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Hannibal CD2

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You enjoy the performance, Commendatore?
Very much.
Allegra, this is Dr. Fell, curator of the Capponi Library.
Signora Pazzi.
I'm honored.
Are you from America, Doctor?
Not originally. I've traveled there.
I've always wanted to visit.
New England, especially.
I've enjoyed many excellent meals there.
I noticed you wrapped up in the libretto.
I thought this might amuse you.
Dante's first sonnet from "La Vita Nuova."
It's beautiful.
Rinaldo, look at this.
I can see.
"Joyous love sing to me...
"the while he held my heart in his hands...
"and in his arms...
"my lady lay asleep...
"wrapped in a veil."
"He woke her then, and trembling and obedient...
"she ate that burning heart out of his hand.
"Weeping, I saw him then depart from me."
Dr. Fell, do you believe...
a man could become so obsessed with a woman...
from a single encounter?
Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her...
and find nourishment in the very sight of her?
I think so.
But would she see through the bars of his plight...
and ache for him?
Please keep that.
-I couldn't. -I insist.
Let's get something to eat.
Of course.
Why not?
Is that you, Doctor?
Questura. Pandolfini.
I'd like to speak with...
Chief lnspector Rinaldo Pazzi, please.
This is Agent Clarice Starling from the American FBl.
All right. One moment.
Pazzi! FBl.
I'm not here.
Inspector Pazzi, Agent Starling from the FBl. How do you do?
Actually, I was just leaving for the day.
-Can I call you back tomorrow? -This won't take long.
First of all, I'd like to thank you...
for sending us the security tape from the perfume store.
When I say you, I mean your department--
Agent Benetti.
Is he there? Can I speak with him?
-I'm sorry. He's gone home. -That's all right.
I should tell you this rather than him anyway.
I'm late for an important appointment.
The person I'm looking for, lnspector...
who was indeed shown on that tape is Hannibal Lecter.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter. You've never heard of him?
I'm not familiar.
The tape confirms that he is, or was recently, in Florence.
He's a very dangerous man, lnspector.
He's killed fourteen people-- that we know of.
I really have to go, miss...
Starling. Just another minute.
Are you sure you've never heard of him?
No, I haven't.
Because I'm confused.
I'm confused, because someone there...
has been accessing our private VICAP files...
on Dr. Lecter with some regularity...
on your computer.
Everybody uses everybody's computer here.
Maybe one of the detectives on Il Mostro...
was looking at profiles of killers.
I'm speaking about the computer at your home, sir.
You're trying to catch him yourself, aren't you?
For the reward?
I cannot warn you strongly enough against that.
He killed three policemen in Memphis while in custody...
tearing the face off one, and he will kill you, too.
I want him out of Tuscany fast.
Believe me, he'll be gone from the face of the earth fast--
feet first.
Buona sera, Professore.
Because of his avarice...
and betrayal of the Emperor's trust...
Pier Della Vigna was disgraced, blinded and imprisoned.
Dante's pilgrim finds Pier Della Vigna...
on the seventh level of the lnferno...
and like Judas lscariot...
he died by hanging.
So Judas and Pier Della Vigna are linked in Dante...
by the avarice he saw in them.
In fact, avarice and hanging are linked in the medieval mind.
This was the earliest known depiction of the crucifixion...
carved on an ivory box in Gaul about A.D. 400.
It includes the death by hanging of Judas...
his face upturned to the branch that suspends him.
Here he is again on the doors of the Benevento Cathedral...
this time with his bowels falling out.
Commendatore Pazzi.
Wasn't easy, but I got this number without telling them why.
-Sorry. -Not at all. Welcome.
Please join us.
Thank you.
In this plate...
from the 15th Century edition of the "Inferno"...
Pier Della Vigna's body hangs from a bleeding tree.
I will not belabor the obvious parallel...
with Judas lscariot...
but Dante Alighieri needed no drawn illustration.
It was his genius to make Pier Della Vigna...
now in hell...
speak in strained hisses and coughing sibilants...
as though he is hanging still.
hanging, self-destruction.
"I make my own home..."
"be my gallows."
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your kind attention.
I'm not a scholar, but I think you've got the job.
Thank you.
-May I buy you a drink? -How kind. I'd like that.
I'll be a minute gathering my things.
Take your time.
Allegra, I'll be home a little later than I said.
