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Firefly - Serenity (pilot)

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[ Man Yelling ]
[ Man screams ]
[ Groans ]
[ Man ] Go. Go.
Sergeant, Command says air support is holding till they can assess our status.
- Our status is we need some gorram air support. - That skiff is shredding us, sir.
[ Man ] They won't move without a lieutenant's authorization code, sir!
Here. Here's your code. You're Lieutenant Baker!
Congratulations on your promotion. Now get me some air support.
Pull back just far enough to wedge 'em in here.
Get your squad to high ground-- start pickin' 'em off.
- High ground is death with that skiff. - That's our problem.
Thanks for volunteering. Bendis.
Give us some cover fire. we're going duck huntin'.
[ Explosion ]
[ Lasers blasting ]
Just focus.
The Alliance said they were gonna waltz through Serenity Valley.
And we choked 'em with those words.
We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.
Just a little while longer.
Our angels are gonna be soaring overhead, raining fire on those arrogant Khangs. So you hold!
You hold!! Go!
Really think we can bring her down, sir?
- You even need to ask? - [ Explosion ]
- Ready? - Always.
[ Indistinct ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Man ] someone's coming around.
[ Man ] Go! Go!
[ Groans ]
[ Man Yelling, indistinct ]
[ Whirring ]
Yeah. Huh.
[ Men Yelling, indistinct ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Zoe ] Nice cover fire.
Did you see that? Green, what's our status on--
Hey, listen to me!
Bendis, look at me!
Listen. We're holding this valley, no matter what.
- We're gonna die. - We're not gonna die.
We can't die, Bendis. And you know why?
Because we are so very pretty.
We are just too pretty for God to let us die.
Huh? Look at that chiseled jaw, huh?
Come on.
[ Aircraft Approaching ]
If you won't listen to me, listen to that.
Those are our angels. They're gonna blow the Alliance to the hot place.
Zoe, tell the 82nd to--
They're not coming.
Command says it's too hot. They're pulling out.
We're to lay down arms.
But what's--
[ Aircraft Approaching ]
[ Lasers Blasting in Distance ]
[ Men Yelling in Distance ]
[ Laser Blasts ]
[ Mal ] The vault's sealed.
Okay, I'm gonna boil it. Jayne, give me the sticky.
[ Mal ] Okay, we get the goods. We're off this wreck and back on the ship.
No worries.
Everything looks good from here.
Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive.
We will rule over all this land, and we will call it...
This Land.
I think we should call it your grave.
[ Groans ] Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.
[ Cackles ] Mine is an evil laugh.
Now die. [ Growling ]
Oh, no, God. [ Growls ]
- Oh, dear God in heaven. - [ Beeping ]
[ Beeping Continues ]
Oh, motherless son of a bi--
Full pressure. The goods must be intact.
[ Mal ] Okay. Lookin'good.
[ Wash On Radio ] Captain, we got incoming Alliance cruiser bearing right down on us!
[ Speaking Chinese ] Have they spotted us?
- I can't tell if-- - Have they hailed us?
If they're here for the salvage, we're humped.
[ Zoe ] They find us at all, we're humped. Thievin'ain't--
- i don't like this. - [ Chinese ] Wash, shut it down. Now!
- Evetything but the air. - Kaylee.
[ Wash On P.A.] Kaylee. Go to blackout. We're being buzzed.
[ Chinese ] Goin' dark.
[ Generator Powering Down ]
Okay, now I can't get down.
- [ Man ] What am i looking at? - [ Man #2 ] it's a carrier. Blew out a few months back.
Lost all hands, but it was only run by a skeleton crew anyway.
Damn shame. No point in checking for survivors?
[ Mal ] Wash, they slowin'down?
That's a neg.
Doesn't look like they're interested in us. We should be eating wake in a minute or two.
Sir, there is a reading on that thing.
- Some residual heat. - Do a sweep.
- [ Beeping ] - [ Speaking Chinese ]
Captain, we're humped!
Prep the ship now!
- We move these in double time! - Kaylee, fire it up.
- It's a transport ship. Firefly class. - They still make those?
Illegal salvage.
Low-life vultures picking the flesh off the dead.
[ Man #2 ] Should we deploy gunships and bring her in?
Do it.
[ Spoken Lyrics ]
[ Spoken Lyrics ] Engaging the crybaby.
Captain, i am picking up a distress signal 13 clicks ahead from a--
sounds like a personnel carrier.
Definitely a big ship, sir. And she's without power.
Wash, we're on. Go.
Hang on, travelers.
Let's moon 'em.
[ Man #2 ] They're rabbitting, sir. Should we continue deployment?
Our gunships would never get back to us in time. All right. Let's go help these people.
But put out a bulletin on the cortex and flag Interpol.
A Firefly with possible stolen goods on board.
Maybe somebody'll step on those roaches.
[ Wash On P.A.] We look shiny, Captain. They are not--repeat--not coming about.
- [ Zoe ] Close one. - Yeah.
Any one you walk away from, right?
As long as we got the goods, I call this a win.
We win.
~ Take my love, take my land ~
~ Take me where I cannot stand ~
~ I don't care, I'm still free ~
~ You can't take the sky from me ~
~ Take me out to the black ~
~ Tell them I ain't comin'back ~
~ Burn the land and boil the sea ~
~ You can't take the sky from me ~
~ There's no place I can be ~
~ Since I've found serenity ~
~ But you can't take the sky from me ~
- Well, there we are. - They're awfully pretty.
[ Wash ] I'd say worth the little risk.
Yeah, that was some pretty risky sittin'you did there.
That's right. Of course. 'Cause they wouldn't arrest me if we got boarded.
I'm just the pilot. I can always say that I was flying the ship by accident. They're pretty--
- [ Speaking Chinese ] - Problem, sir?
Couldn't say.
But we best be gettin' rid of these before we run into another Alliance patrol.
[Jayne ] What the hell they doin' out this far anyhow?
Shining the light of civilization.
- How long till we reach Persephone? - Three or four hours.
- Can we shave that? - We're down to the wire on fuel cells.
We run hot, we might not even make it.
Play it as close as you can. This catch is burning a hole in my hull.
- Think that cruiser might have I.D.'d us? - Let's hope not.
Contact Badger. Tell him the job's done.
Don't go to mentioning the cruiser though. Keep it simple.
- Sir, we're sure there's nothing wrong with the ca-- - It's fine.
Just want to get paid.
