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Hard Boiled

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- So, is your wife worried about you?|- There's nothing to be worried about.
She prays for me|whenever I'm on a job.
Hold onto a woman like that.
- Good morning! Up so early?|- Yes.
- How many Playboys have you read?|- Read? I just look at the centerfold.
Chung! Are the "Birds" here yet?
Three are,|but the "King Bird" hasn't shown.
Keep watching!
- Lionheart, are you receiving me?|- Go ahead!
- What's happening?|- The invasion is about to begin!
Okay. Let's get real.|We're not here to fool around.
- Have you ever considered emigrating?|- No. This is my home.
If I'm going to die,|I want to be buried here.
I couldn't get used to living abroad.
To have early tea time...|impossible.
- There are Chinese restaurants abroad.|- But we got the original.
- How old is your son?|- Seven. Here's his picture, look.
- Got some great birds.|- No shit.
Of course,|or I wouldn't buy them.
Chinese-made guns, brilliant.|The pigs won't know what hit them.
- I like that.|- Very good price...
'cause they're made in China.
But they can bust through two oil drums,|come out and kill a guy.
- Yeah, yeah, you selling us shit?|- We don't sell no shit!
This'll make us all rich.
- My treat.|- Here.
- Police! Freeze!|- Nobody move!
- Are you all right?|- Yeah. Go.
Get out of the way, asshole.
Watch out! Get down!|Get down!
Get down!
Don't come in!
Are you hurt bad?
Get out!
Oh, well done.|You're such an asset.
Give the guy a gun and he's Superman.|Give him two and he's God.
Do you know who you've|just killed there?
One of my key witnesses.|I've hunted this jerk for a long time!
But I wanted him alive.|And I nearly had him!
Now, thanks to you,|I'll never have him.
- It's a shame. A pity.|- What is?
That we didn't nail these jerks.
You've changed, Tequila.|You were so sensitive in cadet college.
You're so hard now.
- Too hard now?|- They're even harder.
Had a good friend in him.
We can't have everything in life.
Alan, I...
Mr. Hui wants to know|why you betrayed him.
- Listen, I didn't betray him, honestly.|- Yeah, you did.
- Do you remember what happened?|- It was all so fast.
It was more like a dream.
- What's the story?|- Dead for about two hours.
Shot at close range,|no resistance.
- Anyone find the gun?|- Not yet.
You know, this guy looks familiar. I've|seen him on the Wanted list, I think.
- Give it to me in half an hour.|- Right.
The dead guy was Malay Chinese.|Terrorist history:
arms dealing between '78 and '81|in Asia and North Africa.
Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore...|they all want to get hold of him.
Came to Hong Kong in '85|to smuggle arms.
He used to work for Hui, but that ended|when Johnny Wong bought him out.
We know the murder weapon|was a Davis.32 according to the files.
We have no one on record|that would use one.
Afraid that's all I have here.
What a drag this is,|I can't even afford a pigsty.
There's no way I can.
How can I get hitched without|a decent place for the boss to live?
Just because I'm single,|I can't get Government housing.
I'll take to the streets.
You can stay at the YMCA,|300 a day, discount for stayers.
Why not try it?
Jazz bar, I'll stay there!
Least you'll get|plenty of "sax" there.
Who's sending your woman|these exquisite flowers?
- She's had a lot of them lately.|- Is that illegal?
Ma'am, more flowers for you.
I need help.
My love life's falling apart.
My lady and I aren't getting along|these days. So, please, try and help.
Thank you. I'd really|appreciate a new pad too.
What's with all these?|You sick or something?
I'm sick, all right.
Is it a broken heart? Play your cards|right, and I'll come back.
Wonderful! I can hang around a few more|years hoping you'll grow up.
- I didn't know you liked white roses.|- Well, you wouldn't.
You never told me.
I never told him either, but he's|more interested in me than you are.
Listen to him.
He asks if you're lonely|and do you need a man for anything?
I can read.|I just want the tune. Thanks.
- Anything else?|- Nothing.
I've got the things you left behind.|Want them?
Your underwear.
She seems pretty happy|with the flowers.
Really?|Didn't know she liked roses.
- You'd better send some of your own.|- If she's good, I will.
What is it?
Tone deaf and dumb.
"Lion near trap|stop the investigation".
Superintendent, what's up?
What's going on|with that arms case?
At this moment,|not very much at all.
Well, keep at it.
