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Subtitles for Fight Club CD1.

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Fight Club CD1

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]16,[FONT]Tahoma 00:02:03.30,00:02:05.20 Narrator:[br]People are always asking me 00:02:05.30,00:02:06.90 if I know Tyler Durden. 00:02:06.90,00:02:07.60 Tyler: 3 minutes. 00:02:07.60,00:02:08.70 Tyler: 3 minutes. 00:02:08.70,00:02:11.80 This is it: ground zero. 00:02:11.90,00:02:14.00 Would you like to say a few[br]words to mark the occasion? 00:02:14.10,00:02:15.20 [Muffled] 00:02:15.30,00:02:17.10 Narrator: With a gun barrel[br]between your teeth, 00:02:17.10,00:02:19.20 you speak only in vowels. 00:02:19.30,00:02:20.50 I can't think[br]of anything. 00:02:20.60,00:02:22.20 For a second[br]I totally forget 00:02:22.30,00:02:24.80 about Tyler's whole[br]controlled demolition thing, 00:02:24.90,00:02:27.00 and I wonder[br]how clean that gun is. 00:02:27.10,00:02:28.90 Tyler: Getting[br]exciting now. 00:02:28.90,00:02:30.00 That old saying, 00:02:30.00,00:02:32.20 how you always hurt[br]the one you love? 00:02:32.30,00:02:34.50 Well, it works both ways. 00:02:34.60,00:02:35.20 [Police Sirens] 00:02:35.20,00:02:36.70 We have front row seats 00:02:36.70,00:02:38.80 for this theater[br]of mass destruction. 00:02:38.80,00:02:41.20 The demolitions committee[br]of Project Mayhem 00:02:41.20,00:02:43.70 wrapped the foundation[br]columns of a dozen buildings 00:02:43.70,00:02:46.70 with blasting gelatin.[br]In 2 minutes, 00:02:46.70,00:02:48.70 primary charges[br]will blow base charges 00:02:48.70,00:02:50.00 and a few square blocks 00:02:50.10,00:02:52.80 will be reduced[br]to smoldering rubble. 00:02:52.80,00:02:53.90 I know this... 00:02:54.00,00:02:55.70 because Tyler knows this. 00:02:55.70,00:02:57.30 2 1 /2. 00:02:57.40,00:02:59.30 Think of everything[br]we've accomplished. 00:02:59.40,00:03:02.40 And suddenly, I realize[br]that all of this: 00:03:02.50,00:03:04.90 the gun, the bombs,[br]the revolution... 00:03:05.00,00:03:08.50 has got something to do with[br]a girl named Marla Singer. 00:03:10.00,00:03:13.10 Bob. Bob had bitch-tits. 00:03:13.10,00:03:17.10 This was a support group for[br]men with testicular cancer. 00:03:17.20,00:03:19.60 The big moosey[br]slobbering all over me, 00:03:19.70,00:03:20.70 that was Bob. 00:03:20.80,00:03:22.90 We're still men. 00:03:23.00,00:03:25.00 Yes, we're men. 00:03:25.10,00:03:27.50 Men is what we are. 00:03:27.60,00:03:29.60 8 months ago, Bob's[br]testicles were removed. 00:03:29.70,00:03:33.20 Then hormone therapy.[br]He developed bitch-tits 00:03:33.30,00:03:35.30 because his testosterone[br]was too high, 00:03:35.40,00:03:37.20 and his body[br]upped the estrogen. 00:03:37.20,00:03:38.50 And that was where I fit... 00:03:38.60,00:03:40.50 They're gonna have to[br]open up my pecs again 00:03:40.60,00:03:41.60 and drain the fluid. 00:03:41.70,00:03:43.50 Narrator: Between those huge,[br]sweating tits 00:03:43.60,00:03:46.90 that hung enormous the way[br]you'd think of God's as big. 00:03:47.00,00:03:50.10 OK. You cry now. 00:03:50.20,00:03:53.70 No, wait. Back up.[br]Let me start earlier. 00:03:53.90,00:03:56.70 For 6 months,[br]I couldn't sleep. 00:03:56.80,00:03:59.40 Echo: I couldn't sleep.[br]I couldn't sleep. 00:03:59.40,00:04:01.60 With insomnia,[br]nothing's real. 00:04:01.70,00:04:04.30 Everything's far away. 00:04:04.30,00:04:09.20 Everything's a copy[br]Of a copy of a copy. 00:04:12.00,00:04:14.30 When deep space[br]exploration ramps up, 00:04:14.40,00:04:17.10 it'll be the corporations[br]that name everything: 00:04:17.10,00:04:19.60 the I.B.M. Stellarsphere, 00:04:19.70,00:04:21.60 the Microsoft Galaxy, 00:04:21.70,00:04:24.30 Planet Starbucks. 00:04:24.30,00:04:26.00 Gonna need you out of town[br]a little more this week. 00:04:26.00,00:04:27.50 We got some[br]red flags to cover. 00:04:27.50,00:04:28.90 It must've been Tuesday. 00:04:29.00,00:04:31.10 He was wearing[br]his cornflower-blue tie. 00:04:31.20,00:04:33.30 You want me to deprioritize[br]my current reports 00:04:33.40,00:04:35.80 until you advise[br]of a status upgrade? 00:04:35.80,00:04:37.60 Make these your primary[br]action items. 00:04:37.70,00:04:38.80 Here's[br]your flight coupons. 00:04:38.90,00:04:40.40 Call me from the road[br]if there's any snags. 00:04:40.50,00:04:42.00 Narrator:[br]He was full of pep. 00:04:42.10,00:04:45.30 Must have had[br]his grande latte enema. 00:04:46.60,00:04:49.20 Like so many others,[br]I had become a slave 00:04:49.20,00:04:51.50 to the IKEA[br]nesting instinct. 00:04:51.60,00:04:55.50 Uh, yes. I'd like to order[br]the Erica Pekkary dust ruffles. 00:04:55.50,00:04:56.50 Operator: Please hold. 00:04:56.60,00:04:57.80 If I saw something clever 00:04:57.90,00:05:00.90 like a little coffee table[br]in the shape of a yin-yang, 00:05:01.00,00:05:02.80 I had to have it. 00:05:02.80,00:05:05.70 The Klipske[br]personal office unit, 00:05:05.70,00:05:08.20 the Hovetrekke[br]home exer-bike, 00:05:08.30,00:05:09.90 or the Johannshamn sofa 00:05:10.00,00:05:12.30 with the Strinne green[br]stripe pattern. 00:05:12.40,00:05:14.30 Even the Rizlampa wire lamps 00:05:14.40,00:05:17.40 of environmentally friendly[br]unbleached paper. 00:05:17.50,00:05:19.40 I'd flip through catalogs[br]and wonder: 00:05:19.40,00:05:23.50 What kind of dining set[br]defines me as a person? 00:05:23.50,00:05:24.90 I had it all. 00:05:25.00,00:05:26.20 Even the glass dishes 00:05:26.20,00:05:28.10 with tiny bubbles[br]and imperfections. 00:05:28.20,00:05:31.30 Proof that they were crafted[br]by the honest, simple, 00:05:31.40,00:05:33.10 hard-working indigenous[br]peoples of-- 00:05:33.20,00:05:34.10 Operator: Please hold. 00:05:34.20,00:05:35.10 Narrator: Wherever. 00:05:35.20,00:05:36.50 I was holding. 00:05:36.60,00:05:39.20 We used to read pornography. 00:05:39.20,00:05:41.30 Now it was[br]the Horchow collection. 00:05:41.40,00:05:44.40 No, you can't[br]die from insomnia. 00:05:44.40,00:05:45.50 What about narcolepsy? 00:05:45.60,00:05:48.60 I nod off. I wake up[br]in strange places. 00:05:48.60,00:05:50.20 I have no idea[br]how I got there. 00:05:50.30,00:05:52.00 You need to lighten up. 00:05:52.10,00:05:54.30 Can you please just[br]get me something? 00:05:54.40,00:05:57.60 Narrator: Red and blue Tuenols,[br]lipstick-red Seconals. 00:05:57.70,00:06:02.30 No. You need[br]healthy natural sleep. 00:06:02.40,00:06:05.90 Chew some Valerian root[br]and get more exercise. 00:06:08.80,00:06:11.10 Hey, come on.[br]I'm in pain. 00:06:11.20,00:06:12.90 You wanna see pain? 00:06:13.00,00:06:14.70 Swing by First Methodist[br]Tuesday nights. 00:06:14.80,00:06:17.90 See the guys[br]with testicular cancer. 00:06:18.00,00:06:19.60 That's pain. 00:06:27.10,00:06:29.20 Chorus: § La la la § 00:06:29.30,00:06:31.60 § La la la la la la § 00:06:35.50,00:06:37.40 I always wanted 3 kids, 00:06:37.50,00:06:39.40 2 boys and a girl. 00:06:39.50,00:06:43.40 Mindy wanted[br]2 girls and a boy. 00:06:43.40,00:06:46.40 We never could[br]agree on anything. 00:06:46.40,00:06:48.40 Well, uh,[br]you know, she-- 00:06:48.50,00:06:51.00 She had her first child[br]last week, a... 00:06:51.10,00:06:52.80 a girl. 00:06:52.90,00:06:56.50 With--With her, uh,[br]with her new husband. 00:06:56.60,00:06:58.90 Man: [Whispering] Fuck. 00:06:59.00,00:07:03.10 Hey--Hey, thank God,[br]you know. 00:07:03.20,00:07:05.50 I'm--I'm glad for her. 00:07:05.60,00:07:10.00 Because she deserves it. 00:07:10.00,00:07:12.60 Group Leader: Aw. 00:07:12.70,00:07:16.20 Everyone, let's thank Thomas[br]for sharing himself with us. 00:07:16.30,00:07:18.60 All: Thank you, Thomas. 00:07:18.70,00:07:21.90 I look around this room,[br]and I see a lot of courage, 00:07:22.00,00:07:24.10 and that gives me strength. 00:07:24.20,00:07:26.50 We give each other strength. 00:07:26.60,00:07:28.60 It's time[br]for the one-on-ones. 00:07:28.60,00:07:31.40 So let's all of us here[br]follow Thomas' good example 00:07:31.50,00:07:33.90 and really open ourselves up. 00:07:34.00,00:07:36.30 Would you find a partner? 00:07:38.50,00:07:40.80 Narrator: And this is how[br]I met the big moosey... 00:07:40.90,00:07:43.00 Man: Come on.[br]Let's go over here. 00:07:43.10,00:07:46.30 His eyes already[br]shrink-wrapped in tears... 00:07:48.00,00:07:52.00 knees together,[br]those awkward little steps. 00:07:56.90,00:07:58.00 My name is Bob. 00:07:58.00,00:07:59.50 Bob. 00:07:59.60,00:08:02.10 Narrator: Bob had been[br]a champion body-builder. 00:08:02.20,00:08:04.10 You know that[br]chest-expansion program 00:08:04.20,00:08:07.20 you see on late-night TV?[br]That was his idea. 00:08:07.30,00:08:09.10 I was a juicer. 00:08:09.20,00:08:12.80 You know,[br]using steroids. 00:08:12.80,00:08:15.60 Diagonal and... 00:08:15.60,00:08:18.10 Wastrel.[br]Oh, they use that 00:08:18.20,00:08:21.40 on racehorses,[br]for Christ sakes. 00:08:21.50,00:08:24.30 And now I'm bankrupt. 00:08:24.30,00:08:26.40 I'm divorced. 00:08:26.50,00:08:29.90 My 2 grown kids... 00:08:30.00,00:08:33.80 won't even return[br]my phone calls. 00:08:33.90,00:08:35.60 Narrator: Strangers[br]with this kind of honesty 00:08:35.70,00:08:38.20 make me go[br]a big rubbery one. 00:08:40.50,00:08:43.00 Go ahead, Cornelius. 00:08:43.00,00:08:44.30 You can cry. 00:08:56.20,00:08:59.20 [Crying] 00:08:59.30,00:09:02.70 Narrator: And then,[br]something happened. 00:09:02.80,00:09:04.20 I let go. 00:09:04.30,00:09:05.80 That's really good. 00:09:05.90,00:09:07.80 Lost in oblivion... 00:09:07.90,00:09:11.10 dark and silent[br]and complete. 00:09:12.80,00:09:14.60 I found freedom. 00:09:14.70,00:09:18.40 Losing all hope was freedom. 00:09:18.50,00:09:20.40 It's OK. 00:09:23.70,00:09:25.90 Babies don't sleep[br]this well. 00:09:26.00,00:09:27.30 [Snores] 00:09:29.30,00:09:32.10 I became addicted. 00:09:44.30,00:09:45.60 Come on. 00:09:45.70,00:09:48.10 Narrator:[br]If I didn't say anything... 00:09:48.10,00:09:50.00 people always[br]assumed the worst. 00:09:50.00,00:09:51.00 Man: Welcome, Travis. 00:09:51.00,00:09:52.90 Second man: Welcome, Travis. 00:09:54.50,00:09:56.80 They cried harder... 00:09:56.90,00:09:59.10 then I cried harder. 00:10:04.00,00:10:06.10 [Group Murmurs] 00:10:06.20,00:10:09.40 Woman: Now we're going[br]to open the green door, 00:10:09.50,00:10:11.10 the heart charka. 00:10:11.20,00:10:13.40 Narrator:[br]I wasn't really dying. 00:10:13.50,00:10:16.40 I wasn't host to cancer[br]or parasites. 00:10:16.50,00:10:18.60 I was the warm little center 00:10:18.70,00:10:21.40 that the life of this world[br]crowded around. 00:10:21.40,00:10:21.90 that the life of this world[br]crowded around. 