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Halls of Montezuma (1950)

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From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
We fight our country's battles
On the land as on the sea
Admiration of the nation
We're the finest ever seen
And we glory in the title
Of United States Marines
From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
To the shores of Tripoli
We fight our country's battles
On the land as on the sea
Admiration of the nation
We're the finest ever seen
And we glory in the title
Of United States Marines
Of United States Marines
[Intercom Buzzes]
Officer: Colonel Gilfillan will address the men.
Aye, aye, sir.
Boatswain: Now hear this.
Now hear this.
Gilfillan: Marines, Company B, First Battalion,
this is Colonel Gilfillan.
We're gonna be landing on a Jap-held island before long.
A couple of things I've said to you before
I think are worth repeating.
When you hit that beach,
there's gonna be a lot of noise and smoke and confusion.
You're gonna have to keep your eyes
on your squad leaders and platoon leaders.
I don't want any lost little lambs runnin' around.
You know where lambs end up.
And let's get it straight, this is a big island.
There's a lot about it we don't know yet,
and a lot we're gonna have to find out
from theJaps themselves.
We used to say that the only good Jap was a dead Jap.
I'll remind you that that's changed.
From here on in,
a good Jap is also a Jap prisoner who tells us things.
Now, this is an order.
Whenever possible, you will take prisoners.
I say again, you will take prisoners.
Some of us were together at Guadalcanal
and again at Tarawa.
I was proud to be with you.
I know it will be the same after this.
Believe me,
this trip is necessary.
All hands, good luck.
I'll see you on the beach.
Wouldn't you know, I'd get a stinkin' cold.
What's the matter, Whitney?
I don't like the dreams I've been having.
Ah, don't let it worry you.
I've landed on 2 Jap islands,
and I'm still here.
Yeah, but this guy I'm a replacement for,
where's he?
Got a half inch of whiskey.
It's all I got left in the world.
- You want it? - I don't drink.
You will.
Gonna make some more
the first minute I get.
No, thanks, I don't drink.
Okay,just take this ashore for me.
Come on.
What is it?
It's a gazintuh.
This goes into that.
It's a still!
Just get it ashore.
Watch out for Sergeant Zelenko.
But I don't drink.
Yeah, I know. You told me, but I do.
Boatswain: Now hear this.
Now hear this.
All troops lay below and prepare to debark.
All troops lay below and prepare to debark.
Hey, you, Whitney.
What are you carrying, a still?
Sergeant, I don't--
Now, look, pal, we've a war to fight.
Yeah, and you're gonna fight it sober.
Sergeant, I don't drink.
Come with me.
Now, listen to me... you new men...
step up here.
Don't let Slattery give you a snow job
and get you into trouble.
He's got no more sense than a setting hen in a hurricane.
That's why he's been a private
longer than any man in the Marine Corps...
and he'll die a private.
Don't have nothin' to do with him.
Except when things get tough,
stick to him like plaster.
The best fighting man I know.
But before and after,
he's a no-good, money-burnin',
gin-drinkin' horsehead.
Now, let's get moving.
Got a lot of coal to dig.
Hey, Zelenko!
Where's Lieutenant Anderson?
Coffman, you shouldn't worry so much.
He'll be here.
Yeah, but he said he'd meet us on the deck, like always.
Take your pack off and loosen your leggings.
Did he ever miss a train before?
Conroy: hey, where's the lieutenant?
Pharmacist's mate: I don't know.
Lieutenant, I--
Lieutenant, I-- I can't make it.
I'm sick.
You gotta scratch me out.
Please, Lieutenant...
you've gotta get me out of this landing.
I can't get away with it anymore after...
Tarawa, the Canal.
Call me a psycho, court-martial me.
I don't care!
The war's comin' out of my ears! I'm sick!
Anderson, Thinking: So am I.
Do you hear me, Lieutenant?
Do you hear me?
Anderson: I hear you.
Anderson: Both of us had it comin' out of our ears.
So what do I tell him, think of ice cream sodas,
Fourth ofJuly?
There are no bands playing here.
The first time I saw him he was just as scared...
a hundred years ago.
Greetings, on this first day of the new term.
Oh, I see we have a transfer from Clinton High School.
Mr. Conroy, have you ever had chemistry before?
Well, speak up. Are you tongue-tied?
He s-s-stutters.
I apologize, Mr. Conroy.
You may sit down.
All right, Conroy, repeat slowly after me,
hope is the mother of all men. the mother... of all men.
Uh, h-h-hope is t-t-the--
Now, wait a minute.
Read that top line, will ya?
The top one.
Uh... S-S-September...
1 940.
There you are. You see?
You don't stutter as much when you read.
No, not-- not much.
Now, Stuart, listen to me.
Stuttering is a matter of conflict and fear.
Maybe in your case, fear of failure.
Now we may not be able to cure all of it,
but I'm sure we'll be able to fix that stuttering.
After all, we've got a whole year to try.
So let's get started.
Now, close your eyes and pretend that you're all alone,
and you see words in your mind--
The words, hope is the mother of all men.
Now, close your eyes and read what you see.
It worked.
Good. Now, let's try it again.
Uh, hope... is the mother...
of all men.
Mr. Principal,
members of the faculty,
honored guests...
fellow graduates of the class of 1 941 --
Hope is the mother of all men.
And as we leave these hallowed halls,
we must, each one of us,
fearlessly hold on to the belief
in the promise of the future.
There is no limit to our achievement.
What are you thinking, Lieutenant, that I'm a coward?
Is that what you're thinking?!
Thinking of dear old school days.
That's a laugh!
No! I was thinking you handled fear once,
you can handle it again.
Mr. Conroy, have you ever had chemistry before?
Boatswain: now hear this.
Now hear this.
All hands go to debarkation stations.
All hands go to debarkation stations.
Okay, Lieutenant.
Let's walk.
I want to tell you men
who've never been in combat before
that it's okay to be scared. We're all scared.
But if anybody feels like vomiting, do it now.
What's holdin' us up? Let's get rollin'.
How many landings you gotta make to learn
we circle out here until they're ready for us?
I'm in a hurry to get home, that's all.
You and Pretty Boy buddies, are ya?
Sure. We kinda look after each other.
He's tough.
He's a nice fellow, but he is tough.
Something the matter, Lieutenant?
Get out of here.
Hey, Doc, you better talk to Anderson.
He's in some kind of pain.
Did he ask for me?
Then let me alone.