- Hulk! Come here.|- Coming!
- Yes, what is it?|- I'm full already.
Nonsense.|Hungry guys don't work well.
Beef jerky.
- Smart work you did in the library.|- It's my job.
Hey, Alan, don't forget|who left the gun there.
Good guy.
That's why he needs to eat, right?
Mr. Hui treats us like kids,|always at us to eat more.
I'm an old-timer. And I know|that respect and face are vital.
- I'm old-fashioned.|- It works, though. We respect you.
Alan, if I did something bad,|how would you treat me?
There's worse guys than you around.
It's just an idea.|Why not go and check out Hawaii?
You might like it.|Perhaps you could stay?
You could have a new home, maybe.
I was born in this place,|and I'll die here.
Alan, I've got responsibilities.|I can't just pack up and leave.
I thought you might like it.
Keep an eye on this little eel.|You can never trust him.
My apologies.|Here, nothing in my hands.
Mine are full.
What? What's up?
Johnny says he wants a word.
South America wants its arms.|We don't have them. What can we do?
Use another supplier.|If we can't get it together, who can?
I don't want to make a scene.|Let the teahouse incident die down.
This way, please.
Johnny, can you trust Alan?
Got to risk it. Jimmy needs replacing.|Life's about taking chances.
How's it going?|Sorry we're late, Johnny.
This is Alan. No need|for introductions, is there?
Funny we've never met.|I've known about you for ages.
- I'm antisocial.|- Too busy for the high life? Sit.
Right. I'll be frank,|I like your style.
- Are you happy with old Hui?|- Yes, I am.
Alan, you should set|your sights higher.
With your talents,|you should be making big bucks.
My arms business is real money.|It's worldwide.
Wherever there's war,|there's Johnny.
Most things go in and out of fashion...|except war, my friend.
When I say real money,|I mean it.
Everyone knows you have|the Midas touch.
Will I have you as well?
If Mr. Hui's alive,|I'm loyal to him.
Good. I like loyalty.
I paid out a fortune to get|that Jimmy working on my side.
And he brought a lot of|potential business with him.
You wasted him with one bullet.
Ability like that is rare.|I forgive you.
Well, I respect honesty.
But I came here today|to get to know you.
I'm not here to discuss business.
You got it.|I still like your style.
Who the fuck did that?|Wait till I get them! Bastards!
Stop! Stop!
Pissant! Listen up punk. You murdered|a cop, a guy in the teahouse.
He was my friend. Your thugs also|killed a lot of innocent customers.
I'm on your case, scum.|If I find anything, I bust you.
A souvenir.
Hi there, pal. A souvenir.
I don't think it's|the best place to kill him.
Leave it.
Don't want it?
Or too small for you?|What a waste!
- I'm waiting for the big one.|- Real smart, guy. It'll cost you.
- How much do you think?|- Hundred grand.
The police wouldn't cough it up.|Thirty.
I go through bloody hell for you.|I even get a gun held to my head.
Spare me the tears.|My first offer or forget it.
My mom warned me|to stay away from cops.
Johnny'll do over|Hui's arms cache tonight.
This is the spot. Be careful|with that jerk, Tequila.
He's not quite sane.
I'll see you after the fireworks|at the jazz bar.
I fixed up your ma|at the old folks home.
- Thanks.|- See her when you can.
I'll see her when I'm big-time.|No problem.
Money's in the bucket.
Ma'am, more roses have come.
Call the armory right now and|get us all kitted out for tonight.
- Don't we need Pang's say-so?|- I say so.
Hello? Armory?|Lionheart here.
My boss wants heavy-duty|issue for tonight.
Yeah, I'll get them later.|Don't ask, tell you later.
"Don't ever bite|your own tail again".
- Will we need more back-up?|- No, it's not a war, we can handle it.
- All right, you two. Out, out, out!|- Yes sir.
Two cops had their guns stolen.|Check it out.
And lay off the gun-running job.
I've spent God knows how many hours|working on this bloody case.
- And you tell me to lay off?|- You shut up!
Just get on with it, right?
Maybe you'd like to do an encore.
Enjoying the performance?
This is my office.|Show me some respect.
This may be your goddamn|office, Tequila.
But the whole station's mine.
You know, you're really full of shit.|The toilet's over there.
Hello? Hold on a second. Alan.
I'll need your help tonight.
I'm sure I can count on you.
Right. What can I say but yes?
