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Subtitles for Hatuna Meuheret.

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Hatuna Meuheret

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Rinse me off first!
I know what I'm doing.
Why so gentIy?
Put some muscIe into it!
My shouIder hurts|enough aIready.
Stop moaning|and jump in here with me!
I have news for you, Tarzan.|I'm no Jane!
I toId you: the head first.
Why won't you rinse me off?
Is big baby crying?|Does he have soap in his eyes?
Let the water run from above!
Not Iike that.|Above my head, I said!
WiII you just Iet me|get the soap out?
Give me that!
Shit, shit, shit!
You Iike to see me suffer,|don't you?
Why did you drag me here?|You shouId have asked for the address.
We're here.|Let's say heIIo at Ieast.
I'm sick and tired|of doing this.
I toId you, Iet me be.
I do fine on my own.
Admit that your Iife's a mess.
I run my Iife as I want to.
Heard his tone?
How did you get so fat?
It's easy...
She eats right out of the pots.
Peace be with you, my boy.
StiII covered in soap!
Sorry to disappoint you,|but it won't kiII me.
How are you?|Frisky as ever?
With what she puts me through!
You're in good hands.
What does that jackass want?
You can have her!|She's ruining my Iife!
He just misses those sIuts|from his past.
Who are these peopIe|you're introducing to us?
You'II never meet|a finer famiIy.
They say you can't find|a better girI than her.
Who recommended this girI?
''Recommended''... ''They say''...?
Do you expect them to say|she's a crippIe?
Why didn't you|check her out first?
Listen, son,
your mother asked me|to find you a nice girI.
Everyone raves about this girI.
A girI with manners|who heIps her mother at home.
She hardIy ever|Ieaves the house.
What more do you want?
That I shouId foIIow her?
WouId seeing her|make any difference?
In any case, it's your decision.
That's exactIy why he's stiII|without fuII-time pussy!
There he goes again|with that fiIthy taIk.
What eIse do you know?|How oId is she?
She's an angeI.|StiII in high schooI.
These peopIe have no money.
The father is dead.
So aII she has is her ass?
Not a penny?
What good is she?
That's what you waited for?
Let's go, get it over.
Sit down.
Sabbath isn't over.
LiIi, come here a minute.
Take this. You must|see the girI before Zaza.
If you Iike her,
sIip this under her bed.
You paid for that?
I don't beIieve in Iove charms.
A famous Egyptian rabbi made this|especiaIIy for Zaza.
The foreskin of|an 8-day-oId baby boy.
This is responsibIe|for aII the marriages in Haifa.
That might be,|but not on my son.
His fortune wiII change|on its own.
This is no time to pIay around.
You might be right,
but this rabbi's bIessing|can't be rejected.
The mother must carry it|against her skin.
What do I do?
Go and see the girI first.
If you Iike her,|put that under her bed.
How wiII I know?|They're aII actresses.
If she's convincing, take her.
At Ieast it means she's cIever.
I'II die of shame|if they find it!
ReIax, no one wiII|ever know it was you.
Four Iike you a day|in that house!
What are you two pIotting?
Where are my cIothes?
Hands off my backside.
If you want to pIay with someone's butt,|your wife is there for that.
Keep your advice to yourseIf.
Get out of here.
Let us get dressed!
Where do you think you're going?|You're not coming with us.
Woman, my cIothes here, now!
Then take care of your guests!
What a disgrace!
Look at how you're dressed!
Are you out of your mind?
Do you have any idea|what you Iook Iike?
What shouId I have worn?|Sequins Iike EIvis?
It's so obvious that you're here|against your wiII.
What does he want from me?
A yeIIow shirt. No tie...
And that buIging pocket!
What's in there?
Where shouId I put them?
Give them to me.
The girI's uncIe is here.|He's praying.
Iet's go up first.|That way, you'II see the girI.
You wait here.
No way. It's not right.
ReIax, they won't|show the girI right away.
Where wiII we say he is?
We'II say he wants his parents|to see the girI first.
Go on up,|and see if she's worth it.
- What?|- The keys.
Don't be angry|if I don't want her.
We'II show you a hundred more|if that's what it takes.
Good Iuck, suckers!
Come on, son.|Let's take a Iook at you.
This is Zaza.
MagouIy, my sister.|She's IIana's mother.
Dita, IIana's grandmother.
LaIi, my wife.
Benny, come and teII Zaza heIIo.
Shut that off|and Iisten to your eIders.
There'II be other movies.
Movies are the Iast thing you need.
What a big boy...|Ready for a wife, too.
He stiII has time.
Everything in its own sweet time.
What do you say, son?|Do you want a wife?
Do you have a girIfriend?
Excuse me, it was a Iong trip.
Sure, it's over there.
First door on the Ieft.
I'm LiIi, the boy's mother.
A pIeasure. I'm IIana.
Can you put the Iight on|in the bathroom?
Of course.
How cute you are!|What's your name?
Don't be shy.
- Thanks.|- You're weIcome.
Zaza,|You know what they Iack?
They Iive Iike husband and wife.
A marriage without a wedding.|When one has enough...
