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Subtitles for Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD2.

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Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD2

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Keep moving, come on.
Kelly, take them down
and lock them up for the night.
You heard the marshal.
Come on, let's get moving!
I don't suppose you want my thanks.
Let's just say my account is paid in full.
And don't take it personal, Marshal.
Mornin', Doc.
Good morning.
Just thought you'd like to know,
there's going to be
one less lawman in the territory.
That's always good news to me.
Iím heading for California,
buying a ranch, taking your good advice--
getting out while there's time.
Smart man.
Laura's coming with me.
We're getting married in a few days.
We'd like you to come to the wedding, Doc,
if it doesn't interfere with your poker.
Iím not good at weddings, only funerals.
Deal me out.
You know, she's a real lady.
I wish you both a lot of happiness.
Ah, you're lucky
to be getting out of this country.
Why don't you try your luck?
So long, Doc.
Take me back, Doc?
Give me another chance.
Please, take me back.
Iíll do anything you say.
I donít care how you treat me.
Doc, Iím sorry for what I done.
Itís not your fault, Kate.
Itís not my fault.
Itís not anybody's fault.
Itís just the way the cards fall.
Never gave you much of a chance, did l?
Well, maybe it could have been different
if I was right to you, but...
It ain't too late, Doc.
Iíll be good to you, I promise.
Itís too late for both of us.
Do something better for yourself
while you've still got the chance.
Don't let me go, Doc.
Don't let me go back there.
Leave me alone,
just... leave me alone.
Iíll see you dead.
Hiya, Wyatt.
You got a letter
from the Attorney General.
What's he got to say?
He says he can get you an appointment as U.S. marshal
anytime you want it.
''Wyatt Earp, United States marshal''--
that's all I need.
These are all dead, Charlie.
Oh, before I forget...
This is yours now.
Iím through as a lawman for good.
Oh, you got a telegram, too.
Read it.
Virgil's my brother.
He's in trouble, he needs me.
Try to understand, Laura.
I understand I was foolish to fall in love.
Oh, if only I could...
Wyatt, when I first met you,
I told you I wouldn't follow you
from town to town, sitting in the darkness,
waiting for someone to bring the news you've been killed;
I won't live that way.
We're not going to start a life together
with a gun in your hand.
I swear to you, Laura,
Iím through after Tombstone.
You'll never be through.
Your reputation will follow you wherever you are.
Laura, he's my brother...
And Iím to be your wife.
Don't ask me to let him down.
Don't let me down.
Iíd give up anything, Iíd go anywhere for you.
Iíll work beside you in the fields.
But you've got to meet me halfway.
I must go to Tombstone.
All right, go, clean up Tombstone.
There's a hundred more Tombstones on the frontier,
all waiting for the great Wyatt Earp.
Go on, clean them all up.
Go on!
I love you, Laura.
I love you, Wyatt.
Ride on... ride on...
To hell... and gone...
Wyatt's heart was sad; he'd give all he had
To stay... stay on...
Wyatt's lady fair, he left her crying there
He broke his vow and rode away to Tombstone.
Good afternoon, Marshal.
Out for a little ride?
About 700-miles-worth: Tombstone.
Tombstone, huh?
I was headin' that way myself.
Understand the climate down there
may be better for my cough.
Since when have you gotten interested
in your health?
Well, it's really a matter of finances;
the deck's gone cold here, nobody'll give me any play.
Mind if I ride along?
Itís a free country, hop on.
Where's your gear?
Boot Hill
On a hill, on a hill
Boot Hill
In the air, there's a chill, there's a chill
So cold
Mighty cold, mighty cold, mighty cold
So still
Mighty still, mighty still, mighty still
Will the Doc and his friend, will both of them end
In the graveyard that's known as Boot Hill?
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Well, thanks for the ride.
Sell my horse, and get a good price.
I know, no knives, no guns, no killing, huh?
Man, that's good.
I just about forgot what a home-cooked meal tastes like.
Betty, Iím going to steal you away from Virgil.
By golly, Wyatt,
you're going to be the only single one left.
I got a family going in Deadwood.
Even little Jimmy here is tying the knot
when he gets back to California.
What do you mean, ''Little Jimmy''?
Iíll be 1 9 next month.
Say, when are you going to get hitched, Wyatt?
There's the signal
for women and children to leave the room.
Come on, Tommy, it's your bedtime now.
Oh, Mom, do I have to?
Yes, you do.
Your uncles will all be here tomorrow.
Good night, Uncle Wyatt.
Good night, Tommy.
Good night, Uncle Morgan.
Good night, son.
Good night, Uncle James.
Good night, Tommy.
Good night, Daddy.
Good night, son.
