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Subtitles for Hamam - The Turkish Bath (1997) 29.

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Hamam - The Turkish Bath (1997) 29

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Madam! Madam!
Osman! Osman!
What's wrong?
Madam is dead. I couldn't wake her up!
- She's not breathing and she's cold! - I'm coming!
Is Madam dead?
Yes, she died in her sleep.
- Guler? - What's wrong?
- Madam has died. - When?
- Hi Nelly. - Good evening ma'am.
Can you put these in the fridge, please?
- Is Mr. Paolo coming too? - Yes, table for three.
Have you finished your shower?
- Why so late? - I was with my lover.
- Come in the shower with me. - Come on!
- Pass me the balm. - It's there.
- Pass me the balm. - It's there, I said.
Come here.
Are you coming to Naples with me tomorrow?
There's a big sale on some Laliques. It could be interesting.
It's fine with me, as I'll finish early in the morning.
But do you really have to go tomorrow?
Otherwise who's going to measure the apartment?
- Which one? - The one in Giubbonari Road.
- I have to go to Naples. - Then you'll go alone.
No, I'm going with Paolo,
- we won't see you for a day. - Don't say it like that.
Should I say it better? I'm going with Paolo.
That's even worse.
I read the paper and it bothers you, I eat in a hurry and it bothers you...
I tidy up and it bothers you. What do you want from me?
- Want to know the truth? - Let's hear it...
You can't stand the fact that I do things better than you.
You're crazy, you need help, Marta.
No, I need to go away, as far as possible.
- Naples is not that far. - Don't piss me off!
Don't forget to iron!
Francesco, are you still there?
I was on my way.
Do you how long it's been missing?
I thought I heard it.
It's been missing for six months and you still think you hear it?
Can you tell me why is it so important?
If you need a holiday, go with Paolo.
- You know he can't come. - You're right, I forgot.
But I can't come, I need to follow the Cassara thing...
- Paolo and I could handle it. - No way...
I god the job, I have the contacts, I deal with the workers.
You always do everything yourself. Trust us, for once!
How can I, with all the work which still needs doing?
The ceilings haven't even been started yet.
- They'll never finish in two weeks. - I'll call you back.
- Who was it? - Valeria.
- Again? - However,
this is a three-way deal, you're not the only one.
And it's your family, you have to go to Turkey.
My family? I didn't know my aunt!
But she left you the house, so why should I go there and sell it?
You don't trust me here, but you'll send me to a country I don't know?
It's better for a man to go. Men get more respect there.
Stop that crap and admit you don't want to help me!
- Don't raise your voice. - Then listen to me.
The red one is beautiful.
I'm a bull, I like red.
Italians are too difficult.
Sure, difficult...
- Zozo, who's the buyer? - A rich woman, a good one.
Tomorrow I'll go speak with her,
- Then we'll make the contract. - So what's tonight about?
Waiter? Come here please.
Why did we meet tonight?
To make friends. To know you better.
In Turkey it's not easy. Not like in Italy
But tomorrow we'll make the deal?
Yes, tomorrow I'll talk with the lady
and after that I'll tell you everything.
Zozo, I need to get back at the soonest.
Tomorrow morning I'll make the contract
- so you can leave in a day. - Alright.
Do you like that lady? She can sing Italian songs!
She's exactly what I needed.
- You're Italian, right? - Yes.
Many Italians come here, famous people.
Have you seen the names on the doors?
Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie...
came to this hotel, and then famous Italians:
the King of Italy, King Vittorio, Enrico Fermi...
- Toto Cutugno... - Good night.
Good night, Mr. Trotsky.
Hello? Yes, speaking.
Hello. I'm out of town,
call the office and take an appointment for next week.
- Sorry, I don't understand - (IN FRENCH) Help me, please
It's too hot, I need to drink.
(IN FRENCH) Come with me, I'll help you.
- Thank you young man - Not at all.
You're very kind.
- What's wrong? - Tired, tired...
- Want to sit there? - No.
Over there, please.
- Are you alright? - Yes.
- We're almost there. - Thank you.
