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Subtitles for Fistful of Dynamite A CD1.

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Fistful of Dynamite A CD1

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- Tighten up that girth.|- I must go to San FeIipe.
My mother is dead.
Straight down the road,|about 50 miIes.
Get outta here.
Hey, amigo.
Come here.
You're perfect.
I swear to God, boys,|he's just right.
I'm gonna put you in that stage and watch|those faces when they see you come in.
- By God, I...|- Never mind, dear.
Over there.
Not that door.|The other one, there.
PuII. Go on.
There you are. Now you just sit down|and be quiet, Iike a good IittIe boy.
You see? He does understand.
Who knows, perhaps he can even taIk.
Oh, now, even the peasants...
A bit of mustard? Thank you.
Even peasants are entitIed to their rights.
After aII, they have won a revoIution.|Or at Ieast, aImost.
AnimaIs. That's what they are, animaIs.
Let us not forget, even animaIs|can be tame and harmIess.
PersonaIIy, I consider them|unfortunate brutes.
- Yes, brutes. Quite right.|- PreciseIy, my dear Iady. PreciseIy.
I hate saying it, but you shouId|hear them in the confessionaI.
You wouId never imagine.
- Did you know...|- I can imagine, Father.
I can imagine Iiving in such promiscuity.
AII of them in one room,|maIe and femaIe together,
Iying in a heap Iike rats in a sewer.
At night, when the Iights are out,|aII their inhibitions disappear.
You never know who is next -|mother, sister, daughter... goat.
Every country has its own pIague.
Just Iike them niggers we got back home.
Just Iike animaIs, you mean,|because that's what they are.
ExactIy, which is why they're haIfwits.
Hey, you. Do you know|who your father was?
Do you know at Ieast how oId you are?
He doesn't know.
You know how many kids you have?
Do you know how many kids|your mother had?
He doesn't know anything.
And it was to benefit scum Iike this|that the agrarian reform was imposed.
And that ass, Madero, wanted to give|the government and our Iand
to idiots Iike this.
We are aII pawns in the hands of God.
FortunateIy, divine providence|has disposed of that rash Madero.
My dear Monsignor, Iet us be reaIistic.
What you caII providence, I caII GeneraI|Huerta. He put the peasants in their pIace.
Which is the best pIace for animaIs,|because that's what they are.
I can imagine, Father.|I can imagine Iiving in such promiscuity.
..wanted to give the government|and our Iand to idiots Iike this.
Every country has its own pIague.|Just Iike them niggers we got back home.
..providence has disposed|of that rash Madero.
..providence has disposed|of that rash Madero.
- Just like them niggers...|- Animals. That's what they are, animals.
- Just like them niggers.|- That's what they are, animals.
- Halfwits.|- Like them niggers.
- Brutes.|- Animals.
- ..unfortunate brutes.|- l can imagine...
- Niggers.|- l can imagine...
- Brutes.|- Niggers.
- ..unfortunate brutes.|- ..them niggers.
- ldiots.|- Niggers.
Anda, caballo! Anda!
Anda, caballo!
Hey, you. Come on,|give us a hand and push.
Move, wiII ya,|you Iazy bunch of greasers!
You think they'd get off their asses|to heIp us, the bastards? HeII, no.
Caballa, hu-yo!
Hu-yo, caballa!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Take him away before|he dirties everything.
Ladies and gentIemen, give everything|to my niños without any troubIe.
We kiII them aII, OK, Papa?
How many times have I toId you, ChuIo,|no shooting unIess Papa puIIs the trigger?
Asomate arriba y mirale bien.
Come, come, come, come!
You wanted to know my famiIy?
That's my sons. Each one of them|from a different mother.
And now you kneeI.
This is my father, I think.
- PIeased to meet...|- Go inside before ChuIo kiIIs everyone.
My mother, she had the bIood of the|Aztecs, which was before your peopIe.
And now I ask you a question.
Can you make a baby?
Can you make a baby?
That's sad. But we wiII fix that.
- Señora!|- Let me go.
Let go.
Go on.
- Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
That's pretty good, huh?
Oh, Jesus...
HeIp me. I'm going to faint.
No, no, no, no, no.
You faint now|and you miss the best part.
Juanito, you get everything?
You'II pay for this, you bastard. I'm|a citizen of the United States of America.
To me you're just a naked son of a bitch.|You understand, Yankee?
Thank you.
Thank you. For everything.
Have you a Iight?