Itís nice to have you here.
I only wish it were under happier circumstances.
She seems pretty upset.
Well, she's been asking me for a year
to quit marshaling.
You know how women are.
All right, now let's get down to business.
Now, Morgan and Jimmy know the setup here.
Now, Wyatt, you know Ike Clanton.
He has a ranch outside city limits.
Yes, I know.
He's organized the toughest bunch of gunslingers
you ever laid eyes on,
and he owns the county sheriff.
Who is he?
Cotton Wilson.
Cotton Wilson.
So Ike paid off on his deed.
Clanton's been rustling Mexican cattle by the thousands.
And he has to move them,
but he can only ship them out of Tombstone,
and he can't do that while we control the city.
That's about it.
He's organized and he's mean.
We can't keep him out of Tombstone forever.
What about the people of Tombstone?
John Clum, editor of the ''Epitaph,''
and some of the leading citizens will back us
if they know you're calling the shots.
We're all agreed, Wyatt, you should run the show.
There's only one thing that bothers me
and Iím going to speak my piece now.
There's going to be a lot of bad talk
about you riding with Doc Holliday.
What about Holliday?
He's the worst killer on the frontier,
that's what about him.
It just don't look good, you coming here with him.
Holliday saved my life in Dodge City;
I donít forget that.
What's more, he's a man of his word.
As long as he plays his cards straight
and keeps out of killings,
we got no right to run him out of town.
I didn't know you two were a team.
We're not.
Itís just a case of square deal.
Holliday stays.
All right, Wyatt, he's your responsibility.
That suits me fine.
Now, do we have a map of the county here?
Now, the first thing we got to do
is let the Clantons know that the city is closed to them.
Then we got to control the county.
Now, that's important.
Iím going to get a letter off to a man tonight
who'll take care of that little matter for us.
Now, show me where the Clanton ranch is.
Hello, Cotton, Iíve been expecting you.
You're looking fine.
Real prosperous.
Oh, I ain't complaining.
What's on your mind?
Wyatt, Ike wants to make you a deal.
He promises no trouble
if you'll let him ship his cattle out of Tombstone.
Well, that's mighty nice of Ike.
Ike is a nice fella.
He's got a fortune tied up in cattle
out there at the ranch,
and he's going to move them.
Oh, he is, huh?
There's $20,000 in it for you-- cash.
The wages of sin are rising.
$20,000 against a six-foot hole in Boot Hill,
or a $20-a-month pension
if you live long enough to collect it.
Iíve thought about those things.
You know, Cotton,
this is a nice little town.
A good place to set awhile.
I might even run for county sheriff in a couple of months.
That don't scare me at all.
I got mine.
I got a ranch now and $25,000 in the bank.
And you know something?
It don't bother my sleep, not one bit.
It would mine, though.
Why don't you get off that pulpit, Wyatt?
Ellsworth, Wichita, Dodge City,
and what have they got you but a life full of misery
and a woman who walked out on you
and the friendship of a killer.
Take this message back to your boss.
So that's the way he wants it, huh?
He aims to pull the town out from under you, Ike.
I immediately raised my hat
And finally she remarked:
I'll never shall forget
That lovely afternoon''
I met her at the fountain in the park.
A long time, Ike.
Too long.
Hello, Ringo.
Still renting your gun to the highest bidder?
That's right, Marshal.
Ain't you a little young to be packing a gun, son?
Why don't you try me?
Going someplace?
We're taking in the show, Marshal.
Any objections?
No, as soon as you check in your side arms.
Why don't you check it in for me, Marshal?
You boys know my brothers.
Meet John Clum, head of the Citizens' Committee.
You're a marked man, Wyatt.
There's no place in this town for you, Ike.
The next time you ride in armed,
you ride out feet first.
Now get moving.
Here comes trouble.
Who is she?
She's Kate Fisher.
She just couldn't stay away.
Four blues.
Call them, you suckers.
Barkeep, some whiskey down here.
Leave the bottle.
Two pairs.
Aces up.
Hey, Doc, what have you got?
Three tres.
Nice town, huh, Kate?
Well, well, well.
If it ain't the little deputy.
Doc, you deal.
Ain't you gonna say hello to an old friend?
Give me some crŤme de menthe.
Hey, little deputy...
would you like to have another drink with me?
You're drunk, Ringo.
Itís the way you made your reputation, wasn't it...
against drunks?
Get your gun.
Iíll meet you in the street
in five minutes.
Iíll be there.
I said Iíd see you dead.
What kind of a sucker play is this?
Itís all Clanton needs to start a war.
Look, Iíve had it up to here.
If you want to play patty-cake with him, go ahead.
Give me your gun, Doc.
