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Habre Con Ella

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The stage is full of wooden|chairs and tables.
Two women come out with robes.
Their eyes are closed.|Like two sleepwalkers.
You get scared...They trip|on everything, poor them.
But suddenly, a man appears.
With a very sad face, the|saddest I have ever seen.
He pushes tables and chairs|out of their way.
You can't imagine how touching|it was.
Someone was sitting next to me.|In his 40s, hundsome.
He cried with emotion,|lots of times.
I don't understand why...|It was very beautiful!
I have a surprise for you!
I have an autograph of|Rina Baus for you.
I had to buy the photo.
It is in english and says:
I hope you surpass all|the obstacles...
... and start dancing.
-She has her period.|-It's early.
Good evening.
Benigno, can you|stay tonight?
My sister can't,|and I don't have anyone else.
Why did you come?|You should have called.
I am not taking advantage of you.|This week you did 3 nights.
Don't worry. A free afternoon|is enough for me.
I have to see the house|workers. It's a mess.
And to frame a photo.
My condition is not improving.|The hospital will decide.
Your husband left you|and the children.
Just come the nights you can.|We will be ok.
Thanks a lot.
-You cut off the intestinal food.|-She couldn't take it.
-We will try again tomorrow.|-Yes, go now.
And keep the spirits up!
Six bulls and a woman.|Wednesday at Briuega.
Lydia P Gonzales will|fight six bulls.
Why such a drastic decision?
It's my job. 2 bulls, or 6.|Whatever they say.
People say a lot of bullfighters|won't fight with you...
...because you are a woman.
People can say what they want.
Too much chauvinism in bullfighting,|but there are exceptions.
Nino Valencia was happy to share|billing with you for several months.
Do you think he did it|to promote himself?
And when he succeeded that,|he abandoned you?
I told you, I don't want|to talk about this!
But by talking about|certain problems... the first step|towards their solution.
-Nino Valencia...|-Enough!
My dear Lydia, let me|finish the question.
I am not discussing this.|I told you earlier.
You didn't say anything earlier!|It's bad what you are saying!
They will think|it's a fixed interview.
And I am on of the few who|dare say the truth...
...and you should dare accept
...that Nino Valencia|took advantage of you.
He shared with you not only|the fame, but sex as well.
And he left you when|time was right.
Juan Luis, Marco here...|How are you?
I want to ask you something.
I would like to do an article|about Lydia Gonzales.
Yes, I see it too...
I would like to do something|deep.
For the Sunday issue?|Great...
-The woman has gone crazy!|-She dedicates it to you.
She would let the bull injur|her, just so that you see it.
You shouldn't have come,|especially you.
Don't tell me anything.|I know what I am doing.
Nino should concentrate.|He doesn't want any more worries.
Nothing to worry about. He should|just come to pick up his stuff.
-Or tell me where to send them.|-Send them at my place.
He, himself, should say so.|This is nothing to do with you.
You can leave whenever you want.
-Good evening.|-Scotch on the rocks, please.
-What glass do you prefer?|-A tall one.
Can I talk to you for|a minute, please?
Forget it. When something is|over, it's over.
-What are you saying?|-Can I talk to you?
If you take me to Madrid,|we can talk on the way.
It will be my pleasure.
-Who named you Lydia;|-My father.
It's as if he sealed your destiny.
He always wanted to be a bullfighter,|but stayed a banderillero.
He is the one that was there|for me, more than anyone else.
But he died last year.
I am sorry.
'El Pais' wants me to do a profile|on you for their Sunday issue.
Do you write on bullfighting?|I don't know your name.
To be honest,|I know nothing of it.
But I know a lot about|desperate women.
And who told you I am|desperate?
-This is the impression I have.|-Bullfighting doesn't interest you.
You are interested in my|relationship with Nino Valencia.
Tell EI Pais to leave me alone!
-Take me from here!|-What's going on?
Take me from here! There is|a snake in the kitchen.
-Give me the keys.|-The door is open.
Calm down.|And stay there.
My purse.
