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Subtitles for Goalkeeper The (2000).

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Goalkeeper The (2000)

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Subtitulos y Modificaciones por SubdissidenTeam|
-Good evening.|-I.D.
Forteza?|Ramiro Forteza?
Yes, sir.
What's up, EmiIio?
This is unbeIievabIe.
Are you Forteza, the goaIie?|From ReaI Madrid?
-Yes, sir.|-Forteza, the King of the PenaIty!
Look, Iook.|Forteza, Forteza,
Forteza, Ciriaco,|Quincoces, Quesada...
Quesada, Reguiro, VaIIe...
Eugenio HiIario, Lazcano,|Samitier, and Leoncín.
-Very good, sir.|-What brings you here?
Give me a smoke.
Go on.
-Do the bets pay the rent?|-I get by.
Like the rest of us.
Don't you know who this is?
What wouId you know?
It's Forteza,|the King of the PenaIty!
From ReaI Madrid.|You shouId have seen him.
-He was the best, number one.|-It's no big deaI.
He's even modest.|You see?
Learn from the stars, kid.
I'd chat aII night,
but it's not safe here.
We've had probIems|with the rebeIs.
Go on, get in.
Be carefuI, Forteza.
We'II have a drink tomorrow|in town. You can teII us stories.
Go ahead.
It won't start?
Try again, we'II push it.
Forteza. Who'd have thought?
Give this to the owner|of ''The Limp Rabbit''
and he'II give you|a free dinner.
Take it.
And don't order the soup.
A IittIe advice. It's awfuI.
I was given this for you.
Sit down.
I don't want soup.
Try it, you'II see.|It's good today.
ShaII I prepare your room?
I'm not staying.|I have a tent.
I wouIdn't advise it|around here.
-Where's the doctor?|-In the stabIe.
Indigestion, hypochondria,
imagined pregnancy...
-What's wrong, ManueIa?|-Nardo.
My mother asks if it's serious.
The donkey's IoneIy.|She needs maIe company.
Thank you.
He's Iost too much bIood.
But he drank mine.
-Now what, Doctor?|-Now...
Disinfectant and discretion.
Don't bother.|I know the way.
What are you doing?
-I have to Ieave before dawn.|-No way.
You're not Ieaving|untiI I say!
-They need me.|-They need you aIive.
And so do I.
Wait untiI things caIm down.
Then you can go back|to the mountains.
Just Iike your mother!
And you, your father!
If you need me, knock twice.
I'II come back Iater.
Try to get some rest.
Tito! Tito!
Tito!|You frightened me!
You'II catch pneumonia.|What were you doing?
-Moon-bathing to get white.|-You're so strange!
I Iove you for who you are.|Be happy you're different.
-Why was Daddy bIack?|-Because he came from far away.
-Why?|-To bring you to Iife.
Why didn't he stay with us?
Look, Tito.
War, Iike the tides,|brings things and takes them away.
Put out the fire,|Nardo's not coming back.
Times are too hard|to throw money away.
-Is it reguIation?|-Yes.
Did you set aII this up?
So, you were a big-name goaIie...
Yes, before the war.
Forgive me, but I don't know|much about soccer.
What are your intentions here?
Same as everywhere.|Exhibitions.
I take bets. PeopIe try to score|on me. If they score, they win.
I'II be at the beach Iater.
I'd Iike to try.
Go ahead, Father.|You won't score on me.
If you heIp me cIean the vestry,
I'II announce your show|after mass.
AII right.
Very pretty.
Very soft.
-You have great hands.|-Thanks.
WeII? How wiII it Iook on me?
It Iooks great.
I'II wear it to the party|at the barracks.
-What do I owe you?|-You decide.
Thank you.
You don't want a coffee?
Tito's waiting for me.
Did you know I speak French?|Don't teII anyone.
You see this book?
The doctor gave it to me for|when I go to Paris. Sit down.
It's by a poet named|''LIamarmé''.
What do you think?
I don't understand it,|but the doctor says
that even the birds are drunk|and we must fIee.
I have to go.
Stay a IittIe whiIe.
It's just that,|I'm so IoneIy
and at times...|It's the mind, you know.
I think of things|I don't want to.
Don't you?
AII the time.|I suffocate myseIf.
Can I ask you a question?
They say bIack men have...|forgive me,
Iarger than normaI.
You'd know about that.
-Where are you going?|-To get Tito.
Wait, there's something|I want you to see.
They say he's not in France.
They say he's been seen.
If you saw him or knew something,|you shouId teII me.
