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Subtitles for Hakuchi - The Idiot CD1.

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Hakuchi - The Idiot CD1

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Associate Producer: Takashi Koide
Based on the novel by Fedor M. Dostoevsky
Screenplay by Eijiro Hisaita - Akira Kurosawa
Photographed by Toshio Ubukata
Music by Fumio Hayasaka
The Players:
Setsuko Hara
Masayuki Mori
Toshiro Mifune
Yoshiko Kuga
Takashi Shimura
Chieko Higashiyama
Eijiro Yanagi
Minoru Chiaki
Noriko Sengoku
Directed by Akira Kurosawa
What a voice!
Sorry. I was dreaming.
I thought you were dying.
I was about to be shot.
I often have the same dream.
I was a war criminal and sentenced to be shot.
You're still alive.
At the last moment they found I was the wrong man. I was saved.
But the shock drove me crazy.
I was in an American hospital.
Down south?
Okinawa. I'm better now. They released me ten days ago.
What illness?
They call it dementia epilepsia.
I had fits. Then I became an idiot.
An idiot?
"Dostoevsky wanted to portray a genuinely good man.
"Ironically he chose an idiot for his hero.
"But a truly good man may seem like an idiot to others.
"This is the tragic story.
"Of the ruin of a pure and simple man."
Get up! This man is sick!
No, don't bother... Go ahead.
Accept kindness, idiot!
I'm sorry. It's just a habit.
Don't worry. I don't mind.
That's a relief.
Are you cold?
Yes, very cold.
You're some guy.
"Akama hadn't laughed for many years.
"Dominated by his father, he acted like a caged animal.
"Oddly, he got to like Kameda, who made him laugh.
"Kameda had told him about Taeko Nasu.
"One look at her released Akama's pent-up feelings.
"Enchanted by the woman,
"Akama bought her a diamond with his father's money.
"Enraged by it, his father disowned him.
"But owing to the man's death, Akama will go home.
"Kameda is going to Hokkaido, too, to see Ono, his relative."
Another snowstorm in Hokkaido.
Look, just follow me.
That's Taeko Nasu.
Don't you think she's charming?
Very much so. But...
But what?
It hurts me to look at her face.
She seems so very unhappy somehow.
Why are you crying?
I don't know. Looking at this portrait, I...
You're really an odd guy.
You make me feel strange,
as if I were looking at a newborn lamb.
I'll go. Beware, the world's full of wolves.
Kameda saw her and wept.
A woman of ill repute.
They say she'd been Tohata's property since childhood.
And that Tohata now has to pay 600,000 yen
to get rid of her.
The shadow of Taeko Nasu darkens the house Kameda seeks.
What are you going to do about Kameda?
About Kameda? Well...
He's counting on our help.
I'll try to find him some sort of work.
Kayama has rooms for rent, so Kameda can stay there
Is that all?
What do you mean?
It's how you act recently.
How do I act?
You're behaving so secretively.
All those meetings.
Tohata may have a lot of influence, but
To force his woman on Kayama...
You know nothing! It's not bad!
I'm glad I don't know.
But any man who'd do a thing like that isn't welcome here!
Change the subject!
I want to talk to you about that idiot.
I'm against deceiving such a simple man.
"The army had reported Kameda officially dead.
"So Ono sold Kameda's father's 125-acre farm through Kayama.
"Kayama is now about to marry Taeko.
"In exchange for 600,000 yen.
"But, Kayama is too weak to assert himself.
"Kayama would rather have Ayako, the younger daughter."
Good morning.
Sleep well?
In the way?
Not really. I was just listening to Kayama's views on life.
It's Taeko's birthday tomorrow. You haven't forgotten?
I know, sir.
Very well.
Mr. Tohata and I talked her into giving an answer at the party.
You'd better be there.
I understand.
Knock first!
Something I shouldn't hear?
Lunch is ready, Mr. Kameda.
"Ayako - headstrong like her mother.
"At times fastidious, at times mean."
What if all this were yours?
Lf, you say?
Would you be happy?
Yes, of course.
It may be yours.
I'm afraid I don't understand.
It's a beautiful sight.
What's the matter? Why do you look at me like that?
Somehow I just can't believe that you're ill.
I wish I weren't.
I'm funny, right?
It's all right. I don't mind.
People laugh at me. I'm funny without even trying.
What are you like?
I want to know more about you.
What about before the war?
Rather not?
It's not that so much.
I vividly remember the day I got a reprieve.
Everything before that seems unreal.
Tell me about it, then.
How did you feel when you were facing certain death?
The world, its people,
everything in it suddenly seemed dear to me
The people in the world?
Each and every person I'd known.
And everyone I'd passed.
And not only the people.
There was a dog I'd stoned as a child.
I wondered why I couldn't have been kinder.
To the dog?
Kinder to everyone.
I thought, "If I were pardoned and didn't have to die..."
I promised myself I'd be kinder and nicer to everyone around.
"It's no use," I said. "I'm going to be shot!"
