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Subtitles for Halloween 5 - The Revenge Of Michael Myers.

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Halloween 5 - The Revenge Of Michael Myers

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Die ...
you ... son of a bitch!
Jamie ...
I want you to stay in the car.
Get away!|- Don't touch him, Jamie!
That's him.
Don't hit the girl.
Get down!
I don't get it, what happened?
He's gotta be down there!
Do it!
Stand back!
Quiet, Tuki.
Be quiet!
There's nothing out there, Tuki.
Come on, Jamie.|Your bath is ready.
Jamie! No!
It's all right.
It's all right, darling.
Oh, Jamie.
Jamie ...
It's just another one of your nightmares, that's all!
Oh ...|Oh.
Oh, darling. Look at me, look at me.
Do you want me to call your mom?
Oh, Jamie.|Jamie.
I'll call the doctor.
Oh, Jamie!
Oh, Jamie!
Get a gurney!
Come on!|- Okay.
Yeah. It's ready.
Go! ... Go!|- Jamie ...
... breathe!
Breathe, Jamie!
Jamie, breathe.
Prep e.r.! Tracheotomy. Go!|- No!
Hang on, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie.
All right, down.|- There you go.
Easy, easy, easy, doc.
You got her up there?|- Yeah. Steady, steady.
She needs oxygen!
All right, unstrap her.
All right.
No!|- What are you doing?
Leave her!|- This girl is dying!
I have to open her trachea, for God's sake!|- She will stabilize.|- She's dying!
Do you see?
I see you still want this girl dead.
She has something to tell us.
Hey there, funny face.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, open up!
They don't allow Max in here.|- Get in there, Max.
You know.
You know what they can do if they can't take a joke.
She doesn't even remember.
Is she really better?
Hey!|Hey, hey, hey!
Give me some of this action, baby.
I wonder what Rachel's hiding|behind door number three.
It looks so good. It'll be so cute.
Billy ...
... is going to have to fight off a lot of boys.|- Billy is gonna freak.
What is going on here?
Gee. I'm sorry.
Come on, Max. Here.
Bye, sweetie, love you.
I'll be back in two days ... okay?
Mom and dad send their love.
How could they?
When are they gonna realize that she is not him?|She's just a child.
They know that Michael Myers is her uncle.
And that she attacked her stepmother.|That's why they fear her.
Especially on Halloween.
I never should've let my parents talk me into leaving.
I don't know, what I was thinking.
You are afraid and ..|- I am not.
You're afraid the whole thing might start ...|to happen again.
There's nothing wrong with being afraid.
And I suppose there's nothing wrong|with just leaving my little stepsister here alone.
You can telephone her from the cabin.
She'll be properly looked after.
Then why do I still feel guilty?
I'm worried about Jamie.|- So, stick around.
I already promised my parents.|- Promises were made to be broken, babe. - I don't know.
The farm's parties always rock. Think about it.|- Okay. - I gotta jet. Bye.|- Bye.
I'll be back with the outfits.|- See you, Tina.
Max, what is it?
Come on, Max.
Oh, come on.
Come on, Max!
Come on.
Here. You want this?|- That's mine.
I want the green one.|- I used to like this. - Here is the red one.
I don't want the scissors.|- It's mine.
I got the hook on them.
Shut up, Max!
It's a joke.
Jamie?|- Max!
What'd she say?|- Okay.
All right!
Hold on a minute!
All right!
I'm coming!
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.|I was just in the shower.
Is ... is Max all right?
Max is having fun.|He's been barking at a cat all morning.
Go and check him.
Well, why?|- Go and check him, now!
All right.
All right. Hold on.|I have to go downstairs.
Oh, brother.
{y:i}Dr. Loomis ...
Max is gone.
Listen to me.
{y:i}Drop the phone, go to the nearest store.|{y:i}Get out of the house.|Quickly! Now. Go on!
Mr. Cornet!
Better find that out.
All clear. Nothing above, nothing below.
What about Max?
A dobie, right?
This is not happening to me.|Max!
Max, what have you done?
I'm so embarrassed.|- That's what we're here for.
Rescue cats. - Find dogs.|- That's our job. - And we love it.
