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Gaz Bar Blues CD1

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- Let him go!
- It's the cops.
- It's OK.
- Stay in your cars! - Move!
- Get out of the way. - Shut up!
- Move!
- I'll take care of them. Stand up straight.
- Take me instead! - No! Not a chance!
- Coming out! No tricks!
Let me through or I'll kill him!
I'll blow his brains out!
- Having a gun to your head does hurt.
But when it fires, I'll stop shaking.
Death will prevail over Parkinson's.
I'm the man at the end of the barrel.
François Brochu. People call me Boss;
I own the gas station.
But, in fact, I'm a slave to my business.
After my wife died, I kept my family together here.
My children aren't happy here.
I should've admitted long before the hold-up things were a mess.
The hold-up is just the beginning of the end.
(gun shooting)
- It doesn't balance.
- How short were we before? - $42.20.
- Now we're short $46.
Skip it. I'll make it up. Forget it.
- Do you have any in your jacket?
- I'm tired, Réjean. I'm gonna watch some TV.
(Ioud music)
- Listen to that slide. Listen closely.
Fred Bellow on drums.
Not fancy, but dead on.
The guy was great.
- Are you up, Guy?
Are you up?
- Oh, please...
- Are you up?
Guy, time to get up!
- Say something, Guy.
- Guy, are you up?
Are you up?
- Yes!
Yes, I'm up!
- Are you up, Guy?
Are you up, Guy?
Are you up, Guy?
Are you up, Guy?
- Guy, for chrissake!
- Are you up, Guy?
Are you up, Guy?
Sleep well?
- Hey, kazoo! - It's a harmonica.
- What difference does it make, you poor misguided kid?
Your sister's waiting.
- Hi. - Hi.
- How much?
- Ten dollars worth. - Ten...
- Lunch for Dad and Alain.
- When will you visit us? - I drop by. You're never home.
When do you ever visit me?
- Still got the kiddie car?
- Hi, Mr Savard. Want a ride?
- Not on your life.
Damn foreign bugs you can't even crash.
Wouldn't get in, even with a gun to my head.
- Less polluting than your boat.
- You believe that? Damn, you're naive!
They just say that to screw us over.
Like when they switched to liters.
Baffling. You had to convert to gallons.
They dropped the imperial system just to confuse us.
They don't give a shit about pollution!
You Brochu kids may be educated, but you have no common sense.
- You'll change my oil? - Never in a million years!
- I brought what you asked.
- Show me.
- Spark plugs, oil filter,
and your fee.
- Goddamn French! Who else would put the spare in the engine?
No room left to work.
- Can I help you? - No! Go get 3 pints of oil.
- Excuse me, Mr Michaud. - No problem.
- How're you? - Mighty fine.
- Bye. - Bye.
- You guys piss in the sink?
- Sometimes.
- Gross! - Was the hot water running?
- Yes. - Then it's fine.
- Ok. Super hygienic.
(service bell ringing)
- I'll get this!
- Fill 'er up. - OK.
- See you. I'll be late. I'm playing in town.
- Don't wear yourself out.
- No. (service bell ringing)
(engine not starting)
- Do you think you could stop doing that?
- It's automatic.
- Sure, but you can't spend your life pitching imaginary balls.
- It's dead.
- You know what I think about your cars.
- Claude, please.
- You know the scrap yard number by heart!
- It's Guy at the gas station. How much is my Chevy worth?
You're charging me?
- Let him come. I'll cover it. I don't want it here.
- Can you come now? - I'll be back.
- Fill it.
Bad time for a smoke.
- I don't smoke.
- Ah, OK, OK...
- Damn it...
What do you think?
- Just about needs it. I'd put one in.
- No, too much oil strains the gaskets. Next time.
- The suspension's finished! Look, I'll show you. You'll see!
- I puttied everything. - Look underneath.
Shocks pinned with wire, gas tank leaking.
- Hi...
- Is the boss in a good mood? - Yeah.
- And you? - Not bad.
(250,000 hit the streets in Prague.)
- So?
- He doesn't know wrecking from revving-
- I'd like to take your picture. - I'm not photogenic.
- Portraits. We want dupes! - You'll get 'em, don't worry.
- I really hate picture-taking. - It'll be worth it.
Okay, sit still.
- Hold on!
We want in too. - He's taking pictures?
- Hurry up!
- OK, Mr Patry, move to the left.
- Can you see me?
