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Subtitles for Hamnstad - Port of Call (1948 Ingmar Bergman).

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Hamnstad - Port of Call (1948 Ingmar Bergman)

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Let me go! Let me go!
- What is it? - A drowned woman.
- A drowned woman? - She had cramps.
The water is still too cold.
Let me go!
Let me go!
But it's GŲsta!
Yes, hello.
Really! Hello.
I got off the boat today.
We sailed together.
- From The U.S.? - From the East Indies.
Tea, peppers, rice, zinc and wool from Australia.
Yes, but now, it is finished. Eight years at sea is enough.
You can settle down here, at home.
This bed is free and the rent is modest.
You could work at the port.
No, not at the port...
So you want to become director straight away?
You could at least begin there
while looking for something else?
It's a good job.
Everything will be alright, you'll see.
- 376. - Yes.
You will start at 7h30 at no. 34, the "Saga".
You're not going out this evening?
Not, I don't think so.
Although it's a Saturday,
I don't feel like it. 39 do
You're in love with someone? or maybe you're sick?
It's been a while since that happened to me.
Well, cheer up then.
Besides, you have money. With money, you can get women.
And whisky.
I don't care about that!
Everyone has their ups and downs.
Let's say that it's because of spring.
What are you reading?
- A book... - Yes, I can see that.
But by whom? 50 00:10:02,720 --> a 00:10:06,030 A sailor. He's called Martinsson.
And you read that?
Don't books interest you?
Not any more.
My father was a teacher. He had loads of books.
At that time, we felt lonely.
We wanted to sail away, See lots of things.
We thought we were missing essential things.
Ah yes. 59 do
Then I stopped, and I began to drink.
Books make everything worse.
Well read, then.
See you.
There's a crowd.
Yes, really.
It's hot.
They're not playing badly.
I've heard better.
It's funny when they go for it.
I find that rather silly. You need strangers for that.
There's a lot of people.
It could be worse.
It's hot with all these people.
There's only one thing left to say.
What's that?
That they play well.
Yes, indeed.
Everyone says that.
But they can say it in a thousand ways.
It's boring here. Shall we go?
With pleasure.
Good. Let's get out of here.
Hi, Berit.
Come here.
I don't want to.
She's pretending to be a virgin.
Shut up!
Don't pay attention to those bastards!
But you could have said hello to me.
You shouldn't be so afraid.
Laugh in their faces and give them back the change.
I don't want to belong to the group any more.
I won't go back any more.
You think you're escaping?
Sure, if you don't want to.
We could become just friends again.
I have to go.
I understand just how you feel.
Is it better like that?
Why? Don't get upset.
You think I want to?
you live alone here?
Not, it's my parents' place.
Where are they?
Dad is at sea. He is second mate.
And mum is at an aunt's. 113 00:16:00,800 --> a 00:16:02,119 cigarette?
No thanks, I don't smoke.
Smart not to.
You're well set up here.
It's OK.
If only there was a little more freedom.
Why did you kiss me?
What a question! Because I like you, of course.
I find you beautiful and I would like to kiss you more.
Yes, I see that.
You are strange.
Don't worry about it.
So, would you like some coffee?
Not, I don't want a coffee.
Goodbye, then.
Are you tired?
I have to go to work.
On Sunday?
Yes, I work in a team.
Will we see each other again?
Yes, we will.
We are agreed.
Wednesday? 8 o'clock, without fail. Hello.
Are you there?
That is my business, isn't it?
You don't care about coming late.
You, you had to go back on Monday.
I changed my mind.
So you could spy on me.
I was worried.
I have to believe that?
Who did you make out with, yesterday evening?
I was at the cinema.
And afterwards?
Afterwards I went home.
What do you think?
You're lying.
Ah right!
There was a boy.
It was I who smoked.
I know well that you don't smoke.
So? 163 will
What are you going to do?
You know well that I must submit a report to Villander Assistance.
Go ahead. Denounce me, without shame. Let them come and get me!
You come here with boys.
It was better when you were elsewhere.
I should have known not to trust you.
