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Subtitles for Haasil 2003 CD1.

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Haasil 2003 CD1

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I am sorry that I didn't|get my education here.
But when given the chance to be|Vice ChanceIIor of the University..
I feIt I had truIy achieved a Iot.
The famiIy gives birth to a chiId.
The schooI turns him|into a human being.
With mercy.|- SaIutations sire.
Servant of the University.|I'm student Ieader.
FinaI year student of Iaw.
PIease sit down. Sit!
So as I was saying...
But when the institute|turns into an arena..
where vioIence and poIitics are|given more importance than education..
they stop churning out humans.
This has been happening in|my country for quite some years.
Check the back...
I'II check who is creating the|ruckus. Let the program continue.
Just a minute.
Stop right there.
Running Iike bIind men!
Don't kiII him.|I'm on my way.
We've got him surrounded.|Today we'II finish him.
''He said not to shoot.|Okay, we won't shoot.''
I'm dead!|- Catch the rascaI!
Hit harder.|- We'II kiII you!
Don't waste time.
Hit harder. Don't you|have strength in your arms?
Swing him hard.
You're asking for it!
ShaII I shoot?
Listen to me..
You can't shoot.|Just chant some mantras.
why are you yeIIing?
Just shoot the dayIights out of him!
Your story ends here.
Shoot the shouIder|Iest we Iand up in troubIe.
I am here.
Your Pop.|- Now I'm in troubIe.
Good day brother.
Get out of here.
Now you too must stand up.
Don't Iie down Iike a guest.|Get up now.
That's better.
You'd have Iost your Iife|I saved you.
''I said, Iet him Iive a IittIe|Thank me for it.''
''Ranvijay Singh, take your|poIitics to another area.''
You have my bIessings.|You'II progress far.
But henceforth if you wave|your fIag in the university..
What wiII happen?|- You'II be reduced.
There'II be a 2 minute|siIence in your memory.
Some of your boys may|sing to bid you fareweII.
What eIse can happen?
WiII they decIare a nationaI|hoIiday in your memory?
Go on.
And Iisten..
I don't want to see you|here tiII the eIections.
I know the viIIage you come from.
Now goon.
Everything is fine. Sit down.
''Sit down, you nut!''
''What was wrong?|- Nothing, sir.''
Everything is fine.|Watch the show.
Why don't the girIs stay|this way aII the time?
I teII you the probIems|of the worId wiII be soIved.
America wiII never drop the bomb.
What are you doing?|The pIay is to start.
Move aside! One second...
Why are we committing this sin?|- Take a Iook!
Because it's our share.
Open your eyes. Learn something.
You're aII grown now.|- I've reaIIy grown big.
She's terrific.
Why did you shut it?|- That's enough.
Memorise your Iines.|It's show time
Come on.
Why did you shut the window|on Niharika? - Who is that?
BabuI's sisters were|there. Have some shame.
Where were his sisters?|I didn't see a thing!
''The cIouds of Iove bIow''
''A wave rises in the desert''
''In the dying eyes of the night..''
'' can see the morning''
''Your eyes can drive anyone nuts''
''Life isn't worth Iiving without you''
''Your eyes can drive anyone nuts''
''Life isn't worth Iiving without you''
''Life is meaningIess unIess|you are in my arms, in my Iife''
''Come cIose to me|don't feeI shy''
''Oh my beIoved''
''You have the most exquisite eyes''
''Life isn't worth Iiving without you''
''My dreams have come to Iife|since I set eyes on you''
''Nothing excites me|unIess you are around''
''Come cIose so we can be one''
''Like fragrance''
''You've ousted God to|make pIace in my heart''
Stop chattering in BengaIi.|Aren't we your friends?
My heart is beating hard.|I wish she wouId be mine.
I'II turn over a new Ieaf.
Let's taIk to them.|- Enough of song and dance.
Now I want the main Iead roIe.|- Cut it out.
If I don't get the main Iead..
MonaIi and SonaIi won't come to|the theatre. - Listen...
Why don't you throw him out?
Are we short of girIs?
What is it?|- Let's go this way.
That's it. Stop here.
It's quite dark. Can you manage aIone?|- Don't worry.
Just a minute.
I Iive cIose by.|It's quite dark.
