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God Of Cookery The

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Sir, you're born with fairy bones,|your eyes show holy light.
You're a fairy descended on Earth,|I've found you at last.
Don't go away.
Though I'm revealing Heaven's secret|and will suffer,
it's just my destiny.
Even if it is more risky,
I have to tell your whole fortune.
An Assorted Noodle, please.
Since the noodle hasn't been rinsed in|cold water, so it tastes alkaline.
and the Fish Balls are tasteless too.
You cook them as Curry Fish Ball
in order to cover this drawback.
But it's naive for you to do all this.
As the woking time was not long enough.
the curry favour only stays outside,
the soup washes the taste away.
The Curry Fish Ball|now becomes tasteless,
neither fish nor curry.
What's a failure!
You haven't selected the turnip,|too much fibre, failure.
The pig skin are overcooked, failure.
The pig blood is too soft,|a failure too.
This pig colon is the worst.
It's not properly washed,|you can find shit inside, how come?
Hey, shit!
Hey, shit, hey.
Hey, shit.
Just rub it away.
How about I promote that:
we can find shit in your food?
Nothing special.
This is Assorted Noodle!
You give me?
You'd better give me $30|for me to see a doctor.
Please respect me,|at least I'm ''God of Cookery''
''God of Cookery''?
''God of Cookery''.
You're born with fairy bones,|your eyes show holy light.
You're a fairy descended on Earth,|I've found you at last.
I'm pretty famous in this district,
you needn't say, Bitch.
Hey, I'm only making a living,|you needn't hurt me by saying so.
Competition of Supreme Chef of HK|is now starting.
Let's have the honour of ourjudge|tonight, ''God of Cookery''.
''God of Cookery''|will taste our first entry.
''King's Fired Rice'' prepared by|Tai Long from Lung Fung Restaurant.
Good, you manage to steam the rice|stuffed inside a shrimp...
...and seasoned by First Class|abalone juice, then fry with bird nest.
At first glance,|this is common fried rice.
but in fact,|it shows highest techniques,
you deserve being|called the ''King of Frying''.
However, they vaporised water|made the rice too soft.
You've ignored the most|basic technique offrying rice.
You must use over-night rice|for frying rice, ''the King of Frying''.
Your rank: zero!
The next entry is ''Multi-fish''
cooked by Lau Sam of Kam Kong Restaurant.
The ingredients include somei,|garoupa and three other fish,
then reshape as a whole fish,
one side to be steamed|and other to be deep-fried.
Each kind offish receives two favours,
and altogether with|ten different favours.
This fish is really...'s like being radiated,|I just want to vomit.
Ask me to eat? Your rank:|zero, go home and review yourself.
I...|You're too dummy.
Not dummy, you've made extra fish.'ve made extra fish.
The next entry is ''Golden Robe''
by Chan Tung of Royal Restaurant.
This vegetarian dish
shows the cutting techniques.
How long did you spend|in carving the bean curd?
One whole day.
But you know it's become pungent,
can't you smell that?
Yes, I do.
But this dish mainly|shows my fast carring skills.
Please show us your left hand.
and now your middle finger.
You've cut your finger, Fast Chopper.
Now the remaining entry|is ''Secret Roast Goose''
by Yeung Chun Tin|of Five Rams Restaurant.
It's seems he'll surely|get the championship title.
It's already cold,|your rank: zero, Finish.
Hold it.
Since it's called ''Secret Roast Goose'',|there must be some secret.
In fact, we only eat|the paddy bird inside.
Those paddy birds have absorbed
the favour ofthe goose,|and be keeping warm.
It's perfect to eat them now.
I've taken every details into account.
''God of Cookery'',|you have nothing to complain now?
Great! The Supreme Cook|of HK is born now.
Hold it.
His rank is still zero.
No way.
It's too ugly.
Impossible, I've specially|selected the paddy birds.
They're all pretty and tasty.
I don't mean the paddy birds,|I mean you.
I'm ugly?
What has it got to do|with my appearance?
Sure, how can I have appetite
when I see you appearance?
Therefore I dare not look at you.
But it's not a fault being ugly.
Sure, being a chef,
you must be considerate for the guests.
Even female stars in porn movies must|get plastic surgery on their busts.
Though you have potential,|you need a surgery on you face first.
Please open his hands.
I never expected ''God of Cookery''|is so demanding.
Then how can we make|a totally perfect dish?
When talking about cooking,|we count on one word...
This Rainbow with Flowers|is my dessert for you tonight
...and the word is: heart.
Right, we must rely on our heart|to make the perfect dish.
Very delicious.
He's proud, but humble|at the same time.
He tries not to be famous,|but is admired by everybody.
He's made good use offire,|the gift to human from God.
He can make the super dishes,|real art offire.
Is he a fairy from heavens?
Or is he satin from hell?
No one will know.
But one thing is sure,|everyone addresses him as:
''God of Cookery''
You only need to mention|I'm fairy from heavens.
Why say I'm Satin from hell?|Is hell related with me?
I wound like to add|a little bit mystery to you.
