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I gotta lock up, son.
You looking for faith, forgiveness?
I'm lookin' for the Bulls to cover the spread.
Duffy's here. You better have his money.
I got it. I'm gonna have it. What's the score?
You're into Duffy for at least five grand. Who gave you an account?
I laid six grand with the Barber to get me even.
Chicago's down by four.
- I got Chicago gettin' eight. - Less than a minute to go.
Hang on! Just hang on.
Did you bet the Barber with my money? You're not that stupid.
Shut up, Duffy. In 18 seconds, you'll have your money.
Oh, and he gets hammered, and in it goes!
Okay, if he makes both, it's eight. I push. I'm even.
Flagrant foul. He shoots that first.
- That's bullshit! - You're screwed if he makes three.
Grab him!
Get off of me!
I'm first, O'Neill!
You always pay me first!
You wanna kick my ass?
No one can kick my ass better than I can.
Hey, Conor, it's Ticky!
Did you bring money for the summons?
- What's that? - Did you bring money to get me out?
- Damn, you got "zactly's" breath. - "Zactly's breath"?
Your breath smells zactly like your ass. Damn, that's nasty.
Did you pay them? They said it's 580.
- I need the tickets. - Which ones?
You got two pair on the floor for the Bulls-Rockets.
I'm gonna hawk those myself. The game's not till 7:00.
- It's 5:00. Tell me where they are. - What?
- Shit. - Come on.
They're under the religious statue on my dresser.
Wait, Ticky! You gotta get 1,200.
- You gotta pay to get me out! - I already did.
- Yeah? - It's Ticky. Let me in.
Ticky. Thank God.
I really need that money. How much did you get for the tickets?
Hey, O'Neill. Remember me?
They grabbed me outside the United Center.
- Yeah, you're the Barber's son. - Yeah.
Remember making that phone call from Michael Pistone's wedding?
- Get off of me. - You talked to me.
You said, "This is O'Neill, number 55. What's my limit?"
So I check 55, and I see you got six grand.
So you put that six grand down on Milwaukee, and they tank.
So I ask my old man about O'Neill on 55, and guess what he tells me.
- That guy died four months ago. - Look, tell the Barber--
You bet six grand on your dead father's account.
- I need some money right now! - I'll give you everything I got.
All right. That's a start.
Forty-seven dollars.
All right, you owe 6,600.
You pay me a grand a week until I say stop.
- That's ridiculous. 500. - 750. Bring it to the barber shop.
You don't want me to come back here.
They grabbed me outside the United Center!
Excuse me. I'm Conor O'Neill. I got an 11:30 with James Fleming.
Can you lend me...
twelve grand?
What-- do you need to bury your father again?
Did you dig the guy up or something?
- What are you, freakin' sick? - I'm sick?
Four months ago you come in here crying...
about how you need $5,000 to bury your old man.
I talked to Mahoney at Mikey's wedding.
It seems he also gave you 5,000 to bury the guy.
And I'm gonna pay Mahoney back.
I don't give a shit how much you owe Mahoney.
Listen, Jimmy, I'm really up against it right now with Duffy--
And I really don't give a shit how much you owe the bookies.
Come back in here.
You know, this...
just might help you.
- Jimmy, this is only 500 bucks. - I know.
You're going to coach a kids' baseball team with me.
Jimmy, I don't think you understand how serious my situation is.
I'm gonna pay you $500 a week for the next ten weeks.
That's week one.
- Jimmy, I ain't no good with kids. - You know, Conor...
I do this to give something back to the community.
You don't want to do it, give me the check back.
So, I'll see you at the field tomorrow.
- 3:30. - Where is it?
Right behind that Baptist church where you used to buy reefer.
The only thing behind that church is those shitty housing projects.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll whack this shit to the gate. You ain't gonna mess with me.
Yo, check out Coach Jimmy's whip! Oh, damn, this shit is pimped.
Whoa, guys, don't touch the car.
Yo, Coach Jimmy. Here's my extra inhaler...
and here's my Sugar Babies for when my blood needs sugar.
Mom says I do better when my blood's got sugar in it.
What's your name again?
- Jefferson Albert Tibbs. But-- - Everybody listen!
That gentleman behind you is Coach Conor.
He'll be taking over the day-to-day operations.
- What? - That bum guy's our coach?
Coach Conor just stopped by to give you the equipment.
Jimmy, I can't do this by myself.
Here's your roster, schedule, Sugar Babies, inhaler.
I gotta be in New York three weeks. Training seminar. Can't be avoided.
- Good luck. - Hey, wait, Jimmy.
- Wait. - What's wrong with that man?
Wait, wait, wait! How am I gonna get my money?
Every Monday, Ellen will have a check for you. Gotta go.
- Five hundred, right? - Every Monday.
- Five hundred every Monday. - You bet.
I'll see ya.
- Andre Ray Peetes? - 'Sup, my brother!
- What position do you play? - Big Willie.
Whatever, man-- back catcher or center field.
I got mad power. I pound the shit to the gate, yo!
Damn right.
Miles Pennfield II?
- This dude. - Him.
What position does he play?
He says he can pitch, Coach Conor, but I might pitch too.
- What's your name? - Jefferson Albert Tibbs.
Mom says I can play anywhere.
My asthma and all, I should probably play first.
I gotta keep my sugar up too.
You know, Mom said that some boys just plain big-boned.