But, Doc, I--
If he needs me, he'll ask for me.
Now, look, Doc, I'm an old friend of his.
Let me alone, I told you.
Doc: I'd do anything for Anderson,
but it ain't up to me.
I ought to be on my farm where I belong,
working with cows.
It's easy to figure right and wrong with cows.
That's a honey of a pipe, Lieutenant.
Say, thanks a lot.
Forget it, Doc.
The principal of my old school sent it to me.
I don't smoke pipes.
Hey, uh...
you did a fine job getting that plasma into me at Tarawa.
Forget it, sir.
The medical brass say I'll be out of here pretty soon.
Hey, that's fine, Lieutenant.
Sit down.
Go ahead, it's all right.
There's an old witch of a nurse out there
with an ear like radar and a tongue like a fire bell.
Heh heh.
You know what psychological migraine is?
A lot of pain in the head,
no functional disorder.
Heh heh, for a guy who was a manure spreader
in South Dakota 3 years ago, you're pretty hep.
Well, I always wanted to be a doctor.
You know where a migraine comes from?
I ain't that hep, Lieutenant.
It comes from being scared too many times
and wanting to run away...
and not running away.
I got it.
What do the doctors say?
I haven't told them. I'm not going to.
I want you to see that I'm supplied
with enough of these to keep me going.
If the lieutenant will excuse the expression,
the lieutenant is a 5-star fool.
You have a chance to go back to the states,
don't you want to live?
The gentleman on the middle aisle says no.
that's no explanation.
What about the future?
What about your teaching?
Yeah, I used to get a bang standing up there,
pretending to know all the answers.
But now? Teach high school boys
the bright new world of science after this?
Oh, Doc, you can have the future for peanuts.
Listen, if you think the future--
I had 44 men in my platoon
when I started out on the Canal.
Now I've got 37 replacements.
I believe in nothing but the survivors.
Listen, about the future, you--
Pigeon Lane, Slattery, Pretty Boy, Coffman,
Conroy, Zelenko, and you,
you're all I've got left in the world.
I want to stay out here till I'm dead...
or till we're all dead.
Now, how about these painkillers?
It ain't gonna help you very much.
They're only temporary.
Ha, so am I.
Listen, about this psychological migraine,
I know that it's something
you've got to beat down by yourself
without medicine.
Yes or no, Doc?
If you don't solve your own problems,
you're gonna be like a full-grown man
hangin' on to your mama's apron strings.
Yes or no?
Is that an order?
Okay, I'll do it.
Yeah, but you're wrong about the future.
Well, I was a farmer.
If we didn't believe in the future,
we'd never grow wheat to make the bread.
Oh, beat it, Doc. I'm tired.
Oh, sorry. I--
So long.
Oh, hello, Doc.
What's the matter, you sick?
No, I came to see the lieutenant.
Anderson: Hi, Coffman. Come on in.
Coffman: Lieutenant, I-- I brought you a book.
Oh, thanks.
Thanks very much.
Uh, Lieutenant, I--
I just dropped by to thank you.
For what?
For pullin' me out of the drink at Tarawa.
I pulled no one out of the drink at Tarawa.
But, Lieutenant, they told me that you--
Forget it, Coffman, in this war,
everybody's a lifesaver.
But, Lieutenant, a man saves your life,
it's only decent to thank him.
Forget it.
What is this, a clambake?
The old witch, huh?
I see the lieutenant's
been complaining about me again.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
He spoke very highly of you.
You're a liar. Oh!
Oh, I'm sorry.
What's the matter, Doc?
You nervous? You dropped your pipe.
Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot.
Doc: did I do the right thing?
Shouldn't I have told the doctors?
How can he go on fighting this war
with his head in a vise?
I feed him the pills, and he keeps gettin' the pain.
Yes, sir!
Yes, sir?
Check the men's packs?
Yes, sir.
Okay, that's all.
We're approaching the line of departure.
Get down!
Pansy baker! Pansy baker!
This is pansy baker 2. Over.
Our naval gunfire's comin' in okay.
There isn't a Jap home today.
[Speaking Japanese ]
We're on the beach. No resistance.
Moving up to the ridge. Over and out.
We're moving up! Let's get to that ridge!
Let's go!
[Speaking Japanese]
[Speaking Japanese]
Coffman, get me the C.P.
Pansy baker! Pansy baker!
Get out of this hole! Spread out!
You want me to get killed?
Somebody's got to get killed.
Zelenko said to stick to you like plaster.
Joe, they got us pinned down here at the ridge. Over.
Seaman: What's in front of you? Over.
2 pillboxes, maybe half dozen machine guns.
We need tanks. Need 'em bad. Over and out.
About time you got here!
Get behind those tanks!
Come on, come on, open up!
Spray the whole hill. It's lousy with Nips!
My squad's dug in, Lieutenant.
Everyone's in position.
Okay, nobody gets trigger-happy tonight...
and keep the gab down.
Yes, sir.
[Flare Gun Fires]
[Flare Gun Fires]
See anything?
What are you writing?
I'll show it to you some other time.
If you can see to write,
your eyes are better than mine.
Get up there.
[Flare Gun Fires]
Man, am I jittery.
See anything? It's me, Anderson.
Do you see anything?
Everything... nothing.
Anderson: We never had that problem in chemistry.
You don't have to worry about me anymore.
They can kill me, but they can't eat me.
The rules of warfare, you know.
Let me know if you see anything, huh?
Japanese Soldier: Down with marines!
How long is this thing gonna last?
We've been here all week already.
Pretty Boy: You're crazy. It's only 3 days.
Monday, Tuesday...
Wednesday, and Thursday.
You're both wrong. It's 4 days.
What difference-- 4 days, a week?
If we only set long enough so I can warm up my mash
and get the still goin'.
At night, when you can't have a fire goin',
we stay put.
Ahh, the marines never get a break.
Hey, what's the range in your meat can there?
It depends.
See if you can get me the flagship, will you?
Shall I ask for the admiral?
No, the chef.
I want to give him the recipe for this.
I cannot be selfish.
I must share it with the navy.
Japanese Soldier: Marines, you die!
Oh, you said it, pal. You can't trust 'em.
What's the joke?
My bein' here.
Heh heh, well, some joke.
Yes, it is. I was fightin' in L.A.
In January 1 942...
and a marine colonel asked me
if I'd put on an exhibition for them.
So I did.
