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Hard Eight

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You want a cup of coffee?
You want a cigarette?
I'm a guy that's offering to give you a cigarette...
buy you a cup of coffee.
What's your name?
You wanna see the menus?
No, I don't think so.
Come from Vegas? Reno?
From Vegas.
You lost some money?
You won some money.
I broke even.
What were you playing?
You know how to count cards?
You said you were playing blackjack. Do you know how to count cards?
In my experience, if you don't know how to count cards...
you oughta stay away from blackjack.
Thanks for the tip, Mr. Helpful.
- Hey, John. - What?
John, we're sitting here. I bought you a cup of coffee, gave you a cigarette.
Look at me.
You wanna be a wise-ass, go outside and take a seat.
If you wanna talk to me...
well, then--
Never ignore a man's courtesy.
Let's talk about Vegas.
Let's talk about what happened to you.
Because something did happen.
Maybe I can help.
You wanna help me?
- You look like you could use a friend. - You wanna be my friend?
Then give me $6,000.
Do you have that? Can you give a total stranger $6,000?
Because that's my trouble. Okay?
What do you need $6,000 for?
- I need it. - For what?
To bury my mother.
- You went to Vegas to win some money-- - No, I went to lose some money.
You went to win some money to bury your mother?
To pay for her funeral?
That is very admirable.
I admire the intention.
I can't say it's wise, though.
Do you have $6,000 to give me?
No. I can't.
I didn't think so.
Isn't there someone who could--
There's no one else. It's me.
I'm alone. That's it, okay?
There you go.
That gonna be it?
Yeah, I think so.
Thank you.
How much money do you have left?
If I were to give you $50, what would you do with it?
I'd eat.
How long can you eat-- How long can you live on $50?
I don't know.
I would bet...
not very long.
You would bet?
I tell you what.
You come with me back to Vegas.
I'll loan you $50 and show you what you did wrong.
Why? What are you, man?
You think you're St. Francis or something?
No, I don't think I'm St. Francis.
Are you looking for a fag?
I'm not some boy hooker, if that's what you're after.
I'm not looking for a hooker, John.
I'm offering you a ride.
I'm offering to teach you something.
Well, I'm telling you something right now-- I don't suck dick.
I understand that, and this is the last time I'll ask.
You want my help?
I'll fuck you up if you fuck with me.
I know three types of karate--
jujitsu, aikido and regular karate.
All right.
A-- You give me a ride.
Two-- You give me 50 bucks.
C-- I sit in the back.
Believe me, if you pull anything I will fuck you up.
I believe you.
This is a nice ride, actually.
Can you pull over for a second?
Can I get a cigarette?
The lighter doesn't work.
No, thanks.
The lighter doesn't work.
I heard you.
I just don't use matches.
Wanna hold the wheel a minute so I can light mine?
You gonna smoke that?
- Why don't you use these matches? - It's just a rule with me.
I don't use matches.
Why not?
I had a really bad experience once and I promised I'd never use 'em again.
Tell me.
You know those big monster books of matches?
Those big daddy ones with, like, 40 matches in 'em?
I had one of those in my pocket once and they lit on fire, exploded.
Huh. Matches just went off?
Yeah, it had something to do with spontaneous friction, I guess.
They just went off.
I'm standing in line for a movie and all of the sudden--
Like that! Scared the shit out of me.
I had a third-degree burn on my leg this close to my dick.
That was a brand-new pair of jeans too.
I thought about suing that matchbook company too.
What are you gonna do, you know?
Things happen. This happens, that happens.
Shit just happens. You deal with it.
John, I'm gonna loan you 50 bucks...
so why don't you tell me what you're gonna do with it.
You asked me before--
You could take it and play it a certain way...
long enough and hard enough to get a bed and a meal.
You're not gonna win $6,000, though.
I can assure you of that.
Well, if you show me how to do that--
how to get a meal and a bed-- then I'll do that.
If you wanna show me.
First thing, go in the bathroom and clean yourself up.
- The attendant has a razor you can use. - Yeah, but I'm growing a beard.
Once you're done, find me in the bar.
- How's that? - Much cleaner.
Much better.
So, what now?
I lied when I said 50. You're gonna need 150.
- I knew it. - Just relax, John.
Listen. Are you listening?
Go over to that woman in the cashier's cage...
and ask her for the floor man.
She'll point to a guy in a tuxedo-- the floor man.
You find this guy and say--
John Finnegan.
So, anyway, I just flew into town and...
I'm gonna be playing in this casino.
I like this place.
I'm gonna be spending some money.