I'll send someone to pick you up.
We're moving the guns tonight.
- Raid my own boss's arsenal?|- Got it. And kill him as well.
I can't force you. I just want to know|if we can be partners.
You'd be one hell of an asset.
Either we conquer the world,|or you kill me tonight with this.
No regrets, either.
I have my own.
Mr. Hui, it's a raid!
All right, come here.
Load up the stuff.|Move it.
Over here.
Alan, I've done my part.|You get in there.
You've already destroyed him.|No need to kill him.
You think he'd let me live|if he was here with a gun?
Not a chance. In this world,|the man who holds the gun wins.
The real fact is he's in my way,|and he's got to die.
He doesn't want big bucks,|but I sure as hell do.
His low prices are killing my market.
I'm losing out.
So don't blame me. It's what you've got,|not how you made it. All right?
Okay, load her up.
Everything else|depends on you now, Alan.
If you can't do it|when he gets here, I can.
You know where|your bread's buttered.
Alan, you stinking traitor.|Fuck you. You goddamn little shit.
Lonny, drop that gun.|Drop it!
And the rest of you, drop them!
Drop your guns!
Alan, I see this|is where I check out.
Mr. Hui, what are your weapons|doing down there?
Maybe surrendering?|Or scared to death?
- Bastard!|- Stop! Stop it, idiot, cool it.
Put your effing guns down.|Idiots!
Johnny, if I die... that's fine...
but surely you don't|have to kill all my boys?
Johnny, he's right.|Why waste any bullets on shit?
It's up to you this time.|Whatever you want, that choice is yours.
Johnny, you're a smart guy.
I'd like to talk to Alan alone.|Yes or no?
Mr. Hui, you'll need|more than words.
Now, everything changes.
It isn't always pleasant either,|and there isn't always a choice.
Like Hawaii. I didn't go|because I knew this day would come.
Someone had to sell me out to him.|But I read you all wrong.
An error of judgment.|One of those things.
Please, release the guys.
Look, I'm happy to die, but not by the|hands of that bunch of rotten goat shit.
- I want you to shoot me, Alan.|- Shoot you?
Shoot me.
Go on, do it.|Finish the job.
There's no way out.|Either you kill me, or I kill you.
- Mr. Hui!|- Don't move! Hold it!
Boss! Mr. Hui!
Kill him! Kill that guy!
- Forget it, you get out.|- Bullshit, I'll kill him.
It isn't worth it.|Cool, dude.
- Go for it.|- Yep.
Who is he?
We both know him.|How come he didn't shoot me?
Yuen, I told you already|to lay off the case.
Tell me who he is!
- A triad.|- Triad?
I wish he were.|Somehow I don't think he is.
If I see him, he's a dead duck.|Just thought I'd tell you.
Sergeant Yuen, get back here!
I don't have to tell you the reasons.
- Remember that.|- It'd be a smart move, nonetheless.
If I'd had slugs the other night,|I'd have killed a cop.
Aren't we self-righteous.
As a matter of fact,|back at the teahouse, you did.
Yeah, it's not the first time.|Accidents happen.
Please, Tequila. Sacrifices.
On duty, a police officer|bravely sacrifices his life!
Sacrifices?|Is that what you call it?
You'd better tell us who are|the cops and who are the thieves...
and why you want us|to kill each other?
Better buckle down to the job|and forget all the questions.
Let me say this, you're under my|command, not the other way around.
You want to ask why?
There's a hundred questions|you ain't gonna get answered.
Like why do cops need search|warrants and not thieves?
Why do cops have to write reports|when they use a gun and robbers don't?
Why are known murderers considered|innocent until proven guilty...
and why does the burden of proof|lie on us, not on them?
If I knew the answer to that,|I'd be the superintendent.
All right?|What I say is this.
I lost a good friend back there|when Ah-Lung checked out in the teashop.
I don't give a shit what|happens to me, all right...
but I'll get that human garbage|and burn him.
God help anybody|who tries to stop me.
If you step out of line again,|you'll be out of a job.
- It'll be one more problem.|- I'm shaking.
That's what being|a cop is all about.
Can't beat the system|even if you're right.
Don't fit, don't play.|I thought there would be justice.
Every time a bastard got off,|I lost more faith.
But at the end of the day,|I got over it.
- And if you couldn't crack a case?|- Suicide.
- C'mon. Worse than that.|- Sometimes, yes.
