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Subtitles for Happy Erotic Christmas (2003).

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Happy Erotic Christmas (2003)

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00:01:18:I always dreamed about|having a special Christmas. 00:01:25:But for me, it was just a dream. 00:01:31:Christmas was just|like any other holiday. 00:01:37:I grew up in a hot spring resort... 00:01:41:...famous for healing skin diseases, 00:01:44:neuralgia, and headaches. 00:01:49:Buildings, tourists, and gangsters 00:01:55:were all the resort had. 00:02:32:When the water is 45|degrees, you can cook an egg. 00:02:36:At 50 degrees, you can cook a chicken. 00:02:40:No one could go in the water, 00:02:43:except old men or gangsters. 00:03:03:At that moment, crying hot tears, 00:03:07:...and drive those|gangsters out of my town. 00:03:12:...they'd all be dead. 00:03:30:Tae-Hyun Cha 00:03:35:Sun Ah Kim 00:03:39:Young Kyu Park 00:03:46:Director Kyun-Dong Lee 00:03:52:Happy Ero Christmas 00:04:04:Hey, Poli-bear! 00:04:05:Hey, Poli-bear! Poli-bear!|Can't you do it right? 00:04:10:Poli-bear's face is so pretty. 00:04:12:Dong-chul, you jerk... Screw you. 00:04:17:Yeah. 00:04:18:Didn't you hear? Do it right. 00:04:21:- What a big head you have|- And small breasts. 00:04:23:This looks warm. 00:04:25:Well, well, 00:04:27:Hey, what if she's a|real police officer? 00:04:29:She's just a part timer. Take this off. 00:04:32:Oh, it looks very warm. 00:04:38:Hey, Officer Sung, is this|your part-time job now? 00:04:45:Morons... oh, crap. 00:04:56:Her name is Min Kyung H 00:04:59:She works in Royal Bowling Center 00:05:02:My one-side lover 00:05:12:Why'd you turn off your phone again? 00:05:16:Something happened? 00:05:25:Why is that jerk always mad at us? 00:05:28:What did we do to him? 00:05:29:He's only a country patrolman, 00:05:32:- let's just give him a chance.|- What chance? 00:05:53:I don't understand why Suk-doo|likes that boring movie. 00:05:57:It's winter, I think he's lonely. 00:06:01:Ony him feels lonely. 00:06:25:That stupid jerk is Suk-doo, 00:06:28:my sworn enemy. 00:06:32:I will never forgive that stupid jerk 00:06:40:Your brother will be OK? 00:06:42:Right! He always beaten 00:06:46:He's probably making a fuss|at the police station now. 00:06:59:- By the way...|- What? 00:07:01:When are you going to|introduce me to some girl? 00:07:05:Please. You're only|interested one kind of girl. 00:07:08:Does your mother know|you're such a man-whore? 00:07:12:She actually thinks that I ruined you. 00:07:20:She told my mom that 00:07:22:your grades are low because of me. 00:07:25:But you were already a terrible student 00:07:27:long before I met you. 00:07:30:What do you want! 00:07:36:There was this one Santa 00:07:40:at the North Pole who was so horny... 00:07:44:...that he always had sex with|all the other Santas' wives. 00:07:50:So the other Santas got|angry and beat him up... 00:07:53:...and drove him from the village. 00:07:59:After being driven out... 00:08:04:...the Casanova Santa meets|this oh-so-lonely widow. 00:08:11:They go crazy right away, 00:08:15:and start having sex everywhere... a cave, in the water, on a ship... 00:08:24:anywhere and everywhere. 00:08:28:I, 00:08:29:What I want to say in this video 00:08:33:is that Santa is a man, too. 00:08:35:X- MAS, 00:08:37:that is, "Sex-Mas. " 00:08:41:Christmas is an erotic thing. 00:08:43:Here. 00:08:45:We have a sex just|one day during an year 00:08:49:What a day you want? 00:08:51:New years day? Thanks giving day? 00:08:55:No, No That's a Christimas' night 00:09:02:Have a eat? 00:09:05:I'm so proud, when|you become a policeman 00:09:10:Now I get a problem I might run to you 00:09:16:I can live with energy 00:09:21:I'm sorry, Dong-chul. 00:09:24:I'll fix those gangster soon. 00:09:28:I swear 00:09:31:I'll put them in prison 00:09:34:before Christmas. 