WiII you pIease ride with my rickshaw?
I Iive in the Ieft so I can't..
Hush. FoIIow me.
FoIIow him.
Have fun.
You'II faII down.|Your Iace is undone.
It stays that way.|- Why?
I find tying Iaces very boring.
Turn here.
How much?|- Finished the program?
Or is something new|starting tomorrow?
''I'm Iate today, not everyday.''
''And who is this?|- Good day uncIe, aunt.''
He studies with me in the|University. It was quite dark.
So I asked him to drive aIong.
And he did. He's quite free.
No..I Iive here.|In the raiIway coIony.
I take the same path..|- What's your name?
Are you waiting for tea?
No thanks. See you.|Good day uncIe..aunt.
Why did you have to|taIk to him Iike this?
He Ioves to throw his weight around.
He scared the chiId.|- He's no chiId.
You'II see from tomorrow|he'II start coming here.
Your daughter encouraged him.
This is his way home.|- Let me see him do onIy that.
I mustn't see him|Ieaning against my gate!
Going out?
No.|- Then wear an ironed shirt?
I mean you couId've|worn something eIse?
Why is Papa Iike this?
What's wrong? - He makes|the house seem Iike a poIice station.
It's an issue of age. That's aII.
You're doing what you|shouId do at this age.
And your father is doing|what he shouId at his age.
You're both good kids.
How was your show?
The show went off weII.|It was great.
Has any of you seen Ani's show?
Whatever pIays he does..
I've seen them aII.|- I Iiked him best as SaIim.
Do girIs fIock around him?
Your train. When wiII you return?
The morning day after.|By the Prayagraj Express.
Yes?|- Wear something.
You'II catch a coId.
Wear that same shirt.
Throw him down!
That's damn good!
I hear target practice was on.|- We fired just one shot.
What did I say over the|phone? Not to shoot!
He rushed into the University.|What couId we do? Leave him?
Yes! You couId've kiIIed|him today or tomorrow!
No scene wouId've been created!
Excuse me but we don't|need hoodIums Iike you.
We're sorry..|- I am sorry!
Don't make us commit sin!
To bIazes with you!
What wiII I answer if|a question is raised?
Don't you understand? There's a|Lower and Upper house where I'II go.
But you want to go..|- No! I can't!
HoId me here!
You must go there.|- Keep me here.
BuiId me a tempIe and pray to me!
He hurt his ear that day.|- You're both aIike.
He has no brains|and he's missing a ear!
But I won't spare him!
I'II destroy him.
I didn't say we'II spare him.|We wiII kiII him.
But in another city. Okay?|And you'II fire the shot.
Youth is that which can't be tied.
Turn the words to form air.
''Air fIows. GentIy, it's best.''
''When it picks up strength,|it wrecks havoc.''
So far a gentIe breeze|is bIowing in our campus.
But hot winds are bIowing now.
Why are you burning bIood?|- Lost bIood and it's continuing.
Youth won't be spIit. He'II be cut...|- Come on.
They think their actions|wiII break our spirit.
Don't' go for a waIk.|This has onIy 2 buIIets.
''When we boiI, a storm rises.''
''When we're excited, storms rise.''
''Man, don't try to change us.''
History changes when we do.
''Good day. Sir, I fIunked|EngIish for 4 marks.''
I can't get married|tiII I cIear it.
Who asked you to Iearn EngIish?|- Why shouIdn't he?
It's nobody's Pop's|- Beg at his feet.
My father wiII beat me up.
Move aside.|- Listen..
Cover me.
I toId you that day|don't spare me aIive.
I wont' take Iong to kiII you.
Stay within Iimits.
Meet in the night.
''I said..|- I said, go on.''
What is god? Bearing|the wounds of destiny..
Or Iifting arms?
AIas that we couId sIeep|and say there's no pain...
Did anyone come here?|- No.
Goodbye studies. Acting here.
''Leave us aIone.|- Okay, we're Ieaving.''
PIease don't' yeII.
We'II cut this scene here.
God has given you|a speciaI face.
And you transform it.
And camoufIage your bIush.
But that's enough.
She has driven me nuts!
You act very weII.|- Thanks.
Know me?|- Yes.
''Now on, I aIso know you.''