Take me to a hotel.
I am never coming back to|this house.
-To which hotel?|-To Eurobuilding, lets say.
Don't tell anyone about|the snake, please.
Only my family knows.
I always respect other|people's phobias.
After what you have done, how|can I say no to to the profile?
Think about it again. I will|call tomorrow, tell me then.
Thanks for everything.
Do you want me to stay? I can|sleep in the sofa.
No, I need to get used to|being alone.
Do you wash her?
What do you think?
-How was the night?|-normal.
-Give it to me. I will do it.|-I am going now.
-Good bye.|-Bye, Matilde.
It's so hot!
-Lets cut her hair.|-short, it's more practical.
We will leave it as it was|when she came here... that she is not surprised|when she wakes up.
After 4 years, it will be great.
I believe in miracles.|So should you.
-Why me?|-Because you need them.
One might happen to you,|and you will not know.
So hot!
I took something from the|drugstore... help stop the perspiration|stains on my uniform.
My armpits are ok,|but look at my face.
-What's it called?|-Perspirex.
It's Marco...|Remember me?
-How are you?|-Naked.
I need to buy some clothes.|That's all I've got.
I can bring you some|from your place.
I don't want anything from there.|Maybe another time.
-Where are we going?|-To Sybilla.
-You think I am crazy.|-Why?
-Because I don't want to go home.|-No, I understand.
When I separated, I couldn't|sleep in the same bed...
I was sleeping in the sofa,|in the living room.
For a week. Until I finally|bought a new bed.
So, you are separated.
I am alone.
Marco, we should|talk afterwards.
-We've been talking for an hour.|-You have, not me.
Did you read about the nuns|that got raped by the misionaries?
Priests, themselves!|It's horrible!
Yeah, they've gone bad too!|Where are we heading to?
First they raped the locals.
Then, due to AIDS, they started|raping nuns.
And I admired them so much!
Not all of them are rapists,|for sure.
No, some of them are|pedophiles.
-What's that? Everyone loves fucking.|-Antonio, you are an animal!
-How do the bulls look?|-Good, but fat.
-How much do you think?|-Over 500 kilos.
I am going to the bar. And don't|forget, we are eating home.
If the kids don't see their aunt,|there'll be hell to pay.
Don't cry, my love.
-How is it?|-Very bad.
It tore her apart.
The father will be happy now!
'Not the little one!', we kept|telling him, my mother and I.
And yet, she became like him.
Don't be upset.
What time is it?
It has been four hours.
Are you going to Cordoba?
Yes...I would like to stay,|but I can't.
We can't do anything extra.
The bar's been closed for 20 days.
The kids are with the neigbhour,|and I've neglected the other one.
If something happens, can|you be here in 2 hours?
-Rest assured for that.|-We have to have faith.
I light some candles...
...but I find it very|difficult to have faith.
When can we put her medals|back on her?
Not yet.
With all these...|wounds, the tracheotomy...
She never took them off.
I will get a vase.
I have to go to the US|for three months.
It is very important,|says my agent.
And yet...the way things|stand here...
...I don't want to go.
Can you get out for|a moment, please?
No smoking here.
Did she talk to you that day?
-Or rather, I talked.|-And what did you say?
Things that concern me.
Did she tell you anything|about me?
Honestly, Lydia hadn't talked|about you for a long time.
-It's my fault for what happened.|-No, it's my fault.
Caetano made me|freak out.
Marco, I've always wanted|to ask you something.
Why did you cry that night,|after you killed the snake?
It brought me lots of memories.
Years ago, I had to|kill another snake.
We were in Africa.
She had the same phobia as you.
She was waiting outside the tent,|terrified, defenseless...
...and totally naked...
...because she had seen the snake,|while we were asleep.
Was it the same one who made|you sleep in the living room?
I hate that woman.
-I haven't seen her for years.|-Even worse.
What can I do to make you|forget her?
Exactly what you are doing now.
You were sound asleep. We didn't|want to wake you up.
-Is Dr Vega here?|-He is in his office.