Thinking of it made me feel terrible.
I sensed that I was going mad.
Where were you?
Mr. Kayama wants to take you home now.
Where were you?
Don't ask. She's stubborn and won't tell.
Take care. She never mentions it, but she's proud of her beauty.
It's made her very headstrong.
What about the way she frowns at me?
Isn't that typical of her?
Taeko Nasu surprised me.
But I must admit she's beautiful.
Where did you see her?
In a photo studio window.
I want to see it.
Go on, say I'm too curious!
I'd like to see it, too.
Not me.
I want to see Mr. Kayama. Will you call him? He's in the study.
Sorry not to send the girls. I have a reason.
Calling me?
What for? Do you have an idea?
I told them about Taeko Nasu, and...
What? Do you know about her?
But how?
You overheard Mr. Ono and me, and you passed it on?
I just...
Why did you do that?
I only told them about the picture at the station.
It can't be helped. I'll go.
Do me a big favor.
Give Miss Ayako a letter for me.
Is it a bother?
No. But why not do it yourself? You can see her any time.
No. I have a reason for not doing it.
I don't want anyone else to see it, and I'm in a hurry.
Mother's in the guest room.
Let's go upstairs.
Mr. Kayama asked me to hand this to you.
I'm inclined to be too outspoken.
But don't be offended. I can't stand dishonesty.
We've been like relatives, so I'll speak to you like a mother.
You're going to marry soon?
No, I'm not. Instead I'm...
No? Are you sure about that?
Can't you tell me clearly?
When a girl isn't proud to mention her marriage,
it makes me wonder.
That's all I wanted to tell you.
I got some sarcastic remarks because of you.
But I -
No excuses!
Did she answer my letter?
Mr. Kameda, please come.
Are you coming with me? I'll wait outside.
Read it.
Isn't it Mr. Kayama's letter?
Yes. Read it! Read it aloud to me!
You gave it to me.
"Tomorrow decides my fate.
"You need say but a single word.
"If you still feel as you once did toward me.
"Tell me to cancel my marriage.
"And I gladly will do so."
He's about to marry, enticed by power and 600,000 yen.
A contemptible marriage.
He wants me to tell him to cancel it.
A trade of my friendship for 600,000 yen!
If he'd have refused it, I might have become his friend.
Give it back to him!
Tell him my answer: "There're no bargaining for friendship."
No bargaining for friendship. That's my answer to him.
Her answer?
Didn't you give it to her?
Of course I did. But she said to read it, so...
Read it?
She said to give it back.
She herself told you to read it? Did she?
Yes. I didn't want to, but...
You ass! She'd never ask you to do a thing like that.
But she did. I have her answer.
Which is?
"No bargaining for friendship."
She said, "There's no bargaining for friendship."
Tattling here too. It's a disgrace!
You, too.
Apologize to him.
You've been acting strangely, so I called him.
He told you everything?
Don't be silly! How could he have, when he just came?
I'm worried. Is it almost settle this time?
Who but he would tell you about that?
I told her.
But why? Why?
Tohata's property?
I'm not referring to the woman. I meant you.
I want to know why you're marrying her.
I know.
He hates being poor.
Be quiet!
I can't stand it. You're detestable!
What? Say that again!
Yes! Any number of times. You're detestable and she is, too!
If she comes here to live, I'll move out!
As you wish!
Don't take it so calmly. There's a lot more.
I wrote to her everything I said to you.
You bitch!
Run, Takako! Run!
What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Announce me.
Wait. Who will you say is here?
Strange man!
Taeko Nasu.
How did you know?
Well, I...
Never mind that. Just announce me.
I'm going to marry her.
It's worth it to make you angry!
Miss Nasu is here.
The entrance was cold, so I came inside.
You look pale. Anything wrong?
Introduce me.
My sister. Miss Nasu.
My mother. Miss Nasu.
How do you do. I'm glad you came.
Are you really?
I'm a fool, aren't I?
It's a magnificent home.
I thought I might not be welcome here.
Mother, a word.
Make some tea.
May I sit down, too?
Please do.
Don't be such a nuisance! We have a guest now.
My father. Miss Nasu.
Jumpei Kayama, a pitiful wronged former soldier.
I'm fifty years old, but I haven't done a thing.
Let me introduce Mr. Kameda, Mr. Ono's relative.
He's interesting.
Sorry I asked you to announce me.
Well, I...
How did you know me?
Before that, why did you seem so surprised?
I felt as though I'd seen your eyes somewhere before.
Then, it's true!
My rival!
Why are you here?
Who are you?
Huh! Him?
Who are you?
I'm Denkichi Akama, and I have plenty of money!
I'll buy you out!
Get out of here!
Are you really going to marry this man?
I remember now. You once gave me a diamond, didn't you?
But why are you asking me that?
In what way do our marriage plans concern you?
Look, I'll pay you 600,000 yen, so give her up!
What are you talking about? Are you drunk?
700,000 yen! 800,000!