I'm taking Dr. Fell out for a drink.
I can see the people coming out now.
Yes. Bye, honey.
My wife.
I should have shown them this one.
I can't imagine how I missed it.
Remember? I told you about it.
It's a rendering I found in the Capponi Library.
Can you make it out?
There's a name there.
The one I told you about.
It's your ancestor, Commendatore...
hanging beneath these very windows--
Francesco de Pazzi.
On a related subject, I must confess to you...
I'm giving very serious thought...
to eating your wife.
If you tell me what I need to know, Commendatore...
it might be convenient for me to leave Florence without my meal.
I'll ask you questions, then we'll see, all right?
Was it Mason Verger you sold me to?
Blink twice for yes, once for no.
Was it Mason Verger you sold me to?
Yes. Good. Thank you.
And are his men waiting for me outside?
Was that a single blink?
You're confused.
Please don't be confused...
because I may have to fillet Signora Pazzi after all.
Have you told anyone in the Questura about me?
No, I thought not.
Have you told Allegra?
No? Are you sure?
I believe you.
Okey-dokey, here we go.
Your heart is really palpitating.
It's not your heart.
shall I answer it?
I've gone above you. I've spoken to your section chief.
Someday, you'll thank me-- or you won't.
I don't care. You'll be alive.
Inspector Pazzi?
Is this Clarice?
Well, hello, Clarice.
I'm afraid I have bad news for you.
Is he dead?
Did you get my note?
I hope you liked the skin cream. I had it specially made for you.
Is he dead, Dr. Lecter?
Clarice, there is nothing in this world...
that I would love more than to be able to chat with you.
Unfortunately, you've caught me at an awkward moment.
Please forgive me.
See you around.
An old friend.
OK, hold on.
Here we go.
I'll go around back.
Cut him ! Kill him if you have to!
What's it to be-- bowels in or bowels out?
Like Judas.
Are you confused?
Then I'll decide for you, if you'll permit me.
Good evening.
To you...
does that look like a wave good-bye?
Or hello?
What do you think?
Does Lecter want to fuck her or kill her or eat her or what?
Probably all three--
though I wouldn't want to predict in what order.
Here's what I think.
No matter how Barney might want to romanticize it...
or make it "Beauty and the Beast"...
Lecter's object, as I know from personal experience...
has always been degradation...
and suffering.
Cordell, get this damn thing off me.
I can't...breathe in this thing.
He comes in the guise of a mentor...
as he did with me and her...
but it's distress that excites him.
To draw him...
she needs to be distressed.
To make her attractive to him...
Iet him see her distressed.
Let the damage he sees...
suggest the damage he could do.
When the fox hears the rabbit scream...
he comes a-runnin'...
But not to help.
I don't understand.
There's nothing to understand, Paul.
All you have to understand is what it's worth to you.
No. I don't understand why she didn't turn this over.
She's such a straight arrow.
She didn't turn it over because she didn't receive it.
She didn't receive it because it was never sent.
It was never sent because Lecter didn't write it.
He didn't write it because I did.
What do you think?
You'd have been better off...
if you never got her out of trouble in the first place.
Woulda, shoulda, coulda.
I meant what do you think about the money?
Let's just toss it off, like, "Five."
Let's say it with the respect it deserves.
That's better, but not much.
-Will it work? -It'll work.
It won't be pretty.
What ever is?
I've never seen this before in my life.
Then how do you account for its being found in your office?
Your basement?
How do you want me to answer that?
What possible reason might I have to withhold it?
Perhaps because of the nature of its content.
It reads to me like a... Iike a love letter.
Has it been tested for prints?
No prints on it. None on the last one.
Handwriting analysis?
"Did you ever think, Clarice...
"why the Philistines don't understand you?
"It's because you're the answer to Samson's riddle.
"You are the honey in the lion."
It sounds like him to me.
Do you mean, Mr. Krendler, like a homosexual?
Like a nut with a crush.
Excuse me, Director Noonan--
I am placing you on administrative leave...
till document analysis tells me...
unequivocally a mistake's been made.
You remain eligible for insurance and medical benefits.
Surrender your weapons and your l.D. to Agent Pearsall.
I want to say something. I think I'm entitled.
Go ahead.
I think Mr. Mason Verger is trying to capture Dr. Lecter...
for the purposes of personal revenge.