00:09:37:Those who 00:09:39:disrespected me will 00:09:43:regret it some day... 00:09:47:...even if I look silly|wearing a giant doll costume. 00:09:53:Police-bear. 00:09:55:Dang! It's so embarrassing to wear 00:09:59:this stupid Poli-bear costume. 00:10:04:But I'll persevere, for the|sake of my bright future! 00:10:06:Of course, bright...|brighter than anyone else! 00:10:36:The Chil-young gang is trying 00:10:39:to take the Sexy Palace from us. 00:10:44:I know that, since|you were just paroled, 00:10:47:that you must be careful... 00:10:50:...but don't you think we|should do something to them? 00:10:54:Do you know 00:10:56:how terrible it is, to be in jail? 00:11:00:I don't want to see bloodshed 00:11:03:this Christmas. 00:11:06:The worst thing in the world is 00:11:10:to be in jail 00:11:13:at Christmastime. 00:11:15:Everyone's looking down on us, 00:11:18:at the spa, sir. 00:11:21:That's not how you use your knife. 00:11:27:Wait until the decisive|moment, and boom! 00:11:30:Then everyone will know 00:11:32:that we're sleeping lions. 00:11:36:No one will bother us then. 00:11:39:Then, when is the decisive moment? 00:11:46:I don't know. 00:11:48:Those Chil-young losers are saying 00:11:49:that you're over the hill. 00:11:53:They say you're a moron. 00:11:57:Haven't you heard? The Chil-youngs 00:11:59:are saying it... a moron. 00:12:02:You didn't hear? 00:12:02:You were there, too! 00:12:05:By the way, why are|we bending our knees? 00:12:06:You insolent bug! 00:12:28:How dare you talk to me like that? 00:12:32:A moron? 00:12:37:I'm so lonely because of you. 00:12:42:You understand what I'm saying? Huh? 00:12:45:I'm sorry, sir. 00:12:48:Boss, do you want 00:12:49:to have a "Happy New Year" here? 00:12:53:- Are you sure you're an expert?|- Yes. 00:12:55:Then why does it hurt|so much? You butcher! 00:13:01:Merry Christmas, we're doing our best 00:13:03:for your convenient shopping. 00:13:06:Thank you, have a good time. Thank you. 00:13:11:Is the nail polishing work fun? 00:13:14:You think I'm doing that for fun? 00:13:16:I can't live in the|bowling center forever. 00:13:21:Oh, about Jun-ho... it seems that... you should dump|him before he dumps you. 00:13:29:You don't want to get|dumped on Christmas... 00:13:32:...especially since|it's your birthday, too. 00:13:37:I don't understand why things are|always going wrong on my birthday. 00:13:42:Other people seem so happy around 00:13:48:Christmas and New Years Day. 00:14:01:What is that? 00:14:07:Wow, Hyang-sook, 00:14:09:you were chosen! 00:14:12:Of course. 00:14:15:I can go to every spa in|Japan if I get into the top 3. 00:14:19:- Really?|- Oh yeah. 00:14:21:Last year's "Miss Spa" was a parking|lot attendant at the department 00:14:25:- Really?|- It's true. 00:14:30:At least you have a talent for drawing. 00:14:34:I only have my body. It's so|difficult to live like that. 00:14:43:Hey, what if it hits someone? 00:14:45:That's exactly what I want. 00:14:47:People will think|they're bird droppings. 00:14:55:Don't make me laugh. You|don't even have phlegm. 00:15:04:Do you know why fishermen|are so energetic? 00:15:08:No, why? 00:15:11:They have a secret method to 00:15:14:satisfy their lusts while at sea. 00:15:17:And that is? 00:15:22:It's the flatfish. 00:15:25:When fishermen are at sea, 00:15:28:they "do it" with flatfish. 00:15:32:When you stick it in the mouth 00:15:34:of a flatfish, it sucks so well...'s fantastic! 00:16:03:Don't flatfish have teeth? 00:16:06:Sounds very painful. 00:16:09:Of course they pull out the teeth|and wash them beforehand, dummy. 00:16:13:I see. 00:16:18:You know Bo-yeong, 00:16:19:in the school band?... the trumpet girl? 00:16:23:If she can do that with her mouth... 00:16:31:Her body is almost like a weapon. 