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Half Past Dead

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So, Nick...
...this is it?
As promised.
Les do it.
I have a plane to catch.
You know, Sonny...'re wrong about him. He's clean, man.
We're about to find out.
Put your guns down.
Hello, Sascha.
I'm Sonny Ekvall.
You work for me.
Nicholas, what is all this?
Caught a little heat.
One of our guys is double-dealing with the Feds.
Is no big deal. Just procedure.
- A polygraph. - Nick was against this.
I see.
He says you are one of my family.
But he always did bring home strays.
That is why I am here.
Are you friend or foe?
I'm a friend.
Sascha Petrosevitch.
You are Russian.
Yeah, I'm Russian. You got a problem with that?
I am an equal opportunities employer.
As long as you are working the scene making me money...
...what do I care?
Who did you work for before you landed in my lap?
- Doing what? - I ran a highland crew... popped, did a nickel in Angola.
Just trying to get into something simple.
I run the biggest crime syndicate from Eastern Europe... the Pacific Rim.
- That is simple? - Cars are simple.
You work for any law enforcement agencies?
Sometimes I work for the CIA, the KGB...
...the U.S. Marshals, when I got a little bit of spare time...
...I do a little something for the Eastern Stasi.
You left out the FBI.
- Are you FBI? - I boost cars. Thas all.
I am a soldier trained in the art of killing, not interrogation.
Nick likes you. He's a good boy.
He's like a little brother to me. So for him, I make an exception.
But now, my patience is at the end.
Are you FBI?
Welcome to my family, Sascha.
I told you.
Make sure the boat leaves tonight.
Is time, man.
- Time for what? - To take that ring off.
She's a memory, Sasch.
You felt the loss.
Cried the tears.
There's nothing more to do, man.
I just can't let her go.
I respect that.
I feel that.
...I got a job.
You want it?
Yo, Sasch, stop playing! Stop driving so fast!
Come on! Watch this!
Watch the forklift!
- Yeah, you like that. - No, I don't like this.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry about what went down tonight.
I told Sonny you was one of us, but he runs the show his way.
- Whas a Blue Book on these wheels? - About 198 grand.
- That makes my 5% worth what? - 9600. Give or take.
I'll take half now, half when I deliver, right?
You'll get it when we get there.
Half now, Nicholas, or we give this back.
- How long we known each other? - Two and a half years.
So for about two...
...two and a half years...
...l've been asking you to call me Nick.
- I like Nicholas, all right? - No, is not all right.
Is all right. Put a little thug in it. Maybe you'll get your money.
I love Nicholas, all right?
- Was that good? - No, check it out.
Read my lips.
- All right. - All right.
- How was that? - See how I'm doing that?
All right. See what I'm getting at?
I think...
Thas tough for me.
You whiter than I thought.
- Stop playing. - I'm a bad man, you know that.
Stop the car!
I'm gonna kick your ass one day.
What are you guys doing? Back to work!
We're putting these cars on the road in 37 minutes.
- Where's my money? - Hey, I'm good for it.
- You know me. - And you know me.
Now, I want my 9600 or I'm gonna take this big goddamn hammer...
- Hey, come on. ...and have some fun.
Hey, Sasch. Sasch.
- You know you're crazy, right? - Cuckoo crazy.
- You expecting somebody? - No.
Get this car out of here.
- Nicholas Frazier? - Who wants to know?
Special Agent Williams. I'm with the FBI.
Maybe you've heard of us?
Yeah, I've heard of you.
Thas no way to start. Put your guns down. Les talk.
I don't talk to pigs without my lawyer.
I'm a lawyer. You want my advice?
Put the guns down. I'm looking to bring down Sonny Ekvall.
You wanna negotiate? I'll cut you a sweet deal.
Witness protection. No time served.
Ekvall's not for sale.
You ever done hard time, Nick?
Ever been somebody's bitch?
You got big balls for a woman, you know that?
And you've got exactly five seconds to put the guns down.
Otherwise, people are gonna die. You want that on your conscience?
- Nobody's gotta die tonight. - I'm not talking to you!
Thas one, Nick.
- You know, Sonny has a rule. - Whas that?
Thas two, Nick.
Nobody gets taken alive.
- Four! - Thas a bad rule, man.
Five! Put the goddamn guns down, now!
- Put the gun down, man. - Is a nice night to die.
BP's dropping fast. We gotta get this guy out of flat line!