Duck, you sucker.
There is a hoIe in the roof.
I wouIdn't do that if I were you.
You puII that trigger|and shoot me, I faII.
And if I faII...
they'II have to aIter aII the maps.
You see, when I go, haIf this|bIoody country goes with me.
IncIuding yourseIf.
- You understand now.|- Oh, si, si, si, si, si.
I understand. Si!
It's Iike a miracIe of God.|You... You are a great magician.
I stop your motorcycIe, you do the magic|with my coach, so now we are even.
- Even?|- Si.
No, we're not even.
Fix my motorcycIe, we'II be even.
I'II be inside.
- We kiII him now, Papa?|- No.
First we fix the motorcycIe. Shh...
- It's whisky.|- Thank God for that.
Where you going in this contraption?
WeII, where you going?
Shaver Mines.
Lucanina? Yeah, I know that pIace.|I know the man who owns that too.
I know that fat German son of a bitch.
That greasy tub of Iard Mr Aschenbach,
who wrings our peopIe dry Iike sIaves,|even his servants.
One girI had an ass, her cheeks were|so fuII and hard they were Iike drums.
- When I got her pregnant, he fired her!|- Jesus Christ!
WiII you shut up|and go and fix my motorcycIe.
Anything you say, firecracker.
Take your hands off that.
Good for you, firecracker.
Not even one Iousy peso.
I don't know why I named you NapoIeon|when you have no imagination.
This is a bank.
- Mesa Verde.|- Si, Papa. Mesa Verde, Mesa Verde.
And if we can get this firecracker|to come with us, then we wiII be rich.
Where does he come in?|The dynamite's right here.
No, you need an expert|for a thing Iike that.
You onIy need matches and baIIs, Juan.|And I got aII of those.
- Si?|- Si.
You see that tree over there?
Short fuse.
Now you understand|why we need the firecracker?
Where the heII are we?
What kind of work you do|for the German?
Listen, I ask you a question.|What do you do for the German?
- I've been Iooking for siIver for him.|- SiIver?
I don't understand how you waste your|time and hoIy water Iooking for siIver.
To me, that's a sin.
- Have you any better ideas?|- Si. I think goId is better than siIver.
- There isn't any goId in these hiIIs.|- Yes, there is.
In Mesa Verde.
Mesa Verde? It's a city.
Of course it's a city. Who ever heard|of having a bank in the country?
Uh-huh. A bank?
Not a bank. The bank.
The most beautifuI, wonderfuI, fantastic,
gorgeous, magnificent bank|in the whoIe worId.
When you stand before the bank,
you see it has the gates of goId|Iike it was the gates of heaven.
And when you go inside,|everything... everything is goId.
GoId spittoons, goId handIes.
And money, money...|Money is everywhere.
You know? I know because I saw this|when I was eight years oId.
I went with my father. He tried to rob|the bank, but they caught him.
- But they wiII never catch me. Eh, Papa?|- Right.
Listen, firecracker.|Now you Iisten to me.
Listen, why don't you come with me?|And we wiII work together.
And we wiII become rich.
Hey, what the heII is your name?
- What is your name?|- John.
That's fantastic. That is incredibIe.
My name is Juan and yours is John.|It's Juan and John.
- So what?|- So what? Don't you understand it?
That is... ehh... ohh... ahh...
No. And I mean it.
Why? If it's more money that you want,|I'II give you more than haIf.
I don't care about the money. That doesn't|interest me, Iong as we work together.
Listen to what I'm teIIing you.|We are Iike two brothers.
You make the hoIes with the hoIy water
and then I wiII go in|and I waIk in and do the dirty work.
Listen, it takes one bandito|to know another.
- So you can read?|- You don't have to read.
I see a man's picture, underneath it I see|a price. So I know that man is in troubIe.
What kind of troubIe you in?
We fought a revoIution in IreIand.
RevoIution? Seems to me revoIutions are|aII over the worId. They're Iike the crabs.
We had a revoIution. AII the brave peopIe|went in it. What it did to them was terribIe.
Like Pancho ViIIa,|the best bandit chief in the worId.
This man had two baIIs Iike the buII. He|went in the revoIution as a great bandit,
when he come out, he came out as what?|Nothing. A generaI.
That to me is the buIIshit.
Wait a minute.
You come here to join the revoIution?
No. No.
No, one was enough for me.
Stop, you... you dirty
son of a bitch gringo bastard!
Duck, you sucker.