You meant to?|Have you considered me?
A Little Bit mystery? Damn you!
A darkened screen with a spotlight on you
such that you look like a ghost.
Do you think this|is not mystery enough?
I'm not shooing horrible movies, man.
But the Director wants that.
Hire an assassin to kill that Director
and then you.
With such a rubbish Director,
and such a lousy MC as you.
You both conspire to play me a fool.
Are you playing me a fool?
Sorry, I guarantee to write|the script properly next time.
Rubbish, you are useless guy.|I'll go and amend it at once.
Remember, you're no more than rubbish,
roll back home instantly.
My dear fellows.
You've all done a hard job.
We should|It's our duty...
Mr. Tai.|We all understand that,''God of Cookery''.
It's my pleasure...Mr. Lau, thanks...
I learn a lot from you.
I should do this
You've made extra fish, you...
How long have you practised?|Extra fish.
Just tell us if you need any help.
Sure I will...
Thanks for your commission.
You know you've taken my commission?
You know you've take my money, right?
Then you shouldn't shout|that out loudly there.
I'm so absorbed that I've announced it.
Mr. Yeung, shouting|doesn't mean good acting.
You did shout that ''very Delicious''
ironically and pejoratively.
Even a blind knows you're only acting.
I was sucking with your acrylic|and dioxide solution.
Of course the acrylic|and dioxide solution,
otherwise I couldn't write that out.
You should know this stuff well.
This is really hard chore, this stuff.|Sure this is.
You're to take up this hard chore|how dare you challenge me?
You think you're really capable?
If you're capable,
you'll be standing in my position|right now, you are so foolish.
If you get on my nerves,
I'll kick you down there.
I'll hang up your dead body|in Statue Square...
Suck these cigarettes ends|and say ''Very Delicious''
Say, until I ask you to stop.
Boss...Sorry to bother you,|we would like to leave now.
Good..., sorry to bother you, Thanks.
Your share has risen,
why didn't you inform me?
Has it?
I really don't know, I swear,|I don't know that myself.
Let's talk business first,
I have a new product.|I want to make use of your fame.
I'll see if we can co-operate.
''Instant Cup Noodle''.
There are 53 kinds of|instant Cup Noodle in the market,
with a annual sale figure|of $1.3 billion,
cup noodle get a share of 33%.
Very keen competition indeed.
Good packaging.
My nephew in charge of it,|he admires you much.
Richard, greet Mr. Stephen.
Mr. Stephen.
Richard, you must have|got higher level education.
Har...Harvard University of US...A
Har...Harvard University of US...A
and Cam...Cambridge University.
Cam...Cambridge University.
Double master degrees.
Let me explain|the design ofthis product.
What do you want to do?
Why do you come here?
Go on speaking there,|you are not to stand here.
Where's you homeland?
Chiu Chow.
Dame you, (Chiu Chow Style)|do you know any basic manner?
You said you have Master degree?|Is bastard degree, more appropriate?
Why are you going that side?
He called you a bastard, do you hear?
OK, don't scare the youngster.
If I don't teach him, who will?
Keep calm, don't tremble.
Be good, smile.
The Fish Balls seem a bit lousy.
They not elastic at all.
Why must they be elastic inside|the stomach? It's not Ping-Pong game.
Why not for Ping-Pong game?
So they're pretty elastic after all.
Come on, drink it, ass-hole.
You can come any time|if you have interest,
I'll try my best to help you.
I'll do whatever I can to help you.
Good brother|Buddy.
Really good buddies?
You must help me.
I count on you, let's cheers.
I've got good bargain beef,|call this number if you want it.
But why don't you|give me benefits on abalone?
Excuse me, give way...
Sorry to bother you.
I'm Bull Tong,
graduate of Chinese Cookery Academy.
I can cook delicious dishes.
Right, good cooks always|result being as beggars.
You've hired so many rubbish, no way.
Don't you know him?|Isn't he your staff?
Fat Bull, which department|you come from?
I am just a passing by.
I do admire you, ''God of Cookery''.
I just wonder
if you would give me a chance.
Maybe you can hire me as an assistant.
Damn you!
Security.|What do you want?
Catch him?|I didn't say that.
You really want to follow me?
Yes, you can ask me|to do whatever you like.
Go for a hard excretion|in front of the lift now.
This fatty is hard-working.
Contact Amy on 41st floor,|tomorrow at 9.
Are you serious?
I like that.
Doing whatever|you like proves your power.
I must thank you.
What are you doing?
What's going on?
Boss is dining here, so I've delivered|him a bottle of red wine.
He's losing his temper right now.
What wine did you deliver?
He wants one of '82.
This is of '82.
I deliver him of '83.
Go take this for him at once.
You go.
Boss, this bottle is of '82.
Are you hungry?
Sit down and eat something.
How come?
I'm indeed a kind man,|I don have sympathy.
You can never guess what I'll do next,|go on eating.
How come this now?
Let me tell you,
you can never guess|what I'll do next, just keep eating.
Once is enough,|you can't fool me a second time.
I won't let you guess
I want to fool you again, no way.
