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Harts War (2002) CD1

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Harts War
1944 December
I was miles in France with|the strangers to war
Troops, fuel damns,|enemy units
There was pins on the|mat to me.
Champagne?Are you trying to score|a few points?-Just trying Harts
We need to look back 1 60|any friend of driver?
I can take him sir.
So I see. Captain
Don't forget sir, you want to sent|some of that champagne along aswell
Yes, thank you for reminding me.
General, you should get a kick at that.
The troops are now at the|battle line of 300 miles
In France and Gemany.
Within 10 weeks...
You know what we can use sir?
There's no power service
We can uses half a million|gallon of gasline
For the next miles.
Yes, sir.
You ought to spent some|time with me
Hang on it sir.
Of course is not too|likely it is?
I thought your father is|a senator.
So I guess truculence|the fact hole ,will he?
Why are you saying that sir?
Just you two sir?
I think you gone the wrong way sir.
St. Vie is due West
I'm pretty sure St.Vie|is due East.
Sergent, straight ahead.|Let me see that sir.
I drew this route|yesterday. Sergent.
Put your hands up!
See what's in the box.
It's nailed shut.
Could be wine or champagne
Are you in great pain?
First Lieutenant, Thomas Hart.
Serial number, 1 841 287
Would you care for it tonight?
Your train is in 8 kms|march from here
Of course with some shoes on|you might be alright
First Lieutenant.Thosmas Hart.
Serial number 1 841 287
Thank you Lieutenant
You must know there's much more|to you than that.
Show me the location of|the field damn
Just point.
And we can handle all this.
Get the lieutenant's uniform.
I will have your clothes|return immediately
We will just have a|another chat.
Smile Joe.
Before the war is over.Lieutenant,|this will help against the cold
No thanks. Soldier, it'll be alright.
Come on take it.|Just until you warm up.Take it sir.
Hey folks did they tell|you about the capture?
How do you mean Lieutenant|-I mean can you write?
I don't think so.
You have to get some socks.
Strong, in the ship.
The ladies tell sir.
Hey, ladies!
Next badge of shelves you turn out|Nothing but dadah this time alright?
Order no boom, boom yeah?
B51 they're coming.
Everybody stay down!
Captain, what happen?
Why are they shooting at us?|-I can't read the roof.
Unhook the engine.
Everybody back to the line!
Don't go!
Get to the other cart!
Get the men clearing here.
Move it!
Move it!
Oh god.
Are you alright?
Stand still!
Tell them to march!
You ought to take his boot, Lieutentant
Take his boots,
Cause is either you or some|terry gonna take them
Take them sir, or you still|think of putting the on
His socks too.
You're not gonna help him
Once again.|I'm force to remind you
This camp, is not small.
Think of it this way,
These Russians,
Have a chance at a|happy new year.
Those are dogs you are|saluting to.
Don't to mention.
Our country have to make that|kind of distinction
They don't make such distinctions.
They are alias.
You and your alias.
Let me tell you,|you and your alias
In this war, has just release|a figure of all the events
200,000 alias killed or|captured your third army
Pattern or in full retreat.
And Demark has captured|enough abandon fuel
To retake Paris.
Perhaps it even drive your|troops back to the sea.
Maybe a bit crowned|here this winter
Take them to de-lousing.
Make you clear.
Lieutentant Hart.|-Lieutentant.
Don't greet your Germens officer|on the dole. Sit down.
Thank you, sir.
So tell me Lieuntentant.|what happened that day.
Sir, first they crushed our jeep|And they take your boots?
2 horse shoes, and fully clothing sir.
By the way, take it easy|on that bread
You won't have any solid for a while.|I want you wine up with your family
I don't know sir.|After the march I just made
An metal click the wall to me.
You shriek a bit in 1 7 days
What was that 1 7 days.
6 days on the train,|another six days of marching
What was it Joe?|5 days of terrogation?
No, sir.
3 days.
Anyway easy does it.
Yes, sir. thank you.
So listen,|his name was Sherman was it?
No sir.
Sherman was a real prick.|He broke me into it.
No more of small talk I guess.
Come, I appreciate that.
Smoke Lieutentant?
Would you care to do that?
Again Lieutentant I need you|ask you the field damn
Thank you.
You know much of the|operation at the ghetto?
I knew everything sir.
Field damn location, troop movement
Sir he knew what I had for breakfast|that morning before I was capture.
The point,|we can end all this.
Just name and serial numbers
Good enough.
Excuse me Lieutentant.
Unfortunately we'll be|on the calling here
We've to put you in the|barrack 27
Is barrack 27 on the list on mens, sir?
Yes it is.
You can see the germs are doing|a brisk business these days
You'll be comfortable there.
Yes sir.
Good point.
The point was to stump for|the rest of your live
Don't worry Joe
The whole reason of surrender
Excuse me,
I'm looking for who's in|charge here?
Adolf Hitler.
I'm Lieutentant Thomas Hart.
Good to meet you.|-You too.
I'm just coming in from Mavre Ends
Colonel sent me over.
In that case welcome to Rear
I hope you don't mind, sir we have|this middle bunk here
It looks fine.