Rosa, close the door.|There's a draft.
-She opened her eyes.|-That gives me the creeps!
-And when she yawns?|-I shit myself!
Good morning, doctor.|I want to talk to you.
How are you? Did you sleep well?
I will buy you coffee.
How long for might Lydia|stay like that?
Months... years...|maybe for the rest of her life...
There is no hope?
As a doctor, I have to say|no... However...
Meryl Moon wakes up after|15 years in a coma.
She went into a coma during|childbirth.
Meryl was a PVS, persistent|vegetative state, like Lydia, for life.
Her recovery contradicts|everything I am about to say.
That is, that there is hope.
I insist. Scientifically, no.
But if you want to have faith,|OK.
Is she opening her eyes?|Or I imagine this?
She does, but that doesn't mean|she is aware of anything.
Her brain cell has been|completely destroyed.
However, it can control|the automatic functions...
such as breathing, sleeping,|waking up and intestinal functions.
She opens her eyes,|but mechanically.
Her brain is dead. She has|no ideas and feelings.
Come in, please.
-My name is Benigno.|-Marco Zuloaga
This is Alicia.
Was it your first night here?
The first one is the worst.|Then you get used to it.
Why these boots?
They prevent her feet from|twisting or falling.
-They look like 'Ibiza' boots.|-I've never been to Ibiza.
-I know you.|-From my books?
It was in Cafe Muller...|We happened to be sitting together.
And at some stage,|you started crying.
I told you about him.|He cried watching "Caf?Muller".
I have to go.
That fast?|We barely talked.
-Maybe another time.|-Will you come in the afternoon?
Come to see us. I am always here,|even during the night.
I am a 'veteran' here.|If you need something...
-Should I call Dr Vega;|-Carry on with what you are doing.
The other day, while browsing|my notes...
...I found some|from your visit.
I wrote a topic to be discussed|during the second visit...
...that never took place.
-What about?|-Your sexual orientation.
-My sexual orientation?|-yes, your sexuality.
Whether you like men or women.
During your visit, you said|you were still a virgin.
Answering your question|somehow...
... I think I look for men,|mostly.
-Is this why you came to see me?|-I can't remember now.
I guess that's it...|But I am very well now.
Do you have a partner?
More or less. I am not alone|anymore. I don't have a problem.
I hope you were not offended|by my question.
Was her father here?
He asked me if I am a fag.
He used an american expression,|more subtle.
-What is my orientation?|-And what did you say?
-That I like men.|-Really?
No, you fool. I lied.
How can he dare ask whether|I like men or women?
-What does he care?|-I am glad I found out.
Did he ask the head nurseor you|if you like bestiality or coprophagy?
No, you are right. They don't|ask such things.
I might go on a trip, and I won't|be able to come and see you.
But, in Geneva, they've|offered me a creation...
...a chorography|that thrills me.
An old idea for a ballet.|I call it 'Trenches'.
It is about the first|world war.
I will need a lot of dancers...
...because in the war there|are a lot of soldiers.
But everyone dances in Geneva.|It is great.
I want female dancers too, because|the soldier when dying...
...lets his soul|get out of his body...
...the ghost of which|will be a female dancer.
With a white classic skirt|like 'Giselle'...
...but with red stains of blood.
Very good!
Alicia loved it.
It's good because life emerges|out of death.
the female emerges from|the male.
And from the earthly emerges the...
The beach?
And from the earthly emerges the...
The water?
The ethereal.
The ethereal...|the impreceptible, the ghost.
I have the music. It is from|Kristof Penderesky.
It was written for the victims|of Hiroshima, but it's OK.
Of course. Alicia remembers|it perfectly well.
It's music for the battle.|It's wild and beastly.
And regarding the music during deaths|I have a masterpiece...
...which you will listen to,|right now.
It will drive you crazy.
Alicia, my dear.
Good bye, my dear.
Good bye, Katerina.|And you look beautiful.
-You should go ahead with 'Trenches'.|-I will.
Look...We will place you|next to the window.
You will be able to see your|friends dancing.