And some boys just plain fat-assed.
Hi. Matt Hyland, head of the coaches' committee.
- You the Kekambas? - What?
- Are you the Kekambas? - Yeah, bitch, we the Kekambas.
So, what's up?
Where's James Fleming from Smyth and Stevens Securities?
He's out of town on business. I'm assisting him.
What do you got-- six or seven kids?
If you can't field a team, the league'll drop ya.
I'll tell Coach Fleming--
This is Darryl Mackey. He's the president of the league.
Last year was a mess.
We had to cancel games because we'd show up...
and the other team would have five kids.
Waste of everybody's time.
We're just trying to save everyone a whole lot of trouble, okay?
If you can't field a nine-man team, you and the Kekambas should go home.
Talk to Jimmy Fleming at Smyth and Stevens Securities...
and submit a roster by Friday.
- Friday. - All right?
Yo, Coach. Kofi and Ray Ray want to play.
Is that Kofi Evans and...
- Raymont Bennet? - Yeah, Coach.
But Miss Wilkes ain't gonna let them play.
Wait, hey, hey!
Who's Miss Wilkes?
She teaches Saint Malachy. She gets on my damn nerves, I swear to God!
She is real mean, Coach.
She's an old nasty lady. She tell your moms every little thing.
Do you know she called my house every night last year? Every night.
- She won't let these guys play? - Hell, no!
She said they couldn't play ball until they do these book reports.
- Kofi ain't doin' shit. - Ray Ray neither. They're like...
"Bitch, quit that noise. "
Hey, can we cool it with the "bitches"?
Shit, man.
Coach, it's gettin' kinda late. We gotta go soon. We practicin'?
Not today.
Thursday, 4:00 here.
Miles, wait up!
My mom's meetin' me at Southside Pizza. I ain't walkin' by myself.
I wanna go to Southside with you.
- You wanna just cut up Ashland? - Whatever, man.
I don't wanna walk through folks' loop. Damn Disciples.
Glock, nine millimeter.
Hey, you know about my karate right?
- Man, do you mean karate? - Nah, it's karate.
Learned it from my cousin who was in Japan in the army.
Lightning quick!
This is the tiger.
No man can defend himself from the fury of a karate tiger man.
Yeah, Dre-- a tiger. Okay.
I only use the tiger when I'm fightin', like, a dozen guys.
More than that, I use the bear.
- What's the bear again? - I can't show you!
Man, that's the secret code of the karate honor.
Hey, wait up!
- Yes? - Sister Wilkes?
I'm Conor O'Neill. I wanted to talk to you about--
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's just my head.
Who are you here to see?
- Sister Wilkes. - I'm Miss Wilkes.
- Do you teach here? - Yes.
Oh, I'm sorry. I was just expecting...
an older woman.
- Well, I'm not a nun. - Thank God!
I mean, that's great.
Is Kofi Evans and Raymont Bennet in your class?
Are they in my class. Yes, they're in my class.
I need them to play baseball for the Kekambas.
Oh, yeah. That's something you should take up with their mothers.
- But the kids told me-- - Both mothers agreed...
the boys would read one book before they start baseball in the spring.
Hey, I got no problem with that.
You know, I think reading's real good for kids.
You work for Smyth and Stevens Securities?
- Yes. - What deal did you blow?
Well, I'm sure you're not coaching this team by choice.
My associate, James Fleming, is in New York for three weeks...
so I volunteered to help out.
I would have loved to have coached that team.
I was away on business-- Canada--
the day Mr. Smyth and Mr. Stevens chose the team.
Canada. That must have been nice.
I was in the business part the whole time though.
It's wonderful you're teaching these boys to play baseball.
It's just a shame no one spends any time helping them to read.
Listen, I'm Conor.
I'm only helping out with the team for two weeks...
but I'm willing to get together with you and help the boys out.
- Why don't we exchange numbers? - I have a better idea.
I'll give you a copy of the book the boys are supposed to be reading.
You read it, and then you can talk to them about their reports.
God. That would be great.
Conor O'Neill, coach of the crack babies.
I can't coach that team. I'm serious. I'm bailin' out.
- How'd it go with the nuns? - God, she was beautiful.
You picked up a nun?
Shut up.
You still want your half of the Blackhawks seats I got?
Yeah. Where are they?
I'm gettin' them tomorrow.
Bring 'em to the baseball field on Loomis...
tomorrow between 4:00 and 5:00.
Loomis? That's the friggin' projects!
Don't screw me. I'm not in the mood.
- I need that money. - I'll be there at 5:00.
- Before 5:00. - O'Neill.
Easy, slugger, all right?
You got some cabbage for me?
Can we talk outside, without the bat?
Duffy, you knew my dad.
And I wouldn't be callin' in a favor if I wasn't completely racked.
- You smashed up my bar. - I'll pay you. I just need time.
It ain't my money. Now, I can't carry you anymore.
I'll help with the book, take bets. I'll bring in business.
No, that's not gonna work.
Listen, I gave them your name because I couldn't carry you.
Are you saying some jag-off goombah is gonna come and break my thumbs?
Duffy, I'm desperate.
I'm coaching a kids' baseball team...
in the projects for a guy who's paying me 500 a week.
But I'm paying the Barber off. What should I do?
Should I tell the Barber to back off? Start paying you every week?
Keep payin' the Barber...
but don't come around here unless you got the money.
