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Eyes Wide Shut CD2

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I'm not sure what you|think you're doing.
But you don't belong here.
I'm sorry, but I think you've|mistaken me for someone else.
Please! Don't be foolish.
You must go now.
Who are you?
It doesn't matter who I am.
You are in great danger.
You must get away|while there's still a chance.
Would you be so good|as to excuse us for a moment?
Have you been enjoying yourself?
Well, I've had a very|interesting look around.
Do you want to go somewhere|a little more private?
That might be a good idea.
Here you are.|I've been looking all over for you.
May I borrow him|for just a few minutes?
I promise to bring him right back.
I don't think you realize|the danger you're in now.
You can't fool them for much longer.
You've got to get away|before it's too late.
Why are you telling me this?
It doesn't matter.
Who are you?
You don't want to know.|But you must go. Now!
Will you come with me?
That's impossible.
Because it would cost me my life|and possibly yours.
Let me see your face.
Excuse me, sir.
Are you the gentleman|with the taxi waiting for him?
Your driver's at the front door and|would urgently like a word with you.
Please, come forward.
May I have the password, please?
That's right, sir.|That is the password...
...for admittance.
But may I ask, what is the password|for the house?
The password for the house?
I'm sorry, I...
I seem to have...
...forgotten it.
That's unfortunate.
Because here, it doesn't matter|whether you have forgotten it...
...or if you never knew it.
You will kindly remove your mask.
...get undressed.
Get undressed?
Remove your clothes.
Gentlemen, please...
Remove your clothes.
Or would you like us to do it for you?
Let him go.
Take me!
I am ready to redeem him.
You are ready to redeem him?
Are you sure you understand|what you're taking upon yourself... doing this?
Very well.
You are free.
But I warn you...
...if you make any further inquiries...
...or if you say a single word|to anyone...
...about what you have seen...
...there will be the most|dire consequences for you...
...and your family.
Do you understand?
What is going to happen to that woman?
No one can change her fate now.
When a promise has been made here...
...there is no turning back.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I woke you up, but I thought|you were having a nightmare.
Oh, God.
I just had such a horrible dream.
What time is it?
It's a little after 4.
Did you just get home?
It took longer than I thought.
You must be exhausted.
Come on, lie down.
What were you dreaming?
Just these weird things.
What was it?
It was so weird.
Tell me.
We were in a deserted city...
...and our clothes were gone.
We were naked...
...and I was terrified...
...and I felt ashamed.
Oh, God...
And I was angry because|I thought it was your fault.
You rushed away to go|find clothes for us.
As soon as you were gone,|it was completely different.
I felt wonderful.
Then I was lying|in a beautiful garden...
...stretched out naked|in the sunlight...
...and a man walked out of the woods.
He was the man from the hotel,|the one I told you about.
The naval officer.
He stared at me...
...and then he just laughed.
He just laughed at me.
But that's not the end... it?
Why don't you tell me the rest of it?
It's too awful.
It's only a dream.
He was kissing me...
...and then we were making love.
Then there were all these|other people around us...
...hundreds of them, everywhere.
Everyone was fucking.
And then I...
I was fucking other men.
So many...
...I don't know how many I was with.
And I knew you could see me|in the arms of all these men...
...just fucking all these men.
I wanted to make fun of you... laugh in your face.
And so I laughed as loud as I could.
That must have been|when you woke me up.
I'll just have a cup of coffee, please.
Anything else?
No, thank you.
Excuse me.
Do you know when they get in|next door at the Sonata Cafe?
I think there's usually someone|in the office around 2 or 3.
I don't suppose, by any chance,|you know Nick Nightingale?
He's playing piano|over there right now.
Nick Nightingale?
Sure, he comes in here.
Look, maybe you can help me...
...because it's important that|I get in touch with him.
Do you know where he's staying?
I don't know if he'd want me|to give out his address.
It's okay, I'm a doctor.
I'm actually an old friend of his.
Well, doctor...
...he'll be playing there tonight.|Can't it wait until then?
To be perfectly honest...'s a medical matter.
Some tests. I know he'll want to|know about them as soon as possible.
Excuse me.
Hi! How can I help you?
Can you please ring|Mr. Nightingale's room for me?
I'm sorry, sir, Mr. Nightingale|has already checked out.
He checked out?
- Did he leave a forwarding address?|- No, I'm afraid not.
When did he check out?
About 5:00 this morning.
That's an early checkout, isn't it?
It is a little on the early side, yeah.
Did you notice anything...
...I don't know...
...unusual about him when he left?
Hey, you're not Five-O, are you?
No, I'm an old friend of his.
I'm a doctor.
- Well, Bill...?|- Sure.
It's funny you should|ask that question, Bill...