I promise it'd be between us.
I'm teIIing you just in case.
WiII you be at|the dance tomorrow?
You'd better go.
Because I want you to.
I'II see.
Wait, wait.|I have something for Tito.
I don't Iike to be touched.
Don't do it again.
That was the third.|I remember very weII.
A Iefty tried to fooI me|by shooting right, but I stopped it
-with my foot.|-With which foot?
My Ieft foot.
The fourth was high and I had|to bIock it with my fist.
-With which fist?|-My right fist.
The fifth came so hard|it aImost broke my rib-cage.
My right rib-cage.
I kept it out with|a Iong stretch.
-Hey, who are you?|-Tito.
-He's bIack.|-And I'm missing a tooth.
I can see that.
WeII, whoever wants to try
can come to the beach Iater.
Three shots, 6 pesetas.
And a prize of 1 0 pesetas|if you score a goaI.
How did you stop this one?
So, you want to know how|I stopped that diaboIicaI shot.
Just remembering|makes me quiver.
-I'd prefer not to say.|-TeII us.
AII right, I'II teII you.
Ortuño shot.
When God kicked the moon to put it|in orbit around the earth,
it was nothing compared to what|that animaI did to the baII.
Ortuño was a beast.
He broke stride and shot.
I didn't even see it coming.
I onIy reaIized I'd bIocked it|when I woke up in the infirmiry.
That brute had broken|three of my fingers!
That's when they started caIIing me|''The King of the PenaIty''.
I'd stiII bIock|three more in a row.
Up to nine!
Here you have them,|with photos and dates.
Okay, kid.|Where are you from?
From here.
Sorry if he's a bother.
On the contrary.|I'm very gratefuI.
Anyway, I'II gather my things.
Hey, your number...
The number.|It's coming off.
I couId sew it back on for you.
I'II need it before five.
It'II be ready.
WeII, in that case...
There you go.
Where do I pick it up?
-I'II bring it to you.|-I didn't want...
At 4:30, in the tavern.
At five at the beach is fine.
We'II be there.|Right, Tito?
-Amen.|-PIease be seated.
Before we concIude...
At the beach at 5:00, a famous|goaIkeeper is performing.
Cash prizes wiII be given|to anyone who scores a goaI.
I hope none of you|wiII disappoint me.
-Are you going?|-Of course.
You shouId have warned me!
I toId you about the vestry.|But I can't bury him aIone.
What about a gravedigger?
He was the gravedigger. No one|wiII heIp, they say it's bad Iuck.
You can count me out.
I remind you we made a pact.
To cIean up the vestry,|not to bury a body.
-Have you got a better idea?|-It's not my thing.
I've kept my part|and you can't back out.
-You're not afraid...|-Afraid, no. Just respectfuI.
Then do it out of respect!
He was a good person,|just a IittIe obnoxious.
WeII, he's an unbearabIe stiff.
What's wrong?
Nothing. It's nothing,|just a IittIe stiff.
-Does it bother you when you pIay?|-Not if I warm up.
Like your conscience.|It aIways hurts Iater.
By the way,
-when did you Iast confess?|-You teII me!
A man who buries another|must be free of sin.
Right, then go find someone eIse.|I'm of no use to you.
Of no use?
I absoIve you of your sins
in the name of the Father,|the Son,
and the HoIy Spirit. Amen.
Let's get to work!
Once you've seen one sin,|you've seen them aII.
We even bore God!
CIumsiness of the fIesh,|Iust for someone eIse's wife,
envy and stinginess...
Or did you kiII someone?
Not even in war!
In war it was your duty.
I got pIeurisy in the trenches.
God, in his infinite wisdom,
-saved your Iife.|-I aImost got kiIIed.
Don't bIaspheme.
God onIy kiIIs those|who deserve to die.
Excuse me, Father.
-Do you beIieve in God?|-Don't get me started.
Don't get me started.
Do you beIieve in your parents?
I didn't meet them.
Not meeting them is no reason|not to beIieve in them.
It's the same with God.
You never forget Him,
of aII the parents in the worId,|He's number one.
Give it to him.
Very good.
I washed it.
-But it's stiII a IittIe damp.|-It's fine.
Thank you.
HoId my cap.
That's it.
Here we go.
Forteza, I'm the first.|Ready?
-Ready.|-Then Iet's get started.
You're staying, right?
We're staying, right?
Come on, Father Constantine!|You can do it!
Of course I can!
-Is he hurt?|-No, he isn't.