All right. Let's get these crates stowed. I don't want any tourists stumblin' over 'em.
We're taking on passengers at Persephone?
That's the notion. Could use a little respectability on the way to Boros.
- Not to mention the money. - Pain in the ass.
No, it's shiny. I like to meet new people.
- They've all got stories. - Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
[ Mal ] I don't believe there's a power in the 'verse...
can stop Kaylee from bein' cheerful.
Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and...
dump her in the hold for a month.
I love my captain.
- I know somethin' ain't right. - Sweetie, we're crooks.
If everything were right, we'd be in jail.
It's just that the captain's so tense.
The man needs a break.
In fact, we could all use a couple days' leave.
We still gotta drop the goods.
And when we do, we'll fly off to Boros, rich and prosperous--
well, less poor-- but with enough to find some sweet little getaway.
[ Zoe ] Oh, wouldn't mind a real bath.
[ Wash ] And a meal that included some form of food.
Just a couple of days lying around. You with the bathing.
Me with the watching you bathe.
Well, if the captain says it's all right.
What if we just told Mal we need a couple of days 'stead of asking him?
- He's the captain, Wash. - Right. I'm just the husband.
Look, I'll ask him.
Don't forget to call him ''sir.'' He likes that.
Who likes what?
- It's nothing, sir. - [ Mouthing Word ]
Has the ambassador checked in yet?
Nah. i think she had a pretty full docket.
After you talk to Badger, let her know we may be leaving Persephone in a hurry.
Inara has our timetable. She should be checking in.
I can tell her to cut it short, meet us at the docks.
No, no. Don't want to get in her way if we don't have to.
Somebody on this boat has to make an honest living.
[ Panting ]
Oh, my God.
- Oh. - [ Panting ]
[ Woman ] Sihnon isn't that different from this planet.
More crowded, obviously, and i guess more complicated.
The great city itself is--
pictures can't capture it.
It's like an ocean of light.
Is that where you studied...
to be a Companion?
- I was born there. - I can't imagine ever leaving.
Well, i wanted to see the universe.
Do you... really have to leave?
I mean...
I-- My father is very influential.
We could-- I could arrange for you to be--
The experience has been more than-- It was very good.
- Thank you. - The time went too quickly.
Well, your clock's probably rigged to speed up and cheat us out of our fun.
[ Beeps ]
Serenity, this is Shuttle One. What's you E.T.A.?
Inara, hey. We're touching down at the Eavesdown Docks...
in about 10 minutes.
- I'll join you there. Thanks. - Lookin'forward to it. We missed you out here.
Yeah. Me too.
[ Engine Starts ]
Go on. [ Muttering ]
[ People Chattering ]
[ Whinnies ]
[ Chanting ]
This shouldn't take too long.
Put us down for departure in about three hours.
Grab any supplies we're low on, fuel her up.
I'd sure love to find a brand-new compression coil for the steamer.
I'd like to be the king of all Londinum and wear a shiny hat.Just get us some passengers.
Them as can pay. All right?
The compression coil busts, we're drifting.
Best not bust then.
[ Speaking Chinese ]
We will.
[ People Chattering ]
[ Sizzles ]
Going on a trip, grandpa?
You need safe passage? We're cheap.
We're cheap, we're clean. The Brutus-- best ship in the 'verse.
What's your des, grandpa? Come on.
- We're hittin' the outer rings. - Uh, I never married.
I'm not a grandpa.
Let me see your teeth.
You're late.
You're lying.
What did you just say to me?
You're well aware we landed two hours before we planned to...
with all the goods you sent us after intact, ready to roll.
So your decision to get tetchy, say we're late...
means you're lookin'to put us on the defensive right up front.
Which means something's gone wrong.
It didn't go wrong on our end. So why don't we start again with you tellin' us what's up.
You're later than I'd like.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
You'd gotten here sooner...
you might've beaten the bulletin that came up sayin'...
"Rogue vessel, classification Firefly...
was spotted pullin' illegal salvage on a derelict transport."
Didn't I.D. us. Doesn't lead to you.
No, it doesn't.
But a government stamp on every molecule of the cargo just maybe might.
Oh,you noticed that.
You were gonna hand over imprinted goods and just let me twist? Is that the case?
- We didn't pick the cargo. - And I didn't flash my ass at the gorram law.
There's no deal.
That ain't fair.
Crime and politics, little girl--
the situation is always... fluid.
The only fluid i see here is the puddle of piss refusing to pay us our wage.
[ Guns Cocking ]
It doesn't have to go this way.
You know you can still unload those goods, so i can't help thinking...
there's something else at work here.
What were you in the war? That big war you failed to win.
You were a sergeant, yeah? Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds.
Balls and bayonets brigade. Big, tough veteran.
Now you got yourself a ship, and you're a captain.
Only I think you're still a sergeant, see. Still a soldier.
Man of honor in a den of thieves.
Well, this is my gorram den...
and I don't like the way you look down on me.
I'm above you. Better than.
Businessman, see?
Roots in the community. You're just a scavenger.
Maybe I'm not a fancy gentleman like you...
with your... very fine hat...
but I do business.
We're here for business.
Try one of the border planets. They're a lot more desperate there.
Of course, they might kill you.
But you stay here, and I just know the Alliance will track you down.
I have that feeling.
Wheel never stops turnin', Badger.
That only matters to the people on the rim.
You're gonna come with us.
Excuse me?
You like ships. You don't seem to be looking at the destinations.
What you care about is the ships, and mine's the nicest.
She don't look like much.
Oh, she'll fool ya.
You ever sail in a Firefly?
Long before you were crawling.
Not an aught-three though. Didn't have the extenders. Tended to shake.
So, uh, how come you don't care where you're goin'?
'Cause how you get there is the worthier part.
Are you a missionary?
I guess.
I'm a shepherd from the Southdown Abbey. Book.
I'm called Book.
Been out of the world for a spell-- like to walk it a while.
Maybe bring the word to them as need it told.
Well, I'm Kaylee. And this here's Serenity...
and she's the smoothest ride from here to Boros for anyone can pay.
Can you pay or--
Well, I got a little cash and, uh--
Ooh. Grandpa.
I never married.
I don't understand why we didn't leave that sumbitch in a pool of his own blood.
We'd be dead. Can't get paid if you're dead.
Can't get paid if you crawl away like a bitty, little bug neither.