I love this room.
I will order everything.
Come in and shut the door...
How are you?...Shit down.
Alicia, look who's here.
We're just getting some air,|reading magazines...
Who was the lady that just left?
Katerina, Alicia's teacher.
Dancing teacher.
Nice character, Katerina.
She has a dancing school somewhere|here. Alicia was her student.
And Katerina loves her like|her daughter.
Benigno, You are by the window|for half an hour.
I am coming, mum.
What's the matter? Are you|following me?
This is yours, I think.|It must have dropped you.
is everything there?...|I didn't touch anything...
-Where are you going?|-Home.
Can I accompany you?|I have nothing else to do.
-Yes, but I am going home.|-Of course...It will do me good.
Dancing is my life.|I love dancing shows.
-Do you like dancing?|-Yes, of course
But I don't follow it.
What else do you do,|besides dancing?
I travel and watch old movies.
Silent Cinema is attractive|to me, in particular.
-Where do you go when you go out?|-I don't.
You should go out.
I was taking care of my mother,|but she passed away 2 months ago.
I am sorry. Mine died too,|years ago though.
Here we are...|Thanks for the wallet.
Dr Roncero, psychiatrist.|7th left.
Twenty three.
I was waiting for her by the window,|but that day she didn't come.
But I knew her address and that|her father was a psychiatrist.
Dr Roncero's office.
I would like to make an|appointment.
-Is it tomorrow at 5 OK?|-Isn't earlier possible?
No, tomorrow at 5.
Your name?
-What do you want?|-I have an appointment at 5.
Come in. Don't stand there.
Benigno Martin?...|I need some proof.
I just wanted to see Alicia,|but I was there, in a psychiatrist.
I decided to tell him I missed|my mother.
I started when I was little.
And all those 15 years|you took care of your mother?
I was always next to her...|I was studying to be a nurse.
I was only going out to the|classes.
I was also studying aesthetics,|make-up and hairdressing.
But those by post.
So you did those on your mother?
Of course, and I cut her hair,|dyed it, did her nails.
And I scrubbed her down well,|front and back.
My mother wasn't disabled, or mad.
She was only a bit lazy.
She was a beautiful woman|and I didn't want to let herself go.
-What did your father say?|-Nothing. What could he?
-Is he dead?|-God, no.
He is in Sweden, I guess.|I haven't heard of him for years.
Doesn't he come to see you?
He has his own family there,|after he left my mother.
We are not in touch.
Why did you come to see me,|Benigno?
-What's your problem?|-Me? Nothing.
You must have since you came|to see a psychiatrist.
Loneliness, I guess.
Did you have a sexual|relationship with a woman?
-With a man?|-No, neither.
I will see you in a week.
-Am I not well doctor?|-That's not it...
However, your adolescence was|kind of special.
-It wasn't special.|-It was. Very special.
And we must analyse it in depth.
Yes, lets analyse it.
-Should I come in a week?|-Very well.
I am glad.
-What are you doing here?|-I was just going. Don't be angry.
I just wanted to see you...|But I am harmless.
Dr Roncero's office...|Hi, Lola...
I just had a shit of|huge dimensions.
Can you be in charge?
Alicia never came back. I|didn't want to scare her again.
After a week I went to her|place, to see her father.
It was raining during that|whole week.
Next time I saw her was here.
What happened to her?
A car accident,|during a rainy day.
Her father didn't want her to|be alone, not even for a moment.
He asked for the best nurses.
And I have a good reputation here...|So they suggested me...
And when he saw me, he remembered|me, and hesitated for a moment.
But in the end, he took|Matilde and me, exclusively.
And this was four years ago...|And here we are now...
Right, Alicia?
I started going to the ballet,|when I had a day-off.
And to the film library to watch|silent movies.
German, american, italian|films, everything.
And afterwards I would tell her|about all that she had seen.
The four most complete years|of my life.
I take care of Alicia...
I do what she would, except|the trips, of course.
With me and Lydia|it's the opposite.
I can't touch her.