You've got no right packing it.
Now, you can...
you can thank God you're Wyatt Earp's brother.
Holliday, if you think anything about Wyatt,
you'll get out of here.
Having a killer like you around
is the worst thing that can happen to him.
I hear you're leaving Tombstone.
You hear good.
Iím taking the stage tomorrow.
I kind of thought this climate
was good for your cough.
Listen, preacher,
being here has caused me a lot of embarrassment.
Some people are even taking me as a lawman.
You're not leaving on my account?
Your account?
You've got nothing to do with my leaving.
Good luck, Doc.
Too bad we won't be in on the finish together.
Hi, Wyatt.
Here's that letter you've been waiting for.
Who do we got here?
Young Clanton passed out drunk
at the Alhambra.
Throw him in the tank and let him sleep it off.
Hold it a minute.
John, how long is it going to take you
to get those men you promised me?
Anytime you say.
I think Iíll take a little trip out to the Clanton ranch.
Are you crazy?!
I donít think so.
Well, take your gun.
This is all the ammunition Iíll need.
If Iím not back in a couple of hours, Virg,
have Clum's Citizens' Committee drag my carcass out.
Whoa, whoa.
He's all right, ma'am,
just got himself a little liquored up.
All right, on your feet.
Billy! You get in the house.
I donít know what Iím going to do with that boy.
Way he's going now,
he's going to end up like his father,
shot down for stealing cattle.
You think you're pretty tough,
don't you, son?
I never saw a gunslinger yet
so tough he lived to celebrate his 35th birthday.
I learned one rule about gunslingers:
There's always a man
faster on the draw than you are,
and the more you use a gun
the sooner you're going to run into that man.
You think I don't know what's inside of you.
I had a couple of big brothers.
They fought in the Civil War and I was too young to go.
I tried to live up to them the same way
you're trying to live up to Ike and Finn.
You know about that, huh?
You can bet I know about that.
Itís not that I want to be a gunfighter, exactly.
Itís just... I don't know, sometimes I get lonely.
All gunfighters are lonely.
They live in fear.
They die without a dime or a woman or a friend.
You know, I never thought about it like that.
Well, think about it, think about it.
Billy, listen to the marshal.
I won't do it no more, Ma.
Oh, Billy...
What are you doin' here?
Brought your kid brother home, drunk.
You should be proud, real proud.
You'd better get ridin'.
I wouldn't do that, Ike.
Some of my friends in Tombstone
might begin to worry if Iím not back soon.
That don't cut no ice with me, Wyatt.
You're out of your territory this time.
Am l?
My appointment, United States marshal.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Now, wait a minute, Wyatt,
Iím not lookin' for a fight,
but you got to stop pushin' me.
Now, why don't we sit down and talk it over?
Iíll make you any kind of deal you ask.
The only deal I want
is for you to run that stolen herd
back to Mexico.
Did you see the judge?
I seen him.
There's no legal way you can keep
a United States marshal out of the county.
Judge was packin' up to leave when I got there.
I think it's about time we all pack up and leave, Ike.
Shut up, Frank.
Only one thing we can do.
We didn't have no trouble till that Wyatt Earp got here.
You're makin' sense now, Ike.
All right... we got no choice.
We'll ambush him tonight.
Ain't you forgettin' about the rest of the Earps?
Now, look, we can handle the Earps
if we make this a personal fight.
What if they bring in Clum?!
They won't, they're too proud.
They're going to come to us the way we want.
Itís a law-- bigger than any law on the books-- family pride.
We'll get that Wyatt when he makes his late round.
Don't make no difference to me.
Yeah, I guess I must have dozed a little.
Betty sent some coffee.
Well, that's going to hit the spot.
Itís awful quiet.
Too quiet.
Wyatt, do you figure we're going to have to fight it out
with the Clantons?
I wish I knew, Jimmy.
Maybe Ike will see how hopeless it all is.
You itching to get back to California?
I think about it all the time.
She must be quite a girl.
Yes, she is.
I better get to work.
Look, how about letting me
make the rounds for you tonight?
I get awful lonesome sitting here
with nothing to do but think.
Sure, you go ahead.
I could use some sleep.
At least, when Iím making the rounds,
it gives me something else to think about.
Ike's called the play.
We'll do it his way now.
Don't do that, Wyatt, that's what they want.
Don't let them push you into a personal fight.
That's mighty funny coming from you.
You're a lawman, Wyatt--
don't throw away a lifetime's work.
Where's your logic?
To hell with logic.
That's my brother lying there.
Who is it?
Open the door!
Start talkin', Kate.
Doc... I don't know nothin' about it.
What difference does it make now?
I sure messed everything up real good, ain't l?