I hope I win some money and...
I just need someone to keep track of what I'm spending...
'cause I'm an impulsive gambler.
Can I get a rate card?
I got it. He gave it to me.
Take this $150 to that cashier...
and cash it in for dollar tokens.
He'll note on the rate card...
the amount you've cashed and the time of day.
I'd like 150 in dollar tokens.
Here's my rate card.
- There we are. Good luck. - Thanks a lot.
Now find a slot machine.
Find one that's off to the side a bit but don't go unseen by the floor man.
Sit at that machine and play $20.
Only 20, so make it last.
Play slowly, one dollar at a time.
- Did you order a drink? - Huh?
Did you order a drink?
Oh, yeah. They're free.
It'll turn out to be a $150 cocktail.
Don't drink.
- Okay. Sorry. - It's all right.
- Did you finish that 20? - Almost.
Get your stuff. Come with me.
Give the cashier $100 in tokens.
She'll give you cash. Get a bill.
I'd like to cash these in, please.
Would you like a bill or some 20s?
- A bill. - All right.
- There you are. - Thank you.
Now give this cashier the bill and the rate card.
Ask for more tokens.
I'd like another $100 in tokens. There's my rate card.
- There's a hundred. Good luck. - Thank you.
So, how much do you have on your rate card now?
Well, I cashed 150 first, and then another 100.
So, 250.
And you have only spent $20.
Just keep circling the bill, John.
Cash to tokens, tokens to cash.
Now, slowly spend what's left of the 50.
That's just for show when the floor man comes around.
Do it for an hour. Take a break.
Do it again for an hour, and so on.
- See you around. - Where?
I'll find you.
Look. I started with half that.
- We're not as lucky. - We're losing big time.
You are? Huh.
I haven't been playing that one. Put a lot in here, though.
I'd like to cash these in again for a bill.
Good luck.
Oh, well.
I need a bucket!
I need a bucket!
Guess who.
Pretty big investment here.
I need another 300 in tokens, please.
Good luck.
Yeah, I'll need it.
Thanks a lot.
- Hey, Sydney. - John.
I kept doing that until I racked up two grand on the rate card.
It worked. They gave me a room.
The guy comes up and says...
"Can I get you anything? Do you want a room, show tickets?"
I got two tickets to a show. I got you one.
Plus that machine I was playing, I accidentally hit it for 200 bucks.
- It works. - Fucking-A, it does.
- This is what you do? - Not anymore.
Shit, Sydney, this is great. I mean, really.
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
You're welcome.
Oh, I got that 150 that you gave me.
- All right? - Good.
You wanna hang out? I got pay-per-view movies.
- I got a mini-bar. - No, thanks, John.
So, John, what are you gonna do?
I don't know. I was--
I don't know.
Well, you can't keep doing the same thing all week.
Yeah. I didn't think so.
Sydney, I was gonna ask you--
I was wondering--
I know you showed me all this stuff.
You taught me.
But I still have to--
You can't win $6,000, John.
I told you that before.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I have a friend in Los Angeles.
maybe someone who can help.
I can make a call for you, tell him you're a friend...
and we can work this thing out.
If you need help paying for your mother's funeral...
we can work it out.
I want you to see...
that my reasons for doing this are not selfish, only this--
I'd hope that you would do the same for me.
I would.
Thank you.
It's always good to meet a new friend.
I'll see you later.
Are you gonna gamble?
- Can I come down with you? - If that's what you want.
Just to watch.
Cupid has found its way. Good to see you.
If there's anything you want, please don't call me.
- Keno? - How are you?
- Keno? - Things are going well?
- Keno? - Yeah.
Play two dollars, please.
- Hello, Captain. - Hello again.
Do you remember my name?
- Clementine. - That's right.
- Just like the movie. - Exactly.
- Do you remember my name? - Sydney.
Then why do you call me "Captain"?
Because you seem like the captain of a ship to me.
I see the way John follows you and worships you...
like you're his captain.
John is a very old friend.
Good luck, sir.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Well, you're a good tipper, Captain.
Tell me something.
Are you required to flirt...
to behave as you do toward those men over there...
as some part of your job?
They don't say to do it.
But if you don't?
Well, then I get questioned.
Like, "Why were you so rude to them?"
And-- I mean, I can't talk back.
I can't tell 'em to fuck off and leave me alone.
As a rule.
I'd also lose the tip.
Sounds like an occupational hazard.
You don't have to do that with me.
Jimmy paid for your drink.
Thank you.
Thank you, Captain.
- Hey, thanks. - You want another?
- Whatever Syd's having. - Hi.