I was walking around camp, the general comes up to me,
and he says, "" Hey, you know, we can use a fighter like you
to teach our fellas how to box.""
I said, "" Me?""
He said, ""Sure.""
He says, ""You can box, get all the fighting you want.""
So I joined.
I haven't boxed since, but...
boy, I got all the fighting I want.
Japanese Soldier: Down with the marines!
I wonder what he's got against the marines?
Japanese Soldier: Death to marines!
Why don't we go out and get those monkeys?
Zelenko: You'd love to get killed, maybe?
I'm just in a hurry to get home, that's all.
What are they gonna do when you get home,
give you a big parade?
Listen, my folks is important people
in California.
I live my whole life in a 2-story house
with 5 bathrooms.
You can only use one at a time.
Japanese Soldier: Down with marines!
Oh, I'd like to get my hands on thatJap.
Stop bein' such a hotshot.
Knock it off.
Pretty Boy: I ain't gonna be a nobody.
They ain't gonna forget Pretty Boy Duncanon.
Riley. I want you to go into town
and find your father.
How many times I gotta tell you...
stop playing with that pistol.
You'll kill me with that someday.
I will, if you don't stop nagging me.
You've never been any good
since your mother died.
This letter come for your father.
Get him. You'll find him in a saloon somewhere.
Letter's from Hawaii.
Your sister was married last week.
Okay. Okay for her.
To a Jap.
You're a liar! A liar!
Read it yourself.
Ain't no one in this family
ever been any good.
You keep your mouth shut about this,
or they'll ride us out of town
on a 2x4.
They can't. They won't. I won't let 'em!
I ain't gonna be a nobody.
Someday, I'm gonna be
the biggest man around here.
I'll have my own gang.
They'll do whatever I tell 'em.
Anybody dare talk about me or my sister,
and they'll cut his tongue out.
I gotta learn how to do things smart.
Gotta learn.
Gotta learn with this.
Brother, did I learn.
Don't you say I'm gonna be a nobody.
Don't you ever say it again.
Man: Cut the gab, will you?
Think you're big.
Get down!
I want my Luger! Get my Luger!
Why don't you leave the kid alone?
He gets on my nerves. Big talk. Big wind.
He saved my life.
His life's worth saving, too.
Pretends he's something he's not.
I know that. You all know that.
What you don't know is why.
It's because he hates what he is.
How you doing, kid?
Oh, look, now,
I didn't mean to hit you like that,
but I can't let you get killed.
I need you, Pretty Boy.
You're my manager.
I want my Luger.
I'll get it for you in the morning, okay?
Oh, leave me alone.
Where are we going, Slattery?
See that nice range of juicy hills?
Well, what's so special about them?
They've ordered us
to take them before lunch.
[Rockets Firing]
Let's go. Get outta there.
Come on, get outta there.
What are they throwing at us?
Just get going, that's all. Move it.
Move it, move it!
What is it, Lieutenant?
Move it, that's all. Move it!
Hurry up. Get yourselves in here.
Lieutenant, company passed word
for us to pull back to the ridge and dig in.
Zelenko, pull your squad back to the ridge
and dig in pronto.
Anderson: get back of that ridge!
You don't need a special invite for this one.
Whitney, move out!
Anderson: come on. Take cover.
How many got it?
How many of the old bunch?
Come on. Come on, Doc. Give me some.
I gave you some this morning.
I've still got my head on, haven't I?
Yeah, you got it, but you won't--
I want to run like crazy, and I'm still here.
Give 'em to me.
Don't worry about the apron strings, Doc.
I told you I'm not going home.
the company passed the word down
for us to dig in.
The navy's gonna plaster the hills
with everything they've got.
We're convinced that's where the rockets are coming from.
What's the matter, Doc?
Nothing's the matter.
Dickerman asked for this pencil.
Here, give it to him.
Come on, scram!
Doc, let's have them.
Let's have them.
[Planes Fly Past]
There's the navy.
They'll wipe us out before the navy gets it.
I gotta get the C.P.
You think this stuffll
really do the trick, Lieutenant?
Oh, the Nips don't have rockets.
They're just kidding around.
If we don't get out of here, we're gonna get ki--
Doc! Doc! It's Coffman!
I was just talking to him.
I was just-- shut up.
Talking to him a minute--
He kept pestering everybody.
All he wanted to know
was who pulled him out of the drink at Tarawa.
You should have told him, Lieutenant.
You know how to work that radio?
Yes, sir.
Then get back and work it
and connect me with the C.P.
Cover him up.
It's Coffman.
Give Whitney a hand, will you?
Okay, okay.
I don't understand it.
I was talking to him just a couple of minutes ago.
I was getting to know him real well.
Give me his bayonet.
First dead pal, huh?
Well, you're now a member
Well, you're now a member
of a great universal fraternity.
Pansy baker...
Pansy baker 2.
Come in. Come in.
So I pulled him out of the drink.
I gave him--
I gave him 6 more months to live.
For what?
This is Andy!
Was it you who said the Nips don't have any rockets?
All right, we learned that the hard way.
Don't waste time saying we should have known.
Question is, where are the rockets?
Sir, if my memory serves me right,
the rocket is a high-angle fire weapon
designed primarily to fire over mountains and ridges.
Therefore, my guess is that the rockets
are located on the reverse slopes of the hill.
Sergeant Dickerman, for your private information,
I'm well aware of what the rocket is designed for.
For hours we've been pounding those reverse slopes
with everything we've got.
So far we haven't touched them.
Why? Where are they?!
Does the colonel have a theory?
I sent out a patrol instructed to take prisoners.
They killed Nips and no prisoners.
When are these men going to understand
the importance of liveJaps?
You can't teach men to hate and kill, Colonel,
then suddenly teach them not to kill.
We teach them to follow orders.
Colonel, may I suggest
that with the right kind of indoctrination--
Sergeant Dickerman, you're what's known
as a combat correspondent.
Yes, sir.
And since this is your first combat,
I suggest you correspond.
Don't worry yourself about things
that don't concern you.
Sir, I'm concerned about everything.
This war is as much mine as yours.
We did get one Nip, Colonel.
Charlie company found him
wandering around about an hour ago.
What's the scoop on him?
I passed the word on to regiment, sir,
and they said for us to work him over.
SergeantJohnson's outside questioning him now.
See what he's found out.
Now, rockets or no rockets,
we've been ordered to secure these hills.
It's 025 5 now.
We jump off at 1 200.