I wanted you back, and because I love you...
and... l...
I thought if Wyatt was out of the way
you'd come back to me.
And that's... that's why I kept quiet when l...
when I heard them.
I must have been out of my mind.
The Clanton ranch.
Who was there?
I didn't want that boy to be killed!
Who was there?
Ike, the kid... Cotton Wilson and the McLowerys.
And Ringo?
Was Ringo there?!
Yes... Ringo was there.
No, Doc...
Don't, Doc.
Don't, please don't, Doc.
Please don't, Doc.
Please don't kill me.
Don't kill me!
Oh, Doc.
Itís all right, honey.
Itís all right, honey.
Ike sent me.
I didn't have nothin' to do with it.
I didn't know nothin' about...
You got to believe me, you got to.
I guess it's just because your name is Clanton.
Ike sent me to see you.
He wants to meet with you and your family, personal.
Iíve been expecting it.
With no interference from Clum.
You have my word.
How many men is he bringing?
There'll be Ike and Finn and...
Ringo and the McLowerys.
Where and when?
Sunup at OK Corral.
You tell Ike we'll be there.
You said six.
Iíll be coming with 'em.
Don't do it, Billy.
Give yourself a chance to live.
No, I thought about it.
I thought real hard about it.
No, sir, I can't run.
Ike and Finn are my brothers.
You understand that, don't you?
Yes, Billy, I understand that.
How can you sit there like you're playing checkers?
How can you sit there like that?
What's the matter with you?
Why don't you go to John Clum and ask for some help?
I told you, this is not Clum's affair.
This is personal,
between us and... Ike Clanton.
But you're lawmen...
you are lawmen, all three of you.
You have no right to put yourselves
above the safety of this town.
Your duty is to the people, not to your own pride.
Proud, proud men.
Look at you... look at the proud men.
Morgan, does your wife know she'll be a widow tomorrow?
I think you'd better leave the room.
Virgil, your son wants to kiss you goodnight.
See you in the morning.
Doc, wake up.
Doc, it's me, Wyatt.
Wake up, do you hear me?
You drunken sot.
I need you, Doc.
Don't let me down.
Wake up, do you hear me?! Wake up!
Leave him alone.
Can't you see he's dying?
Leave them alone.
How do you feel?
The fight's this morning...
isn't it?
I donít know.
Doc, you can't.
You can't.
Doc, you can't!
You can't even stand up!
You're going to die for sure, if you go out there.
If Iím going to die,
at least let me die with the only friend I ever had.
We don't make no difference, huh?
You and l...
we don't matter, Kate.
We haven't mattered since the day we were born.
Get the horses around back.
All right.
Get going, Cotton.
Take the rifle, get inside the wagon.
Up front.
Morgan and Virgil are waiting.
Ike wants to talk to you alone.
He's unarmed.
Wait a minute, Wyatt.
Kate told me about the killing of your brother.
It was the Clantons all right...
and you were in on it.
I had nothing to do with it.
Get back where you belong.
Believe me, Wyatt...
Get back with your friends.
They're coming.
They got Doc Holliday with them.
Holliday, huh?
Cotton, you get over with the horses.
I can't take this kind of gunplay anymore.
Let me out.
Get over there.
Seven of them, with Cotton.
I only see six.
Hit the dirt!
Cover me.
You all right?
All right...
All right.
Cotton, you chicken-livered, miserable...
They killed my brother!
Tom, stay back, you fool!
They killed my brother!
Come on, Earp!
Iíll kill you!
Come out and get it, Earp!
Earp! Come out and get it!
Hurt bad?
Yeah, my le... my legs.
Iíll take care of Ringo.
Throw down your gun and come on out.
Give up, boy, you haven't got a chance!
Come in and get me. Come in and get me!
Don't make me do it, boy.
Don't make me do it.
Iím shoving off, Doc.
How are the brothers?
Coming along fine.
They're going to be all right.
Another glass, Joe.
I just want you to know
Iíd have never made it without you.
Where are you heading?
I donít know; I hope so.
She'll be waiting.
Will you listen to me for just once?
Will you get up to that hospital in Denver?
At this rate,
you can't last more than a couple of months.
You crazy?
And give up this winning streak?
Iíll see you around.
So long, preacher.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Hello, Doc.
Hi, Doc.
What's the name of this game?
Boot Hill
Boot Hill, Boot Hill, Boot Hill
Boot Hill
In the air, there's a chill, there's a chill
So cold
Mighty cold, mighty cold, mighty cold
So still
Mighty still, mighty still, mighty still
There they lay, side by side,
The killers that died in the gunfight at OK Corral
OK... Corral
Gunfight at OK Corral!
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