- What are you saying? - Stop this theatre.
Go ahead. Hit your mother. That's just like you.
I was only waiting for that.
Berit, you don't have anything to say to me?
Leave me.
If you apologise, I won't say anything.
I will not ask for your pardon. Never.
Be careful.
- Let me pass. - Don't touch me. 178 00:23:56,640 --> the 00:23:58,471 Engineer Villander wants to speak to you.
His sister is there. You know, the assistant.
Villander has asked how you were behaving.
I said ďwellĒ, but the assistant wasnít too pleased.
Oh right.
You didn't do anything stupid ?
How would I know?
I did all I could. Thatís worth a small reward, isnít it?
And you believe that?
That could cheer you up too.
- I doubt it! - Youíre sure?
The girls say that you are not a real guy!
- Hello. - Hello, Miss Holm.
I don't have anything to say, but Miss Villander does.
I understand.
Berit understands what itís about.
I will leave you.
No, stay.
Iím used to it.
Your mother called me yesterday.
Yes, she often grasses on me.
It is a privilege to live at your motherís.
It is worse than being in a reformatory.
You should be ashamed. And donít interrupt me, Berit.
If I must keep silent, I will go back to work.
Donít take that kind of tone. You really want to come back to the family home?
Who worries about the tone in which they question me?
And they will send me back home despite my protests. They wonít ask me how I feel.
You should understand your mother. She only wants what is good for you.
Yes, by hassling me all the time.
Berit! It is what, this language?
I learned it in the reformatory,
and here and everywhere else where you have put me.
My hope of any possible improvement disappeared.
You want to send me back to the family home.
I donít want to go there or here.
I want to be free! Free!
People donít understand that I want to make it by myself.
Iím not the only one who decides. Berit, you can leave.
Listen to me a moment.
You like it here?
If I can change something, I will do it with pleasure.
You can speak frankly.
I donít like to ruin my hands.
I am a milliner - it is my job. I like to make hats.
Perhaps you would like some cleaner work. In the checking department?
Yes, Sir, I would.
Agneta, give him another chance before you submit your report.
I have not decided alone.
Go to your machine, Miss Holm.
You were really kind and considerate with her.
And why not?
I do what I can, it is not easy.
And if you give her a real chance?
Itís not so simple, Bengt.
Does she really have to live at her motherís?
You are dealing with a bastard.
When she arrives with all her band
or when she is infected or has stolen something?
Your lack of optimism is attractive.
What good is that?
You don't want to use a strong hand against the rabble?
Are you afraid of her?
One would think so.
It is very difficult to deal with her.
Everyone says so.
If itís true, it doesnít matter, if the experiment fails.
No. I must speak about it with my colleagues.
Of course.
Donít be so ironic, dear Bengt.
I do not have the right to take decisions alone.
Who, then?
You will know.
I have to work my supplementary hours. Are you staying?
Like the little girl in the street, Iíll say: of course, of course.
OK, good.
Didnít you have to meet that chick at 8 oíclock this evening?
Itís her evening to go out. You must look after her.
It is not so important. 259 00:28:58,400 --> the 00:29:00,470 The youth of today!
She is nothing to you, then?
How beautiful you have become!
Not me.
I see well enough. Who are you going to see?
Who should I see? Iím going to the cinema.
Which cinema?
I donít know.
Go then, so you get there on time.
Stop! Leave me in peace.
Are you waiting for someone?
You look nervous.
Heís not coming?
Go away.
If he is a nice boy, you could introduce him to me.
But I donít believe it.
Believe what?
That heís a nice boy.
Not, there isnít anybody. 280 00:30:33,120 --> does 00:30:35,918 Father has telegraphed to say that heís coming back.
Thatís good, isnít it? 282 will
Are you going to divorce?
No, not at all. We will start again.
Who decided that?
It was I who decided.
Then the hell will begin again.
What are you speaking of?
Poor dad.
Dad writes that he misses me.
He always was a little insane.
I would like you to be happy, you too, little Berit.
Leave me.
I love you very much.