He's going into cardiac arrest!
One, two, three!
One, two, three, four, five!
One, two, three, four, five!
We got a pulse!
I can't believe I ended up in this situation. This is bullshit.
My friend.
Sasch? How you been, man?
- I've been better. How you feel? - Is like I'm seeing a ghost.
Give me some love, man!
- Thought you was dead. - For a while, but I'm back.
I'm sorry about what happened in the warehouse.
I lost it. I went ballistic.
Forget it. Where'd you come from?
They sent me down from the SHU, Pelican Bay.
- What about you? - Infirmary, San Quentin.
- Got another five years in this rat hole. - I got two.
Well, are we all right? Or we got issues?
- Whare you talking about? - You might be pissed off.
I don't wanna spend the next five years...
...wondering if my nigger want to slit me from ear to ear.
You're my man.
When you get inside, you're gonna have issues. They won't be with me.
You all right?
I'll see you on the inside.
- What are you packing? - Is my leg.
I'm gonna ask again. What are you packing?
You wanna play rough? I can play rough.
Sorry, I'm not into men.
You don't know who I am?
Just doing my job, boss.
- You gonna like this. - Thas enough.
You gonna learn to respect me.
My kids hit harder than that.
What you bringing into my island, ese?
My knee. Is titanium.
- Which one? - Left.
You got a hard head, homeboy.
Do yourself a favour. Keep it on your shoulders.
All right. Back to work.
The attorney general and Federal Bureau of Prlsons...
...welcome you to the U.S. Federal Penltentlary at Alcatraz.
Mr. Hubbard, Robert Kennedy closed Alcatraz in 1963...
...claiming it was cruel and inhumane...
Actually, he closed it in June of '62. Whas your question?
Some say the new Alcatraz is a step back in criminal warehousing...
...especially now with the inauguration of your new execution chamber.
How do you respond?
Our society has become more violent and more corrupt.
One out of every 30 men in the United States is...
- Whas the word I'm looking for? - Criminally challenged.
" Criminally challenged." Thas the catch phrase now.
- You're not answering the question. - I think we have a generational gap.
Perhaps my younger associate can help clear things up.
Give them a good sound bite, Donny.
Alcatraz is a bad place for bad people.
If there's any discomfort here, thas how it should be.
Fresh meat, dog!
Welcome to la Isla de los Alcatraces.
The Island of Pelicans.
You've been transferred here as part of a work program to retrofit my island.
But your free time will be spent in a six-by-nine-foot cell.
I urge you:
Unplug. Kick your feet up.
You will leave a big chunk of your lives here.
MI nombre es Juan Ruiz Escarzaga.
My first summertime job was walking a super-maximum tier 30 years ago.
I walked it for over 15 years.
Been spit on, stabbed, burned.
And I'm still standing.
You think you're hard.
I'm harder.
You think you're mean.
I'm meaner.
Alcatraz es ml casa.
You are my guest. I expect you to act like one.
Son of a bitch!
- What hole are you on, Little Joe? - Seventeen.
How you hitting it?
Like a mother. Just can't putt.
Little Joe here has a constructive way of passing his free time.
I suggest you find something of the same. Be creative.
Remember, this is the first day of the rest of your life.
Ain't that right, Twitch?
Same old, same old, man.
Get a new rap, comprende?
I like my rap.
And here's the end of it.
You got two llbros in your bundle.
The rules and regs, and the Klng James Blble.
I highly recommend you read them both.
Now for those stupid enough to think about escaping, go ahead.
Climb the razor wire. Do the breaststroke.
Freeze your ass off.
If the bay doesn't kill you, we'll pick you up in a Zodiac...
...and add five years to your sentence.
There's only one way off this rock, homeys.
And that key is under my pillow.
I'm a fair man. You come to me with a problem, I'll listen.
Dead man walking.
This man is about to make history.
He will be the first to die in Alcatraz's execution chamber.
It is unfortunately my duty to carry this out... midnight tonight.
U.S. Supreme Court Justlce Jane McPherson has just landed... New Alcatraz to wltness the executlon of Lester McKenna.
She Is the judge who sentenced McKenna...
...In the now Infamous helst of almost $ 200 mllllon of U.S. gold brlck.
Here's the twlst. McKenna stashed the gold before he was apprehended.
He v owed never to dlvulge lts whereabouts...
...whlch led to the treasure hunt by the FBI thas gone on for 17 years.