Yes, I'm really nut.
I really can't figure|what you're going to do next.
I've told you a second time already.
If you can guess,
I won't be called ''God of Cookery''.
''God of Cookery'' is great.
Of course, I'll surely win.
''God of Cookery'' is great.
Get some narrow tables|and small chairs,
so that customers|can't sit comfortably,
and they'll leave|as soon as possible after eating.
Get the thickest straws|and biggest ice-cubes.
Then they can finish the drink fast|and buy another ones.
Are you new-comer?|Don't you need me to teach you?
Not flexible at all, ass-hole.
Mr. Chow, the ceremony may begin now.
Good, let's begin.
Are you ready?...
Making big money.
Thanks, please serve yourselves|for the snack.
Your branch opens in opposite to|my cafe again,
you respect me so much!
Don't I friendly enough?
Mr. Chow, congratulations...
Mr. Chow.|Thanks...drink more.
A fan will present you with flowers,|then you get on stage...
Who's so clever as to get a fan|to present flowers?
We didn't hire her,|she's really your fan.
Girl student, nice and gentle,|she's been waiting for you so long.
Has she?
What a coincidence!
What a coincidence!
Hey, what a coincidence!
Hay...what...what a coincidence!
What a coincidence!
Good bye.
Mr. Chow...
Time to present flowers
Yeah, I know.
Can we start now?|I'm waiting for you.
''God of Cookery''.
Hey! UFO!
Dear guests,
the celebration|for the opening of our 50th branch... starting now.
We're selected the time, we now invite|God of Kitchen into the kitchen.
Since we have some spare time,
we now introduce a new set course to you.
''Deep First Love Gold Silver|Lovers Set Meal''
Even Confucius and Jesus said:|First Love is wonderful.
So we select this topic|by using the top ingredients.
The price for the set meal|is $99.9 only.
A bonus stamp is issued to every meal,|if you collect 5 bonus stamps,
you can redeem
a ''Love Bone pendant''|with the price of $99.9.
As I have blessed for this pendant,
it really helps those young lovers|in their first love.
It's even more efficacious|with the help of philter.
Let's have the honour|for ''God of Cookery''
to demonstrate|how to prepare this course.
Thanks, but please excuse
if I don't make a perfect show.
If you can't make a perfect show,|you won't be called ''God of Cookery''.
First, we must prepare|a pair of piglets in love.
We shall drain their blood|without their notification.
We then make use of|their blood...pig blood
...the romantic blood.
What? You feel pity for your species?
I then deep fry their skin|until they become golden.
This is pig skin.
The true love pig skin.
Just pig skin.
I then get the fish meat
of ''Parisian Baguette''.
I'll place it over|Sentimental Indian Curry.
Curry Fish Balls?
Pig blood, pig skin, fish balls,|is their any turnip?
None of your business!
Go to serve the guests.
Of course we need|some long-live-love Korean turnip
and a pig colon.
We then place it on some raw noodle.
Mix all ingredients together,|and there it is, ''Assorted Noodle''.
You charge $99.9 for this|common noodle? Are you crazy?
But it's not easy to prepare delicious
''Assorted Noodle'' at all.
You know, the simple dish|are hard to prepare.
Just like that.
OK, let me try you|''Assorted Noodle'' now.
The Curry Fish Ball are tasteless,|neither is the curry.
The pig skin are overcooked, failure.
The pig blood is too soft,|a failure too.
You haven't selected the turnip,|too much fibre, failure.
This pig colon is the worst,
you can find shit inside.
Are you mistaken?
Are you performing talk show?
You are so clever|but go back for a rest.
You aren't a conscious businessman.
I pick up this kind of bone|in the rubbish bin every night.
and you sell it at $100?
I cannot cheat customers|like the way you do.
I won't help you do this any more.
What ''God of Cookery'' are you?|You know nothing but cheating customer.
Can you really cook?|Can you chop ingredients?
Take over, I'll leave now.
He is asking you,
answer him before you leave.
You're not qualified to be called|''God of Cookery''.
I won't argue with you here, shut up.
You aren't even unable of selling|''Assorted Noodle'' in the street.
Sorry, you're no longer|a staff of our corporation.
I'll call for police|if you keep bullshit.
Who are you to talk in front of me?|I'm the real ''God of Cookery''.
You're not able to cleaning shoes|for me, bastard.
Want to fool me?
I don't fear, come on...
I can kill your whole family.
You needn't threaten me.
Someone is messing here, no photos.
Dare you take up a chopper
and cook something for us.
You mean I can't cook?
Being chef, you don't even have the|strength of holding a chopper.
Let me teach you
how to prepare|a bowl of delicious ''Assorted Noodle''.
You must have the heart to cook.
I'm the real ''God of Cookery''.
I never know...|I really never know what you do next.
I'm graduate|of Chinese Cookery Academy.
I can cook very well,|I can really cook.
Good cooks always result|being as beggars...
You're great, ''God of Cookery''.
I'm the real ''God of Cookery''.
Mr. Chow, more than|50 customers feel sick
after eating beef at your restaurant.