I'm Pearla Evans, and this one's Kofi. This is my youngest, Jarius.
Everybody call me G- Baby, so--
This is my sister's boy, Raymont.
Miss Wilkes said you're going to help with their assignments...
- so they could play ball. - Yeah, that was before I had this--
Miss Wilkes said she had a good feelin' about you.
- I figured I'd give it a try. - Miss Wilkes said that?
No. She said she had a good feelin' about them all playin' ball.
- But I'll tell you now, Mr. -- - O'Neill. Conor O'Neill.
You don't help these boys, they don't do this work...
hell will be paid with your ass.
I can reach you at Smyth and Stevens to plan a tutoring session?
- Yes. Of course. Anytime. - Good.
- Go on, boys. - Yeah, come on!
Yeah, come on, man. I'll beat you up, man.
Come on now. Yeah.
- What? - This ain't no giddyap show.
No, like this. Like this.
Come on, Ticky. You're killin' me.
We usually quit at 5:30.
Mom needs me home.
- We eat around 6:30. - No, keep practicin'.
I'm waiting for somebody. We'll be done soon.
- I'll let you know, Albert. - I'm Jefferson.
Come on, man, pitch the ball!
Shut up!
- You wanna hit me? Huh, bitch? - Oh, shit.
And if I did, what you gonna do about it, you little punk?
Hey, that's enough! That's enough, all right?
- Shit, I wanna see some blood. - Will you guys cool it?
Practice Saturday, 1:00, all right?
- What? - Can I walk with you?
No. I'm not goin' that way. Sorry.
Yo, what's up, my B?
What's up, shorty, man? Hey, gimme that pizza, my man.
- What up, boy? - Open the bag.
Take it! Just let me go!
- Let go the bag, punk. - You got it. Let's go!
Thanks for the bag, fool!
I think it makes you look tough.
- Is he okay? - Who are you?
I'm the coach. Conor O'Neill.
Why did you keep them so late?
Fool, I called you at Smyth and Stevens Securities...
and at first, some little girl didn't even know who you were.
Then some man named Fleming got on the phone...
and told me you were out of the office today.
Please, take my home number.
You can't keep them boys out there after dark.
Thank Jesus for Jefferson's strength.
That smell?
That might be a lawsuit.
Look at you. You don't even look like you're holdin' it together.
Jefferson, I'm sorry.
I shoulda called practice, you know, when it got dark.
I just came by because...
as soon as you're ready we expect you back, huh?
I needed to know what number uniform you wanted.
You're never gonna stay being our coach.
Enjoy the game.
Nice wheels, soccer mom.
- Up yours. - What's with the wagon?
Smyth and Stevens took shit when a kid got beat up after practice...
so they lent me this car to get 'em all home.
Ah, man. Who got beat up? Who needs tickets?
- Jefferson Tibbs. - That's the fat kid, right?
Yeah-- How'd you know?
You told me about every kid on the team.
Aw, shit. I hate it when people mess with kids.
Jesus. It's so wrong. How can I help you fellas?
Mister, you just sold us tickets to last night's game.
Don't make me shoot you! When a man needs crack, a man needs crack!
You're unbelievable, man.
- Need seats? Need two? - How we doin' tonight?
We aren't doin' so good. San Jose's not such a hot ticket.
- Did the Bulls cover last night? - Yeah, they won by nine.
Shit. I couldn't get any action.
I need to find someone who'll take a big bet.
Fink's minimum bet's two grand.
- The guy at the cement plant? - Yeah, Fink the cement guy. Why?
- I wanna lay 12 G's. - 12 grand? On what?
Since Jordan left, the Bulls have never covered at home against Miami.
- You serious about this? - They play Miami on the 26th.
- You shouldn't do this. - I don't have a choice.
Take me to meet Fink.
- Come on. - Programs here!
Okay. Okay. I'll take you to see Fink.
Sell some tickets.
- Who need tickets, folks? - Who needs tickets?
- Pay up, bitch! - I'll kick your ass, bitch!
Cool it! Cool it! What's goin' on?
All right. Let me break it down to you right quick.
Andre say he can catch any pop- up ball anybody can throw.
Kofi say "That's bullshit. You a busta."
Andre say, "Roll up, bitch. "
Kofi say, "I'll give you all my gum if you catch this ball. "
He threw the ball. Andre caught it. Andre say, "Pay me my money."
Kofi say, "You a cheatin' bitch. " No, wait.
- Kofi say, "You a motherf--" - Okay, I got it. Thanks.
Okay, I want everybody to take a position. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's practice.
Damn, man, you suck, just like my girlfriend.
Nice catch, Andre.
You jackass. Keep chasin', punk.
Give me the ball.
- Damn! - What happened?
Kofi just jumped out of the way like a baby!
- What's your problem? - Why is everyone so quiet?
What's up, Kofi? You scared of the ball?
New rule!
No one can say anything bad to anyone else on the field! Got it?
You can't talk shit you got nothin' to say?
Let's hear it.
- Got it. - Got it.
Way to use your head, Jamal.
It's cool, Jamal, man. Don't worry about it.
"Four Spanish men with hiking boots had surrounded me close.
I could tell they were banditos because they had taco breath...
and they called me 'hombre.'
I spun around and hit the biggest one. I punched him in the gut.
And as he was falling, he grabbed my backpack.