- You're very kind. - Not at all.
We've finally made it to the "hamam".
- Can I have a glass of water, please? - Of course, sir.
I'm a little dizzy.
If it wasn't for this foreigner...
- Have you ever been to a "hamam"? - No, never.
Then you should absolutely...
...take advantage of this occasion.
You're very kind, but I'm quite busy.
But you should do it.
Absolutely, my dear.
- My child, is everything ready? - Yes.
- Is that the contract? - Ready for signing.
Except for a little detail.
- What is it? - There's no money.
- But you know I have no time! - What should I do? The lady isn't here.
The furniture is old...
...maybe you should lower the price.
Zozo, the lady isn't here, they want to lower the price
and I want to leave. What's their offer?
Zozo is good. Look, the contract is written in Italian.
- I'm good, aren't I? - No price is listed here.
It needs defining. The "hamam" is old.
- Talk to the lady. - What's to talk about?
They already knew it was old!
- What did you call it? - "Hamam".
You never told me it was a Turkish bath.
"Hamam" means Turkish bath.
I know, but why didn't you tell me before?
In Istanbul there were many "hamam", a big attractive.
Now it's over, "hamam" is no longer popular.
Look at the sign.
It's a Turkish bath of a mirror Sultan.
- Of the mirrors. - Yes, of the mirrors.
Follow me.
- Hi Zozo, how are you? - Hello Mrs. Mine.
- Hello. - Hello.
Is anybody home?
Just a moment.
- Hello Mr. Osman. - Hi Zozo.
He's the owner of the "hamam". May we have the keys?
Come in.
- A drink? - No, thanks.
- The man wants to sell. - Fusun, bring some ayran.
- So you are Francesco. - Yes I am.
He came from Italy to sell the "hamam".
- He's already accepted a bid. - Thank you.
He has no hesitation.
- This is my daughter Fusun. - Thank you my child.
- Ciao, I'm Francesco. - Ciao.
- So, you want to see the hamam? - Yes please.
- Make it fast, we're in a hurry. - Shut up, Zozo.
Come, I'll show you.
- I'll stay here. Understood? - I did, Zozo.
We always used this passage.
No one has been here since Madam died.
May I keep it?
Yes, of course.
What do you want now, Zozo?
I've lived here since I got married, my children were born here.
- Understand? - I understand.
No, you don't understand a thing.
Get out of this hole, move to a new neighbourhood.
If you don't leave I'll kick you out!
- Perran, this is Madam's nephew. - Quiet Osman, this fool pisses me off.
You're Madam's nephew?
Sorry. Madam always spoke about you.
Did you offer him something?
- Please sit down. I'll make coffee. - No, thanks.
We have many of Madam Anita's things
- What should we do? - I don't know.
- I'm leaving in a few days. - It's all old stuff.
I tell you they sold everything, there's just the old stuff left.
Are you saying we sold Madam's things?
We're not thieves! I'm going to kill him!
Zozo, let's not get into this now.
Sorry for the argument. When do you want to see Madam's things?
As soon as possible. I need to leave soon.
- Join us for dinner tonight. - No, have dinner with me!
You'll join us, and that's it!
I will.
- Francesco's here. - Good evening.
Excuse me, it'll be a minute.
- Thank you, you shouldn't have. - Not at all.
- Osman, show him the house. - I'll do it.
Madam slept here for a year.
And did she die here?
Inside are Madam's things.
Hi Memo, this is Francesco, Madam's nephew.
- This is my brother. - Ciao. I'm Mehmet, or just Memo.
- Francesco, a little more. - No, enough.
Bon apetit.
Osman, the boy hasn't eaten a thing. Maybe he didn't like it.
- Don't you like our food? - I do, but I had too much of it.
No, you ate so little...
Have some more of this.
Leave him alone. Let him eat what he wants.
Oh no, not again. Osman, you've got to do something.
What can I do, my sweet?
- How is your father? - He's dead.
I'm sorry, we knew about your mother, not about your father.
It's been two years now.
See Osman, he died a year before Madam.