That's exactly 9 hours and 5 minutes from now.
Any comments?
If we try to take those hills, Colonel,
the whole battalion will be wiped out.
Unless we find a way to wipe out the rockets first.
The general made this our baby,
and we're gonna see that it's well-diapered,
or you--
He'll be right in, sir.
Yes, sir.
Well, any resemblance of your present attire
to a marine uniform is--
You're impossible!
Yes, sir.
The colonel knows it's a mistake
to let war interfere with one's personal comfort.
Get rid of that cigarette holder.
The colonel knows it's the only way I enjoy smoking.
What about the Nip?
The Nip was in a cave
cut off by our artillery from his own forces,
bypassed by us. Rather unpopular, I think.
Last night he tried to make contact with his blokes,
but ran into Charlie Company.
He says the men he left behind--1 0 of them--
Have been commanded to hold on and fight to the death,
but they're pretty well gone now,
and he rather guesses they'll be willing to surrender.
Where's the cave?
The approximate position-- may I, sir?--
Is-- Is here.
What about the rockets?
He knows nothing about them,
but he thinks maybe his friends do.
I've persuaded him to guide a patrol for us.
What do you think, Mac?
Why, I rather think we ought to take him up on it.
I didn't ask you.
Well, why not? I'm an expert on theJapanese.
That's the only reason you're not in the brig.
Sir, to me it don't look kosher.
He's persuaded the Nip to guide us to the cave,
but remember what happened
1 2 August on Guadalcanal.
Remember Colonel Goettge's patrol?
He was informed someJaps wanted to surrender, too.
So he went out to bring them in.
25 marines went with him.
Only 3 came back.
Colonel, it's an ambush.
It's a dead certainty, and I mean dead.
Well, it's a big risk.
What else is there to do?
Maybe we invest 6 men.
Maybe we save 600.
Lieutenant Butterfield?
In my opinion, sir,
they sent this Nip over to suck us in.
The lieutenant doesn't make sense.
Sergeant, you're way off base.
Sergeant, this war isn't gonna last forever, and--
It's a nice thought, sir.
There may be an ambush. I don't know.
But this Nip isn't in on it.
He's tired, and he's hungry,
and, well, he wants to live and go home,
like the rest of us.
Stinkin' cold!
It'll take us about 2, 2 1 /2 hours
to get in there. Anybody got a match?
Sir, if there's gonna be a patrol,
I'd like to--
Joe, you got some experienced scouts in your company.
Yes, sir. That's why I asked Lieutenant Anderson
to come over.
Well, it's the same old question...
gambling the lives of a few
against the lives of many.
I want you to take out a small patrol.
Use this Jap as a guide,
and Johnson here'll go along to interpret.
Now, I want prisoners. You understand me?
No ""yes, buts..."" and ""howevers.""
Aye, sir.
McCreavy, bring that Nip in here.
Can you fire an M-1 ?
I shot expert, sir.
Take this writer along with you.
He's pining to get his head blown off.
I suppose I'll be the villain
of your great American war novel.
Well, sir--
Don't tell me.
Jump off as soon as possible.
You've got 8 hours and 5 5 minutes.
I'll lay a harassing fire on the cave area.
Let me know when you want it lifted.
Yes, sir. Uh...
do I have to take the sergeant along?
Up to you.
Oh, take him along, Lieutenant.
It isn't every patrol
that has its own private historian.
Here's your Nip, Anderson.
Shimpai shinai de.
Old Willie here doesn't look
like a decoy, now, does he?
[Rocket Approaching]
Well, if that's all, Colonel,
I'll be seeing you.
That's all.
Dickerman, let's go.
Yes, sir?
Don't cut your corners too sharp.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
And, uh...
I hope your cold gets better.
Pansy baker. Pansy baker. This is Andy. Over.
Ask Willie where the cave is.
Pansy baker, this is Andy. Over.
We've reached the cave area. Going in. Over.
He says it's up ahead, Lieutenant,
around that bend.
It's now 0530.
6 1 /2 hours to go.
we'll walk.
Let's walk.
Koko desu.
Yosi. Lieutenant.
This is the place.
Tell Willie to call 'em out.
Minna dete kuru yo ni ittenasai.
Go on up with him.
Willie: Oi!
- Okay. - Oi!
[Willie Shouting In Japanese]
Tell 'em we've got food and a doctor here.
We'll take good care of'em.
[Speaking Japanese]
[Japanese] Dete koi!
[Speaking Japanese]
Well, I guess I was right about Willie.
Keep your eyes on him.
Tabako mo shokudo takusan aruzo.
Tell him to shut up!
He's only offering them the hospitality of the house.
Come on!
My eyes... My eyes...
[Cursing In Japanese]
[Return Fire]
Oh, my eyes. [Sobbing]
My eyes!
Zelenko's hit.
One of'em's still movin'!
I'll finish him!
Prisoners! Remember?
Yeah, I know.
- [Machine Gun Fires] - [Japanese Soldier Gasps]
Hold your fire!
Japanese soldier: Oi!
He says there are 5 left.
Zembu heitai da.
All enlisted men.
Utsu no shoko no kangae da yo.
The ambush was their officer's idea.
Ima kosan shitai ga, dete kitara,
Korosu no ga osoroshi kara.
They'd like to surrender now,
but they're afraid to come out.
They're sure we'll kill 'em all.
Lieutenant, let me go up there
and parley with the fellows.
Okay. No prisoners then.
All right. Go ahead.
KeepJohnson covered.
He's gonna try to talk them out.
That guy's a screwball.
He's trying to get himself killed.
Stand by!
Watakushi no namae wa Johnson desu.
Omaye no tameni tabako to mizu wa motte kita.
Soko ni nannin oru ka ne?
Gonin orimasu.
Anshin shiro kosan shita no ho ga ii desho?
I'm going in!
Slattery, where are you going?
I'm gonna pick up that samurai sword.
Stay where you are.
Samurai swords are worth a very pretty drop.
I've persuaded 3 out of 5 to come out.
Number 4 has decided to join the 47 heavenly warriors.
So has number 5,
and there's a wounded officer down here
who wants some help.
Keep 'em covered.
If you just keep pointing me in the right direction,
I'll be able to make it--
Sit down and stay down.
Good boy.
Doc, come with me.
I want you to check that wounded Nip,
see if we can get him back alive.
Dickerman, watch Zelenko.
Lane, you and Slattery frisk the Nips for grenades.