- Nelson, I'm over here!
Hold still!
(clicking twice)
- That jerk's late.
- You buy that monthly?
I checked it out.
A babe. A kid throwing rocks at soldiers.
Another babe. A madman in an asylum.
A naked girl! A Biafran with a hard stomach. They're waffling!
Why don't you just get Playboy?
- I don't buy it forthe nudies. - Yeah, right!
Hypocrite. It's porn for people who wanna look smart.
- There he is!
(cantine bell ringing)
- Whatcha got today? - Same as always. Whatcha want?
Pay up! - I ain't paying, thief.
- Yourtreat, then. - I ain't paying for him!
- Ham sandwich and a coffee.
- Broke my leg yesterday. I'm a bum horse.
- Hey, you crazy kid, don't start!
- Gimme a quarter.
I want a cigar! - You nut. Work for it.
- You, gimme a quarter. - Haven't got one.
- Yes, in your hand. - No, only 25c. No quarters.
Ask him! He's got lots.
- Just one! - That's enough, Dan. Here.
- Thank you!
- Dan! Look at the girl!
- Jesus! Big tits. Tits...
- Christ almighty. Enough!
Come on. Dan, stop fondling yourself and get your cigars!
- Thanks.
- How much? - $125.
The stereo's worth more than the car.
- Who is it?
- Like it?
- It's Andy Just.
- Man, this guy can cook.
So, you're Guy's brother?
- He wants to be friends? - Our new bass player.
- Hope he's faster on bass.
- There's gas here, hold it back. - OK.
- Charge the gas and 4 pints of oil.
- No partying. You start at 6:00.
- I'll be there.
- I don't wanna be stuck here.
- Trust me, Réjean. Bye. - See you.
- Hello.
I'd like to know if the Delta Blues Band's playing tonight...
Yes? May I speak to the harmonica player, please?
Having fun, Guy? Know what time it is?
What a liar. "Trust me, Réjean!"
Sure. You knew you were playing...
No, don't go on stage. Get over here right now...
Guy, don't hang up. Guy!
Motherfucker. I'll ram your harmonicas down yourthroat.
- What took you so long? - Sorry.
How much? - Five bucks worth.
- You're on the wrong side. - I know.
- Wanna turn off the engine?
- No.
You're Réjean, eh?
Fucking ugly name!
Don't put yourtool away before you squeeze out the last drop.
- That's five bucks. - Put it on my tab.
- You have no tab here, only debts. For credit, you ask beforehand.
- The boss gives me credit. - Well, I don't.
- Don't screw with me. I'll pay later. - No.
- Shithead, what if I leave? - I'll call the cops on you.
- You're an idiot!
- "XDE119." Come on, do me a favour and split.
- Put it on my tab.
- You wanted $5, you got it. Pay up.
- You wanna fight? - Let's go, come on.
- Coyote, he wants it. - Get back in the car!
- Easy, Coyote. The boss.
- You making trouble? - No, just talking.
How're you, Boss? - Fine.
- Your son won't give me credit.
- Your bills are piling up.
- I've never ripped you off.
- But when things mount up, you avoid coming here.
- I'll come the moment I get my check. Promise.
Come on! I'll pay Tuesday.
- How much? - Just 5 bucks.
- Two-faced prick.
- I'm good with your dad.
- Get out of here.
- Don't start up with them. - We were talking.
- I'm not blind. I came just in time.
- The joke's on us! You know damn well he won't pay Tuesday.
Everyone does it.
Flush, they go elsewhere. Broke, they get credit here.
And we let them. What're they saying?
"No money? Champlain gives credit."
- I couldn't care less what people say and think.
I've been here 15 years.
I should know how to handle these bums, don't you think?
Where's Guy?
- Oh, yeah. He asked me to fill in for him.
(Harmonica playing Beethoven's Ninth)
- Two Craven A. I'm getting 2 strippers in Charlevoix.
I'll need cigarettes.
Always got that harmonica stuck to your face.
- I'm practising.
- Play that thing again.
Come on!
(Beethoven's Ninth)
Not exactly bar music.
- No, but it's nice.
Beethoven's Ninth. - Yeah. CBC style.
Listen, you and your brother don't fit in here.
You're too bright.
- Is that a compliment?
- Well... the way I see it, if you bought a decent car,
I'd give you a strip-bar run. You'd be good.
You got brains. - How hard can it be,
driving girls home afterwork?
