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Subtitles for Hairdresser 2003.

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Hairdresser 2003

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This is great. Can't you lower the price a bit?
You're killing me
l can't go any lower. l'm losing money
Here you go
What about this one? l'm really poor
lt's not for sale
lt's a wreck. Been in an accident
The insurance is almost ex pired
And it's not been serv iced yet
The brake pads are gone. lt's a wreck.
lt's completely unroadworthy
lt's fine as it is
l need it now. Please
You're killing me
l don't believ e this
But payment in cash
50,000 in cash
1 0, 20, 30, 40. . . 50,000
No luck?
lt's just a bad streak
My bad streak has gone on forev er
Your luck will change
When ex actly?
l n time
We'v e been here 2 years
l'v e played pachinko ev eryday
Thrown away 20,000 ev eryday
l'v e nev er won a thing
Don't giv e me that ''in time'' bullshit
Why don't you change machines?
l can't
l'm not the cheating type
What's the point of sticking to a machine that nev er pays out?
l'll stick to it till it does!
Time to close up
l'm really sorry
Throwing away 20,000 ev ery day
600,000 a month
7,200,000 a year
1 4.4 million ov er 2 years
That's quite a sum
More than this place makes
l'v e used all your sav ings too
l'm really sorry
l'll stop from tomorrow
l'll nev er go to pachinko again
But you will
Nev er
Don't make promises you can't keep
What shall we eat tonight?
What about some beef?
l had a few customers today
How many?
1 5
What happened?
A funeral
l feel like a drink for a change
Shall l go earn some more at pachinko?
l'm joking
l'll tidy up and close
Sit down
A crew cut please
Lost again today?
What's wrong with this machine?
You're just unlucky
Up till now, three customers
Hit the super jackpot on this machine
l'm serious
Pachinko's not your game
You better giv e up
l found a great bar
Let's go later
There's girls
The land of yoghurt?
That's Bulgaria
Somewhere in Europe
White girls?
OK. l'll go
But fix this machine
Make it giv e me a jackpot
That's two different things
You tight bastard
Do you always eat out at night?
lt's not healthy
lt ruins your diet
Doesn't your husband cook?
He doesn't help out here, does he?
He could at least make dinner
You spoil him
lt's OK
lt's fine as it is
What's fine about it?
Ex cuse me
Kawase Barbershop
Oh it's you dear
You'll be late?
Don't drink too much
Right. . . bye
l took her back
l took her back!
Sorry. Forgiv e me
Just tonight, l'm going to tie you up
What the hell !
She's closed up
You're awake?
You dozed off
But it's good timing
Dinner's ready
Sit up
l'm going to take the tape off your mouth
Now don't start screaming
Promise. . .
You won't scream?
G iv e me a proper answer
Right, l'll take it off
Who the hell are you?
What are you going to do?
l told you there's no need to worry
l lov e women
l won't do anything sav age
Untie me
l don't know about that
You might run away
Just for tonight
l think you should stay as you are
Untie me!
You promised not to scream
Let me go!
You hav e to keep your promises
l made stew and ev erything
l thought we could enjoy ourselv es
You'v e ruined it
lt's your fault
l ev en bought a cake
Hav e you any idea how long l waited for tonight?
And you. . .
just. . .
Go and ruin ev erything !
l'm going to sleep now
You sleep too
Good morning
Let me go to the toilet
You know what will happen if you make a scene?
Please don't make me sad
Right. Tie me up
Aren't you going to?
l told you l lov e women
l'm hungry
Me too
l'll get it ready
Please go and wait in the other room
l might run away
You can't
Why not?
We hav e a deal
You hav e to honor it
l nev er signed a contract with you
ls that so?
You kidnapped me against my will
l didn't kidnap you. l took you back
l took you back from him
What are you talking about?
You were my reason for liv ing
He stole you from me
l'v e been looking for you for 2 years
Two miserable years
l can't liv e without you
l'v e been thinking about you
For two years
Please take it
Go on
lf you want to leav e me
Kill me first
l don't get it
l don't understand anything !
What's going on in your head?
You're crazy!
l'm not crazy
You are! You just don't realize it
You're nuts!
Let me go
l'll stab you. l will
Please stab me
Stab me now!
But don't just stab me
lf you stab me in the belly
Gouge it out
Or l won't die
Just piercing the flesh isn't lethal
lf you understand
Please kill me
Go on
Don't leav e me like this!
Not like this!
l told you not like this!
l want to stay in you forev er
l nside you forev er
Turn around
l'm fine
l'll wash you
Ouch, that hurts!