What a shitty likeness!|It took me two days to see it.
In fact, I know him.|He lives at Clearwater Bay.
Foxy, what a winner, right?
It could have been easier.
- So?|- Pang says he's a triad.
Beware, he's an undercover.|Be very careful.
If you speak to him,|tell him there's no need...
to kill or be killed|to crack a case.
There are better ways.
- You got a guy called Vodka?|- Vodka? Tequila.
- A heavy-duty cop.|- I don't give a shit who he is.
Tell him to back off.|I don't want no hassles.
That man will wreck everything. You|want another funeral in the department?
Point taken. I'll stop him.
And get that export license.|Johnny doesn't do that shipment...
I don't find out where|his depot is located.
Give me a day, okay?|Customs are a snap.
- Be cool. You'll get what you want.|- What about my Swiss bank account?
- Buttoned up.|- And what about the house in Guam?
- Does it have a walled garden?|- I'm not playing this game, Tony.
If you don't want to do this job,|you're free to quit.
And live where?|Just stay real.
What's up?|Don't trust me?
You know I always deliver the goods,|Superintendent.
It's your birthday.|You forgot?
A present.
I had forgotten.
So busy being a gangster,|I don't know which me is real.
And you're the only guy|that remembered it anyhow.
Don't forget that.
What is it? You still upset.|Looking for a little revenge?
What should I call you?
Not really a criminal.
But not exactly a cop.|What's your rank? Sergeant?
Inspector? Joker?
- Should I salute you?|- If you like.
To you I'm a thief.|To my mother, a son.
To the triads, I'm a hero.
- Could we ever be friends?|- You've got the gun.
You can tell me to go out|and milk a cow, and I'll do it.
I'm sorry, I don't like milk.
What's with all|these paper cranes?
You bored?
Maybe you feel lonely here?
You know, I've always|hated making cranes.
I make one each time|I kill somebody.
How about it?|Shall I make you one?
No, thanks.
And if you get killed,|who'll make yours?
Why don't you and I work together?|Make a paper vulture for Johnny Wong?
Because I don't have time.|You make it for him. I've got to go.
I hate in-house funerals.
I write all the music each time.
A cop dies, and I have|to play a tune for him.
I really don't want|to do that for you.
Get out!|Johnny Wong's here.
- How do we keep in touch?|- I'll send you a crane.
Be good.|You're on your own.
You two-faced bastard.|Damn you, you called the cops.
Check the place.
Alan, I've been after this|bastard for a long time.
You know, you're my guy now.|I'll look after you.
- Hospital!|- Right.
You'll get round-the-clock|guards, so don't worry.
- I don't need it. I'll be all right.|- Don't be silly. You do need it.
Please, nurse,|over here a minute.
I don't want this patient's|records left here.
Nobody must know he's|in this room, understand?
We know the Fox double-crossed you.
He told Hui's leftovers|where you were hanging out.
- He'll pay for that.|- Forget about it. I'll handle it.
Maybe you should get better first.|I'll do it.
- Is the Fox really a traitor?|- The Fox has two masters.
He works for the cops and us.|He told me about Hui's warehouse.
He can tell about yours as well.
It wasn't smart to tell him.
I'll kill him.|I'll kill that little dickhead.
Let me take care of him.
What have you told|our friends the cops?
I've told them nothing.|This is pointless.
Little fucker, playing dumb!
If you didn't rat on us,|how come the cops knew about the raid?
I wonder about that.
There's more rats in this gang|than members. You know what?
Mr. Woo, he's a true friend.
Right or wrong,|it doesn't matter.
He and I are both|in serious danger right now.
In my position,|what would you do?
If he really was my friend,|I wouldn't hesitate...
whether he was right or wrong.
Even if I was still a cop,|yes, I'd still help him.
Such character.
Not me, old buddy.|It's the guy up there.
Foxy, Foxy, what happened to you?
Foxy, what is it?
Johnny Wong's arsenal,|it's over at...
- Where is it?|- Maple, Maple Hospital.
Mr. Woo, call my girlfriend for me.|Have her meet me at the hospital.
- Who brought him in?|- It's all right nurse. I did.
Inspector Yuen, CID.|I'll register him formally later.
I'm responsible.
Hold it right there.
I'm sorry.
- Nurse, blood pressure.|- It's low, 80 over 50.
And his pupils?
- Somewhat dilated.|- Nurse, give him oxygen.