Syd, you remember Jimmy. He's a friend who lives up here.
- Thanks for the drink. - My pleasure.
Have a seat.
Jimmy works at the Sand Dunes.
Oh, yeah. I remember.
What do you do?
I do some consulting over there. Security on busy nights.
Parking lot?
No, I work inside the casino.
He saw you play in Vegas a few years back. Tell him.
Yeah, yeah. See, I used to live there.
I saw you playing craps over at the original Dunes.
You bet the hard eight for a thousand and pressed it for two.
- Did I hit it? - No, you didn't.
But it was a big balls bet, and I remembered your face.
Stupid bet.
You were with that old dude with the voice thing.
He talked like that. What's his name?
Excuse me.
Say, partner, let me get one of them cigarettes.
Damn. You ain't got no menthol?
No, man, I don't do menthol.
Let me get a light too.
So you gave up big balls bets on the hard way...
to play keno, huh?
What's that, a sign of aging?
It passes the time.
Syd and I saw a guy win 38 grand playing keno once.
Played all day, sat in the same spot something like 12 hours.
Must've cost him four grand to win the 38. Jesus.
The other night over at the El Dorado...
I saw a cat have a heart attack right at the craps table.
He's in the middle of a hot shoot and starts getting all sweaty and shit.
Next thing you know, bam! Old motherfucker just keels over.
The joke of it is, the game just keeps going on.
People are yelling, "Place the eight! Somebody call an ambulance!
Place the nine! Place the six! Somebody dial 9-1-1!"
Meanwhile this old bastard's laying on the floor, tongue out, turning purple.
And the people are still playing.
Keno. Any winners?
Uh, no, not here.
But... let's try it again.
Jesus, we are fucking surrounded by pussy here.
Hey, hey. Jimmy.
Not for my ears, but hers.
She can hear that sort of thing across the lounge.
Puts her in a very uncomfortable position.
I doubt if hearing she's got a great pussy...
puts her in an uncomfortable position.
I just don't want it coming from my table.
You may not know this...
but half the women that work here are take-home whores anyway.
They get off on that shit.
I got a friend, works over at the Sand Dunes where I work.
This man's in charge of corralling waitresses for that sort of thing.
He's in charge.
He is the pussy patrol.
- Jimmy-- - What?
Just, you know--
Hey, I live up here. I know what flies and what don't.
To tell a babe she's got a nice ass is no crime, believe me.
You said it as she walked away.
Let's go play.
We're waiting on our drinks here.
We'll get 'em at the tables.
You got a point.
It was a pleasure seeing you again.
John here's got my digits.
Anything you need in this town, you call me.
Syd, I'll see you later.
I'll be here.
- How are you, Mike? - Good, Sydney. How are you?
What are you doing out here?
Fresh air.
I was-- I was just visiting my friend.
But we're not supposed to be in the rooms, you know, so--
I could lose my job.
But you'll be fired...
if you tell them to leave you alone?
This is something-- I mean, if the hotel knew--
Do you live alone?
Yeah. I do now.
I had this girlfriend, this roommate...
but it's a big nightmare story.
Do you go to school?
- Do I look like I go to school? - Oh, I don't know. Maybe.
I'm not with all that.
What are you saving up for?
The money that you make. Are you saving?
No. I mean, I have to make money, you know.
I have bills. I have an apartment.
I have a car-- a Camaro. That costs money, you know.
If I don't pay my bills every month, my credit gets fucked up.
I can't have fucked-up credit because then I'm fucked.
You think I'm a piece of shit now because you saw me leaving that room.
No, I don't.
Just a good girl, you know, trying to save up...
open a beauty salon.
Maybe that, yes.
I don't know.
I don't wanna open a fucking beauty salon.
It's just that it's so much different than what you think.
Explain it to me then.
I don't-- I don't do anything that I don't want to do.
You understand?
Are you--
Are you gonna tell John that you saw me?
No. I'm not.
I wanna know...
how you know him.
So you took care of him?
Sort of.
And you paid for her funeral?
We worked it out.
He's pretty adorable...
the way he follows you around and looks up to you.
He orders the same drinks as you. He dresses the same.
We share the same tastes, I guess.
Do you have real kids? Kids of your own?
- Yes. - You married?
A boy and a girl. No, I'm divorced.
I have a boy about your age, daughter a few years older.
Where do they live?
I'm not sure. I haven't spoken to them in a while.
That's too bad.
Maybe you'll see them.
Fuck this. I'm outta here.
I'm going to--
I'll get a robe and some shorts or something.
