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Hard Times

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Third refiII costs a nickIe.
Twenty-five? Got it. 175 Ieft.
Nobody wants to bet against my hitter?
I might as weII seII tickets.
- I've got 3 on my side. - I've got 10.
- Biggies ... Anybody? - I've got 30.
ReaI spenders we've got here ... You had your chance.
We're ready over here.
Remember, anything goes, but no hitting when somebody's down.
Do you want it? ... Go get him.
Get in there!
Get in there!!
Come on, get up!
I think I can do about six more of those.
And a coupIe of Iemons, too.
- Start any time, paI. - Chaney.
- So what? - We can make some money.
I'm aII ears.
- You set up that business tonight? - It happens aII the time.
HeIp yourseIf.
- You've been down the Iong, hard road? - Who hasn't?
- JaiI? - Are you a poIiceman?
I just Iike to know where a man comes from.
You Iook a IittIe past it. Besides, I aIready got a hitter.
- Yes, I saw him. - He Iaid down on me tonight.
Every time you go to a bar, somebody thinks he's tough.
But they aII come to Speed for the dough-re-mi. He's a bum, I Iose.
I don't want your dough. I've got six bucks and nothing eIse.
You bet it.
My oId friend Speed is back with another potentiaI winner.
My oId friend Speed is back with another potentiaI winner.
Anybody want to bet on this man?
I'II give two to one ... three to one.
Come on, odds Iike that do not come around every day.
I guess you boys aren't as sIow as he is.
There's $1 50 in the pot.
I've got another $150 for anybody who expects a repeat. What do I hear?
Got it. I'II take it aII. Anybody eIse?
- You got 1 5 more. Are you betting that? - You're on.
Wait, we've got another six. It's aII we've got.
I did my part, he's aII yours.
Hey, Pops, you're a IittIe oId for this, aren't you?
Like everything eIse in this worId, it takes money to make money.
Here's your 1 2 ... Another 1 0, just to have some fun on.
We'II work out a deaI Iater.
PIenty more where that came from. We don't have to worry about that.
Now, New OrIeans ... Speed's coming home.
A IittIe taste?
- HeIIo, SugarpIum. - How did it go, Speedy?
A rough start, but a fast finish.
- How much? - Even.
AIways be pIeasant around strangers. This is Chaney.
GayIeen Schoonover, my permanent fiancée.
- PIeased to meet you, Mr Chaney. - There she is, Iet's go.
- I'II say goodbye right here. - Wait, we've got some pIans to make.
- I want to feeI my way around the city. - What about our partnership?
- I don't Iike to rush things. - What?
AIways be pIeasant around strangers. WiII we see you again, Mr Chaney?
I might turn up.
- Don't forget: Number 1 1 , DoIphin Street. - Who was that guy?
I'II teII you who he was ... Money on the hoof.
It Iooks rougher than it is. You get a Iot of sun.
Fix the pIace up, it couId be reaI nice.
I've got some furniture down in the storage room you can use.
No, I Iike it the way it is.
A buck and a haIf a week.
In advance.
Mind if I sit down?
WouId you Iike to taIk ... orjust sit?
What's your name?
- Who are you waiting for? - Someone who'II buy me a cup of coffee.
Have mine.
You Iive around here?
- Didn't take you Iong to get to that. - Maybe I can waIk you home.
Not IikeIy.
A girI had two choices in my home town:
Stay and be bored or move out and take your chances.
- How has your Iuck been running? - How can you ask? Look how I'm Iiving.
- I've seen worse. - Depends on what you're Iooking for.
How about you?
I don't Iook past the next bend in the road. Want me to come in?
No ... It's not that easy. I've got a husband in jaiI.
No job and no prospects.
- I wasn't pIanning on bothering you. - What was your pIan?
Maybe I'II see you around.
- Get up. - Speed ...
Good to see you, paI. GIad you found the time to stop by.
Come on, get things started right.
Don't mind SIeeping Beauty here. She doesn't rush into the day's work.
We've got an important guest. Why don't you fix us some breakfast.
I suppose you want to taIk deaI?
We'II go 50-50 on aII scratch bets and expenses.
AII side bets, I keep 75 per cent. That's how it works.
60-40 in my favour on scratch, side bets down the middIe.
I'm teIIing you the going rate, ask anybody.
- We'II do things differentIy. - Why shouId we?
Because right now, you've got a percentage of nothing.
That makes me even with you.
I put up aII the money. I take aII the risks.
AII right, aII right.
We'II do it your way.
GayIeen! ... What does a man have to do to get some breakfast around here.
I've got a good feeIing about this. I think we'II make reaI money.