- Are you married? - Yes, my wife works with me.
- What do you do? - We have an art studio,
we organize exhibits and do interior decorating.
- She's an architect too. - Oh, I see.
Any children?
Mom, this is an interrogation!
- Please excuse me, we're curious. - No, you're curious!
Excuse me.
- Dr. Di Mattia? - Yes, speaking.
I called for that matter of... - Sorry I can't right now.
- I'll call you back tomorrow morning. - Alright. See you.
See you. ...I'm sorry.
But, why didn't you keep the hamam open after my aunt's death?
When Madam got sick, the hamam was already closed.
We all had our own jobs,
and no one was coming here anymore.
Times change.
Where you're sitting now,
is where Madam sat.
After eating she would prepare her cigarette
and teach us Italian.
You reminded us of her.
In the last ten years she sold many things.
She'd put her cigarette there and smoke from the ring.
How strange.
That's my father.
And that's me.
- Can I have a look? - That's me.
There's so much stuff, books, clothes,
table ornaments, Lalique things...
You don't have to sell everything. Keep a few things.
In fact, that's what I'll do.
- How's the apartment coming? - Alright.
We should finish by next week.
Are you sure you can handle it alone?
Yes, don't worry.
When are you going to close the deal?
I don't know.
The lawyer's making me waste a lot of time.
He's trying to wear me down in order to make me lower the price.
Now he says I need a certificate from the Ministry of Culture
because the Turkish bath is part of the artistic heritage.
See? Things got complicated.
Imagine if I had gone! So glad I didn't!
Francesco, tea is ready.
- I'm coming. - Did you find it?
No, it's not here.
Maybe I know where it is.
Dear sister,
I left with a lump in my throat and it's still there.
I knew I'd never come back.
I wish we hadn't parted so bitterly,
but you preferred it that way, and I understand.
I hope that you read this letter, at least,
and maybe one day, when the grudge is over,
you'll reply to me.
Istanbul is what I was searching for.
I've been here only for a week, and it already takes my breath away...
I wasted so much time before getting here!
It feels like it was waiting for me
in silence, while I chased after a tiring and useless life.
Things flow more slowly and softly here.
This light breeze dissolves my worries
and makes my body vibrate.
I finally feel like starting over.
I met her at a party at the embassy.
She never told me how she came to Istanbul.
She looked beautiful. She was also very tall, like you.
She talked and talked. It was a pleasure to listen to her.
I was told that she had been the lover of Hikmet, the poet.
See that painting?
It's beautiful, I noticed it coming in.
Well, it's not beautiful, but he gave it to her.
And Anita gave it to me shortly before her death.
She had valuable paintings, but sold them all to pay the creditors.
Did she have many debts?
The money her husband left her didn't last long,
and Turkish baths were already out of fashion.
- Was she married? - Yes,
to Ender, the king of coffee. They separated after 20 days.
"Ender" means "rare" in Turkish.
He was quite an extravagant fellow.
After the divorce, Anita invested
part of the money she got from her husband in the hamam.
a very "ender" thing for a woman, in those times.
The old times are the best of times...
Thinking of my life, I see it as a long holiday,
and find myself looking back like a fool for hours.
Some more cognac?
No, thanks.
Did my aunt ever speak to you about my mother?
She didn't like to speak about the past, but I think that
- she was very attached to her. - And about me?
- Did she ever speak about me? - Yes.
I knew she wanted to leave the hamam to you,
but she made up her mind after your mother's death.
But have you sold it yet?
- Not yet. - What are you waiting for?
- They're making me waste much time. - Be careful of those people.
Make a quick sale and leave.
- Did Anita ever speak about my father? - No.
I'm sorry about that certificate, I don't know where it could be.
I'd like to leave the valuable things of my aunt to you.
You must keep them, she wanted you to have them.
- No, you were her family. - Don't say that, because...
You were saying?
...because we have our memories of Madam, and you don't.
Tomorrow I'll meet the buyer, in the afternoon.
Have you ever been in a hamam?
Have you ever been in a hamam?
She came to get me, I must have been six.
I remember I was scared.