I too wanted to act.|Do you have a name or is it hero?
There's a door behind the|make up room. Get away.
I'II remember you.
Take a good Iook.|This is Bombay.
They have EngIish guns|that bIow up cars..
WiII our cars fIy Iike this?
That society is different.|Everyone is modern.
The hoods there go to Dubai|and EngIand and Bombay.
Watch the fiIm.
There it's pay up or die.
Here it's give the|chair or we kiII.
Lot of difference.|- That's a smaII industry.
We run the nation.
''Yes, we're here.''
What news?|- Gaurishankar making rounds.
Must be 500 boys.|- Can't go home.
We'II have to go eIsewhere.
Gauri Iooked upset.|- Were you feeIing sorry?
''No, not at aII.|- You did the right thing.''
What we mean is he'II do|anything. He has more force.
Go to the viIIage for awhiIe.|- Meaning..
One sIap wiII knock out your brains.
Run away because the army is Iarger?
You are the guerriIIa|that has to make war
Read about them?|- Yes.
Attacks and vanishes.|- That's him.
Enough. That's it.
They are hoodIums and|we are revoIutionaries.
You are the guerriIIa.|GuerriIIa war in the nation.
What?|- Yes.
who is the heroine?|- Some new face.
Show us that one.
No...the checked one.
This is expensive.|Rs. 450 a meter.
Cut out 2. One for me|and another for him.
''Short sIeeves for me,|Iong ones for him.''
''Take it, I'II buy something tomorrow.|- Why?''
What's wrong with this?|Such a sober coIour.
How wiII we Iook if|we wear the same shirt?
We'II Iook good. Cut it out.|- No.
You've been caIIed for 2 minutes.|- Me?
I'II just get back.
Cut the piece.
''WeIcome, artist.''
How's your acting?|- First cIass.
Do you guys know him?|He is Anirudh.
You'II be speIIbound by his acting
He acts very weII.
He's aIways in the fieId.|Teach him a IittIe.
See his cap. My prince.
Wearing a cap and reading a|magazine won't make you an actor.
Learn something. Teach him.
Come on. Want a coId drink?
No. - Beer?|- I don't drink Iiquor.
''Have it, keep you cooI.|- My father is with me.''
Another time.|- My son is in..
I tried to stop him..|- Why?
Who are they? - Stopping uncIe.|- Are they your friends?
Yes. I mean we're|in the same University.
''I am Ranvijay Singh.|Law, finaI year.''
''He's not in your cIass.|- No, they are.''
Taufeeq studies in B.Com.
He's doing B. Sc.
He's doing BA.
He's Iike my younger brother.
Don't worry about rates.|- Do you Iive here?
I'm taIking to them.|- I'II teII you.
So you've come here earIier?
Such boys wiII ruin you.|They neither study in your cIass..
Nor are they your age.
they Iook Iike criminaIs.|they'II trap you.
What can they do?
They're not my friends.|mere acquaintance.
The pressure wiII ruin the engine.
Stay under 30!
They're back earIy.
ShaII I take the scooter?|- No. Take the cycIe.
Get back fast.|- I'II be Iate on the cycIe
It doesn't go that fast.
Why did you put so many beIIs.|Everyone is watching us.
It's young. To Iook good.|- Stop here.
How much?|- Rs. 5
I'II see you guys Iater.|- Where are you going?
''The eyes speak the|words of the heart''
''The eyes speak the|words of the heart''
''In a fIash, it gives|away what's in the heart''
''The eyes speak the|words of the heart''
''SiIence has a|meaningfuI effect on romance''
''If you faII in Iove..''
''The heart never reaIises''
''The bonding of the|hearts can never be hidden''
''The eyes speak the|Ianguage of the heart''
''The eyes speak the|Ianguage of the heart''
Good day to you.|- You too.
Know Ranvijay Singh?|- Yes.
Yes. This is his viIIage but|he studies in the University.
Everyone was sIeeping|SuddenIy shots were heard.
As if crackers were being Iit|They didn't stay Iong.
They'd finished the job|in 7 to 8 minutes.
Was it a famiIy feud?|- They're from the same caste.
''If it were a feud, it'd|be about a cow or IittIe Iand.''
But this seems Iike an army attack.
Move aside..|- What do you think..?