I only think of you and worry about you.
Thatís nice.
But leave me in peace.
You speak like that to your mother?
Oh, shit!
You are hard, Berit.
But you pay for that.
I would like to see you dead.
I would like to be dead myself.
Thatís what one says at your age, my daughter.
I see you are already waiting for dad.
I know how it will finish up when he returns.
It will start with salt in the gruel,
and then all those slanging matches.
At first the small ones,
then whole evenings
All that is finished, now, Berit. We got older.
You know that I have talked with Pasteur Broman.
It will be different.
For you too.
You lie so much that you are not the only one to believe it.
But all others do, and dad too.
But not me.
Because I know that you always lie, always.
You will regret what you have just said.
Leave me.
I ought to beat you to death.
You do not frighten me.
I should kill you.
and Berit and myself.
You are mad. You belong in the asylum.
What are you saying? Me, insane?
And you. Who shout and then speak calmly here?
You do not understand yourself.
I can always go.
Yes, go. Go away again.
There is no worse hell than when you are here.
Come here. Come and see dad. Donít be afraid.
Is it hell when dad is here?
You hurt him.
And what are you doing here?
It is you who hurt him, nobody else.
Is it true, Berit? Come and see dad.
Donít touch her. If you do, Iíll slap you.
But she is my child.
Poor little Berit who has such a father. Poor little Berit.
My little Berit who has such a father.
You came, all the same.
You didnít think I would?
I thought you didnít want to.
Shall we go to the cinema? Thereís a good film on at the Viktoria.
What is it?
You didnít want to come.
I donít know. Maybe not.
Why did you come?
We have to go down here.
Hello, Berit.
Whoís that there?
Itís LeCoq. Heís the foreman at the factory.
Two seats at 2,50.
Hi, Berit.
Are you freezing?
Look at those tits sheís got.
- Whatís the matter? - Donít worry about it.
Are you in a hurry or what?
Come with us. Drop that guy.
No, GŲsta.
I saved you several times at the Factory, didnít I?
Her bottom rolls well!
Berit, a chick like you would be enough for three men. 366 00:37:37,720 --> the 00:37:38,709 Get lost!
Letís go, GŲsta. Donít bother with them.
What did you say, kid? You want a taste of the tilt hammer?
Where will you find the arms?
And if the police arrive? 371 00:37:49,120 --> the 00:37:51,395 The police! You heard that? What a hero!
Listen, pull in your chin and save your breath.
Who dares to come?
Who dares to do what?
GŲsta! Look out!
Behind you, GŲsta!
Bunch of bastards!
Donít act all stuck up.
Bitchy girl from the reformatory!
Wake up, GŲsta!
How do you feel?
Leave me!
You didnít go back?
Go back?
Look at your tights.
It doesnít matter.
I will refund them to you.
Donít be silly.
It would be better if you could pay for a taxi.
Help me to get these rags off.
We donít have any rings.
Put your left hand in your pocket.
I havenít got any pockets.
Keep your gloves. It looks very chic.
Because this weekend, we will be a count and countess. 397 00:42:13,480 --> is a 00:42:17,917 Would a walk before dinner suit you, Madam Countess?
Why thank you, Mister Count. What a charming idea!
You rang?
No. Did you?
Excuse me. No, but was it you, Berit?
You are here, now?
Ah, you know each other? School friends?
You could say that.
Your man?
Yes, I am his man.
Congratulations, Berit.
Thank you.
Not everyone finishes up as well.
Telephone me.
I would really like to speak with you.
Of course.
Excuse me. If you want something, you only have to ring.
Promise to me one thing, Gertrud. Do not speak about the family home.
Not to please to me, but for GŲsta.
He doesnít know anything?
Not, he doesnít know anything.
Count on me.
Do you think that the old gang is abandoning you?
Thank you very much, Gertrud.
Is he OK?
Iím sorry?
He knows how to keep silent.
Heís only a simple sailor.
What are you doing here?
Heís celebrating my birthday.
Thatís nice.
Looks after him well.
And you, how are you?
Thank you for asking.