We suspect you use British beef|to serve guests.
We want you to assise us|in our investigation now.
I've got good bargain beef,|call this number if you want it.
Small chairs and thick straws.
Big ice-cubes and hot French fries.
So that the kids|get thirsty after eating.
You should know this.|Don't you need me to teach you?
This will be bad|to the children's health.
Besides kicking you,
did Stephen Chow|beat you with his fists?
No, he didn't.
It gets on my nerves,|don't force me anymore.
I am a good guy.
Throw him out.
You haven't selected the turnip,|too much fibre, failure.
The pig skin are overcooked, failure!
The pig blood is to soft,|a failure too!
This pig colon is the worst.
It's not property washed,|you can find shit inside, how come.
This is ''Assorted Noodle'',
it's not strange to have shit inside.
$23 dollars
You pay me?
You'd better pay me $30|for me to see a doctor.
Please respect me,|as least I'm ''God of Cookery''.
''God of Cookery''?
''God of Cookery''!
It's true, I'm not joking.
Help me, buddy, even a little bit.
Give me some money, please...
I beg you, please...
Forget it...
Don't hinder us doing business.
How do you feel?
I'm fine...
It's bleeding, shit...
I must really see a doctor this time,|please give me some money?
Want to pay me a fool?|No...
I'm sorry, brother...
I'll fool on if you insist on it.|No...
Let's be friendly to each other.
Buddies, I'm ''God of Cookery'',|please give me face.
Sorry...excuse me...
Beat him! Kick him to death!
Dare you do business here?
Cut his hand off
Beat him!
What is it?
Let me beat him too.
Don't beat anymore...|please...
You needn't beg, move...
Just a blow!|Move...
May be half blow?
Are you hungry?
A little bit.
Want to eat something?
As you like.
This bowl of rice...
is very delicious.
Hey, help us!
Goosehead, I'm only a woman,|Don't you insult me?
I remember Uncle Kwan's assistant
chopped on my head...
...but I managed to chop him back,
and they all call me|''Twin Dagger Turkey''!
I've seen everything since I fooled|in Temple Street when I was 12.
You now take this ass-holes|to ruin my place?
You can't scare me!
Turkey, what do you mean?
If I want to ruin you place,|I'll take more guys with me.
I just want to inform you,
all ''Pissing Shrimp''|will be ours from now on.
Who do you think you are?
I haven't asked you about ''Beef ball''!
As you say, just shit!
OK, we share ''Beef Ball'',|I'll take up ''Pissing Shrimp''!
We needn't talk about rules then.
I'm setting rules with you now,
we make it 40-60% share.
You 40%, we 60%.
No, you think I'm dummy?
What if we make it 10-90%?|I get 90%, and you 10%.
Don't move!
Stand there or I'll chop you, buddy.
Stand properly!
Don't fool!|Stand properly!
OK, we let you have ''Pissing Shrimp'',|can you handle?
If we can't, you mean you can?
Our ''Pissing Shrimp'' are so well-known.
We have perfect proportion of chill|and salt,
we change oil every night too...
We guarantee we use fresh oil.
We have strong stoves,|and the shrimps are so crispy.
But you spoil the favour.
Who is shouting out loudly?
But our boiled ''Pissing Shrimps''|are better.
Shit, go make your shit beef balls!
Since you fail to make tasty Beef balls,|you want to take up ''Pissing Shrimps''.
If you don't make beef balls,|I take over also.
You don't catch the chance we offer you!
mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Who is speaking up again?
Who dare to interrupt me?
Don't just suspect of my guys,
your guys can interrupt too.
My men are well-educated,|they will never interrupt.
Won't they!
Each of you speak out: Shit,|mix the''Pissing Shrimps''and Beef Balls
Did that guy say ''Shit''?
Yes, I have sharp ears.
You say first!|You say first!
Me first: Shit, mix the|''Pissing Shrimps'' and Beef Balls
No, not you.
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Must I speak it while swaying?
As you like.
Shit, mix the...sorry...
Go ahead.
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
What did you say?
Fukien dialect.
Fukien dialect? Go home to eat shit!
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''...
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Shit! Beef Balls...
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
What are you laughing?
Say it.
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Shit mix...
Shit, mix the ''Pissing Shrimps''|and Beef Balls
Say it again.
Say it clearly.
Bastard, it's you.
Shit, how can you recognize me?
Your voice is horrible,|I can recognize easily.
Turkey, he's your guy, what do you say?
Give me the knife.
Your bastard, you keep bullshit.
Which finger you want me to cut off?
The nail, please.
Who dare touch him in my place?
What do you mean?
He's my guy, so I must speak up for him.
You mean you don't|follow the rules, beat it.
What is it?
Don't move!
Sister Turkey, I've thought over...
From now on, all ''Pissing Shrimps''|and ''Beef Balls'' belong to you.
Is it OK?
Sorry to bother you.
It's OK, we're buddies.
It's rare to find|a righteous person like you.
Righteous and honesty... valuable.
I dare to go to hell to fight.
I'm willing to sacrifice for buddies.