Your lucky strike.|-You bet right
Lieutentant bringing|in the new year
Raisins mostly,|little time turn in to favour
He need break fellows,
He just got here
Excuse me a second
Fellows listen up
Lieutentant Harts is gonna|stay with us for a while
Sure, Lieutentant.
Say what it takes to get|in that poker game
I expect to work out
Sir, you're about size 1 0?|-Why?
Cos I don't want to leave|you at the barracks
You never know.
Happy New Year.
Up! Get up.
Out side.
You can hardly see it.
His socks too,|you use them in the hurkins
You don't want trench foot.|-Sure just my toe nails don't match.
Square them up major.
Yes sir.
Look at this, we got them|around the clock now.
They pass north tower.
Germans is making bombs|right under our noses
Is supposed to be the shoot factor|The Russians make it out.
What the hell is that?
They're flyers.|We got niggers flying our plane now?
We must be losing this order
Look like a very good show.|-Yeah it does.
Is high stake around here sir.
What do you mean?
Have to smoke in camp|when running up a new man.
How do you think we should put it?
I think I'm getting their tent, sir.
You can't do that.
Let put him in 27 with you.
So wouldn't it be better off|in the officer's barrack?
Okay, we have to wait to move|two officer at 22.
I can't make the officers in the|list of barracks.
You're in 27
You got bars on your shoulder,|Lieutentant.
What you got?
Taste like chicken right?
We have to make some room|here for him.We got two more guests.
Second Lieutentant
You got to be kidding sir.
2 officers just entered the barracks.|Where do you salut?
What's the big idea sir?|We are all full up in here.
Not anymore.|You been resigned barrack 28.
Colonel wants to see you|before lock down
YWhat you're flyin'?|-B 51 bomb escort
Must be a shit loaded bombers crew.
It doesn't make you fit to share|black folks with the white folks
Bedford, that's Lieutentant boy,|you got that?
Called yourself what ever you want|You just a nigger to me
Alright, that's enough.
Please let him go.
Over here!
Nice, nice.
Nobody moves.
Your regular bank.
How's the hand?
What would you do if you ask me?
I make it clear you want to see|him to lodge a complaint
Lieutentant Archer got.
Are you sure he'll take it|up the advise if I see him?
They don't belong here.
Nobody belongs here.
This is where the Colonel put .
I bet you wish the colonel|given you the officer bag
This is hardly a war,|think that right.
We're not gonna have a problem|with that understood?
What do you do before the|war...
For a living?
I was in Law school.|Second year.
Havard?|Yeah.You make any friend up there?
2 years I was on the police forces|at St. Louis and I know what they are.
You finish sergent?|-No,
Not finish.
You never did set on a price for|those boots and socks
I mean my call for the Santa Clause.
What do you want?
I'll take your watch.
This was a gift from my father.
I bet your daddy can afford|you another one
I'm going to buy another,|don't let me sergent.
Not much of a painter it is?
Well, we do feel it.
God, told us
It'll be short life
Before we see it.
You know those man|can sit upfront?
Nobody is gonna bother you.
They said we're fine sir.
That was nicely done,|that was 1 8 ages.
Attention, now, now, now!
Who is the ranking man in here?
Lieutentant Thomas Hart.
One of your man was one of|the compound tonight, Lieutentant
He was spotted on these field|removing the spike from the tent.
Your mens are aware of this camp policy
cocerning the procession
and consuming of weapons are they not?
Major, no one has left the barrack.
Wait, wait, a minute.|-Quiet!
This is a plan!|Quiet!
Major, where are you taking this man?
We take the safety of the|men very seriously
I will fucking kill you|for this
Watch your mouth nigger.
Get off me!|-Okay, I'm going to let you go.
Is minor offense, this man deserve 1 5|days in the cold not execution
Get them to this game.
You dragged him out of this|barrack barley clothes
This man wasn't trying to escaping.
You see a dog, less a race.
There's a word that American|used as I remember
Your country doesn't make|that distinction
And neither does you, I'm sure.
Here's the officer,|Lieutentant the army air corp
That's why you are so eager to welcome|and the other one into your barrack?
Look at that,we have every rights to question a man
Before consumement of|a dangerous weapon
You made it right too.
Did you leave the convention|specify for bid...
Take it to ground.|This, is not your area.
Where are you going?
Check on my mens.
You're working on it though,|of course.
In the mean time,|I'll be looking in all your barracks
So listen to what's on the|BBC this evening
Now, go to your mens, Colonel.|Goodnight.
How's Colonel?
Is hard to tell.|He doesn't say much.
He is asking about the bodies.|And the personal facts...
They chase you, you bastard!
That's the nigger|you're waiting for.
Tell Span and Red since 1 699|run out the skinny boy
Get them to the side now!
Round this corner.
You know why we should|leave the bed?
Why's that?
The god damn war.|Is not personal
He's just extending light to|I never liked him.
Don't you serve in the DD,|the guy was one of the integator
The guy won't talk, he just keep|kicking up the ladder
Takes weeks, he'd been there for months|He spit you out of the 3 days
He's not like you and me.|He's the West boy
4th generation.|He was racist and all this.
I can't read this, catching|the general officer
It remind his it is how far|he's from the real war.
Where he's suppose to be fighting?
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