I said, 'Stop, you banditos! I don't want to have to hit anyone else. '
But because they were Spanish, they didn't understand me.
Two more jumped me, and I hit one of them in his--" Between his legs.
"My mouth banged on his head.
And that was where I got my fat lip. The end."
- So where'd you get your fat butt? - Andre, that's enough.
That was very nice, Jefferson.
Excellent use of the first-person narrative.
I was scared of the banditos.
It was good. Okay, sit down.
Mr. O'Neill. Fresh from the office?
Why don't you invite your pants down to your shoes so they can party?
Everyone, this is Mr. O'Neill...
who coaches a baseball team that some of our young men play on.
He's taken the time out of his busy day to give us a hand.
So give him your attention.
A Wrinkle in Time is an important book...
and I liked it very much.
I'm just sayin' it ain't like that.
Fantasy ain't reality. I like to read stuff that's real.
- Give me an example. - Michael Jordan's book.
- Nice book, man. - Excellent choice.
A strong piece of literature, a great read.
- Yeah. - That's a biography.
That's the real story of his life.
This is fiction. The story's made up.
It's meant to entertain you and make you think.
Kofi, you haven't spoken up. All you've said is you didn't like it.
That's right.
If you can't say more, I'll assume that you didn't really read it...
and your mother's gonna want me to call her.
- Did you read the book? - Yeah.
- Tell me something about it. - It was booty.
Okay. I'm gonna call your mom tonight.
That girl Meg is dumb.
She think her father comin' back from wherever.
That's stupid to believe in.
That girl and her mom is both trippin'.
'Cause where I'm from, don't nobody's father come back.
Come on, right here!
Yo, let's do this! I'm ready to beat 'em!
Come on! Hurry up!
Maybe this year you could turn a double play.
Got the uniforms, Coach...
and your check.
- I take it you're not staying. - Sorry. Can't.
Next time. Good luck today.
Thanks. Thanks for giving back to the community...
- I want seven like last time. - I want number four!
Find a shirt that fits and put it on, okay?
This shirt smells like my grandma.
Good to see you, Jefferson.
- Who's got number 11? - Coach, I got it here.
Thanks. Jefferson, this is the biggest shirt we got, all right?
Everyone, the shirts go up in sizes from two to 11, okay?
Coach, I need a shirt.
Who's got number ten?
- I got it. - Give it to Jamal.
Where's my shirt?
Hey, guys. Guys?
Why don't you guys play catch in the outfield, okay?
Warm up. G, hang on. Hang on. I wanna talk to you.
- How old are you? - I'll be nine in October.
You're supposed to be nine before August to play in this league.
But I wanna play.
There's only ten uniforms, 11 players.
So I gotta give the guys who are old enough first pick.
But I'm on the team, right?
Hell, yeah!
Play ball!
He's out!
- Strike! - It's all right, Ray Ray.
Strike! Out!
- Come on! - Throw it!
- Come on! Get down! Get down now! - Safe!
Oh, my God, he caught it. Throw it!
What the hell-- Damn it!
- Okay, I'm gonna break your ass! - What the hell is wrong with you?
Come on, baby, you can do this.
- Keep goin', Kofi! - Go! Come on, Kofi!
Keep going!
Good job.
Strike! Out!
That's all right. That's the way to take your cuts. Good job.
- Yeah? - Coach, I guess that's it.
I mean, the league says we can't start another inning after 6:30.
- Really? - Well, yeah.
It's 6:37 now, and we're up 16 to 1.
- That's cool. Thanks. - Good luck the rest of the way.
Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Kekambas!
Damn, Miles, you don't even know how to throw the ball!
Shut up, Ray Ray. At least he ran after it when it went by.
Shit went through your legs like five damn times.
You a little punk, Dre. Least you throw like one.
I'm tired of your shit, bitch.
- Kick his ass! - Hey, that's it! That's it!
- That's it. That's it! - I'm gonna kill you!
- Kofi, you're close to being done. - I quit!
- This team sucks, man! - Oh, hell, no. Damn it!
- Shit! This is you, Dre. - This is all your fault, Dre.
Anybody hungry? How 'bout pizza?
I'm down with that shit, my brother.
You got three large pies, 11 pops.
It's 44.65.
You like hockey? Blackhawks fans?
I take the wife and kids every year to the Negro Hockey Hall of Fame.
Man, the only thing black at a Blackhawk game is the puck.
I'll give you two loge seats for the Bulls/Mavericks on Sunday.
- For the pizza? - For the pizza.
Done deal.
Yo, Coach! If I get a home run next game, you gotta buy me pizza again.
Every run I score, I get one slice.
You bustas is trippin'. Only me gettin' pizza every game.
MVP-- Most Valuable Pizza eater.
Yo, Coach, I should be pitching.
- You wanna pitch, Miles? - Yes, sir.
- Yeah. You can pitch on Wednesday. - Yes!
Coach, is there any chance that we'll get trophies this year?
Let's see.
There are eight teams in the league...
play everyone twice--
We gotta win more games than we lose.
- Yes! - So we go to the 'ship, right?
- Yeah, we could. - Man, we goin' to the 'ship.
We goin' to the 'ship, whoa. We goin' to the 'ship.
All right, Andre.
This is it, right?
Don't you wanna see my house?
Everyone's sittin' on the floor.
You stay below the window.
What do you do around here for fun?