I'm willing to die for girls.
Good buddies.
My blood is bleeding for love.
I'm prepared to die.
Who dare to challenge me?
''Pissing Beef Balls''?
Why are they so elastic.
As these beef balls|are empty in the inside.
It's like the theory|of air-sole sports shoes.
May I try?
Very elastic!
Elastic?|Yes, elastic!
We count on her.
''Sister Turkey''|has strong wrist strength.
Only she can make|such perfect beef balls.
The beef must undergo 26,800 times|beating and mixing.
But why is it called|''Pissing Beef Balls''?
Try the whole thing and you'll know.
I've never had this experience before.
The freshness of beef|with the sweetness of shrimps.
This combination
even better than royal dishes.
They're even better than|my first love memory.
Looking at the moon which|reminds me thinking of homeland.
Good poem...
Are you alright?
This is real good stuff!
I've thought of a name:|Explosive Pissing Beef Balls.
We're going to|make big money this time.
Bullshit! You think I am nuts?
It's not so easy to make money.
I buy him! What should we do next?
We should open our first restaurant
and earn our first log of money.
Then I can buy|a new set of karaoke soon?
Turkey, what you just said is a joke?
We should first buy a flat|to earn the rent, ain't I clever?
If up to me, I will open more branches.
We can open two, then four,|then eight branches...
Then we can become public companies|and collect capital.
We can sell shares|and do real estate business, nuts!
We can make a sub-division|in the stock market.
With the dividends,|we needn't work at all.
You're laughing? You know all this?
I don't know but|I find it seems meaningful.
Granny, let me serve you|''Pissing Beef Balls''.
You won't piss on your pants|after eating them.
Very interesting.
They're really free of charge?
One take away.
We've done|the first transaction already.
We're one step closer|of becoming a public company.
Why haven't you gave me the report yet?
Yes, coming.
He's eating.
It's here.
It's free, come in|and eat as much as you can.
Not free! What do you mean...
The hottest issue in town is
''Averse to food'' infecting everyone,
but it's been cured by a so called|''Pissing Beef Balls''.
It's been selling hot|within a short time.
The inventor of|this ''Pissing Beef Balls''
is the man of legend...
Stephen Chow,
the former ''God of Cookery''.
Stephen Chow,
why are your|''Pissing Beef Balls'' so popular?
I think...|it's unfair to ask me this way.
You'd better ask the customers|why they rush to eat it.
Little boy, why do you like eating|''Pissing Beef Balls''?
Since eating ''Pissing Beef Balls'',|I find myself much cleverer,
I've got full marks|in each examination.
Really so helpful?
I've become prettier|and prettier after eating it...
I've grown up a lot since eating it,
I've got back my confidence.
Are you going to get back your fame|since you make a success here?
Get back my fame?
Could you tell us the secret of|success of your ''Pissing Beef Balls''?
It's simple, delicious,|new and interesting.
Interesting? How come?
You're playing Ping-Pong with it?
This stuff deserves trying.
It's tasty and interesting,|I can't help buying one for myself.
How come...
he made a fame with such trivial stuff?
Don't worry, it just a trivial stuff.
He can't make a real success with them.
I just fear he'll come back|for us after he's made a fame.
Everyone in HK knows
beef balls|that can play Ping-Pong.
Will I really piss after eating?
You'll surely have diarrhea|after eating it...
Isn't it miracle?
It's a miracle,|though you've had such a good start,
it's a bit risky to pledge|all your properties,
I find it risky to open|20 branches at the same time.
You find it risky?
What if we first open 2 branches?
Mr. Chow, since you've|made a first success,
you needn't bet all your money|in the next step.
Don't bullshit!|You know nothing about it!
I don't need you|teach me running business.
Mr. Chow, but with your past record...
it's hard for our bank
to lend you a lump sum.
I guess you have no confidence|in our beef balls.
In fact, I've never tried them.
I seldom eat this kind of snack.
Please try some.
Try some!
You really lend him the money?
I'm just doing what you asks me to.
I know what he has in mind,
he wants to open branches.
All his branches will be
in remote places.
He has one in urban area,|but a basement branch.
Hey, do you know feng shui?
You know this word?
See, he'll get inside an impasse!
Lend whatever he wants,|let him dig his own grave!
What? Please repeat!
They've made use of the money|to manufacture cans.
Manufacture cans?
They'll be sold in all 2,800|supermarkets and convenient stores.
I've input all the shops location|into the computer.
Sure win!
I can't predict what he's doing.
Of course, I will surely win!
Excuse me...
Excuse me...please...
Stephen Chow...What is you feeling...
of your being elected|the Genius of Food and Beverage?
I find it like a dream...
It also proves HK|is a place for miracles
If you work hard,|all dreams may come true.
Where've you been? You haven't|contact me for a long time.
I thought you were dead.
I'm really dead!|But you must be convinced!
Why must I be convinced?
You never expected me reborn again?
I'm convinced!
I nearly forget to congratulate on you.
Our shops always get rewards,
but it's rare for your lousy friends|to get such a reward.