00:16:35:A human flatfish. Look. 00:16:43:What do you think, friend? 00:16:45:Don't you feel something? 00:16:49:Dong-gwan? 00:16:50:I'll introduce you to|one of Bo-yeong's friends. 00:16:54:She plays trombone. 00:16:56:You can imagine how that feels. 00:16:59:This Christmas, we'll|have a fantastic night. 00:17:09:Gee. This guy's dead drunk. 00:17:13:- Hello, Officer.|- Why did you come here? 00:17:16:We're opening the Sexy|Palace this Christmas Eve. 00:17:20:Please come. We'll give|you excellent service. 00:17:22:Have a drink, officer. 00:17:25:I don't see Officer Seong today? 00:17:29:Oh, Officer Seong,|you must be very tired. 00:17:31:Why don't you drink this? 00:17:34:I was very sorry the other day. 00:17:37:- Wearing that Poli-bear costume.|- You completely fooled us. 00:17:41:Now, why don't you drink|this and forget about it? 00:17:44:- I'll do it.|- No, go away. 00:17:47:Officer Seong, have a drink. 00:17:49:Next time you wear a|Poli-bear costume, cheer up! 00:17:53:- Come here, you jerk.|- Let me go. 00:17:56:- You pig.|- Oh, he came again. 00:17:57:He makes a fuss every|time he comes here. 00:18:00:Don't you think you should|do something about it? 00:18:03:You! Aren't you going to pay 00:18:05:- for those drink? Huh?|- Ok, here you are. 00:18:07:Why are you taking your clothes off? 00:18:09:You sicko. 00:18:11:- You hit me?|- Yes. 00:18:18:Hit me? 00:18:22:Hey, hey! You think this is your home? 00:18:27:- I'm a Marine!|- Ouch. My head. 00:18:30:- Are you ok, officer?|- Come on, come on. 00:18:40:That was the decisive moment, you said. 00:18:45:Good. 00:18:47:We can protect the police, too. 00:18:52:You should save your strength. 00:18:55:What will you do if you|hurt someone seriously? 00:18:57:Ok, sir. 00:18:58:Sir, does Beong-ki hate you? 00:19:02:Why is he so mad at us? 00:19:06:Um, his face seems familiar|to me, but I don't remember. 00:19:10:You go and ask 00:19:12:why he hates us. 00:19:16:Sir, the meat's done. 00:19:35:Aren't you going to use|chopsticks, you vulgar dog. 00:19:47:Ok. 00:19:49:Listen. Don't throw cigarettes 00:19:52:and spit in the street. 00:19:56:Don't spill things. 00:19:59:Besides, this is a tourist|resort, and there are others here. 00:20:07:Each of you wear this. 00:20:20:It has a massage function, too. 00:20:22:Really? Oh, this? 00:20:36:Director, it'll be a big hit. 00:20:38:For 8,000 copies. 00:20:41:Cheers. 00:20:47:What do you think your work is here? 00:20:50:Your enthusiasm is only making trouble. 00:20:53:Why can't you handle|a drunk by yourself? 00:20:57:Isn't it a lie you know kung fu? 00:21:00:Are you sure you didn't|bribe someone to believe you? 00:21:03:Just name weapon! 00:21:08:You only pretended to fight|well, and you're just a poser? 00:21:53:Why do you call and come here? 00:21:55:I'm so busy 00:21:58:Your lip looks... eat a rat? 00:22:03:You can say 'I love you' now 00:22:07:What are you talking? 00:22:09:The reason, don't answer cell phone 00:22:12:have an another girl 00:22:14:or don't say good-bye 00:22:17:One or the other? 00:22:21:You save me above all at the fire 00:22:23:You think like that, till now 00:22:26:That's me 00:22:29:I must go 00:22:33:Answer to me 00:22:37:I think after working 00:22:43:- Have a good time.|- Thank you. 00:22:51:I heard you play the trumpet? 00:22:54:No, trombone. 00:22:57:Ah, then what will you do in the future? 00:23:03:Going to a collage is impossible. 00:23:05:I might work in a department|store band, or an amusement park. 00:23:10:I heard you swam too. 00:23:12:You've really investigated me. 00:23:15:I started to swim because I|was very weak when I was young. 00:23:18:I couldn't even play a recorder|because my lungs were so weak. 00:23:22:But after one year of swimming,|my lungs grew very strong... 00:23:26:...So amazing 00:23:28:...and I was able to play the trombone. 