Ass! Leave, or I'll call the police!
A million yen! I'll bring it tonight!
A million by tonight, All right?
My price has suddenly gone up by 400,000 yen?
He made fools of you, nevertheless you'd -
Shut up!
No! Not after we've been shamed like this!
Kick her out, or I will!
That's enough!
Don't meddle! Out of my way!
Fool brother!
It's all right. I don't mind. Not at all.
He's a lamb. You've no shame.
It's nothing. Nothing at all.
You're not like that.
You're not, yet...
I'm exactly what she said I was.
Will you forgive me?
Goodbye, Mr. Kayama. Tonight, then.
You too, Mr. Kameda. Don't forget.
The hostess leaving her guests? What's the matter?
You look pale.
Do you have a fever?
That's why I'm waring this.
Why not rest a little?
I'd like to speak with you.
You're very kind, but I want to drink more.
What's the matter? Enjoy yourselves.
Mr. Kameda has arrived.
That man! He saw her at my place.
Not together? I asked you to see to it.
Show him in.
Why see him?
He's an idiot?
I don't think so.
He might even be somewhat more clever than you...
At least in knowing about how people fell.
I knew it!
The nerve of you!
How cold I...!
Do you know what it's worth?
I have one question: Didn't you give it to me?
Then let me do as I wish.
I'd intended to break them, anyway.
I won't bother with introductions. No one here is worth it.
What a remark!
Fortunately, though, I already know him.
What's wrong? Why stare at her like that?
Really. Is there anything the matter?
It just occurred to me.
I thought I'd seen eyes like yours. I just remembered where.
Eyes like mine?
Why is it I didn't remember?
What was the person like?
A man who was sentenced to die, like me.
There were three Judas-trees,
and three men were shot at the same time.
I was in the rear of two rows of men.
I would have been shot soon.
I had no idea that I would get a reprieve.
I didn't think I'd live.
And the man? The one with eyes like mine?
In the first group shot.
He couldn't have been over twenty. He looked like a boy.
Tied to that tree, he seemed to be in a trance.
He suddenly began trembling.
He looked at us as if to complain.
The eyes of a man who has undergone suffering,
alone, for a long time.
His eyes seem to say, "Why must I endure this kind of pain?"
He suffered a lot.
His eyes seemed ready to burst and spurt blood.
For a moment I forgot I was about to be shot, too.
I turned my eyes away.
At times your eyes are almost exactly like that boy's.
What next? What happened to the soldier?
The next thing, I heard gunfire.
I jerked my head to look at him.
And there he was, limp, like a rag.
That's too much! It's too gruesome. This is a birhtday party.
Quiet, please!
My birthday means nothing to you, does it?
Mr. Kameda.
They say I'm to marry Mr. Kayama.
I'm supposed to give him my answer tonight.
Should I accept or not?
Bad taste!
I'll do as you say.
How absurd!
Please, Mr. Kameda, tell me.
Why ask him? What's he to you?
Don't you know?
He trusted me the first time he laid eyes on me.
What else can I do but trust him?
So tell me. Please advise me what to do.
You shouldn't marry him.
Then I won't.
Did you hear that, Mr. Kayama? That's my answer to you.
That's ridiculous!
What about the promise you made a few days ago?
Tohata, what's the meaning of this?
I see. Does this make you satisfied?
I see. You hate to part with your treasure, is that it?
I'm the dupe.
You are? You mean I am!
You're responsible.
Pals shouldn't fight.
Mr. Ono and Mr. Kayama, don't try to blame Mr. Tohata.
I'll never go back to him.
What a face!
You needn't pay one yen for your freedom.
Put away your 600,000 yen.
I'll return this house and everything else you gave to me.
I'm leaving, with only what I'm wearing.
Taeko! I ws wrong. I'm such a fool!
Forget it.
I'm not a fourteen year old girl now.
Listen to me. I promise you.
I don't care what the world thinks.
I'll marry you!
Don't be so conceited as to think that I'd...
Who are you?
What is this?
A million yen.
You kept your promise? Thank you.
10He'll pay a million yen for me.
400,000 more than you will.
I'm through with this.
As of tomorrow I'm broke.
No man would accept somebody's castoff
Who doesn't have any money.
Am I right?
Kameda 's the man to ask.
If it were me, I'd take care of you.
What did you just say?
I said, if it were me, I'd look after you.
A woman like me? The way I am?
Of course.
But what do you mean, "A woman like me"?
I don't understand.
Why laugh?
Did I put it in a funny way?
Look, all I wanted to say was this:
Miss Nasu is very chaste.
That's enough, idiot!
Are you making fun of me?
I'm really a sick man. My brain is rotten.
So I may have said something odd.
But I tried to express what I honestly think of you.
I don't care if the world laughs at me.
I think you're chaste.
You said you'd leave, taking nothing with you.
That's fine with me.
And I'll let no one speak ill of you.
So why feel ashamed? Why sell yourself to a man
like him for a dirty 1,000,000 yen?