Here's a robe and some stuff for you.
Do you wanna fuck me?
Do you think that?
Well, you brought me here.
Do you think that?
I don't know.
You should know before you ask a question like that.
Well, you're being nice to me--
- So you'd think I'd want that? - If you wanted to fuck me--
Stop saying that.
- It just seemed like-- - Well, don't let it seem that way.
This is a comfortable bed for you.
I want you to sleep on it...
to give you something to--
a place to have a nice shower and a bed.
Don't get angry.
No, I'm not...
because I understand...
how you could ask a question like that.
Now you really look at me as a piece of shit.
All right.
John won't be back until very late.
He won't disturb you.
This is John's room?
Not tonight.
Boom! It exploded right in my pants.
- Totally burned a hole-- - The matches went off?
I could've caught on fire.
Hey, Captain.
Morning, Captain.
Good morning.
"Captain." That is a nickname Clementine has given me.
- It is not for you. - Okay.
What are you gonna do today?
Oh, I don't know.
But if you wanna do something, go someplace or buy something...
John will take you.
Yeah. You need something?
Just to go home and get some clothes.
So, go to the mall...
buy something nice.
- I got it, Syd. I got money. - Oh. Okay.
You wanna go get something?
Yeah. I mean-- Yeah.
And that is that.
- See you later. - Bye.
Why do you have two TVs?
See, they got pay-per-view here-- That's this box.
There's a wire that comes up from the front desk...
that goes through this box.
Then when you pick a pay movie it tells the front desk.
So you have to get these little things off.
You stick a key inside this little cuff, twist it around...
and take the wire that brings the movie...
and you put it straight into the TV.
You gotta use a regular TV, so I bring this one wherever we go.
I take the cable that comes from the wall straight into this TV.
Then you get free movies.
Don't say anything...
to the front desk or anything.
No, I won't.
'Cause they'd probably make me pay for all of 'em.
I gotta go talk to Syd for a second.
I'll be right back.
- How'd you do last night? - Fair.
I won about 300.
You didn't show up in the bar.
I'm sorry about that, Syd.
I was with Jimmy.
- You know? - Yeah.
I'm sorry about last night. He gets-- The second drink--
It's not a problem.
He just gets a little flagrant.
It's fine.
He thinks you don't like him.
I don't.
I don't know.
You be good to Clementine today. Take her anywhere she wants to go.
Did you--
You know, did you--
I'll see you later.
I'll probably be in the sports book, or maybe poker.
- Maybe I'll see you there. - Okay.
Excuse me.
- Can I get you anything else? - No, that's fine. Thanks.
Seven, the winner. Pay him on the pass line.
Coming out again. Bet 11 after 7.
Come on, old-timer. You gonna join us, my friend?
Come on !
I don't wait for old people
Here we go. Let's see another seven.
Eight, easy.
Bet it back hard.
Okay, I'm gonna light a cigarette now, old-timer.
See, I like you, so I'm gonna let you have this time...
to place your bet before I finish lighting this cigarette.
Then I'm just gonna roll, and fuck you.
You're laughing? I just said "fuck you" to the man. Jesus Christ!
The way you look, I think you know what I'm saying.
Jesus Christ, why don't you have some fun? Fun!
All right.
Got a little bit more. Coming in there, baby.
I'm gonna light the cigarette. What are you gonna do?
Two thousand-dollar hard eight.
Two thousand-dollar hard eight's the bet.
What the fuck.
Oh, man. You play that game, don't you?
Oh, shit!
You're big time.
You are big time!
Oh ! Hard eight.
Okay, here we go.
All right, this is for you, Big Time.
I'm not even looking.
Here we go!
Six the hard way.
That's a hard six, old-timer!
That's not bad for me, is it, sister?
Is it, Sister Sledge?
Here we go. It's me and you.
You know what I'm saying?
Fuck it. A hundred. Hard eight.
Me and you, Big Time. Me and you.
You can buy yourself another suit with this roll.
Fucking 44, Big Time.
Two thousand. Two thousand. Hundred.
- Forty-four! - Crack.
Eight, easy. Five and a three. Front-line winner. Pay him.
All right. Shit.
I'm sorry, Big Time.
Hey, Big Time, I'll buy you a drink!
Yeah. Yes.
Right now?
You okay?
Yeah, I'll get up right now.
- Syd? - Yeah. Open up.
- Everything cool? - What?
Yeah, everything's cool.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
You gonna open the door?
I said on the phone...
it's kinda screwed up.
Yeah. So?
Open the door. Let's see what's going on.
You promise you'll help me?