On the double.
We want to get out of here quick.
Good goin',Johnson.
See that the men search 'em, will ya?
Yes, sir.
Please, tobacco, give me.
Oh, no tobacco, give me.
Always treat a human being like a human being, old pal.
You'll be surprised what happens.
What do you think, Doc?
We don't have much time.
I don't know.
I speak English.
My name is Captain Ishio Makino.
It is my misfortune that I'm still alive.
Well, that's all right, Captain.
We don't mind. You understand
you'll be treated decently?
I wish only to die.
I know you do, but first
we'd like to ask you a few questions.
I only know that I've--
I have disgraced my family.
To them I'm now dead.
Now look, Captain,
you're an educated man.
I was never educated to become a prisoner,
and I will speak to you no more.
If I give him some plasma,
I think he can make it.
Well, we haven't got the time.
[Artillery Fire]
In the cave, quick!
Run those Nips back up here!
Get him inside.
Look at that, our own artillery.
What are they trying to do, kill us?
Those areJap 90 mm mortars.
Probably got an observer
up on one of those ridges.
Come on. Better give him the plasma, Doc.
We're stuck here for a while anyway.
How am I gonna see?
I want to take a look around.
Someone tell me where we are now.
We're up in the Nip cave.
Boy, we'll never get out of here.
Omae no namae wa nanda?
Why don't you spit in it, Doc?
Knock it off.
Hey, where's the lieutenant?
Talk to him, will ya?
The old duffer's scared.
The captain must have talked the whole family
into ""hari-kiri,""
but this one was too shell-shocked
to have gone through with it.
Omae wa dare da?
Oh, you're right.
He's too frightened to know anything.
Have Doc take a look at him.
Well, we've got 5, maybe 1 0 minutes
so start working on the Nips.
If we get any dope on the rockets,
we can radio back.
Oh. Here's a map I took off the captain.
Duncanon, search the dead.
Lane, you can give him a hand.
I want all diaries and maps.
Step on it. Let's go.
How's he doin'?
I don't know.
Whitney, you set up here.
We're going to have to wait till those mortars lift,
if they don't take too long.
Picked up your carbine
and your radio, Lieutenant.
And that's not all.
Now find a spot where that radio will work...
without getting your head blown off.
Johnson: Lieutenant, I think I got something.
Slattery: Pansy baker. Pansy baker.
What's up?
Take a look at this map.
Now, according to Colonel Gilfillan,
the rockets are coming from the general direction
of these hills.
Here's a sugar cane field next to them.
This man was in an infantry company
ticked off to defend that field.
He didn't see any rockets,
but he did see a couple of hundred coolie carts,
and they all had grooved wheels.
So what?
Coolie carts seldom have grooved wheels.
What does that suggest to you, Lieutenant?
I don't know. A railroad, I suppose.
Well, what would a railroad be doing in this wilderness?
Look, if you've got any ideas, spill them.
We've no time for guessing games.
Well, it could be a railroad carrying rocket shells.
Mm-hmm... or sugar cane.
Slattery: I've got the company, Lieutenant.
Hold them.
All right.
See if you can get some confirmation
on your wacky idea
while I pass the word on.
This is Andy.
Find target area 2-7-4, Love and Mike.
West of hills. Sugar cane field.
Oi, honto no koto ie.
Tobacco, sir.
I tell very good truth for tobacco.
Oh, you speak English, huh?
Oh, very good English, sir.
You see, before war,
I am Tokyo guide for American.
I am called Romeo.
I buy everything for Americans:
kimono, painting, girl.
I am very good man.
Well, Romeo, how long have you
been on this island?
Maybe a year before you come.
What's your work?
I tell truth. I am truck driver.
This is a big sugar cane field here.
Did you ever truck things up there?
What things?
Maybe I have tobacco for later, huh, sir?
A whole pack.
Oh, I be very good to American.
I buy kimono, painting--
Yeah. What did you carry in the trucks?
Small rail. Big rail. Little rail.
Little engine also.
What did they do with them?
I no know.
The mortars have lifted. Let's get out of here,
on the double.
Slattery, take the point.
Whitney, you cover the left flank.
Dickerman, stick with Zelenko.
Doc, you nursemaid grandpa.
Conroy, go with Slattery.
Lane, you bring up the rear.
Duncanon, you cover the right flank.
Johnson, get those Nips of yours
to make a litter for the officer.
- Hurry it up. - What did they say
about the sugar cane field, Lieutenant?
Wrong spot.
They say they've blasted that field
from beer to breakfast.
The rockets are still coming in.
Okay. We'll start back
on a first leg of 67 degrees
till we hit Susana Creek.
6 hours left.
We got to get back in 3.
Where you going?
I forgot my sword and pistol.
There's no time for souvenirs.
You've got your orders. Get going!
Yes, sir.
All right, let's walk.
Would have brought a pretty drop.
This looks like the best place to cross.
Conroy, you get over first.
Look around. We'll cover you.
Slattery, you get the B.A.R.s into position.
Have the rest stand fast. Hurry it up.
Conroy's going across. Cover him.
Hold fast.
Conroy's going across. Cover him.
Hold fast.
Okay, now.
You're rear guard...
and don't cross till I signal.
Anderson: hold it up.
Hold it up. Hold it up.
Anderson: Snipers! Take cover!
All right, into that gully. Let's go!
Lane. Lane, you stay here with the prisoners.
Doc, Dickerman, up on the road.
Keep your eye out for the flank.
The rest of us'll get after those snipers. Let's go.
Zelenko, you nuts?
Lane, watch Zelenko. Keep him with you.
Water, please.
Give him some water, Pidge.
Fresh out.
Well, go get him some.
Who is it?
They all gotta die.
Pretty Boy, are you nuts?
After all we've gone through
to get these prisoners?
They all gotta die!
Get back. Pidge!
Okay, Tojo.
You're first!
No, Pretty Boy.
Don't make me shoot you.
Bugs and lice!
They'll save the lives of our own men, you fool!
They all gotta die!
What are you trying to do, Pretty Boy?
He wants to kill the prisoners, Pidge.
Oh, don't, Pretty Boy. Don't.
I can't let you do that.
They stink. They crawl.
They all gotta die.
Now, don't do it, Pretty Boy.
I don't like them any more than you do,
but we've got to follow orders.
Come on. Drop your gun.
Sit down over there.
What'd you do, you crazy punk?
What'd you do?
