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Subtitles for Hakochavim Shel Shlomi 2003.

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Hakochavim Shel Shlomi 2003

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Do you love me?
What kind of question is that?
You know l do.
Then why do you keep|looking around?
l have a test.|l'm nervous, OK?
Why did you ask me to go steady|if it's a secret?
Some things should be kept secret.|-lt's been a month.
l'm not telling.|-Why not?
My mom will kill me.
She didn't kill you when you|were with Amir. Everyone knew.
Amir's a different story.|-Why, Tehila?
Because l'm a bad student|and all that?
Are you ashamed of me?
What do you want, Shlomi?
To upgrade our relationship.
To what?
To upgrade.
To screw?|-That's not what l said.
But it's what you meant,|isn't it, Shlomi?
l thought you were different.|He wants an upgrade!
l'm freezing our relationship.|You want an upgrade?
Well l'm freezing it,|till further notice.
''I think, therefore I am''|10th grade art project
Stop looking at me.
Shlomi the geek|is looking at me.
Don't look at her.|Concentrate on your test.
Who shushed me?
Did you shush me?|You'd better watch it,
l may be new,|but l can kick ass.
No one shushes me.|-He's still looking!
Don't forget to write down|all the steps,
not just the final answer,|no slacking off.
I shaII come to your door
With ashen Iips
I shaII drop my hands to you
I shaII teII you
aII the good words
That are stiII,|are stiII here...
Are you playing games with me?|-Why not?
Are you...?|-Are you...?
You go first.
Are you Moti's girlfriend?
Sort of.
You're Doron's brother.|-Yeah.
You don't look alike.
l know.
You're better looking than him.|-Me? -More modest too.
Watch out on those turns.|-OK.
Bonjour, monsieur.
Bonjour Monsieur Shalom.|Comment ca va?|g
What's with the phone, Grandpa?
Begin called.|-Who?
Begin was looking for you.
You're dreaming again, Grandpa.
Don't tell me l'm dreaming,|l've dreamt enough in my life.
OK, you get undressed.|l'll fix something to eat.
Let's give you a bath|so you don't stink.
Don't tell me l stink,|l stunk enough in my life.
Prime Minister Begin is|a real man. -But he's dead.
When?|-A long time ago, Grandpa.
Never mind,|there'll be others.
Don't you laugh at me.
''l was laughed at|enough in my life...''
What's your name anyway...
''Doron's diary, top secret''
''Osnat lay beside me, recovering|from the amazing orgasm
''l gave her in the upgraded|position l invented.
''l looked aside and saw Moti|and his new chick, Rona...''
''Doing some wild 69 action.
''lt really turned me on.
''Osnat put a new condom|on my erect penis
''l penetrated her|and she screamed because
''l must have torn apart|her appendix...''
Bonjour, monsieur.
What are you doing in my room?
Nothing. Airing it out.
Did you talk to Tehila?
Did you tell her|what l told you to?
Me and Menachem Begin|were like this.
What did she say?|-ln the trenches in Turkey,
the bullets were whistling|above us.
She froze our relationship.|-Froze?
So he said: Monsieur Bardayan,|don't worry. -Don't worry,
she'll come back on all fours.|-On all fours? What is she, a cat?
You cover me and l'll cover you.|-Fine,
if you don't wanna learn from|your big brother, no problem.
Stay a virgin.
When we ran out of grenades,|l gathered some ticks
and threw some on them.|-What?
They were scratching so much,|they couldn't even shoot.
What are you talking about?
That's how l saved Begin.|-Yeah? When?
ln Turkey, when the Japanese|came in with tanks.
Enough, Grandpa, eat.
Rona says hi.
How do you know Rona?
l met her today.
l think she lives next door.|-Did she say anything about me?
Nothing important.
Tell me what she said.
She asked if we're brothers|and said we didn't look alike,
that l'm better looking|or something.
What's so funny?
You may be better looking,|but l have a huge dick.
You baby.|-Wanna check? -No.
Why not? Scared?|Go get a ruler.
You do the dishes,|l have homework.
Shlomi has my genes, you have|your father's. -So what?
So Shlomi has a big ding-dong|and you have a small one,
it's genetics.|l know, l've seen you both.
''Write an essay on the meaning of|the story of David and Goliath.''
''Arrogance pays off.''
Need help?|Want me to write it for you?
No thanks, l finished.
''Stars Outside''
I shaII wait for you,|Iike your shoes...
Why?|-l told you to use earphones.
You're ruining my amplifier.|-Did you bring me the envelopes?
No.|-Why not?
l forgot.|-lsn't it important enough?
So take some from the hospital.
They have a logo on them.|-Then buy some.
l bust my ass to keep this house|going, you could help a little.
l'm in an army entertainment|group, there are no envelopes.
No one raises their voice|at me in my house, get it?
lt's my house too.
Go to your father,|that rotten bastard.
You go, l'm not your|envelope-stealing sucker.
Stop it, Mom.
He nearly chopped off|my finger,
how can l go to work|with a chopped-off finger?
This is my door, you hear?
Don't be angry,|he had a rough day.
l don't exactly|piss around all day.
Did you have the geography test|today? -Math.
Did you do good?
Never mind.|-They'll end up kicking me out.