Don't interfere!
Let me speak.
You've suffered too much alone.
So you feel uncomfortable if you don't suffer.
You really are ill.
You need a kind nurse.
I'll be a nurse and take care of you.
How can you support a woman who's used to high living?
You're a pauper!
I'll find work, somehow.
What work? Shoveling snow?
They'd pay him only 300 yen for it.
Not even enough to buy her cosmetics.
That's enough. Stop making fun of him.
Thank you.
No one has ever said anything like that to me.
Miss Taeko...
I think...
I'll manage.
When I first saw your picture, you seemed to be calling me.
As a matter of fact,
I'd been waiting for a man like you.
I waited even while leading such a life.
I'd sit and think. I formed a mental image of a man like you.
I hoped a nice man, honest and kind, would finally appear.
"Taeko, it's not your fault."
"I deeply repect you."
I hoped he'd phrase it something like that.
Then a man actually would come.
He'd use me, deprave me, and go away.
You'll never know how much I hated it.
I'd rather drop dead
in the streets than continue this life.
I'm afraid your idea...
is out of the question.
Everyone, I have an important announcement.
No, It's actually a confession.
As a man, I'm despicable, utterly, completely.
I hid from everyone the fact that Mr. Kameda
has a fortune.
As his relative,
I believed it in his best interest.
Anyway, I want to announce
that he's the owner of a 125-acre farm.
Step inside!
You really mean what you said about her?
It's a joke.
What? Then, you mean...?
It's clear, isn't it? I'll go with him.
Taeko, why? Surely not with him?
Step aside!
How can I ruin the life of a naive man like you?
You forgot something important: 1,000,000 yen.
I raised it myself.
Be quiet. Keep away. I'll give it to Mr. Kayama.
Take it out with your bare hands, and it's all yours!
It's burning!
It'll be lost completely! A million yen!
I wrapped it myself!
Be quiet! Keep away!
Don't just stand there. Hurry, or it'll burn completely!
What's the matter? Don't you want it?
You worm! See now?
That's how we do things.
Don't pretend. Be yourself.
Or you'll regret it.
Pull it out, for God's sake! What's a little pride?
The money's burning! Burning!
It's safe! It's all right!
Only four or five thousand burned.
Step aside!
This is all for Mr. Kayama!
He watched it. He would have let it burn. So it's for him!
With that, farewell, everyone.
Goodbye, Mr. Kameda.
Come, men! Drink!
Don't go, Kameda!
You can't save such a woman.
Ayako, don't play with your bread!
Why are you all so quiet?
Something's wrong lately.
The weather... no sun for weeks. It makes everybody depressed.
It's not that. I know! It's that man!
I really misjudged him.
Why pay him so he can squander the money on her?
The way you did it displeases me. Isn't there a better way?
Karube, his representative!
And you, acting so upset and secretive, as if you felt guilty!
That man, too! Couldn't he send a thank-you note?
Is he really an idiot?
What's so funny?
"But" again! Can't you say anything else?
But, Ayako...
She's up to something again? Such young ladies!
Tell me. What is it?
He sent her an odd letter.
An odd letter? When?
A week ago. By Kayama's brother.
Kaoru, the junior high school boy? Kameda used him?
Kameda's in Tokyo. How could he do it?
He put his letter in Kaoru's.
So? What did the letter say?
"Frankly, I have no idea why I'm writing to you like this.
"But I simply cannot suppress the hope that
"perhaps you sometimes think about me.
"For reasons I find it difficult to explain,
"you are very important to me.
"I've nothing else to say or write about myself.
"I wish you happiness."
What's funny?
This letter is funny. Do you know why?
It's because Kameda doesn't lie. He's totally honest.
Now you can't laugh, can you?
I see. You lost, didn't you?
But why did he send it?
Have you heard anything about the idiot?
Evidently he's still chasing Taeko, just like Akama is.
And Taeko...
It's as though she's swinging like a pendulum between them.
She once said she'd marry Akama, but she ran away with Kameda.
Something's bound to happen.
Forget something?
No, but I...
I felt someone looking.
What is it, a murder or something?
Akama's not above murder.
Stop! It's depressing as it is!
Come in.
Come as you are.
Watch your step.
What's wrong? Why stare at me like that?
Sit down.
Akama, I want you to tell me the truth.
Were you at the station?
I won't say.
A pair of eyes in the crowd looked exactly like yours.
Whose eyes?
Did I imagine it then? I sometimes have hallucinations.
The room is dark, huh?
An old house.
I spotted your house from a distance of at least 100 yards.
Oh? How?
Intuition. I have a feeling your house would be like this.
Yes, it is dark.
You have a forbiddingly dark aura about yourself, too.
Staying here after you marry?
Of course. It's my home.
When's the wedding?
You know I can't decide a thing like that alone.
Please, I wish you'd tell me the truth.
I don't want to meddle or anything.
She's here in this house now, isn't she?
Have you decided?
If we have?
You came to find out?
Not really.
