ##
##Bad enough to strut my stuff ##
## The music gives us a chance ##
## We do more out on the floor ##
## Groovin'loose or heart-to-heart ##
## We put in motion every single part ##
If the Gammas don't keep my dad out of our hair, his new girlfriend will.
[ Howling ] Boogie !
##Shake your groove thing Shake your groove thing,yeah,yeah ##
##Show 'em how we do it now ##
##Shake your groove thing Shake your groove thing,yeah,yeah ##
##Show 'em how we do it now Shake your groove thing ##
Oh, you're swingin' with some pretty cool canines there, Papa-dog.
You are queen of the scene, my little java bean.
## Yeah,yeah ##
##Show 'em how we do it now ##
## There's nothing more that I'd like to do ##
## Than take the floor and dance with you ##
##Keep dancing ##
##Let's keep dancing ####
[ Female And Male Singers ] ## You've got a cute way of talking ##
## You've got the better of me ##
##.Just snap your fingers and I'm walking ##
##Like the dog hanging on a leash ##
##I'm in the spin you know ##
##Shaking on a string you know ##
-## You make me feel like dancing ## -## Gonna dance the night away ##
## You make me feel like dancing ##
## Gonna dance the night away ##
## You make me feel like dancing ##
##I feel like dancing, dancing Dance the night away ##
##I feel like dancing Dancing ##
##Ah ##
##Ditty-ditty dit, dit, de-dit ####
Oh, Goofy,
this is the best night of my life.
Mine too !
Oh, Sylvia !
Ohhh-aah !
[ Sylvia Screaming ]
[ Sniffing ] Oh !
[ Kissing Sounds ]
Ohh !
Ohh ! [ Gasps ]
Hey ! What--
[ Sniffs ]
[ Gasps, Screams ]
[ Stammering ]
I'll see you at the qualifying rounds, freshmen !
And after, when you'll be bringing me my towel, boy !
Ahh, this is everything I dreamed it would be !
This place puts the ''rage'' in outrageous !
No kiddin' ! It buries what we're used to.
All right,just remember. There's nothing here that we can't handle.
Oh! I seriously doubt that.
We're gonna eat you alive, freshmen !
Oh, Brad, we're quaking on our boards.
[ Sportscaster Over P.A.] Attention, would Gamma Team One and Team 99...
report to the street competition platform ?
Hey, guys, that's us. Let's do it to it.
- Good luck, son ! - Yeah, you too, Dad.
Hey-ho and whaddya you know ?
Welcome to the Sixth Annual College ''X'' Games.
[ Crowd Cheering ]
[ Sportscaster ] The contestants are gonna spin,
twist, lunge and plunge like there's no tomorrow.
Today's qualifying rounds will determine who will compete in the semifinals !
And now, let's see what's happening at our first venue,
the skateboarders' street competition,
from our man on the street, Ken Clark!
- Welcome, one and all. Today-- - Thank you, Ken !
[ Sportscaster ] Word on the street is that there's a new kid in town...
who poses a threat to Bradley Uppercrust the Third.
- That's right, Chuck. And his name is-- - Max Goof!
[ Chanting ] Max ! Max ! Max !
Hey, Tank !
[ Whispering ]
This is it, man. Your competition.
This is the big one, bro. Stay focused.
Just like we always do !
It's a little insurance, baby, with no deductible.
Crazy idea. You do the honors, Brother Goof.
Me ? Gawrsh ! Well... sure !
[ Chuck ] Well, well, what do we have here ?
Looks like there's been a last minute substitution.
That's right, Chuck. Skateboarding for the Gammas is--
[ Chuck ] Max Goof's father, Goofy!
It's patriarch and son pitted against each other...
in a battle of skill and dexterity.
[ Chuckling ] This is gonna be good.
- Whoo-ha-ha ! - Adios, compadre.
[ Chuck ] Not bad. Looping out with a devil flip to a head butt.
