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Halbe Treppe

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How's that for a picture?
-A nice shot. -It's fabulous.
Just like a postcard.
-Is that the view from the hotel? -We had that aerial up there.
And those smelly old mattresses.
Ellen was completely out of it after three cocktails.
She was so smashed there!
-She was so pissed there! -He's making me out to be a drunk.
I don't find that funny.
They had 32 cocktails! 32!
Could you please take that awful slide off now?
It's embarrassing.
If I worked in television I'd use it as the test card.
You're mean.
That's how he sharpens his beak. Careful!
Stop it, you two.
-Carry on. -Oh, all right.
Looks like someone shit in the sea.
That reminds me of my childhood at the lake.
I'm swimming along and see a floating turd.
When I came up I had a pile of shit on my head.
-Sleep well. -Bye.
-Close the window, it's cold. -I'll drive.
-I'll drive. -No, I'll drive.
-You've had too much. -I can drive.
-Katrin! -Yes?
-I'll call you to make a date. -Fine.
I could pick you up or something.
Wave goodbye.
Time for beddy-byes.
-She can really get on your nerves. -Yes, she's unbearable at times.
-She never stops talking! -I know.
-I think she's unhappy with him. -Oh, I don't know.
-That was horrible of you. -What?
Showing the picture.
-What picture? -That awful one of me.
I was embarrassed.
-I thought... -Can't hear you.
I thought it was mean.
That was really rotten of you.
It wasn't exactly flattering.
And then you leave... What's that in your hair?
Then you leave it on the screen for ages.
You know how I hate that.
Stop it now.
It's embarrassing.
I mean, when we're alone...
When we're alone I don't mind but not when we have guests over.
-There's no need for that. -Some of mine were terrible too.
-Did you see those? -What do you want me to say?
I've found another shot.
-Down the hatch! -I mean a slide.
Look at all the ash.
I wish you'd use this properly. You've got to tip the ash inside.
Oh shit!
Shit, shit, shit!
It's 5:49 on Radio 24, playing hits of the last 24 years.
Broadcasting from the 24th floor of the Oder Tower.
This is Magic Chris. Coming up, your personal horoscope.
Good morning!
It's 6: 12. This is Chris. Power from the Tower.
Good morning.
Mascha, Gregor! Get a move on, it's late.
Hurry up.
Get a move on. We're running late.
Bye, darling. Bye, Gregor.
You be good now.
No, this is Ellen speaking.
Ellen, really?
I wanted to remind Katrin to buy food because my daughter is coming today.
So she must have left her mobile there last night.
So, everything ready?
Planning on tooting here all day?
Do you speak German? Speak any German?
-Yes. -You hanging around all day?
-Why not? -Because I find it a bit irritating.
I take breaks. I'll come for something to eat.
Well, that's good.
Maybe you could stand down there near the lamppost.
-Fine, but only because it's you. -I appreciate it.
I'll treat you to a beer later on.
I mean, I normally love music but...
Radio 24's Magic Hour with your horoscope for today.
The stars favour change.
Put an abrupt end to all that boredom and try to spice up a dull day.
As you know, life is too short.
And this is to all Taureans.
Receive unexpected visitors with open arms.
Be sure to stock up your fridge.
Hi. Come in.
-Sure? -Yes.
-Got the phone. -I've got to go on.
-Sure. -Hang on.
I'll only be ten seconds.
And that was Britney Spears.
Next up is the Happy Hour with Knut from the Tower.
A kiss from Chris.
-Quite a session last night. -Indeed.
-There you go. -That's Katrin!
-I imagined this place to be bigger. -It's only a computer and a mixer.
It's big enough.
Want to have a go?
Say something.
-Hello. -Announce the time.
-It's 7: 33. -I think I'll leave that to you.
You have a fantastic view.
It's even better from here. You can see Poland, the stadium.
-You okay, Knut? -You look and sound tired.
Knut, this is my girlfriend. No, I mean this is...
This is...
My friend's girlfriend.
-She's my wife's friend. -Whatever.
Would you excuse me now?
-I have to go. -So do I.
A nice evening, wasn't it?
This thing takes ages.
I serve sausages, chips and schnitzel all day.
Soup is always popular. Not surprising at 2 marks 50.
People like my soup.
Business is going well.
How long do you stay open?
Well, it depends.