I got a share of this job. Ten percent of nothing is--
Let me do the math here. Nothin' and then nothin'--
So we find a buyer on Boros. There's gotta be--
Boros is too big. It's crawlin' with Alliance. They could be waiting for us.
- You really think Badger will sell us out to the feds? - If he hasn't already.
The Alliance catches us with government goods, we'll lose the ship.
- That's never gonna happen. - Sir, we could just dump the cargo.
No ruttin'way. We ain't had a job in weeks.
I didn't sign on to take in the sights.
- We need coin. - Jayne, your mouth is talkin'. You might wanna look to that.
- I'm ready to stop talkin' when-- - You're right, though.
The last two jobs we had were weak tea.
We got nothin' saved. Takin' on passengers won't help near enough.
We don't get paid for this cargo, we don't have enough money to fuel the ship.
Let alone keep her in repair. She'll be dead in the water.
So we do like Badger said? The border planets?
I'm thinking Whitefall, maybe talk to Patience.
- Sir, we don't want to deal with Patience again. - Why not?
- She shot you. - Well, yeah. She did a bit. Still--
So we find somebody else. Horowitz.
- He can't afford it. - Holden boys.
They wouldn't touch it. Want me to go through the list?
Capshaws are brain-blown. Gruviek's dead.
- He's dead? - Town got hit by reavers. Burned it right down.
I ain't goin' anywhere near reaver territory. Them people ain't human.
Whitefall is the safest and the closest.
It's been a long time since Patience shot me...
and that was due to a perfectly legitimate conflict of interest.
I got no grudge. She owns half that damn moon now.
She could afford what we got, and she might need it.
I still don't think the old lady's the way.
[ Mal ] I'm not sayin'it won't be tricky...
but we got no kind of choice.
- Welcome aboard, Mr.-- - Dobson.
- Dobson. - We gotta keep our heads down...
do the job, and pray there ain't no more surprises.
Please be careful with that.
Mal, this is Simon. Simon, this is our captain.
Captain Reynolds.
Welcome aboard.
This all we got?
[ Men Chattering ]
Now we have a boat full of citizens right on top of our... stolen cargo.
That's a fun mix.
Ain't no way in the 'verse they could find that compartment, even if--
even if they were looking for it.
Why not?
Oh, yeah. This is gonna go great.
If anyone gets nosy, you know,just... shoot 'em.
- Shoot 'em? - Politely.
[ Man ] Yeah. We throw in that--
[ Wash ] Inara.Just in time.
Let me guess. We're in a hurry.
Looks like. Starboard hatch green for docking.
Locked in five, four--
The ambassador has returned.
We got a full house, Captain.
Kaylee, I'm lockin' it up.
All aboard.
[ Door Thuds Shut ]
[ Mal ] Meals are taken up here in the dining area.
Kitchen's pretty much self-explanatory.
You're welcome to eat what there is any time.
What there is is pretty standard fare-- protein in all the colors of the rainbow.
We do have sit-down meals-- next one being at about 1 800.
I think Shepherd Book has offered to help me prepare something.
You're a shepherd?
I thought the outfit gave it away.
Is it a problem?
Of course not. It's not a problem...
'cause it's not.
No. As I said...
you're welcome to visit the dining area anytime.
Apart from that, I have to ask you to stay in the passenger dorm while we're in the air.
The bridge, engine room, cargo bay-- they're all off-limits without an escort.
Some of my personal effects are in the cargo bay.
I figure you all got luggage you're gonna need.
Soon as we're done here, we'll be happy to fetch 'em with you.
Now, I have to tell you all one other thing...
and I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately, we've been ordered by the Alliance...
to drop some medical supplies off on Whitefall.
it's the fourth moon on Athens.
It's out of our way, but we should have you on Boros no more than a day off schedule.
What medical supplies?
I honestly didn't ask.
Probably plasma, insulin-- whatever they ain't got enough of on the border moons.
- Alliance says jump-- - All right.
- Zoe, you want to take them to the cargo bay? - Yes, sir.
[ Mal ] Anything else you need,just ask.
We, uh, live to serve.
- Did you send word to Patience? - Ain't heard back yet.
Didn't she shoot you one time?
Everybody's makin' a fuss.
Oops. I'm sorry.
[ Groans ]
Ah, the ambassador graces us with her presence.
Hello, Mal. I see we have some new faces.
- Hey, you. - Hey, you.
[ Mal ] Ambassador, this is Shepherd Book.
I'd have to say this is the first time we've had a preacher on board.
Well, I wasn't expecting to see a state official either.
- Ambassador. - [ Chuckles ]
I'm missing something funny.
- Not so funny. - Ambassador is Mal's way of saying--
- [ Mal ] She's a whore, Shepherd. - The term is ''Companion.''
I always get those mixed up. How's business?
- None of yours. - She is pretty much our ambassador.
There's plenty of planets wouldn't let you dock without a decent Companion on board.
This-- This isn't a problem for you, is it, Shepherd?
Well, I--
- I certainly-- - It's all right. I mostly keep to myself.
When I'm not whoring.
Don't you want to meet the rest of the bunch?
Why don't you make sure they want to meet me first?
So how many fell madly in love with you and wanted to take you away from all this?
Just the one. I think I'm slipping.
- [ Mal ] Oh, I'm starved. - This is incredible.
- It is great. - It's not much. I had a garden at the abbey...
thought I should bring what I could.
- It's very kind of you to share with all of us. - It won't last.
- I'm taking this to Wash. - They're not the same when they're frozen.
- Pass the tomatoes. - The important thing is the spices.
A man can live on packaged food from here till Judgment Day if he's got enough rosemary.
Captain, do you mind if I say grace?
Only if you say it out loud.
So, does it happen a lot?
Government commandeering your ship...
- telling you where to go? - That's what governments are for-- get in a man's way.
Well, it's good if the supplies are needed.
We're just happy to be doing good works.
I hear a lot of the border moons are in bad shape-- plagues and famine.
Some of that's exaggerated, and some of it ain't.
All those moons, just like the central planets...
they're as close to Earth-That-Was as we can make 'em--
gravity, atmosphere and such, but--
Once they're terra-formed, they'll dump settlers on there...
with nothing but blankets, hatchets-- maybe a herd.
Some of them make it. Some of them--
Then I guess it's good we're helping.
You're a doctor, right?
Oh, uh, yes, I was a trauma surgeon on Osiris in Capital City.
Long way from here.