I am just fine.
You know Mrs. Krana?
What do you mean? Youíre going toÖ
To see her, yes. I intend to visit her very soon.
Poor Gertrud.
But she is sweet. Can you lend me some money?
How much?
I need 50 crowns.
I can give you 25.
But be careful, Gertrud.
To be careful.
Could you send the money to the hotel?
Gertrud, canít I help you differently?
You are kind.
Go back and see your man, now.
He will be wondering what we are talking about.
What were you talking about for such a long time?
Nothing spcial. We just gossiped a little.
Were you surprised to see her?
I donít like her so much.
She is beautiful.
Yes, not bad.
Whatís the matter?
Nothing at all.
- I said a stupid thing. - No.
Never leave me.
but do it quickly, if not, it will do too much harm.
Why would I leave you?
Because you donít know.
I donít know?
I donít know what Iím saying? Yes, I do know.
I love you, and I have said it more than once.
You have said it.
You donít believe me?
You, you never tell me that you love me.
- Do it. If notÖ - Yes.
Well, say it then.
I donít want to.
I hate those words.
Nobody takes them seriously.
They want toÖ
Donít say anything.
That hurts.
Do you think I only said it for that?
because each time youÖ
But I depend so much on you.
I have only have that to give in order to keep youÖ
And perhaps it is that which will tire you outÖ
When one really lovesÖ
What makes you afraid makes you love each other more.
You must believe me.
Why do some people have everything and others nothing?
It is terrible to be alone. 492 do
You have been so kind to me.
My little one. 494 00:48:21,840 --> the 00:48:26,630 Life is not as difficult as people think. You will see.
One day, luck will be on our side.
And I will teach you to say that you love me.
Excuse me, GŲsta. 498 00:48:39,520 --> is a 00:48:41,795 How about a walk?
My dear GŲsta,
I thought you were asleep.
Iím not awake at all. Iím dreaming.
What did you say?
I am so stupid.
I spoke to you the whole time.
Repeat what you have just said.
That I love youÖ
that I adore youÖ
You see - you finally learned it.
You taught it to me.
Are you happy now?
It would have been better If we had never met.
Because now, I know what happiness is,
and everything will become more difficult.
Are you starting again?
I have thought so much.
I have decided to tell you everything that has happened to me.
It would be better if you learnt it from me than from others.
It is difficult.
Drop it.
You donít leave school on Sunday. Me neither.
Itís the past.
I have to tell you.
So that you donít accuse me later.
Go ahead.
Anyway, that is not important.
We all have the right to live.
Are you afraid?
Why do you think I am?
I have that impression.
I could easily accuse my parents and say it is their fault.
They didnít want to divorce because of me.
When dad was away at sea it was still OK.
But he was injured in a torpedo attack
and had to stay at home.
And everything got worse. 539 00:51:45,120 --> the 00:51:46,917 The house was a hell. 540 00:51:47,520 --> the 00:51:51,559 In the evenings, I went out with the other girls from school.
I came back home as late as possible,
when my parents were asleep.
But one evening, mum was waiting up for meÖ
Where were you all evening?
That has never been a problem. And it is not your business.
Right, that is not my business.
You will remain outside to reflect,
and you will learn to come back on time.
Mom, open the door!
Why are you sitting there?
None of your business.
Are you sad?
No. Donít worry about me. 556 00:53:15,720 --> did 00:53:19,349 Your mother put you outside? Or perhaps your father?
And you are waiting nicely until they come and open the door.
I donít know where to go.
Can you imagine what they would think if you disappeared?
Come and live at my house.
Youíre crazy.
Come on.
Where do you live?
You donít know?
I have no idea.
Follow me. I have my own pad.
With all the traditional comforts.Come with me.
I donít know if I dare to.
Donít worry, little one - I have honest intentions.
Clean sheets and one meal per day.
Iím called Thomas. Iíll say that once and for all.
Yes, Iíll come with you.
- And the name of the lady? - Berit.
Berit! How charming! Hello, Berit.
We lived together.