Oh no they won't. l'll make|a scene they'll never forget.
You were such a wiz kid|when you were little,
you knew the whole|multiplication table by heart.
The minute you started school,|you turned into a dummy.
Mom, cut it out.
Just finish high school,|so you'll be like everyone else.
Go to the army,|work at a restaurant
and one day you'll have your own.
You don't have to be|a genius to be a cook.
Look at what's-his-name on TV,|that cook...
Tell her l'm going with Moti|to Rona's. -Who's Rona?
Moti's girlfriend.|She lives next door, she's new.
We're forming a band,|we may even live together.
Tell him he can go|and never come back.
Here we go again...
Tell her l'm not asking her.|-He said he's not asking you.
Tell him he's a hotheaded|Moroccan Jew, like his father.
Tell her to piss off!
Did he take his pills?
What did you put in here?|-Tahini.
lt's good.
''Bardayan Family''
Dad, what are you doing here?|-Tell her l'm dying.
OK, but go home now.|-Who are you whispering to?
Tell her l'm dying.
Tell him if he doesn't beat it,|l'm calling the police.
l was at the doctor's.
He can drop dead.
l won't come to his funeral,|even if he sends me a limo.
How can l send one if l'm dead?
The guy's dead and she|wants me to send a limo.
Where's your heart, Ruhama?|-l'm calling the police.
You'd better go.
Don't worry, she's all talk.|Give this to her.
She'll burn it.|-l don't care. l'm your father,
l have to look after you|and my father.
How is he? Why didn't|you come see me today?
l'll come tomorrow.
By then you may find me dead,|like a dog, alone.
Take this.
What did you cook today?|Gimme some.
Don't be mean to your sick dad.|-You're not sick.
OK, but don't you dare|come inside.
Did you call the police?|-The line was busy.
Good. -Throw away|the money he gave you.
Wanna hear what he said?
Couldn't care less. He and that|bimbo of his are both dead to me.
He bleached his hair.
He what?
l thought you|couldn't care less.
I pray for you to be mine
OnIy so that|I couId forget you...
Why didn't you come|to the party yesterday?
We had an orgy...|There was loads of upgrading...
And why don't you come|to the Scouts' meetings?
l don't have time.
Then how exactly do you plan|on being my boyfriend?
Begin was looking for you.|-What Begin?
Begin, the new math teacher.|He wants to see you, urgent.
His name is Begin?|l thought it was Yaish.
Yaish is his last name,|Begin is his first name.
lf they wanna kick you out,
tell them l'll help you|improve your grades, OK?
Shlomi, l'm glad you came.|We have to go see the principal.
Why, what did l do?|-Relax, you didn't do anything.
l was looking for you, l spoke|with your dad on the phone.
That was my grandpa, my dad's dad.|My dad doesn't live at home.
Your dad doesn't live at home|but his father does? -Yeah.
Did you ask Shlomi?|-Get off my case, Grandpa.
Go back to your window.
He takes money from Shlomi|without asking.
He'll pay him back.
He never pays him back, l do.
Then everything's alright,|right?
Shlomi's your son too,|not only Doron.
Do me a favor and butt out.
You discriminate between them.|All that talk about his kidneys,
he's been healthy|for 5 years now.
Enough with your excuses,|Ruhama. -Bardayan,
l have a double-shift today,|so don't bug me, l'm warning you.
What'll you do? Throw me out|like you did to Robert?
Don't forget,|this is my house.
You may be my daughter-in-law|and l love you like a daughter,
but there's a limit|to every limit. -What?
There's a limit to every limit.|-What does that mean?
That there's a limit|to every limit. -Stop it!
Don't yell at me. l was|yelled at enough in my life.
l'm still mad at you.|-l know, l'm sorry.
Was it too much to ask for?|-l'll bring you some today.
ls this enough?
Don't take a penny|from your father.
Shlomi Bardayan, do you|know why l asked you here?
You're kicking me out of school?|-Why do you say that?
They say that since you're new,|you're kicking out all the rejects.
ls there any reason|l should kick you out?
l'm flunking out.
Can you tell me what this is?
l swear l didn't cheat.|-l know, you'd have handed it in
if you cheated, but your teacher|says you didn't, right?
So relax,|nobody's going to kill you.
My mom's gonna kill me.|-Why?
lf you kick me out.
No one's kicking you out, Shlomi.|Relax.
So what's this piece|of paper all about?
lt's just scrap.|-Why didn't you write the answers?
l didn't know them.
But all the answers are correct,|why didn't you write them down?
Sshh, Begin.|Take it easy.
Shlomi, l'm willing to|let you take the test over.
Begin will ask you a question|and you answer it, OK? -Now?
Why not?|-l can't. -Why?
lt takes me too long to write|the steps and l don't know them.
Forget the steps,|just give me the answer.
But you always ask|for the steps.
We'll overlook them this time,|won't we, Begin?
No steps?
No steps.
X equals 1.5 and Y equals 5.
ls that right?
Very good.
But that was easy.
l want to ask you|a few questions,
but answer straight away, OK?
How much is 83 times 37?
How much is 1466 times 724?
Divided by four?
Mind if l smoke?
Me? Of course not,|my dad smokes too.
How do you do it, Shlomi?
Do what?