You seem so young to be a doctor.
Yeah. You're pretty young to be a ship's mechanic.
Know how.
Machines just got workings, and they talk to me.
That's a rare gift.
Well, not like being a doctor.
Helping fix people-- that's important.
Little Kaylee here just wishes you was a gynecologist. [ Cackling ]
[ Cackling Continues ]
you will keep a civil tongue in that mouth, or I will sew it shut.
is there an understanding between us?
You don't pay me to talk pretty.Just because Kaylee gets lubed up over some big-city dandy--
Walk away from this table. Right now.
What do you pay him for?
- What? - I was just wondering what his job is...
on the ship.
Public relations.
[ Knocking On Door ]
- [ Speaking Chinese ] - [ Door Opens ]
- If I'm intruding-- - Not at all.
I expected you.
Couldn't really say the same.
So, would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways?
I brought you some supper. But if you'd prefer a lecture...
I have a few very catchy ones prepped.
Sin and hellfire. One has lepers.
I think I'll pass.
But thank you for this.
The captain said you might like it.
I was surprised at his concern.
For a lowly whore?
It was unjust of him to say that.
Believe me, I've called him worse.
Anyway, I suspect he has more interest in making you uncomfortable than me.
He's not wildly interested in ingratiating himself with anyone.
Yet he seems very protective of his crew. It's odd.
Why are you so fascinated by him?
Because he's something of a mystery.
Why are you?
Because so few men are.
[ Flushes ]
[ intercom Buzzes ]
[ Wash On intercom ] Mal,you might want to get up here.
What is it?
A signal. Somebody went on the cortex, hailed the nearest Alliance cruiser.
- Tell me you scrambled it. - All to hell, but I don't know how much got through.
- Alliance got a pin in us for sure. - [ Speaking Chinese ]
We got a mole on board.
- Forget your toothpaste? - [ Groans ]
Are you out of your mind?
Just about. What'd you tell them?
Tell who?
I got exactly no time for games. What do they know?
You're a lunatic.
- [ Cocks ] - And you're a gorram fed.
Hate to say it, Captain...
but you've got the wrong man.
- Son of a bitch. - Drop that firearm, Captain Reynolds.
[ Chuckles ] This is not my best day ever.
Simon Tam, you are bound by law to stand down.
The doctor. Oh.
Hey, is there-- is there a reward?
Get on the ground.
- Get on the ground. - Lawman, you are making a mistake.
Get on the ground, son. The man seems a mite twitchy.
[ Book ] I think everybody could stand to calm down a bit.
This isn't your business, Shepherd.
The boy's not going anywhere, lawman.
- As I understand it, it's pretty cold outside. - [ Mal ] Not to worry.
Put Lord Fauntleroy in one of the passenger cells. He won't make a peep--
Get the hell away from that weapon..
Do you think I'm a complete back-birth?
You're carrying a fugitive across interplanetary borders.
You think I believe you're bringing medical supplies to Whitefall?
As far as i care, everyone on this ship is culpable.
Well, now.
That has an effect on the landscape.
Please, we're very close to true stupidity here.
I got a cruiser en route for intercept. So talk all you want. You got about 20 minutes.
- You might have less than that. - Yeah, threaten me.
- For God's sake. - You think I wouldn't shoot a shepherd? Back off..
- Take the kid. - Get your hands off..
- Stand the hell down. - What is--
[ Book ] Stop it..
- Wha-- - Kaylee.
[ Whimpering ]
- [ Simon ] How do you feel? - A little odd.
- [ Simon ] Be still. Be still. - Out of the way.
- You're not killing this man. - Not right away.
- He's no threat. - Why did he--
Oh, wow. That ain't hardly a mosquito bite.
Big mosquito.
- Move. - Not gonna happen.
- [ Cocks Gun ] - I ain't jokin', Preacher.
Just tie him up. Do it.
[ Simon ] Kaylee, stay with me. Stay with me.
- Can you move your feet? - Are you asking me to dance?
- She's going into shock. - [ Inara ] Kaylee.
- Mei-mei, you have to focus. - The gun, Shepherd.
- [ Yelps, Groans ] - [ Simon ] The infirmary working?
Yeah, we got it stocked.
[ Wash On P.A.] Captain, we've been hailed by a cruiser-- ordered to stay on course...
and dock for prisoner transfer.
Change course.
- Run. - Hell with you.
- You brought this down on us. I'm dumping you with the law. - Mal.
- She's dying. - You're not gonna let her.
- Yes, I am. - No, you can't.
- No way the feds'll let us walk. - Then we dump him in a shuttle and leave him.
- Everybody's so mad. - It's okay.
- Know what a stomach wound does? - I surely do.
Then you know how crucial the next few minutes are.
You let her die, you'll never make it to the feds.
- She'll still be dead. - You rich kids.
You think your lives are the only thing that matters.
What'd you do? Kill your folks for the family fortune?
- I don't kill people. - Then do your job.
- Turn the ship around. - Enough.
Mal, do it.
- Don't you ever tell me what to do on-- - [ Sobbing ]
Zoe, change course.
- Help me get her up. - [ Beeps ]
Wash, change course and go for hard burn.
We're runnin'.
- You have an extractor? - Got a laser saw.
No, that's not good enough. Uh, my room, red bag.
- When this is over, you and me are gonna have a personal chat. - Won't that be fun. Dope her.
[ Whimpers ]
Can't do any more till she stabilizes.
- Will she? - I can't say yet.
I want to know what's going on here.
Well, then why don't we find out?
What are-- No.
Stay away from that. [ Groans ]
- [ Simon Groaning ] - Where's the fed?
Secured. The shepherd's with him.
[Jayne ] He seems to think he's not safe alone with me.
- No. - [ Beeping ]
Well, let's see what a man like you would kill for.
[ Simon ] No, don't..
I need to check her vitals.
Oh, is that what they call it?
- She's not supposed to wake up for another week. The shock-- - The shock of what? Waking up?
Finding out she's been sold to some border-world baron?
Or-- I'm sorry. Was this one for you? Is it true love?
- You do seem a little-- - [ Screams ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Gasping Continues ]
- [ Hyperventilating ] - R-River--
- [ Gasps ] - Hey. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. I'm here.
Simon, they-- they talk to me.
- They want me to-- They want me to-- - No. They're gone.
They're gone. They're gone.
They're gone. We're safe now. We're safe.