''Very harrowing? UncIe, you|seem to have taken it to heart.''
Change yourseIf. If you can't|break reIations with me.
EIse..someday I'II get you kiIIed.
Don't make that mistake.|Ruins the party baIance.
The High Command asked me to work|amongst peopIe at grassroot IeveI.
Is kiIIing unarmed|viIIagers grassroot poIitics?
High Command toId me to be aIert|and to keep an eye on the enemy.
Attack before they attack.
''I'd warned Ranvijay,|I know your viIIage.''
But he didn't pay any heed.|Shot GopaI in broad dayIight!
''If I don't pay back, the|pubIic wiII think I don't care.''
''This is grassroot IeveI|poIitics, dear uncIe.''
''You Iook after the AssembIy, enjoy|with reporters. Leave the rest to me.''
Let me do the job the|High Command wants me to do.
What High Command|are you taIking about?
That's enough.
Stop the car a IittIe ahead.|Now step out.
Why is he stopping here?
''He wants to reIieve himseIf.|Stay put, don't get excited.''
''If you wish, you too may go.''
Good day uncIe.
WaIk back.
He's giving a Iift to|some viIIagers. What..
Let's move on.
Stay cooI. Don't|try to act Iike Phantom.
Crib and you'II get a mouthfuI.
Just do as you're toId.
where wiII you get off?|- Get off? I'm staying with you.
We've been together since Iast|night. We had dinner together.
Stopping me!|- Nobody is stopping you.
Sit down. Tie him up!
I'II see..
Are you saving me from|Gaurishankar's fury?
He's a woman!|The whore of the government!
Come in front! SteaIthiIy|goes in the night..
''And kiIIed everyone.|Cows, goats, women and kids!''
CaIm down. I'm eIder to you.
''Ranvijay Singh swears,|the peopIe who died..''
I'II kiII Gaurishankar on|the 13th day of their death!
Memorise the date.|Write it down!
TeII him to enjoy his Iast days.
Untie me.
Come and shoot me in the chest!
''I said, there not here.''
''WeIcome, son. HeIIo.''
He's my young friend.|He acts very weII.
''ReaIIy weII. Son,|give them a demonstration.''
A IittIe..don't feeI shy.
See you.
When did you come?|- 10 minutes back.
Maybe 15 minutes.
You came aIone?|- Papa came to drop me.
But he's gone.|- Gone...
He'II come back to pick me up.
Your Iace..
You...I...we..|when next?
Next year same time.
''Niharika, father is here!''
Your father is here.|- We'II buiId 2 rooms to rent out.
BuiIding rooms takes a Iot of effort.
Maintaining a house is tough.
HeIIo aunt..|- I didn't know you'd come.
Just a whiIe ago.|- ShaII we Ieave?
Next year I'II get the wife.
You must. - Before the prayers end.|May we take Ieave? - Yes.
You shouId've offered them sweets.
What the..?
''Dear friend, why is|my heart so anxious?''
''Nothing excites me''
''Shedding tears aII night Iong''
This is waste of time.|Being ruined in youth.
Keep quiet man.|- We shouId take his picture.
To hang in the hospitaI.
You introduced us.|- Don't invoIve me.
This is your private matter.|SettIe it yourseIves.
Some issues are very|personaI and sensitive.
It's best you don't get invoIved|- You're invoIving us!
Making us sit here whiIe the|Economics cIass is about to end.
Why don't you send a Ietter?|- What Ietter?
Yes but I don't know|anyone cIose to her.
CarefuI..|- Why don't you heIp him?
He is infamous in my famiIy.|I'm not aIIowed to meet him.
Something speciaI wiII happen tomorrow.|- What?
Tomorrow is Tuesday.|Everything good wiII occur.
Does the IocaI news deIivery|boy wash the papers first?
He's somewhere around.
Which house is it?
Who are they?|- God knows.
''Yes, it is I.|What do you want?''
Nothing. Just taIk|to you in private.
Why in private.|Speak right here.
I haven't come to fight.|- Stay here.
''You deIiver papers?|- Yes, why do you ask?''
I had a IittIe job.|- What?
I won't forget this favour.|- No probIem.
I'II enjoy doing this.
You've given me Hanuman's job|and today is Tuesday.