Now Is looklng llk e McKenna just mlght tak e hls secret to the grave.
Reportlng llve from Pler 39 on Flsherman's Wharf...
...I'm Kelly Lange from San Franclsco.
Hey, Mark.
Hey, William.
Here we are. Now, les check in your guns.
- I think we'll keep our guns. - Then get off my island.
- Is okay, Juan. I'll sign off on it. - No, Frank. I won't.
I don't care if she is a supreme court justice.
- No disrespect intended. - None taken.
This is my island.
As long as is my watch, only me and my boys go strapped.
What is it they call you?
- El Fuego. - The fire?
Do what he says.
Yo, Sasch!
I really messed things up this time, didn't I?
Yes, you did.
I'm starting to miss the love from the streets.
Thas gonna be an issue, isn't it?
What you think, man? I can't do no five years in this joint.
Here, player. Read a book.
Whas this, man?
- When Lovers Colllde. - Is a good book.
You can't be serious.
Petrosevitch, get up. Someone wants to see you.
Hello, Jenny.
- Please Identlfy yourself. - Kestner, Damon J.
Volce and handprlnt recognltlon conflrmed.
- How much time do you need? - Phones are easy. Alarms worry me.
I gotta crack the firewall, decode and override.
I don't care how you do it. Do it in 90 seconds.
- Tie me off. - Ninety seconds.
- Welcome to Slaughterhouse Five. - Why they call it that?
A man can be executed five ways. Lethal injection's the most popular...
...followed by gas chamber, hanging, firing squad and my favourite:
We do It all here In thls totally soundproof Isolatlon chamber.
We even let the condemned man choose.
- Who is that? - Number 1137.
Whas he doing here?
When a man asks for someone to spend his last hour with, you do it.
Access granted. Securlty protocols dlsabled.
Take me up!
- 49er Six to 49er One. - This is One. Over.
- That was a hell of a sunset. - They're always nice before a storm.
- You believe in God, Sascha? - Most of the time.
Ever fly in your dreams?
- Who is this guy? - I'm a man with 50 minutes to live.
What does that have to do with me?
Change the view, will you? I'm tired of this one.
- What would you prefer, Lester? - The desert.
- How does that sound? - Hot.
The rumour is you went half past dead and came back.
Took a ride on the flat line for 22 minutes...
...and lived to tell.
Thought we could play some cards and talk about that.
Whoever wired this place was good, but you're the best.
- Thas why you hired me. - Exactly.
49er One to 49er Six. You ready?
If you're waiting on us, you're back and up.
Les party, boys.
- Excuse me, sir. I need to talk to you. - Whas up?
- I can't reach the control centre. - What about the alarms?
I ran a systems check. The radar's reading normal.
- Cell houses? - No breaches.
The storm must have knocked out the phone lines. Okay. Graclas.
Billy Ray, check it out.
I'm with y'all. I'm one of y'all.
- Sorry. - Check this out. Let me out of here.
- Cell house secured. - Thas my girl.
Hey, whas up, doll? Give me one of them pistols, man.
- Whas that? - Whas it look like?
Is the suit I promised you.
Is not first-class, but is a good knockoff.
You know, I volunteered for this.
I got tired of parading in and out of court, hawking appeals, filing writs.
What am I doing? I'm displacing blame.
So I decided to accept my karmic payback.
Now I'm not so sure.
Dying's not the hard part.
Is knowing that your life doesn't belong to you.
That your death has an exact time and date takes all the mystery out of it.
Thought about doing it myself, but I couldn't.
Whas waiting on the other side?
Not too many people know that, Lester.
Come on. Be generous. My time's precious.
Tell me how it feels to be embraced by the light.
Do your loved ones come for you?
Got any jacks?
Anybody hit?
Seven's down.
He's your man.
Sleep tight, friend.
- Wanna know why I'm in that chair? - No.
I hit a U.S. money train...
...and ripped off 200 million worth of U.S. gold brick.
- You must have done more than that. - The deal went sideways on me.
Train got accidentally derailed. Five U.S. Treasury agents got killed.
Feds have been coming all week...
...promising me serenity if I tell them where I hid it.
You think Goll go easier on me if I do?
I think you must have done something very bad...
...and now you're gonna pay for it with your life.
But I think God will forgive you.
- Air 49er, whas your air to ground? - I got zero visibility.