00:10:22.00,00:10:23.30 Imagine your pain 00:10:23.30,00:10:25.70 as a white ball[br]of healing light. 00:10:25.80,00:10:29.20 It moves over your body,[br]healing you. 00:10:29.20,00:10:32.90 Now, keep this going.[br]Remember to breathe, 00:10:33.00,00:10:34.60 and step forward 00:10:34.70,00:10:37.30 through the back door[br]oft he room. 00:10:37.40,00:10:39.80 Where does it lead? 00:10:39.90,00:10:42.40 To your cave. 00:10:42.50,00:10:45.80 Step forward[br]into your cave. 00:10:45.90,00:10:47.10 That's right. 00:10:47.10,00:10:51.70 You're going deeper[br]into your cave, 00:10:51.70,00:10:56.50 and you're going to find[br]your power animal. 00:10:56.60,00:10:58.60 [Coos] 00:10:58.60,00:11:00.00 Slide. 00:11:01.70,00:11:02.90 [Giggles] 00:11:11.30,00:11:14.30 Narrator:[br]Every evening, I died... 00:11:14.40,00:11:17.40 and every evening,[br]I was born again. 00:11:17.50,00:11:19.10 Resurrected. 00:11:20.70,00:11:23.20 Bob loved me[br]because he thought 00:11:23.30,00:11:24.90 my testicles[br]were removed, too. 00:11:25.00,00:11:27.50 Being there... 00:11:27.60,00:11:29.50 pressed against his tits, 00:11:29.50,00:11:31.20 ready to cry. 00:11:31.20,00:11:33.10 This was my vacation. 00:11:37.00,00:11:40.90 And she ruined[br]everything. 00:11:40.90,00:11:42.40 This is cancer, right? 00:11:45.60,00:11:48.00 This chick Marla Singer 00:11:48.00,00:11:50.50 did not have[br]testicular cancer. 00:11:50.60,00:11:52.30 She was a liar. 00:11:52.30,00:11:54.90 She had no diseases at all. 00:11:55.00,00:11:56.70 I had seen her[br]at Free and Clear 00:11:56.70,00:11:59.00 my blood parasites group[br]Thursdays. 00:11:59.10,00:12:02.80 Then at Hope, my bimonthly[br]sickle cell circle. 00:12:02.80,00:12:05.10 And again at Seize the Day, 00:12:05.20,00:12:06.70 my tuberculosis[br]Friday night. 00:12:06.80,00:12:07.70 [Coughs Softly] 00:12:10.10,00:12:13.60 Marla, the big tourist. 00:12:13.70,00:12:15.90 Her lie reflected my lie, 00:12:16.00,00:12:18.70 and suddenly,[br]I felt nothing. 00:12:18.80,00:12:20.40 I couldn't cry. 00:12:20.50,00:12:23.50 So once again,[br]I couldn't sleep. 00:12:35.50,00:12:38.80 Next group,[br]after guided meditation, 00:12:38.80,00:12:40.60 after we open[br]our heart charkas, 00:12:40.60,00:12:41.90 when it's time to hug, 00:12:42.00,00:12:43.10 I'm Gonna grab[br]that little bitch 00:12:43.10,00:12:44.40 Marla Singer[br]and scream... 00:12:44.50,00:12:47.20 Marla, you liar![br]You big tourist! 00:12:47.20,00:12:48.40 I need this![br]Now get out! 00:12:50.60,00:12:53.00 Narrator:[br]I hadn't slept in 4 days. 00:12:53.10,00:12:54.70 TV: Absolutely.[br]We'll just let that dry. 00:12:54.80,00:12:55.80 When you have insomnia, 00:12:55.80,00:12:58.30 you're never[br]really asleep... 00:12:58.40,00:13:00.40 and you're[br]never really awake. 00:13:03.30,00:13:04.70 Woman: To begin[br]tonight's communion, 00:13:04.80,00:13:08.60 Chloe would like[br]to say a few words. 00:13:08.60,00:13:11.30 Oh, yeah...Chloe. 00:13:11.40,00:13:12.80 Chloe looked the way 00:13:12.80,00:13:14.40 Meryl Streep's skeleton[br]would look 00:13:14.40,00:13:16.40 if you made it smile[br]and walk around the party 00:13:16.50,00:13:18.90 being extra nice[br]to everybody. 00:13:18.90,00:13:21.10 Well,[br]I'm still here, 00:13:21.10,00:13:24.00 but I don't know[br]for how long. 00:13:24.10,00:13:25.80 That's as much[br]certainty 00:13:25.90,00:13:27.60 as anyone[br]can give me. 00:13:27.70,00:13:30.90 But I've got[br]some good news. 00:13:30.90,00:13:31.90 I no longer[br]have 00:13:32.00,00:13:34.00 any fear[br]of death. 00:13:37.40,00:13:41.80 But I am in[br]a pretty lonely place. 00:13:41.80,00:13:44.40 No one will have sex[br]with me. 00:13:45.40,00:13:46.80 I'm so close to the end, 00:13:46.80,00:13:49.10 and all I want is to get[br]laid for the last time. 00:13:50.50,00:13:53.90 I have pornographic movies[br]in my apartment, 00:13:54.00,00:13:56.10 [Overmodulated][br]and lubricants[br]and amyl nitrate. 00:13:56.20,00:13:57.80 Chloe... 00:13:57.90,00:14:00.80 Everyone, let's[br]thank Chloe. 00:14:00.80,00:14:02.70 [Audience Saying Thank You] 00:14:03.70,00:14:05.50 [Coughing] 00:14:05.60,00:14:07.80 Now, let's...[br]ready our self 00:14:07.80,00:14:10.50 for guided meditation. 00:14:10.50,00:14:14.10 You're standing at[br]the entrance of your cave. 00:14:14.20,00:14:18.10 You step inside your cave,[br]and you walk. 00:14:18.10,00:14:19.90 Narrator: If I did[br]have a tumor... 00:14:20.00,00:14:22.50 I'd name it Marla. 00:14:22.60,00:14:24.20 Marla... 00:14:24.30,00:14:26.10 the little scratch[br]on the roofof your mouth 00:14:26.20,00:14:28.80 that would heal if only[br]you could stop tonguing it, 00:14:28.90,00:14:30.10 but you can't. 00:14:30.20,00:14:31.70 ...deeper[br]into your cave 00:14:31.80,00:14:34.30 as you walk. 00:14:34.40,00:14:36.70 You feel the healing energy[br]of this place 00:14:36.80,00:14:39.90 all around you. 00:14:40.00,00:14:42.00 Now find your power animal. 00:14:46.80,00:14:47.90 Slide. 00:14:51.80,00:14:54.80 OK. Now let's partner up. 00:14:54.90,00:14:57.20 Pick someone special[br]to you tonight. 00:15:03.80,00:15:05.20 Hey. 00:15:06.30,00:15:07.20 We need to talk. 00:15:07.30,00:15:08.20 Sure. 00:15:13.10,00:15:14.10 I'm onto you. 00:15:14.20,00:15:15.10 What? 00:15:15.20,00:15:16.70 Yeah. You're a faker. 00:15:16.80,00:15:18.10 You're not dying. 00:15:18.20,00:15:19.50 Sorry? 00:15:19.60,00:15:22.80 In the Tibetan philosophy,[br]Sylvia Plath sense of the word, 00:15:22.90,00:15:24.60 I know we're all--[br]we're all dying, all right? 00:15:24.60,00:15:27.10 But you're not dying the way[br]Chloe back there is dying. 00:15:28.30,00:15:29.30 So? 00:15:30.40,00:15:32.20 So you're a tourist. 00:15:32.20,00:15:34.20 OK? I've seen you.[br]I saw you-- 00:15:34.20,00:15:35.50 saw you at melanoma, 00:15:35.60,00:15:36.90 saw you[br]at tuberculosis, 00:15:37.00,00:15:38.90 I saw you at[br]testicular cancer. 00:15:39.00,00:15:40.70 I saw you[br]practicing this. 00:15:40.80,00:15:42.10 Practicing what? 00:15:42.10,00:15:43.20 Telling me off. 00:15:43.30,00:15:45.90 Is it going as well[br]as you hoped... 00:15:46.00,00:15:47.10 '' RUPERT''? 00:15:47.20,00:15:48.50 I'll expose you. 00:15:48.60,00:15:50.60 Go ahead.[br]I'll expose you. 00:15:50.60,00:15:51.80 Leader: All right,[br]come together. 00:15:51.90,00:15:54.10 Let your selves cry. 00:15:59.60,00:16:01.60 [Crying Softly] 00:16:01.70,00:16:03.40 Oh, God, why[br]are you doing this? 00:16:03.50,00:16:06.00 It's cheaper than a movie,[br]and there's free coffee. 00:16:06.10,00:16:07.10 No, look... 00:16:07.20,00:16:09.10 this is important, OK? 00:16:09.10,00:16:10.10 These are my groups. 00:16:10.20,00:16:11.80 I've been coming here[br]for over a year. 00:16:11.90,00:16:13.90 Why do you do it? 00:16:14.00,00:16:15.10 I don't know. 00:16:15.20,00:16:16.60 When people think[br]you're dying, 00:16:16.70,00:16:18.20 man, they really,[br]really listen to you 00:16:18.30,00:16:19.50 instead of just... 00:16:19.50,00:16:23.10 Instead of just waiting[br]for their turn to speak. 00:16:23.10,00:16:25.10 Yeah. 00:16:25.10,00:16:26.70 Yeah. 00:16:26.80,00:16:29.30 Share yourself...completely. 00:16:30.50,00:16:31.90 OK, you don't want[br]to get into this. 00:16:31.90,00:16:33.50 It becomes an addiction. 00:16:33.60,00:16:34.60 Really? 00:16:34.60,00:16:35.80 I'm not kidding. 00:16:35.90,00:16:38.00 I can't cry if there's[br]another faker present, 00:16:38.00,00:16:39.10 and I need this. 00:16:39.20,00:16:41.10 So you got to find[br]somewhere else to go. 00:16:41.10,00:16:43.50 Candy stripe[br]a cancer ward. 00:16:43.60,00:16:45.40 It's not my problem. 00:16:47.90,00:16:49.30 Wait, wait, wait. 00:16:49.40,00:16:50.90 Whoa. Hold on.[br]I'll tell you. 00:16:51.00,00:16:52.60 We're gonna split up[br]the week, OK? 00:16:52.70,00:16:54.60 You take lymphoma[br]and tuberculosis-- 00:16:54.70,00:16:55.80 You take[br]tuberculosis. 00:16:55.90,00:16:57.50 My smoking doesn't[br]go over at all. 00:16:57.50,00:16:59.00 - OK. Good. Fine.[br]- [Coughs] 00:16:59.00,00:17:01.10 Testicular cancer should be[br]no contest, I think. 00:17:01.20,00:17:02.20 Well, technically, 00:17:02.20,00:17:04.00 I have more right to[br]be there than you. 00:17:04.00,00:17:05.10 You still have[br]your balls. 00:17:05.20,00:17:06.10 You're kidding. 00:17:06.20,00:17:08.00 I don't know. Am I? 00:17:08.00,00:17:09.60 No. No. 00:17:09.70,00:17:10.70 What do you want? 00:17:10.70,00:17:12.30 I'll take the parasites. 00:17:12.30,00:17:13.80 You can't have[br]both the parasites, 00:17:13.90,00:17:15.20 but why don't you take[br]the blood parasites-- 00:17:15.30,00:17:16.50 I want brain parasites. 00:17:16.60,00:17:18.20 I'll take[br]the blood parasites, 00:17:18.30,00:17:20.00 but I'm gonna take the[br]organic brain dementia-- 00:17:20.10,00:17:21.00 I want that. 00:17:21.10,00:17:22.40 You can't have[br]the whole brain. 00:17:22.50,00:17:25.10 So far you have 4.[br]I only have 2. 00:17:25.10,00:17:26.30 OK. 00:17:26.40,00:17:29.10 Take both the parasites.[br]They’re yours. 00:17:29.20,00:17:31.00 Now we both have 3. 00:17:35.00,00:17:37.50 Hey, you left[br]half your clothes! 00:17:37.50,00:17:40.10 [Tires Squealing] 00:17:40.10,00:17:41.80 [Horn Honking] 00:17:42.90,00:17:44.30 [Honks] 00:17:53.70,00:17:55.50 What, are you selling those? 00:17:55.60,00:17:57.30 Yes! I'm selling[br]some clothes. 00:17:57.40,00:17:58.50 So, 00:17:58.50,00:17:59.90 we each have 3.[br]That's 6. 00:17:59.90,00:18:02.20 What about the seventh day?[br]I want ascending bowel cancer. 00:18:02.20,00:18:03.70 Narrator: The girl[br]had done her homework. 00:18:03.70,00:18:04.70 Thank you. 00:18:04.80,00:18:05.70 No. No, I... 00:18:05.80,00:18:08.00 I want bowel cancer. 00:18:08.10,00:18:09.80 That's your favorite, too? 00:18:09.90,00:18:12.10 Try to slip it by me, eh? 00:18:12.20,00:18:13.60 Look, we're gonna[br]split it, OK? 00:18:13.70,00:18:15.50 Take the first and third[br]Sunday of the month. 00:18:18.80,00:18:19.80 Deal. 00:18:22.40,00:18:24.30 Looks like[br]this is good-bye. 00:18:24.40,00:18:26.50 Well, let's not make a[br]big thing out of it, OK? 00:18:26.60,00:18:28.40 How's this for not[br]making a big thing? 00:18:31.90,00:18:32.90 [Door Opens] 00:18:33.00,00:18:34.30 Hey, Marla! 00:18:34.40,00:18:35.30 [Horn Honks] 00:18:35.40,00:18:36.30 Marla! 00:18:37.40,00:18:40.00 May-Maybe we should[br]exchange numbers. 00:18:40.10,00:18:41.50 Should we? 00:18:41.60,00:18:43.50 W-We might want[br]to switch nights. 00:18:45.10,00:18:46.10 OK. 00:18:51.60,00:18:53.60 Narrator: This is how I met[br]Marla Singer. 00:18:53.70,00:18:55.60 [Humming] 00:18:55.70,00:18:57.00 Marla's philosophy of life 00:18:57.00,00:18:59.10 was that she might die[br]at any moment. 