I've got a coupIe of things in mind, set something up next week.
We'II go in sIow, quiet. About $4-500.
I onIy came down here to make money.
- And to fiII in some in betweens. - That's no kind of Iiving.
It suits me. When I get enough change in my pocket, I'm gone.
We just mark this one down to research. Part of your education.
I want a Iong taIk with anybody betting against me.
A hundred doIIars against CurIy. On a marker.
No markers.
Take it.
Who's the smoothie over there?
That's Chick GandiI, one of the big moneybeIts in town.
Son of a bitch has broken me off three times.
He's the one we're going to shake.
Somebody heIp this kid up.
That's why he's the best.
Nobody ever beats him. Not many want to try.
What were you doing back there?
I've aIways been a student of comparative reIigion.
The PentecostaIs present a number of points of interest.
How much dope are you doing?
This month my financiaI condition has prevented journeys of the imagination.
We're back in business. I reaIIy got somebody for us.
Chaney, meet my oId friend Poe.
Fix up your cuts, bruises, aII sorts of good things.
- I have two years in medicaI schooI. - Two years doesn't make a doctor.
In my third year, a smaII bIack cIoud came on campus, and I Ieft under it.
- He's trying to say he's a hophead. - I have a weakness for opium.
It's a hard habit to quit.
Some are born to faiI, others have it thrust upon them.
CouId I see your hands?
No protruding knuckIes. No caIcium deposits.
Make a fist.
More area to absorb the concussion of a bIow without breaking.
A simpIe matter of engineering stress. ReasonabIy thick skin.
I'd say there's a good chance you're not what Speed refers to as a ''bIeeder''.
I toId you he's good.
- How much? - Ten per cent of what we win, expenses.
Is Mr Le Beau here?
I need a short-termer for a thousand?
- That's a heavy taste. How short? - A day or two.
- I've done business with you before. - Yes, about a year ago.
- You got your money back. - Yeah ... you paid back my 300.
But you had to borrow from Abboar to do it, you didn't cover so weII.
- Three weeks over, big deaI. - CIoser to three months.
He got paid. What's the difference?
There's a big difference between me and Abboar.
I'II take your word for that.
Okay, Speed.
- That's $950. - I said $1 ,000.
That's 50 for the Ioan, and 50 for every day untiI it comes back.
You reaIIy put the Jesse James to me.
You wait here.
How Iong wiII you be? I won't sit here aII day.
- Don't compIain. - Don't get caught up in any kind of game.
It's business.
- HeIIo, Speed. - Good seeing you, Chick.
- How's my personaI pigeon? - Just stopped by to pay off my money.
That's aII right. We aII make mistakes.
- Guess you heard about my new hitter? - Yes, word gets around.
He's good. Might even work him up with the ape man.
There's no mystery about it. It's my standard deaI, but ...
You do have to have $1 ,000 upfront. Are you making an offer?
My man is just starting out. He's good, but I have to have Iong odds.
Assuming you did have the money, what kind of odds are you taIking about?
- Five to one. - Three to one.
- Did somebody die and Ieave it to you? - Three to one. Money's on the tabIe.
I don't Iike being hustIed. You're not getting in that cheap.
The pot bet just went up to $3,000 ... You come back when you get that rich.
- So, we don't have a deaI? - Not for $1 ,000.
I'II see you soon, Dempsey.
l'm feeling quite fine, Mr Pettibon.
We've got a boy who can make an interesting contest.
That's quite a bit of money.
I don't know if he's up to it. He's just starting out, he's green.
Nobody takes advantage of you bayou peopIe. We'II be there, Mr Pettibon.
I toId you it wouId be a fat one.
- How high? - 2,000 George Washingtons.
It'II pay some biIIs.
The dun at the door, the woIf at the gates shaII be heId in abeyance.
You're that sure of Mr Chaney?
Does a goose go barefoot?
I'II get some cigars.
- Mr Pettibon, good to see you again. - Look what we did for your IittIe visit.
- Mighty fine. - I knew you'd Iike it.
This is my fiancée, Miss GayIeen Schoonover.
- You remember Mr Poe here? - Sure, nice seeing you again.
That's Chaney. He doesn't say much.
If things go as pIanned, he won't say much at aII Iater.
- It's your pIan, Mr Pettibon, not ours. - You said he was green.
Third time out.
He doesn't Iook unpicked to me. I'II Iet my man be the judge of that.
That's him right over there.
He Iooks Iike he's up to the mark.
He'd better be.
Very pretty, very nice.
- You'd better get the money. - You don't have to ask me to do that.
That's how it's done, Mr Pettibon. I guess it just wasn't your day, was it?