He was very kind to me,
but they searched for me
and somebody betrayed me to the police.
At first it was the Childhood Council.
Then mum said that
she couldnít do anything with me.
She asked them to help.
They took charge and promised to arrange everything.
It was the Re-education Centre.
With regard to
the case of Berit lrne Holm, the circumstances are clear.
referring to paragraph 220 of the Law on Protection of Children,
we have decided
according to the paragraph of the same law, taking into consideration
that there is no other solution,
and according to paragraph 24,
to take the girl into our charge
by placing her in a reformatory for girls.
With immediate effect.
Passengers travelling to GŲteborg, please board now.
Close the doors.
As you have arranged everything properly,
I wondered where we should go during our stop at Stockholm.
Iíd like to give to the girls a memory before they leave,
from which they can draw strength.
Thatís really nice of you.
Iím sure the girls will really appreciate it.
That time hurt me more than I thought.
I wanted to scream out of fear and loneliness.
It was OK in the winter and in spring,
but the summer was horrible.
For Gertrud, it was worse.
Every night, she went and slept with the gardener.
She wanted to break the rules,
like cigarettes, perfume, and lipstick,
and real underwear.
I was there for fourteen months.
Afterwards, they placed me with a lady who had a social hobby. [?]
At work, we were closely watched all the time.
The lady had a nice son.
He had a bit of a crush on me.
Mum surprised us one day, and of course she reported it.
Later, I ran away to Stockholm.
They caught me again - the second time.
They put me in another place for more than two years. 625 01:00:23,040 --> do 01:00:27,556 When I got out, I had to work at the factory, where I met Gunnar.
He was so nice. He didnít care that Iíd been in prison.
I could go to see his parents.
They were kind, too.
I thought it was all over. 630 01:00:43,120 --> a 01:00:46,749 Then one day, there was a catastrophe, and everything fell apart.
We thought you were Gunnarís girlfriend but you didnít say anything.
We cannot forgive that.
- Itís not true? - She was afraid.
We must always tell the truth.
What shall we do?
There is one thing to do.
I will leave with Berit.
Be quiet.
But it is true.
It is for your own good.
Itís pointless to drive me out. I can leave by myself.
Donít follow me.
It was my fault.
I thought youíd said everything. You told me.
I know, I know.
Will we see each other again?
No. 649 do
You want to say that you donít want to see me again?
It is finished.
Youíre not going to hurt yourself?
I threw myself in the water,
just before I met you.
Now, you know.
Arenít you leaving?
Well, go then!
Donít worry about me. Do as you wish.
How many guys have you had?
No, GŲstaÖ
Why didnít you kill yourself?
You look soft, sailor. Itís a chick?
Before, they had to stab me to get out the marrow.
Perhaps she dumped you?
You should have seen the chick I went out with!
What a number!
Your mouth!
What is it?
Calm down, calm down, my friends.
Make an effort, GŲsta.
Youíll find another.
Those who speak about love are mistaken.
Everything is difficult. Why canít we be ourselves?
We can forgive our own faults, but not those of others.
Yes, itís the same everywhere.
We want to be just. Itís a pity for Berit.
If you want to play at saving the world, be careful.
It is so absurd.
Everything is.
You are so ironic. You have to believeÖ
In what? Women? Justice? 682 01:04:20,960 --> the 01:04:22,632 Brotherhood?
Not, everywhere, it is the same misery, the same shit.
There is nothing?
Donít speak to me about it.
- What else? - Idiot. The girl!
If you need to hold someoneís hand,
take hers. Only she loves you.
You want to say: forget everything?
You can always try.
Yes One can always try.
What is it?
And you?
Why donít you eat anything?
I donít have any appetite.
Whoís that guy?
Itís Gunnar.
Oh, him.
The one before me, that you talked about.
He looks fine.
You think so?
He looks sharp. Very sharp.
Wonderful. Was he as wonderful as he looks?
We could become buddies with this guy. If we bump into him.
Heís exactly the type I like.
I know very well that you loved him.
Get lost!
Youíre so odd.
What have I done?
Why torture yourself?
