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Subtitles for Grave Of The Fireflies CD1.

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Grave Of The Fireflies CD1

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September 21, 1945... That was the night I died.
Damn tramps...
Watch it!
Is he dead?
The Americans'll be arriving any day now...
It's disgraceful, having these bums here!
Mama... - !
What day is it?
Another one.
What is this stuff?
Never mind. Just dump it!
This one's a goner, too.
You can see it in their eyes...
HOTARU NO HAKA ~Grave of the Fireflies~
Production Designer/ Original Story SATO RYOICHI Executive Producer NOSAKA AKIYUKI
Layout MAMOSE YOSHIYUKI Character Color YASUDA MICHIO Director of Photography KOYAMA NOBUO Sound Design URAKAMI YASUO
Producer HARA TORU Written & Directed by TAKAHATA ISAO
Air raid! Get to the shelters!
We're in for a big one!
The shelter behind the firehouse should be safest!
It's hot!
Be a good girl... Try to be patient.
I'd better get over to the shelter.
Be careful, and get over there as soon as you can.
Setsuko, be a good girl and mind your brother.
Never mind us! Get to the shelter!
Yes, yes...
Mom, do you have your medicine?
Right here. Don't worry.
I hate the shelter!
Well, you'll be sorry if you get blown up by a bomb! Now get on.
My doll!
Air raid!
Get down!
Long live the Emperor!
We're safe here. Don't worry.
Where's Mama?
In the shelter.
The firehouse shelter can take a hit from a 250 kilo bomb easy.
Don't worry about her.
She'll probably go to Niponmatsu station to find us...
We'll meet her there.
Let's just catch our breath first.
Are you okay, Setsuko?
I lost one of my shoes.
I'll buy you better ones.
I have money.
Open this.
Wow, you're rich.
Black rain, from the bombing...
It's all gone!
Look, that was the civic hall. We ate lunch there, once.
Is our house gone too?
What'll we do?
Dad'll make them pay for this!
Well, it's not like I was the only one who lost his house.
We're all in the same boat.
At least we're still alive.
There were two direct hits. The fires're impossible to put out!
When you try to smother them, it just spreads the oil around.
It's not her... She's not down here!
Seita, I have to pee.
All residents of Ichirizuka and Kaminishi!
Please report to the elementary school for first aid services!
What's wrong?
My eye hurts.
Don't rub it.
We'll get it washed out at the school.
Where's Mama?
She'll be at the school.
Uh-huh. Let's go.
Have you seen your mom?
She's hurt. You'd better go. I'll watch your sister.
Wasn't that scary, Setsuko? Did you cry?
Seita has to go somewhere. Why don't we wait for him?
Seita. I've been looking for you. Are you okay?
My mom...?
This way.
This IS your mother's, isn't it?
In here.
She's finally asleep.
She really should be in a proper hospital.
I think Kaisei hospital in Nishinomiya wasn't hit.
My mother has heart trouble. Can she get her medicine?
I'll ask.
I'll be around if you need me.
You saw her?
It's terrible...
I'm thirsty.
If there's anything I can do, just ask.
Oh, did you get your biscuit ration yet?
I'll get it for you!
Keep this ring in your purse. Don't lose it.
Mom's... hurt. She'll get better, though.
Where is she?
In the hospital. In Nishinomiya.
We'll stay here at the school tonight.
Then tomorrow we'll go to our aunt's place in Nishinomiya.
We'll all be on the second floor. Why don't you stop by later?
Thanks a lot. We will.
See you later, Setsuko.
Want some?
I want to see Mama.
Maybe tomorrow. It's too late now.
Watch me, I'm good at this!
We haven't unbandaged her. You don't want to see the body.
With this heat we're having... She'll have to go on the truck today.
Where's your sister?
In Nishinomiya. We have a distant aunt there.
I think she'll take care of us.
I see. Lucky for you.
I'd better get back to work. Good luck to you.
Where is she?
Is she still sick?
Yeah. Still sick...
Welcome back.
How's your mother? Is she at Kaisei?
Lucky your dad's in the Navy.
You get to have a truck help move you over here!
I've laid out futons and mosquito netting in your room.
Doesn't Mama need her ring?
Did she give it to me?
Just be careful you don't lose it.
When Mom's a little better, I'll take you to see her.
Time for bed. Okay?
Dried bonito... Herring... Dried potato... Eggs...
Pickled plums...
And I do believe this is butter!
You can't get these for ANYTHING nowadays.
Soldiers always get the best at times like these.
Anyway, did you stop by the hospital?
I'd like to tell your mother what's been happening.
And I could take Setsuko along to visit her.
That bad?!
Mom... died while she was still at the school.
What?! She's dead!
Then why didn't you tell me? Why were you hiding it?!
I didn't want Setsuko to know.
Dead... How awful!
You'd best write your father and tell him!
Look! She bought me new shoes!
Good for you, Setsuko.