Damn smaII question about that.
What the heII are you doing?
This has been a big set-back for us. I didn't think anybody couId do that.
- That was your error ofjudgement. - It was too damn easy.
There are no ruIes about that, except who wins. That money's ours.
Something wrong, Speed?
We've got a probIem. You're a ringer.
You give us our goddamn money now!
You want that money? Take it.
Somebody aIways shows up with a gun.
- Goddamn sack of country shit. - Steady on, these boys are not refined.
I think you foIks better get in your car and drive home.
I think that's pretty good advice ... He isn't going to pay.
Next time I come back to this coon-ass pIace, I'II bring a gun!
You do that. Make sure it's a big one. Now, get on out!
That's how it's done.
A sorry spectacIe. Very poor exampIe of southern sportsmanship.
AII this driving for nothing. My God, it breaks your heart.
Breaks my butt, that's what it breaks.
Why don't we take it easy, drive down the country roads and see the sights?
- What the heII are you taIking about? - Business.
They went away just Iike that, nothing to it.
- Now I've got the gun. - I guess you do.
Anybody eIse?
What about you?
I don't think you want to use it.
That's one way. You want to see another?
Is this your pIace, Pettibon?
Is this where you Iive?
- I'II see you in a coupIe of days. - You know who we're going after next.
If this isn't your pIace, who's the Iucky Iady?
Have a reaI big time now, you hear.
- Who is it? - Chaney.
- What do you want? - I thought you might Iike to come out.
- You treat me to a champagne breakfast? - Whatever you feeI Iike.
It's 5 am. Christ, I bareIy know you.
But wouId you Iike to?
I guess I can make you some coffee.
You haven't gotten around to teIIing me what you do.
It's something peopIe generaIIy ask.
- Worried I can't pay the check? - No.
I'm worried because you never answer any questions.
Now, teII me. How do you make money?
I knock peopIe down.
- You mean Iike a prize-fighter? - No, they're pick-up fights.
The money is made on bets. It's something I do just for a whiIe.
Funny way to make a Iiving.
Better than working at the bus station changing tyres for two bucks a day.
What does it feeI Iike to knock somebody down?
It makes me feeI a heII of a Iot better than it does him.
That's a reason?
There's no reason about it. Just money.
HeIIo Chick! Good to see you.
This is a private gathering. You're not invited.
You remember Mr Poe ... This'II onIy take one minute.
You remember those speciaI numbers you quoted me on that three to one?
- I'II take you up on that bet. - First you have to have $3,000.
Otherwise it's just an academic question.
You want to count it?
Okay, you're on.
- HeIIo, Doty. - Speed.
- We haven't seen you around town. - I've been busy.
You're doing anything in the eighth?
A man who can afford a shoeshine ought to be abIe to pay his debts.
I have to keep up appearances.
The way we figure it, you're overdue.
Overdue for what? You're pushing me? You'II get your money.
Sure we wiII.
I've got $200 I'II Iay on you right now.
SteaI it. SeII your sister. Borrow it.
Get it aII. Now!
I need some time, a coupIe of days.
Two days and everything's working.
Come on, two days.
- That had better be a promise. - You can bank on that.
Quite a few unfortunate fighters busted their knuckIes on that hard head of his.
That's it. Time. AII bets in.
Hey, oId man. I'II end it for you.
Keep smiIing whiIe you stiII have Iips.
- When he's done, I'm coming after you. - You'II onIy be coming after a doctor.
Jesus. $9,000 in the man's hand ... Enough to take your breath away.
Get them going.
We're ready over here.
Come on, Chaney, goddammit.
You're pretty good.
My, my, Iook at that, Iying there Iike a dead man.
ShouId we caII for an ambuIance or a hearse? No, Iet's get a wheeI barrow.
You've aIways had an unfortunate way of putting things.
Nothing personaI, Chick.
Look at that.
I got a message from Chick GandiI. He wants a drink with us.
- You handIe it, I'm not interested. - No, he said us.
It never hurt anybody to be poIite.
- I saw you out there. ReaI smooth. - Thank you, it's aII in the partner.
I wouId Iike to propose a toast.
I propose a toast to the best man I know.
To the NapoIeon of southern sports.
Come on, GayIeen. Let's get with those gaIIoping dominoes. We'II see you Iater.
I assume you reaIize the bIood of Edgar AIIan Poe courses through my veins.
No, but it sure sounds Iike I'II hear about it.
''Hear the sIedges with the beIIs. SiIver beIIs.
How they tinkIe, tinkIe, tinkIe in the icy air of night.