...because there was something|a little strange...
...about the way Mr. Nightingale left.
Really? What was that?
He came in this morning,|about 4:30 a.m...
...with two men.
Big guys.
They were very well-dressed|and very well-spoken.
But they weren't the kind of people|you'd fool around with...
...if you know what I mean.
...I noticed Mr. Nightingale|had a bruise on his cheek.
To be perfectly honest, I also|thought he looked a little scared.
He said he wanted to check out.
And then he went upstairs to his room|with one of the men.
The other guy stayed down in the lobby|and settled his bill.
When they came back, Mr. Nightingale|tried to pass me an envelope.
But they saw it and took it...
...and said that any mail|or messages for him...
...would be collected by someone|properly authorized to do so.
And then they just|took him off in a car.
Do you have any idea where they went?
No, not a clue.
I certainly appreciate your help.
Anytime, Bill.
Oh, the good doctor!
- Was your outfit a success?|- Yes, it was. Thank you.
Good, good.
Tuxedo. Cloak. Shoes.
I think you forgot the mask.
It's not there?
Maybe you left it at the party?
I don't think so.
I must have lost it.|Could you put it on the bill, please?
Here we are.
That was 1 50 for the rental,|200 you said for my trouble...
...25 for the mask. Sorry...
Three hundred seventy-five.
Yes, dear?
Come, come.
Would you like to say hello|to Dr. Harford?
Thank you, Mr. Milich.|I'll call you soon.
Goodbye, gentlemen.
- Merry Christmas and happy New Year!|- And you too.
Well, Dr. Harford... is your receipt.
I'm tearing up your deposits...
...and thanks for the business.
Mr. Milich, last night... were going to call the police.
Things change.|We have come to another arrangement.
And by the way, if the good doctor|should ever want anything again...
...anything at all... needn't be a costume.
Come in.
- Tuna salad and black coffee.|- Thanks.
Listen, how's my afternoon looking?
I think it's just Mrs. Akerly at 2:30|and Mrs. Kominski at 4.
Well, something's come up, and I'm|not going to be able to see them.
Please ask Dr. Miller if he can fit|them in. Otherwise, just apologize...
- ...and make new appointments.|- Sure.
And please call the garage and have|them get my car out in half an hour.
No problem.
Any calls for me?
Dr. Sanders and Mrs. Shapiro.
- Hey, gang.|- Hi, Daddy.
Look, I got all these right.
You got all of those right?
Every single one of them?
That's good.
You hungry?
Sort of.
Want to eat at 7?
Seven? Listen, can we|make that earlier?
I have some appointments|at the office.
You have to go out again tonight?
I'm afraid so.
Daddy, am I gonna get|a puppy for Christmas?
We'll see about that, okay?
He could be a watchdog...
We'll see.
Come on, baby, let's finish this off.
All right, we have Joe.|And Joe has $2.50.
And Mike has $ 1 .75.
Joe has how much more money than Mike?
So is it gonna be|a subtraction or an addition?
"How much more" means that|it would be a subtraction.
Yeah, because you're going|to be taking. Right.
And there were all these|other people around us.
Hundreds of them, everywhere.
Everyone was fucking.
And then I...|I was fucking other men.
So many...
...I don't know how many I was with.
Keep the change. Merry Christmas.
What is it?
No, she's not in.
Are you expecting her back soon?
No, I'm not.
I have something for her.|Can I leave this with you?
Just a minute.
Can I say who it's from?
Well, just tell her it's from...
you're Bill?
The Bill? you're the doctor|who was here last night?
Well, I suppose I am.
Domino said how nice you were to her.
Did she?
Why don't you come in for a second?
I'm Sally.
Hello, Sally.
So do you have any idea|when you expect Domino back?
I have no idea.
You have no idea?
To be perfectly honest,|she may not even be coming back.
She may not even be coming back?
I think there's something|that I should tell you.
But I just don't know.|I don't know.
You don't know?|Well, what is it?
I don't know whether to tell you this.
Why don't you have a seat?
Let's sit down.
- I don't quite know how to say this.|- You don't quite know how?
Well, considering that you|were with Domino last night...
...I think it would be only fair to you|to let you know...
...that she got the results|of a blood test this morning...
...and it was HlV-positive.
I am very, very sorry to hear that.
I mean, it's absolutely devastating.
Listen, can I offer you anything?
A cup of coffee maybe?
No, thank you.
I think...
...maybe I'd better be going.
- Taxi!|- Off duty.
I'll just have a cappuccino, please.
I'll bring it over to you.
Thank you.
- Good evening.|- Good evening.
I'm Dr. Harford.
One of my patients was admitted|this morning. Miss Amanda Curran.
Could you please|give me her room number?