- Give me a ballpark ETA. - My ETA's been pushed.
- We're gettlng close. Push back. - I'm on my way.
Lester, there is someone here to see you.
Hello, Lester.
"Whosoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed."
Genesis 9, verse 6.
You read that the day you decided my life wasn't worth living.
The jury decided. I presided.
Is okay.
You're a long way from Pennsylvania Avenue. Why'd you make the trip?
Because of that ruling I made 17 years ago.
You want my forgiveness. Thas why you came, isn't it?
It was my job to sentence you.
Now that your death warrans come down, is my job to see it through.
Well, thas very honourable of you.
Goodbye, Lester.
Les go, Petrosevitch.
What the hell?
Any last words?
Thanks for the suit.
- Whas that? - What the hell?
Nice suit.
- Show us what you got. - Get your ass up there.
- Come on, man. - Come on. Come on.
- Oh, dude. - Damn.
Your turn, Little Joe.
My big black ass up that rope?
Goddamn, Joe.
What about you, you little bitch? Give it a try, les go!
- Up! - No. Not me.
Thas not what I'm gonna do.
But you, you know, you should climb on up there.
I'm gonna go over here myself...
...and watch you fall and bust your ass... little bitch.
What are you doing, man? Let it go!
49er One to Alr 49er. Whas your 20? Over.
According to radar, I'm over you. But I'm in a total whiteout.
Take your eyes off of the radar and look for the lighthouse.
Whas going on up there?
I think we just lost our ride.
Oh, man. You all see this?
Please Identlfy yourself.
- Kestner, Damon J. - Access denled.
You gotta say it louder.
Kestner, Damon J.
Volce and handprlnt recognltlon conflrmed.
Let me handle this guy.
Make sure he's dead.
Let it be. Is blood money.
Got yourself born again since you came to prison?
I found God, yes.
There is no God.
I told you no last week.
If you're going to kill me, do it. I'm dead already.
Are you going to take me to the gold? Yes or no?
Yes or no?
I can't kill you, Lester.
I need you.
But there's a lot of innocent people here I just don't need.
I'm what shrinks call sociopathic. Know what that means?
It means I can kill everybody in this room and not feel bad about it.
But you... had to find God to get over your guilt.
But God is dead.
And so is everybody in this room if you don't take me where I wanna go.
What you got?
Coast Guard reports a helicopter went down.
- Any word from Alcatraz? - Phones are down.
- A cell house was compromised. - Which one?
E-Block. Is temporary while they retrofit the main house.
- Is he in there? - Cell A-5.
- Who? - We got a man in deep cover.
- As a prisoner? - Yeah.
What kind of man signs up for that?
Hey, mama. You got that blue stuff working, huh?
49er Six to 49er One. I think is time for plan B.
- How bad? - Total loss.
All right, get back here.
Sexy little thing, you.
Let me see that gun, mama.
- Les get ready for the FBI. - Right.
We got something.
- What is it? - Cellular transmission.
- Start the trace. Put them on speaker. - You're live.
This is Special Agent Williams, FBI.
Les not be so formal, Special Agent Williams.
- I like first names. - All right. My name's Ellen.
- Les talk hostages. - I've got 10.
- How many women? - Three.
- Show good faith. Let the women go. - Relax, Ellen.
Everything in time.
Tell me what you're doing.
You a bad boy who didn't get enough love from his mother?
Maybe trying to prove a point? Teach Uncle Sam a lesson?
Oh, no. I love America.
- Then whas your cause? - Me.
- And who are you? - Who I am is not important.
But who I have...
...and what you're gonna give me for her is.
Easy, now. I'm just looking for my men.
They're all dead.
Get her, and throw her down here.
Who are you?
Bust her, Sasch!
Little Joe!
Yo, Nick.
- You got this little freak handled? - I got her.
Yo, we got your back, dog.
Whas the matter, baby girl, you don't like me?
I thought you liked me. Come on, you little freak.
Nice shooting, Ma.
You just shot up a room full of cans.
Why don't we put the guns down...
...and do this like men?
You first.
- I'm telling you. - You all right?
I'm all right, man...
...but we got issues.
You llsten carefully. Here's what you'll glve us In exchange for the hostages.
A hellcopter rlde off thls rock and a fuelled jet waltlng... tak e us to an undlsclosed locatlon.
I can't approve those demands without authorization.
- Then get authorized. - I need time.
You're boring me with these stall tactics.