I don't recognize her body.
Neither can I help the nurses|turn her around.
And I feel I am lousy.
Talk to her. Tell her that.
I would like to,|but she can't hear me.
How are you so certain|about this?
Her brain is dead, Benigno.
The woman's mind is a mystery,|especially in such sickness.
You must look after the woman,|talk to her...
...don't foget that she's alive|and that you love her.
This is the only therapy.|I know from experience.
And what do you know|about women?
Benigno, what do you know|about women?
What do you know about women?
A lot. 20 years next to one,|4 with another.
I like the bullfighter's boyfriend.|He has style.
How do you know? You saw him?
Of course not, but I can tell|from his face.
And his bulging trousers.
He is a good friend of|Benigno, right;
-Is he gay too?|-No way. What are you saying now?
-Is Benigno, you think?|-Rumours say so!
-You are wrong.|-Dr Vega told me so as well.
-And where did he find out?|-From Alicia's father.
I don't like the intimacy|he has with the patient...
...but Vega told me not to|worry, becayse he is gay.
I am going and I'll let you|carry on talking crap about him.
-She likes Benigno.|-She is not with her senses.
I have the day off.|I am going to the film library.
-Are you coming?|-I will see my publisher tonight.
I have to go back to work soon.
This woman is not well.
You know what I mean.|Her skin is dry.
lets see... Here...
-Did you talk to her?|-No, and don't insist.
Hi, Lydia. You must be|patient with him.
Have a good time at work.
'Shrinked lover'.
Rosa has the flu.|I hope you didn't get it from her.
I am glad you feel well,|but I will massage you...
...and I will rub you with|a rosemary lotion.
No, nothing is happening to me.
Last night I saw a movie that|shook me a lot.
It was the love story...
...of Alfredo, a nice young|guy, but a bit fat...
...kai Amparo's friend|who is a scientist.
Amparo prepares a new|experimental diet...
...that will revolutionize|the food industry.
What egoism! You only|think of yourself!
I found it!
It might be dangerous. I never|gave it to a human before.
You still think I act|with selfishness?
It has done miracles for you!
Don't worry, my love!|I will find the antidote!
Time was passing by...
...but Amparo couldn't find|the antidote...
...and poor Alfredo,|day by day, shrank in misery.
I will always love you.
So that Amparo doesn't suffer...
...Alfredo leaves and goes|to find his mother.
He hadn't seen her for 10 years,|beacause he was lousy.
He hadn't told Ambaro|where his mother lived.
Lots of things going on|in this movie.
But the most important|thing is...
...after years full of|regrets and studies...
...Amparo finds the address|of his mother.
And goes there.
Hotel Iukali.|Room 15.
-Sleep, my darling.|-And what if I be a burden by mistake?
And Alfredo...
...stays inside her...
...for ever.
Come on, put your hands|correctly ... This way...
It's quite cool...|It's great...
It's nice here by|the balcony, right?
Lydia likes to sit by|the balcony as well.
Did you hear that? She likes|it a lot.
Look at them... It's as if|they are talking about us.
What do you think they say?
They have no shame.
Women talk about everything|with each other.
Lydia would tell her she has|completed two months sick.
Benjamin and Angela...
...will you bond in marriage,|with your own will?
Join your hands together...
...and declare your wish|in front of God.
I, Angela,|take you, Benjamin... be my lawful husband...
I will love you|in happiness and in sickness... long as we shall both live.
The Lord that joined you in love...
...let him accept your declaration|of love today.
May your love last eternally.
What are you doing here? We|were gonna meet at the hotel.
I changed my mind.|I've always liked weddings.
Weren't you gonna see|your sister before the game?
I called her.|She will come to the hotel.
I promised her we will eat at|the restaurant tonight.
As you wish.
-Nice ceremony, right?|-Excellent.
-I didn't expect her so young.|-You don't trust me right?
We can't have another day|passing by without talking.
Don't worry. Finish with Angela,|I have proof.
For example, at the ceremony|I didn't cry, you did.
-Right.|-And you shouldn't have.