Think so.
{y:i}Bye, sweetie.|I love you.
{y:i}You be a good girl.
So, she was perfectly all right.
Come on, Billy.
I think Jamie needs to get some rest.
Jamie, are y-you okay?
Come on.
You sense something, don't you?
Tell me.
Tell me what you know!
Here, write. Write! Write!
Write, what you know.
Jamie, please!
The tetanea should've taken effect by now.|Another dose might stop her heart.
She was shaking!
Her whole body was shaking!
Every time a little girl twitches,|I'm supposed to call out the National Guard.
How many people did he kill last year?|Have you forgotten?
Your own daughter. - I don't.|- No! Of course you don't forget!
How could you?
But you never looked into his face, did you?
You never saw his eyes.
You never saw that ...
... nothing ...
No expression.
My memory goes back 12 years ...
to the night when I offered ...
I'm gonna show you.
Show you something.|Look, look. Look at this.
Look at that.
I prayed ...
That he would burn ... in hell.
But in my heart ...
I knew that hell would not have him.
They want you down at the cemetery.
Chill out, Max.
I'll get your water in a second.
Rachel? Rachel?
Rachel. I got you a present.
Gonna miss you, baby!
It's Halloween, right?|- Can you believe we have this whole house|to ourselves for the weekend?
But Tina, that's what you've said before, remember?
Oh, Sammy, are all your circuits on hold or what?
Tina, I thought Rachel was lurking around.
Oh, I did too ...
But I guess she decided to go up to the|country with her parents.
Oh, Max!|Shut your canine trap!
What if my mom calls and finds out ...
... Rachel's not here with us, huh?
Just joking!
Sammy, why don't you bag spitz tonight?
I couldn't do that.- Oh, sure you could.|- Oh, no, I can't.
Come on. Ooh, you're blushing.
Come on.
Come on. You can't hide anything from me.
Come on.|- This may be it.
What are you saying?
I can't talk to you about this.|- Oh, come on.
Come on. I mean, you're planning something.|What are we talking here like ...
candles and ...
... and a ...
sensual massage and ...
leopard sheets.
Satin sheets?|- They're Rachel's!
I just flipped my skirt!
What do you want me to do?|What can I do? What can I do? I mean ...
Do you wanna make up signals or something?|- Enough!
What? Come on.|You guys can have the house to yourselves.
It's cool.
Mikey and I like it in the car.
Oh, honey. Don't worry about it.|- I'm not worried.
I've just been in|a weird mood all day.
Everybody in this town is in a weird mood.
They should ban Halloween in this town.
Hey, you're just in time to give us a ride.
Come on, Sammy.|He's sorry about last weekend.
Aren't you, Mikey?
Tina, I thought you wanted to see Jamie.
Look, you're killing me, babe.
Would you just get in?
We can go later, right Mikey?
It's all right.
It's all right.
What are you doing down here?
Come on. Come on. It's okay.|- There you are.
We've been looking all over for you.
Come to me, baby.
Come on.
What happened?
Was it one of your dreams again?
Okay, come on.
You gotta help me, Jamie.
You gotta help me to find him.
We both know he's alive.
But you know where he is!
Why are you protecting him?
What about your stepmother, Jamie?
You love her, don't you?|He made you stab her.
You cannot hide from him.|He'll always get to you.
Jamie.|Jamie, listen.
Today in the cemetery ...
... somebody dug up a coffin.
It was a coffin of a nine-year-old girl.
What do you think he's going to do with that?!
You're nine years old ...
... aren't you, Jamie?
Dr. Loomis ...
Leave the little girl alone.
Tears won't get you anywhere.
Help me to find him.
We'll find him together!
There's a reason, why he has this power over you.
Did you ever wonder what it is?
He's still inside.
Okay.|- Excuse me.
Where is the bus stop for Chicago?|- Let's see, are you going to the Blooming Hill?
Have you come home ...
... Michael?
I know what you want from her.
Don't you like the mask just a little bit?
Yeah, maybe you don't even need to wear a mask, baby.
* Baby, I'm yours *
* Baby, I'm ready *
Bruised, but ready.