- [ Gasping ] - [ Chuck ] He's up and ready to rip!
Looks like Brother Goof needs a boost.
[ Chuck ] And a huge triple flip on the quarter pipe.
Fifty-fifty slide uphill to a flip.
Wow-hoo !
[ Chuck ] What a lip slide to a hand-plant! Whoa nelly!
Skating with the speed of a cheetah, that is gonna be time for Goofy.
Oh, what a show!
That's right, Chuck. Looks like the new kid in town is no match...
for the unbeatable Gammas and their newest member--
Goofy !
Let's see what the judges have to say.
Perfect tens across the board!
Except for the German judge. Nine on that one.
Wow ! Blown away by his own dad.
Hey, quiet ! I'm trying to concentrate here.
[ Chuck ] It's Max's time to skate.
And... here he goes!
Ooh! Starts out big with a half cam across the box jump.
Ooh ! Ahh !
Losing his balance to a knee slide.
That is going to hurt his score unless he does something big!
Okay, comin' to the quarter pipe.
Tail-grabs to a lip slide on the rail to--
- [ Crowd Gasps ] - Oh, that has got to hurt.
Come on, Max, get up !
[ Chuck ] He's okay!
Let's see if he can end strong.
Quick flip into a one-handed stall.
This is a new one. I have never seen this move, folks!
It's back down into the transition. Sit 360.
And... time!
With barely above a six-point average,
Team 99 just makes it to the semifinals...
by the skin of their teeth!
Relax ! It's okay, man. We're in !
- Get real ! - [ Crowd Chanting ] Goofy! Goofy!
Witness, gentlemen, victory is ours.
And most importantly, we taught our little freshmen foes...
not to mess with the Gammas.
- Goofy ! Goofy ! - Maxie !
- Goofy ! Goofy ! - [ Goofy ] Hey, Maxie ?
[ School Bell Rings ]
Maxie ! I've been lookin' all over for you, son.
Where you been ? I can't tell you how sorry I am.
Save your breath ! You may have won this time, but, Dad--
Oh ! This campus just isn't big enough for the both of us.
I didn't mean for it to turn out this way.
I was just tryin' to get closer to ya.
Don't you get it ? I'm trying to get away from you !
I'm not a little kid anymore ! Now just leave me alone and get your own life !
[ Sighs ]
Good morning, people.
It would appear that it is time to start. You may open--
Oh, Mr. Goof.
- Nice of you to join us today. - Huh ?
Oh, yeah. Right.
[ Professor ] You may open your envelopes and begin.
Let's not have any wandering eyes.
[ Chorus ] ##Hello, world There's a song that we're singing ##
## Come on, get happy ##
##A whole lot of lovin' is what we'll be bringin'##
## We'll make you happy ##
## We had a dream We go traveling together ##
## We'll spread a little lovin' And we'll keep movin'on ##
##Something always happens whenever we're together ##
## We get a happy feeling when we're singing a song ##
## Traveling along there's a song that we're singing ##
## Come on, get happy ##
##A whole lot of loving is what we'll be bringing ##
## We'll make you happy ##
## We'll make you happy We'll make you happy ####
[ Growls ]
Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo !
You're fired !
[ Horn Honking ]
I notice you don't have a college degree.
Come on, son. I can't miss you if you won't leave.
Whoa !
- [ Groaning ] - [ Max's Voice ] Get your own life!
Huh ?
- Get your own life! - Huh ?
Leave me alone and get your own life!
- [ Crying ] - [ Professor ] Pencils down.
I said, pencils down.
Wait a minute. I'm not finished !
It's over, Mr. Goof.
[ Crickets Chirping ]
[ Sighs ]
- ## [ Humming ] - Oh, Pete !
What am I gonna do now ?
Oh, look, Goof, it's no big deal.
All that book learning doesn't prepare you for doodly-squat.
It's useless in the real world.
Ha ! All them square roots,
and circumnavigating and circumference and... bah !