Donít mess around.
I canít bear it any more.
Get lost, I said.
I know - I should have told you when we first met.
Itís all my fault.
Go then.
Nothing is worse than that.
Donít cry! That drives me crazy!
Oh itís you, GŲsta.
Berit has told me so much about you.
Oh right.
Take care of her.
I will tell you one thing: she doesnít listen to me.
I dont know why. Itís as if she hates me.
Itís not easy to say, but I am her mother.
Iíve thought about it a lot:
To grow up there, where we were fighting, is not easy.
It wasnít always nice at home.
Iíll tell you another thing.
Her father has very sensitive nerves.
We always have tried to be just and honest, butÖ
You understandÖ
You know that Berit has been in a family home.
I think that helped a lot.
Sheís not a slut, but sheís had lots of boyfriends.
Itís true.
But if youíre fond of Berit, as I hope you are,
you should know everything.
Thank you. I already know ďeverythingĒ.
I would be so happy if you could stay together. For Beritís sake.
She has a bad character. She gets it from her father.
Where are you going?
- Let me go. - Where are you going?
- Why does it matter? - Tell me where you are going.
To see Gertrud.
She called me. She needs me.
Stay there and listen to mum. You will learn my true nature.
Itís good to know.
Go away with this girl.
I canít keep her here. You understand, donít you?
She says it hurts. Itís normal after anesthesia.
I made the usual intervention.
Sheís not dangerous. 758 01:08:59,760 --> the 01:09:01,716 The foetus will come out in a few days.
Yes, it hurts, but not so much. Thatís her nerves.
How do you feel?
Thank you for coming.
We must leave from here. But it hurts so much
You must leave.
I have made hundreds of interventions. None has failed.
Iím very careful.
I donít take risks.
You must leave.
But where?
I donít know. I have no idea.
I canít go back.
You, you know?
Iíll call a taxi.
What has she done?
She gave me an injection.
At first, it was really bad, but I had a sedative.
It began just before I left.
Iím so scared.
Where will we go?
Yes, where will we go? 780 01:10:03,560 --> the 01:10:04,993 The taxi is here.
Wait, I know where we can go.
You really have to whistle that? [?]
Am I crazy?
Itís just that that drives me completely nuts.
Gustav wants to speak.
Not, we wonít open.
Heíll break everything. Ask him what he wants.
What is it?
Gertrud is sick.
Iím getting out of here.
She needs a doctor.
No doctor.
She may be sent away.
Oh, no!
No, no doctor, no doctor!
I donít want to go back there, I donít want to, I donít want to.
But what can we do?
Call an ambulance.
I feel so strange, Berit.
Do you think itís dangerous?
Iím so scared, Berit.
I think itís bleeding a lot.
You have to help me somehow.
ThereísÖ a lot?
I donít understand what she did.
Please follow me.
Look how Joe is nice to you,
and he doesnít even know you.
It is for you, he would say, and you certainly need it.
I told him you were drunk.
He heard the lapping inside you.
Was it your friend who was taken away in an ambulance?
What was wrong with her?
She died.
Oh, shit!
You donít need to cry.
Be happy that you are being looked after.
I was rather sad.
I had hardly drunk anything.
Joe said you have nice eyes.
Heís right.
But do not cry.
It is the drop of water that makes the vase overflow.
When the boat sinks, one throws oneself into the sea.
One tries to swim to firm ground.
To swim.
To swim in the South Sea, anywhere,
where one isnít sucked up by whirlwinds.
sucked up, you see.
Thatís how it is, Mr Andersson.
You said conscience - no.
You are a new baby [?] who cries at the back,
and wipes its tears. because it misses its mother.
What a conscience!
You know how old I am?
You didnít believe it, did you?
Me neither.
Have you ever seen dead toes?
Ever seen a dead man?
Did you ever see a pig with two legs That weighs 70 kilos
Somebody asked you to remain,
and you left!
I saw all that.
But I do not draw any Conclusions from it,
in spite of my twenty-nine years.
Because I have no conscience, you see.
And you then
Stupid conscience.