You aren't kicking me out?
This is what we'll do.
Before l decide, l'll ask you|a few more questions,
so go back to class|and come see me after school, OK?
l can't. l have to take care|of my grandpa and cook.
Then come first thing tomorrow|morning, instead of first period.
l have Bible with Tzvia...
l'll talk to her, OK?
Let's keep this a secret.
OK, Shlomi?
Otherwise l'll regret|giving you this opportunity.
''Lt. Colonel Cohen,|a father to us soldiers''
''l think, therefore l am''
Are they kicking you out?
l don't know.
When will you defrost|the freeze?
Let's see if they kick you out,|then l'll think about it,
but don't tell anyone, or else the|freeze will go on forever, got it?
Are they sleeping?
Everything OK?
Shlomi, you gotta talk to|your sister, l'm going nuts.
What's wrong now?
No radio, no TV, she even|took the phone off the hook.
l have a stiff back from|sleeping on the sofa.
Why are you on the sofa?
My snoring wakes them up...
She lets me use the lnternet,|but only with the mouse
'cause the keyboard|makes noise.
l'm going to work.
Why don't you let him sleep|next to you? -He'll wake the boys.
But they can't sleep all day.|-They have to grow.
Want me to babysit today?
What for?
Go out, have fun.
What for?
Did you make up with Mom?
Why don't you go to sleep?
l can't, as soon as|l fall asleep, they wake up.
l know him well, l was friends|with his mother, Ruhama.
Robert, Shlomi's father, cheated|on her with her best friend,
so she threw him out and cut off|ties with all her friends,
so we're not in touch.
What about Shlomi?|-What about him?
What do you have|to say about him?
Shlomi? You want to know|how he is in school?
He's good in sports,|he tries hard.
On occasion he makes|a brilliant remark in literature,
but can never explain it.
At times he does surprisingly|well on multiple choice tests,
but we don't know|if he guessed or cheated.
Do you think he's|capable of cheating?
How long have you been|his homeroom teacher?
Since 9th grade.
But you know him from before,|right?
What do you know about him?
His big brother is great,|he was sick for many years,
poor guy, till he had|the operation. -l heard.
Ruhama gave him a kidney.
But now he's great,|he helps Shlomi so much.
But personally,|what's your impression of him?
How should l put it...|l think he's a little...
You know.
What does that mean?|-Dumb.
Look at this.
''Arrogance pays off.''
Why hasn't he been kicked out?|He's failing all his classes.
Because he doesn't|bother anyone.
He doesn't bother anyone?|-He doesn't bother anyone.
l see.
He doesn't bother anyone.
What's with you? -l have cancer.|l'm gonna die, for sure.
Where do you have cancer?|-Crawling from head to toe.
What did you bring?
Meat patties with peas?
Did you go to the doctor?
He's a Russian immigrant,|He doesn't know nothing.
Why, don't they have cancer|in Russia? -Loads of it.
They're all dying of cancer.|What does that mean, Shlomi?
That they know|nothing about cancer.
He asks me if l'm Moroccan.
l say my mother was a Moroccan Jew|and my father an lraqi Jew.
''Then stop eating spicy food,''|he tells me.
Can you believe that?|What are you laughing at?
Your patient has cancer|and you're laughing?
So how's school?|And how's Grandpa?
Does he ask about me?
He'll be sorry for siding|with his daughter-in-law
instead of his son.|Do l deserve this? What did l do?
You cheated on Mom.
Don't talk to me like that,|Shlomi. l'm sensitive.
l didn't cheat on your mom.
Then what did you do?
When you grow up, l'll explain.
Forget it. -lt was Aliza,|your mother's friend.
She's the one who walked into the|bathroom while l was showering.
lt wasn't me, Shlomi,|it was my dick.
He has a mind of his own,|goddamn him.
You'll understand|when you grow up.
Did you know your mother|goes on blind-dates?
What? -Yeah, she sends ads to|the paper and thinks l don't know.
My corpse isn't even cold yet and|she's already looking for men.
lf she doesn't take me back,|l'll kill myself.
Or die of cancer,|whichever comes first.
''Sender: R''
When did you move in?|-A week ago. -l haven't seen you.
l travel a lot. -Yeah? Where to?|-Haifa, l'm looking for a job.
What's wrong with here?|-Nothing.
Didn't you say you were|forming a band? -We are?
Aren't we?
Do you have|a high school diploma? -Yes.
How old are you?|-17.
17 and you have|a high school diploma.
When did you get it? -2 years|ago, l went to night school.
You sure you're 17?|-Want her to show you some l.D.?
What do you care? -You should be|a secret service interrogator.
See how he talks back|to his mother?
She's new, l wanna get|to know her, so butt out.
Where are your parents?|-At their house.
Why aren't you with them?
l left 2 years ago.
They got on my nerves.|-Really? How?
They asked me|too many questions.
Where do your parents come from?
They were born here in lsrael,|their families came from Morocco.
Wanna do a blood test?|-l don't want anything.
Excuse me,
my plants are calling me.
lt was nice to meet you, Ruta.|-Rona.
Her plants call her on the phone.|ls that stupid or what?
lt's not a phone. She grows plants|and has a system that beeps.
She's a garden geek?|-A gardener.