Put your playbook down, and give the attorney general a wakeup call.
- What if he doesn't meet your demands? - I start target practlce.
And don't try that Waco, Texas Special-Op stuff, either...
...or I'll light this justice up. - Light her up?
Let me give you the visual.
As we speak, Miss McPherson's strapped to the electric chair.
All I have to do is flip a switch and, well, she's dead.
Dead by the tool of her trade.
Now send me my helicopter before I start filling body bags.
Put Special Ops on a "Will notify." Find out who the phone's registered to.
Computer's printing it out now.
- Nothing's ever easy, huh? - Not today.
Hang on to this.
- Come on, dog. - Do it, dog.
You ain't gonna make it.
Yo, you bust a cap in that freaky bitch, or what?
Or what.
- We lost 3, 4 and 5. - How?
Prisoner 1137.
Who's 1137?
A major pain in your ass.
You think you're funny now?
Sascha, is that you?
How does one of the FBI's finest marksmen...
...shoot an undercover agent? - I don't have time for this.
Some nut says he's gonna waste a supreme court justice.
Give me the 411.
These guys are 10, 15 strong, minus the three I took out.
- Do they have McPherson? - I don't know.
But I'll tell you one thing, they're very heavily armed.
- Whas going on? - Welcome to the party.
- Glad you could make it. - What are you doing, Donny?
Put your weapons down!
About time you boys grew some hair on your chest. Now what?
Put your weapons down.
Don't stop now. You started out with such authority...
...such conviction. Keep it going. - Here's how is gonna go.
You're gonna unstrap Miss McPherson and we're gonna walk her out of here.
What do you think, Miss Jane?
Do it now!
You gave it a try, boys. I can respect that.
But I don't take orders.
Happy you wore that body armour?
What am I doing here? Well, let me see.
I'm gonna dig up $200 million worth of U.S. gold brick...
...take an early retirement south of the border. Work on my tan.
- You want in? - I'm not dirty.
- Well, I am. - Why? You were treated good.
65G a year and a watch when I'm 60 won't get me a piece of the rock.
I want the American dream, Frank. And I'm gonna get it.
Donald Robert Johnson, age 33.
Served in Kuwait and Bosnia, three tours.
Purple Heart. He was shot four times.
Suffers from Gulf War Syndrome. Honorary dlscharge.
Last 18 months, working at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Can you help?
- I can try. - Without compromising...
...the life of Jane McPherson? - I'll use a soft hammer.
- You don't own one. - Besides me, what are your options?
- Special Ops. - They'll see them comlng.
- I could meet their demands. - What if they kill her anyway?
I'll be pushing pencils for the rest of my career.
- Sounds like I'm all you've got. - This is heavy, Sascha.
I'll be in touch.
This some tasty stuff, dog. Come peep it out.
Look at this.
Put that down before you hurt somebody.
I got no beef with you.
Put it down before you blow your dick off.
How's he gonna do that, Joe? Targes too small.
Mine's bigger than yours, little big-city boy.
- You know you got problems? - Whas the problem?
- Twitch wants to blow something up. - He wanna blow some shit up.
- You wanna blow something up? - Hell, yeah.
Put this on your shoulder. Put your index finger here.
Line that up nice. Right about like that.
- Sayonara, you little busters. - Let her rip.
Get him out of here, man.
You all right?
- Told you about pushing buttons. - What a rush.
All right, boys. Pick your poison.
- So we giving these wackos guns? - We need all the help we can get.
- What happened up in the chopper? - Radioed for backup.
- Hey, Sasch. - Yeah?
You like that?
Think I can do some damage with this one?
- This mine? - Take it.
Oh, you the man, Sasch.
- Twitch is in the house. - This weapon was made for you.
- Small and compact. - Little and mean.
This some crazy shit, Sasch.
- Cuckoo crazy. - Way beyond that.
Why are you doing this?
Little late in the game for that, isn't it?
Haven't you been paying attention?
Well, we know you want the gold.
But you're more than greedy.
There must be some reason for that. What happened to you?
Feel like I should be laying on a couch with a box of Kleenex.
Talking about how my father beat me.
- Or about how my mother raped me. - Did they?
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
Tell me, how many candles did they put on your birthday cake this year?
I know is not polite to ask a woman her age...
...but you're not hung up on superficial things like that, right?
Youngest supreme court justice ever.
One of only three women ever appointed.