Friends of yours?
So, how many cases can we get?|- Three cases.
Any more, I think old Mr. Casey|would know something's up.
But we gotta get going.|Shift changes pretty soon.
You gonna pull around back|or should we both get busted out front here?
Oh, Mike.
Nice wax job.
You touch the car again and you're dead.
Thank you.
You're gonna get high blood pressure, Mikey.
Pick me up at 8:00 at Rachel's, okay?
We gotta get ready for the tower farm party.
Hey Mikey ...
wanna go have your legs waxed?
All right, that's it. Now, go, go, go.|And don't drink it all before we get there, okay?
What the ...
Okay, asshole.
You wanna play?!
Trick or treat!
Three, two, one.
Can you hear me up here?
Testing: one, two, three.
Ooh, my.|Aren't you pretty?
These are ...|for you.
Aren't they beautiful?
We'll have to put them in water.
... yeah.|- It's great.
It ...
It's ... good luck.
First of all I'd like to thank you parents for supporting ...
... us tonight. Now, what we've all been waiting for|our annual Halloween ...
... costume pageant! Our first couple is Jenny Hogel|and Christian McGint. Give them a big hand.
Next is Tony Larkin and Diane Lewis.|- Jamie, come on.
Queen of room service.
Michael, open the door.
Michael, it's cold out here!|Come on, open the door!
Thank you for being such a gentleman.
And now we have Billy Hill and Jamie Groder.
You're wearing my present.
I want you to know ...
I just love barbaric men.
Jamie as a princess. Give her a big hand.|- Jamie.
Jamie, come on.
Michael, don't I even get a kiss?
Well, I can't resist your new look.
Jamie, come on.
It feels creepy.
I think. I think she's gonna fall down!
Just great.
The old silent treatment, huh, Mike?
What'd I do wrong this time, huh?
Is it because I wanna see Jamie?
Nothing, Mike. That's what I get. Nothing!
Stop here. I want a pack of cigarettes.
I said, stop the goddamn car!|I want a pack of cigarettes!
Come on.
Psycho boyfriend.
Tina. Is she in danger? Where is she?|- No. We gotta get her arm.|- Where is she?
Tina. Where is she, Jamie?
You've got to help us!
Get Meeker on the line.
Sergeant Meeker, what's your 20?|- St ... ore!
What kind of store?|What do they sell there?
Nie ... er.
Lighter.|- No!
What do they? What do they sell?|- Big ...
Wo ... - Woman.|- A big woman? A big woman who works?
Works in the store?|- No!
What? Jamie, what?
Cookie woman!|- Cookie wo ... woman.
Cookie woman?
Cookie woman.
Dale's gas station. Fifth and maine.
Tina Williams!
If you are Tna Williams, stay where you are!
Check the inside!
{y:i}She appears unharmed.|- What the hell's going on!? I'm fine!
Please, you gotta come with us to the clinic.
Is Jamie all right?
Just get in the car.
We're bringing her in.
Unit 22. A-positive ...
I don't believe this.|- Come on.
Where's Jamie? Is something wrong?
Say it again!
T- T - Tina.
I love it!
Tina, don't go.|- I have to.
Why?|- Because!
You might not understand, but ...
When you're older, there are people you're gonna meet|who make you feel ...
like, connected.
Like your heart is made of neon, and ...
When you find them, you have to be with them.
But he was with you.|- Who?
The boogeyman.|- Oh, yeah. That's one way of describing him.
Tina. No!
Honey, I will come back later tonight|and I will sleep with you right here.
I'll be back.|I love you.
All right, buddy, let's hit the ... - All right you sto ...|- Why don't you stay the night?|- I'm sorry. I gotta run.
Tina, please. - Stay away, okay? You know.|You're really creepy filling that little girl|with all that boogeyman crap.
I believe that you're in danger.
Jamie believes it too.
Jamie's a nine-year-old girl.|- Be sensible!
I'm never sensible if I can help it!
I got these over here.
For God's sakes, stop her!
On whose orders?|- She hasn't done anything wrong.
Follow her, then!
At least you can do that!
If that girl ...
... dies tonight ...|- All right, all right. For you, doc, anything.