I'm usually here till 10. In the summer till 12.
Sometimes we stay open till 3.
I mean, if it's someone's birthday I'll be stuck here till 3.
I don't mind though.
But it makes it difficult to spend time with the family.
You shouldn't be filming this. I'm not supposed to smoke in here.
If the health inspector turns up I'm in trouble.
I'll have to pay a 20 mark fine.
-20 marks? -Yes.
-Seriously? -Yes, 20.
What happened, Uwe?
Oh shit, I don't believe it. That's all I need.
-I'm sorry. -We were supposed to meet.
-There's not much time. -We're really busy.
-My break doesn't last forever. -All right!
-Look at how full this place is. -I'm so thirsty!
-Eberhard? -Yes?
-Got half an hour? -Yes.
Can you fill in? We're buying a kitchen.
-We want to look at some kitchens. -Fine, go ahead.
Could you make a hamburger?
-It's almost ready. -Okay.
My break is almost over. We have to hurry.
I'd like to know why we're looking at kitchens anyway.
Oh, come on. You always put a damper on things.
-You've seen our place. -And our kitchen.
There's no room for a proper kitchen.
There's space even in the smallest place.
You always spoil it.
I've lost interest.
I see it as a living area. A social area if you like.
In today's houses kitchens tend to be bigger.
When I read this crap I'm glad they didn't take me.
Can I take the car tomorrow?
Did you drop something?
The glass from Aunt Trude.
You married a klutz.
-Do you want some red wine? -No.
That'll be Julia.
-So you decided... -Hi.
Were you just going to bed?
Come in.
This is Jens. This is my father.
Could you take your shoes off?
-Hello. -That's Katrin.
I've got something for you. A letter from mum.
-Who's Jens? -My boyfriend.
-I bought your cheese. -You didn't say he was coming.
I said I was coming so I figured...
-Ask first. -I didn't think you'd mind.
Are we running a cheap hotel? Who will she bring along tomorrow?
-So you're Jens? -Yes.
And what do you do?
That's my dessert.
The dessert stays here.
I said the dessert stays.
Make yourself a sandwich.
Well, have a nice evening, Jens.
-What is it? -Stressing about the dessert.
We'll be seeing more of Jens.
Sleep well.
You too.
If you see a speed trap, call us.
This is Radio 24. Nonstop power from the Tower.
Want to know what the stars have in store for you?
Stay tuned to find out what this day hol ds.
Coming up, the Astral Shower from the Power Tower.
With Chris, of course. It's 8.:06. This is Radio 24. Good morning.
Yuck, that is so gross.
What the hell is going on here?
We'll all go deaf soon at this rate.
Holy cow! Are you losing it?
-Uwe! -Is this an open-air concert?
Uwe, please come here.
-Ellen, come here. -Uwe, you come here.
Ellen, come here, please.
Please come here.
Uwe, the raw meat in the bathtub.
-What did I tell you? -It's gross.
Notice anything? Anything different?
Where's the bird?
-Hans-Peter! -Mascha, oh God, Mascha!
-Explain that to the kids. -Hans-Peter!
-Hans-Peter! -Maybe outside.
He's not in here.
-Oh God, no! -Leave it open. He might come back.
Be quiet. I think I hear...
Where do we start?
I heard something here.
-Hans-Peter! -Well, he's not here.
-Do they fly very far? -Why did you leave the door open?
-Maybe he's on one of the balconies. -That was pretty stupid.
-I had to air the flat. -So it's my fault.
-It's always my fault. -It just gets so smoky.
-I know, we need an extractor hood! -Exactly!
It's been a problem for weeks. Now you blame me for airing.
Well, that's just great! Why do I bother anyway?
-I've got to go to work too. -I'm sorry.
Let's have a look around the corner.
-I don't have time now! -It'll take five minutes!
I've really got to go. I have to take the meat back.
This is pointless. Where do you want to look?
-Birdbrain. -He should be easy to spot.
I mean, he's bright yellow.
-Ellen! -Hans-Peter?
Do you work here?
-Oh! Hi. -I'd like to buy something.
-For yourself? -For my better half.
For Katrin.
-Chris? -Yes?
-Why did you get me this anyway? -No special reason.
-I think I like it. -Really?
The stuff cost enough!
Listen, darling...
Could you hang my T-shirt up
so it doesn't get a crease across the chest?