Never heard of a girl leaving|her parents to become a gardener.
Ask her if her pee is yellow,|it's the only thing you left out.
Give it a rest, wise guy.
ln the end, l'm always right.|-About what? -Nothing.
C'mon, Ruhama, what do you have|to say about her? -She's Moroccan.
So what? -So watch out,|both of you. -Why?
She'll come between you,|that Ruta. -Rona!
Ruta, Rona, who cares?|She's Moroccan.
What does your mom|have against Moroccans?
She has a complex.
My dad's half-Moroccan, he cheated|on her with her Moroccan friend,
so she thinks there's a Moroccan|conspiracy against her.
l'm Moroccan too, so?
I shaII come to your door
With ashen Iips
I shaII drop my hands to you
I shaII teII you
AII the good words
That are stiII,|are stiII here...
Careful ,it's hot.
l wanted to apologize.
For what?
All her questions.
But what are you|apologizing for?
You've got some soap here.
l was washing dishes.
ls it true you had|a special tutor in grade school?
Yeah, Nehama.|l really liked her.
Why did you go to her?
So that she'd help me.|-Did she?
She taught me how to play|the piano, took me to movies.
And sent you for evaluation,|right? -What's ''evaluation''?
Different tests,|like the questions l asked you.
How do you know?|-l spoke with her yesterday.
She says hi,|she misses you.
So what did you do|in the evaluation?
They asked all kinds of questions.|-That's it? -Yeah.
Shlomi, are you playing the fool?
Are you putting me on?|-Of course not.
Drink your coffee.
This letter was sent to your|parents after the evaluation.
They were asked to meet with|Prof. Eldad from Haifa Univ.
Do you know about this?
l spoke with him today,|he even remembers you.
But your parents never showed up.|Why, Shlomi?
What's that?
Something Nehama and l wrote.
Do you play at home?|-We don't have a piano.
Do your parents know you play?
Why not?
Doron plays.
So what?
That's his field.|He's really good.
What books do you have|at home that you've read?
Not many. The Bible.
What do you like in the Bible?|-Everything.
Do you like David?|-No, not him.
lt's as if they're trying|to hide who he really was.
What are they hiding?|-That he was a piece of shit.
Sorry for what?|-Saying ''shit''.
lt's OK, say ''shit''|as much as you want.
What are you thinking about?
l'm contemplating.|-About what?
What to make for lunch.|-What?
Fish patties or lasagna.
Does cooking relax you? -No,|but it relaxes the ones who eat.
Your parents aren't mad?
Did you forgive them?
For what?
For doing what they did|that made you leave home.
''And David sent Joab,|and his servants with him...''
I wanted her|to think I am fair,
and pure are my hands|and cIear is my mind.
ls the falafel good?|-Pretty good.
Sorry it doesn't meet your|standards, monsieur le chef,
next time bring some of your|lasagna patties and fish.
Listen, l have to talk|with your parents,
but l want to wait|with that for awhile.
l want us to go see|Prof. Eldad in Haifa,
to get a fuller picture.|-Of what?
You're a very special boy,|Shlomi.
l don't know if you're fooling|everyone with your brain
or if someone really|put it to sleep,
but it's high time|we did something about it.
Bonjour, monsieur.
Ziva's here?|-ln the kitchen, crying,
hasn't said a word|since she got here.
What's the bag for, Ziva?|-l left home, l'm not going back.
Why, did Sasi wake the boys?
Don't make fun of me, Shlomi.
Got any star cake?
Why did you leave?|-Because.
l'm embarrassed to say.
No one can hear.
He's up all night|on the lnternet.
Don't you get it?
What do you think he does,|writes letters to Clinton?
l dunno, what does he do?
He looks at pictures...
of women...
Wanna talk to him?|-l don't want anything from him.
Want him to apologize?|-Yes.
ls he at Dad's, as usual?|-l dunno.
But don't tell him l told you.|l want him to butter up to me
and promise he'll come back|on all fours. -What is he, a cat?
What are you doing?|-Nothing.
Sasi, let's go.
She said l could come?
Yeah.|-On all fours?
What did l do?
You shouldn't look at that stuff,|it hurts her feelings.
What were you looking at?|-lt's either news or that stuff.
What's ''that stuff''?
And why does she take Abir|and Adir when she leaves?
She could at least leave me|one of them. l'm their father.
Which one, Abir or Adir?
Doesn't matter,|l can't tell who's who anyway.
She doesn't let me be with them.|-C'mon, let's go.
Get lost.|-But he...
No if's, and's or but's.|You're history.
He came to apologize.|-Butt out, go do your homework.
Stop yelling,|you'll wake the boys.
Stop shushing everyone,|what are you, a librarian?
What did he say?
Never you mind,|you're staying here.
Forget that cheating pervert.|-He didn't cheat on her.
He will.|l know his type.
Tell her l'm gonna kill myself.
l'll set myself on fire.|-Patience, Sasi. She'll come out.
What did he say?
He's sorry and he'll take|the computer back to work.
Then instead of working|he'll do what he was doing.
Forget that dog, Ziva.
Why is he walking around|like that in front of the boys?
Put something on.
l don't feel like it,|my balls hurt, OK?
What's he laughing at?
You're a fatso, no wonder he was|looking at babes on the lnternet.