I think Mr. Krendler is in collusion with him...
and wants the FBl's efforts against Dr. Lecter...
to work for Mr. Verger.
I think Mr. Krendler is being paid to do this.
You're lucky you're not sworn here today, Starling.
Swear me! You swear, too!
Clarice, if the evidence is lacking...
you'll be entitled to full reinstatement...
without prejudice--
if you don't do or say anything in the meantime...
that would make that impossible.
Relieved of field duty pending an internal investigation...
into the charges...
Special Agent Clarice Starling, a ten-year Bureau veteran...
began her career with an assignment...
to interview lethal madman Hannibal Lecter.
Earlier today, we heard comments...
from Justice Department spokesman Paul Krendler.
There he is.
Can you comment on the Justice Department's decision?
The FBI and the Justice Department...
are looking very carefully into the charges...
and, yes, they're extremely serious.
I'd like to add a personal note, though.
Starling is one of the best agents that we have.
Having known her for a number of years...
I'd be surprised if these accusations turn out to be true.
Is the Justice Department and FBI united in this decision?
It's much too soon to condemn her.
Good boy.
Ah, and this.
I think she's nice.
She's always been nice to me-- polite.
Don't you think?
Do you know what a roller pigeon is, Barney?
Well, roller pigeons climb high and fast...
then roll over and fall just as fast towards the earth.
There are shallow rollers, and there are deep rollers.
But you can't breed two deep rollers...
or their young, their offspring, will roll all the way down...
hit and die.
Agent Starling is a deep roller.
Let's hope one of her parents was not.
The power on that battery is low, Clarice.
I would have changed it, but I didn't want to wake you.
You'll have to use the other one in the charger.
Hopefully, the light on it is green by now.
Because this'll be a long call, and I can't let you off...
because even though you've been stripped of your duties...
I know you wouldn't abandon them.
You'll try to put on a trace.
So, we'll disconnect long enough...
for you to exchange the battery in the phone...
for the one in the charger.
Shall we say three seconds? Are you ready?
Very good.
Thank you.
If caught with a concealed, unlicensed firearm...
in the District of Columbia, the penalty is pretty stiff.
But bring the guns if you have to.
Now get in your car.
The reason we're doing it like this...
is because I like to watch you as we speak...
with your eyes open.
No, it does not excite me. It pleases me.
You have very shapely feet.
Where are we now? Call it out.
Massachusetts Avenue.
Take it.
I thought, to begin with...
you might tell me how you're feeling.
About what?
The masters you serve and how they've treated you.
Your career, such as it is.
Your life, Clarice.
I thought we might talk about yours.
What's the next cross-street?
Capitol Street.
In two blocks, make a left into Union Station.
My life? What is there to say about mine?
I have been in a state of hibernation for some time.
A little inactive, but now I'm back home...
I'm very happy and very healthy.
You, though... it's you I'm worried about.
I'm fine.
No, you're certainly not fine, Clarice.
You fell in love with the Bureau, the institution...
only to discover, after giving it everything you've got...
that it does not love you back.
That, in fact, it resents you. Resents you more...
than the husband and children you gave up to it.
Why is that, do you think?
-Why are you so resented? -Tell me.
Tell you? God bless you.
Well, isn't it clear?
You serve the idea of order, Clarice. They don't.
You believe in the oath that you took. They don't.
You feel it is your duty to protect the sheep. They don't.
They don't like you because you're not like them.
They hate you and they envy you.
They're weak and unruly and believe in nothing.
Mason Verger wants to kill you, Dr. Lecter.
Turn yourself in to me, and I promise no one will hurt you.
Will you stay with me in my prison cell and hold my hand?
We could have some fun.
No, Mason Verger does not want to kill me...
any more than I want to kill him.
He just wants to see me suffer in some unimaginable way.
He is rather twisted, you know.
Have you had the pleasure of meeting him?
I have.
Face to face, so to speak?
Attractive, isn't he?
Dr. Lecter?
OK, back to you.
I want to know what it is you think you will do...
now that everything in the world you've ever cared about...
has been taken away from you.
I don't know, Dr. Lecter.
Tell me, Clarice, do you think you'll work...
as a chambermaid at a motel on Route 66...
just like your mommy?
May I have your attention, please?
Will Mrs. Clark meet your arriving party at Gate D?
What are you thinking now?
Are you paying attention to me, ex-Special Agent Starling?