What did you say?
It's a wonderful world,|you must be really convinced.
Why must I be convinced?
If I hadn't got this award,
I wouldn't be eligible for Competition|of ''God of Cookery'' next month.
I'm really convinced for this.
I don't mean|to show others I'm capable.
I just want to tell others that
I can get back what I have lost.
Let me say the truth,
Mr. Chow, you're really capable
but you must try to learn|some practical cooking.
Chinese Cookery Academy?
I'll apply in tomorrow morning.
Good! I'm glad to hear that.
I don't care how wicked,
sly you were in the past,
if you improve yourself,|we'll surely give you another chance,
Please don't beat me...
I'm always an honest man, I never lie,
I say all this to wish you well.
My only mistake in my life|is underestimuting you...
Oh...Mr. Chow...
Look at him...
how naive and lovely he is!
Very vivid too!
You're smart at pissing and dumping...
I didn't know you're smart|at eating shit too!
Stop beating!...
Don't move!...
I must kill this bastard!|I want him to die!
OK! Let's kill him!
Don't move!...
It's fixed, it's over.
What do you mean be ''fixed''?
Something is happening,|let me go and find him!
You'd better save that.
You know nothing but fighting,|did I ask you to fight?
You must watch my ideas!|lt's not Temple Street here.
You never improve.
What are you looking?|Want to beat me too?
Never mind her!
We've been staying|in Temple Street for 20 years.
Now we're going to set|into big business and go outside.
Wish our ''Pissing Beef Balls''|succeed more!
Let me congratulate you on...|studying cooking in China tomorrow, that you can get back|your title of ''God of Cookery''.
None of your business!
I was only joking.
Everybody, it's our last night|in this street.
Look carefully,
we'll rush out of Temple Street|tomorrow and challenge the world!
Sister Turkey says she won't leave.
What does she think?
Sister Turkey said|she will not leave her homeland.
Good! She's got to be a good wife.
I know you love her for a long time.
Love you bastard!
Sister Turkey was pretty in before.
So he love her indeed.
Turkey was very pretty in 3 years ago,
but she had her face spoiled|at a quarrel.
Why did she have a quarrel?
No one ever told me,|I just don't know.
I know the incident,|I was the only witness.
Uncle Kwan's men came|to have supper that night.
He tore apart Turkey's ''flag''.
Tore apart her ''flag''?
Who tore my ''flag''?
You ass-hole tore my flag|to clean your running nose?
Damn it! We provide toilet paper here.
Have you asked me?
What did you say?
I like using this to clean my nose.
What can you do to me?
You know who I am? Dare|you talk to me like this?
Stop tearing her flag,|just ruin her place, now!
Act!|Got it!
Dare you fight back?
The chop he gave her|was from hers forehead to nostrils
Here, right at the entrance|of her stall,
he stabbed into her spine...
...and that injured her nerve system,
so she has outpost teeth.
She has to endure her face|all her life now.
That ''flag'' really harms her.
What ''flag''?
It's your ''flag''.
My ''flag''?
The ''flag'' of ''God of Cookery''.
Your posters are really everywhere.
Especially the one|you're holding a small kid.
She says you're full of paternal love.
She's your number one crazy fan.
''God of Cookery''!
I must congratulate you then.
Fat Snow!|What do you mean, Fat Snow?
I'm talking to you.|I've asked you not to tell others.
In fact, she asked me to tell you|if there's such a chance.
Well, you've told him already,|it's nothing to be shameful of.
It gets on my nerves!
You'll go back alone to China tomorrow?
No one accompanies you?|Let me go with you then.
Where are you?
Where? I'm in China.
You needn't rush away,
Turkey is so kind to you.
Don't bullshit, I can't find|Chinese Cookery Academy now.
No, I've asked people about it.
Right...I find everything here,|toilets, temples...
...but just no Chinese Cookery Academy.
No way,
Maddy's sister's|mother's brother's son says there is.
Why don't you come back first?
Come back?|Don't you know I am escaping?
Don't worried,|Turkey is not here right now.
She's disappeared since you went away.
Where did she go?
I catch you at last!
Good! Catch you now!
You let me catch you at last...
What happens? What happens?
I've bought you much daily sundries.
You left so hurriedly,|I couldn't give them to you last time,
so I come all the way for you.
Don't waste all these stuff.
Hey, please do me a favour.
Draw a heart here,|with an arrow passing through it.
Stop fooling around.
Just a souvenir, come on.
Turkey, let me tell you.
I feel sorry as this happened to you.
I am really touching...
But I don't want that, you know?
Sure, of course I know.
Come on, draw it for me, come on.
No problem, drawing a heart|is nothing special.
We're buddies,|let's make things clear first.
I've come all the way here
just to ask you draw me a heart,
but you're losing|your temper for that?
Even if you forget|I've done so much for you,
you must remember|I covered for you and got injured.
I didn't ask you to do|all this for me.
I didn't ask you|to get injured for me either.
What's that got to do with me?
According to your theory, if everyone|comes to get injured for me...
then I'll be running|into great trouble.