You dope! Why did you pull the rifle?
Pretty Boy.
Kill 'em for me, will ya?
They ain't gonna drive me out of town.
I'll-- I'll cut their tongues out.
I didn't mean it, Pretty Boy.
You--you pulled the rifle.
It-it-it was an accident.
Kill them for me, Pidge.
You're my friend.
I-I'm a big shot in my town.
Don't you forget it.
You shouldn't have pulled the rifle!
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Come on, men. Hurry it up.
Conroy, you and Whitney pull in Doc and that writer.
They're down on the road.
And snap it up. We're late.
Come on.
Who else got it?
I killed him.
I murdered him.
No. He didn't do it, Lieutenant.
I heard it.
Pretty Boy blew his top.
He wanted to kill the prisoners.
Pidge did it in the line of duty.
I'm a murderer.
He pulled my rifle.
All right! Shut up!
Is that the way it happened?
Yes, sir.
Sir, he was just a mixed-up kid. I...
I could've straightened him out
if I'd only had a little more time.
He was gonna be my fight manager.
For a bunch of crummyJaps.
Take it easy. I liked Pretty Boy, too,
but he disobeyed orders.
It happens sometimes.
Not often, but it happens.
Slattery, you and Johnson bury him.
I'm sorry to hurry, Lane,
but we gotta get out of here fast.
I'll bury him myself.
You won't lose any time, Lieutenant.
Doc: Now I can go back to being a farmer.
Dickerman: sure you can.
Fine corpsman I am.
Hey, I-I ain't supposed to be
on the receiving end.
Take it easy, Doc. Don't talk.
You like Anderson?
I've known him from the beginning.
He is the best.
I'll take your word for it,
but relax now, will ya?
Okay. I'm okay.
Men like Anderson gotta live and go home,
tell them what it's like.
Please, Doc, huh?
I am a corpsman, right?
Right. Then I know my condition.
Well, will you talk to him about it,
You speak his language, being a writer.
Sure. Yeah.
I put down on paper
something I've been trying to tell the lieutenant.
It ain't finished,
but will you take a look at it?
Maybe fix it up?
You know what I mean. Being a writer, you know.
Okay, but pipe down now, huh?
It's Doc.
How bad is it?
He'll be okay, I think.
Hold it.
Doc, what are you trying to pull?
You can't--
Yeah. Why not?
Bury him quick.
We gotta get out of here fast.
What happened?
Will someone tell me what happened?
It's poor old Doc.
What's the matter with you guys?
Get on with it! We gotta walk.
Someone get the dead men's personal effects.
Someone take a compass reading of this place.
We'll have to notify the graves registration.
And someone take their weapons and ammo.
My patrol has just been reported in, sir.
Yes, Colonel. I know what time it is.
Aye, aye, sir.
Between this stinking cold and those stinking rockets,
I'm gonna end up a mental case!
Well, where's that patrol?
It was reported in 1 0 minutes ago.
Anderson, what's the scoop?
We got 4 prisoners for you
and a shell-shocked old man.
These are their effects.
I lost 2 men.
One of them was a corpsman...
C.E. "" Doc"" Jones.
Anything on the rockets?
No, sir.
We've bombed and shelled
every inch of those reverse slopes,
and they're still comin'.
McCreavy, start interrogating thoseJaps.
And don't forget time, time, time is the essence.
All we got are 90 minutes.
All right, sir. Paskowicz. Davis.
Colonel, I'd like to get back
to my men as soon as possible.
No. Work with Mac and that fantasticJohnson.
You know the prisoners.
Yes, sir.Johnson's already at work.
Yes, sir?
Thanks. That was a good job.
Thank you, sir.
Johnson: You must put your mind
Johnson: You must put your mind
on different thoughts, captain.
When the war's over,
you can go back and rebuild your country.
You've much to live for. You'll live well.
Sergeant, you seem to have forgotten
that for generations
my people think not of living well
but of dying well.
Have you not studied our philosophy,
military science,
our judo wrestling?
Do you not remember
that we always take the obvious
and reverse it?
So, reverse the role of life.
To us, it is death that is desirable.
It is the source of our strength.
Do not say to me
that I have anything to live for.
And now, Sergeant,
I believe I know what information you are seeking.
Will you help us?
Go... bring commissioned officer.
Well, I'm the expert here,
but this is no time to stand on pride.
How's it going, Johnson?
Oh, pretty good, sir.
Lieutenant, the captain just told me
he's willing to talk... but to an officer.
Take care of this mess.
The boys are aiming better.
What's happened to him?
He's committed hara-kiri.
And with your knife, SergeantJohnson.
I thought I'd lost it.
It never occurred to me someone had taken it.
Makino: Sir, is custom to finish hara-kiri
with gun. Please.
Sorry. The situation doesn't allow
for peacetime customs.
Get a corpsman.
I'm afraid it's too late.
He's dead.
Take his body outside.
Your negligence cost us a prisoner.
Take it easy, Mac.
It could have happened to any one of us.
Forget it.
Lieutenant. Yeah.
I have Pretty Boy's and Doc's personal effects here.
What should I do with them?
Go through them.
Hey, uh, put this on for me, will you?
Well, I guess it's up to us
to pay off this stinkin' business.
You're the big brain. What do we do first?
Well, let's start working on Romeo.
He's one of those know-it-all types
that if we flatter the wig off him,
he'll chatter
like a gooney bird at mating time.
Okay. Here, I'll finish it.
Say, Lieutenant.
What do I do about this stuff?
What's that?
Doc's and Pretty Boy's--
Oh. Oh, yeah. Well, check it
and see if there's anything embarrassing to their families,
and we'll send it on.
Okay,Johnson. Let's get rolling.
Nomura: Watanabe, kiotsukero.
Romeo. Yes, sir.
We're looking for a man
who can handle important matters.
Yes, sir. In Tokyo I buy--
One who can speak English well.
Oh, make speak greatly.
A man who'd be in charge
of a big Japanese prisoner of war camp.
I a good man.
Yeah. But we've got to trust you,
Yes, sir. You trust me.
You see, if we can trust you, we can--
Lieutenant, I found something
in Pretty Boy's stuff that I--
I told you what you're supposed to do with it.
- Yes, sir, but-- - Later.
Lieutenant, you've got to look at what I found.
Look, Dickerman, will you please not interrupt?
Will you just take a look at it, sir?
Hold it till I get back.
All right. What've you got?