WhiIe the stars that oversprinkIe aII the heavens, seem to twinkIe -
- with a crystaIIine deIight.''
You get the whoIe 400, four on a Iine. Get them over there.
Come on, dice!
Son of a bitch!
- Pass the dice, he's through. - Not yet, paI. Shoot it aII.
Got it aII?
Point six. Everything in there?
- Six is point. - Come on, make that six.
AII right, I'm Iooking for a big pair of threes.
He Ioses. Next Iucky goer.
- Put on your coat. - You Iost aII of it.
- Shut up. - WeII, excuse me, Mr High RoIIer.
- How Iong an arm has he got? - GandiI's a businessman.
He's worried about his reputation. He's not going to try any muscIe pIay.
There is one thing we'II have to Iive with, though.
Since you beat oId Jim Henry Iike that, fights are going to be harder to find.
And we'II have to give odds which can be very expensive.
WouId you teII GandiI that Mr Chaney and Mr Weed are here to see him?
- Just go right on in. - Thank you, Ma'am.
How's yourjaw?
- GIad you couId drop by, Speed. - AIways a pIeasure.
You remember Mr Chaney here.
- WeII, sit down, get comfortabIe. - Thank you.
- You care for a drink? - No, too earIy for me, thank you.
- AII business, huh? - That's right. WeII, Iet's have it.
You've got a direct way of speaking.
I Iike a man who's direct. Makes everything easy to understand.
- Like the oId days. - We didn't come for a history Iesson.
- Let's get down to cases. - Maybe we shouId do that.
There's $5,000 in that enveIope.
It's yours.
- I don't beIieve I foIIow the drift. - I'm buying haIf of Chaney.
You taIk to me, not him.
I used to have the best street fighter in the city, now I don't.
I don't Iike that at aII.
We can get aIong without you.
I'm sorry to hear that, Mr Chaney. Hope you come round to my way of thinking.
WeII, Iook who's here: Speed.
You come to your Mama Louis's for a reaIIy good time.
I sure did, Mama.
- I've got myseIf some IoveIy new girIs. - Let's have a Iook.
GirIs! ... Each one has been especiaIIy trained to suit your fancy.
I don't need no saIes pitch. I've just come to get my hat bIocked.
- How about a drink, Mister? - Sure, bourbon.
- What did you say your name was? - CaroI.
What did you think about that, CaroI?
It was terrific. You were reaIIy great.
You know something?
That's just exactIy what I thought you'd say.
What the heII are you doing? Hey, Doty! Come on!
- Is that okay, Doty? - TaIk to him.
Mr Le Beau says he's got some business with you. He don't want no troubIe.
Just you pay your debts.
Okay, Mister.
- Good seeing you gentIemen. - Likewise, Speed.
We've got a few things to taIk about. A coupIe of probIems.
I've got to get something going fast.
I've been thinking about GandiI. Maybe we shouId reconsider his offer.
- Why the change of mind? - I'm fIat-ass broke, I need money fast.
I don't Iike GandiI.
- That's no reason. - It's enough reason for me.
That's fine for you, but it doesn't do much for my case.
If we don't go for GandiI, I have to borrow ...
My credit's not worth a damn aII over town. Can you Ioan me $2,000?
Speed, you made as much as me. DoIIar for doIIar.
The way I Iook at it, you owe me.
We used my bankroII to begin with. My contacts.
You were a bum when I met you. You're nothing without me.
I figure you owe me.
- Dumb. - Are you saying no to me?
HeII, Speed, now we're both finished.
WeIcome to New OrIeans, Street.
I don't do that.
Do you ever get scared when you do your work?
- I don't think about it. - You onIy care about the money.
Isn't that right? Just as Iong as the money's good.
Have you got any more questions?
Try this one:
Are you going to stay the night?
Not this time.
AII right, Iet's get it out. What's bothering you?
HeII, yes, something's wrong. A Iot of things. The rent.
The price of groceries. CIothes I can't buy. A few items Iike that.
- How much do you want? - I want my own, I won't depend on you.
You're not reIiabIe.
You come when you want, you go when you want.
You never mention what comes in the middIe.
Suit yourseIf.
Can I buy you one?
How have you been?
- You want to taIk about sporting Iife? - I'm out of it.
That's too bad. I had to give up on you and bought myseIf another hitter.
The best.
Must make you very happy to get what you wanted.
I'II teII you what I want. You must have quite a stash saved now.
- How about $5,000? Him against you. - I don't need any more money.
- There's no point in avoiding this. - He's right.
- You want it that much? - I'm getting paid.
- I can reach over and start things now. - But you won't.
You don't think so?
You're not going to do it for free.
Who the heII are you?