Many things are destined|and planned by heavens.
It's useless even if you are injured|20 more times,
you know?
Do you understand?
Hey, do you understand?
How come?
It's rare astronomy phenomena:|Nine stars joining into one.
When this happens, there is always|something strange happening.
Don't worry, he'll disappear forever.
The 28th Competition of ''God of Cookery''
is starting after one minute.
Let's have the honour of ourjudge...
Chairperson of international Gourmet|Society, the 'Princess of Taste'...
Miss Nancy Sit
Half minute to start.
According to the rules,
all late comers will be disqualified.
No excuse is allowed.
All participants,|please get into your position.
I've checked, no one is coming,
the match will start soon.
Bastard, what's a surprise.
Isn't he...
Madam, please go faster.
This is the fastest I can.
No way out.
Just arrive on time.
Amida Buddha.
Who are you?
Dean of Shaolin Monastery,|my name is ''Wet Dream''.
Amida Buddha.
I come and leave with the wind.
Hey, I'm a good friend of Stephen Chow,|please respect me.
I beg you...please.
Security throw, this guy away.
Please close the gate
and prevent anyone|with wet dreams coming in.
OK, the last participant has arrived.
The match start now.
I won't move before|my enemies take action.
I would like to know,|why Stephen Chow looks like this.
Why does he dress in ancient clothing?|Why does all his hair become white?
Is there a wire
so that he can fly over water?
Sir, He's now|an understudy of Shaolin Monastery.
Shaolin Monastery.
Amida Buddha.
I can only tell you,|He's linked with Buddha.
Base on sympathy,|I received him as a understudy.
Don't move!
You have wounded by poisonous throne.
Luckily the poison|hasn't arrived your brain.
otherwise you'd die at once.
I've sucked out 80%|of the poison already.
Let me suck the remaining,
Leave me alone!
I won't force you since you refuse.
You'll be in trouble,|Dean is very narrow-mined.
I hate people talking about me|behind my back.
Me out?
We're choosing ''God of Cookery'',|not clown in a circus.
Besides being a master in cooking,
God of cookery must be smart.
You want to be ''God of Cookery''?...
No way!
Eighteen Brassmen of Shaolin Monastery?
Right! Eighteen Brassmen|of Shaolin Monastery!
You've enraged the Dean,|you want to escape? No way!
Look at you, has your father just died?
Go home and face the mirror, out!
What are you looking at?
Being ''God of Cookery'',|one must have concentration.
All of you keep standing here
when I merely move, shit!
You make me disappointed, out!
lf you keep faulting them out,|there'll be no one left.
I know it!
Since the beginning of the match,
I've found two guys keeping calm,
They are the only|two qualified participants.
Why did you kill people?
You taught me that.
As I like it.
Please reform and believe in Buddha.
Well, I'm making the dish|''Buddha Jumping Wall''.
What a coincidence! I'm making|''Buddha Jumping Wall'' too.
Don't think...
you'll be sure win by|dressing in ancient costume.
l can do that too! Want to become|''God of Cookery''? Till after you die.
Super-style cutting!
Supreme-style chopping!
Good Chopping!
So fast!
Eighteen-style frying!
Dog-beating sauteeing!
Good frying!
Objection! He is copying me!
Did he?
He does exactly what I'm doing!
Does he?
Look! You see now?
But this is a competition.
It's like racing and swimming,
everyone is doing the same thing.
There's nothing to object.
See you how to receive this chopper?
Nothing serious...|it's only the back ofthe chopper...
The back ofthe chopper?|Right.
You've really visited|Chinese Cookery Academy?
Don't pretending,
Chinese Cookery Academy is indeed|the kitchen of Shaolin Monastery.
You're also a dropout|of Shaolin Monastery!
I have studied for ten years,
but you have studied for only|one month, you can't be so smart!
It's depended on talent.
Eighteen Brassmen of Shaolin Monastery!
Damned fool!
OK, the small ''Ten''.
One ''Ten'', right? Pass.
Pass? I know you will pass me.
Man, when can I leave this place?
''Two'', only after the Dean says OK.
When will Dean say that, Man?
That old bag enraged Dean|when he was 13,
so he's been detained here till now.
What does that mean?
You pass ''Five of a Kind''?|Pass.
What does that mean?|You lost double this time.
Eighteen Brassmen of Shaolin Monastery!
Besides I learnt cooking skills|in the kitchen of Shaolin Monastery,
I also learnt supreme Kung Fu|from the eighteen Brassmen.
These eighteen Brassmen are really great.
I don't believe that!
Good ''Flying Skills''!
The secret of ''Flying Skills''
it can make a man as heavy as a seal...
fly up high in the sky,|and make ghosts cry.
Good folding chair!
The secret of ''Folding Chair''
it's hidden in common household.
We can sit on them|and turn them into weapons.
Even police can't charge you of them.
It's ranked top in the seven weapons.
Just beat two more strokes,|only 3 minutes left, watch out for time.
Don't shout!
It's bad!
It's bad? How bad?
We do not allow|''Buddha Jumping Wall'' to explode.