Certainly, doctor.|Her name again?
Curran. Amanda Curran.
Miss Amanda Curran?
That's right.
I'm sorry, doctor.|Miss Curran died this afternoon.
She died this afternoon?
Yes, at 3:45 p.m.
I'm sorry.
Because it could cost me my life...
...and possibly yours.
Yes, this is Dr. Harford.
No, no, that's okay.
Please tell him I'll be there|in about 20 minutes.
Come in.
Bill, I appreciate you coming.|Sorry to drag you out here.
- Let me have your coat.|- I was out anyway. Thank you.
How about a drink?
- Are you having one?|- Sure.
What would you like?
Just a little scotch.
How do you take it? Neat?
That was a terrific party|the other night.
- Alice and I had a wonderful time.|- Well, good.
It was great seeing you both.
Were you playing?
No, I was just|knocking a few balls around.
- Beautiful scotch.|- That's a 25-year-old.
- I'll send you over a case.|- No, please.
Why not?
You feel like playing?
No, thanks.|You go ahead, I'll watch.
I was just...
The reason I asked you|to come over is...
...I need to talk to you|about something.
It's a little bit awkward.
And I have to be completely frank.
What kind of problem are you having?
It isn't a medical problem.
Actually... concerns you.
I know what happened last night.
And I know what's been|going on since then.
And I think you just might...
...have the wrong idea|about one or two things.
I'm sorry, Victor, I...
What in the hell|are you talking about?
Please, Bill, no games.
I was there.
At the house.
I saw everything that went on.
What the hell did you think|you were doing?
I couldn't even begin to imagine... you'd heard about it...
...let alone got yourself|through the door.
Then I remembered seeing you|with that prick piano player...
...Nick whatever the fuck his name was,|at my party.
And it didn't take much to|figure out the rest.
It wasn't Nick's fault.
It was mine.
Of course it was Nick's fault.
If he hadn't mentioned it to you,|none of this would've happened.
I recommended that cocksucker|to those people...
...and he's made me look like|a complete asshole.
What can I say?
I had...
...absolutely... idea you were involved|in any way.
I know you didn't, Bill.
But I also know that you...
You went to Nick's hotel|this morning...
...and talked to the desk clerk.
How do you know that?
Because I had you followed.
You had me followed?
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
All right? I owe you an apology.
This was for your own good, believe me.
I know what the desk clerk told you.|But what he didn't tell you is...
...all they did was|put Nick on a plane to Seattle.
By now he's probably back|with his family...
...banging Mrs. Nick.
The clerk said|he had a bruise on his face.
Okay, he had a bruise on his face.
That's a hell of a lot less|than he deserves.
I don't think you realize what|kind of trouble you were in last night.
Who do you think those people were?
Those were not just|ordinary people there.
If I told you their names--|I'm not gonna tell you their names...
...but if I did,|I don't think you'd sleep so well.
Was it the second password?
Is that what gave me away?
Yes, finally.
But not because you didn't know it.
It's because there was|no second password.
Of course it didn't help a whole lot|that those people arrive in limos...
...and you showed up in a taxi.
Or that they found the receipt from|the rental house in your coat...
...made out to you-know-who.
There was a woman there...
...who tried to warn me.
I know.
Do you know who she was?
She was a hooker.
Sorry, but...
...that's what she was.
A hooker.
Suppose I told you...
...that everything that|happened to you there...
...the threats, the girl's warnings...
...her last-minute intervention...
...suppose I said that all of that...
...was staged.
That it was a kind of charade.
That it was fake.
Yes. Fake.
Why would they do that?
In plain words... scare the living shit out of you.
To keep you quiet|about where you'd been...
...and what you'd seen.
Have you seen this?
Yes, I have.
I saw her body in the morgue.
Was she the woman at the party?
She was.
The woman lying dead in the morgue...
...was the woman at the party.
Well, Victor, maybe I'm|missing something here.
You called it a fake, a charade.
Do you mind telling me|what kind of fucking charade...
...ends with somebody turning up dead?
Okay, Bill, let's cut the bullshit.|All right?
You've been way out of your depth|for the last 24 hours.
You want to know what kind of charade?|I'll tell you exactly what kind.
That whole play-acted,|"take me" phony sacrifice...
...that you've been jerking off with|had nothing to do with her real death.
Nothing happened after you left|that hadn't happened to her before.
She got her brains fucked out. Period.
When they took her home,|she was just fine...
...and the rest is in the paper.
She was a junkie. She OD'd.|There was nothing suspicious.
Her door was locked from the inside.|The police are happy. End of story.
Come on. It was always gonna be|just a matter of time with her.
Remember, you told her so yourself.
You remember, the one with the|great tits who OD'd in my bathroom?