Play baseball with you.
- See ya on Wednesday. - Okay.
You ready, Miles?
Want me to hold your Walkman?
Come on, Miles. You do your stuff now.
- Let's go, pitcher! - Come on, Miles!
- Strike! - Damn.
- Strike! Out! - Shit.
- What's he listenin' to? - Same song...
- over and over. - What is it?
"Big Poppa" by Notorious B. I. G.
Want one of his tapes? He made five of 'em.
How's it go?
I love it when you call me Big Poppa
He waves his hand in the air
if you a true player
I see some ladies tonight
that should be havin' my baby, baby
Strike! Out!
Strike! Strike!
Strike! Out!
We won our last game.
Miles is an amazing pitcher.
Oh, I heard. Nine to three over the Gandas.
I'm just helping out till my colleague returns from New York.
- You're great to take the time out. - Hey, listen...
why don't we have dinner tonight?
What good is an expense account if you don't pad it once in a while?
I can't. It's a school night.
- Maybe some other time. - After the game on Saturday?
- Saturday. - The boys would love you to come.
- Maybe. - Maybe.
You're not really tryin' to get Miss Wilkes, are you?
- No. Why? - Good.
'Cause I already tried, and she ain't havin' it.
Do it, Jamal!
Kofi wanna come back...
but first I have to "regotiate" his contract.
- Ball one! - Okay.
- What are the terms? - One, you tell Andre...
that Kofi's the best player.
Two, only Kofi gets pizza when he hits a home run.
Three, if he whacks it over the gate, he gets a pizza to take home.
One, when the season's over, the team votes on who's the best player.
Two, Kofi can have the same pizza bonuses as everyone else.
Three, if he hits it over the fence...
I'll buy him a pizza.
Okay. Let me discuss the regotiations with my client.
Put your back into it, Jefferson!
Here! Light this sucker up!
- Go, baby! - One more run!
What's up, Coach?
Kofi Evans.
- I spoke to your agent. - I can come back?
If it's cool with the team. But you start shit with Andre...
and you're done-- okay?
- Run! - You're out!
Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?
The Kintus! The Kintus! Yea, Kintus!
You're great with them.
Thanks. Are we on for tonight?
- Tonight? I don't know. - It's not a school night.
Come on-- just for dinner.
Look, the place is well-lit. People can hear your screams.
I'm not sure. Where?
It's on the corner of Clark and Addison-- Slugger's.
How 'bout 9:00?
9:00. Clark and Addison.
- All right. - All right?
Did you miss a payment with the Barber?
Yeah. I shined him this week. Why?
That goofy dork Gino came into Duffy's asking for you.
Oh, Jesus.
- Ticky, this is Ed. - Ed.
- How you doin'? - Pleasure.
This is Conor O'Neill. He wanted to meet you.
What do you do for money?
I'm a trader at Smyth and Stevens.
Bullshit. First lie.
You gonna beat me one time so you can pay off whoever else you owe?
- I wanna make a big bet. - How big?
- Twelve grand. - And?
And, if I win...
I wanna get paid.
No bullshit to keep bettin' it.
This guy's too serious.
I got a handful of clients, they lay a hundred grand a week.
- They're not emotional about it. - I can cover it.
You seem too emotional about this 12 grand. Desperate.
What are you, a psychiatrist or a bookie?
Don't you want your number?
You gonna take my bet?
- Ed, what's the next number? - 27.
You're account 27 when you call in. And your handle is?
What? Kekambas?
- Kekambas. - Ed, you got it?
- Got it. - You're a strange kid, Kekambas.
I'm interested to see what happens with you.
Gino, get him.
Fuck this.
Account 27. Kekambas.
Yeah. What's the line on Chicago tomorrow night against Miami?
Gimme Miami minus six. Twelve grand.
Wait. Wait.
I'll take Chicago and the six points.
Yeah. Twelve thousand.
- Let's eat. - Okay.
Why don't we sit?
So, I wanted to talk to you.
Yeah, I wanted to talk to you too.
- Do you want a drink? - No.
What's wrong?
I come here all the time with the guys I work with.
Look, I know you don't work at Smyth and Stevens.
Look at you. I could tell right away you weren't a broker.
What's that mean?
Nothing. You just don't look like you work at Smyth and Stevens.
You look like a freakin' boring schoolteacher.
Hey, why'd you come here?
To bust me in the lie about where I work? You win.
You coach my kids. I thought we had a common interest.
Elizabeth, I get paid under the table to coach that team.
And I only do that...
'cause I'm in a big hole with two bookies who are lookin' to kill me.
- What? - Nothing.
You know all this.
I spoke to Jimmy Fleming after Jefferson got beat up. He told me.
- You just think I'm a big joke. - No!
You know, it's people like me that make people like you...
feel better about your tiny life.
This is unbelievable. I can't believe I came down here for this.
Yeah? Then why did you come if you know I'm a liar?
Because those kids trust you. And they don't trust anybody.
- I told you, I coach for money. - Well, I teach for money.
I've had the best fifth graders in the world, but some don't make it.
There's nobody besides their mother or me telling them what to do.
So what?
I'm done with all that.
Well, I just came down here to see what they see...
because they're never wrong.
Take a good look. See what they see.
- I came to talk to you about a job. - Yeah?
Well, unless it pays 12 grand an hour...
I'm not interested.
- Did you play it? - Yeah.