I didn't want it, she laughed.
She held me tight.
We were alone in the hamam. She started to bathe me.
I felt pleasure,
and I can still smell the scent of the soap,
the scent of the heat and the steam.
Then I slept in her arms.
She caressed my head saying "you're my child".
So she taught me hamam,
she taught me to love everything,
the tradition,
she taught me how to wash, how to give a massage,
and give relief to the flesh
in order to relieve the soul.
Is it true that Turkish women shave themselves completely?
- You mean up in front? - Yes.
Many of them do.
Sorry we're late. We got stuck in the traffic.
- Where's the certificate? - He could not find it.
Very well. We agree on the price?
- Yes madam. - Take out the contract.
Give it to the lady, please.
Miss, send the notary in please.
Mrs. Filiz is buying the whole area, to build a big trade centre,
hotels, restaurants, a market and a tennis stadium.
Zozo, I have another appointment in fifteen minutes.
Please, the document.
- Melike? Melike? - What's the matter, Perran?
Zozo is a cheater, a liar!
He wants us to sell our houses to build a trade centre!
- But they won't go away with it! - He never told me anything!
Madam's nephew told us! He's not selling anymore!
- Even my husband wasn't sure. - Spread the word, understand?
I will, my friend. Hatce!
- What do you want? - Did you hear what Zozo's up to?
Today I have an appointment with him to sign the papers.
Please, don't go. We're not selling!
Perran wants all of us to meet at her house.
I told my husband! Wait, I'm coming down!
Perran, I've been waiting for an hour. I'm late.
Hold still, it'll be great! Lower your arms, I'll be right back.
Bravo, you did the right thing!
Perran be careful. You're asking for trouble. They're dangerous.
Follow his example. You're a brave man.
- Hello Marta? It's me. - Finally!
I've tried to reach you all day.
- Why did you turn off your phone? - I left it at the hotel.
Something terrific has happened.
A company's moving to Rome. Paolo contacted them yesterday,
they need to furnish their offices in a five-storied old building.
- We'll have to work for months. - I think I'll be pretty busy here too.
- They don't want to buy? - No, I don't want to sell.
I want to try and restore the Turkish bath.
To sell it better?
Maybe, I still don't know.
- Glass. - Right, glass.
Did you like our Turkish breakfast?
Did you sleep well? It's very quiet here, at night.
I made some fig jam, try some...
Mom, he doesn't understand!
If you keep teaching him one word at a time, he'll never learn.
Dear sister,
the first letter I sent you came back today.
You didn't even open it.
I will not send either this one or any other ones,
but I need to write to you,
because it's the only way I have to feel close to you.
I found an old hamam, in the centre of the town.
It's run-down, but it has class.
It doesn't cost much and I've decided to buy it.
I'd like to re-open the bath, "hamam", as they say here.
I like the idea of organising a diversion for men only,
I would be the first western maitresse
in this patriarchal town,
and I could secretly watch men's private pleasures.
"Hamam" are strange places
where morals get loose together with the bodies.
I have many friends who would be grateful
if I offered them a discreet and comfortable shelter
for certain caprices. And as you know,
I can't help making men happy.
It'll take much time and work
but I think it's worth it.
I consider it as a tribute to this town
which is so generous with this Italian adventuress.
- Hello? - Hi Nelly, Francesco here.
Hello sir, how are you?
- I'm fine. Is madam in? - She went to Milan for work.
Don't pick up the phone. I'll leave a message to the answering machine.
Understood? Bye.
We are not in. Please leave a message after the beep.
Marta, it's Francesco.
Write down the number of this bank account, I need you to send me some cash.
Memo, you gave me the hardest job.
We need to fix the door to help the workmen,
but we need some more tools.
Leave me alone, or you'll do it all yourself.
Guys, to clean this statue you need...
- Hello Zozo. - Hello, Mr. Francesco.
- Why are you here? - Can I speak with you?
- We can talk here. - Can we talk in private?
- What is it? - That lady is dangerous.
- Why? - I'm scared. She's a difficult lady.
Sell the hamam.