Boss, that cop took Foxy|to Maple Hospital. He's alive.
- So what's going on?|- It's about Foxy.
- Somehow he's still alive.|- I'll bet he ratted on us.
- Let me take care of it.|- You?
- I won't miss this time.|- Kill that cop too.
I'm not convinced.
Send extra guys with him,|just in case.
The guy was my informer,|so tell me how he's doing.
Luckily, he had a lighter in his|breast pocket, or he'd be dead.
- When can he talk?|- Not yet. He needs rest.
- Are you all right?|- Cig...
- What?|- Ciga...
It'll blow up your oxygen.
Turn it off then, turn it off.
You're half dead.|Give yourself a break.
I'm all dead.
But before I go, I want|to prove I was the best.
You've already proven it.
Someone guessed?
Johnny's gun cache is in the basement|of the goddamn hospital.
Am I smart or what?
I won't live to see it.
It's up to you.|The show's all yours.
You're full of it.|Give me that, come on.
Now rest.
Who's smoking?|Don't you know it's dangerous?
- That's why I put it out.|- Don't do it again.
Time for medication.
Please, no injections, buddy.|They might try to kill me.
Relax, that's the reason|I'm here with you.
The gentleman outside|sent this for you.
- Where are you taking me?|- Somewhere safe.
One of my men's|guarding a witness.
- Which room is he in?|- Room 301.
White roses again.|Can't you be more original?
What's wrong with them?
From an undercover cop?
That's irrelevant.|It's just my taste.
Roses are so obvious,|anyone would suspect them.
- Where's Foxy?|- I put him there.
- And where's Johnny's arsenal?|- I'm not sure I can say.
No time to waste.
I don't like being bullied.
Tell me where the arsenal is.
I went through a lot of hassle|to let Foxy escape.
Things ain't been easy for me.|When I'm triad, the cops try to kill me.
And when I'm a cop,|everyone tries to kill me.
I'm one scared guy.
I just want to get this clear|and close the case.
- Why are you giving me this shit?|- You're not being realistic.
Okay, you bust these bastards,|and then what?
The government gives you money|and a new passport.
What are you going to do|with your life?
Where do you think you're going?|You've got to have an operation.
After all you've done for them,|the police will never thank you, Tony.
- I've known that all along.|- So, then wise up. Come on.
- What's happened?|- Nothing. Just move on.
- Watch out for strangers, okay?|- Okay.
Watch out.
We should go on up.|I've got a rendezvous to keep.
- Tequila!|- Been here long? Let's go inside.
Any news?
Big steel reinforcements|were used in the morgue.
They spent almost|four months building it.
- That's what Foxy said before he died.|- He's dead?
We were a little late.
I forgot to introduce you.|My girlfriend, Theresa.
Aren't you the one who|sent her all the flowers?
- Your flowers are beautiful.|- Thanks.
I just picked them at random.
- My girlfriend hates white roses.|- I hate people who don't send them.
- Lover's quarrel?|- Little one.
Everyone disagrees once in a while.|We'll be all right!
Call Mr. Pang at once.|Ask him to come over. Wait for me here.
And when you get my signal,|get the patients out.
- What'll the signal be?|- Send her flowers!
You'll send me flowers?
He got that from me.
I just picked it up.|Guess I should say thank you.
You'll get my flowers|in half an hour.
You're so smart,|you'll know what to do.
Can we go now?
Mr. Pang, I'm at Maple Hospital.|Can you get here straight away?
- Are you new here? What's your name?|- Geoff Yuen.
- I'd like to see a specialist.|- What's the problem?
Fever, I think.
Who have you got there, then?|Let's take a look.
You don't want to.|He's a mess, eyes hanging out.
Guts all around his neck,|naughty bits missing.
Wasn't my timing perfect?
Theirs was better.
Theresa Chang, your turn!
There's so many patients.|Let them go first.
I'm all right.|I don't need a doctor!
Miss, if you're ill,|you must see a doctor.
I said I don't want to!
Stay calm.|Remember we're cops.
- Where are Tony and Tequila?|- They're in the morgue.
See this? These are all empty.|J1234.
Are you crazy?|How do you suggest we get out?
We're not leaving yet.
How's Tony doing?|Is his cover blown yet?
The whole operation|depends entirely on him.
I hope that mortuary's got good|"Feng Shui". May God keep him safe.
And Tequila's there!|Why don't you care about him?
He's in danger too!