-You aII right, Father?|-It's nothing.
-Get back in position.|-Another try?
Of course!|I paid, didn't I?
CarefuI, Father.
He'II break his Ieg!
Like heII I wiII!|You'II see!
You Iet it go in!
-You Iet it go in!|-I swear I didn't.
-Don't swear!|-It was unstoppabIe!
-I swear!|-Perjury!
You can do it!
You're the greatest!
Jacinto, Jacinto!
Cheater! Impostor!
-Let's go.|-Why?
-I said Iet's go.|-Why?
That's enough for today.
Party's over, come on.
-Everyone go home.|-What's wrong, Sergeant?
I have aII the permits.
We wouIdn't want you
to injure yourseIf.
I have pIans for you,|Forteza.
Big pIans.
Drop by the barracks Iater.
-I'II teII you about it.|-What's going on?
Nothing bad in the eyes|of the Church.
-What's wrong?|-Hurry up.
Nardo's waiting.
-So you shoot penaIty shots.|-No, ma'am. I bIock them.
-Too bad.|-Someone has to.
She doesn't understand soccer.
This is Forteza,|the great champion.
Lisardo, the mayor|and coach of our team.
-How are you?|-Fine.
-What do you think of the idea?|-What idea?
Father, give Forteza some cider.
It's a great idea.|I thought of it.
I propose a great|penaIty chaIIenge.
Two teams: one from the town,|the other from the barracks.
You'II be the goaIie,|naturaIIy.
Five shots per team and a pooI|of 200 pesetas put up by
both contenders.
Winner takes aII.|What do you think?
I'm not up for a chaIIenge.|Too many injuries.
I onIy do exhibitions.
Exhibitions! My friend,|I saw you at the beach.
You're in great shape,|Iike the good oId days!
No excuses.
This wiII strengthen ties between|the peopIe and the miIitary.
Another chance to serve|your country, Forteza!
Yeah, but...
For how much?|This is my IiveIihood.
NaturaIIy, naturaIIy.
It's aII pIanned.
The faction, or better said,|the team that wins wiII give you,
Iet's say, 1 5 percent.
Or even 20.
Let's taIk about 25.
-Or 50, in case of a tie.|-No, there won't be a tie.
There wiII be a victor.
Okay, and 1 0 percent up front.
As a deposit for equipment.
Go on, Lisardo.
Watch it, kid!
-Go on, count.|-And 1 0 percent for the Church.
But the Church isn't pIaying.
The Church wiII arbitrate.|That wiII guarantee impartiaIity.
Forteza, I want the doctor|to see your arm.
This Forteza is no patriot.
Look, López.
Any pIayer on ReaI Madrid,
despite his pay, is a patriot.|You got that?
Enjoying the party?
Very much.
-Is the dance tonight?|-Tomorrow.
-Are you going?|-I don't know yet.
-WeII, bye.|-Bye.
This is cured by rest|and onIy rest.
Don't use it at aII and|in 1 5 days it'II be fine.
The match is the day|after tomorrow.
Then he's your patient,|pray for him.
If I couId work miracIes,|I'd start with my ankIe.
AII right.
MiracIes start with|the individuaI.
What if a baId doctor|treated hair growth?
A IittIe respect.|OnIy God makes miracIes.
TeII him to do a better job.
He gives poor sight to the bIind
and he gives the parapIegic|a Iimp.
-His miracIes are haIf-way.|-He's drunk.
-Bonjour.|-I see your French is better.
If onIy my husband Iet me speak|foreign Ianguages...
Bonjour, madame.|Comment-aIIez vous?
Bien. Et vous?
-The strap's kiIIing me.|-It's tight?
-Kind of.|-Then Ioosen it.
Not in front of|aII these peopIe.
Come by in the morning|and I'II Ioosen you up.
López, Mrs. Benita died.|I hope it wasn't serious.
Sergeant, they caught|this one spying.
-What was he spying?|-He was watching us with this.
-Isn't he bIind?|-Can't see a thing.
Then he's just a suspect.
Take him away. Make him taIk.|Give him two bottIes of cider.
Yes, sir.|Come on, Iet's go.
We Iost Gabino and Onofre.
They received orders|from TouIouse to withdraw
and they think you're dead.
Is that aII?
They said there's a penaIty chaIIenge|between the guards and the town.
-What do we do?|-We can't turn back.
Tito wouId Iike you to come by|tomorrow morning.
PIease don't forget to bring|your baII. Thank you.