Hello there!
You poor dears...
Thanks ma'am.
What's that?
Bullfrogs. Nothing to be scared of.
Try to catch it.
Whoops! Squashed it.
Ew! It smells!
You squeezed too hard.
There're millions of them!
Setsuko, close your eyes and say "ah".
Just do it. "Ah..."
Fruit drop!
Fruit drop! Fruit drop!
I almost swallowed it.
We're home.
Where were you?
Did you thank the lady?
Yes ma'am.
That food looked good...
Seita. Shouldn't you be going to school. Or something?
Yeah, but the steelworks they had me working in was bombed.
And my school burned down. There's no place to go.
Well, I hope you've written to your father.
I already sent a letter through the Naval Office.
Just after we came here... About 10 days ago?
That's strange...
There should have been a reply by now.
Return the scissors when you've finished with them, Setsuko.
How's the war effort?
It's starting to look hopeless.
The more factories we lose, the harder the others have to work.
We're getting ready for when they finally invade.
You're right. That's why food's getting so hard to find.
Our soldiers aren't the only ones who are suffering.
You work for our country's defense too, young lady.
You eat up and work as hard as you can!
Not again...
So you've taken in a couple of homeless children?
Poor things... To lose their mother when they're so young.
What's wrong? Ltch?
It's hot. I hate shelters!
Just hang on. Don't worry, I'm here for you.
Wanna go to the beach?
Yeah! Yeah! Let's go!
It's all vegetable fields now.
What're they doing?
Making sea salt.
It's because all the salt and soy sauce is rationed.
Hurry up, Setsuko!
It might be a little cold...
Feels good, right? You won't itch now.
It's a big bathtub!
Come back here!
Grrr, I'm a bear! I'm gonna eat you!
Snip... Snip... Snip...
What's wrong? Is he sleeping?
Don't look at that.
When it gets a little warmer, I'll teach you how to swim.
We'll swim, and that'll make us hungry.
We'll swim, and that'll make us hungry.
Setsuko! Come on!
You're hungry, aren't you? There's food here for you.
Mother! Were you waiting long? It's good to see you again.
Are you all right here?
I'm fine. Don't worry! They're very nice here.
I'm hungry.
Let's get home before we're caught in the raid.
I'm tired... Carry me.
Air raid!
Your mother won't be needing her kimono anymore.
Why don't you trade them for some rice.
I've been trading off my things bit by bit for food.
You can probably get a full toh of rice for them.
That much?
You need your nourishment.
You can't be a soldier if you don't grow up healthy.
A whole toh of rice?
Your mother would be glad you didn't let them just go to waste.
Why don't I take them?
Setsuko. You're awake?
No! No! They're Mama's!
They're Mama's! Don't take them!
Setsuko... Let them go!
Setsuko... Setsuko...
Fine rice, isn't it?
We'll have a proper rice dinner tonight, Setsuko.
Here, this is yours.
White rice, Setsuko!
Here you go.
With my daughter and our lodger working overtime so much...
...l've felt bad not having rice to give them.
It's great, huh? Real white rice!
Yes, yes...
You're just gobbling it down tonight, aren't you Setsuko?
It's good!
What's wrong?
I don't want rice porridge!
Don't we have any more pickled plums?
We finished those off ages ago.
Here's your lunch.
Thanks. I'd better get going.
See you.
Take care.
We'll have rice balls for lunch. Just hold on till then.
Stop that! You'll have it for lunch too!
You think a lazy slug like you deserves...
...the same as people who work for our nation?!
Seita, you're old enough to know everyone has to cooperate.
You keep saying you want rice, but do you earn it?
No, you absolutely do not!
I even give you some rice, and you still complain!
But it's our rice.
Oh, so now I'm cheating you, am I?
How dare you say that! After I take you two in!
Fine! We'll just make our OWN dinners from now on!
Seita, you have other relatives in Tokyo, don't you?
On your mother's side of the family?
Why not write to them? WE could be bombed any day!
Problem is, I don't know their address...
Let's go home.
Uh-huh. Papa's waiting for us.
Frogs are singing, it's time to go home.
Sorry you had to wait so long.
What's wrong?
I'm hungry. And I'm thirsty too.
Here, have a fruit drop.
Mom has 7000 yen in the bank.
7000... That's enough to live on, so don't worry.
I'm telling Dad to write back soon, because you're waiting.
You're in luck.
You can't buy a stove like this easily nowadays.
It's almost impossible to find any hardware to sell.
I'll take that comb, and... Do you have an umbrella?
An umbrella... Oh yes!
It's raining, it's raining.
Big brother's coming home with an umbrella just for me.
Drip-drop, plip-plop. Down the rain comes!
That's got it!
Be careful with that fire.
What are they up to?
They're doing their own cooking.
Good for them! More please.
Mother, did you scold them again?
Yes, but they refuse to apologize.
And that boy even bought a stove. Just to spite me!
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