Dickerman: Johnson.
Take over, will you?
This is a Jap overlay.
It shows one of their positions in the hills.
What's this symbol mean?
It means fire. Where did you get this?
In this case. I found it in Pretty Boy's stuff.
The question is,
did Pretty Boy find it in the cave?
He might have had it for months.
I'll find out.
Andy, the colonel sent me to take over the interrogation,
but he said if you're doing all right
just to keep going.
No, I'll stick with it.
All right.
[Rocket Whistling]
Ha. Need a torch to keep them lit
out here.
Yeah, it is from the cave.
Belonged to his sergeant.
Okay. Butterfield, fit this overlay to the map
I took off Makino, will you?
That's a good idea, but it'll take hours.
Well, give it a whirl anyway, huh?
5 5 minutes to go.
Oh, yakky doc, yakky doc.
Come on, baby.
Start pouring, yakky doc.
Oh, give with that first pretty drop, huh?
I ain't got all day. Oh, sweetheart,
oh, make old Slattery happy.
Come on, let's see some of that angel juice.
[Incoming Rocket]
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
I'm not frightened.
You know it, Andy.
[Panting] It doesn't hurt me,
you know.
Boy, that was close!
You don't count the close ones.
Aw, come on, baby, start pourin'!
That thing's never gonna pour.
You've done everything but sing to it.
Sitting in O'Reilly's bar
Listening to the tales of blood and thunder
Came a thought into my mind
Why not love O'Reilly's daughter?
Fiddly-I-e, fiddly-I-o
Fiddly-I-e for the one-eyed Reilly
Rub a dub dub, kiss and hug
Rub a dub dub, love on
I grabbed that sea witch by the hair--
Corpsman! Corpsman!
I think I got it.
Oh, where is he?
Get him for me, will you, Pigeon?
He's gotta know.
is the mother... of all men.
We must...
hold... on to that belief.
It's too late, Mac.
He got the count.
Come on, Bill. What's holding you up?
Andy, all I got on this overlay
is 3 little wiggles.
And there's 3 little wiggles just like them on this map.
Now all I got to do is find them.
Would y'all like to try it?
Okay. Go ahead.
Now if we only knew where to start with it.
Forward slope, reverse slope,
east flank, west flank...
well, here's where we were
when the rockets first hit us.
The Nips probably stuck them
on the reverse slope, so try it in there, huh?
Reverse slope. Check.
Man, what a job. I'll be here the rest of the war.
Well, just keep pushin'.
Johnson, you better get back to friend Romeo.
Come on, come on.
[Spanish Accent] Lieutenant Anderson?
You got an old Nip to go?
Yeah, he's in there. First door.
Yes, sir.
Yes. How did you know?
How could I miss?
My uncle's got a big business in El Paso.
Yeah. Well, that explains it.
I come for the old Nip.
Come on, old sport.
I'm gonna take you to a nice, quiet place.
Hey, come on, pops. I ain't got all day.
[Speaking Japanese]
[Both Speaking Japanese]
Get over there.
[To Himself] Matsuoda-san.
Hold it, chum.
Did he get it?
No, sir. Just knocked cold.
Lieutenant, it's important
that we keep the old man with us.
Okay. Take him to the aid station.
Let me know as soon as he comes around.
What's the story on it?
The old man didn't want to be
taken away from Nomura.
He begged him to interfere.
Nomura kicked him to shut him up.
Did he say anything of value to us?
Yes, sir. He called Nomura Matsuoda,
which must be his real name.
Nomura is Matsuoda.
Ah, good for grandpa.
Okay, now let's get acquainted with Matsuoda.
Let's first find out from Romeo
why Matsuoda's lying, sir.
Romeo... who is this man?
Oh, yes, sir.
He is Nomura.
Private in naval battalion,
like me.
What was his job?
He do many things.
Did he mix cement?
Oh, yes.
Tell him to hold out his hands.
Te o dase.
His hands are soft. You're lying!
Now stand up and tell us the truth!
We know that his name is Matsuoda.
Now, who is he?
He is officer.
He are a big man.
Very big in allJapan.
Of course. Big general maybe, huh?
Navy captain?
Air force colonel?
Oh, no. He are a major in army.
But in Japan, I know his name.
I make gamble money on him.
He is big... very big baseball player.
What team?
Meiji University.
But surely you're not interested in baseball.
I am.
Come on,Johnson. Let's go.
Oh, Lieutenant Anderson.
We brought the old man around.
Good. You get back to him.
Yes, sir.
Talk to him. I'll handle our major.
Right. But, Lieutenant, if I may make a suggestion:
tear down his ego. He's rolling in pride and vanity.
Meiji University teaches engineering,
doesn't it?
Japanese universities teach everything.
What kind of an engineer are you?
I have 3 university degrees.
Uh-huh. And in spite
of your 3 university degrees,
your rank and your name, you're a coward.
You hide in a private's uniform.
Lieutenant, you're a fool.
All right. What's your story?
You'll know the story when you see
the number of dead you have through my efforts.
You're a liar! You probably got to be
a major because your family had influence!
I became a major because I planned a big--
you seem to know Japanese psychology.
But I'm smart, too.
I know you know.
I say no more.
The rule of war states I give only my name and rank.
Major Kenji Matsuoda.
No more.
This is important, Lieutenant.
Dickerman, tell the colonel we stumbled onto something.
One of the Nip privates is a major. Hurry it up.
Yes, sir.
What did you find out?
The old man told me that Matsuoda lived with him
and his son a year ago on their plantation.
He treated them well, but after a while
he moved them out, and the army built a tunnel
from the house for wolf-tails.
What are wolf-tails?
Rockets. Lieutenant, don't you remember
what I said to you in the cave about grooved wheels?
They're using that tunnel to transport rockets.
Yeah, you're right.
That's why we couldn't see the rail line from the air.
Where's the house?
He said it's on a sugar plantation.
Wait a minute. There was that sugar cane field
you found on Captain Makino's map.
That's right.
Where are they? Let me take a look at this, Bill.
Let's see.
There it is, and there's the house.
But how can we be sure it's his house?
He says that when he stands in front of his house,
there's water on his left.
Here we are...water. It's a lake.
It's in front of and to one side of the ranch house.
And on the right some hills and woods.
Here we are. Hills and woods to the right.
And he says that in front of his house there's a hill
some distance away with a road on the other side.
There's the hill. There's the road. Right.