You guys supposed to be trailing me or something?
Well, then you can give me a ride to the Tower Farm.
Tina.|Gotta help Tina!
Jamie's not in her room! She's nowhere in sight!
Hey!|- Loomis!
What the hell are you doing?|- Jamie's gone.
I'm gonna find Tina.
You ... you don't even know where sh ... she is.
But, I do.
The Tower Farm.
Love your costume.|- Oh, baby!
What?|- Where's Mike?
Ask me if I care.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?|- Sitting here.
What do you think?
Well, orders are orders.
That look like a life-threatening situation to you?
Play crazy eights?
Spitz and I just had ...
... greatest night together.|- Yeah. What?
Let's go.
Oh, now wait. Hey, you cheated there.|- I did not cheat. - Come on
I did not cheat.
Take me, but spare my friend!
She's a virgin.
Got her phone number?
Do you think that's funny?
Hey, hey, no, man.|No. Hey, just a little Halloween prank, okay?
Definitely not ... funny!
Somebody could easily be dead right now!
Fortunately, we're lousy cops.
Hey, guys!
Look, what I found.
Ohh! Kittens!
Oh, look at 'em.
Hello.|Hello babies.
Hello.|Oh, they're so cute.
Oh, I'm gonna get you.|- Get 'em, Tina! Get 'em!
You, you, you, wait, wait, wait.|Thinking of getting kitten?
Little, wee cat.
Psst! Kitten.
I'm coming to get you!
Kitten ...
I hear you, but I don't see you.
Oh, my God.
What am I doing?|I hate cats.
I hate you!
Sorry. - God!|- Did you see her face?
You guys!
Fine, I'll just let myself out. Bye.|- I'll be right back.
Have fun.|- Okay.
What makes you think I'm gonna try and find you, huh?
I got you!
I saw you.
Spitz, I'm out of here!
Good night!
Oh, my God!
You son of a bitch!|You scared me half to death!
It wasn't funny!
Spitz, no.
Spitz.|- Why?
Why?|- No.
What's the matter?|- Because I don't ... have anything.
You son of a bitch!
That sounded different.
Yeah, we never did stuff like that when we were kids.|- No, we were normal.
Yeah, let's see what it is.
Hey, fella!
Over here!
Hey, come on. Enough's enough, all right?|- Somebody can get hurt with that thing.
Hey, somebody's gonna get hurt with that thing!
Unbelievable! No respect for authority anymore.
Well, it's the parents.|- Yeah. - Hey!
All right, punk.|I'm through fooling around.
Hey, Sarah!
So, you coming to the spring?|Oh, baby. You just wanna see me naked.|- I wouldn't mind.
Come on. The hell with Mike. He ain't gonna show.
I can't leave Sam and Spitz.
Hurry, hurry!
Come on!
You guys?
You guys, I don't hear any noise.
Are you sure you're doing it right?
You guys wanna come skinny-dipping?
Maybe you guys are already naked.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Help me!
Help me, please! Somebody, help me! Please, help me!
Oh, God!
Help me!|Please, help me!
Help me!
Leave her alone!
What do you want?!
Leave her!
No.|- Here.
Billy, no!
Stay here, Billy. I'll be back.
Leave her alone!
Oh, my God!
Help me!|- Leave her alone!
Stop! Jamie!
Oh, God!
No! No!
Come on!|- No! Tina!
No!|- Run!
Come on.
Tin - Tina!
All right, spread out and keep in contact!
Don't shoot!|- There's two of 'em right here!
Loomis!|- Yeah, I've got them here.
Come on. Get 'em out of here!
Spread out. Find the other girl!|- Where's the other one?
Come on, Loomis!|- Get these back here!
Tina's still missing!|- The other girl's still missing!
All right, come on ...|- Watch yourself!
It's all right. You're gonna be all right.|- Jamie ...
It's gonna be all right.|- Help Tina, please!
Tina! Tina!
All right. Put three units over at the reservoir ...,|and let me know when ...|- Now are you willing to help me?
{y:i}I wanna keep an eye on that ...
Can you kill him?
I think so.
Now wait a minute, Loomis. There isn't a minute to wait.
