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Hanover Street CD2

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Now, here you have|your two main types:
your combination lock|and your key lock.
With your combination lock...
which works on what we call|a series of tumblers...
first you have to find out...
whether it's a three-|or four-number combination...
and then whether you first move|to the right or the left.
If it's your key lock, it's just|a matter of finding the proper key.
In the absence of a key...
a problem which has confronted|many folks...
there are certain very delicate|instruments that do a right proper job.
Then it's just a matter|of learning how to use them.
How long will it take|to learn to open one?
You got to understand that...
opening these things is not something|any old bloke can do, you know.
It's what you might call a gift,|even if I do say so myself.
Let's say that|Lieutenant Wells is gifted.
Well, if it's a key lock,|a couple of days.
If it's a combination lock,|I'd say about six months.
The safe we're interested in|is a Kohner 33 5.
- That's a Jerry safe.|- Yes, Harry.
- We are at war with the Germans.|- You've got a point there.
- Which is it?|- You're in luck.
It's a key lock.|Any schoolkid could crack it.
As a matter of fact...
I cracked one almost like it|when I was a schoolkid.
Right. Now, gentlemen...
here you have before your very eyes|your lock pick.
And you have here your safe...
which is almost the same|as your Kohner 33 5.
You insert your lock pick|into your Kohner 33 5...
feeling your way|through the elements.
For your personal information,|there happen to be four.
Apple pie.|Bleedin' apple pie.
Nice to see you, Lieutenant.
- Nice to see you, sir.|- Why don't you sit down?
I have a little problem.
It's a mission.|A special mission.
The group sent down word|that they needed a volunteer.
It is considered a bit risky...
so they wanted to put it|on a voluntary basis.
It's for tomorrow night.
Oh, about the other day...
I checked with the mechanic.|It's strange.
He couldn't find a thing wrong|with that port engine.
If you felt there was something wrong,|I'm sure there was.
If you heard it...
Look, a mechanic's|not a pilot, right?
I don't listen|to any kind of rumor. Never.
Sure, there's been a lot of talk around.|You know what a base is like.
You can't pay any attention|to that kind of talk.
Look, I don't believe|for a moment...
that you made the whole thing up|about that engine.
Not a word.|Just gossip.
Now where was I?
Oh, yeah.|That mission tomorrow night.
I knew that you'd want|to volunteer to do it.
It's not that you've got|anything to prove.
I just felt that|you'd like to go for it.
I told Operations to have|those engines double-checked...
so I'm quite sure|you won't be disappointed...
and have to cancel that flight.
- Is he ready?|- He's as ready as he ever will be.
What do you mean by that?
I can't be too specific.|There's nothing wrong with Wells.
He does everything|the way he's supposed to.
I'd simply prefer him|to be a bit more spontaneous.
Once you teach him something,|he learns it.
However, I'm not totally sure|how he will react...
if something occurs|that he isn't prepared for.
Then let's hope|you prepare him for everything.
That would be nice.
New stuff, this.|It's supposed to be a cooler smoke.
We're not going to send Wells|on a regular flight.
Afraid we have to be a bit paranoid|about the leak in Intelligence.
We're going to drop him|in a totally different way.
If this stuff is supposed to be cool,|I'd hate to think what they call hot.
We're not going to use|Intelligence for the flight.
Chaps don't even know about it.
We're not even going to use|a transport aircraft.
As a matter of fact, we're not even|going to use a British aircraft.
Would you mind|coming with me across the street?
There's a tobacconist over there.
- How are you feeling?|- Fine, thank you.
- Hello, handsome.|- What's it today then?
I do hope you like potatoes.
Your dinner is served, milord.
I think I'll take it|in the study.
Very good, milord.
- There's a phone call for you.|- Where?
- The nurses' station.|- Thank you.
I can't hear you. It's madness here.|Is that you, Paul?
Yes. Yes.|Can you hear me now?
Better, but you'll|have to speak up.
- Is this all right?|- It's fine.
- Is anything the matter?|- No, nothing.
I had no special reason for calling.|I'm sorry if I disturbed you.
I just wanted to hear|your voice, that's all.
Don't be silly.|Of course you haven't disturbed me.
- I'm glad to hear your voice too.|- I love you, Margaret.
I love you too.
- I know I'm not that special.|- What are you talking about?
- Of course you're special.|- No, I'm not, and we both know it.
It's just my curse|to be so damned ordinary.
I do so want...|I do so want to be dashing.