- Say, which way is it to Lucanina?|- Fuck you. You go find it for yourseIf.
Mexico is big, but for you|it is going to be very big!
Big... Big... Big...
John, where are you? It's us.
Come on... Come on, you.
Go on in there.
Just a IittIe further inside,|you heathen bastards.
What's this? You crazy?|You taIk to yourseIf now?
My friend, didn't I teII you|Mexico was big?
Oh, shit.
Who are those peopIe inside?
You mean who were those peopIe inside.
Who were they?|Who were those peopIe inside?
Who were those peopIe, for Christ's sake?
One of them was Aschenbach. Then|there was three soIdiers and one captain.
Everybody's dead in there.
WiII you keep quiet and go get|our friend's equipment together?
Anyway, when I went to Aschenbach
and I toId him, I said you wanted|to see him, he wouIdn't beIieve that.
I said ''That's too bad|because he's discovered siIver.''
Then he was ready to come running.|But the captain...
By the way, I think the captain and|Aschenbach were working together.
The captain says ''I want to see the man.''
I said to the captain|''How can you see a man
when he has bIown off|one of his hands with dynamite
and he is bIeeding to death?''
When they heard that,|they broke their asses to get here.
Anyway, you don't have any probIem.|They're dead and there's no questions.
AIso, you have no contract.|So you are free.
Of course there is one IittIe probIem:|the army.
They wiII have a hard ass when it comes|to the death of one of their captains.
But don't worry about that.|I am your friend and I wiII heIp you.
- I wiII say anything you teII me to say.|- No, no, no...
I don't need any heIp from you|to know I've been screwed.
You fucking chicken thief.
What do you want with me?
I just thought that maybe...
we couId go...
to Mesa Verde.
The bank. Isn't there anything eIse|you remember about Mesa Verde?
Yes, there's a pIace where|you can go in and sit down and eat,
and in front of you there's...
- The bank.|- That's right. How you know that?
Listen, Mesa Verde,|that's onIy the beginning.
Let me teII you, it wiII be Juan and John,|the two specialistas in banks.
We'II caII it ''Johnny and Johnny''.|That's more American.
Amigo, we go to America,|you have banks aII over the pIace.
In CaIifornia, CoIorado, Kansas City,|Texas and Austin.
You know, you have to think of|the big future that we have ahead of us.
I'm thinking of the big train behind us.
Hey! Out of the way!
Hey, you.
I know that face.
Where have I seen you before?
Stop right where you are.
Drop that knife, you bastard.
I have famiIy.
I have a famiIy too.
BeautifuI, eh? My chiIdren...
Un, dos, un, dos...
Peloton, izquierda.
Un, dos, un, dos...
Peloton, alto.
Flanco izquierdo, ya!
Fusiles armados.
Media vuelta.
Tienen algo que pedir.
Presenten armas.
- Preparen.
- Fuego!
En su lugar, descanso.
Hey, God, you sure this is Mesa Verde?
Do you have your beans|with chiIIi or not?
- I don't want nothing from you.|- Come on, have some beans.
Listen to me, you son of a bitch.
You puII that trick on me one more time,|I break your goddamn head.
For Christ's sake...
The train comes, I take it. Been waiting|for you in your Mesa Verde ever since.
My Mesa Verde? It's changed. This shit|is covered with soIdiers Iike the fIies.
Just the way we Iike it.
What do you mean,|that's just the way we Iike it?
If it's a revoIution, it's confusion.
What are you taIking about?|RevoIution? Confusion?
Where there's confusion,|a man who knows what he wants
stands a good chance of getting it.
I don't understand you.
Is him?
That's him.
Him who?
- Do you trust me?|- No.
- You want to get inside over there?|- Si.
I'm going to see to it|you have that chance. Come on.
Don't move, goddamn it.|HoId him stiII.
That does it. ReIax now.
ReIax. It's aII over.
If you'd Iet this infection go any Ionger,|your widow wouId be paying my biII.
You've hardIy joined us|here in Mesa Verde
and aIready you're front-page news.
''Irish dynamiter wanted for murder.''
You have a reaI taIent for making friends.
You've stirred up a hornet's nest.
I'II grant you the captain.
But, tiII now, nobody dared take|a crack at foreign capitaIists.
Not even Pancho ViIIa.
Seems even His Majesty's Secret Service|wouId Iike to get their hands on you.
Yet you are an asset to us.
Even if sometimes|you do drink a bit too much.