Don't you believe me?
I needed 10 years to get over|it. I finally made it.
Lydia, trust me,|it's over.
I travelled with Angela.
The excuse was to write|a travel guide.
In reality, I wanted her|out of Madrid and drugs.
Madrid is hell. Our relationship|functioned outside it.
After five trips,|I brought her to her parents...
...who kept her away|from drugs and from me.
Did you still love her?
I cried not being able to share|things with her.
It's terrible to leave|a person you love so much.
What a sad story!
Love is a sad thing when|it ends... the song says.
Marco, we need to talk afterwards.
-We've been talking for an hour.|-You have, not me.
You're right.
My leg needs two months of therapy,|said the doctor.
But you know what? I am glad|that bull hit me.
Now I can stay with you until|you wake up.
No one will take me away from you.
We got back together,|a month ago...
Lydia would tell you at the|wedding. She didn't in the end.
It was you she cried for.
She called me to tell me|she cried for me.
Last time we spoke.
Now that I don't fight|due to injury...
...I would like to stay|near her during the night.
Like at your place.
I am alone again.
You were looking at her breasts.
Difficult to avoid it.|They grow by the day.
Benigno, I am thinking of taking|a trip... I have to work.
And Lydia?
She doesn't need me anymore.
Did you break up?
You can call it that way.
I expected this, Marco.|Don't ask why, I just did.
There was something in your|relationship that didn't function right.
When are you going?
Soon, but I'll see you before|I go.
I am so sorry you are going.
I am leaving, Benigno.|I'll see you soon.
She didn't have her period yet?
I am looking at the month's report.|She should have had it.
Yes, it's a bit late.
Two weeks. That's a lot.|Are you sure she had it last month?
I personally dealt with it.|It was when you had the flu.
She seems a bit swollen.
They often have abnormalities.
For example, Lydia|doesn't have a period anymore.
Anyway, we should tell Dr Vega.
I brought some of my guides|for Alicia and you.
I said goodbye to Lydia.
I went to see Alicia, but they|didn't let me enter the room.
Is there something wrong?
No. Just some infection|that Alicia got.
Can you drive me home?|I am done with work.
-It's not serious, I hope.|-I don't know.
They do some medical exams,|but they haven't told me anything.
...Turkey, Cuba.
-I will read them to Alicia.|-They are guides.
Yours. They must be good.
-Are you travelling alone?|-Yes.
I would like to talk to you|about this before you go.
-About what?|-loneliness.
I want to get married.
-Alicia, of course!|-Benigno, you are nuts!
We will get along better than|most couples.
-Why shouldn't I marry her?|-Because she is in a coma!
Because she can't say 'yes'|in the church!
Because, she is virtually dead!
Get in the car!
-What are you talking about?|-Get in the car!
Your relationship with Alicia|is a crazy monologue!
We often talk to PVS,|but we don't marry them.
Incredible what you are saying.|I had a different opinion of you.
Don't say or think about it|ever again!
Promise!...If you say that to|anyone else, you will be in trouble!
If that calms you down,|then I promise.
-Regardless of how much you like her...|-You like her too, right?
Of course I like her.
-She likes you too.|-She is virtually dead!
She has no feelings about me,|you, or herself!
Understand that!
Our patient Alicia Roncero|was raped and is pregnant.
Before I tell her father|I want you to tell me...
...which bastard did it!
Everyone is upset.
You are responsible. Alicia|was on your floor.
Then allow me to explain the|situation.
Rosa, please.
Alicia's period stopped|two months ago.
I thought it was one month|initially, but I was wrong.
It wasn't in last month's report.
It says it was dealt with normally.
I was down with flu|during that week.
You wrote that.|Right, Benigno?
-It is your typewriting.|-Yes, it was me.
Why did you lie?
I didn't want it to become a problem.
On other occasions, the patients'|periods have also stopped.
How come no one noticed?|Where is the night person?
She can't come today.|She phoned.
Didn't see notice anything strange?
She has problems at home.|A lot of nights she doesn't come.