John, it's cold out here. Open the door.
Is everything cool?
John, open the goddamn door, will ya?
- What's going on? - Shut the door.
Why are the lights out?
- Just leave 'em off. - I'm not gonna stand here in the dark.
You promised you'd help me.
What is this, John?
I'm sorry, Syd.
John, what is this?
Who is this man?
He's a--
He's a hostage.
- A hostage? - Yeah.
For money.
- Is he dead? - No.
He's just passed out.
How did he get here?
I'm sorry, Syd.
I'm so sorry.
I fucked up. I know.
I'm sorry.
She doesn't want to talk.
Clementine. Hey.
You all right?
I'm fine.
Tell me what happened.
This man won't pay me.
You know this man?
Not before tonight, I didn't.
Then how does he owe you money?
I met him in a bar. We came here.
You came here for sex?
- He won't pay me what we agreed. - How did John get here?
You can ask me.
She called me.
I asked him to come help me.
This fucker hit her, Syd.
Clementine, let me see. Come on.
You're okay.
How long you been here, John?
Since 10:00.
Why don't you just let him go?
What? We can't.
Tell me why, John.
- Because he owes her money. - So? How much money?
Three hundred dollars.
- You're holding him hostage for $300? - That's what he owes her.
This fuck-head cheated her, Syd.
Who knows this man is here?
Well, me and Clementine.
And you.
Yeah? And?
- And his wife. - His wife?
Someone's got to get the money, Syd.
I don't understand. How did you get in touch with his wife?
He's staying at the Sand Dunes.
I got the name from the wallet. Clementine saw her there before.
You talked to this man's wife?
I called her and told her to get the money. She said she would.
- Did you tell her where you were? - We're not stupid.
No, of course. You're not stupid.
Are you gonna help us?
So? What do you want me to do?
I don't know.
First, this guy's wife has obviously called the cops. Understand?
- Not necessarily. - Yes, necessarily!
She wants to deal with it.
She's not gonna tell the cops that her husband was...
I mean, she might not, right? She might not.
What did you tell her, John?
I just said that we would call her and tell her what to do.
No. Did you tell her that you'd kill him if she didn't?
What'd you tell her?
- Yeah. - "Yeah" what?
I told her we'd kill him.
This is a very...
fucked-up situation here.
- You promised you'd help me. - I didn't promise you anything.
At the door. Come on! Syd! You gotta help me!
You don't have to help us.
- I sure as hell don't. - Then get the fuck out of here!
- Oh, good. - You got yourself in this situation.
I did not get you here. So you humble yourself.
You humble yourself!
Give me the fucking gun, John! Jesus Christ!
Give it to me.
- Is it loaded? - No.
Where'd you get it?
- From Jimmy. - Jimmy? Has Jimmy been here?
- No. - What does Jimmy know about this?
- Nothing. - Don't say that, John.
- I'm not. - What are you saying?
Clementine, get in the chair, will you?
Come on, come on.
You are going to answer every question I ask you to.
Don't look at John.
Look at me.
When you left the hotel this morning, where did you go?
We went shopping at the mall.
After that?
- We went to my house. - Why?
Because I wanted to get some clothes.
- I told you to buy clothes. - I wanted to go get something!
All right. After that, what?
Syd, just ask me.
- We had sex. - Then what?
I know you're trying to figure this whole thing out...
but what happened this morning doesn't matter.
I'll judge that.
Fine. Then just ask me what happened.
I would like to understand how you go from being...
in the bar at the Sand Dunes with that guy...
to being in here.
Where did this thing go wrong?
Because he thought that he was smart and I was stupid...
and I'm not stupid.
Well, this is a pretty stupid situation, isn't it?
We'll see how fucking stupid I am when we get my money, won't we?
You know the first thing they should have taught you at hooker school?
- You get the money up front. - Fuck you.
- Syd, don't talk to her like that. - I'm having a conversation.
- Don't talk to her like that. - Shut the fuck up.
I'm warning you, Syd! Don't fucking talk to her like that!
She's my wife!
We got married this afternoon.
You bitch. You're fucking dead!
I am glad to see you are having a wonderful honeymoon.
Syd, where are you going?
- Don't leave, please. - I can't get involved in this.
You don't have to be involved. Just don't leave.
If I stay here, I am involved.
If I stay here, I am part of it. Do you get that?
Let's just go back inside.
You got a guy unconscious in there.
A guy that you kidnapped and are holding for ransom.
Do you realize how fucking serious this is?
Look, John...
if you want to leave here...
if you want me to help you get as far away from here as possible...
then you just get in your car and go.