00:18:59.20,00:19:01.90 The tragedy, she said,[br]was that she didn't. 00:19:01.90,00:19:03.10 It doesn't have[br]your name. 00:19:03.20,00:19:04.20 Who are you, 00:19:04.30,00:19:06.30 Cornelius,[br]Rupert, 00:19:06.40,00:19:07.70 Travis, 00:19:07.80,00:19:09.00 any of the[br]stupid names 00:19:09.10,00:19:10.20 you give each[br]night? 00:19:13.50,00:19:16.30 You wake up[br]at Seatac. 00:19:16.40,00:19:17.60 S.F.O... 00:19:17.70,00:19:19.70 L.A.X... 00:19:19.80,00:19:21.60 You wake up at O'Hare... 00:19:21.70,00:19:23.20 Dallas-Fort Worth... 00:19:23.20,00:19:25.20 B.W.I... 00:19:25.30,00:19:27.50 Pacific, mountain,[br]central... 00:19:27.60,00:19:29.10 Lose an hour,[br]gain an hour... 00:19:29.20,00:19:30.70 Check-in for that[br]flight doesn't begin 00:19:30.80,00:19:32.30 for another 2 hours,[br]sir. 00:19:32.40,00:19:36.40 This is your life, and it's[br]ending one minute at a time. 00:19:36.50,00:19:38.90 You wake up at Air Harbor[br]International... 00:19:38.90,00:19:40.90 P.A.: ...the aircraft has[br]come to a complete stop. 00:19:40.90,00:19:42.60 If you wake up[br]at a different time, 00:19:42.70,00:19:44.60 in a different place, 00:19:44.70,00:19:46.80 could you wake up[br]as a different person? 00:19:48.60,00:19:50.00 Everywhere I travel, 00:19:50.10,00:19:51.50 tiny life... 00:19:51.60,00:19:53.40 single-serving sugar... 00:19:53.50,00:19:54.60 single-serving cream... 00:19:54.70,00:19:56.50 single pat of butter... 00:19:56.60,00:19:59.40 a microwave cordon-bleu[br]hobby kit. 00:19:59.50,00:20:01.50 Shampoo-conditioner combos. 00:20:01.50,00:20:04.80 Sample package mouthwash,[br]tiny bars of soap. 00:20:06.90,00:20:09.40 The people I meet[br]on each flight, 00:20:09.50,00:20:12.50 they're single-serving[br]friends. 00:20:12.60,00:20:15.40 Between takeoff and landing,[br]we have our time together, 00:20:15.50,00:20:17.70 but that's all we get. 00:20:17.80,00:20:19.70 Together: Welcome! 00:20:21.30,00:20:22.90 Narrator: On[br]a long enough timeline, 00:20:23.00,00:20:25.50 the survival rate[br]for everyone drops to zero. 00:20:25.60,00:20:27.60 I was a recall coordinator. 00:20:27.70,00:20:29.80 My job was[br]to apply the formula. 00:20:29.80,00:20:30.80 Here's where[br]the infant 00:20:30.80,00:20:32.10 went through[br]the windshield. 00:20:32.20,00:20:33.20 3 points. 00:20:33.30,00:20:34.60 Narrator: A new car[br]built by my company 00:20:34.70,00:20:37.00 leaves somewhere traveling[br]at 60 miles per hour. 00:20:37.10,00:20:39.60 The rear differential[br]locks up. 00:20:39.70,00:20:40.70 The teenager's braces 00:20:40.70,00:20:42.30 are wrapped around[br]the back seat ashtray. 00:20:42.30,00:20:44.60 Might make[br]a good antismoking ad. 00:20:44.70,00:20:46.10 Narrator:[br]The car crashes and burns 00:20:46.20,00:20:47.80 with everyone[br]trapped inside. 00:20:47.80,00:20:50.30 Now, should we[br]initiate a recall? 00:20:50.40,00:20:51.60 The father[br]must've been huge. 00:20:51.70,00:20:52.80 You see[br]where the fat 00:20:52.90,00:20:54.10 has burned[br]to the seat, 00:20:54.20,00:20:55.60 the polyester shirt? 00:20:55.70,00:20:57.80 - Very modern art.[br]- Ha ha ha! 00:20:57.90,00:21:00.80 Narrator: Take the number of[br]vehicles in the field, ''A,'' 00:21:00.90,00:21:03.50 multiply it by the probable[br]rate of failure, '' B,'' 00:21:03.60,00:21:04.60 then multiply the result 00:21:04.70,00:21:07.00 by the average out-of-court[br]settlement, ''C.'' 00:21:07.10,00:21:09.80 ''A'' times '' B'' times ''C'' 00:21:09.90,00:21:11.30 equals ''X.'' 00:21:11.40,00:21:14.30 If''X'' is less[br]than the cost of a recall, 00:21:14.40,00:21:16.60 we don't do one. 00:21:16.70,00:21:17.90 Are there a lot 00:21:18.00,00:21:19.90 of these kinds[br]of accidents? 00:21:19.90,00:21:21.80 You wouldn't believe. 00:21:23.60,00:21:25.80 Which car company[br]do you work for? 00:21:26.90,00:21:28.60 A major one. 00:21:30.60,00:21:32.50 Narrator: Every time the plane[br]banked too sharply 00:21:32.60,00:21:34.50 on takeoff or landing, 00:21:34.50,00:21:36.40 I prayed for a crash 00:21:36.50,00:21:38.00 or a midair collision. 00:21:38.00,00:21:40.00 Anything. 00:21:42.90,00:21:44.40 [Screaming] 00:21:49.30,00:21:50.70 Life insurance[br]pays off triple 00:21:50.70,00:21:52.20 if you die[br]on a business trip. 00:21:52.30,00:21:53.30 [Ding] 00:21:55.70,00:21:58.10 ''If you are seated in an[br]emergency exit row...'' 00:21:58.20,00:21:59.40 Yeah... 00:21:59.50,00:22:01.00 ''And you feel[br]you would be unable 00:22:01.10,00:22:02.50 or unwilling to[br]perform the duties 00:22:02.60,00:22:04.30 listed on[br]the safety card, 00:22:04.40,00:22:06.00 please ask[br]a flight attendant 00:22:06.10,00:22:07.00 to reseat you.'' 00:22:08.70,00:22:10.90 It's a lot[br]of responsibility. 00:22:11.00,00:22:13.20 Wanna switch seats? 00:22:13.30,00:22:14.80 No. I'm not sure[br]I'm the man 00:22:14.90,00:22:16.70 for that particular job. 00:22:16.80,00:22:19.70 An exit-door procedure[br]at 30,000 feet. 00:22:19.80,00:22:21.30 Mm-hmm. 00:22:21.40,00:22:23.30 The illusion of safety. 00:22:23.40,00:22:26.10 Yeah. I guess so. 00:22:26.20,00:22:28.70 You know why they put[br]oxygen masks on planes? 00:22:28.80,00:22:30.50 So you can breathe. 00:22:30.60,00:22:33.40 Oxygen gets you high. 00:22:33.50,00:22:35.00 In a catastrophic[br]emergency, 00:22:35.00,00:22:38.00 you're taking giant[br]panicked breaths. 00:22:38.10,00:22:40.70 Suddenly you become[br]euphoric, docile. 00:22:40.70,00:22:43.00 You accept your fate. 00:22:43.00,00:22:45.60 It's all right here. 00:22:45.70,00:22:47.40 Emergency[br]water landing-- 00:22:47.50,00:22:49.00 600 miles an hour. 00:22:49.00,00:22:50.10 Blank faces, 00:22:50.10,00:22:51.80 calm as Hindu cows. 00:22:51.90,00:22:53.90 That's, um... 00:22:54.00,00:22:57.00 That's an interesting[br]theory. 00:22:59.60,00:23:00.90 What do you do? 00:23:01.00,00:23:02.40 What do you mean? 00:23:02.50,00:23:03.80 What do you do[br]for a living? 00:23:03.80,00:23:07.00 Why? So you can pretend[br]like you’re interested? 00:23:07.10,00:23:08.60 [Laughs] 00:23:09.80,00:23:10.80 OK. 00:23:10.90,00:23:12.80 You have a kind of[br]sick desperation 00:23:12.80,00:23:14.10 in your laugh. 00:23:16.80,00:23:19.40 We have[br]the exact same briefcase. 00:23:20.70,00:23:22.30 Soap. 00:23:22.40,00:23:23.30 Sorry? 00:23:23.40,00:23:26.10 I make[br]and I sell soap-- 00:23:26.20,00:23:29.00 the yardstick[br]of civilization. 00:23:29.10,00:23:30.80 Narrator: And this is[br]how I met... 00:23:30.90,00:23:32.60 ''Tyler Durden.'' 00:23:32.60,00:23:34.50 Did you know, if you[br]mixed equal parts 00:23:34.50,00:23:36.40 of gasoline and frozen[br]orange juice concentrate, 00:23:36.50,00:23:38.30 you can make napalm? 00:23:38.40,00:23:40.20 No, I did not know that.[br]Is that true? 00:23:40.30,00:23:41.30 That's right. 00:23:41.40,00:23:43.00 One can make all kinds[br]of explosives 00:23:43.10,00:23:44.90 using simple[br]household items. 00:23:45.00,00:23:46.00 Really? 00:23:46.10,00:23:47.80 If one were[br]so inclined. 00:23:52.50,00:23:55.20 Tyler, you are, by far,[br]the most interesting 00:23:55.30,00:23:57.80 ''single-serving'' friend[br]I've ever met. 00:23:57.90,00:23:59.70 See, obviously, 00:23:59.70,00:24:01.60 everything on a plane[br]is single-serving, even-- 00:24:01.70,00:24:03.90 Oh, I get it.[br]It's very clever. 00:24:03.90,00:24:05.50 Thank you. 00:24:05.60,00:24:08.30 How's that working out[br]for you? 00:24:08.40,00:24:09.30 What? 00:24:09.40,00:24:10.50 Being clever. 00:24:10.60,00:24:13.00 Great. 00:24:13.10,00:24:15.00 Keep it up, then. 00:24:15.10,00:24:16.00 Right up. 00:24:17.90,00:24:19.40 Now a question[br]of etiquette. 00:24:19.40,00:24:20.50 As I pass, 00:24:20.60,00:24:22.00 do I give you the ass[br]or the crotch? 00:24:29.30,00:24:32.40 Narrator: How I came[br]to live with Tyler is... 00:24:32.40,00:24:35.40 airlines have this policy[br]about vibrating luggage. 00:24:43.20,00:24:44.60 Was--Was it ticking? 00:24:44.70,00:24:47.00 Actually, throwers don't[br]worry about ticking, 00:24:47.10,00:24:48.60 'cause modern bombs[br]don't tick. 00:24:48.70,00:24:50.00 Sorry. ''Throwers''? 00:24:50.10,00:24:51.20 Baggage handlers. 00:24:51.30,00:24:54.50 But when a suitcase[br]vibrates, 00:24:54.60,00:24:57.00 then the thrower's[br]gotta call the police. 00:24:57.10,00:24:59.70 My suitcase...was vibrating? 00:24:59.80,00:25:01.80 9 times out of 1 0,[br]it's an electric razor, 00:25:01.90,00:25:04.90 but every once[br]in a while... 00:25:07.40,00:25:09.00 [Whispering][br]it's a dildo. 00:25:10.70,00:25:12.20 Of course,[br]it's company policy 00:25:12.20,00:25:13.80 never to imply[br]ownership 00:25:13.80,00:25:15.20 in the event[br]of a dildo. 00:25:15.20,00:25:16.40 We have to use[br]the indefinite article 00:25:16.50,00:25:17.50 a dildo. 00:25:17.60,00:25:20.90 Never your dildo. 00:25:21.00,00:25:22.00 I don't own a-- 00:25:25.80,00:25:27.60 Narrator: I had everything[br]in that suitcase-- 00:25:27.70,00:25:28.90 my CK shirts, 00:25:29.00,00:25:30.60 my DKNY shoes, 00:25:30.70,00:25:32.00 my AX ties. 00:25:33.90,00:25:35.00 Never mind. 00:25:36.60,00:25:40.30 Man: Hey! That's my car! 00:25:41.60,00:25:43.60 [Police Radio Chatter] 00:25:43.60,00:25:46.80 [Siren] 00:25:46.90,00:25:49.40 Home was a condo[br]on the 1 5th floor 00:25:49.40,00:25:52.10 of a filing cabinet for widows[br]and young professionals. 00:25:52.20,00:25:54.80 The walls[br]were solid concrete. 00:25:54.90,00:25:56.70 A foot of concrete’s[br]important 00:25:56.80,00:25:58.40 when your next-door neighbor[br]lets her hearing aid go 00:25:58.50,00:26:00.90 and has to watch game shows[br]at full volume... 00:26:01.00,00:26:02.80 Or when a volcanic blast 00:26:02.90,00:26:05.60 and debris that used to be your[br]furniture and personal effects 00:26:05.70,00:26:07.50 blows out of your[br]floor-to-ceiling windows 00:26:07.50,00:26:09.30 and sails flaming[br]into the night. 00:26:09.40,00:26:11.40 [Helicopter Circling] 00:26:15.60,00:26:17.90 I suppose[br]these things happen. 00:26:30.60,00:26:33.00 There's nothing up there. 00:26:33.00,00:26:35.30 You can't go[br]into the unit. 00:26:35.40,00:26:36.70 Police orders. 00:26:45.00,00:26:47.40 Do you have somebody[br]you can call? 00:26:48.60,00:26:50.00 Narrator: How embarrassing. 00:26:50.00,00:26:52.90 A house full of condiments[br]and no food. 00:27:02.40,00:27:04.30 The police would[br]later tell me 00:27:04.40,00:27:06.10 that the pilot light[br]might have gone out, 00:27:06.20,00:27:10.10 letting out just[br]a little bit of gas. 00:27:10.20,00:27:12.50 That gas could have[br]slowly filled the condo-- 00:27:12.50,00:27:15.10 1 ,700 square feet[br]of high ceilings 00:27:15.10,00:27:16.90 for days and days. 00:27:24.20,00:27:26.80 Then the refrigerator's[br]compressor could've clicked on. 00:27:26.90,00:27:28.00 [Telephone Ringing] 00:27:28.10,00:27:31.10 Marla: Yeah? 00:27:34.30,00:27:35.90 I can hear you[br]breathing, you-- 00:27:45.10,00:27:47.30 If you asked me now, 00:27:47.40,00:27:49.20 I couldn't tell you[br]why I called him. 00:27:56.80,00:27:59.70 [Telephone Ringing[br]On Other End] 00:28:19.00,00:28:21.50 [Ring] 00:28:24.50,00:28:26.90 [Ring] 00:28:29.50,00:28:30.40 [Ring] 00:28:31.70,00:28:33.30 Hello? 