''When sIeep eIudes the eyes..''
''Excitement is augmented''
''The touch of a dewdrop|feeIs Iike an ember''
''why does it feeI...''
''The earth is the sky''
''The eyes speak the|Ianguage of the heart''
''The eyes speak the|Ianguage of the heart''
''Without a word the eyes|express its' feeIings''
''Without a word the eyes|express their feeIings''
The rascaIs!|- Mother..!
I'm pIanning on seIIing|the Iand to come here.
What do you think?
This Iate..he got up so|swiftIy. Must be his friends.
Then you check it.
I'II scoId them if|they are your friends.
I'II kiII the rascaIs!|- You didn't do it then.
HoId on. Can you identify them?
Of course.
We'II thrash them so hard|they won't Iook in a mirror.
I'II be back soon.|BabuI's mother isn't weII.
One day his friends wiII ruin him.
I'm coming.
Anyone in?
Anyone in?
Who is it?|- I'm Anirudh.
I want to meet Ranvijay.|- There is no Ranvijay here.
They are my friends.
Ranvijay knows me.|I met him here the Iast time.
''Oh, the artist?|- Yes.''
Why have you brought|this troupe here?
No one knows|Boss is staying here.
But this ...
''This is not an act,|it's dangerous.''
Why don't you understand?
Come...come!|- Yes.
He made a mistake. He doesn't|know this is dangerous.
Want to meet Ranvijay?|The whoIe gang comes aIong!
I'm not going to die at|the hands of my own men.
OnIy a bigger|crook can finish me.
Do the introductions.
''Yes. He's ShaiIu,|and he's BabuI.''
And he's Javed.
''Whose mother was teased?|- BabuI, teII him.''
My mother was teased.
I am asking because|I want to study the case.
The judgment wiII|be made accordingIy.
Boss is studying Iaw.|He knows everything.
What exactIy happened?
''They picked my mother from|behind, and then ran away.''
You didn't do anything?
''I heIped mother up. By that|time, they had run away.''
''Ani, you come tomorrow and|take Ganga and Taufeeq aIong.''
His job wiII be done tomorrow.
''AII right?....aII right?|- Yes, Boss.''
This case fiIe is cIosed.|AII of you Ieave.
''Don't stay out of the house|so Iate in the night, kids.''
''Ani, you stay.''
''Yes, Boss?|- You'II Ieave.''
''Escort them out, Ganga.''
''I'm coming, you'II move.''
No one must know|that we are staying here.
What if we are kiIIed|in a poIice encounter?
They are my friends.|I trust them.
''A boy who couId not protect his|mother, you are trusting him?''
''AII right, forget that.''
The University|eIections are nearing.
''AII these friends of yours,|put them into gear.''
MobiIize them.
''AII right, Boss.''
''Now Ieave, or your father|wiII come here. It's Iate.''
- Be here in time in the morning.|- Yes.
''Acting smart, eh?|Trying to be tough?''
Come here!|Was it him?
How shouId our Ieader be?|- Like Satish Pandey!
What do you think? WiII our boy|be abIe to win the eIection?
''Ye..yes, he'II win.''
''Yes, why won't he win?''
He's going to|fiIe his nomination.
Let's go and|give him our bIessings.
''Greetings, Minister.''
The girI!|- Shut-up!
What were you|saying to the girI?
I was asking for support.|Even girIs vote.
You don't seem to be interested|in winning the eIection.
It seems the vote of just|one girI is enough for you.
Assume you meet Ranvijay in|the street. What wiII you do?
I'II kiII him|if I come across him.
And he knows that.|That is why he's in hiding.
''CarefuI, young man!''
Go. Say 'HaiI India'.|- HaiI India!
Now move!
''Yes, Chief?''
It's time to take the Iamp|around in the hosteI. Get going!
Here. The next door.
Promise that you wiII|vote onIy for Badri Pandey.
Promise that you wiII|vote onIy for Badri Pandey.
We promise to vote|for Badri Pandey.
''Jashan, why are you crying?''
Crying wastes feeIings.|Understand?
Badri here.|Give the phone to uncIe.
''Shut him up!|- Jashan, stop crying!''
HeIIo....he's gone to DeIhi?|When wiII he return?
Can't you controI yourseIf?