It's all ''garbology.'' Lookie here.
If you know that four quarters adds up to a simoleon, you'll survive.
Anyone who tells you anything different...
is priming your pump.
[ Pete Laughs ] Take it from me, pal.
[ Goofy's Voice ] If you want that diploma,
you gotta fix both eyes on it...
like it was this here horseshoe stake.
That's it ! I lost my focus !
I gotta get back there and straighten things out.
Focus !
[ Car Drives Away ]
Did I miss something ?
[ Clock Chiming ]
Hey, I know you ! Aren't you--
Yeah. Max.
Goofy's son ! Ahh ! He is rad !
[ Sighs ]
[ Thunderclaps ]
Hmm ?
Do you ever wonder why we're always like... wearin' gloves ?
Grande cappuccino. Make it a double.
Hey, Max !
- [ Waitress ] Grande cap, double it. - Be here now, bro !
We thrive on the singularity of the you that is one...
with your selfness.
That's just the new P.J. ''speak'' for...
''Where you been, buddy ?''
I've decided this school's only big enough for one Goof.
I'm transferring outta here.
- Excusez-moi moi? - Wait a minute !
Hold it, Max ! That means you can't be on the ''X'' Games team.
Exactly. You don't want me on the team, anyway. I lost in my best event !
Ah, c'mon ! Hey, Maxman ! That was a one-time freak-fest.
You can beat any of those losers any day.
I've already decided. I'm outta here.
Max, Max, Max. Admit defeat,
and defeat will surely admit you into permanent custody, my man.
If I can't even beat my father,
who is probably the most athletically-challenged man in the universe,
how can you expect me to beat the other competitors ?
We're starting in last place because of me !
That never stopped us before !
You wanna give that Gamma geek Bradley the satisfaction of knowing he forced us out ?
Well... no.
You wanna let the crowd who once cheered for you cheer for someone else ?
- Especially when that someone else is your old man ? - No !
Are you gonna be someone else's towel boy ?
No !
- Together we can do it ! - You're right !
We can still beat 'em ! Let's whip those Gammas !
Whoo-hoo-hoo ! Mission: Possible !
[ Together] Let's do it to it !
[ Shouting ]
Boys... will be boys.
[ Sylvia ] Hmm. Stands me up.
Doesn't call me, doesn't apologize, doesn't write to me.
He could send me a little note, something. Hmph.
- Sylvia, I-- Oh, if you'd let me, I-- - Shh.
No talking in the library.
Oh, gawrsh, Sylvia.
I really care about ya.
Well, gee ! If a certain someone truly cared about another someone,
you would think that the certain someone would show up for a certain special dinner,
or at least apologize for not showing up,
or even call or something !
Ohh ! You're right. I'm so sorry.
I let my head get so filled up with fiddle-faddle,
that I plumb lost track of everything that's important to me.
- Counting you! - Oh !
Can you ever forgive me ?
Oh, how can I not forgive you ?
Oh, Sylvia, I gotta get my grades up, and quit those dumb ol' Gammas.
- And most important-- - Shh.
[ Whispering ] And most important, get my son back.
Well, what are we waiting for ?
- I've got a yearnin' for some learnin'. Ah-yuck ! - Ah-yuck !
Huh ?
[ Goofy ] Sylvia ?
## Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ##
Come on, you can do it.
- [ Female Singer ] ##I don't wanna lose this good thing ## - Go, go !
## You're everything I've got ##
##If I do I would surely ##
##Surely lose a lot ##
## 'Cause your love is better ##
## Than any other I know ##
##It's like thunder Lightning ##
-## The way you love me is frightening ## - Let's do it !
## You better knock on wood ##
##Baby ##
## Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ##
## You better knock on wood ####
Oh ! Oh, you did it !
You did it ! Look ! All A's.
- [ Sylvia Laughing ] - Whoa ?
Oh, I am just so proud of you, Goofy.
Let's go celebrate.