- Twelve grand? Yes! - Twelve grand.
- Coach! Can we have a word? - How many points you givin'?
I'm getting six.
You took Chicago? Are you on crack?
- You laid 12 grand on those-- - I'm under a lot of pressure.
- I said now! - Win or lose, I'm outta here.
- Darryl Mackey, league's president. - We met.
Coach, we're concerned about the age of some of the boys on your team.
Can you produce birth certificates for your players?
All I got is what Coach Fleming at Smyth and Stevens gave me.
Here they are.
What are the names of those two boys at second base?
- Andre and Jamal. - Which one's Jamal?
The taller one.
This birth certificate's been altered.
The eight's been turned into a nine.
You have to be born after September of '88.
Well, the kid is out of the league, and the Kekambas are on probation.
Look, what are you guys-- the cops?
What's the point of the league, Coach?
To teach kids it's okay to lie, as long as they can get away with it?
It should be about these kids playing ball...
not the trophy you bring to work.
Look, the kid goes now.
Jefferson bats seventh, plays first base.
Miles pitches and bats eighth, and Clarence...
you play third and bat ninth.
- Cool. - Okay, let's go.
Why I not playin'? You mad at me?
Jamal, the other coach--
'Cause I'm sorry about pushing Ray Ray. I just want to play.
They know you changed your birth certificate. I can't let you play.
But my mom said it was okay.
She said that she would tell them if they asked. She said it was okay.
- I just wanna play. - There's nothin' I can do.
Look, why don't you just sit--
Miles, do your stuff now.
Strike! Out.
Yeah, baby. That's what I'm talkin' about.
Time, Blue.
I can't have this kid out here with these things on.
- What now? - We're just all in agreement.
The kid can't wear headphones while he pitches.
Matt makes a good point about safety.
You're kidding me, right?
What if he gets hurt because he can't hear in a dangerous situation?
- There's liability issues. - Bring it in, fellas.
- Come on, bring it in. - What are you doing?
I want you guys to explain to them why they lost Jamal...
and why Miles can't wear headphones...
and why the Bua Was and the Waatas have nice uniforms...
and we have shitty T-shirts.
Easy, Coach. You're already on a warning.
This is the president...
and that is the coach of the goofiest team in the league.
They kicked Jamal out because he was born two weeks early...
and now they're makin' Miles take his headphones off...
'cause he's pitchin' too good.
It's a safety issue.
Fellas, you understand everyone has to follow the same rules.
That's some weak-ass bullshit, you bitch-ass, mother-freakin' bustas.
What did you say?
I believe he said, "That is some weak-ass bullshit."
- Was that it, G-Baby? - Yeah, that's it.
You are on thin ice, pal! I could have you removed from this league.
This is my last game. I quit.
I'm out.
I got business out of town.
Kekambas, back on the field.
Son, no headphones.
Coaches, get back to the dugouts.
Come on, let's go. Get out there.
Come on! Let's go!
What'd you expect? I was gonna coach this team the whole year?
Rally, rally, the pitcher's name is Sally!
All right, Calvin. Big stick now.
What have you got, son?
Hang on. You guys suck.
- Whatever. I just quit. - Finally.
- I'll see you at the game. - Yeah.
- Slugger's. - Yeah.
Next practice is Saturday, right?
01:00. Someone's gonna be here. Right?
I'll make sure someone's here on Saturday for practice.
Coach, can't you at least give us a ride? I mean--
- It's early. You can walk. - Could you drop us off?
Don't you think I might have something more important to do...
than worry about you guys and your stupid little baseball team?
Can we please go in now? I gotta take a piss.
- We're watching through the glass? - I feel better out here.
All right.
He can't get in there. Jones fires.
- Jones is ice cold! - It's all right.
Fourth quarter, we're up by two points, you're getting six.
- I don't know what I'm gonna do. - Come on. You're up right now.
Ride it out.
Nice play by Tillman. He's got it.
Here we go.
Smith throws up a prayer. It's good! Holy shit!
- Should I look? - No, no!
Not looking is working. Keep not looking.
Oh, God, Ticky. Am I out of the woods?
Here we go. Miami inbounds.
Don't foul!
Shit! They fouled him! Williams will shoot two!
Oh, God, Ticky. Never again.
- Shit! - What's happening?
Talk to me! What's happening?
Williams at the line.
- Williams makes the first. - Shit, shit!
- He makes the second, you're dead. - Williams shoots 80%.
Williams shoots. It's in.
- What am I gonna do? - Miami by seven.
Oh, my God, Ticky.
I was down 11 grand before I made this bet.
Smith dribbles inside, half-court.
Heaves a 30-footer!
It's in!
- You covered! Yes, it's good! - What's the final score?
Miami by four! You covered!
- You covered 12 G's! - I covered!
I love it when you call me Big Poppa
Throw your hands in the air if you's a true player
I love it when you call me Big Poppa
Got a gun up in your waist Please don't shoot up the place
What 'Cause I see some ladies tonight
- That should be havin' my baby - Baby
Hey! You take this party somewhere else.
Kiss our ass, Duffy. He beat Fink tonight for 12 grand!
- You got my six grand? - Tomorrow.
Hey, no-neck, play this. Make yourself useful, huh?
- So you took Fink for 12 large. - Yeah.
Now what?
- I don't know. - What do you mean, you don't know?