But I think it's best if the two of you don't marry.
I told you, didn't I?
Marriage would spell the ruination of you and of her too.
There's nothing I can do to stop you.
You understand, don't you?
I can only feel sorry for her.
Everything she does worries me.
I can't just watch.
We talked about this before, didn't we?
I ask only for her happiness, nothing more.
Why scowl at me.
I'll leave. Goodbye.
Stay. It's been quite a while.
The minutes you leave, I know I'll hate you again.
You made me boil for a month after we parted in Tokyo.
I could've murdered you!
It's true.
But facing you, I soon forget my anger.
And oddly I like you as much as ever.
You're different. We're opposite types.
Have a drink.
For instance, you love her because you're sorry for her.
I hate her as much as I love her.
I sometimes think it'd be easier if she died.
She hates me anyway.
I gave her a beating for hurting my feelings.
What? Is it true?
Of course!
I sat by her door two days without eating or drinking.
The maid developed a fear of me.
It upset Taeko and she came outside.
Know what she said?
"What would you do if I never forgive you?"
"I told you many times," I said. "I'd die."
She answered, "I suppose you'd kill me first."
When I saw her again about a week ago, she said:
"I've made up my mind.
"I'm an outcast after all, so I'll do as you wish.
"But I want my freedom a little longer...
"until I'm satisfied that I've had freedom enough."
What do you think?
I'm afraid I don't understand.
Are you sure?
Shall I clarify it?
She's in love with a certain guy,
And the guy is you.
The hand of Fate!
But she can't marry you.
Why? Because it would ruin you.
She decided to ruin herself with me!
What a thing to say!
You're just jealous.
I wish I hadn't come,
if my visiting you causes this.
Something deep down told me not to come.
But I'd hoped for a more favorable parting.
I wanted only pleasant memories.
You use this for cutting papers?
But it's not a paper knife, is it?
A meat knife.
I can cut paper with it if I like!
I suppose you can. It strikes me as being very new, though.
You mean I can't afford it?
Yes, what am I saying?
When my head starts to get heavy,
I sometimes say and do things I don't mean.
I'm getting worse lately.
Maybe it's a sign of an approaching fit.
Goodbye. I wish you luck.
Take care. I'll go with you.
What's that?
My mother. She prays hard every day.
You? Do you ever pray?
What I mean is, do you believe in God?
Do I believe? Not especially.
I was made to pray as a child.
With a mother like that, I always carried a charm.
I still do, in my purse.
I carry a sort of charm, too. It's plain stone.
It's worthless to anyone else, but it has great meaning to me.
I told you, right?
The shock of being pardoned just before execution drove me mad.
I picked it up as though in a trance.
It's still precious to me.
You have it now?
May I see it?
Can I have it?
What? What for?
I don't know. I'd just like to have it.
I'll trade you my charm for it.
A charm swap?
I remember I used to do it with friends as a boy.
Let's have tea with Mom.
Mom. This is Kameda, an old friend of mine.
Make use some tea.
Mother, tea!
She doesn't know a thing.
She doesn't even know I'm a rowdy.
She likes you. She'll share the cake offering.
Eat to please her.
Don't bother and don't worry! We've exchanged charms.
It can't be helped! Taeko's yours!
You can have her. Remember me sometimes!
"What was it? What did I see? What was it that shone?"
Bad boy!
Are you offended?
Mailman, messenger boy, handyman... what else?
No answer means you know
it's wrong to deliver improper letters.
Today's delivery was rather clever. Shall we go?
In what hospital is Mr. Kameda?
He's up.
Do fits go away so quickly?
Is that bad?
Can't get even with me that way.
How stupid of me! I needn't have rushed over.
Go home then.
Be quiet! I'll do as I please!
What an ungrateful man!
Quiet, please. He's sick.
I know that. I'm letting him off easy.
About the farm...
You acted as if you were collecting debts, sending him!
What did you do, Mr. Karube?
Well, It's... You see, you had your rights, and...
My rights? Just what was it that you did?
I'm amazed. You really don't know?
Listen, tell me: Who is paying your expenses?
It's quite forward of me,
But Mr. Ono said I owned the rights to a big farm.
So Mr. Karube said he'd advance money for it on good faith.
No kidding! He forced Ono to pay, insisting you sent him.
Ono's at fault, too! He?
Don't run! I plan to take action!
Please, no!
I meant to settle it. I really meant to.
Bilk one yen from him, and you'll settle it in jail!
Leave us, so I can give this man a thorough lecture.
You're really something.
I won't say a thing. Looking at you, I can't say anything.
I'm not being sarcastic.
Forgive me.
Your tolerance strikes me as being almost cynical.
What do I mean? What have I been saying, sitting here?
It's time to ask how you are. So, how are you?
Fine, thanks.
Anyway, you'd better be careful. You're pale.
That reminds me. You still a bachelor?
You needn't smile. I was a little sarcastic just now.
There's one thing I'd like to ask you.
What is it?
I read your letter to Ayako. What did you mean by it?