Stupid conscience.
Open, open!
My God, look at that.
What is it?
What a spectacle! Get out of there, old man. [?]
Thatís it - love, for you.
You drankÖ Itís not worth the trouble, really not.
Get it out. [?]
You can go back. We donít need you any more.
Thank you.
She could have told me.
It wouldnít have affected me If she had had a child.
Now she is dead. 867 01:23:29,480 --> does the 01:23:32,438 The Lord has given and He has taken away.
I always knew that my daughter was destined for misfortune.
She never gave me happiness.
It is better this way.
Iím going.
Thank you all for your kindness.
Miss Holm, could you give me the address of this abortionist?
Berit, do you understand that your silence harms you?
Murderers must be stopped, mustnít they?
This abortionist has killed your friend and you want to protect her?
I knew a girl from a good family who got pregnant by a useless guy.
She aborted herself.
With the help of the Health Council
and a well-known surgeon.
How does that concern us?
Those who do not have the means must get by somehow.
With such consequences?
It is the risk that they take.
We should be grateful that we can get help.
You hear! [?]
Calm down. Wouldnít it have been better if your friend had had this child?
I donít know.
Would you have acted in the same way?
If you do not calm down, I shall ask you to leave.
I think that assistant Villander has something to propose.
That depends, yes.
What then?
If you give me the address of this abortionist,
we will arrange things so that you do not come before the law.
I promise I will do all I can so that you avoid trouble.
You donít believe me
No. Why should I believe you?
You have my word of honor.
Help us now, Berit.
Why? 905 01:26:11,680 --> does 01:26:13,796 Does somebody have a cigarette?
Morally, I am by no means offended by your attitude,
but I am angry because you are stupid.
You understand that this will get you at least three years.
And perhaps it will be prison, I donít know exactly.
But you donít care, of course.
Very well. 912 01:26:40,400 --> the 01:26:42,311 This affair must follow its course.
Come in.
Follow me.
I will say it.
I will say it.
I will tell everything.
Excuses me, I am aÖ
What, GŲsta?
I said, excuse me because I am an idiot.
Iím happy that youíre here.
You missed me?
Yes, I missed you.
Letís get out of here. [?]
We canít. What if we get picked up?
No worry. Iíll talk to my buddy. He knows what to do.
Let me speak.
Hello, little Dutch boy. [?] 929 01:29:06,600 --> the 01:29:07,589 The captain.
I can speak a little German.
Hey, me too.
We want to speak.
with your OberkommandogeneralfŁhrer.
Do you speak English?
You have a beautiful boat.
I have two friends - a boy and a girl.
They would like to leave from here, you see.
For Antwerp.
I understand. A Swede who wants to leave Sweden.
We will arrange that. Come.
Everything is arranged. It went like it was on casters. We leave tomorrow.
- It is expensive? - No more than itís worth.
- Youíre regretting it? - Regret? Me?
What do you mean?
Youíre not saying anything.
One cannot speak all the time.
It is strange to run away like this.
You did it before.
Yes, I did.
- I thought of something. - What?
A year ago, our situation was worse.
Now, many things have changed to make us think carefully about it. [?]
You mean itís ridiculous to leave.
I didnít say that.
So many things havenít yet been settled. 957 01:31:30,680 --> the 01:31:34,559 The supervision, your mother, my work.
All kinds of worries, itís true.
Itís too much for us.
But we are together. It wasnít like that before.
I am worthless.
Yes, for me.
It is certainly our destiny.
Something tells me itís stupid to leave.
They probably wonít arrest us, but it will be stupid for us.
- You believe that too. - You too.
And it isnít any more difficult for me than it is for you.
Iím more used to it.
I really want to speak with all these people. 970 01:32:17,600 --> the 01:32:18,555 The assistante?
Yes. And with your mother too.
and the devilís grandmother if I have to.
Whatís the matter?
We stay. Everything is clear for me, now. We stay.
Itíll be difficult. But itíll be alright.
People like us do not leave, and are not discouraged.
No. And the summer will soon be here.
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