Gauri-bhai was|Iike my eIder brother.
They kiIIed him.
I'II kiII that Ranvijay!
After the eIections.|First get me votes.
AII right.
''And cry as much as you Iike,|but I wiII kiII Ranvijay.''
I'II give him a wonderfuI death!
He's coming. The rascaI|is coming in here proudIy.
Stop the others outside.
PIanning to kiII me?
That's what I think.
I have come to say that|my revenge is taken.
''And Badri,|you are stiII a kid.''
I have come to advise you.
The story is over from my side.
The eIections wiII be|conducted honestIy now.
Victory to Ranvijay!
Why have you come here?|The girIs wiII beat you.
I won't speak.|- Let's go!
ShaII we begin?
''Today, I haven't come to|invite you for my show...''
... but to introduce you|to someone.
He's Ranvijay Singh.
He is contesting the eIections|for Presidentship this year.
I have|compIete faith in him.
I know that whatever|probIems we students have ...
... onIy he can understand them.
OnIy he.
''Do you think I'm a bad guy?|- No, Boss.''
Some peopIe think|I am a IittIe ..
''I am, a IittIe, but ...''
You cannot pIease everyone.
Why are girIs afraid of me?
They must be seeing|something bad in me.
WiII I win the eIection?|- Of course you wiII.
But why are you taIking Iike|that today? What happened?
That girI Ieft the meeting ...
It reaIIy upset me.
''She didn't Ieave because of you,|but because of me.''
We know each other.|- How?
''It's not been|very Iong, but she ...''
She's your girIfriend?
''Yes, we Iove each other.''
This girI...who Ieft?|- Yes.
Do you'II meet?
We cannot meet. We just|write Ietters to each other.
You write Ietters.|Have you sIept with her?
I truIy Iove her.
I don't see her|with that intention.
That's the point!|It's aII in the Iook.
Or even I am cIean-hearted.
''God has given me such eyes,|what do I do?''
I'II set your pIace of meeting.
Then you two can|write Ietters together.
Write many Ietters.
''O friend,|my heart shivers''
''I've Iost|interest in everything''
''My eyes keep waiting''
Excuse me. Manoj JaiswaI?|- He's inside.
How did you find this pIace?
It beIongs to my friend's uncIe.
Ranvijay got you this pIace?
Why Ranvijay?|What has...
OnIy he can get you|this kind of pIace.
What kind of pIace?|It's a picture haII.
''Movies were screened here|before, now it is cIosed down.''
And what probIem do you|have with Ranvijay Singh?
Not just probIem. You onIy|mention him in your every Ietter.
''More than me,|you think about him.''
''I'd got this pIace with|great difficuIty, but you ...''
''Look, I am just|scared that Ranvijay ...''
You are scared?|Then Ieave me.
I keep bad company.|I am a bad guy.
Just Ieave me.|Then you won't feeI scared.
Go find someone|eIse for yourseIf.
''My Iife got...''
''...a new Iife''
''It onIy desired a smaII Iamp''
''But got the moonIight!''
''My Iife got...''
''I had desired a companion''
''Just Iike you, I swear''
''CIearing aII the dark cIouds,|I found my spring!''
''I have found my destination''
''The music that can|puII my heartstrings''
''I found that note!''
''My Iife got ...''
''... a new Iife''
''The one who I thought of|in my dreams''
''I found that Iove''
''My Iife got ...''
''My heart is in turmoiI''
''Yet you are unaware''
''Let's Iove more than|we desire''
''Let's promise|to forget the worId''
''Let us have a home|we have dreamt of''
''We've even found|the ideaI pIace''
''Having got you''
''I've found aII the|happiness in the worId''
''A star fiIIed night''
''And even the evening ...''
''I found, was enchanting!''
PIease forgive me.
You're forgiven.
Mohan Anand - 120.
Badri Shankar Pandey - 261 1 .
Ranvijay Singh - 3250!
''Minister, your candidate's|defeat was definite.''
Keep Ranvijay in check.
Or he couId make troubIe|for us in the future.
Put me on to the CM.
''TeII him it's Badri|on the Iine, his nephew.''
TeII him I'm going to die.
''If he's busy, make him busy|with me too for two minutes.''
You don't understand|the situation.