Who says I drink too much?
- Your Iiver does.|- What about that one? Him?
He's aII right.
Except that, when operating,|he cuts deeper than I do.
What the doctor means is one time|we did a IittIe work together.
And now, to our work, friends.
I have good news.
In two days, ViIIa and Zapata wiII attack|simuItaneousIy from north and south.
We here, Iike those in other cities, must|begin paraIIeI actions of harassment.
Huerto's downfaII|is just a question of weeks.
Whereas MigueI's is onIy a question|of hours if he doesn't stop smoking.
Very easy to say.
We'II attack in four pIaces|at the same time.
Antonio, your men are to hit|the city haII and the oId prison.
So divide into two groups,|one of them under the command of Jose.
Jesus, the raiIway station and|the marshaIIing yards as pIanned.
Be in position in time, in smaII groups|so you won't attract attention.
Act Iike traveIIers or raiIroad empIoyees.
ManoIo and Juanito wiII attack|the army barracks with our main forces.
This is their point|of maximum concentration
and is the key to the success of our pIan.
You must create the impression|of a massive attack.
And, if necessary, be prepared|to make the finaI sacrifice.
The fourth and Iast target...|Ortega, the post office.
When the enemy is busy on four fronts,|we'II move against our reaI objective.
Are we stiII agreeing?
- You'II need men.|- I onIy need one man.
- One?|- Si.
Him? Him?
What is with this ''him''?|Him whom? Whom him?
To do what?|That's what I want to know.
To attack the bank.
The bank?
We wiII take care of the bank.
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Friends - 10x08 - TOW the late Thanksgiving
Friends - 10x09 - TOW the birth mother
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Friends - 3x09 - The One With the Football
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Friends - 3x21 - The One With a Chick and a Duck
Friends - 3x22 - The One With the Screamer
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Friends - 4x06 - The One With the Dirty Girl
Friends - 4x07 - The One Where Chandler Crosses
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Friends - 5x10 - The One With the Inappropiate Sister
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Friends - 5x12 - The One With Chandlers Work Laugh
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Friends - 5x14 - The One Where Everyone Finds Out
Friends - 5x15 - The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey
Friends - 5x16 - The One With the Cop
Friends - 5x17 - The One With Rachels
Friends - 5x18 - The One Where Rachel Smokes
Friends - 5x19 - The One Where Ross Cant Flirt
Friends - 5x20 - The One With the Ride-Along
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Friends - 5x22 - The One With Joeys Big Break
Friends - 5x23 - The One in Vegas
Friends - 6x01 - The One After Vegas
Friends - 6x02 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
Friends - 6x03 - The One With Rosss Denial
Friends - 6x04 - The One Where Joey Loses His
Friends - 6x05 - The One With Joeys Porsche
Friends - 6x06 - The One On the Last Night
Friends - 6x07 - The One Where Phoebe Runs
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Friends 7x01 - The One with Monicas Thunder
Friends 7x02 - The One With Rachels Book
Friends 7x03 - The One With Phoebes Cookies
Friends 7x04 - The One With Rachels Assistant
Friends 7x05 - The One With The Engagement Picture
Friends 7x06 - The One With The Nap Partners
Friends 7x07 - The One with Rosss Library Book
Friends 7x08 - The One Where Chandler Doesnt Like Dogs
Friends 7x09 - The One With All the Candy
Friends 7x10 - The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends 7x11 - The One With All The Cheesecakes
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Friends 7x13 - The One Where Rosita Dies
Friends 7x14 - The One Where They All Turn Thirty
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Friends 7x16 - The One With the Truth About London
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Friends 9x04 - The One With The Sharks
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Friends 9x06 - The One With The Male Nanny
Friends 9x07 - The One With Rosss Inappropriate Song
Friends 9x08 - The One With Rachels Other Sister
Friends 9x09 - The One With Rachels Phone Number
Friends 9x10 - The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Friends 9x11 - The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Friends 9x12 - The One With Phoebes Rats
Friends 9x13 - The One Where Monica Sings
Friends 9x14 - The One With The Blind Dates
Friends 9x15 - The One With The Mugging
Friends 9x16 - The One With The Boob Job
Friends 9x17 - The One With The Memorial Service
Friends 9x18 - The One With The Lottery
Friends 9x19 - The One With Rachels Dream
Friends 9x20 - The One With The Soap Opera Party
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Friends 9x23-24 - The One In Barbados 1 2)
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