It was a fine day when I wrote it.
I didn't ask you that.
But on a bright and sunny day like that,
man is filled with hope.
Hope concerning what? Ayako? Are you in love with her?
Are you sure?
I think so.
"I think," indeed! And how does Ayako feel about you?
There's more abuse than praise.
She calls you an invalid and idiot.
Don't be offended though.
She's my child to the core? Willful and a bit crazy.
She criticizes or teases anyone she happens to like.
But don't hold any false hopes concerning her.
It's a constant worry having grown-up daughters.
Know about Kayama?
No. What about him?
He has high hopes about Ayako, too.
He regained her trust by using that money.
He gave it back to that woman. I established his credit.
Be that as it may...
Oh, yes, I think I'd better warn him, too.
Take care.
By the way, you'd better not visit him.
Especially on a fine day.
Ayako forbade me to visit him even before you mentioned it.
What? When?
I got her answer while in Tokyo.
That messenger boy?
What messenger boy?
Never mind. What did she write?
"There is no hope.
"I have no wish to ever see you again."
It may mean there is hope and she wants to see you.
I'll find out how she feels now.
Leaving already, Mrs. Ono? Is everyone well these days?
Won't you have some tea?
It's cold.
What did Mrs. Ono say to you in the hallway?
Whatever, your face was red afterward.
Don't ask, then.
What makes you like this? Still carrying a grudge?
Regarding this matter, I'm on your side.
What matter?
Still asking that? Didn't she warn you about Ayako?
It makes me so mad. Does she think we're beneath them?
I'm only their employee.
Mere words.
That won't do. Get a grip on yourself.
She's just shy.
Her being unpredictable is a device to conceal her real self.
Kameda 's room?
Yes. Kaoru's busy fixing his ice carnival costume.
He's happy.
Be careful. Mrs. Ono gave him a warning, too.
She was in a hurry, at that. Something's going on.
They're all nuts.
What's everybody staring for?
Don't worry. It's too cold for an invalid to come.
That silly man?
A clown.
I wish he'd slip.
Be careful!
You're all making a fool of me!
You too, Ayako! You're making fun of your mother!
Tell me what you're up to.
What did the messenger boy say?
I thought you'd come, and I looked for you.
Good evening. Kaoru told me that you're here.
Let's go over there.
My feet are cold, standing in one place.
You're lying!
Making such a thing! It's hideous!
I'm going. I've had enough nonsense.
I thought so.
Why just stare? Can't you greet me?
Let's go farther on.
Go home first! I'll have him take me home.
You're here? Don't be proud: You have no right to be.
Did you forget what you meant to do for 600,000 yen?
Is she the one? Come and talk with me here at noon tomorrow.
Come! We're insulted even by her!
Come, Noriko!
Too bad! This is no place for you, after all!
Don't tell me you're not angry after what I did to you.
I trust the man who traded charms with me.
I'm no good!
Did you know she wants you to marry the girl?
What do I care?
She wants you to be happy. It means she loves you.
Are you asleep?
Really sleep?
It's you, is it? I must have dozed off.
Did anyone else wake me?
I thought another woman came.
No, I dreamed it. I had a dream.
By "another woman," do you mean her?
What did you dream about her?
No! I don't want to know!
Instead, why did you fall asleep?
How foolish it looks! The thing seemed so fine last night.
Why did I come here?
You promised me to.
I have little use for men who fall asleep.
I was up all night. Mr. Kayama nearly committed suicide.
Wasn't he just pretending?
It's possible.
Then, I'll go easy on you.
Let's hurry.
Do you know why I asked you to come here?
I can't stand to hear people laughing at you.
You're a bit...
I'll be frank.
At times your illness makes you seem odd.
But you have greater wisdom than a lot of people.
And that's what's important.
There are two kinds of wisdom:
The important and the unimportant.
But no one else knows that.
No, actually Mother knows. But we're special.
I've waited a long time for a chance to tell you this.
You know something? Ever since you sent me that letter...
No, even before that...
But you followed here! That woman!
Did you return because of her?
I detest you!
I love Mr. Kayama.
You lie.
No, I'm telling the truth. Ask this bench. We often met here.
Another lie.
Think as you like. Anyway, he's changed completely.
To prove it, he cut off his finger before my eyes.
Of which hand?
What's the difference? He cut it off!
His fingers were all right last night.
Tell me the truth.
You're crazy about the Taeko, aren't you?
Yes. But not in the way you think.
How do you know?
I'll say it again:
Even I don't know why, so I thought you wouldn't understand.
What would you do,
if a beloved friend of yours were
chained in a cage and brutally beaten with a stick?
Filled with sorrow, you'd rather be beaten yourself, right?
Whenever I see her, she stimulates a feeling like that in me.
Maybe you just don't know.
I know.
No. All you know is she was once owned by a certain man.
And that she suffered a great deal as child.
But that's not her only problem.
When somebody takes a piece of candy from
a sensitive child,
he gets upset and throws away all the candy.