And who replaces her?
I will tell Roncero|that his daughter... day and night with|a nutter?
Lets calm down for a bit.
Benigno, do you realise you|are the prime suspect?
Why did you hide the first delay?
What explanation do you have?|Would you ever harm Alicia?
Definitely not!
Last night I was|at the parkin lot...
...and overheard a discussion|between Benigno and Marco.
Benigno said he wanted to|marry Alicia.
Marco tried to change his mind,|but in vain.
Lots of couples, he said...
...don'r get along|as well as him and Alicia.
It was Lydia Gonzales' funeral|yesterday, at Almudena.
The thirty-year old bullfighter|was in a coma since...
Can I speak with|Benigno Martin?
He doesn't work here anymore.
-Are you sure?|-Positive.
-And sister Rosa Lazaga;|-Who are you?
-Marco Zuloaga.|-I will put you through.
-Who is it?|-Marco Zuloaga.
I am calling from Jordan.|I found out about Lydia.
I am sorry, Marco.
You should have called me.
We had a lot of problems here.
What happened? Benigno isn't|there anymore, I was told.
Benigno is in jail.
He is accused of raping Alicia.
Help him. He has no one|the poor guy.
Did you go see him?
After what he did, I can't.
However he does need help,|and you are his friend.
-What prison is he in?|-In Zegovia.
Wait for me here.
-I want to see a prisoner.|-In the visting section.
Through this door,on the left.
I want prisoner Benigno Martin.
It isn't a visting day,|but I will see whether...
I am sorry, I can't hear you.
It isn't a visiting day.
And the lodger didn't ask|for a visit.
He doesn't know I am in Madrid.|I came today.
-Are you a relative?|-A friend.
-Marco Zuloaga is my name.|-Can I see your I.D.?
-Can I call him?|-He will call you.
I have changed number. Can you|give him the new one?
And remember.
Visiting days are Saturday|and Sunday.
But the lodger should ask for|the visit.
If he doesn't want to see you,|there is nothing we can do.
And something else. We don't|have prisoners here...
We don't have prisoners here,|we have lodgers.
Marco, is that you?
I am glad to hear your voice.|I asked your visit on Saturday.
-Where are you?|-Outside the clinique.
Dr Vega told me everything.|How could you do it?
Did you come back to Spain|to get on my back?
Do you need anything?|What should I bring you on Saturday?
I need information.|What do you know about Alicia?
They wouldn't say anything|from the clinique.
She is in a different one.|They don't know where.
-I don't believe this.|-Neither do I.
But I am not surpised they|won't tell us.
-Are you still my friend?|-Of course. Since I am here.
Then find out about Alicia.
Whether she's alive, whether she gave|birth, whether the baby is alive...
I need to know, Marco...|You understand, right?
I will try to...|Talk to you on Saturday...
-Did you find out anything?|-I will. Be patient.
I was, until the day she would|give birth. One month ago.
You must wait.
-What do you do during the day here?|-I work in the recovery room.
It's a new prison, few people.|It's quiet in here.
-It doesn't look like a prison from outside.|-The problem is elsewhere!
That I don't see Alicia.
The doctor ki o Dr Roncero|say I am a psychopath.
This is good for the trail, they say,|but I don't care about the trial.
I need to see Alicia,|to find out how everything went.
If this goes on, I don't|know what I am capable of doing!
I am a psychopath, they say?|Then I will act like one!
Don't say that, Benigno!
And find me another lawyer.|The one I have despises me.
I will rent my place so that|I can pay him.
I will rent it.|I am currently homeless.
Great. I am glad you will be|my tenant.
I was thinking about you a lot,|especially during the nights.
-Why during the nights?|-Because I study during the nights.
I read all your guides.
Like travelling with you|next to me...
...telling me things.
I liked Avan's the most.
I became one with those people...
...that have nothing|and invent everything.
And you describing|the Cuban girl... front of her window|by the sea...
...waiting in vain...
...for something that will|never happen.
I was thinking that woman is me.