We're rolling it on the Bulls Saturday night.
I'll take that action on Ticky's number if you wanna play it.
We'll bet it with Fink. We covered tonight.
We got Vancouver Saturday night. We'll cover again. 24 grand.
Yeah. 24 grand.
Then what? Hey, you think you just won the game of life?
- What next? - I don't know.
If you win that, what are you gonna do with your life?
You gonna coach baseball for black kids?
I don't know.
I don't know, Duffy.
Maybe I'm just a loser, right? Not like you.
Mr. Big Time, huh?
- I'm just a loser. - All right, O'Neill.
I want my money tomorrow.
Night-night. Time for beddy-bye, Coach.
Don't talk down to me!
You don't know shit about those kids!
Come on. Let's go, let's go.
Chicago landers brace for the long-awaited interleague...
crosstown matchup between the Sox and the Cubbies tonight at Comiskey.
In a battle between two of the game's brightest young hurlers...
21-year-old Jon Garland will face off against the red-hot Kerry Wood--
It's Ticky.
I'm alone, I promise.
I'll take off my underwear and stand naked in your hallway to prove it.
I'm naked now. It's beautiful. Come on.
I'll slide my nuts under your door till you let me in.
What's up?
I paid Duffy. We're square.
Did you call Fink? Are we down on the Bulls? How many points?
Fink wants to see that I've still got his money.
Great. Let's go by there, flash him a little cash and bet the 12 grand.
What's with you? We're gonna do this, right?
Yeah, okay. I just gotta go by the baseball field.
- Jesus Christ. I thought you quit. - I did quit!
- I gotta drop the equipment off. - I don't know.
... matchup between the Sox tonight at Comiskey.
Sammy Sosa will attempt to go yard for his fifth consecutive game...
and the Big Hurt will attempt to break his 11-game hitting slump.
We're just an hour from game time.
We'll be back to take your calls.
All right. See ya. Hurry up, okay?
- You here to tell us you quit? - That's old news.
I left a message for Coach Jimmy I would drop off the equipment.
He should be here any minute.
- Yeah. Keep goin', sucker. - We goin' to the 'ship alone.
I can't bet the 12 grand.
Fine. I understand. We should just bet six grand...
and wait till we get breathing room--
No, I can't.
Get your bum ass outta here, 'cause we a better team without you anyway.
I'm not listening to any of you.
I'm not listening to you or any of you!
So good luck. Good luck on your own.
Call me when you get to the 'ship without me.
Good luck. I'm so glad I'm done with this.
Let's go. If Fink thinks we're coming, we should at least stop by.
If we don't want to bet it, we don't, you know, technically--
How many of you guys been to a big league park for a baseball game?
That's what I thought.
You guys will never be a team until you see it played right. Never!
Gimme that.
Listen, you're stressed out. Let's grab a bite.
- We can call and lay the bet. - I'm out!
You hear me? I'm out! I'm out, I'm out, I'm out!
- You're out. - I'm done.
I'm done with all that.
Well, you gotta call Fink for me.
You can't just dissolve a partnership like that.
I'm flapping in the breeze here.
Seriously. I got nothin' now. I'm flappin' in the breeze here.
Kekambas. Come on. Let's go. Get in the car.
Game starts in an hour. Come on. Let's go.
What's this? What are we doing? What is happening here?
Hey, let's-- Let's bet three grand.
Three grand will be fine. I mean, what's goin' on?
Where we-- What are we doing? Come on, wait.
Come on. Now wait, wait!
This is against everything that's right!
Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs!
- Second row! - Big league right now.
We got second row!
Coach, thanks for the seats. They hot, yo.
Yo, check it out! That's Sammy Sosa over there!
- Where? - Right there!
Man, that ain't no Sammy Sosa.
Shut up, man!
Look, y'all, look! There's Sammy Sosa right there!
Look! Right there!
Missed me.
I wanted to apologize for the other night.
I have had better dates.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
I heard about the baseball game. The boys loved it.
Yeah. It worked. We've won three in a row since then.
Do you have any idea how much that meant to them?
I was thinking...
how the other night you knew that I wasn't really a stock trader...
and that I had a big gambling debt.
And if you were there to offer me a job...
it might still stand.
So you're not here to ask me out.
Am I supposed to be?
We need a physical activities coordinator.
- You and me? - The school.
You know, someone to supervise after-school recess...
organize games and sports.
- We'd like to get a guy because-- - I think you like me.
- What? - I just got this gut feeling...
when you were looking at me...
that you like me.
Are you interested?
In the job? What are we talking about here?
I'm interested.
I'm interested in anything I'm supposed to be interested in.
Let's go, Bua Was!
What's everybody lookin' at?
Why we gotta play them damn boo-boos again, man? They kicked our ass.
The best records in Division A play to see who goes to the 'ship.
If we win, we go to the 'ship.
If we win.
Everybody sit down.
Take a seat. Come on, Dre.
No matter what happens today...
you guys should be really proud of the season you've had...
'cause you played like a team.
And because you played like a team...
I thought you should look like a team.
Jefferson Albert Tibbs...
I believe this is yours.
- Man, that shit is tight! - Look at that!
- There's no more shirts in the box. - Nope.
What is destiny? Destiny is you're supposed to win.
Since you're supposed to win, since I expect you to win...
don't you celebrate when you strike out one of these ridiculous--
Hey, dogs, hats!