When I was a little girl
I thought I'd be a pilot.
I wanted to fly planes. I wanted to see different countries.
You say, "First finish your studies and there'll be plenty of time later."
Then you end up on a truckstop because there isn't anything else.
And you kind of get stuck there. It's all very strange.
But we're still young so it's not too late.
Maybe Chris will get an offer in...
That's a great city.
Vienna is supposed to be nice.
Yes. Hi, this is Ellen.
Could I speak to Katrin, please?
Oh, that's too bad.
That's too bad.
Well, I still have some overtime.
So I can take time off.
We wanted to go to the pictures.
Katrin and I.
Oh well. I can only manage today.
Really? I mean...
Have you got time?
Oh dear.
Hear the bird?
-What? -Our budgie flew away.
Do you feel guilty?
No, not really.
Neither do I.
Not in the slightest.
Who would have thought?
I'm serious. Since yesterday.
You're joking, right?
Me too.
Hello, Uwe!
We're doing fine!
Stop it!
Have you gone mad?
He's gone absolutely mad!
Now my dick's even smaller. I want to go home!
The last time I was really happy?
That was when Ellen told me that she was having a baby.
I think that was it. That was really great.
We were both pleased.
It was on holiday.
We had time for each other. Time is pretty important.
It has a big influence on happiness. You should take time for each other.
But we have to make ends meet.
We all have to make a living somehow.
Because money is something you need to live these days.
That was terrific.
Oh, here he comes.
-Evening. -Hi.
So, what's the problem?
One of the lights is broken.
-And now? -Well...
-You drive me home. -We have to take the scooter.
-It won't fit. -So it can go to the garage.
-Hi, Martin. Bye. -Bye.
I can put the Vespa in the boot. I've had much bigger things in there.
-Surely you can take me into work. -I told you that I can't tomorrow.
I have appointments and need the car.
Your wife will have no way to get to work tomorrow.
-Want me to skip work? -No one's saying that.
-I have a business trip tomorrow. -Say I need a lift to my job.
Just lift it a little higher.
Just a bit higher.
-What? -No.
-It won't work. -Fine, we'll try it the other way.
Do you have to work in the sticks?
It's not funny.
Higher, higher. It'll fit.
Another tight fit.
I'm going to bed.
I'll join you soon.
Sitting all the time exacerbates female problem areas.
Bottom, thighs and waist.
Many women suffer from tension.
They taste best.
The cream's so fresh.
I'll change my image to a fat redhead. Do you think red hair would suit me?
-Or darker. -Like Milva.
Beautiful Milva.
I bet Chris wouldn't notice anything if I dyed my hair.
-Sure he would. -No.
Come off it.
Red hair?
He hasn't been very attentive recently.
It's like that when you've been together so long.
It's just the same with us. Not like it was when we first met.
Perhaps we should...
We should what?
Start again from the beginning.
That's an idea.
You're back again.
Well, screech owl. Brought a friend along?
Don't stand there all day.
The stars are having a ball today.
Taureans and Scorpios particularly should now pay very close attention.
Your astral diagram is on the ascendant.
-Two hundred zlotys. -Okay.
-Can I book for just a few hours? -Yes.
Then it's half price.
You're a sly fox.
Yes? Do you think so?
It was no coincidence.
You know.
The horoscopes.
What horoscopes?
You've touched a thousand times.
Sparks will fly the 1001 st time.
Then we were together in the car.
Under the bridge.
You will have a great adventure.
Going over the border.
A new perspective.
That was today.
-What's your star sign? -Scorpio.
Do you believe all that stuff?
Yes, I do.
Well, it's nice to have something to hold on to.
The whole world, and I'm not joking now.
The whole world has taken on
a magical glow in your eyes.
Your soul's current high is set to continue.
The hearts of the world, one especially, lie at your feet.
I'm back.
I got out early today.
There was some sort of accident.
We were sent home. The truckstop was dead.
Do you feel like going out somewhere?
Chrissy, did you remember to...
Are you crazy?
What's going on here?
Have you gone mad?
My clothes.
My clothes!
My shoes. My shoes!
Katrin, I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
Keep your hands off me.
Don't stop me. Let me out of here.
Let me go.
-Let me go! -Where are you going?
Stay here.
What are you doing?
-Hi. -What do you want?
Just thought I'd drop in.