Oh, you know I'd love to,
but I got a few more things to take care of.
[ Dog Barking ]
So, you see, I have to quit the team.
- Excuse me ? - You what ?
- No way ! - What is he talking about, huh ?
Just what makes you think you can change your mind...
on the last day of the competition ?
Should I knock some sense into his big melon ?
Whoa, whoa. Down, Tank. Easy, boy.
If you're thinking you're quitting the Gammas to join that freshman geek son of yours,
you've got another thing comin'.
Bull's-eye, baby. Dog-boy's in trouble, and Daddy's gonna bail him out.
No, sirree, sir !
Ah ! Got my bunion !
I'm not gonna be on anyone's team.
Smart man. But you forgot one thing.
Nobody-- I repeat-- Nobody quits the Gammas !
If you were such darn winners before, you'll be just fine without me.
- I'm leavin' the Gammas, and that's that. - You're not leaving the Gammas.
Wow-ow !
- The Gammas are leaving you ! - Sayonara.
- Yeah! Hasta la vista, baby! - [ Door Slams Shut ]
Gee ! I think they're a little sore at me. Whoops !
Better return my Gamma pin.
[ Bradley ] We'll win how we always win. And how's that, Gammas ?
- Skill? - Good looks ?
No,you dense dopes! We'll cheat!
[ Chanting ] Cheat ! Cheat !
Just like we did last time, sweetheart.
That was a great cheat.
But now I have a better plan.
I gotta warn Maxie !
This is it, guys.
- Championship time. - [ Door Opens ]
Oh, hiya, fellers.
Oh, heh-heh, hi, Mr. Goof.
Gee, Max, I know you're still sore at me,
but I came to warn you...
- that the Gammas have been cheatin' all along. - Oh, yeah !
Did Bradley tell you to say that ?
Stop wasting my time, Dad. I gotta stay focused.
Ooh, good luck, son.
[ Chuck ] Ohh, ladies and gentlemen!
Put on your seat belts and hold on to your hats. Oh, my !
It's time for the high-flying, gravity-defying,
College ''X''Games!
Let's get vertical !
All righty now.
We'll begin with the eight qualifying teams in a semifinal round...
until we're down to the two best teams.
Then they'll be fightin' for first place...
and the College ''X'' Games championship !
That's right, Chuck. In the semifinals we'll see rock climbing,
luge runs, and much more !
Won't... that be fun !
The leading team to beat, as always,
is the Gammas!
Their three competitors are: Bradley Uppercrust the Third,
Tank and Slouch!
- What happened to Goofy ? - We want Goofy !
What do you know, Chuck ! Looks like Goofy's a no-show.
What happened to Goof, man ?
[ Crowd Booing ]
Hey, Brad, what'd you do with my dad ?
He didn't make the cut. He was never Gamma material.
Let's go down to the semifinal round...
which begins with the rock climb.
What the--
- Yeah ! Yeah ! - [ Crowd Cheering ]
Whoo-whoo ! Yes !
Huh ?
- [ Groans ] - Whoa !
Yea !
The semifinals have resulted in just Team One and Team 99...
going head-to-head in the finals.
[ Chuck ] The grueling competition has really taken its toll...
on the athletes this afternoon.
Let's strap in for our final and deciding event: the ''X'' Games triathlon.
Yes, we're seconds away from what promises to be an exciting finale...
between these two fierce competitors.
Take your positions.
On your mark, get set--
[ Blows Whistle ] False start ! False start !
Both teams back on the line. Get back here.
Hold on ! Bradley just blasted our third guy into the next state.
That is absurd ! I did nothing of the sort !
That's what my dad has been trying to tell me.
Can we get on with the race, please ?
Wait a minute. Uh, one, two.
You don't seem to have enough team members now.
- Do you ? - Rules are rules.
You have to field a full team, or you forfeit to the Gammas.
That's unfair ! We don't know anyone else.
Oh, seems we have a little delay here, folks.