Anyhow, she's like that.
If she weren't... the thought makes me mad!
She was badly hurt once.
Because of it she's trying to ruin her life.
But I can't stand it!
Don't you know that she wrote to me three times?
Here's one.
In it she tells me to marry you.
She harps on it, flattering me, provoking me.
Last night too.
She said Mr. Kayama was in the way, so she did that!
The nerve of her!
Forgive her. As I said before...
No, I can't think as you do! It's in her letter!
She wants to see you happy. A stupid, sentimental woman's act!
If not, it's jealousy, or even worse!
She's dividing us, not uniting us!
You don't think that.
I certainly do.
Certainly what?
Ayako invited me, so I went.
I got there at noon. I was asleep.
I fell asleep waiting.
That's a surprise! How do you feel about Ayako?
About Ayako?
Do you like her, or what?
I like her a lot.
Then, how you could sleep is beyond me.
No, don't bother to explain
But assure me of one thing:
Did anything happen there which might make a mother worry?
I don't think so.
Then don't talk while standing there.
Ayako catches cold easily.
When you visit, visit properly. Come all the way inside.
You're certainly a strange man.
All of a sudden
you paid us a call in a blizzard.
And you always surprise us.
In March, a blue sky shows behind the clouds.
Occasionally there is thunder.
That's the way you are.
I can't stand it!
You sat opposite her like this when you took that trip!
And you talked of me?
Go home!
Never come back!
I'm a bottled future bride.
I sit like this as if I were on display in a bottle.
>: From bottle to bride.
I hate it!
Listen, let's go away together.
Why do you come every day?
Don't' you know they're laughing?
I'm tired of seeing you every day.
I spoke to you cruelly, didn't I?
Will you remember this and make me suffer for it later?
Another letter from her! The nerve!
She says she'll get married when we do.
What is it? You're pale.
Inconvenient for you?
Don't worry. I'll never marry you... ever!
Why laugh at him?
Is Mr. Kameda's giving me carnations so funny?
No one's laughing.
You're lying! You put it in front of me on purpose.
You looked at Mr. Kayama and smiled.
It's usually in the center.
Don't fuss. It's not important.
It's important to me!
Mr. Kameda is finer,
more decent,
and purer than any of us!
Nevertheless you all make fun of him!
And of me!
You crying?
No. Absolutely not!
But... why is his bringing me carnations funny?
Red ones. It's absurd.
Don't you know? Red carnations mean...
Right, Mr kayama?
I'll ask Mr. Kayama. Tell me clearly: Why are they funny?
I don't know. Maybe it's because they stand for love.
I didn't realize that. That's why I...
Even if he sent them realizing they mean love,
It would hardly be funny to me.
I'd accept them with thanks.
Who cares? Foreign customs don't apply in Japan.
Suppose they did?
He just got through saying he didn't know.
Isn't that right?
Yes. But it's true I like her.
What do you mean? Don't tell me you want to marry her.
I want to marry her.
But that's...
I don't approve!
I'll speak with him privately.
We didn't anticipate this. How did it happen?
Father, mom wants to see you.
Wait! Understand? Think it over.
Look at her. See how she is?
We have no choice but to let her decide for herself.
But why that man?
Still, deep in my heat,
I somehow feel she made the proper choice.
Don't look!
Don't look at me now.
But, what a face!
Reflected in the window.
I know why your face seems so sad.
Don't say it!
I think I should.
The way it is, a certain person stands between us.
Don't say it!
Please stand up.
Are you happy? All I want to know is that.
Are you happy? What did she say to you?
I understand. I'm glad!
I guess this will be our last meeting, then, won't it?
We're leaving tomorrow. We may never meet again.
Why did you fail to answer her question?
Happy? Are you?
I see. You have no answer.
A rare visitor is here: Miss Ono.
Not to see you. You're always like this.
You described their engagement so cheerfully.
Kameda 's place?
Still asking that? Of course.
It's maddening. The two of them went out together.
Don't you have the courage?
I have. But I'm worried.
Well, don't worry.
I intend to understand her, too.
Last night I thought and thought, and it finally came to me:
If I see her, it'll clear up everything.
I may even get to like her.
She here?
She's in, all right. But I - well...
Afraid of a mere girl?
I'm afraid to even look at her.
She's the soul of my beautiful dreams.
She has
everything that I've lost.
To me...
She's an ideal.
At least...
I wrote to her.
I want her to make my dreams come true.
If you get a look at her, you may not like her.
Please. Let's not go. Really, I'm afraid.
What a face! What's wrong?
You're pale, too.
But it's an important time for us!
I won't be impetuous.
You know, of course, don't you...
the reason why I asked to see you?
I'm afraid I don't.
You do know!
What good would it do me to pretend?
Never mind, then.
But you're under the wrong impression.
I didn't come to quarrel with you.
I'm not the sort to let things pass unnoticed.
So I came to give you my answer.
But before that, I have a question.
Do you have any idea about the sort of person Mr. Kameda is?