What do you want me to do?
It will destroy you too.
One day,
Michael ...
this rage ...
which drives you.
You think if you kill them all, it will go away?
It won't.
You have to fight it ...
in the place where it's strongest.
Where it all began!
-if you want to get rid of this ... rage.
Michael, go home.
Go home!
Go to your house.
I shall be there waiting for you!
You'll find ...
her ...
waiting for you.
Can he see us from the street?
Not a chance.
Station one, are you sure he can't see you?
{y:i}Inside units, I want a report every five minutes.|- Roger.
10 - 4.
He may not be able to see you, Sheriff ...
But we can all certainly hear you.
All right, relax, Loomis. This is my operation.
All right, fellas. Let's keep it down on the radio chatter.
Looks like you and me are the only ones|around here keeping our cool.
Good idea.
You wanna practice our signals?
All right.
You do that good and loud,|I'll be out here ...
in a flash.
You're one brave little girl.
Bi - Billy?
Dr. Loomis!
Bi - Billy.|- Dr. Loomis!
Meeker, he's at the clinic.
Bi - Billy.
This is car 16 calling the Masterson Clinic.
Car 16 calling the Masterson Clinic.
We just had a distress call from the clinic.
They haven't been able to reach them again.
There were four men up there.
All right. This is Sheriff Meeker.
All mobile units ...
proceed immediately to the Masterson Clinic.
Okay, let's go!
Move out! Move out!
Come on. Get going.
Stop dragging your ass!|Move, move, move!
All right. You stay here.|Loomis, I'm moving the girl to the police station.|She'll be safer there.
Move it out!
Let's go! - We're all clear.|- The girl, Charlie and Loomis are in this there.|- All right. I got it.
Come on! Let's get out of here.
Now you'll come.
Won't you, Michael?
I'd say you've done your night's work.
Come on. My pal Eddie and I'll|give you a ride to the station.
Let's go.
Dr. Loomis.
What the hell are you doing?
We aren't taking her ... anywhere.
You've got five seconds to give me that key ...
before I take it.
{y:i}Charlie.|Can you read me?
This is Charlie. What's going on?
There's a car approaching.
{y:i}I'll check it out.
Looks like one of ours.|It's a code two.
Eddie, do you read me?
Eddie, can you read me?
Eddie, come in!
I've got to call Meeker.
You crazy son of a bitch!
Charlie ...
Michael Myers ...
is outside.
Stay with the little girl.
This is all right.
Don't worry about this.
We have to get out of here.
You ...
You've come back to us, Michael?
I ...
I know why you've come back, Michael.
Because the little girl ...
The little girl can stop the rage inside.
She knows how to do it, Michael.
If you let her.
She can s ...
stop the rage ...
The rage inside.
Oh, she's not up there, Michael.
She's down here in the middle of the old house where ...
Your house ... Michael.
Your house.
Don't you remember ...
how much better ...
you used to be?
Let ... let me take you ...
Let me take you to her.
She'll take the rage away.
Michael ...
you'll be ...
better ... then.
You don't need the ...
You don't need that.
Please ...
All right. Get on that side over there.
Step over it.
All right.
I need you on my back.
You just hold on.
All right.
All right.
Come on.
Come on, kids.
No!, this side.
Yes, sir.|- Inside. There!
Hold it.
Oh, God. Damn it!
Move it. Quickly!
All right. When everybody's out.|I want a sweep of the building and grounds.
{y:i}Sheriff Meeker, do you copy?|- Yeah! - Third floor's secure. Willie's on the second
All right, keep it up.
Please don't let him get me.
Please, God.
No ...
Help me. Help me.
Let me see.
You're just like me.
Let me.
Oh, God!
You want her?
No!|- Here she is!
She's yours!
No!|- Your ... little girl! - No!
Oh, no!
No! No!|- Come and get her.
Come and ...|- No!
No! Please!|- Come and get your little girl. - No!
No! |- Come take us both. - No!
Michael ...
Let's play a game.|- No.
Can you catch the little girl? Come catch.
Michael.|- No.
No!|- Get the little girl, then ... then you're home and safe.
Die! Die!
