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Subtitles for Gate Keeper ep2.

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Gate Keeper ep2

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Another one joins the enemy
You seem very happy
Aren't you feeling happy?
Without question
the more powerful the enemy is the better I feel
Another one joins them
Let's go Ah, okay
Miss Isuzu, wait
Every time I think that crimes exist everywhere
I don't remember who has said
Don't be angry with things that are meaningless
Don't mind things that are meaningless
The greatest man in the world
is the one who always keep calm
Every time I think about this...
''Go Go''
I don't know where the sound comes from
but, that's just the sound...
voiceing out from my heart
Flap the wings in darkness
and fly into the girl's little heart
The moon boat slowly calls
with tears falling down
drop by drop
Spring is ahead Summer
Time flowing away
will never stop
So the sadness won't last forever
Gate Keepers 21
Episode II ''Rush About''
Headquarters report
Speeding cars are rushing towards
the coast line
Recently, many traffic accidents had happened
It's annoying, what's wrong with the world?
a motorcycle?
It's near
the motorcycle, please leave the lane
What's the matter? Well... well
I don't know either
What's that?
Gate of Dazzlement
Say no more about that, we're nearing
We can't catch up
Hey what?
Leap up take a leap over there way, it's impossible
What have you done during the last two months
Idiot, Stupid, Blunt
Gate Open
That's a pity
She is not qualified, right?
She is only good at running away
That's good
Just like me
You.. too I know
That's good
Don't mess up here
It doesn't matter all this will be sold out
All the relative business?
Did I lose before?
No, you're right
How dare it cut off my connection
Evil is everywhere
Surrounded by evil
your body and mind have changed
I'll make the final trail
You won't escape... binary carbon element
Just like the element of the night
The Gate of Darkness
I see...
You can't win over me!
The future... forcefully pull the future in
This is the gate of unbeatability
Gatekeeper of Darkness
What's wrong with you Rubbish
Retreat retreat
We don't have enough time left
You and her always get together recently
Can you explain to me?
Ayane Isuzu of Class B
She looks down on everyone
Yeah yeah
Well, but...
Miyu, why are you with her?
That's because...
Smiling with a suspected look
that's how you get along with people?
She is really weird
Don't talk about her, do you know...
You mean that thing?
Yes, Hsina and her classmates also saw it
inside the Science classroom
Ah... I'm afraid of that me too
How about you, Miyu? You believe there are aliens
but don't think there are ghosts, right?
Ah? What? What?
The bay fighting June 7 at 13:00
May I help you?
Miss Isuzu?
May I help you?
Well, this are optical glasses, right?
Mind your own business just go home
So, he is at home...
Therefore if I wanna catch him...
May I help you?
No! You'll hinder me
Just like yesterday
I'll regain my reputation
You can enjoy yourself
before the target shows up
Well you can enjoy with a man or other interesting things
Don't you love to play around?
Hey, don't touch me
It is said there are ghosts
That... that's it
This way, I guess
Don't trace it
What if that is an invader
Well... Ah!
What's the matter?
My classmates told me
someone saw the ghost in the science classroom
Well, let's get inside
What... let's not go inside, Ayane
Well, you can wait for me here
Well, I don't wanna stay here
I think on one would be scared
by this thing
What's that?
Is that a weasel?
This is...
What's wrong? It moves
Don't touch me No!?
You... I'm sorry...
But what's going on then?
I guess... Ah?
Miss... Isuzu
Why is there a place like this below the school?
A long time ago, before we were born
Under the Junshin High School
a branch of the Earth Defense Agency
the Far East Branch(FE) of AEGIS
These are the remains
A long time ago... before we born?
This is...
Ah! Miss Isuzu
Snake... a snake monster
Miss Ayane, a snake...
Stupid What?
You are really annoying
Ah, that's when I was going to take that picture
Why? Without reason
I just wanna tear it off
It appears... the ghost
Miss Isuzu, don't Miss Isuzu
Miss Isuzu, wait for me
What's that poor car?
It's a UB1
g... ghost... Ghost!
Hisen-neng Road still remains
and our foot prints keep going on
This is a curse, Miss Isuzu
The Leaves Book
Miss Ayane?
She said foot prints...
does she want me to use this?
Ah... it looks great
a gate power amplifier what?
Also called... Gate Engine
It's not funny
This is? strange electric wave...
We must leave now, otherwise...
Go, don't take that car
It'll be late
Well, since we are here let's borrow it
No, we can't
No... no!
To regain my reputation
we must do it
are you sure? Can you drive this?
I don't know how to drive a car
Let's go
Miss Isuzu hurry up
You really wanna regain your reputation?
Of course
Put on the seat belt
Now UB1 is ready to go
Switch the power
What's the sound?
Emergency Shooting channel is rising
UB1 will produce great power
All students take refuge right now
It's the voice of the past
Good luck
Ihara, what are you doing
Sorry, I'm sorry
Oh... It's a big earthquake
Are you scared?
32 is also a very good car
But it's a ten year old sports car
Eh, what's the matter?
Here comes a super speeding car
Is that car...
the latest model?
Miss Isuzu, turn right
It's okay, this way Ah?
Aqual line?
This is the beginning
The enemy appears in this place
The place where gathers all elements together
I only know one place...
It comes out
The... enemy
We are rushing out
We'll make it with this car
Under such circumstance well?
You said you must do this to regain your reputation, but why?
I have made up my mind
to let everyone live happily
to get rid of unpleasant things in the world
Besides I am curious about everything
It's dark here
There are reactions
Then this is where you find it?
What? What? What?!
All of these?
Where are the others?
They are infected
Welcome to our new world
Welcome second generation Gatekeepers
Miss Ayane?
No. S 34G, General Machine
No one called me that name for a long time
Miss Ayane, cellphone attack...
Can you make it?
If invaders fill up this place
the total number will be up to thousands
It's impossible
Hmph, you are here to trace us
but now you are surrounded by us
Now you can't get out of here
I'll execute you in a flash
Miss Isuzu
I won't let you execute me
You wanna let everyone live happily
that's only a childish dream
So... So?
Bear me on your back and leap with full power
Don't you wanna regain your reputation?
Eh, I see
Gate Open
Hmph, you can't get rid of me even if you are above there
Nothing has changed
It's a pity why?
There is a button at the end of UB1
Switch on the remote control operation
Gate Engine, start off
Miss Isuzu, it's great
I have told you about it
I hate that car
It's impossible Impossible
I am a genius of machine
but I am destroyed by a machine
That's a match to fight machine with machine
I got it
You.. are the one who ruins my face...
I am so sorry
I am too agitated
I didn't know we would fall into the sea
It's quiet
but feels a little lonesome
I feel better now what?
Oh, I have a question yeah
Is this the real alien?
Invaders are infectious
Originally, invaders are inorganic
But now they have changed
Those who are self-centered and immoral
are the targets to invaders
Well, that is...
Human beings
General Machine disappears
Just like I guessed
From now on they'll disappear one by one
I'm excited about that
I only need your smile
Every time I get frustrated
you always look at me with a bright smile
My breaking down heart
needs support
The birds flying in the blue sky
take away my sorrow
Now comes the hope
My heart is filled with hope
It's time to open the gate of the future
Now comes the courage
At last it shows up
So the heart of hope and courage faces every difficulty with a smile
That's for the light of future... My Heart
From then on these two are just like
two parallel lines
Time flies in sweltering summer days
The girl's destinies are ordained?
Gate Keepers 21 Episode III ''Late Summer''
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