-How often have I said to call first? -I thought you'd be pleased.
You've picked a bad time.
That's not my fault.
Oh, no.
Are you back already?
Stay where you are.
Don't come into the kitchen.
Close your eyes. Go on, close them.
Keep your eyes shut.
Keep them shut.
Turn around.
Keep them shut.
Open your eyes.
It even has a light.
I had to move the cupboard. It was a bit too wide.
But I thought the cupboard could go over there.
What do you think?
Very nice.
I deserve a drop too.
It's okay, isn't it?
Well, it's great to see you so happy.
Is something wrong?
I've fallen for someone.
What do you mean, fallen for someone?
I'm sorry.
You can't be serious.
Who is it?
That's irrelevant.
It's extremely relevant to me. Who is it?
I want to know who he is.
Are you completely off your rocker?
You come in here and say you've fallen for someone.
It's obvious now.
Logical really. What an idiot.
Of course you had to work late!
I always used to think relationships had to last a lifetime.
Now I feel differently.
Marriage is no marathon.
No endurance test.
And when you die you've crossed the finish line.
Perhaps this constellation doesn't work.
What then?
Perpetual variety?
It doesn't have to be perpetual.
It's different if you have children.
If a whole family is involved.
But I don't think you have to endure to the bitter end.
You could change partners every eight years.
That's no bad thing.
If your relationship is in a rut you get bogged down.
You don't gain much from it.
I used to think differently.
Excuse me.
At the office?
I'll be there in ten minutes.
I have to go. Uwe wants a man-to-man talk.
I'm going out.
From the café. To loosen our tongues.
I'm glad you've come.
Have a seat.
Do you want to buy a ring?
18-carat gold.
You can have it for a fiver.
After 13 years of wedlock.
Just like that. "I've fallen for someone."
Man, I'm 40 now.
I can't start again at my age.
I'm 37 myself.
-It can happen to anyone. -She must be out of her mind. Crazy.
Don't be so hard on Ellen.
Well, you're a great moral support, aren't you.
-Thanks a bunch. -You expect me to boost your esteem?
I thought you'd hit me.
It's not all Ellen's fault.
-Of course not, but... -Well then.
Katrin is furious with Ellen.
What's Katrin got to do with it?
She knows too.
She walked right in on us.
She caught us in the act. I hadn't told her anything.
What a predicament. Ridiculous really.
Damn it.
Today really tops everything. What an awful day.
You're pulling my leg, aren't you?
Just give us a call. Our number is 0180242424.
It's 5.:30. Here's Radio 24. Megahits from the last 24 years.
From the 24th floor of the Oder Tower.
Nonstop power from the Power Tower. Of course...
Shut your face!
Next stop.: Central Station.
Geminis, your day won't be a bowl of cherries.
You are at odds with yourself. Feel misunderstood.
Pick fights with your best friends.
Anger and frustration are in the air.
Your self-confidence is at rock-bottom.
Your best option is to sleep in.
Stay well away from alcohol. 7: 16. 16 minutes past 7.
This is Radio 24 with the Magic Hour. Good morning.
-Hi. -Hello.
What are you doing here?
Mum's working late. She sent us.
She said she'd be home late from work.
She told us to come to you after school.
-That's right. -I have my hands full. She's crazy.
I don't believe this.
I have to organize my catering.
Stupid cow.
Sorry. Give us a kiss.
Sit there. I'll be over right away. Do you want some lunch?
-Egg and chips. -Curry sausage.
Sunshine, leave the kids alone.
I'm not doing anything.
Just looking.
I'm not causing trouble.
You've already caused enough trouble.
No, you have to...
-I was just... -Stupid idiot!
I told you to stay away from the kids.
Clumsy oaf!
Get out of here!
Get lost!
What a shame.
Pick that up.
Shake it off.
-It happens. -It happens. Come on.
-Well. -Look at it!
-Buy him a new book. -Shit.
-Look at it. -He can redo it.
Would you let your son hand that in?
Do it again with him tonight.
I can't...
-Who's making trouble? -Bumble.
You could grab a towel.
-Get me a towel! -Bumble.
Just stay cool.
-Strong and silent. -Why should I be?
Everyone butting in. I made a mistake. So what?
-Strong and silent. -Why are you poking me?
You always make mistakes. It's getting on my nerves.