Yeah? Let's do that, John.
Let's just get in the car and go.
Where am I gonna go?
Away. Anywhere. Away!
How could you let her go and do a thing like this, John?
You've got money. This is not good.
We were at the bar. I fucking turn around.
She's gone. I didn't know.
What do you think? I didn't know.
Did you really get married? Did you?
She said "yes." I didn't want her to say "no" later on.
I'd been seeing her for two months.
I never had the guts to say anything.
I saw her in my bed this morning, it was like a sign from heaven.
You know?
I know this is fucked up.
I'm not stupid. I know I fucked up, okay?
She's got some problems, I know, but I really love her.
What am I gonna do? I love her, Syd.
Everything is gonna be fine. Everything is gonna work out.
You'll see. Okay?
Come on. Let's go.
All right.
Come on. We're gonna go. We're gonna leave.
Syd thinks we should leave, so...
get your purse, Clem, and put your coat on.
Why is he doing that?
- Getting rid of your fingerprints. - This guy saw us.
Maybe he'll wake up and he won't remember.
If he doesn't remember when he wakes up, then why are we leaving?
If he does, the cops are gonna come and they're gonna check.
I'm not going anywhere.
We don't have a choice.
John, I'm gonna tell you something right now!
This man owes me. He fucked me and he's gonna pay me!
Don't be crazy, all right?
Don't be crazy, honey.
I mean, this is the only thing that we can do, okay?
The only chance we have right now...
is if we leave.
I tell you that you can go, but I'm not.
You wanna get caught? You wanna go to jail?
I want my money.
Look at me, please.
Let's just listen to Sydney.
Syd knows. He knows.
I won't tell them about you-- if that's what you're thinking-- if I get caught.
Jesus Christ, Clem.
That's not why.
What do you want me to say? What do I have to say? I love you !
You want to stay here...
with this fucking idiot?
You want to be separated from our marriage, from me?
I don't care.
Well, fuck you then!
You stupid fuckin' whore!
Fuck you, John !
Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry.
- Oh, God. - Jesus Christ, John. Stop it.
My darling Clementine, listen to me, will you?
Are you listening?
If you stay here, you will be caught.
We're talking about kidnapping, extortion...
other things-- I don't know what.
But not good things, honey.
Okay, honey?
Clementine, look at me, will you? Come on. Look at me.
Do you love John?
He slapped my face.
Do you love him?
You've got that.
You love him, and he loves you.
And you're not gonna spoil it on this bullshit.
All right.
Okay. Where'd you get the handcuffs?
- They're mine. - Give me the key.
- What for? - I have to unlock him.
- Did you hit him with the gun? - Yeah.
All right, let's get out of here. Come on, Clementine.
Hey, don't forget your cigarettes and your lighter.
Let's go.
Who's that, John? Who's calling?
I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know? - I don't know, okay?
- Who knows you're here? - Maybe the guy's wife.
I don't know, Syd. It's the front desk.
Don't fuck with me.
Syd, I'm not fucking with you. It's the front desk. I don't know.
Jimmy knows we're here.
Jimmy knows we're here, but it doesn't matter. Let's just go.
Let's go.
Right. Let's go.
Syd, I'm sorry about Jimmy.
We'll talk about it later. Get your car, follow me to Clementine's.
She's coming with me.
Now tell me-- the man checked into the motel, yes?
Did anybody see you? The man behind the counter?
- What about the bar at the Sand Dunes? - It was packed full of people.
The guy had a specific friend maybe sitting at the bar?
Right over there.
Syd, I'm on the street.
You okay?
I'm really scared.
I know.
You be strong now.
Take good care of John.
Oh, my God. I'm so embarrassed!
I'm so embarrassed. Oh, my God.
I feel like I might piss my pants.
I have two cats.
I remember.
- Will you feed them while I'm gone? - Sure.
The yellow key is for the top lock, okay?
The red one is for the bottom one, but you can't put it all the way in...
or else it won't open when you turn it, okay?
And just one can and put it in the bowl.
And water.
There's something...
for you.
It's our wedding. We had it taped. We thought--
That's nice. Thank you.
I don't know. God, I don't know why I did this.
I'm so stupid.
- It's okay. - Fuck.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I'm ready.
All right, you just got married, you're on your honeymoon.
What about my job?
I'll talk to the casino, tell them you've fallen in love...
that you've eloped and run off but you'll come back.
So you call me when you get there, and we'll see where things are.
- You got money? - Yeah.
I'll get you more as you need it-- as much as I have, as much as you'll need.