00:23:31:I didn't like it when Bo-yeong|said she'd introduce you. 00:23:35:I thought you'd be like Hae-chul. 00:23:38:It's so horrible what|Hae-chul's doing to Bo-yeong. 00:24:10:You better watch out,|You better not cry, 00:24:13:You better not pout|I'm telling you why... 00:24:17:Santa Claus is comin' to town... 00:24:26:Ma'am, please give|me a little more time. 00:24:30:No more. 00:24:31:You've already had enough free time. 00:24:34:Please, there's one song 00:24:36:I really want to sing. 00:24:39:I've already typed it in. Ma'am, 00:24:40:please, just one more song. 00:24:42:This is the last time. 00:24:44:Thank you! 00:25:28:Oh, Min-kyeong. 00:26:46:Did you 00:26:48:have a bad day today? 00:26:56:I'll turn on the music. 00:27:07:Do you like Christmas, Officer? 00:27:13:Who doesn't like Christmas? 00:27:17:Me. 00:27:20:I hate Christmas. 00:27:29:Where is dammit Byung-ki! 00:27:32:We must go 00:27:41:It's real 00:27:49:From now, you're a criminal. Stay there. 00:27:54:I'll take you home safely. 00:28:24:Hey, what happened? 00:28:28:Why did you turn off your phone? 00:28:31:You think it's your|job to take drunks home? 00:28:34:Are you a designated driver? 00:28:36:Damn. Look at the back|seat. What a big mess. 00:28:44:Too much eat 00:28:45:there's nothing 00:28:48:You'll have to use a|detergent to remove the smell. 00:28:52:Don't get too excited|because of Christmas. 00:28:56:Calm down, work hard. 00:28:59:And why you don't answer the phone? 00:29:04:Wow, she must've have eaten octopus. 00:29:09:It's difficult for woman to eat octopus. 00:29:14:You are really egoist? 00:29:18:Why do you polish the globe 00:29:19:that for dishwashing 00:29:22:polish and waste 00:29:24:Hey you, buy the new one 00:30:06:781225? 00:30:09:Her birthday is Christmas. Wow. 00:30:33:Well, is there something|you were worried about? 00:30:38:Did you break up with your boyfriend? 00:30:45:What will you do on Christmas? 00:30:48:Would you like to 00:30:50:have a hot coffee 00:30:52:or cocoa? 00:30:58:Hello, Min-kyeong? 00:31:01:Min-kyeong,|Min-kyeong, hi... 00:31:08:What are you doing now? 00:31:12:I wonder what kind of|girl would like you. 00:31:14:Oh, what a smell... 00:31:22:You know, 00:31:27:about your car... 00:31:32:I'm really sorry. 00:31:35:No, it's ok. 00:31:37:It wasn't hard to clean since 00:31:39:you only threw up 00:31:42:in the backseat pocket. 00:31:48:I guess 00:31:50:you ate octopus for dinner that day? 00:31:59:- How do you know?|- Oh, lots of octopus was in the... 00:32:04:that's remained? 00:32:10:I know very well about you 00:32:21:Sung... Officer Sung. 00:32:28:Well, I'd like to buy you dinner. 00:32:34:Oh, great, 00:32:36:I'm very honored. 00:32:40:How about a boiled chicken? 00:32:43:I know a very good place for it 00:32:44:That restaurant's great. 00:32:46:Delicious. 00:32:49:And they have many kinds of food. 00:32:51:Well, if you don't like|it, how about chicken soup? 00:32:55:If you like spicy food,|we can have roast chicken. 00:32:58:Oh, do you like an acorn jelly? 00:33:01:They have real acorn|jelly, 100% authentic. 00:33:04:Chop it very thin, 00:33:07:add kimchi and 00:33:11:water, and mix it like this. 00:33:13:Add water... 00:33:18:Oh, I guess she doesn't|like acorn jelly. 00:33:23:And press it very hard... 00:33:27:Then the bubbles 00:33:29:- pop off your face...|- Who is she, Jun-ho? 00:33:35:Someone I know. 00:33:40:Is she the bowling girl? 00:33:43:Didn't you say you broke up with her? 00:33:46:I thought you dumped her. 00:34:01:Hey. Are you crazy? 00:34:36:- Come here.|- What? 00:34:40:I said come here. 00:34:49:Smell this. You applied|crap to my shoe, didn't you? 00:34:53:- What?|- Damn, it smells like crap. 00:34:59:I'm sorry. I'll give you another one. 00:35:08:If it smells again, 00:35:10:I'll apply crap to your mouth. 00:35:28:You. Smell this. 00:35:31:Don't you understand what I'm saying? 