That's favoritism!|You're always on his case!
It's obvious you don't|understand him one bit!
I didn't realize you still cared.
- What's the arrangement?|- I wait for his signal.
When I receive some roses,|we evacuate the patients.
Great idea, throw a tantrum.|Always opens doors.
You do it. Go on!
Why are you such a dickhead?|This isn't even your case.
I don't agree.
In my opinion, at this stage|it has everything to do with me.
If every cop was as self-important|as you, Hong Kong would be dead.
Why not stop trying to pin the blame?|Let me open the door.
Which year did you graduate?|Did you graduate?
Good. It would be interesting|to find out...
who trained you to be|this jackass you've become.
Pang said you don't waste slugs.
I don't waste them.
What the hell.
We killed Foxy, but Alan|and that cop disappeared.
I want to get all units|here right away.
Mr. Pang, it's time|to get everyone out.
I've just found|the rose here in my pocket.
Get the team.
They're in the basement.|Sorry Mr. Wong. It's all our fault.
You know what I hate?|Two groups of people:
fucking cops and creeps|who betray their old bosses.
You bastard.
and many patients|could get hurt in the rush.
- Who's responsible?|- The police.
You're responsible for law and order.|You hunt people.
But I'm a doctor.|I heal them.
I can't risk their lives just|because of some wild rumor.
What's going on?
False alarm!|Everyone back to their rooms!
By law you're obliged to evacuate|everyone if there's a fire alarm.
You told me it was safe.
- Turn the coolant on.|- Yes.
There's no room for failure now.|The innocent must die.
Time is not on our side.|Insist they move the patients.
That shit cop.
I've got all the aces.|I'll play every last one.
Nobody challenges Johnny.|They won't succeed.
- What's happening?|- I'm a cop. Get everyone out.
Fast as you can.|It's only a fire drill.
Relax.|Keep calm and keep moving.
I'm in charge, everyone! This is|a false alarm. Go back to your beds.
Are you crazy?|I'll arrest you if you keep on.
And I'll sue you for abuse of power.
There are more than|300 lives at stake.
If you obstruct me again,|I'll castrate you.
Take it easy.|Be careful.
- Who's taking the babies out of here?|- There's only us. What can we do?
Bring help, and take her.
All right, all the guys have come.
- You must leave immediately.|- Continue.
The cops are making it worse.
- Cut the mains. Stop them.|- Right.
Get these babies out.
- Mr. Pang, they're firing at us!|- I hear you.
- You're causing wholesale slaughter.|-Just don't kill the patients.
Doctor, doctor!
Nobody move, or you're all dead.|Get back up. Upstairs.
Get out of here!|Are you deaf?
- It's all right, CI D.|- Come back up.
Drop your gun! Police!
The cops have got us surrounded.
They've pushed me too far.|Take the patients hostage.
A cop's just a human being with a gun.|He's not immortal.
They've got guns. So have we.|They just have.38s.
Get down, on the floor.|Down, I said, asshole.
Get out! You get out|and leave the babies here. Go.
Didn't you hear? Get out!
Are you deaf?
I'd like you to shut up.|You're scaring the babies to death.
There, there.|It's all right now.
The bastard's a nut.|Now he wants to blow us up.
- How will you send the flowers?|- I did it 20 minutes ago.
- Telepathy?|- Guy goes through hell for a girl...
but she doesn't realize it.
You believe you can get|away from me?
Alan, I admired the hell|out of you.
I actually thought you were my friend,|but you betrayed me.
- And that makes me angry.|- Well, it won't get any better.
I'll kill you whenever I can.|I've been after you for ages.
Why did you choose a hospital?|You like killing innocent people?
I use them. I've got more hostages|than you've had hot dinners.
I've got a serious|arms cache down there.
If you make me cross, boy,|I'll detonate it, up it will go.
- Try it.|- I will. I can't wait to do it.
The next arsenal I have|will be in a police station.
That should be fun.
Hundreds of patients and staff|are being held prisoner here.
So far, the police|have not been able to...
- Don't do it.|- Shut up, bitch!
Unit number 3, tell them|to stop filming, no pictures.
The walls are like ice.|Must be the morgue in there.
Good. That's handy.
If we die,|they can just chuck us in.
It's just the two of us here.
Up there are hundreds of people|in trouble, so drop the self-pity.
I started in this to help end crime.|But I end up killing the innocent.
I only wanted to be a regular cop.