Listen, Bill, nobody killed anybody.
Someone died. It happens all the time.
But life goes on.
It always does...
...until it doesn't.
But you know that, don't you?
I'll tell you everything.
I'll tell you everything.
Helena's gonna be up soon.
She's expecting us to|take her Christmas shopping today.
That's nice.
I could put Sabrina in here.
It's really pretty.
It's old-fashioned.
He's big.
I hope Santa Claus gets me|one of these for Christmas.
You do?
Well, you're gonna|have to wait and see.
What do you think we should do?
What do I think we should do?
Look, Mommy!
What do I think?|I don't know.
I mean, maybe...
Maybe I think...
...we should be grateful.
...that we've managed to|survive through all of our...
...whether they were real...
...or only a dream.
Are you sure of that?
Am I sure?
Only as sure as I am...
...that the reality of one night...
...let alone that of a whole lifetime...
...can ever be the whole truth.
And no dream is ever...
...just a dream.
The important thing is...
...we' re awake now...
...and hopefully...
...for a long time to come.
Let's not use that word. You know?
It frightens me.
But I do love you...
...and you know...
...there is something very important...
...that we need|to do as soon as possible.
What's that?
English Subtitles by|GELULA & CO., lNC.
I was informed that he wanted|Nicole and I in the movie.
I'd read it there, and he said,|"I'll give it to you the day before--"
He said, "You can keep it the weekend,|then we'll meet in a few days. "
I wanted to show to him|that I was trustworthy...
...that he could tell me anything.|I'd never discuss it with anyone.
So I read the script...
...and flew immediately to|where he was, to his property.
I landed on his property|in this helicopter.
I said, "I'm sorry, but otherwise|it's a six-hour drive.
My babies are here, and Nic and I|couldn't figure out another way... get there quickly|and get back. "
He had set up the landing pad.|I remember the helicopter coming in...
...and he'd given me the GPS|coordinates to give to the pilot...
...and sent me a diagram of where|he wanted me to land the helicopter.
I remember landing,|and there he was just waiting...
...just alone in the garden|as it came down.
The helicopter came down,|and we discussed what kind it was...
...and how many hours|I'd flown in these helicopters.
He walked me around the grounds.
And I remember thinking, "This guy|is kind of a magical, wonderful guy. "
I was so nervous.|I said to Sydney...
... "Listen, what happens if|I don't like a word or--?
What's he gonna be like? What do|I say? I don't wanna offend him. "
And Sydney was thinking, "Just--
He's human, you know?|You just talk to him. "
I said, "Of course. I just talk|to him. I just talk to Stanley. "
We told him right from the beginning,|"Whatever it takes. "
I'm glad it didn't happen|in the first years of our marriage.
It would've been very difficult|to confront those issues...
...even though we had|a very strong bond.
But, you know, we' re still...
It would've been very difficult|for us to do that.
I'm not saying our marriage|would've broken up...
...but it would've been|much more difficult.
There were times when it was|very difficult while making the movie.
Times where|the characters are at odds...
...and all of these raw emotions|are there, and you can't--
When you're in|the middle of a scene--
Especially the way Stanley's|working, and the way I work... don't just go,|"Honey, what did you think?"
you're respectful|and disciplined about it.
But it does invade your life.|It is there.
It is pervasive.|I worked every single day...
...except for only a few days,|on the movie.
And it was me and Stanley|in the trailer...
...and me and Stanley, you know,|and Nic a lot of the times.
And it was there.
You know, I think he knew...
...what I was going through.
I remember, at some point,|when we were going along... feel frustrated at times...
...playing a character like that|for so long, and finding--
Because every scene needed...
Stanley would say, "We gotta earn|every scene with this character.
Every single moment|with this character. "
And times when I'd just get|frustrated with myself...
At times that we couldn't get it,|you know what I mean? It was like...
... "Fuck! "
Or you just know when you don't have|that fire burning that day...
...or if I was tired.
I'd bring it upon myself,|because I demand a lot of myself.
A lot of people said,|"When are you coming back?" ...
...because I've got a company|that I had.
"When are you coming back?"|I was talking to Stanley and I said...
... "Look, I don't care|how long it takes...
...but I have to know...
...are we gonna finish in six months?"
This is after shooting for six months.
"Can I set meetings?"|People were waiting.
And writers were waiting.
I said, "Stanley, I don't care.|Tell me it's gonna be two years. "
And he'd say,|"Tom, don't be ridiculous.
I mean, if it takes that long,|you know...
...everything they say|about us is true. "
And then I would laugh.
I'd say, "Okay. All right, Stanley. "
The last day of shooting...
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Enterprise - 4x10 - Daedalus
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Envy (2004)
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