Die! Die, Michael!
Die! Die!
D ...
National Guard will take him|to a maximum security facility.
Where he'll stay till the day he dies.
He'll never die.
All right. Take her back to the clinic.
Come on.
Ok, Tony I'll see you in the morning, huh?
Good job.|- All right. Take care. Joe's back.
Hey Joe!
Don't forget. You said you'd cover for me tomorrow.
Yeah, I got it. Don't worry about it.
Take it easy.
Hey, you said you're gonna cover for me too!|- Get out of here.
Spread out!
Wait in the car.
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Helter Skelter 1976 CD2
Helter Skelter 2004 Directors Cut CD1
Helter Skelter 2004 Directors Cut CD2
Henry Fool 1997 CD1
Henry Fool 1997 CD2
Henry V
Henry and June (1990)
Herbal Tea
Hercules 1997
Hercules in the Haunted World
Herencia (2001)
Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
Hero (2002)
Hero (2002 Extended Cut)
Hero (Jet Li 2002)
Hero The
Heroes Mountain 2002
Heroic Duo (2003)
Heroic Trio The
Hi Mom 1970
Hidalgo (2004) CD1
Hidalgo (2004) CD2
Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa) CD1
Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa) CD2
Hidden Fortress - Criterion Collection
Hidden Half
Hidden Heroes
Hidden The
Hide And Seek
Higanbana - Equinox Flower - Yasujiro Ozu 1958
High Anxiety CD1
High Anxiety CD2
High Fidelity
High Heels and Low Lifes
High Noon
High Plains Drifter
High Sierra
High Society CD1
High Society CD2
High Wind In Jamaica A (1965)
High crimes
Higher Learning
Highlander 1986 Directors Cut CD1
Highlander 1986 Directors Cut CD2
Highlander III The Sorcerer 1994
Hija del canibal La (2003)
Hijo de la Novia El
Hijo de la Novia El 2001
Hilary and Jackie
Hill The
Hillside Strangler The 2004
Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
Hip Hip Hora! (Hip Hip Whore)
Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD2
His Girl Friday
His Secret Life
His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
Historias Minimas (2002)
History of the World The - Part I
Hitcher II - I have been waiting
Hitcher The
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 1
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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 4
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 5
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 6
Hitlerjunge Salomon - Europa Europa
Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD1
Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD2
Hobbit The
Hocus Pocus
Hole The
Hole in the Head A
Holes CD1
Holes CD2
Hollow Man
Hollow The (2004)
Hollywood Ending CD1
Hollywood Ending CD2
Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD1
Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD2
Holy Man
Holy Matrimony (1994)
Holy Smoke CD1
Holy Smoke CD2
Home Alone 1990
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Home Alone 3
Home Alone 4
Home At The End Of The World A
Home On The Range
Home from the Sea
Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD1
Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD2
Homerun CD1
Homerun CD2
Homme-orchestre L (Serge Korber 1970)
Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
Honeymoon Killers The
Honkytonk Man
Hororr hotline (2001)
Horse Whisperer The CD1
Horse Whisperer The CD2
Horseman on the Roof The
Horses Mouth The
Hostile Waters 1997
Hot Chick The
Hot Wheels World Race CD1
Hot Wheels World Race CD2
Hound of Baskervilles The
Hour of the Wolf
Hours The
House By The Cemetary The
House Of The Spirits CD1
House Of The Spirits CD2
House With The Windows That Laugh
House of 1000 Corpses
House of Frankenstein
House of Games (1987)
House of Mirth The
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD1
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD2
House of flying daggers
House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
How Green Was My Valley
How High
How The West Was Won 1962 CD1
How The West Was Won 1962 CD2
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
How to Steal a Million CD1
How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
Howards End
Hratky s certem
Hudsucker Proxy The
Hulk The - Special Edition
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Human Beast The CD1
Human Beast The CD2
Human lanterns
Hunchback of Notre Dame II The
Hunchback of Notre Dame The
Hundtricker the movie
Hunger The 1983
Hunt For Red October CD1
Hunt For Red October CD2
Hunted The
Hunter The
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
Huozhe CD2
Hurricane 1937
Hurricane The CD1
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Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
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Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)