00:28:33.40,00:28:34.40 Man: Who's this? 00:28:34.50,00:28:36.20 [Potato Chips Crunching] 00:28:36.30,00:28:37.70 Tyler? 00:28:37.70,00:28:39.30 Who is this? 00:28:39.40,00:28:42.10 Um, ahem, we met[br]on the airplane. 00:28:42.20,00:28:44.10 We had the same[br]suitcase. 00:28:44.20,00:28:45.70 [Crunching] 00:28:45.80,00:28:47.40 Uh, the clever guy. 00:28:47.50,00:28:51.60 Oh, yeah. Right. OK? 00:28:51.60,00:28:53.40 I called[br]a second ago. 00:28:53.50,00:28:55.50 There was no answer.[br]I'm at a pay phone. 00:28:55.60,00:28:57.10 Yeah. I star-69ed you. 00:28:57.20,00:28:58.90 I never pick up my phone. 00:28:59.00,00:29:00.40 [Crunching] 00:29:00.50,00:29:02.30 So, what's up, man? 00:29:02.40,00:29:05.60 Uh, well... 00:29:05.60,00:29:08.10 you're not gonna[br]believe this. 00:29:10.50,00:29:12.00 Tyler: You know, man,[br]it could be worse. 00:29:12.10,00:29:13.40 A woman could[br]cut off your penis 00:29:13.50,00:29:14.60 while you’re sleeping 00:29:14.70,00:29:15.90 and toss it[br]out the window 00:29:16.00,00:29:17.10 of a moving car. 00:29:17.20,00:29:18.70 There's always that. 00:29:18.80,00:29:20.50 I don't know,[br]it’s just... 00:29:20.50,00:29:22.00 when you buy furniture, 00:29:22.00,00:29:23.40 you tell yourself,[br]that's it. 00:29:23.50,00:29:25.30 That's the last sofa[br]I'm gonna need. 00:29:25.30,00:29:26.60 Whatever else happens, 00:29:26.70,00:29:28.70 I've got that[br]sofa problem handled. 00:29:28.80,00:29:30.20 I had it all. 00:29:30.30,00:29:32.10 I had a stereo[br]that was very decent, 00:29:32.20,00:29:34.80 a wardrobe that was getting[br]very respectable. 00:29:34.80,00:29:38.10 I was close[br]to being complete. 00:29:38.20,00:29:39.60 Shit, man.[br]Now it's all gone. 00:29:39.70,00:29:40.80 All gone. 00:29:40.90,00:29:43.50 Hmm. All gone. 00:29:45.40,00:29:46.90 Do you know[br]what a duvet is? 00:29:47.00,00:29:48.10 Comforter. 00:29:48.20,00:29:49.90 It's a blanket. 00:29:50.00,00:29:51.00 Just a blanket. 00:29:51.10,00:29:52.90 Why do guys[br]like you and I 00:29:53.00,00:29:54.00 know what[br]a duvet is? 00:29:54.00,00:29:56.50 Is this essential[br]to our survival 00:29:56.60,00:29:58.10 in the hunter-gatherer[br]sense of the word? 00:29:58.20,00:29:59.50 No. 00:29:59.60,00:30:02.00 What are we, then? 00:30:02.10,00:30:04.90 We're, uh, you know,[br]consumers... 00:30:05.00,00:30:06.80 Right. We're consumers. 00:30:06.80,00:30:10.20 We are by-products of[br]a lifestyle obsession. 00:30:10.30,00:30:12.60 Murder, crime, poverty-- 00:30:12.70,00:30:14.40 these things[br]don't concern me. 00:30:14.50,00:30:17.70 What concerns me are[br]celebrity magazines, 00:30:17.80,00:30:19.90 television[br]with 500 channels, 00:30:20.00,00:30:21.90 some guy's name[br]on my underwear. 00:30:22.00,00:30:24.70 Rogaine, Viagra,[br]Olestra. 00:30:24.70,00:30:25.70 Martha Stewart. 00:30:25.70,00:30:26.90 Fuck Martha Stewart. 00:30:26.90,00:30:29.70 Martha's polishing the brass[br]on the Titanic. 00:30:29.80,00:30:31.20 It's all going down, man. 00:30:31.20,00:30:33.70 So fuck off[br]with your sofa units 00:30:33.70,00:30:36.00 and Shrine green[br]stripe patterns. 00:30:36.10,00:30:38.50 I say,[br]never be complete. 00:30:38.60,00:30:40.20 I say,[br]stop being perfect. 00:30:40.30,00:30:42.80 I say, let's...[br]let's evolve. 00:30:42.90,00:30:44.70 Let the chips[br]fall where they may. 00:30:47.30,00:30:49.50 But that's me,[br]and I could be wrong. 00:30:49.60,00:30:51.60 Maybe it's a terrible[br]tragedy. 00:30:51.70,00:30:53.10 No. It’s just stuff. 00:30:53.20,00:30:54.20 It's not a tragedy,[br]but... 00:30:54.30,00:30:55.40 Well, you did lose 00:30:55.40,00:30:58.00 a lot of versatile solutions[br]for modern living. 00:30:58.10,00:30:59.10 Fuck. You're right. 00:30:59.20,00:31:00.50 No. I don't smoke. 00:31:04.10,00:31:07.80 My insurance is probably[br]gonna cover it, so... 00:31:10.30,00:31:12.40 What? 00:31:12.50,00:31:16.60 The things you own[br]end up owning you. 00:31:18.90,00:31:20.20 But do what[br]you like, man. 00:31:21.80,00:31:22.70 [Sigh] 00:31:22.80,00:31:23.80 Oh, it's late. 00:31:23.90,00:31:25.70 Hey, thanks[br]for the beer. 00:31:25.80,00:31:27.00 Yeah, man. 00:31:27.10,00:31:30.00 I should find[br]a hotel. 00:31:30.00,00:31:31.00 Oh. 00:31:31.00,00:31:32.00 What? 00:31:32.00,00:31:33.00 What? 00:31:33.00,00:31:34.00 A hotel. 00:31:34.00,00:31:35.00 Yeah. 00:31:35.00,00:31:36.70 Just ask, man. 00:31:36.70,00:31:39.10 What are you[br]talking about? 00:31:39.10,00:31:40.20 Oh, God. 00:31:40.20,00:31:41.70 3 pitchers of beer, 00:31:41.70,00:31:43.30 and you still[br]can't ask. 00:31:44.90,00:31:46.00 What? 00:31:46.10,00:31:47.90 You called me 'cause you[br]needed a place to stay. 00:31:47.90,00:31:49.70 Oh, hey, no, no, no. 00:31:49.80,00:31:51.80 Yes, you did.[br]So just ask. 00:31:51.80,00:31:54.10 Cut the foreplay[br]adjust ask, man. 00:31:55.90,00:31:58.20 Would that[br]be a problem? 00:31:58.30,00:32:00.30 Is it a problem[br]for you to ask? 00:32:01.90,00:32:03.30 Can I stay[br]at your place? 00:32:03.30,00:32:04.30 Yeah. 00:32:05.30,00:32:06.70 Thanks. 00:32:10.70,00:32:12.90 I want you[br]to do me a favor. 00:32:13.00,00:32:14.10 Yeah, sure. 00:32:14.20,00:32:17.00 I want you to hit me[br]as hard as you can. 00:32:17.10,00:32:19.10 What? 00:32:19.10,00:32:22.90 I want you to hit me[br]as hard as you can. 00:32:23.00,00:32:24.50 Narrator: Let me tell you[br]a little bit 00:32:24.50,00:32:26.00 about Tyler Durden. 00:32:26.10,00:32:28.60 Tyler was a night person. 00:32:28.60,00:32:29.80 While the rest of us[br]were sleeping, 00:32:29.90,00:32:30.90 he worked. 00:32:31.00,00:32:34.10 He had one part-time job[br]as a projectionist. 00:32:34.20,00:32:36.00 See, a movie doesn't come[br]all on one big reel. 00:32:36.10,00:32:37.20 It comes on a few. 00:32:37.30,00:32:39.80 So someone has to be there[br]to switch the projectors 00:32:39.90,00:32:42.10 at the exact moment[br]that one reel ends 00:32:42.20,00:32:43.40 and the next one begins. 00:32:43.50,00:32:45.50 If you look for it,[br]you can see these little dots 00:32:45.60,00:32:47.60 come into the upper right-hand[br]corner of the screen. 00:32:47.70,00:32:48.60 [Beep] 00:32:48.70,00:32:49.70 In the industry, 00:32:49.80,00:32:51.10 we call them[br]''cigarette burns.'' 00:32:51.20,00:32:53.20 That's the cue[br]for a changeover. 00:32:53.30,00:32:54.70 He flips the projectors, 00:32:54.80,00:32:56.70 the movie keeps[br]right on going, 00:32:56.70,00:32:58.20 and nobody in the audience[br]has any idea. 00:32:58.30,00:33:00.80 Why would anyone want[br]this shitjob? 00:33:00.90,00:33:03.70 Because it affords him other[br]interesting opportunities. 00:33:03.90,00:33:05.90 Like splicing single frames[br]of pornography 00:33:05.90,00:33:07.30 into family films. 00:33:07.40,00:33:09.50 So when the snooty cat[br]and the courageous dog 00:33:09.60,00:33:11.00 with the celebrity voices 00:33:11.10,00:33:13.00 meet for the first time[br]in reel 3, 00:33:13.10,00:33:14.40 that's when you'll[br]catch a flash 00:33:14.40,00:33:16.70 of Tyler’s contribution[br]to the film. 00:33:16.80,00:33:19.40 [Characters On Screen[br]Singing Merrily] 00:33:19.50,00:33:20.40 [Woman Moans] 00:33:20.50,00:33:22.20 [Merry Song Continues] 00:33:23.60,00:33:25.10 Nobody knows[br]that they saw it, 00:33:25.20,00:33:26.20 but they did. 00:33:26.30,00:33:28.80 A nice big cock. 00:33:31.50,00:33:33.60 [Crying] 00:33:33.60,00:33:36.40 Even a hummingbird couldn't[br]catch Tyler at work. 00:33:41.20,00:33:44.30 Tyler also works sometimes[br]as a banquet waiter 00:33:44.40,00:33:46.70 at the luxurious[br]Pressman Hotel. 00:33:50.20,00:33:51.30 [Urinating] 00:33:51.40,00:33:53.20 He was the guerilla[br]terrorist 00:33:53.30,00:33:55.60 of the food service[br]industry. 00:33:55.70,00:33:56.70 Do not watch. 00:33:56.80,00:33:58.30 I cannot go[br]when you watch. 00:33:58.40,00:33:59.90 Apart from seasoning[br]the lobster bisque, 00:34:00.00,00:34:01.40 he farted on meringues, 00:34:01.50,00:34:02.90 sneezed[br]on braised endive. 00:34:03.00,00:34:04.60 And as for the cream[br]of mushroom soup, 00:34:04.60,00:34:05.70 well... 00:34:05.80,00:34:07.20 Go ahead, tell them. 00:34:07.30,00:34:09.20 You get the idea. 00:34:09.30,00:34:11.00 What do you want me to do?[br]You just want me to hit you? 00:34:11.10,00:34:12.60 Come on. Do me[br]this one favor. 00:34:12.70,00:34:13.70 Why? 00:34:13.80,00:34:15.10 Why? I don't know why.[br]I don't know. 00:34:15.20,00:34:16.10 I've never been in a fight.[br]Have you? 00:34:16.20,00:34:17.60 No, but that's[br]a good thing. 00:34:17.70,00:34:18.70 No, it is not. 00:34:18.80,00:34:19.80 How much can you[br]know about yourself 00:34:19.80,00:34:21.30 if you’ve never[br]been in a fight? 00:34:21.30,00:34:22.60 I don't wanna die[br]without any scars. 00:34:22.70,00:34:24.60 So, come on, hit me[br]before I lose my nerve. 00:34:24.60,00:34:27.30 God, this is crazy. 00:34:27.40,00:34:29.00 So go crazy.[br]Let 'er rip. 00:34:29.10,00:34:30.90 Hey, I don't know[br]about this. 00:34:31.00,00:34:33.20 I don't, either,[br]but who gives a shit? 00:34:33.30,00:34:35.00 No one's watching.[br]What do you care? 00:34:35.00,00:34:37.30 Wait. This is crazy.[br]You want me to hit you? 00:34:37.30,00:34:39.30 That's right. 00:34:39.30,00:34:41.80 What, like,[br]in the face? 00:34:41.80,00:34:43.20 Surprise me. 00:34:45.20,00:34:47.50 This is so[br]fucking stupid. 00:34:56.50,00:34:57.90 Ohh! 00:34:57.90,00:35:00.80 Motherfucker! 00:35:00.80,00:35:02.80 You hit me[br]in the ear. 00:35:02.80,00:35:04.10 Well, Jesus,[br]I'm sorry. 00:35:04.10,00:35:06.00 Ow! Christ! 00:35:06.10,00:35:07.80 Why the ear, man? 00:35:07.80,00:35:08.90 Aw, I fucked it up. 00:35:09.00,00:35:10.00 No. That was perfect. 00:35:10.10,00:35:11.80 Ohh! Uhh! 00:35:22.50,00:35:24.00 Nah, it's all right. 00:35:26.20,00:35:27.70 That really hurts. 00:35:27.80,00:35:30.60 Right. 00:35:30.70,00:35:31.90 Hit me again. 00:35:32.00,00:35:33.10 [Laughing] 00:35:33.20,00:35:34.10 No. You hit me. 00:35:34.20,00:35:35.20 Come on. 00:35:51.80,00:35:54.20 We should do this[br]again sometime. 