Understand? As much money as I have.
All right. Where are you gonna go?
- I don't know. - Why don't you go to--
Oh, damn. I don't know.
- Vegas? - Jesus Christ, don't go to Vegas!
Go to--
- What about Niagara Falls? - Niagara Falls. That's fine.
No, not Niagara Falls.
- Why not? - I've been there before.
Jesus Christ, John!
Niagara Falls is like a regular honeymoon place.
Yeah, but I've been there.
- Go to Niagara Falls. - Okay.
Hey, give me a hug, will ya?
- I'll see you soon. - Okay.
It's gonna be all right, John.
Hey, John, look at me.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
John, this is fine.
- Take good care of Clementine. - I will.
- And drive the speed limit. - Yeah.
You tired?
Not really.
If you want to get it annulled or--
Do you?
I won't fuck up again, John.
I really won't. I promise you.
If you know of nothing legal or moral to forbid your union in marriage...
and you wish to take its vows and assume its obligations...
please face each other and join your hands.
Will you, John, have this woman, Clementine, to be your wedded wife...
and solemnly promise you will fulfill your obligations as her husband...
to protect her, honor her...
- love her and cherish her? - I do.
Will you, Clementine, have this man, John, to be your wedded husband...
and promise you will be unto him a tender, loving and true wife...
through sunshine and shadow alike and be faithful so long as you live?
I do.
You may say your vows with a kiss.
I'd like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. John Finnegan.
- Okay. - Bless you.
Thanks very much. Thanks a lot.
Man, could you please not smoke in here?
Seriously, could you please not smoke in here?
Smoke smell gets in the upholstery, fucks up the resale value like crazy.
- What do you want from me? - To put that cigarette out.
I'm not gonna put the cigarette out.
All right.
Can I have one then?
So you got my note?
What am I saying? You just guessed I was out here.
Of course you got my note.
- What do you want? - Nothing.
Do you have something to say to me?
That was a really fucked-up situation back there.
You took care of it.
So John and Clementine are safe? Yes?
- You were there. - Just for a minute.
- Do you know that guy? - "Guy"?
Oh, the guy that fucked Clementine. Hell, no.
I saw him today, though.
You saw him?
In the casino this morning.
He was walking around like nothing happened.
- Maybe he didn't call the cops. - He didn't.
- You're so sure. - I was here all night and all day.
If they were here, I would've seen them. The motel's right across the street.
This guy's just trying to avoid a personal embarrassment.
What about his wife?
Well, he may have some explaining to do there.
So you don't think she called the cops?
Look, if they'd been here, I'd have seen them.
- This guy see you? - He was knocked out when I got there.
- You gave John a gun. - He was scared.
He thought he might need it.
It wasn't loaded. I wouldn't give John a loaded weapon.
You still got my gun?
- I threw it away. - Oh, damn.
I loved that gun.
Why do you want to talk to me?
That's all right you threw my gun away. I have others, you know.
I was there with John and Clementine, and you were there too.
You want something now?
I didn't call you here to say I know about this situation...
and I'm gonna squawk unless I get a piece of the pie.
John's a friend. Clementine, she's a doll.
And you, you're a classic. You're an old-timer.
I got some respectability for that.
What is there to get anyway?
So now, what then?
So John and Clementine are on their way to safety...
in Niagara Falls.
So everything's all right, huh?
When did you talk to them?
Last night.
This motel thing's got nothing to do with nothing anymore.
Shit. Thankfully, that's done. That's over.
I didn't mention it in my note, but...
you should be aware that...
I know some things about Atlantic City.
I'm from back East originally. You didn't know that.
I know some things about Atlantic City.
Where are you going?
Hey, I said something to you. Don't walk away from me.
- I heard the story about Atlantic City. - What?
Tough guy, huh? You can tell me? You can tell me what?
I haven't told John, but I know about Atlantic City.
You shot his father in the face.
- Turn it off. - Don't.
Turn the car off, man, or I'll shoot you.
I swear to God I will shoot you in the foot and let it bleed.
Turn it off!
John doesn't know you killed his father, but I will tell him.
I will tell John. I'm threatening you with the words, understand?
- Yes. - You want me to do it?
- I want $10,000 to keep quiet. - I don't have it.
- Bullshit! Yes, you do. - I don't have it.
I will go to Niagara Falls and tell him.
- Please don't! - Ten thousand dollars.
- I'll get it. - Yes, you will.
- When? - I want it now!
- I can't now. It's impossible. - Bullshit!
- Right now it just isn't possible. - Are you telling me no?
Is that what you're saying to me?