It's not that I don't want to be, but|I can't blame you for finding me boring.
I don't know why|you're talking like this.
You're very special|and very dashing.
Mrs. Sellinger,|ward four, please.
- I didn't mean to disturb you.|- I'm so glad you called, but...
Mrs. Sellinger,|ward four, please.
I'm sorry, I have to go now.|They're calling me.
I understand, darling.|I'll talk to you later. I love you.
Yes, Captain Sellinger?
Would you get me Lieutenant Wells|on the line, please?
- Hey, it's dark out.|- No kidding?
No, really.|I wouldn't fool you.
Why are we the only plane|taking off?
'Cause we got a special mission.
Lucky us.
You know, when it's dark out,|you can bump into things.
- I'll be real careful.|- Cimino, where are the bombs?
No bombs on board. We're a bomber.|We're supposed to drop bombs.
- Where are the bombs?|- No bombs. I like that.
Bombs are dangerous on account|of the fact they can blow up.
Both of you, shut up. We're waiting|for an English guy named Wells.
We're going to drop him|instead of bombs.
I like that.|Dropping a person instead of a bomb.
On account of the fact that people|don't blow up the way bombs do.
Starting port engines.
- How do they sound, sir?|- Fine, Giler.
Even if they don't sound fine,|they sound fine.
Wonder where the hell|that English guy is.
It's dark out.|Maybe he's not so stupid.
- Is this Wells?|- No. There's been a change.
Are you Captain Sellinger?|Captain, Lieutenant Halloran.
- Mommy!|- Hello, darling.
- Your hair smells nice.|- Mrs. Carlin washed it for me.
- She got soap in my eyes.|- Did you cry?
Wouldn't you cry if Mrs. Carlin|got soap in your eyes?
Yes, I think I would.|Where's Daddy?
He came home early|then went out again.
Mrs. Carlin gave me dinner and was|putting me to sleep when you came home.
- Did he say where he was going?|- He left a note on the pillow.
I think that's romantic.
What does Daddy say?|Is it mushy?
Daddy has to go away|on a little trip.
When will he be back?
Soon. Very soon.
Will he bring me something?|Your coat's all wet.
I did a painting of|a Tyrannosaurus rex in orange.
Have you ever seen|an orange Tyrannosaurus rex?
Come, Mommy. Look at it.
Mommy, come on.
I don't mean to be pushy, but you know|that Englishman we got on board?
He isn't an Englishman.|He's your actual Kraut.
You can tell by the little|lightning bolts on his collar.
I forgot to tell you.|We decided the Germans can't lose.
- We're going to be on their side now.|- Good. I like the uniforms.
- Captain Sellinger, you okay?|- Quite well, thank you.
We're over the French coast.|We'll try and avoid any German position.
I'm beginning to think|this isn't such a crazy mission.
When the time comes, we'll remove the|belly hatch where you'll drop through.
Remember to keep your arms tight to your|body until you're clear of the props.
I shall remember, thank you.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
How bad is it?|How bad is it?
No. It's a mistake.
You're not supposed to die.|Please, stop it.
- It's all a mistake.|- Lieutenant Halloran, are you all right?
We're hit bad. I don't know|if I can keep it flying.
I'm afraid we've been hit back here.
- How bad?|- Rather bad.
- I think they're both dead.|- Lucas? Giler?
Don't do this. Please don't.
My God.
He has no face.
The two men back there...
They're dead.
He has no face.
Keep your hands tight!|Don't pull the ring till you're clear!
It's like somebody took a vacuum cleaner|and straightened out the mess.
They're all gone.
It's not right.
They should've left a mark.
I'm really sorry.
I know how you feel.
I'm so sorry I caused all this.
It's not your fault.
Do you know where we are?
About 20 miles south of Lyons.
Well, that's where I have to go.
I gotta make my way to the Channel.|It's the other direction.
- Good luck.|- Thank you.
And thank you for everything.
I beg your pardon, Lieutenant.|Lyons is north of here, you say?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
I hate to impose on you, but do you|happen to know which way is north?
Yeah. That way.
Thank you again.
Oh! Damn!
I say, Lieutenant Halloran, I'm really|sorry to be such a burden to you.
I wonder if you wouldn't mind|giving me a hand.
It's probably sprained. It's not broken.|It's going to be sore for a while.
- You mind if I ask you a question?|- Not at all.
I was wondering, seeing as how|you don't know north from south...
and you can't take ten steps|without falling on your ass...
I was wondering, have you ever|done anything like this before?