Are you by any chance trying to trace my whereabouts?
I'm being followed, Dr. Lecter.
I know. I've seen them.
And now you're in a real dilemma, aren't you?
Do you continue to try to find me...
knowing that you're leading them to me?
Do you have so much faith in your abilities, Clarice...
that you honestly believe you could somehow simultaneously...
arrest me and them?
It could get very messy, Clarice.
Like the fish market.
-What if I did it for you? -Did what?
Harmed them, Clarice. The ones who have harmed you.
What if I made them scream apologies?
No, I shouldn't even say it, because you'll feel...
with your perfect grasp of right and wrong...
that you were somehow accompli.
Don't help me.
No. Of course not.
Forget I said it.
Clarice, you were very, very warm.
You were so close.
And now you're getting colder again.
Yeah, warmer again.
I've been generous enough with you and the clues.
You're on your own now, Clarice.
Hope you like them, Clarice. Ta-ta.
Va bene.
Vai! Vai!
Get out of the way!
I know the first thing an hysteric says is...
"I am not an hysteric,"
But I am not an hysteric. I'm calm.
I'll ask you one time. Think before you answer.
Think about every good thing you ever did.
Think about what you swore.
Two men in a van, a third driving.
Another man down. They put him in the back.
I think it was Lecter.
I've given you the license plate.
I'm reporting it to you again in front of witnesses.
All right.
I'll go with it as a kidnapping.
I'll send someone out with the local authorities...
if he'll let us on the property without a warrant.
I should go, too. You could deputize me.
No. You're not going.
You're going home, where you'll wait for me to call...
and tell you, what, if anything, we found.
Thank Mr. Verger for letting us look around.
Sorry if we inconvenienced him.
Not at all. He's always happy to see you.
What number, please?
Give me one.
-How is he? -Sleeping.
Bring him home.
You've reached Clarice Starling.
Please leave a message.
Pick up, Starling.
There was nothing out there.
I'm gonna say it again in case you didn't hear me before...
you are not a law officer while you're on suspension.
You're Joe Blow.
I hope, for your sake, you're in the bathroom.
Ring any bells from high school biology, Doctor?
Well, I could list its most conspicuous features...
if that will help jog the memory.
Three pairs of incisors...
one pair of elongated canines...
three pairs of molars...
four pairs of pre-molars, upper and lower...
for a total of forty-four teeth.
The meal will begin with an hors d'oeuvre tartare.
Your feet.
The main course-- the rest of you--
won't be served until seven hours later.
But during that time...
you'll be able to enjoy...
the effects of the consumed appetizer...
with a full-bodied saline drip.
I guess you wish now you'd...
you'd fed the rest of me to the dogs.
No, Mason.
I much prefer you the way you are.
dinner at 8:00.
You will stay for the evening's entertainment...
won't you, Cordell?
If it's all right with you...
I think I'd rather not.
Rather not...
or will not?
Your little brother must smell almost as bad as you do by now.
Hold it! Hands where I can see them !
-Si. -Vai!
What was that?
Cordell, quickly!
Down on your stomach!
Good evening, Clarice. Just like old times.
Shut up.
-Can you walk? -I can try.
You look well.
I'm gonna cut you loose.
If you touch me... I will shoot you.
Do right and you'll live through this.
Spoken like a true Protestant.
Better hurry.
This might go faster if you hand me the knife.
There was a third in the loft.
No, Clarice. Behind me.
Cordell, shoot him !
Get the gun and shoot him !
Go into the pen?
No. I'm staying out of this.
You're involved is what you are, in all of it!
-Now do it! -No!
Hey, Cordell! Why don't you push him in?
You can always say it was me.
Yeah, Mary, it's me. I decided to take off early.
I'll be at my lake house all weekend.
I don't want any calls forwarded, understand?
Whoever it is, they can all wait, OK?
Mary, it's Fourth of July, for Christ sakes.
Thank you.
What the fuck?
Good. You brought the wine.
Oh, God!
One time I bet a friend...
I could hold a lit firecracker in my hand...
Can I guess?
You lost the bet, and he lost a finger.
Am I right?
This won't hurt a bit.
Are we expecting guests?
You see, dinner appeals to taste and smell--
the oldest senses and closest to the center of the mind.
They precede almost every human emotion.
We've traced your call...
and units will be there in about ten minutes.