00:36:07.40,00:36:08.50 Where's your car? 00:36:08.50,00:36:09.60 What car? 00:36:09.60,00:36:10.90 [Belches] 00:36:20.20,00:36:22.50 Narrator: I don't know how[br]Tyler found that house, 00:36:22.50,00:36:24.70 but he said[br]he'd been there for a year. 00:36:24.80,00:36:27.80 It looked like it was[br]waiting to be torn down. 00:36:27.90,00:36:30.10 Most of the windows[br]were boarded up. 00:36:30.20,00:36:32.50 There was no lock[br]on the front door 00:36:32.50,00:36:35.80 from when the police[br]or whoever kicked it in. 00:36:35.90,00:36:37.60 The stairs[br]were ready to collapse. 00:36:37.70,00:36:40.60 I didn't know if he owned it[br]or if he was squatting. 00:36:40.70,00:36:42.60 Neither would have[br]surprised me. 00:36:43.80,00:36:45.20 Yeah. That's you. 00:36:45.30,00:36:46.40 That's me. 00:36:46.50,00:36:48.30 That's the toilet. 00:36:48.40,00:36:49.30 Good? 00:36:49.40,00:36:50.30 Yeah. Thanks. 00:36:51.60,00:36:53.30 Narrator: What a shithole. 00:36:53.30,00:36:55.00 [Springs Clang] 00:36:55.10,00:36:56.80 Nothing worked. 00:36:56.80,00:36:58.30 [Water Pipes Rumble] 00:36:58.40,00:36:59.60 Turning on one light 00:36:59.70,00:37:02.70 meant another light[br]in the house went out. 00:37:02.70,00:37:04.20 There were no neighbors, 00:37:04.20,00:37:06.20 Just some warehouses[br]and a paper mill-- 00:37:06.30,00:37:08.10 that fart smell of steam, 00:37:08.20,00:37:10.50 the hamster cage smell[br]of wood chips. 00:37:10.60,00:37:12.60 After work tomorrow,[br]we'll be-- 00:37:12.70,00:37:14.70 Hey. What have[br]we here? 00:37:29.70,00:37:30.60 Hey, guys. 00:37:30.70,00:37:31.80 Hey. 00:37:31.90,00:37:33.00 It's cool. 00:37:33.10,00:37:34.10 Ohh! 00:37:34.20,00:37:36.00 [Whistling[br]Nonchalantly] 00:37:42.90,00:37:46.50 Every time it rained,[br]we had to kill the power. 00:37:46.60,00:37:48.10 By the end[br]of the first month, 00:37:48.20,00:37:49.90 I didn't miss TV. 00:37:49.90,00:37:54.20 I didn't even mind the warm,[br]stale refrigerator. 00:38:06.90,00:38:08.70 Can I be next? 00:38:13.10,00:38:14.10 All right, man. 00:38:14.20,00:38:16.40 Lose the tie. 00:38:18.80,00:38:19.90 [Ricocheting[br]Golf Ball] 00:38:19.90,00:38:21.20 Ooh! 00:38:21.30,00:38:22.90 Narrator: At night,[br]Tyler and I were alone 00:38:23.00,00:38:25.20 for a half mile[br]in every direction. 00:38:27.50,00:38:28.40 [Clang] 00:38:31.20,00:38:33.60 Rain trickled down[br]through the plaster 00:38:33.70,00:38:35.10 and the light fixtures. 00:38:35.20,00:38:37.00 Everything wooden[br]swelled and shrank. 00:38:37.10,00:38:41.10 Everywhere were rusted nails[br]to snag your elbow on. 00:38:41.10,00:38:44.40 The previous occupant had been[br]a bit of a shut-in. 00:38:44.50,00:38:46.20 Hey, man, what[br]are you reading? 00:38:46.30,00:38:47.30 Listen to this. 00:38:47.40,00:38:49.30 It's an article[br]written by an organ 00:38:49.40,00:38:50.80 in the first person. 00:38:50.90,00:38:53.50 ''I am Jack’s[br]medulla oblongata. 00:38:53.50,00:38:55.20 Without me, Jack[br]could not regulate 00:38:55.20,00:38:57.40 his heart rate,[br]blood pressure, or breathing.'' 00:38:57.50,00:38:59.90 There's a whole series[br]of these. 00:38:59.90,00:39:01.30 ''I am Jill’s nipples. '' 00:39:02.70,00:39:04.80 ''I am Jack’s colon. '' 00:39:04.90,00:39:07.30 Yeah. ''I get cancer.[br]I kill Jack.'' 00:39:08.80,00:39:10.60 Whoa--Ohh! 00:39:10.60,00:39:11.90 Narrator: After fighting, 00:39:12.00,00:39:14.20 everything else in your life[br]got the volume turned down. 00:39:14.30,00:39:17.70 [Muted Complaining] 00:39:17.80,00:39:18.70 What? 00:39:18.80,00:39:20.20 You could deal[br]with anything. 00:39:20.30,00:39:21.70 Have you finished[br]those reports? 00:39:26.40,00:39:27.70 Tyler: If you could[br]fight anyone, 00:39:27.80,00:39:29.00 who would you fight? 00:39:29.10,00:39:31.50 I'd fight my boss,[br]probably. 00:39:31.60,00:39:33.00 Really? 00:39:33.00,00:39:35.60 Yeah. Why, who would[br]you fight? 00:39:35.70,00:39:36.80 I'd fight my dad. 00:39:36.90,00:39:38.70 I don't know my dad. 00:39:38.80,00:39:40.60 I mean, I know him, 00:39:40.60,00:39:43.50 but he left when I was,[br]like, 6 years old, 00:39:43.50,00:39:46.00 married this other woman[br]and had some other kids. 00:39:46.10,00:39:47.70 He, like, did this[br]every 6 years. 00:39:47.80,00:39:50.70 He goes to a new city[br]and starts a new family. 00:39:50.70,00:39:52.80 Fucker should open up[br]franchises. 00:39:54.30,00:39:55.90 My dad never[br]went to college, 00:39:56.00,00:39:58.40 so it was real[br]important that I go. 00:39:58.50,00:39:59.60 That sounds familiar. 00:39:59.60,00:40:01.80 So I graduate, I call[br]him up long distance. 00:40:01.80,00:40:05.30 I say, '' Dad, now what?''[br]He says, ''Get a job.'' 00:40:05.30,00:40:06.30 Same here. 00:40:06.30,00:40:07.40 Now I'm 25. 00:40:07.40,00:40:08.80 I make[br]my yearly call again. 00:40:08.80,00:40:11.10 I say, '' Dad, now what?'' 00:40:11.10,00:40:13.50 He says, ''I don't know.[br]Get married.'' 00:40:13.60,00:40:15.50 Eh, I mean... 00:40:15.60,00:40:16.80 I can't get married. 00:40:16.90,00:40:17.90 [Thunder] 00:40:18.00,00:40:19.70 I'm a 30-year-old boy. 00:40:19.80,00:40:21.30 We're a generation[br]of men 00:40:21.40,00:40:22.50 raised by women. 00:40:22.60,00:40:25.00 I'm wondering[br]if another woman 00:40:25.00,00:40:26.80 is really[br]the answer we need. 00:40:32.30,00:40:35.50 Narrator: Most of the week,[br]we were Ozzie and Harriet. 00:40:35.60,00:40:36.10 [Whistling] 00:40:37.00,00:40:38.20 But every Saturday night, 00:40:38.20,00:40:39.10 But every Saturday night, 00:40:39.20,00:40:41.60 we were finding[br]something out. 00:40:41.70,00:40:43.80 We were finding out[br]more and more 00:40:43.90,00:40:45.00 that we were not alone. 00:40:47.60,00:40:48.90 Man: Who turned[br]the lights off? 00:40:48.90,00:40:50.20 It used to be 00:40:50.30,00:40:51.90 that when I came home[br]angry or depressed, 00:40:52.00,00:40:53.70 I’d just clean my condo, 00:40:53.80,00:40:55.70 polish[br]my Scandinavian furniture. 00:40:55.80,00:40:58.20 I should've been looking[br]for a new condo. 00:40:58.30,00:41:01.00 I should've been haggling[br]with my insurance company. 00:41:01.10,00:41:04.90 I should've been upset about my[br]nice, neat flaming little shit. 00:41:04.90,00:41:06.40 But I wasn't. 00:41:06.50,00:41:07.90 The basic premise 00:41:08.00,00:41:09.80 of cyber-netting[br]any office 00:41:09.80,00:41:10.90 is make things[br]more efficient. 00:41:11.00,00:41:12.30 Narrator: Monday mornings,[br]all I could do 00:41:12.30,00:41:13.40 was think about[br]next week. 00:41:13.50,00:41:16.60 Can I get the icon[br]in cornflower blue? 00:41:16.70,00:41:17.90 Absolutely. 00:41:17.90,00:41:21.20 Efficiency is priority[br]number one, people, 00:41:21.30,00:41:24.10 because waste[br]is a thief. 00:41:24.20,00:41:25.80 I showed this already[br]to my man, here. 00:41:25.90,00:41:27.20 You liked it,[br]didn’t you? 00:41:31.20,00:41:33.00 Narrator: You can swallow[br]a pint of blood 00:41:33.00,00:41:34.50 before you get sick. 00:41:35.80,00:41:38.30 It was right[br]in everyone's face. 00:41:38.40,00:41:40.50 Tyler and I[br]Just made it visible. 00:41:40.60,00:41:42.80 It was on the tip[br]of everyone’s tongue. 00:41:42.90,00:41:44.80 Tyler and I just[br]gave it a name. 00:41:53.00,00:41:56.30 [Loud Rock Music Playing] 00:41:56.40,00:41:59.20 Come on, people,[br]you gotta go home. 00:42:19.80,00:42:22.80 Turn off the jukebox.[br]Lock the back. 00:42:43.90,00:42:45.10 [Someone Spits] 00:42:45.10,00:42:47.10 Narrator: Every week,[br]Tyler gave the rules 00:42:47.10,00:42:48.40 that he and I decided. 00:42:48.50,00:42:52.00 Gentlemen, welcome[br]to Fight Club. 00:42:55.00,00:42:56.80 The first rule[br]of Fight Club is... 00:42:56.90,00:42:59.40 you do not talk[br]about Fight Club. 00:42:59.40,00:43:02.20 The second rule[br]of Fight Club is... 00:43:02.30,00:43:05.90 you do not talk[br]about Fight Club. 00:43:06.00,00:43:07.40 Third rule of Fight Club-- 00:43:07.50,00:43:11.20 Someone yells ''Stop!''[br]goes limp, taps out, 00:43:11.30,00:43:12.80 the fight is over. 00:43:12.90,00:43:14.00 Fourth rule-- 00:43:14.10,00:43:16.40 Only 2 guys to a fight. 00:43:16.50,00:43:17.50 Fifth rule-- 00:43:17.60,00:43:20.00 One fight at a time,[br]fellas. 00:43:20.10,00:43:21.10 [Laughter] 00:43:21.20,00:43:23.70 Sixth rule--[br]No shirts, no shoes. 00:43:23.80,00:43:24.90 Seventh rule-- 00:43:25.00,00:43:27.70 Fights will go on[br]as long as they have to. 00:43:29.70,00:43:32.10 And the eighth[br]and final rule-- 00:43:32.20,00:43:36.60 If this is your first night[br]at Fight Club... 00:43:36.70,00:43:38.30 you have to fight. 00:43:38.30,00:43:39.70 [Loud Shouting, Cheering] 00:43:42.90,00:43:44.80 Narrator: This kid from work,[br]Ricky, 00:43:44.90,00:43:46.70 couldn't remember[br]whether you ordered pens 00:43:46.80,00:43:47.90 with blue ink or black... 00:43:49.50,00:43:50.50 Come on, man! 00:43:50.60,00:43:52.30 But Ricky was a god[br]for 1 0 minutes 00:43:52.40,00:43:55.00 when the trounced the maitre d'[br]of a local food court. 00:43:57.20,00:43:59.00 Sometimes,[br]all you could hear 00:43:59.00,00:44:01.30 were the flat, hard[br]packing sounds 00:44:01.30,00:44:02.40 over the yelling... 00:44:05.90,00:44:08.80 or the wet choke when[br]someone caught their breath 00:44:08.90,00:44:09.80 and sprayed... 00:44:09.90,00:44:11.10 Stop! 00:44:11.10,00:44:14.10 You weren't alive anywhere[br]like you were there. 00:44:14.20,00:44:15.50 But Fight Club[br]only exists 00:44:15.60,00:44:17.80 in the hours between[br]when Fight Club starts 00:44:17.90,00:44:19.70 and when Fight Club ends. 00:44:19.80,00:44:22.90 Even if could tell someone[br]they had a good fight, 00:44:23.00,00:44:24.90 I wouldn't be talking[br]to the same man. 00:44:24.90,00:44:26.50 Who you were[br]in Fight Club 00:44:26.60,00:44:28.70 is not who you were[br]in the rest of the world. 00:44:28.70,00:44:31.60 The guy who came to Fight Club[br]for the first time, 00:44:31.70,00:44:33.70 his ass[br]was a wad of cookie dough. 00:44:33.70,00:44:35.00 After a few weeks, 00:44:35.10,00:44:36.70 he was carved[br]out of wood. 00:44:36.70,00:44:38.80 If you could fight[br]any celebrity, 00:44:38.80,00:44:40.30 who would you fight? 00:44:40.30,00:44:41.40 Alive or dead? 00:44:41.50,00:44:43.90 It doesn't matter.[br]Who'd be tough? 00:44:44.00,00:44:45.80 Hemingway. 00:44:45.90,00:44:48.40 You? 00:44:48.50,00:44:49.60 Shatner. 00:44:49.70,00:44:51.90 I'd fight[br]William Shatner. 00:44:53.40,00:44:56.00 Narrator: We all started[br]seeing things differently. 00:44:56.00,00:44:57.80 Everywhere we went, 00:44:57.90,00:45:00.00 we were sizing things up. 00:45:04.30,00:45:06.80 I felt sorry for guys[br]packed into gyms, 00:45:06.90,00:45:09.30 trying to look like[br]how Calvin Klein 00:45:09.40,00:45:11.30 or Tommy Hilfiger[br]said they should. 