- Now that you mention it, no.|- Wonderful.
Well, you look real spiffy|in the uniform.
I don't want to go with you,|you know. Not one bit.
You don't know|what the hell you're doing.
And I certainly don't know|what the hell I'm doing.
But here I am, as we speak,|going with you.
We're going to get|our asses shot off.
I'm really grateful to you.|I really am.
That's just swell.
Mrs. Sellinger?|This is Major Trumbo.
Oh, my God. It's Paul.|Is he all right?
The plane he was on|was shot down.
I have no more information|than that at this time.
However, it's quite possible that|he bailed out and he's absolutely fine.
I just don't know right now.
- Mrs. Sellinger, are you there?|- Yes.
As soon as I learn anything more,|I will be sure to call you.
Your husband's a good man, intelligent.|I'm certain he's all right.
I just can't understand|why he went in place of Wells.
Not like him to be so impulsive.
I'll call you as soon as I learn|anything. I'm sure he's fine.
Mrs. Sellinger, are you there?
Thank you.
Thank you for calling.
Mommy, is everything all right?
How far do you think we've gone?
How am I supposed to know?|You're the goddamn spy, not me.
Don't you guys have a magic manual|that teaches you all that stuff?
- Yes, we do.|- Didn't you ever read it?
I helped write it.
What does it say about|measuring distances?
I forget.
Jesus. We're going to get|our asses shot off.
Think you could give me a hand?|She's going to kill me.
She thinks I'm German.
I wonder why|she thinks you're German.
Betty Grable? Hershey Bar?|Yankee Stadium?
Hello, Joe.
She said she had a brother|who was killed by the Germans.
Her father refused|to do anything about it.
He's a collaborator. Out of fear more|than anything else, I should suppose.
She says she's doing|what he should be doing.
It's his car.|She says we can take it.
- This is going to work out rather well.|- I'm thrilled.
As an SS officer,|I'm entitled to an aide.
You're wearing|the uniform of a sergeant.
- It won't look at all out of place.|- Where won't it look out of place?
At gestapo headquarters in Lyons.
You've got a right to get yourself|killed, and I've got one to stay alive.
I fully appreciate the position|I've placed you in, Lieutenant...
but I just don't think|I can do this thing alone...
because my leg is hurt,|and this thing has got to be done.
- It's that important.|- I don't speak German, you'll notice.
How am I going to fool anybody?
If you don't speak to anyone,|no one will know you don't speak German.
- That makes sense, doesn't it?|- Shit.
- Get rid of those cigarettes.|- What?
And the lighter.|They're American.
- Mind if I ask you something?|- Not at all.
Why did you decide to go|instead of that guy, Wells?
That's rather complicated.|I don't know how to answer that.
All my life,|no matter what I did...
I've always been|the same thing... pleasant.
I'm pleasant. I was a teacher.|That's a pleasant profession.
I'm rather pleasant-looking,|even if I do say so myself.
If anyone were asked to describe me,|they'd say I was pleasant.
I've never minded it|that much before.
Except now...
it's beginning to hurt...
more than I ever thought|anything could hurt.
- I don't know what you mean.|- Take a look at yourself.
- I can't. I'm driving.|- I'm serious.
Take a good look at yourself|and you'll see a hero.
That's crap. I'm not a hero,|and I don't want to be.
Even if you don't want to be, you are.|You can't help it.
You're the one|who is ice-skating on the lake...
when the little boy falls into|the freezing water, and you save him.
I'm the one who gives you|my coat to wrap him in.
And when it's all over, you're on|the front page of all the newspapers...
saying it was really nothing...
and I have a wet coat.
Are you kidding?
You're supposed to|open the door for me.
They changed it.|They put in a new safe.
It's a combination safe. I haven't|the foggiest notion how to open it.
I love it.
Why, Mrs. Sellinger,|what a pleasant surprise.
I am sorry to barge in on you|like this, Major Trumbo.
It's just that I haven't heard anything|since we spoke last night...
and I've been beside myself.
I was hoping that|you'd learned something new.
Won't you sit down?
- Would you like a glass of sherry?|- No, thank you.
- Cigarette?|- Major, what the hell happened?
We don't know.|The plane is missing.
Not a word, not a trace.|Nothing.
I still can't understand|why Paul acted so impulsively.
- I can.|- Really? Why?
It's not something I can explain.
Mrs. Sellinger, I do assure you...
I will contact you|the moment I hear anything.
I've spoken to the American colonel...|Bart, I think his name is.