What are you looking at?
l was wondering whether. l was dreaming
Because l'v e always dreamed of this
l'll make you happy
Tie me up
l might run away
Tie me up at night
Ev en when we are so much in lov e?
Can't you forget about him?
How could l?
No matter how useless he is
We were together for 2 years
How can you ask me to forget him?
So please tie me up
Where did we meet?
lt was 3 years ago
Where you worked
Of course
You were a customer?
l worked at the post office at the time
l was a mailman
Your shop was on my route
Ev eryday
l watched you
When there was no mail, l looked in the window
When there was mail
l wouldn't put it in the box
But l'd go in the shop
And hand it to you personally
My heart was pounding so hard
l used to worry that
You would hear it
Uniforms. . .
Are funny aren't they?
You can't tell anything about
A person in a uniform
At that time
There was one thing that bugged me
Why did the postman
Always hand me the mail?
Once l ev en sent you a blank letter
Thinking l could meet you
l remember!
Do you?
l wondered who it was
lt had no return address
So it was you?
Why didn't you say anything?
lf you liked me that much,
Why didn't you say?
l summoned the courage
To speak to you
l ev en bought a jacket
And went to your shop on my day off
But you weren't there
Next day, after work
l went back to your shop
You weren't there
l went to see you
Ev ery day
But l nev er saw you
You'd stopped working there
Because l'd met him
l know
Because he embraced me
lt was a cold day like today
He just showed up
And said
''l want to make you happy''
''l would do anything for you''
And then
He embraced me
My frozen body
lt was the first time
l'd ev er been hugged so hard
And then
l decided
Why are you crying?
That was my line, Harumi
l was supposed to say that to you that day
Has it already been 2 weeks?
l wonder what he's doing?
You still think about him?
lt's not like that
Don't you see?
l'm worried
l'm really worried
Hug me
Hug me
Hug me here
Don't go
Stay with me
Stay with me forev er
Hug me
Hug me tight
l'm going shopping
We're out of rice, pasta, meat and v egetable
And toilet paper too
Take me with you
l want to be with you always
Our first driv e
lt's so bright!
What are you doing?
l'v e no money
They are waiting for the rent on the shop
l can't come to pachinko with you
l didn't come for that
Stop grinning, asshole
l saw her
What did you see?
Was she alone?
With a young guy
Shav ed head
You might as well giv e up
She's already split up from you
She was like this
l n the guy's arms
G et out
l'm telling you for your sake
Just get out!
What the fuck!
Sad guy
Dinner's ready
Shall we eat here?
l want to go somewhere else
Tokyo or somewhere
Hav e you been there?
Let's go!
We'll rent an apartment in Tokyo
After we'v e made some money
First we'll get a liv e-in job
A caretaker or something
We'll be together always
l'll cook
You go out to work
You could go to college!
G et a diploma
We'll liv e together
Simply, little by little
l'm sick of this place
Where are you going?
l'm out of cigarettes
l'll be right back
l'll go with you
You can't
Someone you know might see us again
Why don't you do the washing?
lt's a long trip
We won't be able to do it for a while
lt's been a while
What do you want?
Let me in
How did you find. . .
The both of us?
Both of us?
''Both of us'' huh?
You should hav e let it go
You were still young
With an older woman
l thought it would be better with a clean break
That woman
She's with me now
l know
She won't be coming back to you
That's impossible
We're always together
That's all l came to say
You asshole
You think you can steal your brother's woman?
You fucking asshole
She's mine
She was mine from the start
You betrayed me
and took her away from me
You talk like a zombie!
Don't you know?
The early bird gets the worm!
l took her from you?
Because you were always messing around !
Stop it! Stop!
You're one persistent cuss
How long's it been?
2 years
You'v e been looking for her for 2 years?
You quit your job?
l n this recession, you quit your cushy job
To search for her?
What were you going to do?
After you got her back from me?
We're going to marry
''We're going to marry''
l'm serious
''l'm serious''
l n Japan, there are laws
A woman can't marry two men at the same time
l'll get her to div orce you
Who will?
l will !
How's your mom?
lf she heard about this
She'd die from shock
You'v e committed a serious crime
Kidnap and confinement of a man's wife
Mom died
6 months ago
l n an old folks home
She died
So now the old man's
Liv ing on his own
The shitty old bastard !
l doubt we'll ev er meet again
Don't trust people too much
Especially women
l don't believ e that
A new life
lt's a wreck
The brake pads need changing
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