- That lady is difficult. - There's no problem.
There is, because I'm scared. Very scared.
- We'll talk some other time. - That lady is a problem.
- Sell the hamam. - I've got to get back to work.
Sell the hamam. That lady is dangerous. Understood?
Thanks, Zozo. Good-bye. Good-bye.
Francesco? Francesco?
- Good morning. - Morning. Breakfast's ready.
Hi, it's me. It's Thursday, 8 o'clock. You're never in...
The money arrived and the work's proceeding.
I hope you're fine.
I'll leave you a number where you can call me at lunchtime:
Good idea to change the message, your voice is nicer. Bye.
This Turkish bath has become my kingdom.
It's all my work, to the smallest detail
and I'm so proud of it...
At first it was hard:
A woman here has to work twice as much as in Europe for half wage
but now I have a certain reputation and many friends.
My hamam has become an institution in Istanbul.
Many come from far away just to visit it.
My customers speak to me and confide in me.
They treat me as their equal.
Once in a while it's fun to hide and watch them
entertain each other in the steam.
About these honourable fathers of families
I know so many things now,
that they respect me more than their saintly mothers.
See you later.
- Ciao. - Ciao.
What are you cutting!
Your brother was circumcised too. Now you're a real male.
Real males don't cry. It's done.
- May God bless you. - May God bless you.
So? Why this surprise?
- Why, is it a problem? - No, not at all.
I needed a break,
and you were out of reach.
I've been real busy, problems with the job, you know.
- Still a lot to do? - No, it's almost done.
The opening is in a few weeks, I was to tell you.
So you decided to stay?
Well.. I still don't know.
You'll like it at Osman's. They're all very nice.
I'd rather go to a hotel, it's just for a few days.
- Did you inherit the car too? - This car?
- No, I bought it from Halil. - From who?
A friend.
Can you tell me the way to Edirne?
I'm not from here.
- You speak Turkish now? - No, I make myself understood.
You've fit right in, huh?
- Finally! You're late. - The plane...
Welcome. We're happy to have you in our house.
She is Perran and she's Fusun.
- Perran, is that his wife? - Yes.
She's too skinny.
Go back to your cooking and mind your own business!
- What did the girl say? - That dinner's almost ready.
Let's go then.
- You don't speak Italian? - A little, but not too well.
Sorry for being late, but I had a lot to work.
- Ciao. I'm Mehmet. - Ciao.
My pleasure.
We ate so much! How could you stay slim?
So? What do you think of them?
Nice, kind...
They were so curious about you...
- But Fussun... - Fusun.
- She's pretty. What does she do? - She's a student.
She's very intelligent.
If you want to visit the town she can take you around.
- No, I prefer to do it alone. - Mehmet is a cameraman instead,
for a private network.
- Are you working tomorrow? - Yes.
You saw what needs to be done...
You must be tired too, with the flight and all...
I guess...
- Breakfast's ready, if you want. - Where's Francesco?
- At work. - I'll be right down.
- Good morning, Perran. - Good morning.
Sit down, have breakfast. I'm heating up some cheese.
- I never have breakfast... - I see that. Don't talk and sit down.
- So you don't want me to take you around? - No, it's alright. Thanks.
- I'm off. - Don't come back late.
This is very good.
Enough, please.
He's changed. At the airport I hardly recognised him.
- Did you talk to him? - Not yet.
- Why not? - Paolo, don't rush me.
We were both tired, I'll talk to him tonight.
Alright. When are you calling me back?
- I'll call you at the lab tomorrow. - Alright.
- Bye. - Bye.
- Where are you going? - Out with some friends.
You go out every night.
Don't shout. Do I have to ask for your permission?
Yes, I'm sick of your friends.
And I'm sick of all your customers' gossiping.
If I donít sew, how are we supposed to get by?
God will punish you. I'm sorry Marta. I'm sorry.
You are his punishment.
Don't come back too late.
Marta, do this.
- Let's take Marta around. - Wanna go out?
- Yes, where... - We can also do it tomorrow...
- Alright, tomorrow. - Fusun, will you clean up?