Lord of toads and snakes
and other smaII animaIs,
Iet whoever eats this soup|take me away from here.
-They never Iook you in the eye.|-Why?
They're more afraid than you.
They can miss, you can't.
To score a penaIty is normaI.|To bIock one, extraordinary.
Look at this.
If you Iean to one side,
he'II think|you're tricking him.
He starts to doubt, and he|won't know which way to shoot.
So don't forget.
On a penaIty shot,|it's better not to think.
Let him do the thinking.
-Dive right before he shoots.|-Okay.
-Got it?|-Got it.
Let's see.
Are you ready?
Here it comes.
Very good, very good!
The coffee's ready.
-What a bIock!|-Very good, honey.
Tito wiII be a great goaIkeeper.
My son's very happy you came.
He's your son?
Yes. My mom's very happy, too.|And you?
I am, too.|Who taught you to pIay?
-You did.|-That's right.
I wanted you to come because some|boys are giving Tito a hard time.
They caII me monkey.
Me, too. I've been caIIed|so many things. Pay no attention.
I want to be a goaIie|Iike you.
-How Iong are you staying?|-UntiI Monday.
My chicken said
to teII you not to Ieave.
Sergeant Andrade wants me|to pIay in Sunday's tournament.
The guards versus the town.
WiII you do it?
Do I have a choice?
Tito wants to have a picnic|in the country.
Are you busy Iater?
A picnic in the country.
-Soup again?|-This one's speciaI.
Bon appetit.
-Thank you. Can I heIp you?|-We're the ones
who are going to shoot|on behaIf of the town.
Join me if you Iike.
Did you reaIIy bIock 9 in a row?
In different matches.
Counting the ones that missed|or hit the post.
Oh, right.
Of course.
We want to beat the guards.
Your chances are good.|Yesterday I bareIy stopped you.
-But you did.|-NaturaIIy.
You chose the wrong spot.
But I shot both sides.
Then try the same pIace again.
You'II just bIock it again.
Shoot Iow instead of high.
-WiII you bIock it?|-Of course.
It's easier to faII than fIy.
If you shoot Iow,|you can onIy miss three ways.
Either you miss, hit the post,|or get bIocked.
But if you shoot high,
same thing.
So what do we do?
Try the middIe.
AII goaIies dive|before the shot.
We're not stupid.
We'II decide what we do.
Sure, but it'II be easy|for me to guess.
You'II end up doing what|I'd do in your pIace.
Right. We're Ieaving.
Oviedo wants to sign me.
More responsibiIity.|You better not miss.
Come on, Iet's go.
Did you Iike it?
-You didn't notice anything?|-No.
Something... hotter.
Finish it, you'II see.
It's a beautifuI afternoon.
Come on, get in.
You teII me.|Which way do we go?
Looks Iike we're going|on a fieId trip.
We were Iooking for you.
This is Orozco.|He'II pIay with CorporaI López.
Sergeant Andrade says|to give us the baII.
-Can I know what for?|-I guess he wants to examine it.
Examine it yourseIves.|It's reguIation.
TeII Sergeant Andrade|I have no probIem
-using any baII he wants.|-We don't have any officiaI baIIs.
Give me the baII, Tito.
Take it.
-But this is ridicuIous.|-You think?
The secret isn't the baII.
The secret is the man.
-Soccer is guts, refIexes, aim...|-We have pIenty of that.
The CiviI Guard never faiIs.
Then good Iuck|and see you tomorrow.
Thank you.
Forgive me.|We had to get him out.
He toId me not to say anything
Who is he?
Nardo's my brother.
Good, now it's coming Iow|on your right. Here goes.
Good, that's it.|Throw me the baII.
I'II get it here.
Now it's coming high.|CIear it with your fist.
Ready? Let's go.
Go on, get up there.
Come on, Tito.|That's enough.
Go for a waIk|but don't go far.
AIways keep warm, that's it.
He'd pIay aII day.
It's normaI.
Thank you for heIping|my brother.
It wasn't for him.
I know what you're thinking.
You're the first person who|hasn't asked about Tito's father.
I'm gratefuI.
But you must be reaIIy curious.
Aren't you?
I Iike you both and|I don't need to know more.
You're Iying.
You don't have to teII me.
I aIso have things|I prefer not to teII.
-Are you married?|-I was.
And you?
I thought you didn't care.
WeII, I do.
Who wouId marry a woman|with a bIack kid?
Some think I'm worse|than a whore.
I don't.
What do you know?
They say I sIept with|a bIack man and Iiked it.
Why not?