- We're safe. I'm here. - [ Sobbing ]
[ Whispers ] Come here.
[ Breathing Erratically ]
What the hell is this?
This is my sister.
[ Simon's Voice ] I am very smart.
I went to the best medacad on Osiris.
Top three percent of my class.
Finished my internship in eight months.
''Gifted'' is the term.
So when I tell you that my little sister...
makes me look like an idiot child...
I want you to understand my full meaning.
River was more than gifted. She--
She was a gift.
Evetything she did-- you know, music, math...
theoretical physics, even-- even dance--
there was nothing that didn't come as naturally to her...
as breathing does to us.
And she could be a real... brat about it too.
I mean, she used to--
There was a-- a school--
a, uh-- a government-sponsored academy.
We had never even heard of it, but it had the most exciting program--
the most challenging.
We could have sent her anywhere. We had the money, but...
she wanted to go.
She wanted to learn.
She was 14.
I, uh--
I got a few letters at first, and then I didn't hear for months.
Finally i got a letter that made no sense. She--
She talked about things that never happened.Jokes that we never--
It was a code.
it just said...
"They're hurting us.
Get me out."
[ Zoe ] How'd you do it?
And-- And luck.
For two years I couldn't get near her.
Then I was contacted by some men-- some underground movement.
They-- They said that she was in danger, that--
that the government was... playing with her brain.
if I funded them, they could sneak her out in cryo...
get her to Persephone, and from there I could take her... wherever.
Will she be all right?
I don't know if she'll be all right.
I don't know what they did to her.
Or why.
I-- I just have to keep her safe.
That's quite a story, son.
Yeah. It's a tale of woe. Very stirring.
In the meantime,you've heaped a world of trouble on me and mine.
- I never thought-- - No, I don't imagine you thought.
In consequence of which we got a kidnapped federal officer on board...
we got the Alliance hard on our trail and Kaylee--
How much does the Alliance know?
I can't say. I killed the message pretty quick, so they may just have our position.
Or they might have personal profiles on each and every one of us.
- Till that fed wakes up, we won't know. - So what do we do?
The job. We finish the job.
I got word from Patience. She's waiting for us. We circle round to Whitefall...
make the deal, get out, keep flying.
What about us?
Kaylee comes through, you and your sister get off at Whitefall.
If she doesn't come through?
Well, then you're getting off a mite sooner.
- That'd be murder. - Boy made a decision.
- He didn't shoot her. - No, but somebody else did...
and I'm scratching my head as to why we ain't dealt with him.
Kill a fed? Can you think of a stupider thing to do?
- He can I.D. us. - Throw me out the air lock. Fine.
But River is not a part of this.
- Can we maybe vote on the whole murdering people issue? - We don't vote on my ship.
- My ship is not the rutting town hall. - This is insanity.
I think we're a ways beyond that now, sir.
- We're gonna talk this through. - I will not sit by...
while there's killing.
- [ Voices Overlapping ] - [ Chinese ]
The way it is is the way it is.
We gotta deal with what's in front of us.
Mal, you know those two wouldn't survive a day in Whitefall anyway.
You throw them out, I'm leaving too.
It might be best you do.
You ain't a part of this business.
What business is that exactly?
I'm a dead man. I can't know?
Is it gold?
Drugs? Pirate treasure?
What is it that makes you so afraid of the Alliance?
You don't want to go down this road with me, boy.
Oh, you're not afraid of them?
I already know you'd sell me out to them for a pat on the head.
Hell, you should probably be working for them. You certainly fit the profi--
Saw that comin'.
I'm in a tricky position. I guess you know.
Got me a boatload of terribly strange folk makin' my life a little more interesting...
than I generally like.
Chief among them an Alliance mole--
likes to shoot at girls when he's nervous.
Now I gotta know how close the Alliance is...
exactly how much you told them before Wash scrambled your call.
So... I've given Jayne here the job of finding out.
He was nonspecific as to how.
Now you're only gonna scare him.
- Pain is scary. -Just do it right.
You have any idea how much trouble you're in?
Gee, I never been in trouble with the law before.
No, not like this you haven't. You think this is just a smuggling rap?
- The package that boy is carrying-- - It's a girl.
She's cute too. Except I don't think she's all there, you know.
Course, not all of her has to be.
That girl is a precious commodity.
They'll come after her. Long after you bury me, they'll be coming.
Oh, I'm not gonna kill you, Dobson.
What's your first name?
Lawrence. Ah.
I'm just gonna cut on ya till you tell me how much they know.
They know everything. They know every name, every record.
They know how many... nose hairs you've got.
Aw, see? They don't know a damn thing.
It's all over your face. I ain't even--
I was gonna get me a ear too.
Aren't you an officer of the law?
Well, don't they teach you how to withstand interrogation?
You can't even tell a damn lie.
Okay. I can see you're not an idiot.
Wish I could say the same, Lawrence, but this is disappointing as hell.
Let me speak a language you will understand-- money.
This girl is worth a lot of money. I mean a lot.
Now, you kill me, there's nothing.
But if you help me out...
you'll have enough to buy your own ship.
Better one than this piece of crap.
Does helping you out mean turning on the captain?
Yes, it does.
- How the hell'd they find us? You said we could get around them. - It's not Alliance.
- You sure? - Nah, it's a smaller vessel.
- Commercial? - Uh,yeah.
I read it as an older model... Trans-U.
- I didn't think Trans-U still operated. - They don't.
- Get me a visual. - They're still too far out.
Get me somethin'.
I'm picking up a lot of radiation.
They're operating without core containment.
That's-- [ Chinese ]
That's suicide.
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
[ Mal On P.A.] This is the captain.
We're passing another ship.
Looks to be reavers.
From the size, probably a raiding party.
Could be they're headed somewhere particular.
Could be they already hit someone and they're full up.
So everyone stay calm.
We try to run, they'll have to chase us. it's their way.
We're holding course. We should be passing them in a minute.
So we'll see what they do.
Zoe, you come on up to the bridge.
Uh, I don't understand.
- You never heard of reavers? - Uh--
Campfire stories-- men gone savage on the edge of space, killing--
They're not stories.
What happens if they board us?
If they take the ship, they'll rape us to death...
eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing.
And if we're very, very lucky, they'll do it in that order.
[ Exhales Deeply ]
There's their magnetic grappler. They get a hold of us with that--
Just tell me if they alter course.
They're holding course.
- [ Exhales ] - I guess they weren't hungry.