I'll help you.
It's ready.
You can see here that the anguish in you eats you up.
It closes the doors in front of you.
You brought this anguish from Italy.
- I see a two here. - Goodnight, I'm going to bed.
Two hours, two days, two months, two years...
or two men.
After that I see tranquillity.
You have a strange relationship with work and money.
You touch a lot of money, but it disgusts you.
Not exactly "disgusts", but...
You still don't know, but a change will come.
- What kind of jam is that? - Orange.
Why didn't you make plum jam?
I will, when I can find plums again.
Good morning Marta. You got up early.
- Sit down. - It's okay, I'll help myself.
- I'll do it. - Perran...
Leave her alone. She should feel at home.
I've got something to tell you.
Dundar and I want to get married.
- But you didn't like him! - I changed my mind.
This is good news.
Dundar is a good boy and Fusun is the right age.
If you have to get married, I want you to be in love.
- There has to be no other reason. - Perran, stop it.
We should be happy that she wants to marry a serious guy.
She's almost twenty, we don't want to miss the chance!
Tonight we'll go out for dinner to celebrate this together.
In that case, "bardak".
I'm off. See you later.
- I need to talk to you. - Can we talk tonight?
I've got a lot to do. See you tonight.
Paolo? Pick up the phone. Where the hell are you?
I'll have him sign the papers today and book a flight for tomorrow.
I'll call you back with details. Please be there tonight.
I'm very happy to be with you tonight.
To Fusun! A toast.
I'm sorry Marta, everyone's speaking Turkish.
Fusun doesn't have to work. She can study and run the house.
To all the married couples!
Francesco, can you tell the waiter that there's no more wine?
Some more wine, please.
- And how's the car? - You have seen it.
I'd like to propose another toast.
To everyone in love.
This is an Armenian dish, it goes with the raki.
It's made with tuna and soy. Try it, you'll like it.
How long have you known each other?
I've been fucking with Paolo for two years.
What's the toast to?
At home, at the studio, in the car, in the lift, on the stairs...
What are you talking about?
Once we made it in you car. It was great.
- Let's go out to talk. - I want to stay here.
I'm going. You do as you please.
Where are you going? I'm not done!
Where are you going? You're running away?
Couldn't you choose a better moment?
- You embarrassed me! - I don't give a shit about them!
I care about them. They've been very kind.
- You could have shown more respect. - I could have shown less... telling them just half of what I saw last night in the Turkish bath.
Did you do that in Rome too?
- Did you? Answer me! - No!
You came out here then!
I tried to reach you by phone,
I needed to talk to you, I was confused, but you weren't there.
I've been here for three days, always at your disposal,
and you've been avoiding me.
But it doesn't matter, I came here to leave you.
. I'm glad I could help you. - Asshole!
Did you come to Istanbul to break my balls?
You're always the same.
All this calm, all this kindness... Mr. Nice Guy...
I donít buy it, you don't give a shit about Turkey.
- What do you know? - Or even about your aunt...
...or the Turkish bath. I know you too well.
- You know what the truth is? - No. Tell me.
You're exploiting the situation, you wanted to fool round,
and do here what you were afraid to do in Rome!
How dare you judge me?
And what about the bullshit you told me when you were out screwing Paolo?
How could you pretend like that for two years?
It was easy, came natural.
You were unbearable, always so flawless!
And your damned good taste!
But do you think before thinking or are you stunned on alcohol?
- You can't even discuss things. - I don't want to.
- I just want to end it, idiot! - Let's end it, then!
Leave me alone!
I brought some papers for you to sign.
- The sooner, the better. - Give me a second.
- Sure. - Thanks.
Where's the pen?
- Where should I sign? - Bottom left of both pages.
You couldn't wait for that, huh?
Call Paolo and tell him all's set.
- I'll call him when I want to. - Right, you're an adult now.
Move, I need to pack.
Will you call me a cab, please?
- Where are you going at this hour? - To a hotel.
Why donít we try and reason it out, talk...
If we don't do it now, we never will.
You should have told me, not let me find it out.