''Look, it's important. I haven't|caIIed to recite him a poetry.''
''CaII him in the morning at 7,|when he takes a massage.''
What wiII he gain by a massage?|We've Iost the eIection.
That we have.
''He couIdn't send me Rs 200,000.|Or we'd have won the eIection.''
CaIm down.
CaIm down.
''Brother is no more,|that's why.''
Or he himseIf used|to caII twice everyday.
Make a strong one.|I'II reIieve myseIf and come.
Ranvijay Singh must be|very happy today. - Yes.
We didn't have the support|of the educated guys.
''Ranvijay had it,|so he won the eIection.''
''Jashan, of what use was|your EngIish education?''
You couIdn't get us|a singIe vote.
He's no more educated.
''Can't you see, he's|started chewing beteI Ieaves.''
''Lakhan, sing an EngIish song.''
There is not the time to sing|songs. We have Iost the eIection.
It's a sad situation.
Then sing a sad song.
He's singing?
''You were singing, or I'd|have kiIIed you too, I swear.''
Badri has been orphaned.|How wiII you survive?
Can I join you?|- What?
Can I join you?
''Oh yes, you peopIe eat bread.|- Yes, we eat bread.''
Stay with Badri. Go with|him when he goes to meet Singh.
You wiII have to act a IittIe.|Can you act?
''Can you act? Singing|is okay, but can you act?''
I'II do it.
What wiII you teII Badri?
''So many shots were fired,|but not even one hit you?''
What wiII you teII him?
''AII right...ReIax, it's nothing.''
You eat your daiIy bread|with your right hand.
Who are you?|Who do you want to meet?
''I've come to meet the CM,|he's reIated to me.''
My name is Badri Shankar.|- Who?
I was sorry to hear|about Gaurishankar.
I couIdn't come|to offer condoIence.
''UncIe, I have something|serious to discuss.''
''Since Gauri expired,|you have withdrawn your support.''
We Iost the eIection.
Ranvijay kiIIed four of|our men at point bIank range.
I'm speaking to him.|- Let me speak to him.
My Iife is in danger.
The peopIe you kiIIed|in Ranvijay's viIIage ...
Wait a minute! Who is he?|- He's crazy.
He is taking revenge|for that. BeIieve me.
Don't you|understand the situation?
''My Iife is in danger, sir.''
''And I'm warning you sir,|he's dangerous for you too.''
He won't spare you.|He won't spare anybody.
He cannot touch me.
He's very...|- He's very what?
You couIdn't handIe|a street side goon.
''And today,|he is buIIying you.''
''Your brother,|Gaurishankar was an ass!''
There is no need|to fear Ranvijay Singh.
He's a smaII timer.
A smaII mistake|wiII be his nemesis.
Then why did Ramchander|kiII Captain Mohan Verma?
I don't know.|I said what I saw.
''MonaIi, what your eyes see|is not aIways the whoIe truth.''
''TeII me, the pIace you are|standing on, is it moving? - No.''
Then what your eyes see|is absoIuteIy wrong.
You must be aware that|the earth is aIways moving.
''Look, if you cannot do it,|just don't. Just quit.''
What can't I do?
You cannot concentrate.|What's the probIem?
''ShaiIu, don't be rude with me.''
Come on! There are just|15 days Ieft to our show.
''You make the mistake,|and we shouId taIk poIiteIy?''
Why?|That means we aII are fooIs?
''Javed, put sense into him,|he's gone crazy.''
''Ani, shaII I|teII you something?''
''Don't feeI offended,|but you have changed.''
You just cannot concentrate.
Since he's got in with|Ranvijay and that girI...
ShaiIu! Don't you dare|say anything wrong ...
... or I wiII do|something terribIy wrong!
What wiII you do?|Get me kiIIed by Ranvijay?
Where are you going?
Where my presence|doesn't bother anybody.
ShaiIu shouId not have said|what he did about Niharika.
What nonsense!|- That's your personaI matter.
''Even Ranvijay is my|personaI matter, Javed.''
''He is my friend,|Iike my eIder brother.''
He even heIped you aII.|Remember?
''The fact is that he's not bad,|you aII are two-faced.''
You aII are cowards.|You are scared Iike kids.
And I cannot Iive in|the company of kids. No.
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