- It's all psychological with them.
- Thanks a lot, but I'll pass.
- You're missing out. It pays, and there are perks.
You think they dance straight? Christ! They're coked up!
I'm their supplier. Nice sideline. Smart, eh?
- Really wise. - You musicians indulge too
before you play. - That's a myth.
- Don't play straight with me.
You can tell me you take drugs.
Look at this. I'm with it, too.
- Want some? - No.
- If you know anyone buying, I'll give you a cut.
So, like I said,
you want fight tickets,
call me! Gotta go!
Hi, Gaston! - Hello.
Got a light?
- Hey, Mr Savard!
- If you ever get mixed up with Boivin,
I'll break your arm. - OK, OK!
- I'm not kidding. I don't want you dealing with crooks.
- Fine.
- Chrissake.
You've enough trouble here, you'd be a lousy crook.
- He grabbed the guy's gun and hit him with it. Gruesome.
- Good thing he did.
- Then Réjean tried to pull off the guy's hood. He ran off crazy. - Someone from around here.
- Why're we still doing paperwork?
He must be nearby. Go get him. - Sure, he's around.
Lots of thieves around here. - What do you guys do?
It's our 3rd one this month! - We'll patrol more.
- Your son was great, Boss!
The guy came in armed.
He said, "Gimme the cash!" Réjean swung the mop at him.
His pillowcase slipped. He couldn't see out of the holes.
Réjean grabbed the gun and they fought.
- Talk to your son.
That was foolish.
It's loaded and cocked.
- Thanks, g'night.
Take care of the customers. - OK, Boss.
- What in God's name were you thinking?
- Don't yell at me.
- I'm not. I just want to understand.
You had how much?
How much?
- I dunno, $80, $100. - You'd risk your life forthat?
I've always been clear.
They say, "Hold-up". You hand overthe money.
You give it to them!
I'm insured forthis. - Oh, yes...
Last time, you didn't claim. You paid to keep your premiums.
- My call. - Christ. Everybody's robbing us.
You're supporting this place. - What did you say?
- Cripes. - No.
- I said "cripes", not "Christ".
- You know they're edgy and high.
They can shoot by accident. You're way smarterthan that!
- I'm sick of being laughed at.
I won't let anyone bother you.
You wanna rob my dad, you have to get past me first.
It's about respect.
- You're tired. You're talking nonsense.
We were never violent at home.
You could've died.
- I don't care.
- You're furious inside. It's scary.
Did I do something to make you this sad? You seem unhappy.
- No, I just want it to stop.
- What?
- Everything.
- What do you mean?
- Nothing.
- I love you, Réjean. I want you safe. OK?
- Who is it?
- Depardon. San Clemente Asylum.
- Cheerful. - Just like here.
- You went for his pillowcase?
He had a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun?
The guy's nuts. He's held me up twice.
Was that your first or second?
- What do you care?
- You're being a jerk.
- Since when do you care about us?
- You're calling me callous? - If the shoe fits...
- What did I do to make you hate me?
- Unreliable people piss me off.
- Right. You're Mr Perfect and I'm fuck-all?
- I was fine before you came. Now leave me alone.
I know why you're here.
It's all over your face.
You want me to cover for you again tonight? I won't do it.
- Christ! If I could get out of it, I wouldn't ask.
I'm stuck!
- As usual. I always cover for you.
You think I'm a loser with no life, eh?
Just a gas-pumping moron. Well, I got news for you.
I'm sick of it too. Except I'm not selfish enough to skip out.
- Alright. Fine.
Blow off. And don't ask for any favours.
- Do me a favour, start at 6:00.
- Employee of the Month gets his picture here.
- Man, this bill's full of holes!
How about a new one?
Try mothballs in your pockets.
Bye, Réjean. - Bye, Johnny.
(TV): East Berlin border guards gave up.
The crowd knew the government had opened the gates.
They had to let these festive people pass through to the West.
Things are changing.
It's unpredictable.
People have again forced reform on a Communist regime.
The situation's changing fast. East Germany's on the move.
Raymond St-Pierre
at Checkpoint Charlie. - Opening the wall is the end
of a symbol of Europe's division...
- I make enough tips tonight, I'll fly there tomorrow.
- They're nuts! - Not much different from here.
(service bell ringing)
- Wash some windshields if you wanna go.
- Gimme $3.50's worth.
- You're telling me this now?
- I didn't decide when the wall would fall.