- You didn't tell me about Paolo too. - It's not the same thing!
It is!
- I betrayed you with a man! - So did I!
I'm going up.
- Wait a little more. - Do you know what time it is?
I wasn't happy in Rome.
When I think of how I acted with others and with you...
What a rotten existence...
It still makes me mad.
But everything has changed since I came here.
People seem so much kinder,
and I'm kinder with others.
I'm more enthusiastic about things.
Osman and Perran treat me like a son.
Mehmet gives me courage. He listens to me, and understands me.
It's good being with him.
This is the life that I wanted.
I must buy something for Nelly before leaving.
- Marta... - Hi Perran. I'm almost done.
- So you've decided? - Yes, I'm leaving tomorrow.
Give these to Fusun.
- Tonight I'll sleep in a hotel. - No.
Think before going, only a few days.
- I'm sorry you all got involved. - Don't say that.
I only want you to think for good.
That's why I say stay a little more,
to think better, and then decide.
If you donít want to sleep with your husband, stay here alone.
I'll tell him to sleep with Mehmet.
I'm about to leave.
Send them back after you've read them.
I left the book and the newspapers in the room.
When is you flight?
Tomorrow at 11.
Ciao. Don't...
I'm going.
Say good-bye to Osman and thank him for me.
I'm sorry that Fusun isn't here too. She didn't know you were leaving.
I'll call her in the morning, before leaving. Ciao Perran.
Thanks again, for everything.
Good-bye Marta. This is always your home, whenever.
- Good luck. - To you too.
Go like the tide to come back like the tide...
There are days, in October,
when Istanbul suddenly gets grey.
The summer vanishes all at once
and it always amazes me,
maybe because since I've come here
it's always been like a holiday.
And when autumn comes all of a sudden, like now,
I think back to Italy, and I get melancholic.
I wake up in the morning and try to imagine you,
...what you do when you wake up, what you eat for breakfast...
Maybe you wrap yourself up because it's cold...
Maybe you think of me sometimes.
When autumn comes, Giuliana, I feel lonely.
Then I think of little Francesco.
I'd love to know how he is,
what games he likes to play, what he likes to eat...
what are his thoughts.
I'm sure that he's as intelligent and private as you.
Your son, my only nephew...
Do you ever speak of me to him?
I'd like to see him become like his father,
strong, brave and aware,
with that pure look to recognise desires
and strong arms to make them come true.
I hope that he grows up free,
and happy.
Because one can be happy in this life, Giuliana.
One must.
This house smells of old rubbish, my dear.
Its stink becomes unbearable when I look at all these trinkets.
But I'm a hopeless masochist
and cannot let them go. Milk and sugar?
Only milk, thank you.
"There, in ruined halls, the lonely crane
lies in its mourning..."
Is there anything that this old crane can do for you?
Not much, I'm afraid.
Did you come only to say good-bye?
You're right. You don't even know me.
I don't know what I expected.
So much has happened, and I don't know who to talk to.
To me, for example.
Marta is... I like Marta.
And she's got nice tits.
Just a moment...
Wasn't that the bell?
- I don't know. - Isn't you mother in?
- She went shopping. - I'll get it.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Are you Francesco, the Italian? - Yes.
His eyes, his behaviour...
have changed.
It's strange. I came here to leave him, but now...
You like him.
- Mr. Osman on the phone. - Hello?
Good evening.
Yes, she's here.
Dear Mehmet,
yesterday we finally got a letter from you.
I'm happy to hear you're doing fine.
But if that's not true, if you want to talk, I am here.
Since you left, the neighbourhood has changed a lot.
I convinced Fusun not to get married, to your mother's great joy.
Last week Yildiz had her baby.
They've decided to call him Francesco.
Of course, Perran, Fusun and I had a good cry over the news.
Almost every afternoon I go down to the hamam.
We're done with the work now.
Sometimes at sunset I get sad,
but then the cold breeze blows, all of a sudden,
and takes it far away.
It's a strange breeze, like no other.
It's a light breeze,
and it loves me.
# subtitles by lyliakar #
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