I'd do it 1 ,000 times|in order to have Tito.
But it wasn't just one.
It was many and they were drunk.
Don't touch me.
I don't know.
Since that day...
It's as if aII men|kind of repuIse me.
Do I?
Not if you don't touch me.
I don't want Tito|to ever know the truth.
I don't know why I toId you.
Because you trust me.
This is horribIe.|I can't stay here any Ionger.
Go to the doctor's before sunset.
Get the papers he forged|so Tito and I
can go to France.
How wiII you do it aIone?
Like I aIways have.
I'II see you tomorrow.
Tonight I have to go to the dance|so they won't suspect.
If you go to the dance,|so wiII I.
They can't see us together.
Do it for me.
Take the doctor a bitten appIe
so he'II know I sent you.
One moment!
-Who is it?|-Forteza.
I'm coming.
Forteza, my friend.|Come in.
I suppose it's about the arm.
This appIe is green.
Take off your coat.|Sit down.
-Doctor, I came about the...|-Sit down, sit down.
Where did you get that thing?
I saved its Iife|in the Amazon.
It dove in the water,|thinking it was a duck.
Was it this arm?
I regret saving it.
I have a snake, too. FaithfuI|and siIent. He can keep a secret.
TeII ManueIa tomorrow,|after the penaIties.
Tendinitis takes time.
I might go with her.
Hurting your arm isn't the same|as Iosing your head.
I have my papers|and a truck.
You won't get far.
I know a therapist in Santander.
He has a boat.
A nice riverboat
that can handIe the Seine,
up river, towards Paris.
ReIax, reIax.
The city of art
and Iiberty,|where your tendinitis
won't keep you from|rubbing eIbows with Picasso
and ApoIIinaire|and other ceIebrities
that I met in my day...
ReIax, reIax.
...and who owe me
inconfessabIe favours for...
Do you know each other?
Forteza, the great goaIkeeper.|Mrs. Andrade is my patient.
We've aIready met.
Nice day, isn't it?
Don't teII my husband|I was here.
He hates foreign tongues,
especiaIIy French.
You didn't see me, either.
He's so jeaIous!
He onIy dances the tango.
-You came.|-Yes, I did.
So did I.
López! Orozco.
Take him home.|It's Iate.
Tomorrow's participants|have to go to bed earIy.
But you can do as you wish.
-In that case, good night.|-Good night.
Are you two invoIved?
What do you think?
I had no choice. He thinks I'm easy|because I sIept with a bIack man.
Everyone does.
Do you?
Did the doctor give you|the papers?
He gave me a massage|and ate the appIe.
I'm not joking.
Tomorrow, after the penaIties|at the beach.
I thought I might go with you.
Who are you Iooking for?
Andrade ordered me|to foIIow you.
WeII, I'm not here.|Neither is she.
PeopIe who smoke are reIiabIe.
So coIIaborate.|It's better for everyone.
What were you saying?|You Iook Iike best friends.
They want me to Iet them win.
-I'd hate you if you did.|-I won't.
They'II be furious if they Iose.|I'm afraid for you.
I'II Ieave with Tito|when I have the papers.
But first I want to see|the town win.
Without cheating.
I'm sure you'II be fine.
They're smuggIers.|They take cows to Santander.
The guards are in on it.|They never come here.
This is my father's grave.
They shot him after the war.
-Got a match?|-No.
Our baggage.
I've had it ready for days,|so we couId Ieave quickIy.
How wiII you get to France?
With the cows, to Santander,|on foot.
Then by boat.
I'II take you.
-Why?|-Because I have a truck.
You're doing it for Tito?
And for you.
For me?
I don't know.
I don't beIieve you.
I know.
We'II Ieave tomorrow,|after the match.
No matter who wins.
No cheating.
Now kiss me.
Cigarettes, roIIing papers,
eIegant combs,
scented soap,
coIogne and pocket knives|for every need...
Come on, Tito.
EmiIio, count the money.
AII there, sir.
López, no guns!|They couId go off.
Orozco, for God's sake,|take that off.
The pride of the Corps|is in your hands.
You mean in his feet.
At your service, Sergeant.
UrsuIa, pIease.
Some candy, Tito?
He doesn't Iike it.
Five shots per team.|If there's a tie, we continue.
The first goaI wins.|Jacinto, why are you
barefoot?|Put on some shoes.
-My boots are smaII.|-Fine.
If you get hurt,|your teammate goes on aIone.
What if Forteza gets hurt?
If it's serious,|the match wiII be postponed.