Team 99's short a man and will be disqualified if one is not found...
in just one and one half minutes.
Dad, it's me, Max. If you're out there--
Oh, my gosh. Maxie's in trouble !
Dad, relax, I'm not in trouble. It's just the team needs you. I need you.
You hear that ? I gotta go help him !
Good thing I always carry my lucky horseshoe.
I'm a-comin', Maxie !
Whoo-hoo-hoo ! Whoa ! Aaah !
Well, I wouldn't blame him if he didn't come.
That's it ! They're disqualified.
Nope, nope, nope. Not yet. There's still five more seconds.
Four, three,
- Ah-yuck ! - [ Cheering ]
Come on, no fair ! He's too late !
Not by my watch.
Son, about the last couple of weeks--
Dad, what do ya say we take care of this race first ?
You got it !
Take your positions.
On your mark !
Get set ! [ Starting Pistol Fires ]
[ Chuck ] Gammas lead as they head out of the stadium.
- Operation Grandma up ahead. - Goody, goody.
Uh-oh ! There's pedestrians on the course !
Gawrsh ! Sorry, ma'am.
[ Chuckles ] Wink-wink.
Operation Hay Bale.
Isn't that Mickey Mouse over there ?
- Mickey Mouse ? Where ? - He's over there.
[ Chuck ] Team 99 cruising along.
Holy moly! What is this ?
Looks like a little street-skating detour.
Side by side, sole grinds all the way down the ledge.
And Team 99 has regained the lead!
The whip, Tank !
Seven-ten split, gutter boy !
[ Chuck ] Team Gamma blows right by the freshmen.
The racers are approaching the start of the bicycle leg.
Gamma still holding its lead.
Off with the skates, and on to the bikes!
And both teams are blasting through the rhythm section...
with a whole lot of style.
The freshmen are right on Team Gamma's tail.
Oh, look out! Bobby seems to have sailed off the course.
What a bummer for Bobby.
Bobby, you all right ?
Keep goin', Max !
[ Chuck ] It is really heating up now, folks,
as both teams are approaching the huge quarter pipe...
to start the final leg of the event.
Right away, Team Gamma starts working the course...
with Team 99 nippin' at their heals!
- They're moving off the ramp, and-- - And onto the Zipper.
Huh ?
Whoa-whoa ! Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo !
[ Groans, Gasps ]
[ Bradley ] Tank, take him out!
I will not be ignored.
Nobody finishes this race but me !
[ Gasps ] Maxie !
It's about stayin' focused on your goal !
What the-- Ohhh !
[ Chuck ] Oh, say it ain't so!
No ! I'm a-comin', Maxie !
It's lookin' bad and it's not gonna get prettier, folks.
[ Tank Coughing ]
Help! Bradley!
Gammas, help me! [ Coughing ] Anyone!
9 1 1, baby!
[ Coughing ] Tank, talk to me, man.
Over here, man. Dog-boy, am I glad to see you, sweetheart.
Max, where are you ? Where are you, Max ?
[ Coughing ] Maxie ! Oof!
Dad, help me lift this beam off ofTank.
[ All Grunting ]
Come on ! We're about to be Baked Alaska here.
Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it's all over.
Wait a minute. I can't believe my eyes, folks.
- They are alive! - Huh ?
Go for it, son.
That's some kid you got there.
You're wrong, Tank. He's not a kid anymore.
[ Chuck ] Oh, Team 99 is still in this race!
Max Goof is making up the distance. He is taking the lead!
Bradley's battling back as they come to the finish line.
Team 99 wins! Oh, I am stunned, folks!
I just can't-- I can't believe--
I can't even finish my sentences.
Oh, my! What a day!
Ah-yuck ! [ Hiccups ]
Congratulations, son !
[ Clears Throat ] Congratulations, Max.
I haven't forgotten our agreement.
The bet's off, Bradley.
But I think you owe him something.
[ Tank ] Brad!
Hi, it's me, the guy ya let down.