If you can do it safely, then just get out of the house.
Otherwise, stay on the phone with me.
Are you there?
...which fork to use.
You want to behave in front of the other guests.
It's most important.
You might have to work on that.
You need to make sure they feel welcome.
Are those shallots?
And caper berries.
That butter smells wonderful.
You feeling hungry, Paul?
What's the main course?
You should never ask.
It spoils the surprise.
Clarice, what are you doing up?
You should be resting. Get back to bed.
I'm hungry.
Paul, don't be rude.
Say, "Hello, Agent Starling."
Hello, Agent Starling.
I always wanted to watch you eat.
What have you got in your hand, Clarice?
Something to bash me over the head with?
Put it on the table.
Good girl.
That's mine.
Now, sit down. the dress.
It's beautiful.
-What do you think, Paul? -Nice.
Why don't you say grace, Paul?
-Grace? -Sure.
Bow your head.
Father, we thank Thee for Thy blessings...
and dedicate them to Thy mercy we are receive.
Forgive us all...
even white trash like Starling here...
and bring her into my service. Amen.
Now I have to tell you, Paul...
even the apostle Paul couldn't have done better.
He hated women, too.
May I have some wine, please?
I don't think that's a good idea.
Not with the morphine.
Better you should eat some broth. OK?
By the way, Starling...
that was a job offering I worked into the blessing.
I'm going to Congress, you know.
Are you?
Come around campaign headquarters.
You could be a office girl! Can you type and file?
Can you take dictation?
Take this down:
Washington is full of corn-pone country pussy.
I took it down. You said it already.
Now you're being rude, and I hate rude people.
Drink your broth like a good boy.
Come on. Sip.
It's not very good, buddy.
I admit I added something to yours.
Perhaps it's clashing with the cumin.
But I assure you, the next course is to die for.
Come on, Clarice. No.
That's a good girl.
The brain itself feels no pain, if that concerns you.
For example, Paul won't miss this little piece here...
which is the part of the prefrontal lobe...
which they say is the seat of good manners.
Your profile at the border stations has five features.
-I'll trade you. -"Trade"?
Stop now, and I'll tell you what they are.
How does that word taste to you, Clarice?
Cheap and metallic, like... sucking on a greasy coin?
Who's Clarice?
Agent Starling, Paul.
If you can't keep up with the conversation...
you better not try to join in at all.
Me, Paul. I'm Starling.
Right here is the...
sac that contains the brain.
I would really like some wine!
That smells great.
Yeah. I bet. Why don't you try a little piece?
I would really like some wine.
It is good.
All right. Just a little.
Given the chance, you would deny me my life, wouldn't you?
Not your life.
My freedom. Just that. You'd take that from me.
And if you did, would they have you back, do you think?
The FBl?
Those people you despise almost as much as they despise you?
Would they give you a medal, Clarice, do you think?
Would you have it professionally framed...
and hang it on your wall to look at...
and remind you of your courage and incorruptibility?
All you would need for that, Clarice, is a mirror.
I had plans for that smart mouth...
but I'm never gonna hire her--you now.
Remember what I said?
If you can't be polite to our guests...
you have to sit at the kiddies' table.
Don't get up, Clarice.
Paul will help me clear and make the coffee.
Just think about what I said, Clarice.
I came halfway around the world...
to watch you run, Clarice.
Let me run, huh?
Tell me, Clarice...
would you ever say to me, "Stop"?
"If you loved me, you'd stop"?
Not in a thousand years.
Not in a thousand years.
That's my girl.
Now, that's really interesting, Clarice.
I'm really pressed for time...
so where's the key?
Where's the key?
or below the wrist, Clarice?
This is really gonna hurt.
Show me your hands!
Identify yourself!
I'm Clarice Starling!
What's that?
That's caviar.
What are those?
These are figs.
And that?
And this?
That I don't think you would like.
It looks good.
-It is good. -Can I have some?
You're a very unusual boy, aren't you?
I couldn't eat what they gave me.
Nor should you.
It isn't even food as I understand the definition.
Which is why I always bring my own.
So which would you like to try?
Well, I suppose it's all right.
After all, as your mother tells you...
and my mother certainly told me...
"It is important," she always used to say...
"always to try new things."
Open up.
Ta-ta. "H."
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Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
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His brother 2003
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How to Beat the High Cost of Living
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