You're gonna be in the history books one day.
I'm 53.
You sure are an attractive 53 too.
Little long in the tooth for my taste, but let me see.
You have kept your bait fresh.
You're probably pretty smart too.
So tell me...
...why have you never been married?
No one ever asked me.
Too busy burning bras?
Getting your panties in a twist over women's rights, equal pay, pro-choice.
Fighting the cause, right?
And all that time... forgot about love, didn't you?
And your biological clock stopped ticking.
Your fields went fallow.
And now, in the autumn of your historic life... ain't got nothing.
Do you, Miss Jane?
Not even a dog.
I have my work.
Thas my story. Whas yours?
Sorry to disappoint you after your candour and all the tears falling down.
There is no deep psychological reason for my behaviour.
I just saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I took it.
I just saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I took it.
We've got her!
Come on. Come on. Come on down!
Get these doors open!
- Take Lester and get out! - I'm not leaving without you.
Please help me. Get me out of here.
Get them open now!
I'll be back!
Give me that rifle!
Come on.
Bring her up.
- Something wrong out there? - Nope. Everything's peachy.
Then why am I talking to you? Who are you?
I'm second in command.
Where's our helicopter?
We've still got 36 minutes.
You're a woman, which means you know we don't like to wait.
So get the chopper airborne now.
Or I will fry this lily-white bitch.
Send the chopper.
- Don't even think about it! - Your clip's dry, 1137. You know it.
Do you think so?
Yeah. You'd have used it by now if it wasn't.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Thas right. Magazine's dry.
Question is, do I still have one in the tube?
I say you're dry.
Make your move.
- Thas a nice bluff. - Wasn't a bluff. It was a misfire.
Where's Lester?
Find him yourself.
Sweet dreams, partner.
Yo, Sasch. You need to holler at me.
- Later. - No, now.
- I need to know whas going on. - Watch my back like usual.
I got your back. Thas a given. I need to know the game plan.
I'm on a tight clock, man. I don't got time.
Are you hiding something from me? I get the feeling like you are.
Nothing. I'm trying to save the life of a supreme court justice.
- There's more. - Now's not the time, brother.
Yes, it is.
I'm undercover.
- But you passed the lie detector test. - Anybody can do that.
All this time, you've been setting up on me.
I believed in you.
I trusted you.
I've let you into my family. I vouched for you.
And you betrayed me?
Is not that simple.
Don't do it.
Well, I'm sorry.
I thought we were friends, Sasch.
We are. You can bet your life on that.
- Is the helicopter here? - Yeah. Where's Lester?
I've got hlm.
You've got something of mine, 1137.
I want It back.
I'll swap you. Lester for the judge.
- What do you want the judge for? - She's my tlck et out of here.
You glve me Lester, and we'll let you thumb a rlde wlth us.
Hitchhiking's dangerous. Didn't your mama ever tell you that?
- When and where? - Main cell house, 15 minutes.
Fifteen minutes.
Unstrap the judge.
Get fired up, boys. He took the bait.
Hey, how do I look?
Like a big-ass prom queen.
You sure you want to do this?
My destiny is in Gos hands. I'm cool with that.
Now, I want to tell you about a place I used to go.
Is an alpine lake called Trinity, west of Shasta.
There's a little cove on the north bank, tucked away.
You should take a trip there when this is over.
Trinity Lake, west of Shasta.
Take the trip.
- Is him. - What the hell's going on out there?
- I got everythlng under control. - Any good news?
I'm trading the condemned man for McPherson. You happy?
Give them their chopper.
I already did all that. I'm sorry I'm yelling. I'm a little edgy.
Don't worry. I got it handled.
Hey. You got room for two in there?
There is now.
You know, you gotta break a few things down to me, man.
What am I doing here? Earning your trust, maintaining my cover.
You already screwed that up.
The Bureau thought if we did time together...'d trust me with more information back out on the streets.
You want Sonny that bad?
My wife's dead because of him.
She died after one of his men jacked my car and put four bullets in her chest.
You bet your life I want him that bad.
I'm sorry, man. I didn't know.
I don't know.
She was the best part of me.
- All right. Put this helmet on. - Whas this do?
- Whatever you look at, you can shoot. - Yeah?
Targetlng eyeplece actlvated.
This is just like a video game.
I'm gonna mak e thls real slmple.
You send us the judge, we'll send you Lester.
Start walking.