00:45:11.30,00:45:12.80 Is that what a man[br]looks like? 00:45:12.90,00:45:13.90 [Laughing] 00:45:14.00,00:45:16.90 Ahh. Self-improvement[br]is masturbation. 00:45:17.00,00:45:19.40 And self-destruction. 00:45:19.50,00:45:21.00 Excuse me. 00:45:21.10,00:45:23.50 [Screaming] 00:45:32.10,00:45:33.60 Kick his ass! 00:45:33.60,00:45:35.10 Hit him again, man![br]Come on! Hit him! 00:45:55.20,00:45:58.60 Fight Club wasn't about[br]winning or losing. 00:45:58.70,00:46:00.60 It wasn't about words. 00:46:03.50,00:46:05.90 The hysterical shouting[br]was in tongues, 00:46:06.00,00:46:08.20 like in[br]a Pentecostal church. 00:46:13.60,00:46:14.50 - Is that it?[br]- Stop! 00:46:14.60,00:46:16.60 When the fight[br]was over, 00:46:16.70,00:46:18.60 nothing was solved, 00:46:18.70,00:46:20.20 but nothing mattered. 00:46:20.20,00:46:21.70 Hey, cool. 00:46:23.80,00:46:27.40 Narrator: Afterwards,[br]we all felt saved. 00:46:27.50,00:46:29.60 Hey, man, how[br]about next week? 00:46:29.70,00:46:31.10 How about next month? 00:46:31.20,00:46:32.30 I hear you. 00:46:32.40,00:46:33.60 Irwin, you're[br]in the middle. 00:46:33.70,00:46:36.00 New guy. You, too. 00:46:37.20,00:46:39.90 Narrator: Sometimes,[br]Tyler spoke for me. 00:46:39.90,00:46:41.90 He fell down[br]some stairs. 00:46:42.00,00:46:44.50 I fell down[br]some stairs. 00:46:46.70,00:46:49.00 Fight Club became the reason[br]to cut your hair short 00:46:49.10,00:46:51.40 or trim your fingernails. 00:46:51.50,00:46:54.00 OK. Any[br]historical figure. 00:46:54.00,00:46:55.90 I'd fight Gandhi. 00:46:57.50,00:46:58.40 Good answer. 00:46:58.50,00:46:59.50 How about you? 00:46:59.60,00:47:00.70 Lincoln. 00:47:00.80,00:47:02.20 Lincoln? 00:47:02.30,00:47:03.40 Mm. 00:47:03.50,00:47:04.90 Big guy, big reach. 00:47:05.00,00:47:07.20 Skinny guys fight[br]till they're burger. 00:47:07.30,00:47:08.70 Fuck. 00:47:10.80,00:47:13.60 Hey. Even the Mona Lisa's[br]falling apart. 00:47:18.00,00:47:19.80 [Ring] 00:47:22.40,00:47:24.00 Hello. 00:47:24.00,00:47:25.00 Marla: Where have[br]you been 00:47:25.10,00:47:26.90 the last 8 weeks? 00:47:27.00,00:47:28.30 Marla? 00:47:28.40,00:47:29.70 [Chop Socky Yell] 00:47:31.50,00:47:32.90 How'd you find me? 00:47:33.00,00:47:34.50 You left that[br]forwarding number. 00:47:34.50,00:47:37.40 I haven't seen you[br]in any support groups. 00:47:37.40,00:47:38.90 We split them up. 00:47:38.90,00:47:40.90 That was the idea,[br]remember? 00:47:41.00,00:47:43.80 Yeah, but you haven't[br]been going to yours. 00:47:43.80,00:47:45.50 How do you know? 00:47:45.60,00:47:47.30 I cheated. 00:47:47.40,00:47:49.20 I found a new one. 00:47:49.30,00:47:51.00 Really? 00:47:51.10,00:47:52.10 It's for men only. 00:47:52.20,00:47:53.80 Like the testicle thing? 00:47:53.80,00:47:55.00 Waaah! 00:47:58.20,00:47:59.50 Look, this is a bad time. 00:47:59.60,00:48:02.10 I've been going[br]to Debtors Anonymous. 00:48:02.20,00:48:04.30 You wanna see some[br]really fucked up people? 00:48:04.30,00:48:05.70 I'm just on my way out. 00:48:05.80,00:48:06.70 Me, too. 00:48:06.80,00:48:07.80 I've got a stomachful[br]of Xanax. 00:48:07.90,00:48:10.60 I took what was left[br]of a bottle. 00:48:10.70,00:48:12.70 It might have been[br]too much. 00:48:12.80,00:48:14.60 Narrator: Just picture[br]watching Marla Singer 00:48:14.60,00:48:16.50 throw herself around[br]her crummy apartment. 00:48:16.60,00:48:18.60 But this isn't a[br]for-real suicide thing. 00:48:18.70,00:48:21.00 This is probably one of[br]those cry-for-help things. 00:48:21.10,00:48:22.50 Narrator: This could[br]go on for hours. 00:48:22.60,00:48:24.00 So you’re staying in[br]tonight, then? 00:48:24.10,00:48:25.50 Do you wanna wait 00:48:25.60,00:48:27.00 and hear me[br]describe death? 00:48:27.10,00:48:28.50 Do you wanna listen 00:48:28.60,00:48:31.90 and see if my spirit[br]can use a phone? 00:48:33.50,00:48:36.40 Have you ever heard[br]a death rattle before? 00:49:02.80,00:49:04.30 Narrator:[br]Tyler's door was closed. 00:49:04.40,00:49:05.90 I'd been living here[br]for 2 months, 00:49:06.00,00:49:07.50 and Tyler's door[br]was never closed. 00:49:09.70,00:49:11.80 [Footsteps On Stairs] 00:49:13.80,00:49:15.90 You won't believe this dream[br]I had last night. 00:49:16.00,00:49:19.00 Yeah, I can hardly believe[br]anything about last night. 00:49:24.90,00:49:27.70 [Gargling] 00:49:27.80,00:49:28.80 [Chuckles] 00:49:28.80,00:49:30.70 What--What are you[br]doing here? 00:49:34.50,00:49:35.60 What? 00:49:35.70,00:49:38.10 This is my house. What are[br]you doing in my house? 00:49:40.60,00:49:41.60 Fuck you. 00:49:55.50,00:49:57.10 Ha ha! Ohh... 00:49:57.20,00:50:00.50 Oh, you got some fucked-up[br]friends, I'm tellin' you. 00:50:00.60,00:50:01.50 [Chuckling] 00:50:01.60,00:50:03.20 Limber, though... 00:50:03.30,00:50:04.60 silly coos. 00:50:06.30,00:50:08.80 So, I come in last night.[br]Phone's off the hook. 00:50:08.80,00:50:10.70 Guess who's[br]on the other end. 00:50:10.70,00:50:12.90 Narrator: I already knew the story[br]before he told it to me. 00:50:16.50,00:50:18.80 Have you ever heard[br]a death rattle before? 00:50:18.90,00:50:21.80 Do you think it'll[br]live up to its name? 00:50:21.80,00:50:25.80 Or will it just be[br]a death...hairball? 00:50:25.90,00:50:26.80 [Coughs] 00:50:29.00,00:50:32.80 Prepare...[br]to evacuate soul. 00:50:34.80,00:50:36.40 Marla, Continuing:[br]9... 00:50:36.50,00:50:37.40 8... 00:50:37.50,00:50:39.80 Now, how could Tyler,[br]of all people, 00:50:39.90,00:50:44.00 think it was a bad thing that[br]Marla Singer was about to die? 00:50:44.10,00:50:46.00 Marla: 5... 00:50:46.10,00:50:48.00 4... 00:50:48.10,00:50:49.80 3--Oh, hang on. 00:50:55.60,00:50:57.70 You got here fast. 00:50:59.30,00:51:01.40 Did I call you? 00:51:03.10,00:51:04.00 Huh? 00:51:05.10,00:51:06.10 Hey. 00:51:12.50,00:51:15.10 The mattress is all sealed[br]in slippery plastic. 00:51:16.80,00:51:18.30 [Rattling] 00:51:18.40,00:51:21.70 Oh, don't worry.[br]It's not a threat to you. 00:51:21.70,00:51:24.10 [Siren] 00:51:24.20,00:51:25.50 Oh, fuck. 00:51:25.60,00:51:27.80 Somebody called the cops. 00:51:27.90,00:51:29.70 [Voices Over Police Radio] 00:51:40.00,00:51:41.30 Hey, where's 51 3? 00:51:41.40,00:51:43.80 End of the hall. 00:51:43.90,00:51:45.40 You know, the girl[br]who lives there 00:51:45.50,00:51:47.80 used to be a charming,[br]lovely girl. 00:51:47.90,00:51:50.10 She's lost faith[br]in herself. 00:51:50.20,00:51:51.10 Miss Singer! 00:51:51.20,00:51:53.00 She's a monster. 00:51:53.10,00:51:54.70 You have every[br]reason to live! 00:51:54.80,00:51:57.20 She's infectious[br]human waste! 00:51:57.30,00:51:58.20 Miss Singer! 00:51:58.30,00:52:00.20 Good luck[br]trying to save her! 00:52:06.70,00:52:10.30 If I fall asleep,[br]I'm done for. 00:52:11.80,00:52:14.70 You're gonna have to[br]keep me up... 00:52:14.70,00:52:16.70 all...night. 00:52:16.80,00:52:19.20 Un-fucking-believable.[br][Coughs] 00:52:19.30,00:52:21.40 Narrator: He was obviously[br]able to handle it. 00:52:21.50,00:52:22.60 You know what I mean.[br]You fucked her. 00:52:24.00,00:52:25.20 No, I didn't. 00:52:25.30,00:52:26.80 Never? 00:52:26.90,00:52:27.80 No. 00:52:29.20,00:52:30.40 You're not into her,[br]are you? 00:52:30.50,00:52:32.90 No! God, not at all. 00:52:33.00,00:52:35.30 Narrator: I am Jack’s[br]raging bile duct. 00:52:35.40,00:52:37.40 Are you sure?[br]You can tell me. 00:52:37.40,00:52:38.90 Believe me, I'm sure. 00:52:39.00,00:52:40.00 Narrator: Put a gun[br]to my head 00:52:40.00,00:52:41.90 and paint the walls[br]with my brains. 00:52:42.00,00:52:43.20 That's good,[br]'cause she's a predator 00:52:43.20,00:52:44.60 posing[br]as a house pet. 00:52:44.70,00:52:46.70 Stay away[br]from that one. 00:52:46.80,00:52:48.60 [Chuckling] 00:52:48.70,00:52:50.10 And the shit that came out[br]of this woman's mouth 00:52:50.20,00:52:51.10 I ain't never heard. 00:52:51.20,00:52:52.40 My God. 00:52:52.50,00:52:55.40 I haven't been fucked[br]like that since grade school. 00:52:56.50,00:52:57.50 Uhh! 00:52:57.60,00:52:59.40 Narrator: How could[br]Tyler not go for that? 00:52:59.40,00:53:00.90 The night before last,[br]he was splicing 00:53:01.00,00:53:02.80 sex organs[br]into Cinderella. 00:53:02.80,00:53:03.90 Marla doesn't[br]need a lover. 00:53:04.00,00:53:05.40 She needs[br]a fucking case worker. 00:53:05.50,00:53:08.10 She needs a wash. And she's[br]in love with sport fuckin'. 00:53:08.20,00:53:10.30 Narrator: She invaded[br]my support groups. 00:53:10.40,00:53:11.80 Now she'd invaded my home. 00:53:11.90,00:53:13.80 Hey, hey.[br]Sit down. 00:53:18.10,00:53:20.80 Now, listen. Can't have you[br]talking to her about me. 00:53:20.80,00:53:22.20 Why would I talk[br]to her-- 00:53:22.20,00:53:24.20 You say anything about me[br]or what goes on in this house 00:53:24.30,00:53:27.60 to her or to anybody,[br]we're done. 00:53:27.70,00:53:28.90 Now, promise me. 00:53:29.00,00:53:29.90 OK. 00:53:30.00,00:53:30.90 You promise? 00:53:31.00,00:53:32.90 - Yeah, I promise.[br]- Promise. 00:53:32.90,00:53:34.40 I just said[br]I promise. 00:53:34.50,00:53:36.10 That's 3 times[br]you promised. 00:53:38.50,00:53:40.40 Narrator: If only I had wasted[br]a couple of minutes 00:53:40.50,00:53:42.60 and gone to watch[br]Marla Singer die, 00:53:42.70,00:53:44.30 none of this[br]would've happened. 00:53:44.30,00:53:47.20 Marla: Uhh![br]Uhh! Uhh! 00:53:47.30,00:53:48.20 Uhh! 00:53:48.30,00:53:49.20 [Loud Thumping] 00:53:49.30,00:53:51.70 Yeah! Oh![br]Harder! Harder! 00:53:51.80,00:53:53.80 Yeah! Ooh! Aah! 00:53:53.80,00:53:56.50 Aah! Ohh! Aah! 00:53:56.50,00:53:59.70 [Tyler And Marla[br]Shouting Passionately] 00:53:59.80,00:54:02.20 I could've moved[br]to another room... 00:54:02.30,00:54:05.20 on the third floor, where[br]I might not have heard them. 00:54:05.20,00:54:06.20 Marla: Oh, baby! 00:54:06.20,00:54:07.90 But I didn't. 00:54:12.30,00:54:14.80 [Marla Moaning[br]With Pleasure] 00:54:14.90,00:54:16.60 [Thumping And Moaning] 00:54:16.60,00:54:17.60 Ohh! 00:54:17.60,00:54:21.00 Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! 00:54:21.10,00:54:23.30 Ohh! Ohh! Aaahh! 00:54:23.30,00:54:25.30 Aah! Aah! Aah! 00:54:25.40,00:54:26.60 [Screaming And Thumping] 00:54:26.70,00:54:29.50 - Aah! Ohhh! Ohh![br]- Tyler: Ow! 00:54:29.50,00:54:30.50 [Rattling] 00:54:30.60,00:54:31.50 Marla: Ohh! 00:54:32.60,00:54:34.20 What are you doin'? 00:54:34.30,00:54:36.70 Just goin' to bed. 00:54:36.70,00:54:37.70 [Marla Moans] 00:54:37.70,00:54:39.20 Want to[br]finish her off? 00:54:39.20,00:54:40.20 Uhh...oh! 00:54:40.20,00:54:41.20 [Clattering] 00:54:41.30,00:54:42.30 No. 00:54:42.30,00:54:43.30 No, thank you. 00:54:43.30,00:54:45.30 Marla: I found[br]the cigarettes. 