- Why would you wallow in misery abroad?
- It's an historic event. I just want to photograph it.
I'll be back in 2 months.
Look... Nathalie will do her share.
Hire Pete! - He can hardly count to 10!
I like running my place with my sons, that's all.
- What about us?
- Anyway, why bother discussing it?
Your mind's made up.
- So...
Wish me bon voyage?
- Yes, of course.
Bon voyage...
Not asleep? - Not yet.
- Think you might be ready to open by yourself tomorrow?
- I've done it with you for 3 years. I know how.
- Get some sleep. You start alone tomorrow.
- OK.
- Good night. - You too.
(making noise with the handle)
- I told you boys not to feed her.
Now don't put the money in wads. Organize it like I showed you.
Two's together, 5's with 5's.
The queen, same side, right side up.
Try not to do that in front of the customers.
Never keep money on you. Try to put it in the safe.
- I'm gonna be late. - I'll be there at noon.
Don't run around the pumps!
- Réjean went to Berlin.
- Let's have a smoke. It'll kill 10 minutes.
- I don't smoke.
- Oh, that's true!
Around me, you don't have to hide in the can to smoke.
- Why would I? I don't smoke.
- You lie like your brothers. I don't care if you smoke.
Have one. I won't tell your dad.
You want one or not? Haven't got all day.
Jesus Christ! I knew it!
You smoke, you little brat!
You wanna pollute your lungs, buy your own.
I just knew it!
- You won't tell my dad?
- Maybe.
- Boss not here?
- Why? - He said come at 10:00.
Go get me a coffee. Want one, Gaston?
- Sure. - What's with you?
- What?
- I gotta coverthe pumps. I can't run your errands.
- I'll be damned! Excuse me, Mr Gas Attendant!
- Do Guy and Réjean get you coffee?
Same goes for me now.
- It's OK, I'll coverthe pumps. Get one for your dad too.
- Everything go well?
- Kinda quiet. - Was he late, Gaston?
- Not really. Let's hope he don't slack off like his brother.
- Chrissake! Look at this! The sleeves are way too long.
- Just roll them up.
- He's moody today.
- You do the pumps.
You're in a bad mood. - You know why.
- Come on, Al.
- You don't trust me. - Yes I do, son!
You know you're a super helper.
- "Helper". Meaning I'll never get my own shift.
- Yes, but you're only 14!
It's too tough around here.
- I don't get it. I thought you wanted only your sons at work.
It's my turn.
- That's why you're here. - That's different!
I'm always with you!
- I need your hands.
I can't do without you.
- I could do it alone.
- I know that.
You keep opening up alone, and I'll meet you at 10:00.
How's that?
- You asked Mr Savard to watch me.
- Don't act like a child.
- Fill 'er up, and wash the windows.
- How much?
- Twenty-five.
- Can't say I'm a cheap tipper. - No, Mr Boivin.
- The front end was submerged, he and the beer in back.
I threw the chain, and towed it out.
Won't chew coke Won't chew...
You count fast, but you'll never balance.
I wanna chew coke
- Go rehearse outside.
- I wanna chew coke
- God, you're stupid! "Wanna chew coke" doesn't mean a thing.
You know you're spewing garble? - So, what is it?
- I'm all shook up.
- I'm what?
- "All shook up" are the words. - Meaning?
- All shaken or something.
- All shaken.
Shaken up. - That's right.
- Elvis, shaken up? Blow off. That's not it.
What do you know about Elvis? - I'm a musician. I know.
Know what? He neverwrote one song.
- In my books, you're just a yob wheezing into a mouth harp.
You ain't no Elvis.
(blow out)
- We need a sign saying the pressure's too high.
- Why? Most people here can't read orwrite.
- We could put a drawing. - Of a faulty compressor?
- I'm no expert but I can read.
- He reads, he writes, but neverworks.
- Hold on. I delivered coffee.
- You must be tired! Sit down.
(TV): The bridge between West Berlin and Potsdam has been reopened.
A sign of the winds of change...
(service bell ringing) - I'll go, Guy.
- Hi, Boss!
$5 of regular.
- Can you turn it off?
- Well...
No. Battery's weak. It's hard to start.
- Sure, it's not easy without keys. - Come on.
Evening, Nathalie. - Hi, Jocelyn.
- Nice, eh?
- Is that yours?
- Why do you ask? I just got it. - Recently. There's no plates.
- You never believe me.