00:35:34:Are you some kind of idiot? 00:35:36:This town is full of idiots. 00:35:39:Smell the shoes! 00:35:42:Do it! 00:35:45:- It smells ok to me.|- Smell the shoes! 00:35:50:Do it.! 00:35:55:Do it... 00:36:00:He's in the Chil-yong gang, sir. 00:36:05:If I see your face again... 00:36:10:I'll stick this bowling|pin right up your butt. 00:36:13:You sun of bitch, 00:36:17:How dare you do that to|the bowling girl? You scum. 00:36:21:Sun of bitch, 00:37:00:What's up? 00:38:41:- Hello.|- Hello. 00:38:47:What's this? 00:38:50:A candle? 00:38:52:You're talented at drawing. 00:38:58:What's up? 00:39:00:Well, I was just patrolling near here. 00:39:17:Would you like to do a little bowling? 00:39:22:Bowling? 00:39:25:Oh, I'm on duty now... 00:39:31:Oh, ok. 00:39:43:This is your first time? 00:39:48:Hold the ball here, 00:39:50:like this. 00:39:52:And look at the target in the floor. 00:39:56:Now, straighten your|back and look ahead, 00:40:03:one, two, three. 00:40:12:Look, 00:40:15:the finishing 00:40:16:position is important. 00:40:19:This arm at 12 o'clock, 00:40:22:and your chin 00:40:24:is 5 cm ahead of your knee. 00:40:27:Like this... do you see? 00:40:30:Ok, ok. 00:40:31:Oh, the most important things is, 00:40:34:straighten your leg back. 00:40:37:Your foot goes like this, ok, 00:40:48:and straighten your back. 00:40:51:A little, 45-degree angle 00:40:53:You need to have a 45-degree angle... 00:40:56:Hey, hand! 00:41:00:Hello. 00:41:06:My name is Bang Suk-doo. 00:41:10:Mr. Bang, 00:41:12:what are you doing now? 00:41:14:Do you remember? 00:41:17:I helped you the other day. 00:41:23:Do you know this guy? 00:41:27:Do you know he's a gangster? 00:41:30:Thank you 00:41:33:for helping me the other day. 00:41:38:If there's someone 00:41:42:who's bothering you, tell me, ok? 00:41:48:Please move the police motorbike 00:41:51:in front of the bowling center. 00:41:54:Excuse me, officer,|please move your motorbike. 00:42:22:What? 00:42:24:You're going to shoot me? Then shoot! 00:42:27:Get the police out of here, 00:42:36:or she'll be dead. 00:42:39:Wow, Officer Sung. 00:42:50:What's up 00:42:53:Aren't you Sung Byung-ki? 00:42:56:Officer Sung, help me. 00:42:59:What are you doing? Min-kyung is mine. 00:43:03:You are lonely 00:43:04:I'm so lonely. 00:43:09:The bastard 00:43:33:stood up. Stood up. 00:43:39:Stood up. 00:43:46:Sung Byug-ki!|Sung Byung-ki! 00:44:03:What are you doing now? 00:44:27:Don't bring me flowers anymore. 00:44:31:I came here to say that. 00:44:36:Is it because I'm a gangster? 00:44:41:I've never had 00:44:45:this feeling before. 00:44:50:The moment your spittle|touched my forehead, 00:44:55:that was it... fate. 00:45:01:Well, I didn't mean it when I spat. 00:45:05:That's not fate 00:45:07:That's why I'm saying it's a fate. 00:45:10:You know how difficult it|is to do that intentionally? 00:45:22:You know what, you remind me of my mom. 00:45:26:She was very pretty. 00:45:30:She died 00:45:36:on Christmas. 00:45:42:My mother was a fisherwoman. 00:45:47:She went to work one snowy 00:45:52:Christmas day... 00:45:55:That's a snowy day 00:45:59:...and I waited for her 00:46:04:at the harbor... 00:46:07:...but she never came back. 00:46:11:I remember blaming her for 00:46:14:not buying me any Christmas presents... 00:46:18:...not knowing that she was dead. 00:46:22:When a mom goes out 00:46:31:to pick oysters, 00:46:41:a baby left at home alone, 00:46:49:keep the home 00:46:57:and falls asleep 00:47:05:to the sea's lullaby. 00:47:13:What a silly story. 00:47:15:He said his mother died on Christmas, 00:47:19:and I look like her. 00:47:23:What an honor to resemble|a gangster's mother! 00:47:27:I thought all gangsters are 00:47:31:ignorant and scary... 00:47:35:...but he was different. 00:47:40:Are you crazy? 