He wouldn't if you weren't so fat.|-You'd better watch it.
Ziva, my love, l'll die|if you don't come back.
Then die. -Sasi, how could you|do this to me? -What did l do?
You kick him out the door,|he comes through the window.
He's trying to come through|the drainage now. Sasi!
Sasi, can you hear me?
Shlomi, help Doron|clear out his room. -Why?
You're moving into Shlomi|and Grandpa's room.
You wish, l'm not leaving|my room for that fatso.
Bonjour, madame.|-Bonjour, monsieur.
You're moving more people|into my house?
What planet did you fall off?
Don't you tell me planet,
l've been told planet enough|in my life. -Bardayan, butt out!
Ziva! -Shlomi, go tell Sasi|to scram, Ziva's staying here.
Where will we sleep?
Shlomi, go out to him.
Shlomi, please.
Shlomi!|-l don't want to!
Why don't you ask her|what she wants? -What for?
lt's her life,|let her decide.
Do you want to go back to him?
Yeah.|-That's what you want?
But l don't wanna see you anymore.|-Fine, you won't.
l don't wanna see your face,|even at my funeral.
What happened?|-l don't know.
lt's your damn father. He must've|put them here when l wasn't home.
Dad? -He's capable of it,|believe me.
He wants to get back at me 'cause l|gave the kidney to Doron, not him
The boy's life was at stake and|he's playing games with kidneys.
Like a baby. Now he puts|ants in my bed. -He didn't.
Yes he did.|-He loves you.
You're so naive, Shlomi.
He loves you and is|scared to death of you.
Then where did this zoo|come from?
Want some chocolate?
Where did you get it?
Someone gave it to me.
Does Dad know you go on dates?
l don't care.
Why are you doing it, Mom?
'Cause l'm sick of|only ants coming to me.
lt's stale.
Someone finally gives me|some chocolate...
Do you think l'm obsessive,|Shlomi?
What?|-Am l obsessive?
About what? -Why do l give|Ziva such a hard time
and run after Doron|with his pills?
Even Moti came to me|yesterday and said:
''l'm gonna marry Rona,''|and instead of giving him a kiss,
l bawled him out.|Why do l have to interfere?
Moti wants to marry Rona?|-lnstead of giving him a kiss...
Even with you, Shlomi, why|do l force you to go to school?
You have such a hard time, l may|be doing you harm. -You're not.
l see you don't have any friends.|-l do, l just don't have time.
You don't have friends.
You think l don't see,|but l know everything about you.
No you don't.|-What don't l know?
You don't know about the|evaluation they did on me.
What evaluation? When?|-3 years ago.
That thing Nehama sent you to?
Of course l know.
They sent you a letter|about meeting a professor.
Why didn't you go?
l was busy throwing|your damn father out,
burying myself|after he humiliated me.
And l don't wanna hear that|dyslexic-schmislexic crap again.
We each have our own fate,|why make a big deal out of it?
How did we get on|this subject anyway?
Go to sleep, Mom, you must|be tired. l changed your sheets.
You're a special boy, Shlomi.
Good night.
''Doron's diary, top secret''
''lt finally happened.|l got her into bed.
''She's the most amazing fuck|on the globe.
''We did it over and over again,|wasting dozens of condoms...
''Rona is a sex kitten.''
''l think she's a nymphomaniac,|but it's fun porking her.
''l hope Moti doesn't find out,|it'd kill him if he knew
''Rona was blowing me.''
What's up, Shlomi,|what's wrong?
You're not speaking to me?|What's with you? Wait up.
How are things, Shlomi?|-Shitty. -What's wrong?
Nervous about going|to Haifa tomorrow? -No.
Then what?
Would you tell me|what's wrong?
Would you mind answering|a few questions?
You're always asking me questions,|so can l ask you some too?
Sure, go ahead.|-Are you married?
l was, l'm divorced.|-Are you looking for a wife?
What is this about? -l saw you|with someone yesterday. -So what?
l know her, she's our neighbor.|You'd better watch it. -Why?
She's totally wacko.|-Really? -She's a widow.
They say she poisoned|her husband.
She told me her husband|was alive and well.
She's lying. Watch out.
She even said she hasn't decided|whether to divorce him or not.
Are you saying she lied to me?|That she's actually a widow?
Not exactly. She... was a widow,|she remarried. l think...
Are you worried about me,|Shlomi?
Thanks, but it's OK, l don't think|anything will come out of it.
Yeah?|-She still loves her husband,
otherwise she wouldn't keep|talking about him. -She did?
You'rejust nervous|about tomorrow.
Don't worry, l'll take you to|a great falafel place in Haifa.
l'm ready for an upgrade.
What? -You said you wanna upgrade.|Well, l'm ready.
Only if you swear|not to tell anyone.
We can do it right now.
Here at school?
Of course not.|Let's get outta here.
Where to? -My house. My parents|won't be back till tomorrow,
we can upgrade all we want.
l know you're a virgin, but|don't worry, l'm experienced,
l even have some condoms.
What do you say?
Your turn.
Keep going.
What a hard-on...
l hope the condom will do.
Come closer.
What are you doing? -lt's not|supposed to be like this.