Didn't expect to see them here.
They're pushing out further every year too.
Gettin' awful crowded in my sky.
[ Kaylee ] Hey, Captain.
Hello, Kaylee. What's the news?
I'm shiny, Captain. A-OK.
I can't feel much below my belly though.
It's gettin' cold.
Well, you just gotta rest.
Something's gonna break down on this boat real soon.
Who else I got to fix it?
Oh, don't you worry none.
Doc fixed me up pretty.
He's nice.
Don't go workin' too hard on that crush, mei-mei.
Doc won't be with us for long.
You're nice too.
No, I'm not.
I'm a mean old man.
He wasn't gonna let me die.
He was just trying to--
It's nobody's fault.
Okay.Just promise me you're gonna remember that.
I'll keep it in mind.
You are a nice man, Captain.
You're always looking after us.
You just gotta have faith in people.
She's a real beauty, isn't she?
- It's just a standard Companion immunization package. - Thank you.
- I'm not sure if it'll help in this-- - It won't hurt.
Supplies down there are pretty rudimentary.
Is there anything else I can do?
I don't think so, but I appreciate it.
Kaylee's very dear... to all of us.
I-- I'm sorry.
For my part in what happened.
I-- I've never--
I mean, I-- I don't know how to--
You're lost in the woods.
We all are. Even the captain.
The only difference is he likes it that way.
No, the only difference is the woods are the only place I can see a clear path.
- What's your business here? - It's my business.
The usual. I gave the boy...
a free thrust since he's not long for this world.
What are you doing in my shuttle?
It's my shuttle. You rent it.
Then when I'm behind on the rent, you can enter unasked.
I thought you were leaving anyhow.
Well, I guess that depends on you.
You'll ruin her too, you know.
This is the thing I see you're uncomprehending on.
Everyone on this ship...
even a legitimate businesswoman like her...
their lives can be snatched away because of that fed.
You got a solution for that? You got a way around?
- I don't. - Comes time, someone's gonna have to deal with him.
That should be you. But I don't think you got the guts.
And I know you don't have the time.
What do you mean?
Kaylee's dead.
[ Panting ]
The man's psychotic.
[ All Laughing ]
You are psychotic.
No, you should've seen his face. Oh, I'm a bad man.
- And Kaylee's really okay? - Yeah.
To tell the truth, I didn't expect her to heal this quick.
- Doctor knows his trade, I'll give him that. - [ Beeping ]
- Being hailed. - That'd be Patience.
We're close enough for vid. Put her up.
- Malcolm Reynolds? - Hello, Patience.
I have to say, I didn't look to be hearin' from you anytime soon.
Well, we may not have parted on the best of terms.
I realize certain words were exchanged.
Also, certain bullets.
But that's air through the engine. it's past.
We're business people.
Besides, your days of fighting over salvage rights are long behind you, what I hear.
- What are you, mayor now? - Just about.
You tellin' the truth about that cargo?
'Cause your asking price is a bit too reasonable for that much treasure.
It's imprinted-- Alliance-- hence the discount.
- Oh, government goods, huh? - That doesn't work for you, no harm.
- Just thought you could use-- - Alliance don't scare me.
Just collatin' data, as they say.
I like that you're up front about it.
We can deal.
I'll upload coordinates for a rendezvous point outside of town.
- See you in the world. - [ Static, Beeping ]
I believe that woman's plannin' to shoot me again.
She meant to pay you, she'd have haggled you down some.
-Just a little effort to hide it would've been-- - [ Clattering ]
- Sir, we don't have to deal with her. - Yes, we do.
Here's a little concept i been workin'on--
- Why don't we shoot her first? - It is her turn.
- That doesn't get us what we need either. - There's moons we ain't seen.
- We could try our luck-- - Our luck?
You notice anything particular about our luck these past few days?
Any kind of pattern?
You depend on luck, you end up on the drift--
no fuel, no prospects...
beggin'for Alliance make-work, gettin'towed out to the scrap belt.
That ain't us.
Not ever.
Patience has got the money to pay...
and she will, one way or another.
There's obstacles in our path, and we're gonna deal with 'em one by one.
- [ Rustling ] - [ Mal ] We'll get through this.
We will.
Nice place for an ambush.
That it is.
[ Wind Whistling ]
Here you are. I buried 'em good.
[ Panting ] Equipment's back on the boat.
Testing. Testing, Captain, can you hear me?
- I'm standing right here. - You're comin' through good and loud.
- 'Cause I'm standing right here. - Yeah, well, but... the transmitter's--
Patience is gonna figure we buried the cargo...
which means puttin' us to our ease before there's any action.
She'll come at us from the east...
talk the location out of us.
She'll have the coin to show us first.
We get it, give the location.
Snipers hit us from there... and there.
- You figure they're in place yet? - Should be.
Feel like takin' a walk around the park?
Sure you don't just want to piss yourself and back down like you did with Badger?
Walk soft. I want Patience thinkin' they're still in place.
Don't kill anyone if you don't have to. We're here to make a deal.
Don't think it's a good spot, sir. She still has the advantage over us.
Everyone always does.
That's what makes us special.
Lawman. It's Shepherd Book.
I believe you're in more danger--
- [ Grunts ] - [ Groans ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Horse Neighing ]
[ Motor Rewing ]
Ah. [ Laughs ] Mal.
- How you doin', boy? - Walkin' and talkin'.
Is that Zoe? You still sailin' with this old bum?
Awful lot of men to haul three crates.
Yeah, well, I couldn't be sure my Mal here wouldn't be lookin'for some kind of payback.
- You understand. - We're just on the job, Patience. Not interested in surprises.
- [ Bird Calling ] - [ Thudding ]
- [ Grunt, Blow Landing ] - [ Groan ]
[ Frustrated Grunt ]
I don't see my cargo anywhere.
And you're not gonna till I'm holdin' 200 in platinum.
Oh, come on, Reynolds. I'm supposed to take it on faith that you got the goods?
it's pure, Patience.
Genuine A grade foodstuffs-- protein, vitamins...
immunization supplements.
One of those would feed a family for a month.
Longer, if they don't like their kids too well.
Yep. That's the stuff.
So where's the rest?
What's wrong, sweetie?
- Look at you, all woke up. - [ Gasps ]
Oh, I'm sorry about what happened before, but make so much as a sound...
the next one goes through your throat.