This is all a bit strange, isn't it.
But still.
I felt it was high time we talked about this.
Things can't stay as they are.
It's been going on a long time.
Quite a while now.
-Gregor. -Go and tell him, please.
Please. We had an agreement.
Well, as I said. We're all sensible adults here.
Enough is enough.
The situation we find ourselves in at the moment can't continue.
We have two children.
We have a family.
We must sort this out somehow.
I don't know.
I'd like to hear your opinion.
Yours, Chris.
And yours, of course, Ellen.
How do you want to proceed?
How do you plan to resolve this?
It's been going on a good while.
Uwe, I don't really know what you're expecting to hear.
An answer.
I'm not promising anything. I can't do that.
You're acting as if we were on trial.
But this isn't something we planned secretly over a long time.
-It could as easily have been you. -Hang on, Chris.
I can understand if you slip up and go too far.
Jump into bed together. Okay.
I can cope with that.
But if it happens regularly as it does at the minute
I can't stand for it.
Certainly not from supposed friends. What's the matter?
-Look, it's turned out really well. -That's cute.
-Mascha's a real artist. -Lovely. Who is it?
-No one in particular. -A lady.
But Mum and Dad have to discuss something important right now.
We'll have time later. Why don't you draw...
-Katrin? -Okay.
Thanks a lot.
-I won't stand for it. -I feel like I'm in kindergarten.
Kindergarten? Who started this game, anyway?
It certainly wasn't me.
-Sure you don't want any cake? -No, thanks.
-I'm not hungry. -Here's the ashtray.
Well, I think...
-Okay. Listen, Uwe. -I say you stop seeing each other.
That would be my suggestion.
I can't promise that.
I'm not interested in talking. It won't achieve anything.
I can see that, pal.
I may as well go.
Go then.
Don't slam the door.
-I can do as I like in my own home. -Yes, of course.
If I want to slam the door, I will.
-Does anyone want more coffee? -No, thanks.
Only a man could react like that. A totally male reaction.
Really, you have to ask yourself this.
What is a valid argument and what role does dented pride play?
-Yes. -A 90% role, I'd say.
-Yes. -Ever ask if I was happy?
-Give me compliments? -Of course.
You criticized me from dawn to dusk.
Now it's too late. Something's happened.
All at once you start playing the injured party.
I'm glad I don't have children.
I think...
Well, I'm suddenly...
I see him in a new light.
Now I find him very attractive again.
It sounds crazy.
But I can understand Ellen.
I can imagine what attracts her.
And what she's discovered in him.
Bye, Gregor.
Bye, Mascha.
Bye, love.
-Hello. -Bye.
Our paths were bound to cross at some point.
I'm sorry.
Where are you going?
Away somewhere.
Please stay.
Just for a moment.
I want to know why.
I want to know what I've done.
You can tell me that at least.
-Just say what I've done wrong. -I wish I could.
If it's my bad teeth, I'll go to the dentist.
If you want a new kitchen, I'll buy you one.
What the neighbours think is more important, is it?
You've done nothing wrong.
I don't understand you.
What's the problem?
What does he have that I don't?
Uwe, I...
-Don't touch me. Please. -Please.
You made a vow to me. A pledge.
You solemnly declared, "Till death us do part".
Quiet. Don't get sentimental.
Let me go.
-Stop it. No. -Please. Don't leave me.
-I won't let you go. -You won't get me back like this.
This is simply ridiculous.
If you leave now, don't bother coming back, stupid cow.
I understand what he says, I know. But what can I do?
I can't change how I feel.
I can't help it.
You can't do anything. The feeling is there.
I can't resist it.
I really did try.
At first I was so careful.
I didn't know where it would lead. It kept going further, and...
It's no longer just a flirt.
It's an opportunity for me.
Here's the information, all the figures and a floor plan.
This is the kitchen.
Big and spacious. Plenty of room for a table and chairs.
-When did you want to move in? -As soon as possible.
Let's look at the other apartment.
It's not ideal in my opinion.
-Living room. -That's stipulated?
You could use the other room as a living room if you so decide.
Lovely corner bathtub.
Hang on. Is there a bath for grown-ups?
Stick your legs out.
This apartment's cosy.
-All neat and compact. -It's a bit small.
Just three rooms.
But the rent for this is lower than for the other.
You could make kitchen cabinets.