Hey, Tank, baby ! Who loves ya, baby, huh ?
You're goin' down like a four-cent pair of socks.
You and me, baby, all the way !
Oh ! A vacancy at the Gamma house.
Takin' applications.
Okay, okay, let go of me, you big fat jerk !
Time to get on the last jet to nowhere !
[ Chuck ] No, it doesn't look good now.
It's like I'm in a bad dream, and it just won't quit.
That's right, Chuck.
Congratulations, Dad. Here.
Gawrsh, son, what's this ?
You gotta open it to find out.
But... this is yours.
No, Dad.
This is for you. Read the inscription.
''I might not be your little boy anymore,
but I'll always be your son. ''
[ Bobby ] Okay, okay, ''hugfesters. ''
Free eats back at the dorm-a !
Pizza !
Double cheese-a !
Mmm-mmm. Scrumptious !
- Come on, Dad. Let's feast. - [ Car Horn Honking ]
Sorry, son, but I kinda got plans of my own.
I'm really gonna miss you.
Sure, it was rough for us at the start,
but, well, it turned out to be a pretty cool thing, you here at college with me.
But now it's over and we'll go on with our own lives and--
- You didn't tell him yet ? - Didn't tell me what ?
I wanted to surprise him.
Son, guess what ! I got me a job here on campus.
But you--
- So I could be close to you ! - But I thought you were--
- You told me you were gonna-- -Just kidding.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ] He is so goofy !
- What do you say we go for-- - A picnic ?
Ah-yuck. Then maybe even a--
Walk on the beach ? I'd love to.
You know, somehow I knew you would.
Ah-yuck !
- [ Female Singer ] ##Do you remember that day ## -## That sunny day ##
## When you first came my way ##
##I said no one could take your place ##
-##And if you get hurt ## -##If you get hurt ##
##By the little things I say ##
##I can put that smile back on your face ##
##And it's all right and it's coming on ##
## We got to get it right back to where we started from ##
##Love is good Love can be strong ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
## Yeah Come on, babe ##
##A love like ours ##
## Can never fade away ##
## You know it's only just begun ##
## Yeah, baby ##
-## You gave me your love ## -## Gave me your love ##
##I just can't stay away, no ##
##I know you are the only one ##
##And it's all right and it's coming on ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
##Love is good Love can be strong ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
## Whoo ##
## Uh-huh ##
## There you be ##
## Waitin'till you come back ##
## Yeah,yeah ##
## We can get it back Get it back ##
## Yeah,yeah,yeah ##
## Yeah ##
##And it's all right and it's coming on ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
##Love is good Love can be strong ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
##And it's all right and it's coming on ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
##Love is good Love can be strong ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ##
##And it's all right and it's coming on ##
## We gotta get it right back to where we started from ####
[ Female Singer ] ##I study nuclear science I love my classes ##
##I got a crazy teacher He wears dark glasses ##
## Things are goin'great and they're only gettin'better ##
## Yeah, I'm doin'all right I'm gettin'good grades ##
## The future's so bright I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades ##
##I got a job waitin'for my graduation ##
##Fifty thou a year Can't wait till it's here ##
## Things are goin'great and they're only gettin'better ##
##I'm doin'all right I'm gettin'good grades ##
## The future's so bright I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades Yeah ##
## Well, I'm heavenly blessed and worldly wise ##
##I'm a cyberspace techie with X-ray eyes ##
## Things are goin'great and they're only gettin'better ##
## Yeah, I'm doin'all right I'm gettin'good grades ##
## The future's so bright I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades ##
## Ow, ow, ow ##
##I study nuclear science I love my classes ##
##I got a crazy teacher He wears dark glasses ##
## Things are goin'great and they're only gettin'better ##
## Yeah, I'm doin'all right I'm gettin'good grades ##
## The future's so bright I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades ##
##I gotta wear shades ##
## Oh, oh, oh,yeah ####
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