Good morning. I am Benigno's|friend.
You are Marco, the Argentinian?
Benigno called me.|Will you take his appartment?
It will be dirty. He wouldn't|let me in to clean it.
-And I didn't want any money...|-It's OK, I will take care of it.
Shall I give you the key?...|I will go look for it...
Did you see him?
-How is he?|-Well.
Poor guy, he wasn't even lucky|during his imprisonment.
No publicity!
No TV, no reporters.|No one came here.
They didn't condescend!|And they show such garbage!
I would give them an interview!
The media is shit in this country!
You are right.
The keys...
Anyway...Do you know why|Benigno is in prison?
He is very quiet. He didn't say|a word last time he came.
-Benigno is innocent.|-Yes, I know.
-Innocent about what?|-I don't know.
You do, but you don't want|to tell me.
If you need something,|you know where I am.
I was glad you stepped in|by yourself today, without crutches.
-How did the exercise go today?|-Very well.
-Were you tired?|-A lot.
It doesn't matter. We will|do some extra exercises.
We will do some stretches.
-But I already did 100.|-We'll do a few more.
I have an appointment with|Mr. Sainz.
The boy was born dead.
Alicia recovered.|Benigno hasn't found out.
In his condition,|he could do something crazy.
I can't lie to him.|He is my only friend.
I will tell him.|I have no problem.
Alicia is still in coma and|the baby dead, I will say.
But you don't tell him anything.
-Can he bail out?|-Very difficult, and expensive.
-You are wet.|-A little.
Be careful not to catch a cold.|Drink hot milk with honey.
Since I am here,|I like rainy days.
DId you see the new lawyer?
He was here...|he told me everything...
-I will loose, right?|-Frankly, yes, you will.
At least nothing happened to|Alicia during birth.
It's the only thing that consoles|me and gives me hope.
Are you ok, Benigno?
I would like to hug you|so much, Marco.
But I have to ask for a meeting|face to face.
I tried.
They asked me whether you are|my lover.
I didn't dare say 'yes' since|that would annoy you.
It wouldn't annoy me at all.|You can say whatever you want.
I have hugged very few people|in my life.
I was very happy to see you|and say goodbye today.
They won't let me get|out of here...
...or they will put me|somewhere else
I don't want to live|without Alicia...
...without being able to hold|not one pin of hers.
Therefore I will escape.
I didn't tell you so that you|won't stop me.
I hug you firmly, Marco.
In Zegovia...|Yes, in prison...
I urgently need to see Benigno Martin.
It's a matter of life and death.
The warden is waiting for you|in his office.
Me? Where is his office?
The guard will accompany you.
Empty your pockets, please.
Wait, don't run.
In there at the end.
Good morning. I am|Marco Zuloaga.
Benigno Martin left this|letter for you.
Dear Marco...
It's still raining, and this|is a good sign.
When Alicia had the accident,|it was raining too.
I am writing to you a few|minutes before I escape.
I hope, with all these,|to fall in a coma as well...
...and to be near her.
You are my only friend.
I am leaving you the house|I prepared for me and her.
Wherever they take me, come to|see me and talk to me.
Tell me everything, without|hiding anything.
Goodbye, my friend.
I took these from him and these|I found at his cell.
You must sign here.
Benigno, it's me.
Alicia is alive...|You woke her up.
I got your message and ran|immediately to tell you...
...but it was too late.
I put a pin of Alicia|in your pocket.
And a photo of hers.
And a photo of your mother.
So that they can be with you|in eternity.
Like wild waves. The male on top,|the female below.
I will bring some water.
Are you ok?
I don't know...
I am much better now.
Come on, lets go inside.
You tremble.
-What did you tell her?|-Noting.
I saw you talking.
She asked if I am ok, and I|thanked her.
You will see me around.|I live near the dancing school.
In Benigno's place?
-Why do you stay there?|-Benigno is dead.
One day, we should talk.
Yes, and it will be simpler|than you thought.
Nothing is simple.
I am a dancing teacher, and nothing is simple.|and nothing is simple.
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