If you go to all that trouble
you have to stay here permanently.
We don't quite agree on this yet.
We'll think about it.
Don't make a snap decision. Sleep on it.
Why all the fuss?
-What's up? -You're too eager.
-It's fine. Don't spoil things. -Too tiny for four.
Spare us your comments.
-We'll improvise. -She wants a sale.
We must find something.
We'll come back later.
-Well. -We'll think about it.
-You're exaggerating. It's fine. -We'd burst at the seams.
What's all this about?
What are you playing at?
I'm speaking to you.
There's your stuff. I don't want you in my room any more.
-Where can I go? -Get set up in the spare room.
Katrin, it's still our flat.
There's more.
Here's the perfume.
I hope you had fun at my expense.
We didn't make fun of you at all.
Help me with this, please.
I won't give you a hand.
I'll move your stuff, then.
-Stop this. We're still married. -We're no longer married.
-We're still married. -Stop flitting back and forth to her.
Our marriage isn't ruined yet.
-We haven't divorced. -Isn't ruined?
-Who destroyed everything we had? -I just need a bit of time, damn it.
-All I need is a little time. -Time. Is that so?
-My fling with Ellen may blow over. -I need time too.
-But I can't promise. -You can't promise?
You made me different promises a few years ago.
What's the plan, anyway?
Are you going to keep coming back home?
-Just leave and move in with her. -I need time.
-Go to her. Don't run back and forth. -I can't leave.
-I need time. Don't you see? -Wimp.
I need time. Yes, I'm a wimp.
You come home and pretend nothing's wrong.
And then you go back to her.
I have to adapt to the situation too.
Calm down. It's okay.
Kiss me!
I have to pick up the goulash at 12.
It's high time he came.
Here he is.
At last.
Sorry I'm late.
No doubt you've all heard the news.
There's been a serious accident
on the autobahn.
It's a miracle that I'm standing before you.
I really owe my life to your local radio station.
To be precise, the horoscope feature with Magic...
Magic Piss.
In the horoscope for today he strongly recommended
stopping to have a break.
I regard this as a sign from heaven.
I perceive it as confirmation of the success of our common project.
The stars are smiling on it.
We believe in Frankfurt-Oder as an industrial centre.
Time for the official ceremony.
Mayor Hartwig. Mr. Kurzer. Would you mind doing the honours?
Cut the first turf here.
This wasn't planned, but...
This job is riddled with idiots.
I propose we cut the turf.
Let's cut the first sod now.
If you both... He's back again.
You moron.
Later. And wipe that smile off your face.
We have to go, don't we?
Too bad.
Freezing cold today.
Oh, not again.
Listen to the wind out there.
Hi, Uwe.
What are you doing here, Katrin, love?
I heard you talking on my way past, so:::
What a nice surprise. How are things?
What brings you to these climes? Lost your way?
Laden with a rucksack, I see.
It's sealed.
I had to get out. I couldn't just sit around.
Why should I wait until his lordship deigns to come?
Let's have some music.
That's good. Leave it on.
I like that.
For a change.
Did he say he wanted to come home?
No, we weren't that clear.
Last night I was hopeful.
I thought things were looking up. But probably...
I'm sick of them making a fool of me. I've had enough.
But I have to say, it was quite an absurd situation.
I open the bathroom door and what do I see?
The two of them in the bath!
And I say sorry and go back out again.
I've been listening to that music for two weeks.
-Uwe, come on. -Watch this. Can you do that?
You could join the circus.
Ms. Schröder would be impressed. I can do it.
So can I.
Katrin, I'm sorry.
I have to talk to you.
I've made a mess of everything.
And then...
If I could...
Who's that?
-Chris? -What's going on?
Katrin said we could stay here and do what we like.
Turn the light off, please.
Katrin said that?
Where is she?
I don't know. Please turn the light off.
That doesn't mean you can...
Very funny.
Now they've invaded our bedroom.
A black hole of a day for you too.
A nasty lunar eclipse mars the night.
Venus is in reverse. No cuddles today.
The day is pitch black. Everything is futile.
The Sun and Pluto are at loggerheads.
All in all a day to forget. Expect no improvement.
Later your energy cycle will slump to nothing.
Someone's birthday?
-It's for you. -For me?
From some car dealer.
It might lift your spirits.
Dear Mr. Düring.