00:47:42:You want to go out with him? 00:47:46:I didn't say that. I|just felt sorry for him... 00:47:53:...having to perform his mother's|memorial on Christmas day. 00:47:55:He has an age a little 00:47:57:You know, he seemed very lonely. 00:48:01:Why don't worry about yourself? 00:48:05:I pity you more than him. 00:48:08:What a depressing girl you are. 00:48:25:That's the only one left. 00:48:57:This is made of span, 00:49:00:it'll be very comfortable. 00:49:03:How do you feel? 00:49:06:Looks good 00:49:12:you have a good shape 00:49:35:The Chil-yong bastards! 00:49:46:Did you do that? 00:49:50:What do you think I am? 00:49:52:I'm not a coward,|vandalizing signboards. 00:49:56:I would've set the whole store on fire. 00:50:02:Don't you feel embarrassed 00:50:05:to be beaten by such cowards? 00:50:07:I'll give you some free advice... 00:50:11:Hand the Sexy Palace|over to me, and retire. 00:50:14:What are you doing? 00:50:15:Just have 10 person 00:50:17:You're talk way too much. 00:50:23:Oh, you got a problem with that? 00:50:26:What stupid losers. 00:50:31:We'll have to arrest one of|those two bastards at least, 00:50:33:or we'll have a big trouble. 00:50:36:Happen the war 00:50:39:Sir, we'll bet the reputation of 00:50:41:our office on this mission. 00:50:44:Let's show them that 00:50:47:we can do that. 00:50:48:Can't you stay a little|quiet? Why did you come here? 00:50:52:Officer Park! 00:50:53:When did I make any trouble? 00:50:58:This time, I'll show you. 00:51:01:Just wait and see. Ok? 00:51:03:Why did Byeong-ki come|here? Did you tell him? 00:51:06:No. 00:51:11:"Love Letter?" 00:51:15:Hey, is it a porno? 00:51:18:Let me borrow it. 00:51:21:I wish I could have sex|with her just one time. 00:51:36:Let's go, let's go. 00:51:42:Sir, the door's broken. 00:52:47:You stepped in crap! 00:52:59:Who beat whom? 00:53:02:I just fell. 00:53:05:You think, I, Baek Chil-yong,|could be beaten by that loser? 00:53:09:I'm disappointed. 00:53:14:- Why, did they fight?|- Both say they fell. 00:53:23:Eat. 00:53:27:Thank you. 00:53:30:Do you have a straw? 00:53:40:Officer Sung, drink this. 00:53:47:It's ok, baby, not a big deal. 00:53:51:Just fell. 00:53:53:You know Officer Seong?|He says he fell badly. 00:53:59:I love you. You hang up first. 00:54:03:Oh, together? Ok, one, two... 00:54:06:...oh, she already hung up. 00:54:14:Officer Sung. 00:54:27:Do you think he'll stay quiet|after being beaten like that? 00:54:31:I'm going to hide for a while. 00:54:35:Hide? 00:54:38:Hide for love, don't you understand? 00:54:43:Don't make any trouble and 00:54:46:just run the Sexy Palace, ok? 00:54:50:Ok, sir. 00:54:52:Don't worry about the Sexy Palace, 00:54:54:and concentrate on finding love. 00:54:57:Sir, are you going to go 00:55:01:and have fun by yourself? 00:55:03:Please think about us too. 00:55:05:We're so lonely. 00:55:10:Jun-tae, come here. 00:55:20:How dare you say "have|fun" to your boss? 00:55:26:Don't you think you're going too far? 00:55:32:Jun-tae, what type of|girl do you like, then? 00:55:39:What? 00:55:40:It's ok. Tell me, so I can|introduce the right girl to you. 00:55:45:Oh, ok, first, 00:55:49:she must be 5' 4" at least... 00:55:55:...small face and nice long hair... 00:56:00:...thin, and I'd like big boobs 00:56:04:and a big butts. 00:56:06:The eyes should have double|eyelids and be round... 00:56:11:Stop... I got it, you idiot. 00:56:29:Hello. 00:56:30:Can I help you? 00:56:32:Someone reported that you're|making X-rated videos here. 00:56:37:X- rated videos? 00:56:41:Isn't that it, over there? 00:56:46:Have you seen a Santa in a porn film? 00:56:58:Well, what's the title? 00:57:02:Uh... "Happy Christmas". 00:57:07:"Happy Christmas"? 00:57:09:Oh, nice. 00:57:12:Well, make a good film then. 00:57:15:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
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