00:54:45.30,00:54:47.60 Who are you[br]talking to? 00:54:47.70,00:54:48.70 Shut up. 00:54:48.80,00:54:51.80 I became the calm little[br]center of the world. 00:54:51.80,00:54:53.10 [Moaning[br]And Thumping] 00:54:53.20,00:54:54.80 I was the Zen master. 00:54:54.80,00:54:56.50 Tyler: Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! 00:54:59.90,00:55:02.70 I wrote little haiku poems. 00:55:02.80,00:55:04.50 I e-mailed them to everyone. 00:55:05.80,00:55:07.00 Is that your blood? 00:55:09.50,00:55:10.90 Some of it, yeah. 00:55:10.90,00:55:12.40 You can't smoke[br]in here. 00:55:12.50,00:55:13.60 [Snickers] 00:55:13.70,00:55:15.90 Take the rest[br]of the day off. 00:55:16.00,00:55:18.60 Come back Monday[br]with some clean clothes. 00:55:18.60,00:55:20.10 Get yourself together. 00:55:20.10,00:55:23.20 Narrator: I got right in[br]everyone's hostile little face. 00:55:23.30,00:55:25.60 Yes, these are bruises[br]from fighting. 00:55:25.60,00:55:27.70 Yes, I'm comfortable with that. 00:55:27.80,00:55:29.30 enlightened. 00:55:32.00,00:55:33.70 You give up[br]the condo life... 00:55:33.70,00:55:36.60 give up all your[br]flaming worldly possessions... 00:55:36.60,00:55:38.30 go live[br]in a dilapidated house 00:55:38.40,00:55:40.50 in a toxic waste[br]part of town... 00:55:40.60,00:55:42.90 and you have to[br]come home to this. 00:55:43.00,00:55:44.20 Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! 00:55:44.30,00:55:47.30 [Telephone Rings] 00:55:47.40,00:55:50.00 [Tyler And Marla[br]Moaning And Shouting] 00:55:50.10,00:55:52.20 Marla: Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! 00:55:52.20,00:55:54.80 [Ring] 00:55:54.90,00:55:55.80 Hello? 00:55:55.90,00:55:57.30 Yes. This is[br]Detective Stern 00:55:57.30,00:55:59.20 with the Arson Unit. 00:55:59.20,00:56:00.40 We have[br]some new information 00:56:00.50,00:56:02.90 about the incident[br]at your former condo. 00:56:02.90,00:56:04.00 Yes? 00:56:04.00,00:56:05.20 I don't know[br]if you’re aware, 00:56:05.30,00:56:07.60 but it seems that[br]someone sprayed freon 00:56:07.70,00:56:09.00 into your front door[br]lock, 00:56:09.00,00:56:12.30 then tapped it with a chisel[br]to shatter the cylinder. 00:56:12.40,00:56:14.00 No, I wasn't aware[br]of that at all. 00:56:14.10,00:56:15.90 Narrator:[br]I am Jack’s cold sweat. 00:56:16.00,00:56:18.20 Does this sound[br]strange to you? 00:56:18.30,00:56:20.20 Uh, yes, sir.[br]Strange. Very strange. 00:56:20.20,00:56:21.20 The dynamite-- 00:56:21.20,00:56:22.20 Dynamite? 00:56:22.20,00:56:23.30 left a residue 00:56:23.40,00:56:26.50 of ammonium oxylate[br]potassium chloride. 00:56:26.60,00:56:28.50 Do you know[br]what this means? 00:56:28.60,00:56:30.10 No. What[br]does it mean? 00:56:30.10,00:56:32.00 It means it was[br]homemade. 00:56:33.30,00:56:34.80 I'm sorry.[br]This is just coming 00:56:34.80,00:56:36.40 as quite a shock[br]to me, sir. 00:56:36.50,00:56:38.40 See, whoever set[br]this homemade dynamite 00:56:38.50,00:56:40.10 could've blown out[br]your pilot light 00:56:40.10,00:56:42.00 days before[br]the actual explosion. 00:56:42.10,00:56:43.90 The gas was[br]Just the detonator. 00:56:44.00,00:56:45.40 Who would go and do[br]such a thing? 00:56:45.40,00:56:46.70 I'll ask the questions. 00:56:46.80,00:56:49.00 Tell him.[br]Tell him the liberator 00:56:49.10,00:56:51.80 who destroyed my property[br]has realigned my perception. 00:56:51.90,00:56:53.60 Detective: Excuse me.[br]Are you there? 00:56:53.70,00:56:55.60 No, I am listening.[br]It's a little hard to know 00:56:55.70,00:56:57.00 what to make[br]of all this. 00:56:57.10,00:56:59.20 Have you recently made[br]enemies with anyone 00:56:59.30,00:57:01.60 who might have access[br]to homemade dynamite? 00:57:01.70,00:57:02.80 - Enemies?[br]- Reject the basic 00:57:02.80,00:57:04.30 assumption of civilization, 00:57:04.30,00:57:06.10 especially the importance[br]of material possessions. 00:57:06.20,00:57:07.60 Detective:[br]Son, this is serious. 00:57:07.70,00:57:09.10 Yes, I know[br]it's serious. 00:57:09.10,00:57:10.10 I mean that. 00:57:10.10,00:57:11.70 Yes,[br]it's very serious. 00:57:11.80,00:57:14.70 Look, nobody takes this[br]more seriously than me. 00:57:14.80,00:57:17.10 That condo was my life. 00:57:17.20,00:57:21.10 OK? I loved every stick[br]of furniture in that place. 00:57:21.20,00:57:23.10 That was not just[br]a bunch of stuff 00:57:23.20,00:57:24.30 that got destroyed. 00:57:24.30,00:57:25.40 It was me! 00:57:25.50,00:57:26.90 Narrator: I'd like[br]to thank the Academy. 00:57:27.00,00:57:28.60 Is this not[br]a good time for you? 00:57:28.70,00:57:30.50 Just tell him[br]you fuckin' did it. 00:57:30.50,00:57:31.50 Shhh! 00:57:31.50,00:57:33.00 Tell him you[br]blew it all up. 00:57:33.10,00:57:35.70 That's what[br]he wants to hear. 00:57:35.80,00:57:37.00 Are you still there? 00:57:37.10,00:57:39.70 Wait. Are you saying[br]that I'm a suspect? 00:57:39.80,00:57:42.40 No, no. I may need to talk[br]to you a little further, 00:57:42.40,00:57:44.40 so how about you just lettin' me[br]know if you’re gonna leave town? 00:57:44.40,00:57:45.50 OK? 00:57:45.60,00:57:46.70 OK. 00:57:50.30,00:57:51.50 Narrator: Except[br]for their humping, 00:57:51.50,00:57:54.30 Tyler and Marla were[br]never in the same room. 00:57:54.40,00:57:57.40 My parents pulled this[br]exact same act for years. 00:57:57.50,00:58:01.30 The condom is the glass slipper[br]of our generation. 00:58:01.40,00:58:04.30 You slip one on[br]when you meet a stranger. 00:58:04.40,00:58:06.80[br]all night. 00:58:06.90,00:58:09.00 Then you[br]throw it away. 00:58:09.10,00:58:11.50 The condom, I mean.[br]Not the stranger. 00:58:12.90,00:58:14.40 What? 00:58:14.40,00:58:15.50 [Chuckles] 00:58:19.20,00:58:22.00 I got this dress[br]at a thrift store for $1 .00. 00:58:22.10,00:58:24.00 It was worth[br]every penny. 00:58:24.10,00:58:26.00 It's a bridesmaid's dress. 00:58:28.00,00:58:30.50 Someone loved it...[br]intensely 00:58:30.60,00:58:33.00 for one day... 00:58:33.10,00:58:34.60 then tossed it. 00:58:36.70,00:58:38.90 Like a Christmas tree... 00:58:38.90,00:58:40.40 so special... 00:58:41.70,00:58:44.20 then...bam... 00:58:44.30,00:58:46.90 it's on the side[br]of the road... 00:58:46.90,00:58:49.20 tinsel still[br]clinging to it... 00:58:51.10,00:58:54.00 like a sex crime victim... 00:58:54.10,00:58:56.60 underwear inside out... 00:58:56.70,00:58:58.50 bound with electrical tape. 00:58:58.60,00:58:59.80 Well, then it suits you. 00:59:01.10,00:59:02.90 You can borrow it[br]sometime. 00:59:08.10,00:59:10.30 [Marla Clumps[br]Up The Stairs] 00:59:10.40,00:59:11.70 Get rid of her. 00:59:12.90,00:59:14.20 Why can’t you[br]get rid of her? 00:59:14.20,00:59:15.40 Don't mention me. 00:59:15.50,00:59:17.00 Narrator:[br]I'm 6 years old again, 00:59:17.10,00:59:19.30 passing messages[br]between parents. 00:59:23.20,00:59:24.80 I really think it's time[br]you got out of here. 00:59:24.90,00:59:26.10 Don't worry.[br]I'm leaving. 00:59:26.20,00:59:27.10 Not that we don't love[br]your little visits. 00:59:27.20,00:59:28.60 You are such[br]a nut case. 00:59:28.70,00:59:30.20 I can't even begin[br]to keep up. 00:59:32.20,00:59:35.00 § Gotta get off§ 00:59:35.10,00:59:36.20 Thanks. Bye. 00:59:36.20,00:59:42.10 § Gotta get off[br]this merry-go-round § 00:59:43.30,00:59:47.10 [Continues Singing,[br]Indistinctly] 00:59:47.20,00:59:49.30 § Gotta get on where § 00:59:49.30,00:59:51.40 [Chuckling] 00:59:51.40,00:59:52.80 You kids. 00:59:52.90,00:59:56.10 Wh...Why do you still[br]waste time with her? 00:59:58.40,00:59:59.90 I'll say this[br]about Marla-- 01:00:00.00,01:00:02.10 at least she's tryin'[br]to hit bottom. 01:00:02.20,01:00:03.50 What, and I'm not? 01:00:03.60,01:00:04.70 Stickin' feathers[br]up your butt 01:00:04.80,01:00:05.80 does not make you[br]a chicken. 01:00:07.30,01:00:08.60 What are we doin' tonight? 01:00:08.70,01:00:10.40 - Tonight?[br]- Yeah. 01:00:10.40,01:00:12.40 We make soap. 01:00:12.50,01:00:13.60 Really. 01:00:13.70,01:00:14.70 To make soap,[br]first we render fat. 01:00:35.30,01:00:37.20 The salt balance[br]has to be just right, 01:00:37.20,01:00:39.90 so the best fat for making[br]soap comes from humans. 01:00:41.10,01:00:42.30 Wait.[br]What is this place? 01:00:42.30,01:00:43.80 A liposuction clinic. 01:00:52.10,01:00:53.20 Aha! Pay dirt. 01:00:54.30,01:00:57.40 The richest, creamiest fat[br]in the world. 01:00:57.50,01:00:58.90 Fat of the land. 01:01:06.40,01:01:07.30 Come on. 01:01:11.90,01:01:13.40 Oh, God! Oh! 01:01:13.50,01:01:15.10 Get another one.[br]Uhh! 01:01:21.70,01:01:23.80 As the fat renders, the tallows[br]float to the surface. 01:01:23.80,01:01:25.60 Like in Boy Scouts. 01:01:25.70,01:01:28.10 I can imagine you[br]as a Boy Scout. 01:01:28.20,01:01:29.10 Keep stirrin'. 01:01:32.10,01:01:33.40 Once the tallow hardens, 01:01:33.50,01:01:35.70 we skim off[br]a layer of glycerin. 01:01:35.80,01:01:38.10 If you were to add nitric[br]acid, you got nitroglycerin. 01:01:38.20,01:01:39.40 If you were then to add[br]sodium nitrate 01:01:39.50,01:01:42.10 and a dash of sawdust,[br]you got dynamite. 01:01:42.20,01:01:44.00 Yeah, with enough soap, 01:01:44.10,01:01:46.40 we could blow up[br]Just about anything. 01:01:46.40,01:01:48.40 Narrator: Tyler was full[br]of useful information. 01:01:48.40,01:01:50.80 Now, ancient peoples found[br]that clothes got cleaner 01:01:50.90,01:01:52.70 when they washed them at a[br]certain point in the river. 01:01:52.80,01:01:54.30 - You know why?[br]- No. 01:01:58.00,01:01:59.60 Human sacrifices[br]were once made 01:01:59.70,01:02:01.00 on the hills[br]above this river. 01:02:01.10,01:02:03.20 Bodies burned. Water seeped[br]into the wood and ashes 01:02:03.30,01:02:05.00 to create lye. 01:02:05.10,01:02:07.40 This is lye,[br]the crucial ingredient. 01:02:07.40,01:02:09.20 Once it mixed with the[br]melted fat of bodies, 01:02:09.20,01:02:10.70 a thick, white,[br]soapy discharge 01:02:10.80,01:02:13.20 crept into the river.[br]May I see your hand, please? 01:02:19.20,01:02:20.20 [Loud Kiss] 01:02:21.30,01:02:22.50 What is this? 01:02:22.60,01:02:24.00 chemical burn. 01:02:24.10,01:02:25.20 Uh--Aah! Aah! 01:02:25.20,01:02:27.10 It'll hurt more than[br]you've ever been burned, 01:02:27.20,01:02:28.70 and you will have[br]a scar. 01:02:28.80,01:02:32.20 Narrator: If meditation worked for[br]cancer, it could work for this. 01:02:32.30,01:02:34.00 Stay with the pain.[br]Don't shove to center. 01:02:34.10,01:02:35.70 No, no! Oh, God! 01:02:35.80,01:02:37.20 Look at your hand. 01:02:37.30,01:02:38.70 The first soap was made[br]from the ashes of heroes, 01:02:38.70,01:02:40.30 like the first monkey[br]shot into space. 01:02:40.40,01:02:42.00 Without pain,[br]without sacrifice, 01:02:42.10,01:02:43.40 we would have nothin'. 