You should have been disqualified.
...but I consider that|you are quite creative.
Two minutes left, make another one.
Only two minutes,|you can only make sasumi,
give up man!
Good ''Internal Skills''!
He uses ''Internal Skills''|to raise the temperature.
So the ''Buddha Jumping Wall'',|which originally takes 49 hours to cook,
...can now be made in 2 minutes.
May I ask what is the most tasty thing|you've even eaten in your life?
You should ask|this question to yourself.
Ask myself?
Who are you talking to?
This is supersonic chatting.
This is...
''Kouyum Skill''?|Wrong!
This is ''Sorrowful Hand''.
''Sorrowful Hand''?
This is a style created by him.
One day, I saw him...
...singing sorrowfully.
Righteous and honesty is valuable.
I dare to go to fight.
I'm willing to sacrifice for buddies.
I'm willing to die for girls...
His hair turned white overnight.
His love is so deep.
What is love? Why is forever?
Finding he is addicting to love,|I forgave him.
I never know|you're such a romantic man.
Lost skill of Shaolin Monastery:|''Fire Fist''!
Time's up! The match is over!
It smells good!
It smells good!|Right!
Yeah, This is...
Super Seaview ''Buddha Jumping Wall''!
Good! Good! Good!...
This ''Buddha Jumping Wall'',|prepared by ''Internal Skills''...
Is so well prepared, not thick|nor thin, and not so unctuous.
The nine ingredients make up|a total of 81 varieties.
The flavours stack up|one layer by one layer.
It deserves to be called:|''Super Seaview Buddha Jumping Wall''!
And this is...
''Sorrowful Rice''.
What's wrong with you?|This is just ordinary BBQ Pork Rice.
With just one extra egg on it,
costs only $22 at most.
Why you call it ''Sorrwful Rice''?
Don't pretend being smart!
Bullshit! I dare say...
no one dare say ''Smart''|in front of me.
Will you please keep quiet!
BBQ Pork, good BBQ Pork!
I've never eaten such good BBQ Pork!
The gravy is kept|inside the meat fibre.
It's so tender and juicy.
They're so soft and bouncy to eat.
With the extra egg made by ''Fire Fist'',
the taste of BBQ Pork is unbelievable.
Why? Why? Why?...
Why do you let me eat such|good bowl of BBQ Pork Rice?
What shall I do if you don't cook it|for me in future?
What is it?
Why tears burst out from my eyes?
I have a sorrowful feeling.
It's onion, I've added onion inside.
Oh! It hits the topic!
So there's onion!
This bowl of rice is really touching.
No wonder lt's called ''Sorrowful Rice''.
It's really so sorrowful!
It's too touching!
If my husband were not so horny
and caught in a trap...
If I were not greedy|and caught while I was cheating.
The worst is...
Greet the Boss.|Boss.
Even my good son has been kicked|and joint the triad now.
These guys are really holding me|by the balls, I...
The ''God of Cookery'' is...
Bull Tong!
Bull Tong is finally ''God of Cookery''!
You've wasted your breath,|you still have to choose me.
There's no ''God of Cookery''.
What? What did you say?
Maybe everyone is ''God of Cookery''|What do you mean?
Don't bullshit, present the prize.
Even parents, brothers, sisters and|lovers, as long as they have hear
What do you mean?
Everyone can become ''God of Cookery''.
He becomes crazy due to lost,|call for ambulance.
''God of Cookery'',|get back to your position.
''God of Cookery'', you used to be fairy|in mastering cooking skills,
but you committed heavens rules,
so you were punished|to descend to Earth.
Today, you finally know|the truth of cooking.
You've shown your love|in the rice you cooked.
Even King of Heavens are impressed.
But you revealed Heavens secret,|you should be punished.
i spare you now|as you did that out of deep love.
Stephen, you've invested a lot!
You even hire faked fairy.
Good! I'll see|what you can do with fairy.
Ask the fairy to help you...
You black mouth dog,|you don't keep guard at the door.
I must resume your original appearance.
You want to try too?
No!...none of my business,|I'm only passing by!
I know no one in here.
I don't know the guys who were shooting!
Bullshit! You're worse than a dog!
Uncle really becomes a dog!
Ridiculous! Nothing happen to me!
This is only illusion!
You never scare me!
Everything is possible,|is it Christmas now?
Sir, you're born with fairy bones,|your eyes show holy light.
You're a fairy descended on Earth,|I've found you at last!
How come there are so many fairies?
Fairies are|everywhere in the street.
Even Santa Claus is a fairy.
Don't Bullshit!
Wait, I can tell you about|your marriage,
show me your palm.
Your marriage is soon coming, soon...
Is it really true? No way?
It's true, it's she who asked us|not present in the match.
As she concerned you|would lost concentration.
No way!
Really, she resisted the bullet|with her gold teeth.
She survives,|doctor gives her new teeth,
and even plastic surgery,|she's become pretty now.
No way!
It's true!
Look, here she comes.
Is it Pretty?
Just say something, is she pretty?
I shouldn't say anything now.
Give it back to you!
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