The resuIt stands|no matter what.
-Heads or taiIs?|-Heads.
-TaiIs.|-Of course.
We're off to a good start.
Forteza, take position.|May the best man win.
What is it?
-Where's the baII?|-Didn't you have it?
He took it.
What for?
-To paint it.|-To paint it?
Who wouId think of|such nonsense?
Sergeant Andrade.
BugIer. Procede.
-Look, not the fIag again!|-Here we are.
-Sergeant...|-What is it?
It's wet.
It Iooks Iike bIood.
López Iooks so handsome.
He Iooks martiaI.
Forteza's a fortress.
Let's shoot him.
ReIax, reIax.
UrsuIa, behave yourseIf.
Come on, Jacinto.
Low, strong, and right.
Shut up, he can hear.
No doubts!
Come on, Largo!|Break your foot!
He broke his foot.
-It's broken.|-One Iess.
Stay stiII.
Stay stiII.
Who wouId pIay barefoot?
Come on, Orozco.|Let's kiII them!
-He's good!|-Yeah, but we'II never score.
It's Pepin's turn. He'II score.
Come on, Pepin, Iet's go.
-One Iess.|-It's up to you, Pepin.
Come on, Pepin!
-What's up?|-Pepin's going to shoot.
I wouIdn't miss it!
-Come on, Forteza!|-Here goes Pepin.
That's Pepin.
Bravo, Forteza!
We'II stop whenever you want.
Get ready, baIIbIocker.
We've got them now.
This one's for you, Sergeant.
For the Corps, López.
Nice body.
He got Iucky.
Then get Iucky and score.
Go, Pepin!
Do it for your mother!
Come on, Orozco.
-Between us, how is Forteza?|-Much better.
You heard him, Orozco.
Why don't you give him medicine,|too?
He's on duty, for God's sake!|Lisardo, give me that.
-How do you get this off?|-It's boat-paint, Sergeant.
It Iooks Iike pig's bIood!
You're 20 years younger.|Shoot for his nuts.
-What if I shoot softIy?|-I'II kiII you.
Sergeant Andrade wants you.
-What is this interruption?|-Orders.
TeII him on the fieId|the referee is in charge.
-The arm?|-The hip.
-Can he continue?|-I don't know.
It's fine to make the peopIe happy,|but the Guard must not be defeated.
It wouId be nice if|your pupiI missed.
Shoot soft. If you score|I'II castrate you.
Come on!
We've ruined this kid's career.
Don't compIain, Lisardo.|Don't compIain.
TeII ManueIa I have the papers.
For your mother, Pepin!
López, stand down.
How dare you come here!
I have a right to pIay.|This is my town.
-That's true.|-Yes, but no.
We've come to win.
BIock it.
Nardo, stay caIm.
-If you Ieave, no one wiII shoot.|-I'II shoot for the town.
-If you shoot, we'II aII get shot.|-Andrade, arrest them.
Sergeant, he might as weII shoot.
Go ahead, Iet him shoot.
-But my goaI was good!|-I'II decide that.
WeII, Father?
It's good.
How exciting!|I Iove soccer.
-Now what?|-Nardo's going to shoot.
I don't see any shootout.
Come on, Nardo!
Get back!
He Iet him score!
I don't agree.
Due to injury to the goaIie,|the resuIt is a tie.
No way!|There has to be a winner!
-Victory or death!|-Unity and fight!
-He can't go on.|-If not they'II fight.
-Don't you see he can't go on?|-ManueIa, go away.
-He can't go on.|-PIease.
Nardo, shut them up.
Go ahead, López.
It's Nardo's turn. Whatever happens,|everyone wiII keep caIm.
And I said everyone.|AII right?
-In that case, go ahead.|-Let him shoot.
But I'II shoot Iast.
Come on, Nardo.
Up with Spain!
It's over! It's a tie.
-No ties. It's my turn.|-What about me?
I'II shoot.
Beat it, you drunk!
Move, you IittIe darkie!
-I'm going with them.|-UrsuIa!
Move!|Don't make me shoot!
They're running away!
FoIIow me!
Let's get them!
Stop! It's a trap!
Where's he going?
They'II kiII him!
Quiros, come back!
Here comes the Guard!
Get them!
They're Ieaving!
Forteza, your cut.
Thank you, Father.
Are you aII right?
-Better than ever.|-Me, too.
Besides, we're rich!
Go on, Tito.|Open it.
Two pesetas!
-Two pesetas?|-Two pesetas.
Damn priest!
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