- Go with God, my brother. - Always.
- Get him out of here. - Got her, boss.
- Les move. - Go. Go, go, go.
Les go, boys.
All right, homeys, you did good.
Real good.
Now give up your guns, or two things can happen.
You get killed, or you get caught.
He's right. They kept their word, now les keep ours. Let them go.
Comprende this!
Cease fire!
Y'all want some?
We going! Come on, man!
Cover me!
We got a problem.
Acqulrlng target.
You mother...
- Problem solved. - You're bad.
Yeah. Yeah!
- We gotta do something. - Stay here or jump for that rope.
Either way, we die.
I guess we're going for the rope.
Get out of there!
Pretty good, 1137.
But not good enough.
Drop it!
I said, drop it!
Oh, hell, yeah!
Thas what you get, bitch!
Les see if you got the sack to finish the job.
Don't do it.
- I got something... - Put the gun down. Now.
McPherson's in the last cell on the right.
Come on!
We all right. Everything's good in the 'hood.
- Did we get them? - Yeah, we got them.
- I'm gonna miss you, Sasch. - Don't say that, man.
Is a nice night to die.
Just hang in there. I'm gonna get you out of here.
Get me the hell out of here.
You just hang in there for me. You hear?
Thas not McPherson.
They swltched her wlth one of the hostages. He stlll has her.
Thls Is FBI Alr Unlt Charlle Brav o 4804...
...requestlng you follow us back to San Franclsco.
We've got company.
- Sorry your girlfriend died. - Casualties of war.
- You're not just a prisoner, are you? - No, I'm not. Undercover FBI.
- You picked the wrong prison. - Don't get cocky. I got what you want.
- I got what you need. - Don't do it.
Turn that helicopter around or she goes for a swim.
You wanna go for a swim? I think she wants to go for a swim.
Say goodbye.
Almas nalgas, homeboy. Someone here to see you.
- Talk. - How you feeling?
Eight broken ribs...
...a broken leg, a broken arm. How'd you think I was feeling?
Well, for the record, I couldn't have done it without you.
I heard you busted Sonny.
Thas what I started out to do. I usually like to finish what I start.
Did you find the gold?
- Did you get some for me? - I got something better.
- Whas that? - I spoke with McPherson.
- I had her look at your file. - And?
She knocked your sentence back.
To what?
How fast can you get out of those clothes?
- You better not be playing me. - You know me. I ain't playing.
You serious?
Thas what I'm talking about!
Now, Nicholas, do we have issues, or are we all right?
Hell, no, we ain't all right.
We all right.
- Whas up, girl? - Hey, Twitch.
- " Hey"? You don't miss your boo? - I miss you every day, Twitch.
Dang, girl. Act like it. After all I've been through.
Please believe this. You gotta believe it. It was cracking!
It was down in here. Bullets flying. I'm ducking bullets.
Bad guys die. I'm a good guy this time.
I'm a hero. I'm big. I'm getting out soon.
Thas real! Me and the warden, we like this.
Twitch, the warden don't know you. Your name is Bernard.
- Don't talk about that. - I'm stopping this Twitch mess.
You keep hopping the same stuff.
- I'm tired of these fake-ass diamonds. - They look real to me.
Whas more real than Twitch?
- Whas more real than Twitch Dog? - Twitch Dog coming home.
I'm coming home. Put your hand on the glass.
Put your hand on the glass.
- Close your eyes. - You're aggressive behind glass.
Put your hand on the glass. I want you to close your eyes.
Close your eyes. I want you to feel me.
I'm coming home soon. I'll take you anywhere you wanna go, okay?
- Anywhere? - Anywhere.
- And I'm gonna buy you anything. - Anything, Twitch?
I met a million-dollar man. I'm hitting his house.
When you come home, you be on the up and up.
- Why you wanna hit the man? - What the hell is you looking at?
- Twitch! - You in my zone!
Bernard, here. See, here.
You ain't never seen a lovely lady before? You ill hustling.
Twitch! Keep it here.
Here! Keep it focused. Thas why you're in here. You didn't listen.
I'm with you, baby. You know. I'll be home, now. You wait for me.
You remember that time we was by the beaches?
You remember what we used to do back in the day?
Thas what I'm saying!
Wiggle it for me. Show me some. What the hell you looking at?
Do the damn thing. Don't make me go old school with you.
Do the damn thing.
Go ahead, girl. Make them wiggle.
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