Bill, those rockets are somewhere near
that ranch house.
Now work the overlay around there, quick!
Boy, this climate is sure death on a man's pleasures.
All right, Anderson. Let's have a look at that Nip.
It's no use, Colonel. I've been at him.
He won't talk.
What have we got here?
Found a Jap overlay. If we match it right,
the rockets'll be pinpointed.
That'll take all day. We've got 45 minutes.
Will you wipe my forehead?
Wasn't there a General Sherman or somebody
who once made a vulgar comment on war?
Yeah. He said ""war is hell."" And what did he know about it?
That eight-ball never left the states.
Colonel, if we don't get it in time,
can't we postpone h-hour?
With 20,000 men jumping off in 41 minutes?
Anderson, I want a crack at that Nip.
- Get him out here. - Aye, sir.
Butterfield: still not
gettin' anywhere.
You're doing your best. Stay with it.
Major Matsuoda.
If you didn't want to live,
you wouldn't be wearing that disguise.
Now, you're gonna answer my questions, Major Matsuoda.
You will not find rockets.
They will fall on you like rain.
You Americans do not learn very good from Japan.
You should learn to accept your fate
to die well.
We die well.
As Captain Makino said, we all die well.
Wait a minute.
He's told us something.
Die well...
while I was talking to Captain Makino,
there was something he said.
I wish I could remember his exact words.
Dickerman, you were there.
Yeah. I got it right here. Where do you want me to start?
Where he talked about judo.
"" Have you not studied our philosophy,
""our military science, our judo wrestling?
"" Do you not remember that we always take the obvious
and reverse it, so we reverse the role of life--""
That's right. They reverse the obvious.
Don't you see, theJaps thought
that we'd figure they'd put the rockets
on the reverse slope. So instead,
they dug a tunnel to the forward slope.
It's that easy.
Get him outta here.
Will it work?
I'll find out in a hurry.
I've got it!
There are your rockets, Colonel.
Seal the mouth of the tunnel on the forward slope,
and there'll be no more rockets.
Butterfield, get that stuff over to my map.
Locate the exact position. Get the air liaison officer
and find out what planes he's got to shellack those hills
in the next 30 minutes.
Any planes at all-- Piper Cubs, kiddy cars, slow boats to China.
The stinkin' time!
Dickerman. Anderson.
Yes, sir.
You people have done...
Johnson, I told you to get rid of that--
Yeah, I remember.
That's the only way you enjoy smoking.
You see? Give him time. He'll learn.
Try and contact second platoon,
Baker Company.
Yes, sir.
Hey, uh,Johnson, tell me something, will you?
How'd you ever get to be a sergeant?
Oh, straight from civilian life, sir.
Yeah, but how in the name of green apples
did they ever pass you through boot camp?
Pass me, sir? I taught there.
Maybe you got an in with the angels, too.
So start prayin' those rockets are stopped in time.
Good luck, Lieutenant.
Good luck, Dickerman.
Oh, by the way, for your book...
it's, uh, Randolph Johnson.
Second Platoon, Baker Company ready, sir.
Okay. Thank you.
Lieutenant, I'd like to go back
to your platoon with you for a while.
Well, it's your book, your neck. Hello, who's this?
Oh, Slattery, tell the men we found the rockets.
Pass the word along they won't have to start without me.
I'll be right there. Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Why do you writers take such chances?
You could hang around the officers' bars
and pick up the greatest stories of the war.
I got something that Doc asked me to show--
Lay off.
I don't want to talk about Doc.
Lieutenant, I--
Did you and Conroy take care of Zelenko?
Yes, sir. They're going to fly him out tonight. But, sir--
Okay. I want you to take his place.
From now on, you're a squad leader.
And you will be as long as you stay sober.
Yes, sir.
You take over the squad. Conroy'll be your assistant.
You'll have to get me another assistant.
Why, what's the matter? Don't you like con--
What's the matter?
What is it?
All the way, Lieutenant. It's Conroy.
[Whispers] Conroy?
That hit him 6 feet deep.
I'll talk to him.
Aw, let him alone.
Beat it.
I have a paper addressed to you, sir.
Tear it up.
It's from Doc.
Yeah, Doc.
I told Doc I believed in nothing but 7 guys.
Now one's blind. 4 are dead.
And the rest of us are gonna get it, too.
TheJaps have got the right idea...
kill yourself.
His last words to me were...
""I put down on paper something I've been
""trying to tell the lieutenant.
""It ain't finished, but will you take a look at it?
Maybe fix it up? I mean, being a writer...""
I tried. It didn't need any fixing.
Tear it up. I don't want to hear it.
Well, you're gonna hear it
whether you want to or not, Lieutenant.
From pharmacist's mate second class
C.E "" Doc"" Jones to Lieutenant Anderson.
I ask the lieutenant's permission
to read this to the men of our platoon.
Doc wrote this. Wanted you men to hear it.
""We all ask ourselves the question
""why it is that some of us are killed while others remain.
""The only answer is our faith
""in the wisdom of the supreme being.
""If he has chosen us to live, there must be a reason.
""I've tried to reckon out why.
"" Perhaps he has saved us because we are needed as witnesses
""to remind each other and our folks
""and folks everywhere
""that war is too full of horror for human beings.
"" Let us never forget that some of what we went through
""and our losses came because our country was weak.
"" Now we are part of the world, and the world is part of us.
""If any part suffers, all suffer.
""If any part loses freedom, all will lose it.
""We, the survivors of the Second Marine Platoon,
""Company B, First Battalion, hereby swear
""that if any of us return home,
""we will not forget what we saw and what we suffered.
""We must keep our country strong,
""courageous, and wise in spirit
""and be unafraid in the knowledge
""that we are on God's side.
We must...""
he never finished it.
Our Father
who art in heaven...
hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread
and forgive us our debts
as we forgive our debtors.
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom,
and the power
and the glory forever.
- We're movin' out! - Amen.
2 minutes to go!
2 minutes to go!
They'll never be stopped in time.
[Rockets Whistling]
What good was the patrol?
Doc, Pretty Boy?
What for?
They got 'em, Lieutenant! They got the rockets!
That's right.
Hey, we did it, Lieutenant! We did it!
Come on, men!
Give 'em hell!
[Men Yelling]
From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
We fight our country's battles
We fight our country's battles
On the land as on the sea
Admiration of a nation
We're the finest ever seen
And we glory in the title
Of United States Marines
The United States Marines
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