And east half a mile, bottom of the first hill you'll see where it's been dug.
I reckon I will.
- Well, then. - Yep.
I'd appreciate it if you all turn around and ride out first.
Well,you see, there's a kinda hitch.
- We both made out on this deal. Don't complicate things. - I got a rule.
I never let go of money I don't have to.
Which is maybe why I'm runnin'this little world...
and you're still on that dinky old boat sniffin' for scraps.
Got the money back. There's no need for killin'.
- We're just gonna walk away, sir? - Guess that's up to Patience, here.
- Could be messy. - Not terribly.
[ Laughs ] Mal,you just ain't very bright, are ya?
That's quite a rifle.
Boy must be your best shot to carry that.
Called "Two-Fry". Always makes it quick and clean.
Two-Fry. Nice hat.
- [ Grunting ] - [ Indistinct Shouts ]
Should think about asking the captain to drop you somewhere else.
Whitefall ain't exactly civilization in the strictest sense.
You don't have to worry about me.
Well, Zoe's out on a deal. I always worry.
So, it's not out of my way.
- [ Radio Static ] - [ Kaylee ] He took her.
[ Groans ] He took River.
[ Electronic Twittering ]
Oh, don't-- Don't you dare.
[ indistinct Shout ]
- [ Groans ] - [ Neighs ]
- [ Beeps ] - [ Whirring ]
[ River Gasps ]
[ Chinese ]
- [ Bullet Ricocheting ] - [ Man ] Watch out.. Hyah..
- Hyah. [ Groans ] - [ Neighs ]
- [ Grunts ] - [ Groans ]
- Zoe? - [ Groans ] Armor's dented.
Well, you're right about this being a bad idea.
- Thanks for sayin', sir. - Mal, don't you take another step.
[ Patience Whimpering ]
Now I did a job. I ain't got nothing but trouble since I did it...
not to mention more than a few unkind words as regard to my character.
So let me make this abundantly clear.
I do the job...
and then I get paid.
Go run your little world.
Mal, it's Wash.. We got a ship comin'in..
They followed us. The gorram reavers followed us.
[ Groans ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Straining ]
- [ Cocks Pistol ] - No, don't.
- Don't move. - [ Wash ] Reavers..
Reavers, incoming and heading straight for us.
- We are in the air in one minute. -[ Whirring ]
I guess they got hungry again.
You can do that? You're gonna kill a lawman in cold blood?
I know what you did for your sister.
I understand. It doesn't make you a killer.
I don't want to hurt anybody. I have a job to do--
to uphold the law-- that's what we're talking about here.
[ Screeching ]
Come on, come on. Where the hell are you guys?
[ Horses Whinnying ]
There's nowhere you can take her the law won't find.
Nobody is going to hurt her...
- unless you hurt me. - No, I said.
I said don't-don't move.
It's your call.
- [ Whirring ] - [ Horse Neighing ]
I'm not playing anymore. Anybody makes so much--
- [ Fires Shot ] - [ Bullet Whizzing ]
[ Whimpering ]
- Jayne.. - [ Chuckles ]
- Wash, we're on. - [ Gasping ]
[ Whirring ]
- How close are they? - About 20 seconds from spitting distance.
- Well, lose 'em. - Gimme the vid.
[ Speaking Chinese ]
- How close they need to be to fire those grapplers? - [Jayne ] Dodge 'em..
If everyone could just be quiet a moment.
I need Kaylee in the engine room, please.
- Can she even-- - Get her in there now.
I want you in your shuttle. Get the civilians and get ready to go.
- We can't just leave you here. - Well, that was the plan.
- Mal, don't do this. - We get boarded, you take off.
Head for town. We might be able to stop them from following you.
- They'll kill you. - Inara--
- How we doin'? - I don't mean to alarm anybody...
but I think we're being followed.
You three, come with me.
I think I can help Kaylee out.
- Should I-- - Take her. Keep her safe.
Can't keep this up. They get a bead, they're gonna lock us down.
Kaylee, how we doin'? Gonna need a little push here.
- You want me to go for full burn? - Not just yet.
- But set it up. - You know where the press regulator is?
Head of the class. [ Coughs ]
[ Kaylee ] We're ready for full burn on your mark.
Full burn in atmo? That won't cause a blowback, burn us out?
Even if it doesn't, they can push just as hard, keep right on us.
Wash, you gotta give me an Ivan.
I'll see what I can do. Kaylee.
How would you feel about pullin' a Crazy Ivan?
Always wanted to try one.
Jayne, open the port jack control, cut the hydraulics.
- Where the hell is-- - Look. Look. Look where I'm pointing.
Okay. Now it's real simple.
[ Pod Whirs Open ]
- They're on us. - Kaylee.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
- [ Kaylee ] Okay. - Everybody hold on to something.
Here's something you can't do.
I knew I hired you for something.
- Whoo. Whoo-hoo. - [ Relieved Chuckles ]
Ain't no way they can come around in time to follow us now.
We're good, people.
We're out of the woods.
Whoo-hoo-hoo. Yeah.
That's my girl. That's my good girl.
We should have just enough left in us to hit a fuel station.
We'll need to do some patching up.
- I hope we got paid today. - We did.
Sir? I'd like you to take the helm, please.
I need this man to tear all my clothes off.
Work, work, work.
[ Sighs ]
[ Exhales Sharply ]
Should really have the young doctor look at this.
- It's not so bad. - Well, I'm sure you'll be fine.
I didn't say that.
Is this what life is... out here?
I've been out of the abbey two days.
I've beaten a lawman senseless.
I've fallen in with criminals.
I've watched the captain shoot the man i swore to protect.
And I'm not even sure if I think he was wrong.
I believe. I just--
I think I'm on the wrong ship.
Or maybe you're exactly where you ought to be.
The shot I gave you will help you sleep.
- I slept for so long, didn't I? -Just a little while.
And then we'll find a place.
We'll find a safe place.
I didn't think you'd come for me.
Well, you're a dummy.
[Jayne ] The girl's a problem.
The lawman said they'd keep looking for her. Something about her...
brain bein'all special, important to the Alliance brass.
- Sooner we dump them two, the better. - Suppose so.
Funny how the lawman got out of his room...
you havin' tied him up so well and all.
I didn't have nothing to do with that.
Anyhow, it all turned outjust fine.
Buzzards are the only ones gonna find him.
But he did try to make a deal with you, right?
- How come you didn't turn on me,Jayne? - Money wasn't good enough.