What are you doing? Sit down!
Sit down and act like champions.
Come on!
You're out!
Bua Was! Bua Was!
- Blue. - Time!
- Good job, Clarence. - Thanks, Coach.
Good job. Miles. Come on.
Listen, we're tied two-two. We just need to get one guy out.
Coach, I can't pitch. These guys are really gonna sweat me.
They're gonna yell, and then I can't think.
This guy is one of the best hitters in the league.
You're in charge out here. Okay? Don't rush.
Hey, you can hear "Big Poppa" in your head, right?
Yeah. Just sometimes I lose the rhythm.
Miles, you're great.
I'm not worried.
Rally, rally, the pitcher's name is Sally!
If you's a true player 'Cause I see some ladies tonight
That should be havin' my baby, baby
I love it when you call me Big Poppa
Throw your hands in the air if you's a true player
'Cause I see some ladies tonight that should be havin' my baby
I love it when you call me Big Poppa
Throw your hands in the air if you's a true player
'Cause I see some ladies tonight
That should be havin' my baby, baby
Strike one.
I love it when you call me Big Poppa
Throw your hands in the air if you's a true player
'Cause I see some ladies tonight
- That should be havin' my baby - Two!
Strike three!
Good going, Miles.
All right. We're tied two-two.
- Yeah! - This is it. Last licks.
We pull this out, we goin' to the 'ship.
Leading off, we've got Andre, we've got Ray Ray, we've got Clarence.
After that, it's you, Kofi, and then we've got Jefferson.
Let's go to the 'ship.
- Safe! - Way to go, Dre!
Good job.
Strike one!
Strike three!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nice job, Ray Ray.
- Damn! - Let's go, Kofi!
Yeah, yeah. Almost, Kofi. Almost.
Two down. Jefferson, how're you doin'?
You're up.
Time, Blue.
We've got Jarius Evans batting for Jefferson Tibbs.
All right. Wednesday night practice.
Thanks for the uniform, Coach.
- Thanks, Coach. - See you guys later.
Hey, kid. You can't come in there right now.
- How long it's gonna be? - Don't know.
Jamal, what's up?
Why can't we go in right now?
- They're gonna cap somebody inside. - What're we gonna do?
Come on.
- Shit! Come on. - Move!
Come on, man!
- Quiet. They'll pass by. - Come here!
What's up?
- Get outta here! Come on! - It's all right. We're okay.
G, we're okay.
G, come on, get up.
It's okay. We'll just wait for somebody to come.
It'll be okay.
Oh, Jesus.
I must
Tell Jesus
Can help
We've heard testimony from those very close to our community.
Praise Jesus.
I want to give a few more people the opportunity to say something on--
on Jarius's behalf.
Please, Mr. O'Neill. Come on up.
Good morning.
Jarius was a player on the Kekambas baseball team that I coach.
Honestly, he--
he was too young to play.
But he wanted to be a part of the team so badly that...
I couldn't say no.
G- Baby. You're up.
He had a great smile too.
I know I'm not telling you anything you don't know.
I've got Jarius Evans batting for Jefferson Tibbs.
He was a really tough guy.
Just a boy, really, who...
wanted to be around his older brother.
Hang on, Coach. I don't have Jarius Evans on this roster anywhere.
Oh, you know what? There he is. He's okay.
The other day...
we played a really important game against a good team.
And, two outs in the last inning...
I had no choice but to let Jarius bat.
You can swing if you want, but you don't have to.
Okay? If you go down looking, none of us care.
But if you want to swing, swing.
Get back in there. Do what you feel.
He was fearless as he stepped to the plate.
I was terrified for him.
With two strikes and our hopes dwindling...
he hit a shot down the first baseline...
and won the game.
And watching him...
raise his arms in triumph...
as he ran to first base...
I swear...
I was lifted in that moment to a better place.
I swear he--
he lifted the world in that moment.
He made me...
a better person...
even if just for that moment.
I am...
forever grateful to Jarius for that.
That was nice...
what you said.
His mother was very moved.
Thank you.
There's some people who want to talk to you about the baseball team.
The team is done.
That's what they want to talk to you about.
They're in the auditorium.
We know the league wants to cancel the championship game.
Mom said it was all up to us 'cause of G-Baby.
Yeah. It's over. You guys don't have to play.
You guys had a great year.
You can keep the uniforms.
Wait. You're quitting again?
What do you mean?
We wanna play, bitch.
- You guys wanna play? - Hell, yeah!
For G-Baby.
I'll see you tomorrow at 11:00.
I came to make sure you guys win.
I even made a bet with your friend, Ticky.
Knowing Ticky bet against us improves our chances.
Did you really fill out an application to work at the school?
Good luck today.
Thank you.
- Andre, Ray Ray. - What's up, Coach?
Why don't you bring everybody in?
- Hey, y'all, bring it in! - Let's go!
I want you guys to take a good look at yourselves today and feel proud.
We made it here. We're here.
What I've learned from you is that...
really, one of the most important things in life...
is showing up.
I'm blown away by your ability to show up...
through everything that's gone on.
The league never wanted you to play this game...
but you showed up.
But we only have eight players, so--
- God. - We can't play.
He was my brother.
He loved to watch us play.
He's watching us right now.
We gonna play today.
Here you go, Kofi.
- Okay, this is for G-Baby. - G-Baby.
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