You idiot, you don't know me. I'll put bullets in you for it.
- I'll get it tomorrow. - No, you can't get it tomorrow.
- You have to get it now. - Please don't point the gun.
I want the money now!
Jimmy, just don't point the gun, please.
Call me a tough guy?
- Jesus Christ! - I am a tough guy!
This gun in your face is real tough !
Look. Six thousand dollars. That's what I have.
- I'll give you all that I have. - That's what you'll give me.
- When? - Don't do this to me.
Where's the money?
It's in the bank. I have it.
Come on. Sit over here. Sit in this glass. It's yours.
Sit on the sofa.
You got a cigarette?
You want some coffee?
We're gonna be here 'til John calls or the bank opens in the morning.
- You understand? - Mm-hmm.
Now, you got to understand that...
this is not easy for me.
John's a friend.
You're his friend.
What I mean-- What I believe...
is that you killed his father...
like the stories I heard go.
Now, if somebody killed my father...
I would feel the need to do something.
The stories I heard-- you know, stories get around--
is that you used to be a hard-ass.
You were a hard-ass and you took his dad out, Sydney.
So you think-- what?
You can just walk through this life...
without being punished for it?
Shit, man.
I know all those guys you know.
Floyd Gondoli, Jimmy Gator, Mumbles O'Malley.
They like to sit around in Clifton's and talk, talk, talk.
They love to tell stories.
You can sit there and look at me sideways all you want.
You probably think I'm some kind of asshole or something...
but I'm not a killer...
like you.
You walk around like you're Mr. Cool, Mr. Wisdom...
but you're not.
You're just some old hood.
The other night in the bar, you asking me a question...
like do I do parking lot security?
Well, the answer is no!
I'm trusted security inside the casino.
I'm trusted with security, and I don't fuck it up.
Good that you have such a sturdy sense of responsibility.
Don't! Don't!
Don't fuckin' do that! You understand?
I can see right through that shit!
You look at me as some idiot, huh?
I know you do.
I know you.
You old guys, you old hoods...
you think you're so fuckin' above it...
so high and mighty.
What am I to you?
Some loser?
Not with a gun in my hand.
Not with the facts I know.
Bottom line, Sydney.
No matter how hard you try...
you're not his father.
I have the money here.
I have the $6,000 here.
Not in the bank. I have it here.
I knew that. I knew you did.
I have the money to give you right now, in this moment.
I will give you all that I have.
Maybe before you were gonna kill me. Maybe. I don't know.
I know John...
and I love him like he was my own child.
But I can tell you this-- I don't want to die.
I killed his father.
I can tell you what it was. This is not an excuse.
I'm not begging for clemency.
All that matters--
I do not wish to sacrifice my life for John's well-being.
But I will sacrifice this money for mine.
Because you have asked me.
Because after this, I will have done all I can...
for John and for myself.
I'm gonna ask you with all the heart and sincerity that I have.
Please do not put a bullet in me...
and please don't tell John what I've done.
I trust that once I give you this money...
you and I will take separate paths...
and that this negotiation will settle everything.
That is my hope.
I don't want to die.
No, man. Not here.
You there? It's John.
Wait. Hold-- Shit.
Hold on.
Hello? How's that?
We're in Rock Island, Illinois.
We should be there tomorrow morning, afternoon sometime.
How's everything back there?
Yeah? There's no problems, nothing?
The guy and--
Everything's fine.
How's Clementine?
She's good.
She's good. She sends her love.
Yeah, I will.
I really love her, Syd.
I mean, I know the whole thing and everything...
but I really do.
I know.
I'll be here for a while.
All right.
This phone's gonna run out of change any second...
so I'm just gonna say so long now.
I'll call you when we get there.
You know?
Thanks for everything, Syd.
There's something I need to tell you.
It's something you need to know. It's important.
I need to tell you.
I love you, John. I love you like you were my own son.
Thank you, Syd.
I love you too.
Call me when you get there.
Okay. I'll speak to you then.
Jump on this horse. This horse is going to ride away.
Is everybody ready? Got your money down?
That's what I'm talking about. Stay on this horse.
He's going the distance.
Are you sleepin'?
You gotta keep me up.
One more time. You got your money down. Hold it!
Two thousand on the hard eight.
Me too.
All right. Let's go for it.
Now we get it. Gonna smoke now!
Got 'em in my hand.
Be there! Eighter! No.
It's comin'. Hard eight, just like mine.
Hard eight.
Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
Pull that shit off, baby. Let me see that pussy.
Let me see it. Yeah, let me see that thing.
Get out.
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