01:02:43.50,01:02:46.40 I tried not to think of the[br]the words ''sear'' or ''flesh.'' 01:02:46.50,01:02:48.00 Stop it![br]This is your pain. 01:02:48.10,01:02:49.60 This is your burning[br]hand. It's right here. 01:02:49.70,01:02:50.80 I'm going to my cave. 01:02:50.80,01:02:52.40 I'm going to my cave[br]and find my power animal. 01:02:52.50,01:02:55.50 No! Don't deal with it the way[br]those dead people do! 01:02:55.60,01:02:56.50 Come on! 01:02:56.60,01:02:57.80 I get the point![br]OK! Please! 01:02:57.80,01:02:59.40 No. What you’re feeling[br]is premature enlightenment. 01:03:04.10,01:03:06.00 This is the greatest moment[br]of your life, man, 01:03:06.10,01:03:09.10 and you're off[br]somewhere-- 01:03:09.20,01:03:10.60 Shut up. 01:03:10.70,01:03:12.20 Our fathers were[br]our models for God. 01:03:12.20,01:03:13.50 If our fathers bailed, 01:03:13.60,01:03:15.40 what does that[br]tell you about God? 01:03:15.40,01:03:16.40 No, no. 01:03:16.40,01:03:18.10 Listen to me. 01:03:18.20,01:03:20.10 You have to consider[br]the possibility 01:03:20.20,01:03:22.30 that God[br]does not like you, 01:03:22.30,01:03:23.40 He never wanted you. 01:03:23.50,01:03:25.80 In all probability,[br]He hates you. 01:03:25.90,01:03:27.70 This is not the worst thing[br]that can happen. 01:03:27.80,01:03:29.50 We don't need Him. 01:03:29.60,01:03:30.60 We don't! I agree! 01:03:30.70,01:03:32.50 Fuck damnation, man.[br]Fuck redemption. 01:03:32.50,01:03:34.00 We are God's[br]unwanted children? 01:03:34.00,01:03:35.10 So be it! 01:03:35.20,01:03:36.50 [Shouting[br]Incomprehensibly] 01:03:36.60,01:03:38.40 Listen! You can run[br]water over your hand 01:03:38.50,01:03:40.80 to make it worse, or--[br]look at me-- 01:03:40.90,01:03:43.10 or you can use vinegar[br]to neutralize the burn. 01:03:43.20,01:03:44.40 Please let me have[br]some! Please! 01:03:44.50,01:03:46.10 First you have to[br]give up. 01:03:46.20,01:03:49.50 First you have to know,[br]not fear, 01:03:49.60,01:03:52.50 know that someday[br]you're gonna die. 01:03:52.50,01:03:54.30 You don't know[br]how this feels! 01:03:54.40,01:03:55.30 [Sobbing] 01:03:59.70,01:04:00.80 It's only after[br]we've lost everything 01:04:00.90,01:04:02.90 that we're free[br]to do anything. 01:04:04.90,01:04:05.80 OK. 01:04:21.10,01:04:22.40 Congratulations. 01:04:22.50,01:04:25.30 You're one step closer[br]to hitting bottom. 01:04:27.80,01:04:29.90 Narrator: Tyler sold his soap[br]to department stores 01:04:30.00,01:04:31.80 at $20 a bar. 01:04:31.80,01:04:33.20 God knows[br]what they charged. 01:04:33.30,01:04:35.90 This is[br]the best soap. 01:04:36.00,01:04:37.50 Why, thank you,[br]Suzie. 01:04:37.60,01:04:39.10 Narrator:[br]It was beautiful. 01:04:39.20,01:04:40.60 We were selling rich women 01:04:40.60,01:04:42.90 their own fat asses[br]back to them. 01:04:44.40,01:04:46.10 He was wearing[br]his yellow tie. 01:04:46.20,01:04:48.70 I didn't even wear a tie[br]to work anymore. 01:04:48.80,01:04:50.40 ''The first rule[br]of Fight Club 01:04:50.50,01:04:52.20 is you don't talk[br]about Fight Club''? 01:04:52.30,01:04:53.90 Narrator:[br]I'm half asleep again. 01:04:54.00,01:04:55.80 I must've left the original[br]in the copy machine. 01:04:55.90,01:04:58.40 ''The second rule of Fight Club--''[br]Is this yours? 01:04:58.50,01:05:00.20 Huh? 01:05:00.30,01:05:01.80 Pretend you're me. 01:05:01.80,01:05:03.60 Make a managerial[br]decision. 01:05:03.70,01:05:06.30 You find this.[br]What would you do? 01:05:11.00,01:05:12.90 Well, I gotta tell ya... 01:05:13.00,01:05:16.50 I'd be very, very careful[br]who you talk to about that. 01:05:16.60,01:05:18.30 Because the person[br]who wrote that... 01:05:18.40,01:05:20.10 is dangerous. 01:05:20.20,01:05:23.10 And this buttoned-down,[br]oxford-cloth psycho 01:05:23.20,01:05:24.70 might just snap 01:05:24.80,01:05:27.40 and then stalk[br]from office to office 01:05:27.50,01:05:31.20 with an Armilade AR-1 0[br]carbine gas-powered 01:05:31.20,01:05:32.80 semi-automatic weapon, 01:05:32.90,01:05:34.70 pumping round[br]after round 01:05:34.80,01:05:36.70 into colleagues[br]and coworkers. 01:05:38.00,01:05:41.40 This might be someone[br]you've known for years... 01:05:41.50,01:05:44.80 someone very...[br]very...close to you. 01:05:44.90,01:05:48.00 Narrator: Tyler's words[br]coming out of my mouth. 01:05:49.80,01:05:51.50 And I used to be[br]such a nice guy. 01:05:51.60,01:05:53.90 Maybe you shouldn't bring me[br]every little piece of trash 01:05:54.00,01:05:55.60 you happen to pick up. 01:05:55.70,01:05:57.10 [Telephone Rings] 01:05:58.40,01:06:00.30 Liability. 01:06:00.30,01:06:02.00 My tit's gonna rot off. 01:06:04.00,01:06:05.50 Will you excuse me?[br]I need to take this. 01:06:11.80,01:06:13.20 What’re you talking about? 01:06:13.30,01:06:15.50 I need you to check and see[br]if there’s a lump in my breast. 01:06:15.60,01:06:17.20 Go to a hospital. 01:06:17.30,01:06:19.50 I can't afford to throw money[br]away on a doctor. 01:06:21.00,01:06:22.70 I don't know[br]about this, Marla. 01:06:22.80,01:06:24.50 Please? 01:06:24.60,01:06:26.30 Narrator: She didn't[br]call Tyler. 01:06:26.40,01:06:28.50 I'm neutral in her book. 01:06:30.80,01:06:31.90 That's nice. 01:06:32.00,01:06:33.50 Taking food[br]to Mrs... 01:06:33.60,01:06:35.00 Hannaburr,[br]Mrs. Raines? 01:06:35.00,01:06:36.40 Who are they...[br]exactly? 01:06:36.50,01:06:38.20 Tragically,[br]they're dead. 01:06:38.30,01:06:40.10 I'm alive,[br]and I'm in poverty. 01:06:40.20,01:06:41.10 You want any? 01:06:41.20,01:06:42.10 No. No. 01:06:42.20,01:06:43.50 I got one for you. 01:06:43.50,01:06:44.90 Thanks for the thought. 01:06:46.80,01:06:49.10 What happened[br]to your hand? 01:06:49.10,01:06:50.30 Uh...nothin'. 01:06:51.40,01:06:52.30 Right there. 01:06:52.40,01:06:53.30 Uhh. 01:06:54.60,01:06:56.10 Feel anything? 01:06:56.10,01:06:57.10 No. 01:06:57.10,01:06:58.40 Well, make sure. 01:07:00.30,01:07:02.40 Ok, I'm--[br]I'm pretty sure. 01:07:02.50,01:07:03.50 You feel nothing. 01:07:03.60,01:07:05.60 No. Nothing. 01:07:07.70,01:07:09.60 Well, that's a relief. 01:07:09.70,01:07:10.90 Thank you. 01:07:11.00,01:07:12.90 Uh, um...[br]no problem. 01:07:13.00,01:07:15.10 I wish I could[br]return the favor. 01:07:15.20,01:07:17.30 There's not a lot of breast cancer[br]in the men in my family. 01:07:17.40,01:07:18.80 Could check[br]your prostate. 01:07:18.90,01:07:20.90 I think I'm OK. 01:07:21.80,01:07:23.80 Well, thanks, anyway. 01:07:28.80,01:07:30.30 Are we done? 01:07:30.30,01:07:33.70 Yeah, we're done.[br]See you...around. 01:07:50.80,01:07:51.70 Cornelius? 01:07:52.90,01:07:53.80 Cornelius! 01:07:55.30,01:07:56.60 It's me... 01:07:56.60,01:07:58.00 Bob! 01:07:58.10,01:07:59.40 Hey...Bob. 01:08:01.30,01:08:02.90 Hey. Uhh! 01:08:03.00,01:08:04.20 We all thought[br]you were dead. 01:08:04.30,01:08:06.30 No, no. Still here.[br][Chuckles] 01:08:06.40,01:08:07.50 How are you, Bob? 01:08:07.60,01:08:09.50 Better than I've ever been[br]in my whole life. 01:08:09.60,01:08:12.30 Really. You still[br]remaining men together? 01:08:12.40,01:08:14.50 No, no. I got somethin'[br]so much better now. 01:08:14.50,01:08:16.50 Really.[br]What is it? 01:08:18.00,01:08:19.70 Well... 01:08:19.80,01:08:21.90 first rule is... 01:08:22.00,01:08:23.80 I'm not supposed[br]to talk about it. 01:08:25.00,01:08:26.30 And the second rule is, 01:08:26.40,01:08:28.10 I'm not supposed[br]to talk about it. 01:08:28.20,01:08:29.80 And the third[br]rule is... 01:08:29.90,01:08:32.30 Bob. Bob.[br]I'm a member. 01:08:32.30,01:08:34.90 Look at my face, Bob. 01:08:34.90,01:08:36.90 [Laughing] 01:08:37.00,01:08:39.20 That's fuckin'--[br]That's fuckin' great. 01:08:39.20,01:08:41.20 I've...I've[br]never seen you there. 01:08:41.20,01:08:43.00 I go Tuesdays[br]and Thursdays. 01:08:43.00,01:08:45.00 I go Saturday. 01:08:45.10,01:08:46.30 Congratulations. 01:08:47.50,01:08:49.50 Yeah. Hey,[br]to both of us, right? 01:08:49.60,01:08:51.30 Have you heard about the guy[br]that invented this thing?
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Friends - 6x02 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
Friends - 6x03 - The One With Rosss Denial
Friends - 6x04 - The One Where Joey Loses His
Friends - 6x05 - The One With Joeys Porsche
Friends - 6x06 - The One On the Last Night
Friends - 6x07 - The One Where Phoebe Runs
Friends - 6x08 - The One With Rosss Teeth
Friends - 6x15
Friends 7x01 - The One with Monicas Thunder
Friends 7x02 - The One With Rachels Book
Friends 7x03 - The One With Phoebes Cookies
Friends 7x04 - The One With Rachels Assistant
Friends 7x05 - The One With The Engagement Picture
Friends 7x06 - The One With The Nap Partners
Friends 7x07 - The One with Rosss Library Book
Friends 7x08 - The One Where Chandler Doesnt Like Dogs
Friends 7x09 - The One With All the Candy
Friends 7x10 - The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends 7x11 - The One With All The Cheesecakes
Friends 7x12 - The One Where They are Up All Night
Friends 7x13 - The One Where Rosita Dies
Friends 7x14 - The One Where They All Turn Thirty
Friends 7x15 - The One With Joeys New Brain
Friends 7x16 - The One With the Truth About London
Friends 7x17 - The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress
Friends 7x18 - The One With Joeys Award
Friends 7x19 - The One With Ross and Monicas Cousin
Friends 7x20 - The One With Rachels Kisses
Friends 7x21 - The One With the Vows
Friends 7x22 - The One With Chandlers Dad
Friends 7x23 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 1
Friends 7x24 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 2
Friends 9x01 - The One Where No One Proposes
Friends 9x02 - The One Where Emma Cries
Friends 9x03 - The One With The Pediatrician
Friends 9x04 - The One With The Sharks
Friends 9x05 - The One With Phoebes Birthday Dinner
Friends 9x06 - The One With The Male Nanny
Friends 9x07 - The One With Rosss Inappropriate Song
Friends 9x08 - The One With Rachels Other Sister
Friends 9x09 - The One With Rachels Phone Number
Friends 9x10 - The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Friends 9x11 - The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Friends 9x12 - The One With Phoebes Rats
Friends 9x13 - The One Where Monica Sings
Friends 9x14 - The One With The Blind Dates
Friends 9x15 - The One With The Mugging
Friends 9x16 - The One With The Boob Job
Friends 9x17 - The One With The Memorial Service
Friends 9x18 - The One With The Lottery
Friends 9x19 - The One With Rachels Dream
Friends 9x20 - The One With The Soap Opera Party
Friends 9x21 - The One With The Fertility Test
Friends 9x22 - The One With The Donor
Friends 9x23-24 - The One In Barbados 1 2)
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