Thanks for your horoscope.
It saved my life.
-Hello. Hi Mascha. Hi Gregor. -Hello.
-Hi. -Come to the table. I'm in a hurry.
-Okay. -What's all this here?
You could clear the table.
-Must I do everything? -We've just got in.
Get a move on.
-Dinner's going cold. -What is it?
Lovely curry sausage. Tasty chips.
-Oh, no. -Dad, not sausage.
-What's up? -They're coming out of our ears.
I can't do with fussy eaters.
With me you'll eat what you're given.
-I'm due at the dentist. -Stone cold.
-I don't need this hassle. -Is there any soup?
Yes. I can't do everything at once.
I'm just warming it up now.
Well, so much for that.
Order a pizza.
-Where's the number? -In the kitchen.
-Where in the kitchen? -I don't know. Use your eyes.
Hey, Dad?
Dad, are you okay?
-Are you okay? -Yes, I'm fine.
Just checking.
Dad's listening down the toilet.
So what do you think? This is it!
-Is the entire ceiling sloping? -Yes. It's an attic apartment.
In a bad mood? Like today's horoscope.
You won't get a bed up here.
Listen. This isn't funny any more. What's wrong with you?
-I hate this ceiling. -This is the seventh.
-You don't want to move in with me. -I don't want to crawl everywhere.
Let's go back down.
-We're going downstairs. -No problem.
It's not my cup of tea.
What's wrong with you?
You're looking at me strangely.
I have a funny feeling.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
One sign of bad breath is when your spouse says,
"You smell funny today".
Let's take a look in your mouth.
Open your mouth, please.
Oh dear!
Let's suck up this saliva.
There he is!
Look at this. There's a bit of root attached.
What are you doing here?
This won't take long.
I came to tell you Ellen and I have stopped seeing each other.
Best of luck, okay?
Hey, Chris.
This one's similar.
You need to have some kind of idea of what it is you want.
-I mean, fresh or... -Yes, I see. Thank you.
Let's line these up. Which one goes where?
This goes here. May I?
-Something spicier, perhaps? -No, thank you.
The open ones are nice. The open notes.
I like this one.
I need a little break.
This one has lovely packaging.
Let me know if you'd like to try another.
Yes, this is nice. I'm starting to think...
-Thank you. -Susanne, can you cover me?
-Evening. I'm looking for Katrin. -She's not here.
-She's gone? -Yes.
What's going on now?
Why do these damned things always happen to me?
I don't believe this.
Here you are. It's delicious.
The electricity company can't explain the blackout.
The Frankfurt power cut was spookily predicted
by Radio 24 presenter Magic Chris
during his look at the stars on yesterday morning's show.
Listeners were thrilled by the accuracy of his prediction.
What catastrophes lie in wait today, Magic Chris?
Nothing exciting today.
A special horoscope for Taureans.
Taureans born on 8 May.
So, here it is.
Wherever you are right now,
you shoul d know that someone loves you very much.
who would like to come back to you.
He has severed all other ties.
He knows that he really messed things up.
And he will do anything to correct this mistake.
It was probably the worst he ever made.
Take courage and have a heart.
Give him a second chance.
You won't regret it.
That was a special horoscope due to recent events.
This is Radio 24 with the hits of the last 24 years.
It's 8:50, that's ten to nine.
Good morning from Chris.
Do you like it?
New kitchen, new joy.
My Ellen. I'm so happy you're here.
You don't understand, do you?
You just don't get it.
I'm leaving.
I'm moving out.
Easy does it.
How did you get here?
-Has no one called for me? -No, no phone calls at all.
Okay, one last try.
-Knut? -Yeah?
-I can't introduce you. -Everyone knows me anyway.
That was Britney Spears.
Here is a special horoscope for Gemini.
Today somebody will give you a call.
Someone you've waited for a long time.
That person will call... now.
This big room will be the living room.
If we move in here.
So, this is the biggest room.
The stars favour a change of scene. If you want to move, do it now.
Be brave and make your own decisions. Don't do what people tell you.
Pinching pennies won't make them work harder.
Travel to foreign lands. Live your dreams.
A good day for matters of the heart. Don't cling to the past.
Open your eyes, look around. You may find true love too.
Want to come inside?
Don't you want to come in? It's raining.
Come inside.
You coming too? Come in and listen to the music.
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