Don't you wanna|sleep with me?
l'm dying to sleep with you.|-Then what's wrong?
l'm not sure if l love you.|-Why? -l'm not sure you love me.
l'm crazy about you.|C'mon, let's keep going,
you still have a hard-on.
He has a mind of his own.|-What?
ls it because of the condom?
What's gonna happen tomorrow?
Will you talk to me at school?
Or will you keep me|in deep-freeze?
Will you talk to me|when l'm down?
What do you know about me?
Do you know where l live?|-l know you're a coward.
l'm sorry, Tehila.
l'm sorry.
You didn't even say|bonjour today.
Bonjour, monsieur.
One more bonjour like that|and we've had it.
Who's the girl|who broke your heart?
Listen to me,|girls are like buses.
lf you miss one,|another one will come along.
Girls are like mirrors.|You see yourself,
your dimples and your pimples.
l thought girls were like buses.
Like buses, like mirrors,|like nooses.
The tighter the knot,|the harder you get. -What?
Yeah. Men getting hanged|have a hard-on. That's science.
What do you keep looking at?
The sky.
Sometimes it's blue,|sometimes it's clear.
There are clouds, stars,|lightening, many things.
They each do their own thing and|don't get in each other's way.
What's gonna happen to you,|Grandpa? -What do you mean?
lf l go away.|-Where to?
To school, for instance.|-School's good, l'm all for that.
But what about you? Who'll give|you a bath and feed you?
What do you care? Why do you|have to butt in on everything?
lf you close your eyes,|will the sky come falling down?
l have news for you,|it won't.
And you, Shlomi,|find your mirror
and get on your bus|and stop worrying about me.
l've been worried about|enough in my life.
So it's a boarding school?
No, it's a house, l told you,|no more than 10 kids.
How much does it cost?|-Don't worry about the money,
that's your parents' problem.
They don't have any money.|-First do the tests,
then we'll take care of the rest.|-What do they study there?
Eldad develops thinking abilities,|stuff like that,
but basically, every one|studies what they want.
What'll l study?|-Whatever you want.
Shlomi, we've been|waiting for you. Welcome.
Yehoshua Eldad,|nice to meet you.
My wife, Miriam, is making beans.|l can't stand the smell,
so l came out to do some|gardening. Come.
l heard you're a fabulous cook.|Me too, l make great fava beans.
This computer is|connected to his.
This way l can keep track|of his pace.
What do you think?|-Never seen anything like it.
How did this boy|reach the age of 16
with the whole world|thinking he's semi-retarded?
lt's like thejoke about|the boy and the salt,
everyone thought he was mute till|they asked him to pass the salt.
You and this teacher of yours|finally asked Shlomi
to pass the salt, so he did.
You ruined thejoke. lt was|the boy who asked for the salt.
Jokes aren't my thing.
He stopped.|Why did he stop?
Let him take his time, he can't|tell heads from tails today.
Are you Shlomi?
l'm Miriam.
Come have a drink.
lt's my turn today,|so l'm making beans.
Every time Yehoshua annoys me,|l make beans because he hates them
To get back at me, he makes those|disgusting fava beans of his.
So you and Prof. Eldad|do the cooking?
l cook once a week, Yehoshua once,|and the kids do the rest.
Are you Shlomi?
Bonjour, Monsieur Shlomi.
Come in, don't be shy.
''l... think, but not too much''
This is for your parents.
l want to meet them|to explain everything.
They won't let me.|-Of course they will.
The question is,|what do you want?
l dunno. -Think about it,|Shlomi. There's time.
There's a kid there who speaks|French all the time,
just like my grandpa.|-So?
Another kid looks at naked|women on the computer. -So what?
Yehoshua and Miriam fight about|their beans just like my parents.
l'll end up cooking for them|so they don't go crazy,
so what's the difference?|-You'll have others things, Shlomi.
Like what?|-Lots of things.
lnteresting subjects, classes,|good teachers from the university,
programs at your level,
a computer so you won't have|to work so hard at writing.
People who won't think|you're an idiot,
who will help you understand|what you want.
And you can cook too,|but only if you want to.
But who'll take care|of my grandpa?
l'm sure your mother|will find a solution.
l got the feeling she can deal|with these kinds of problems.
How's that?
C'mon, l know you know|we went on a blind-date.
l didn't know she was|your mother till we met,
but she kept talking about you.
About me?
You said she talked|about my dad.
A little about him,|a lot about you.
What did she say?
That she loves you very much.
She doesn't love me.|-Yes she does.
She doesn't.|-She does. Very, very much.
She never said so.
Some people don't say so.
She tells Doron.
So what?
So she loves Doron.|-She loves you too.
She loves you too, Shlomi.
And your father too.|-Then why did she throw him out?
You can't keep on living|other people's lives,
you have to live your own life.|Let them be.
What are you doing here?|-Your mother put me out here.
Why?|-She thinks l have lice.
l have lice? She has lice!|Shame on her!
Where have you been?|The house is a mess
and your grandpa's itching|like a leper.
l called school, they said you|went somewhere with the principal.
Where did you go?|-For evaluation.
What are you talking about?
Where are you going?|-To wash the leper.
No way l'm going to meet|with the principal. -Why?
l won't let him kick you out.|-He's not kicking me out.
Then it's that|dyslexic-schmislexic crap again.