Son of a bitch. HeIp!
- Hey, this is your Iucky night. - Depends on how you Iook at it.
I'II teII you how to Iook at it.
Right about now I'd be deciding whether to bust your Iegs or your back.
But ... somebody just paid the interest on your debt.
Just for one week.
Your man fights Mr Street and I'II handIe your whoIe mortgage.
My man? ... He won't even speak to me.
We'II put you on ice for a whiIe ... and see if he'II speak to me.
I don't want to interrupt anything ...
GandiI came to see me. We have got a probIem.
- You and me haven't got any troubIe. - I'm afraid we do. It's about Speed.
- He sent you? - Doesn't even know I'm here.
Me and Speed aren't reIated any more.
- He's in a Iot of troubIe. - I am not interested.
Speed owes a ton to a IocaI riff-raff. They're putting the arm on him.
GandiI wiII pay his Ioan off, if you take on his man. No crowd, just business.
I won't bet my $5,000. I don't owe that goddamn Speed anything.
That's not the point. It's reaI simpIe.
He's in the wringer. OnIy you can get him out.
Money's hard to come by, Poe.
- Anybody got a cigarette? - I don't use any.
- I'II go and get some. - You're not going anywhere.
If things don't work out tomorrow night, which one of you gets to do the job?
- We both do. - Not this time. I'II take him.
You haven't won one in a whiIe, have you?
Three cards.
- He reaIIy cIeaned your pIough, huh? - Shut up and pIay cards.
- You think he'II show up? - I sure hope not.
I've got a visitor.
- Some other time. - No, wait.
I'II waIk you down.
WeII, how have you been?
- How do I Iook? - I've got no compIaints.
There's something I've got to teII you.
I don't think you shouId drop by any more.
Things have changed. I think I'm moving.
I'II get a better pIace.
I got a better offer.
Someone that spends the night.
He's even got a steady job.
Looks Iike you've got things aII figured out.
Is that aII you've got to say?
- GentIemen. - Good evening.
- WiII your man show up? - We'II just have to wait and find out.
- Let's get started. - Why not?
- Where are they? - Upstairs.
- Go up and get them, Doty. - I'II do it.
We won't wait here aII night!
Thank you, paI. Just Iike oId times, huh?
We did add a coupIe of new wrinkIes.
Did you see him fight?
No, but they didn't bring him aII the way from Chicago to Iose.
Let's do it.
AII right, you big shots, we're ready.
Anybody eIse got anything to say?
GIad you couId make it.
Things have a way of coming around.
Mr Chaney, I envy you.
It must be exciting to bet more than you can afford to Iose.
Who's going to hoId it?
He is.
It doesn't matter what you do, -
- you're aIways going to smeII Iike fish.
Use them.
- FouI! Get those paImers out of here. - Use them, goddamn, use them.
Forfeit, by God!
You owe me money.
You cost me a great deaI.
You'II Iive with it.
Mr Chaney ... it's been a pIeasure watching you work.
You know, Chick, Iike oId mama said:
Next best thing to pIaying and winning is pIaying and Iosing.
- I'II see you around. - Adios.
- Sure this is as far as you want to go? - Yes, I'm sure.
Hey, Poe ...
I've got a cat back at my pIace.
- I want you to take care of it for me. - That's a Iot of money.
You take care of Poe.
For a man who came to town to make some money, -
- you're sure giving a Iot of it away.
You're forgetting about the inbetweens.
I guess you fiII them out aII right.
Where are you off to?
You've got to say something.
We ought to head on down to Miami.
Get in on some of the action down there.
It's a heII of a town, you know.
Right on that warm ocean front.
Fine, saIt sea air.
It wouId be good for our heaIth.
He sure was something.
Let's go get the cat.
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Harder They Come The
Harder They Fall The 1956
Harlem Nights
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 2004
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Harry Potter
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) CD1
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD1
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Harte Jungs - Ants In The Pants 2000
Harts War (2002) CD1
Harts War (2002) CD2
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Hatuna Meuheret
Haunted Mansion The
Haunting The
Haute Tension
Hawaii Oslo (2004) CD1
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He Got Game CD1
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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
He Walked By Night (1948)
He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD1
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Head in the Clouds
Heart Of Me The (2002)
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Heat Team 2004
Heaven 2002
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Heaven Can Wait 1978
Heaven Fell That Night (Roger Vadim 1957)
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Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981
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Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
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Hijo de la Novia El 2001
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Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
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His brother 2003
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Honest 2000
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Hostile Waters 1997
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Hour of the Wolf
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House of 1000 Corpses
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House of the Flying Daggers
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
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Hum Kaun Hai
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