When I started,|there was only one job:
undercover and triad brother.
It's all right.|Just keep calm.
- Don't you have any dreams?|- Yeah.
I want to move down to Antarctica.
It's freezing there.|You enjoy the cold?
It's got a lot going for it.|It's always light.
I'd like that,|after all this darkness.
Dreams are supposed|to be attainable, like mine.
I always wanted to be a musician,|but I became a cop.
Life should be about fun.|Come on.
Don't move.
The guy's a cop.
Johnny, you're winning.|Why not let the patients go?
- You only hate the damn cops.|- You scared?
I'm not scared.
I've been around.|But some things in life are out of line.
What's this about out of line?
Hold it!
Get down! No one move!
Look, we caught a cop.
- Okay, bring him on up.|- Move!
Get down!
Get out!
Get going!|Protect the patients!
- I'll get the babies.|- I'll come with you.
- Ready. There's hundreds of them.|- Quiet, you'll scare them.
- Let's put cotton balls in their ears.|- Do we have to?
Not me! I'm a cop.
You don't want this|many kids, do you?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Stick that in your ear.
- You ready?|- Yeah.
Inspector Yuen, CI D.|Assist the lady. Get the babies out.
- Yes sir.|- They're over there.
Be gentle with them.
I'm going to help Tony.|You're in charge here. Be careful.
The exit's on fire!
He's ours, he's ours!
- There are more babies inside.|- Go in and help.
- Take the curtains down.|- Yes, ma'am.
- Take it over there.|- Get those babies to a safe place.
Are you all right?
- Can you make it?|- Easy.
Get in there.
I killed one of our own.
- I saw his I.D. He was.|- Bullshit!
I saw his I.D.!
You're hallucinating!|How many times do I have to say it?
You didn't kill a cop!
You're your own worst enemy.|If you can't conquer your own fears...
how can you conquer anyone else?
Take this.
I shot a cop, you know.|In the teahouse incident.
Yeah, Pang told me.
I didn't know he was|a cop till afterwards.
- How did you feel?|- Worse than you do now.
- Was the guy I shot really a cop?|- Yeah.
- Keep those babies moving.|- Yes, sir.
Situation with babies bad.
Need assistance.|Do you read me?
- I'll go help save the babies.|- I'll go fix Mad Dog.
Take care.
Be very careful.
Theresa, you go.
Right. I missed one of the babies.
- I'll get it. Look after her.|- Take care.
Fill the hospital with them.
Ma'am, hold on tightly.
Be quiet, be quiet.
How about a little nursery rap?
I know I can't sing,|so stop pretending, little Willy Wing.
X-rated action.
excuse me.
Give me a smile.
Sister, take the patients out.
Are you crazy?
- You didn't have to kill them.|- I kill whoever's in my way.
Don't question me!|Bastard. Go on.
- Put that down.|- Pull the trigger.
I'll blow the whole hospital up.
You coward.
Why don't we all go up together?
You're just shit!|You can't get me.
Wait here.|It's much too dangerous.
- Make sure he's safe.|- You won't make it. Get out of here.
I need to do this.
Get the injured out of here.|Don't waste any time.
Willy, your ticket to ride.
You saved the day there,|you little pisspot. Thanks a lot.
Tequila, any babies left?
- Please! Is this mine?|- Yes, it is.
- Are you all right?|- Now, where's Tony?
In there.
One of ours is still up there.
You're dead. Stand up.
Get back.|All drop your guns.
- Everybody. Obey him.|- Drop your guns.
Drop them!
The hard-boiled cop.|You made it.
Each side's lost some guys.
We're about even so far.
But when I kill this one, I win.
Do it.
Go ahead, watch me|blow his head off.
Don't shoot.
It's like you're impotent.
I thought you were a supercop.|But you're just a man, like the rest.
Slap yourself.
Now the other cheek,|like Jesus said.
Say you're impotent.
I'm impotent.
On your knees.
Put your gun down.
How often do you get a chance|to fuck around like this?
- Take your pants off, cop.|- You bastard, eat shit.
- A present.|- I had forgotten.
So busy being a gangster...
I don't know which me is real.
You're the only guy|that remembered my birthday.
Don't forget it.
- Don't you have any dreams?|- Yeah.
I want to move to Antarctica.
Freezing there.|You enjoy the cold?
It's got a lot going for it.|It's always light.
I'd like that,|after all this darkness.
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