You're going.|-Why?
'Cause l said so.|-Shlomi, don't yell at me.
He'll yell at you.|-Don't you yell either.
We're both gonna yell at you.|Everyone's gonna yell at you.
Both the prime minister|and the president.
Even the Queen of England's|gonna yell at you.
Open your ears and get|the hell outta here,
you and your lice.
Monsieur Shalom,
get out of here.
What? -Take the money l put aside|for you and get out of here.
What money? -20 shekels|for every meal you fixed,
15 shekels for a bath,|10 shekels for a shampoo.
You're dreaming again, Grandpa.
The money's in your book|and don't worry about me,
l'll be leaving soon too.|-Grandpa, stop it.
Go, join the partisans,
go up into the mountains,
take over Tokyo,|before it's too late.
Take over Tokyo...
Are you talking to me now?
Are we gonna stand here|in silence or what?
You've been drinking.
My mom's right.
Come in.
What's your mom right about?
You're cheating.|-On who?
On everybody.
What are you talking about?
You're cheating on Moti|by upgrading with Doron,
and you're cheating on Doron|who's cheating with you on Moti.
What? -That's what Doron|wrote in his diary.
l don't understand.|-What's to understand?
You're Moroccan and|my mom was right.
Sit down.
What exactly did Doron|write in his diary?
That you're wasting condoms|and Moti mustn't find out.
Why? -Moti wants to marry you.|that's what he told my mom.
Marry me? Why?
He loves you.|You're his girlfriend, aren't you?
l'm his friend, like l'm|Doron's friend and your friend.
l have lots of friends. -You're|not a couple? -Are you nuts?
And Doron isn't...|-No way.
Then why did he write that...|-How should l know?
He's a fantasizer, an idiot,|is that my fault?
What a bunch of babies.
That's why you haven't|been talking to me.
l have to puke.
Where's Grandpa?
l brought you your pills.|-He's reading my autobiography.
Because he's schmislexic.
You put the ticks.|-lt's not like you, Shlomi.
He's a genius,|you promised me some lasagna.
Come back to me on all fours.|-What am l, a cat?
Begin, where's Grandpa?|-ln Tokyo.
You're gonna wake up my brain!
I shaII wait for you,|Iike your shoes...
Are you OK?
At first l thought|you passed out,
but then you mumbled something|and went back to sleep.
What did l say?
Something about partisans|taking over Tokyo.
l apologize for accusing you.
lt's not your fault|your brother is so creative.
Oh, you threw up on your clothes|so l washed them for you.
They must be dry by now.
Don't worry, l closed my eyes|when l took off your clothes.
ls it OK if l wash my face?
You have a nice house.
l'll be leaving soon.
Where to?|-Haifa.
l found an apartment and a job|and l'm starting school soon.
l have to get away from|my parents for awhile.
Wanna come with me?
l'm looking for a roommate.
lt wouldn't hurt you to get away|from you parents either.
And your brother's diaries.
Your shirt is|the wrong way round.
Why does he always|have to be late?
l hope you burn in hell.|-Why did she say that?
You burn in hell. -Mom, it's|none of your business, butt out.
You've been giving me|a lot of lip lately.
We're here for the boy|and that's it, get it?
Good morning to you too,|Ruhama.
So they wanna kick you out?|l'll burn down the school.
l'll burn it down before you.
Calm down, no one's|burning down anything.
Have you noticed|the Moroccan mouth on him lately?
Good morning.|-Good morning.
l asked you here to talk|about Shlomi, of course,
l've been spending a lot of|time with your son lately,
l don't have to tell you|how wonderful he is,
but above and beyond that, look,|Shlomi has very special abilities
that we should have detected,|but we didn't.
Did you say something?|-Nothing. Go on.
We want to provide Shlomi|with something suitable
for his abilities.|There's a place in Haifa... -Where?
ln Haifa...|-Boarding school.
Mom, it's not boarding school,|listen.
You think l was born yesterday?|-Excuse me?
You want to kick him out,|so you made up this story?
Forget it.
l'll go all the way to the|Education Minister. -Mom!
What are you doing here anyway?|Get out. -Wait, Mrs Bardayan.
Oh, so now l'm Mrs Bardayan?
You had no problem calling me|Ruhama at the cafe.
What cafe?
You were at a cafe?
They were at a cafe?
Are you doing this to spite me|because l didn't stay?
He gives me chocolate, then gives|me this crap about boarding school.
Go blackmail someone else, my son|isn't going to any boarding school
Besides, your chocolate was stale.
What chocolate?|-C'mon, Robert, we're leaving.
You gave her chocolate?
Mom.|-Go back to school.
l'm not going to school.|-You're better off.
What chocolate? -Go to night|school. Doron will help you.
Are you dating that man?
You'll go to night school|and start working. -Ruhama.
Did you touch my diary?|-Leave me alone, Doron.
Answer me. This retarded|handwriting could only be yours.
Don't you ever call me|retarded again.
You fantasizer, pervert.|-l'm a fantasizer?
Do you jerk off after you write|all those hallucinations?
You'rejust jealous.|-Of what? Your fantasies?
lt's all true. Every word.|You'rejust jealous.
Ajealous virgin.
He's your best friend.|Shame on you.