Definitely. A much better idea than you have.
You're lying! You couldn't possibly know!
Why not?
Why not?
You always think only of yourself.
You have so many problems you don't mind others.
If you understood him, you wouldn't subject him to ridicule.
Since when have I subjected him to ridicule?
Then why walk out on him?
He's simple and naive. Why did you deceive him?
Look at him.
He's still trying to shield you.
I've never met a man kinder and with a purer heart.
That's why I love him so much,
Is that all... you came to say?
No. One more important thing:
My reply to your annoying letter.
I'll speak frankly.
You've no right to interfere with us.
Don't stand between us!
A martyr at our expense!
You act as though you were the lady of the Camellias.
You mustn't say that.
Listen, it's exactly as you said.
Why was I such a fool?
For some reason I imagined
this jealous young lady to be an angel.
You yourself don't even know why you came today, right?
Shall I tell you why?
You wanted to see what it is you're afraid of.
Afraid? Afraid of what?
Me! What else?
You've been worried that he loved me more.
So you came here to find out.
You're wrong. He only pities you.
He doesn't love you.
But it amounts to the same thing.
I realize I don't have the right to accept his love.
That's why I...
Now, take your precious man and leave!
I can't bear to look.
Understand this: You're the one who's made him suffer.
Hurry and take him!
Take him and get out! Leave!
I've changed my mind.
We'll have a showdown!
I'll command him.
Then he'll abandon you, and he'll stay with me forever.
He'll marry me.
And you'll go home sobbing in misery.
Won't you mind? How about it?
Mr. Kameda, which of us will you choose?
I'll never let you go again.
Say you'll marry me!
No, no, not that.
If he fails to take my hand, or if he doesn't leave you,
Then you're the winner.
That way he'll be yours, and I won't need him.
Now, then, which of us will it be?
How did this happen?
Wait a moment. I don't want you to blame her.
Ayako is a very unfortunate person.
Will you go with her? What'll it be?
Let me take over. Don't let a girl go home alone.
Ayako 's not home!
How could you bring her, and send her home alone?
Someone! Quick!
Miss Ono came. She has a high fever.
The phone's dead! I...!
Thank you. I'll come.
Understand this:
It's all over. I've had enough.
Come. I want to talk to you.
Is she at your place?
Yes, she is.
Did you peek from the warehouse?
Is she still here?
Not so close. I told you, didn't I?
I'm supposed to be away.
It's cold. Aren't you going to light the stove?
I can't light it.
Why not?
I felt I had to see you.
Oh? I thought so.
I suspected you wanted to see me, so I looked for you.
I've been thinking about you.
So I thought I'd bring you here so we could talk all night.
Is she sleeping in there?
Want to see?
Never mind. Come in.
It's dark in here.
We can see.
You're shaking. It'll be bad if you have a fit.
You did it?
So... So what do you intend to do now?
The way you tremble! Don't upset me!
Let's stay here together tonight.
It's hot. It's really hot, isn't it?
What? Aren't you cold?
Hey, someone's coming!
I don't hear anything.
See? She's sleeping there.
She won't go anywhere.
She's ours now.
We won't give her up, will we?
Let's take turns watching
She has a beautiful body.
You look too, in the morning.
I stayed with her all day
I've never seen anyone so beautiful.
But I'm worried she may smell.
The stove was hot a while ago.
I don't know.
I wish we had flowers to offer.
I can't take any from the family shrine. Mom would notice.
Buy some?
Shall we bury her in flowers?
Come to think of it, that'd be too pathetic.
There's one question I'd like to ask you.
How did you kill her? Did you use that knife you bought?
Yes, the meat knife.
Wait. Wait a minute.
I've a few things to ask you... a lot of things.
Tell me everything.
First of all, I left here, right?
Did you do it then?
Right after. The knife was on the table.
But it's strange.
The knife went in three inches.
No, even deeper... about here.
But scarcely any blood came out.
The reason?
I can explain it.
Internal bleeding.
Hear something?
Hear them?
Somebody's outside!
I hear it.
Wow! Wonderful! Look at that cloud!
It's like a rainbow.
It shines oddly.
It's coming! This way! It's coming!
Rushing this way!
She's on it.
She's laughing.
My mom too.
Coming! It's coming! Coming!
Hurry! Get on! Hurry!
Someone! Hurry!
Hear the thunder? Crazy weather!
I hate visiting the sick.
Do something for him.
He's so upset.
I told him not to come.
A silly schoolboy. He's only an idiot.
Kaoru, come with me.
But I feel so sorry for him.
No matter what anyone says, he was a fine person.
He was almost too good for the world.
And that worthless Karube came bringing flowers.
He even had tears in his eyes.
I don't want to talk about it anymore!
I promised I'd look at him well and make a report to you.
But I can't!
You needn't.
That's all right.
All I'll remember is he was so very, very nice.
Yes. If we could only love people the way he did,
Without hating them.
What a fool I've been!
I was the idiot.
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