- They're waiting for word themselves.|- Who's Colonel Bart?
Paul was in an American plane|from the Eighth Air Force.
This man Bart|is the wing commander.
- Where's he located?|- At Windsor Field.
Thank you very much, Major.|I do apologize for pestering you so.
Mrs. Sellinger, seeing Colonel Bart|won't accomplish anything.
He knows no more than I do.
I'm sure you're right.
Thank you again.
Are you out of your goddamn mind?
Come on!
- Mrs. Sellinger?|- Yes.
I'm Colonel Bart. Major Trumbo|told me you'd be coming around.
It's nice of you|to take time to speak with me.
Not at all.|Will you sit down?
Thank you.
You must think I'm an awful pest.
It's just that I have to know|for myself what's happened.
Yes, of course.
We've received no notification|of survivors.
Can't send reconnaissance|aircraft in to check...
for fear of drawing attention|to the mission.
- You understand?|- No, I don't.
There's every chance|they managed to bail out.
- But you don't know for sure?|- No, I don't.
Except I do know that if they did bail|out, your husband is in very good hands.
The pilot, Lieutenant Halloran,|is a very determined, resourceful man.
Apple pie.
We did it!
We actually did it!
I don't want to cramp your style,|but we're not out of France yet.
We'll get out. It'd be silly for us|to come this far and not get out.
Ruin my whole day.
I can go back now.
I can be more for her to see.
- She must be very special.|- She is very special.
Have you ever felt that way|about any woman?
I do now.|Except with me it's different.
Ever since I met her,|I don't know who I am anymore.
Well, I know who you are.|You're a good and brave man.
- I don't feel very brave.|- That's absurd.
Look what you've done.
I didn't do anything|except try and stay alive.
Whatever I did,|I did 'cause I was too scared to die.
The only men who are brave|are the frightened men.
Men who aren't frightened|aren't brave, they're insane.
You're only brave|when there's something to lose...
and you still try.
When we get back...
go to her, hold her.
Never let go. That's what I'm|going to do when I see Margaret.
Tell me more about your wife.|What's her name?
Margaret. God, I love that name.|Don't you?
How do I tell you about her?
If there is really such a thing|as one woman for you...
it's Margaret for me.
I know that sounds like|something out of Mother Goose...
but it's true.
We have a daughter, Sarah.
She looks like her mother...
which is reason enough|to think she's beautiful.
This is Margaret.
She's lovely, isn't she?
Marvelous. She says there's a bridge|eight kilometers from here, to the left.
There's a resistance group|waiting for us.
Come on, old man.
Eat something.
- Here's your watch.|- Thanks.
Son of a bitch! That girl's fink father|must have called the Germans!
Will you come on!
I think I left|my kidneys back there.
You've still got your ass.
- Grab on!|- I can't. Go back.
I'm too scared to argue with you.|Grab on, goddamn it!
You're going to get us both killed!
When you get back to London...
please look up my wife.
Her name is Margaret. Please...
Please tell her|her husband died a brave man.
Tell her yourself.
I get the wet coat again.
No, pal.
This time you get the girl.
No, you don't, not now.|If you die on me, I'll kill you.
Do you want to play cards?|I feel like demolishing you.
You're trying to be cheerful|because you're worried about Daddy.
He's going to be all right.
I love you more than it's possible|to love anyone, you know?
Hello? Yes.
Mommy, is it good crying|or bad crying?
I knew it.
Captain Sellinger, which room is he in?|I'm his wife.
442, Mrs. Sellinger.|Just down the corridor.
Hello, old friend.
It's so unfair for|anybody's eyes to be that color.
Halloran, l...
Me too.
Are you all right?|Are you hurt?
I was lost for a while,|but I think I'm back now.
I just wish your eyes|weren't that color.
There's a man|in a room down there.
A good man.|I wish he wasn't.
When I first heard that|you'd been shot down together...
I felt I was being punished.
Then, after a while...
I knew that you would take care of him|and that you would come back.
I love you enough to let you go...
which is more than I've ever|loved anything or anybody in my life.
I wish I didn't cry|all the damn time.
I will never care for anyone|the way I care for you.
And do things have to|work out this way?
Things work out|the way they're supposed to.
Now listen.
You've got to go to him,|and I've got to turn and walk away.
That's what we have to do.
You know that and I know that.
I'm entirely capable|of messing this whole thing up...
so you've gotta help me.
I love you, Halloran.
I love you, Maggie.
Think of me|when you drink tea.
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