What happens when it is?
[ Inhales Slowly ]
Well, that'll be an interesting day.
Imagine it will.
- You need me to look at that? - It's just a graze.
So, where do you plan on dumping us?
There's places you might be safe.
If you want the truth, though, you're probably safer on the move.
And we never stop movin'.
I'm confused.
No, wait. I-- I think maybe you're confused.
It may have become apparent to you that the ship could use a medic.
You ain't weak. Don't know how bright you are, top three percent, but...
you ain't weak, and that's not nothin'.
You live by my rule--you keep your sister from doing anything crazy--
you could maybe find a place here, till you find a better.
Uh, I'm trying to put this as delicately as I can.
How do I know you won't kill me in my sleep?
You don't know me, son, so let me explain this to you once.
If I ever kill you, you'll be awake.
You'll be facing me, and you'll be armed.
Are you always this sentimental?
I had a good day.
You had the Alliance on you-- criminals and savages.
Half the people on this ship have been shot or wounded, including yourself...
- and you're harboring known fugitives. - Well, we're still flyin'.
- That's not much. - It's enough.
- [ Click ] - [ Electronic Beep ]
Grr. Arrgh.
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Farscape - 3x20 - Into The Lions Den I - Lambs To The Slaugher
Farscape - 3x21 - Into The Lions Den II - Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
Farscape - 3x22 - Dog With Two Bones
Farscape - 4x01 - Crichton Kicks
Farscape - 4x02 - What Was Lost (Part 1) - Sacrifice
Farscape - 4x03 - What Was Lost (Part 2) - Resurrection
Farscape - 4x04 - Lavas A Many Splendored Thing
Farscape - 4x05 - Promises
Farscape - 4x06 - Natural Election
Farscape - 4x07 - John Quixote
Farscape - 4x08 - I Shrink Therefore I Am
Farscape - 4x09 - A Prefect Murder
Farscape - 4x10 - Coup By Clam
Farscape - 4x11 - Unrealized Reality (Part 1)
Farscape - 4x12 - Kansas (Part 2)
Farscape - 4x13 - Terra Firma (Part 3)
Farscape - 4x14 - Twice Shy
Farscape - 4x15 - Mental As Anything
Farscape - 4x16 - Bringing Home The Beacon
Farscape - 4x17 - A Constellation Of Doubt
Farscape - 4x18 - Prayer
Farscape - 4x19 - We are So Screwed - Fetal Attraction (Part 1)
Farscape - 4x20 - We are So Screwed - Hot To Katratzi (Part 2)
Farscape - 4x21 - We are So Screwed - La Bomba (Part 3)
Farscape - 4x22 - Bad Timing
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Frasier 02x03 - Commentary by Director David Lee and Writer Joe Keenan
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Frasier 02x17 - Daphnes Room
Frasier 02x18 - The Club
Frasier 02x19 - Someone to Watch Over Me
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Friends - 3x22 - The One With the Screamer
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Friends - 4x04 - The One With the Ballroom Dancing
Friends - 4x05 - The One With Joeys New Girlfriend
Friends - 4x06 - The One With the Dirty Girl
Friends - 4x07 - The One Where Chandler Crosses
Friends - 4x08 - The One With Chandler in a Box
Friends - 4x09 - The One Where They are Going
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Friends - 5x08 - The One With All the Thanksgivins
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Friends - 5x10 - The One With the Inappropiate Sister
Friends - 5x11 - The One With All the Resolutions
Friends - 5x12 - The One With Chandlers Work Laugh
Friends - 5x13 - The One With Joeys Bag
Friends - 5x14 - The One Where Everyone Finds Out
Friends - 5x15 - The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey
Friends - 5x16 - The One With the Cop
Friends - 5x17 - The One With Rachels
Friends - 5x18 - The One Where Rachel Smokes
Friends - 5x19 - The One Where Ross Cant Flirt
Friends - 5x20 - The One With the Ride-Along
Friends - 5x21 - The One With the Ball
Friends - 5x22 - The One With Joeys Big Break
Friends - 5x23 - The One in Vegas
Friends - 6x01 - The One After Vegas
Friends - 6x02 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
Friends - 6x03 - The One With Rosss Denial
Friends - 6x04 - The One Where Joey Loses His
Friends - 6x05 - The One With Joeys Porsche
Friends - 6x06 - The One On the Last Night
Friends - 6x07 - The One Where Phoebe Runs
Friends - 6x08 - The One With Rosss Teeth
Friends - 6x15
Friends 7x01 - The One with Monicas Thunder
Friends 7x02 - The One With Rachels Book
Friends 7x03 - The One With Phoebes Cookies
Friends 7x04 - The One With Rachels Assistant
Friends 7x05 - The One With The Engagement Picture
Friends 7x06 - The One With The Nap Partners
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Friends 7x10 - The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends 7x11 - The One With All The Cheesecakes
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Friends 7x13 - The One Where Rosita Dies
Friends 7x14 - The One Where They All Turn Thirty
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Friends 7x16 - The One With the Truth About London
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Friends 7x19 - The One With Ross and Monicas Cousin
Friends 7x20 - The One With Rachels Kisses
Friends 7x21 - The One With the Vows
Friends 7x22 - The One With Chandlers Dad
Friends 7x23 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 1
Friends 7x24 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 2
Friends 9x01 - The One Where No One Proposes
Friends 9x02 - The One Where Emma Cries
Friends 9x03 - The One With The Pediatrician
Friends 9x04 - The One With The Sharks
Friends 9x05 - The One With Phoebes Birthday Dinner
Friends 9x06 - The One With The Male Nanny
Friends 9x07 - The One With Rosss Inappropriate Song
Friends 9x08 - The One With Rachels Other Sister
Friends 9x09 - The One With Rachels Phone Number
Friends 9x10 - The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Friends 9x11 - The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Friends 9x12 - The One With Phoebes Rats
Friends 9x13 - The One Where Monica Sings
Friends 9x14 - The One With The Blind Dates
Friends 9x15 - The One With The Mugging
Friends 9x16 - The One With The Boob Job
Friends 9x17 - The One With The Memorial Service
Friends 9x18 - The One With The Lottery
Friends 9x19 - The One With Rachels Dream
Friends 9x20 - The One With The Soap Opera Party
Friends 9x21 - The One With The Fertility Test
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Friends 9x23-24 - The One In Barbados 1 2)
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