Did you cheat Moti?
Forget it, Mom. -Answer me, did|you cheat with that Rona on Moti?
lt's all in his imagination.|-No it's not.
l warned you she's Moroccan.
Butt out, it's none|of your business!
l won't put up with|any cheaters here.
Fine. lf that's what you want,|that's what you get.
l'm through with him.|-What now?
He put our picture.|-What? Where?
On the lnternet.
He filmed us doing ''stuff''|and put it on the lnternet.
So that l won't complain about|him looking at other women.
Now he only looks at me.|l'm never going back to him.
Where are Abir and Adir?|-Outside, with him.
Shlomi, go get them,|don't let him in.
Let her come out herself.|They're staying with me.
C'mon, Doron,|l'll talk to Mom.
lt's all your fault, you snoop.
Tell Ziva the fatso that there's|an empty room for her now, OK?
Why didn't you bring the twins?|-Sasi wouldn't let me.
Great, now he's taking|my boys away from me.
Mom, talk to Doron,|he's packing.
l want to know, right now.|Are you going on blind-dates?
And how can l help you?
l need their bottles.
Why do they slam the door?
What am l supposed to do now?
Ruhama. -Ziva.|-They're crying.
Don't move, they have|a father too. -They're crying.
Come back here, Ziva,|l'm talking to you.
Stop it!
What do you want?|For once, say what you want!
Why do you have to|boss everybody around?
Now you're a hotheaded|Moroccan too. -So are you.
Leave me alone.|-You're Moroccan too,
your mother came from Morocco.|-Tangier.
And where exactly is Tangier?|-You've become like your father.
Just because Dad did it with some|Moroccan, what's the big deal?
One mistake and the whole|world is against you.
You enjoy being miserable,
that way you have everyone|around you all the time.
Then go.
l am.|-Where to?
The school for retards in Haifa.
Then l'm gonna marry a Moroccan|woman and have 10 Moroccan kids.
From the day they're born|l'll tell them they're geniuses
and that l love them,|even if they aren't.
Grandpa, l'm leaving.
Once l get settled,|l'll come get you.
You'll manage|in the meantime, right?
Bonjour, monsieur.
Forgive me, Ruhama.
When will you forgive me?
lt doesn't have to be like this.|Let's lighten up.
Doron is fine,|everything's OK now.
l know you love me,|but you're scared to admit it.
You think you'll get hurt|or something.
But love isn't|a punishment or a reward.
lt's either there or it isn't.|-So now you're a psychologist?
No.|-A poet?
Then shut up a little.
Why did you do it to me,|Robert?
lt wasn't me.
lt was him, goddamn him.
Just say the word|and l'll chop him off.
We shouldn't be laughing,|Robert, your fatherjust died.
l didn't even get to|say goodbye to him.
And what about Shlomi?
He was so close to him.
He'll be OK.|Shlomi's strong.
Noticed how he grew up|on us lately?
With everything|we went through with Doron,
we're lucky Shlomi's|so reliable,
we don't have to run after him for|every little thing. -That's right.
He'll be so amazing|when he grows up.
Like his father.
He could learn a few things|from you. But just a few.
What?|-l want him to surprise, to dare,
to climb out of his shell and|see what a special boy he is.
We have to go back to|that principal, Robert.
Who knows? He may be right|and we have to do something.
C'mon, let's go to sleep.
But you're sleeping on the sofa.|You're in mourning.
''To my beloved|Monsieur Shlomi''
Again the meIody returns,|the one you negIected in vain
and the Iength of the path|is stiII wide open...
While open?|-No, ''wide'', like eyes ''wide open''.
That's it?
Write at the end: ''Don't worry|about me. Love, Shlomi.''
Where's Shlomi?
What happened?
''To Tehila''
l know l owe you a lasagna,|but you'll enjoy this much more.
''To Begin Yaish''
But l'm not gonna live there.
l'll study there and live|somewhere else. -Where?
With my beloved.|Bon appetit.
What is this crap?|What school?
Who's Rona?|l'm gonna go get him. -Robert...
Let him.
Why not?
What should l tell them?
Nothing. l'll call them when|l get to the school for retards.
l'll straighten up what's left|and come tomorrow.
l'll wait for you.|-You'd better.
Like your shoes.|-What?
l'll wait for you,|like your shoes. -What?
l'll wait for you.
Like your shoes.
I shaII come to your door
With ashen Iips
I shaII drop my hands to you|I shaII teII you
AII the good words
That are stiII,|are stiII here
Your poverty stricken house,|so dark at night
And it must be eternaIIy sad|And my Iife that coIIapsed
Without reaching you
Were turned over|to outdoors and drum
But suddenIy you touch|Iike a gIistening hand
You pierce Iike|a forgotten memory
The siIence of the heart,|between each beat
That siIence
That siIence is yours
I shaII come to your door
With ashen Iips
I shaII drop my hands to you|I shaII teII you
AII the good words
That are stiII,|are stiII here
But suddenIy you touch|Iike a gIistening hand
You pierce Iike|a forgotten memory
The siIence of the heart,|between each beat
That silence
That silence is yours
English: Suzy De Lowe
Subtitles: Cinematyp Ltd.
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Hunchback of Notre Dame The
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Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
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Hurricane 1937
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