So, I'll be back. Gotta go right now.
- Whoa! My car! - Sorry, Mr Savard.
(dogs barking)
- You're dozing!
It's not funny,
fatigue. I'm lucky. Even when I sleep, I don't get tired.
- What was that?
- I don't get tired in my sleep.
You ignoramuses!
Some people get tired sleeping.
- Joe, you can't be tired.
You neverworked. - Not true.
- Yes, it's true. Don't lie. You were born two blocks away.
You've never left the area.
Or had a job. The other day, he asks me for a ride home.
Fine. But in the car,
I say I'm taking him on a delivery
out of town. Oh, boy! You should've seen it.
Joe starts breathing heavy and fumbling with the door handle.
At the first red light, he jumps out, yelling,
"Gotta go to the corner store. See you later."
Right? You were terrified to leave.
- You were driving so fast, I was afraid of crashing.
- You're a real Joe Know-it-all.
All talk, no experience.
When you get your licence, come and show me how you drive.
One thing you never talk about is women.
- You bigmouth.
- We all know you're not interested in females.
You prefer your paper.
- Sure, sure.
- Bet you've never screwed.
No answer. It's true.
You've only seen nudes on paper. We never saw you with a woman.
In 40 years, has he ever had a girl?
- Fine, now knock it off.
- You're a virgin.
You ever kissed, at least?
- Would you shut yourtrap?
- Let him answer! Usually, he has lots to say, but now...
I can't hear him.
Enough of the 5-finger solo:
You need to find a woman who doesn't know you. You're scared.
- Go to hell.
- That's enough.
Get out, until you settle down.
- Jesus, Boss. I was just having fun.
- I don't find you funny.
As forthe swearing,
that's out. If you can't talk properly in front of the kids,
don't come back. OK?
- I got a delivery to do.
- Thank you.
Alain, get Joe. We got a letter from Réjean.
"Hi, everyone. As promised, you're seeing my photos first.
Alain, bring them home."
(Réjean): I've been here just one eventful week.
Apage of history is turning.
Berliners watch the wall in disbelief.
The whole city's partying.
I'm glad I'm here.
I went to the opening
of the Brandenburg gate. There were people
from everywhere.
I got a girlfriend,
She works in a bar.
I live with her now. You're jealous and so you should be.
She teaches me German.
We go forwalks.
I meet her friends.
One lends me his darkroom.
They party hard. Tough on the wallet.
I'll be shooting "pickauers",
the people pick-axing the wall for pieces.
The last photo's for you, Joe. It's my corner, in a district
called Kreuzberg.
See you soon, Réjean.
- You crazy jalopy freak.
- Fifty-five bucks. It's a good deal.
- You'll kill yourself. It's trashed.
- I'm sure you can fix the worst.
- Sure. Why didn't you show it to me first?
- That's what I'm doing!
- Too late! You got screwed. Take it to the scrap yard.
- You never learn. - The last one was worse.
- Whatever. I gotta go to the can.
- I'm serious. Don't drive this. It's too dangerous.
- It's not that bad. The brakes still work, tires are good.
- You bought me some work? - Exactly.
- Get me two pints of transmission oil.
Now, that's a car.
- Not even "towable".
- Hand him $30 forthe seats, and he'll break even.
- The rest is junk.
- Come on!
- He's inside looking at us, laughing. Damn kids.
- A little harder.
- It's the wrong angle.
- The hanger bends.
- You gotta jerk it.
- You seem to be an authority...
- Move. I'll break in.
- That's my kid!
- It's OK. I'll do it.
- It's been half an hour. - Go get some chips.
- I wanna try too. - Some othertime.
- I'll give it a try.
- He plays with steering... - Pass the chips.
- Ketchup OK? - Fine.
Baby? Baby...
Here, bright eyes.
What do I have here?
The button!
Yes, yes!
Pull the button. Yes, sweetie, yes.
(everybody): Yes!
Come here. Good baby.
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Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001
Godzilla against mechagodzilla
Gohatto 1999
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Gold Rush
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Golden Voyage Of Sinbad The
Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone with the Wind 1939
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Good Boy 2003
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Goya - Carlos Saura 1999
Goyokin - The gold of the Shogun 1969
Gozu (23976fps)
Graduation Day
Gran Vida La - (Living It Up) 2000
Grand Restaurant Le 1966
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Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD2
Grapes of Death The
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Grudge The
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Guest House Paradiso
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