Then what?
Where's the commitment and respect?
Not an ounce of dignity.
Married or not,
here, they have something eIse.
They caII it Iove.|But where is the tempIe of Iove?
Somewhere between the head|and down there.
Excuse me, I'm speaking to you|Iike famiIy.
For us, the mind prevaiIs.
The heart can become so Iight|that it rises higher,
toward the head.
It's the head|which ruIes the body.
Too much importance|is given to the heart and Iove.
To the point where|the heart becomes heavy and sinks.
What's everIasting Iove?
The coupIe spIits without it.
The sIightest probIem|and they divorce.
How oId are you?
31 .
What do you do?
I'm studying.
A boy your age is stiII in schooI?
He's finishing his doctorate.
A doctor!
Who couId hope for more!
You're going to be a doctor?
I'm studying the Humanities.
An inteIIectuaI!
That can be usefuI, too.
I'm sorry for not serving anything.
I know. For such occasions,|not even water is offered.
We respect traditions.
If there are no more questions,|go and get the girI.
Come on, honey.
You, too.|They might come in here.
This is... Zaza.
Nice to meet you.
I toId you she was a knockout.
Yasha, Zaza's father.
We've aIready met.|Now it's your turn.
Where wouId you Iike to go?
You two can go out for a drink
or speak in the room.
They might have some questions.
Excuse me, dear Yasha.
How oId are you?
I'm 1 7.
Sounds good! And anyone can see|she's not pregnant.
If Zaza agrees, I'II take her.
OK, so...
where wouId you Iike to chat?
I know.
But you stiII have to choose.
In your room?
You'd better shut the door.
What's with that Iook?
What Iook?
And that?
- A dress or a nightgown?|- What do you think?
Whatever, it's nice.
These are great.
Enough. I think you got it.
Is that your hobby?
I want to be a designer.
You did those?
What do you do?
I ask myseIf if God exists.
I'm working on my doctorate|in phiIosophy.
And the answer?
If suddenIy...
a monster came out of the ocean|and said...
''I am God''...
wouId you beIieve it?
It depends on|how much he paid me.
Everybody has his own God.
Objective proof is hard to find.
Who's your God?
If that monster was abIe|to convince my mother
that Iove exists,
I'd beIieve in him.
You're on the wrong track,|waiting for that miracIe.
Life is tough.
What kind of woman do you want?
A woman so perfect for me|that I'd go insane.
Can you be a IittIe more specific?
More specific?
She has to be beautifuI.|And understand me.
I want a rich man.
ShouId we go back?
No, not yet.
Come and heIp me!
Excuse me.
Where did you hide the corkscrew?
Excuse me, Mr Yasha.
You sureIy know our custom.
There's nothing to fear|between friends.
In that case, find it yourseIf.
Do you have kids?
That's the oIdest, Miri...
She's oId enough for marriage.
And beIow...
the two youngest.
God bIess them!
If you know a nice boy,|send him over.
I know I'm her uncIe,
but I just can't heIp saying it.
IIana is a good girI.
She'II be compIeteIy devoted|to her man.
You don't have to teII me.
Her quaIities can't be missed.
Go ahead and serve me.|I aIready have a wife.
That wine doesn't bring us|bad Iuck!
Whether I drink or not,|bad Iuck or not,
I Iike her.
My Zaza has it aII!
A five-room apartment,
a big screen TV,
a brand new refrigerator,
a Sony CD pIayer,|a bedroom, a Iiving room,
a brand new Lancia.
What more couId one ask for?
A doctor of TeI Aviv University.|A reaIIy smart boy!
So why isn't he married yet?
I don't expect anything.|Give her to me as she is.
I'II take her in that dress aIone.
In that case, dear Yasha,|we needn't say more.
We're not shady deaIers.
To changing Zaza's fate!
Have you seen a Iot of girIs?
They introduced me to about a hundred.
Have you been engaged?
You didn't Iike any of them?
The ones I Iiked didn't Iike me.
What do you think of me?
You're different.|I wouIdn't say no.
You're reaIIy here for marriage?
I hope to get something|out of it.
The door is cIosed.
I'm not joking around.
Neither am I.
IIana, you're too much for me.
TeII me something I don't know.
Have you ever kept your mouth shut?
- IIana!|- What?
Shut up!
But I Iike taIking to you.
If not for the spy under the bed,|I couId have toId you
a great bedtime story.
Noya, get out of here.
I don't want to.
And what do you think of me?
I'II teII you some other time.
Another time?
So what's the verdict?
You reaIIy want an answer now?
Isn't it for the best?
TeII us what you think.
There's no rush.
They have time.
We'II ask her what she thinks.
We'II ask around about the boy.
They don't have to ask about her.
Such a nice girI!|If onIy aII my grandsons
married one Iike her!
They can search aII of IsraeI,
and they won't find one Iike her.
I have nothing to ask.
He's right here.|If he agrees, so do I.
Speak up, if you Iike him!
You're making her nervous.
Don't rush things.
That couId ruin everything.|God forbid!
For the Iast time,
speak your mind.
In that case, dear Yasha,|I'II caII you.
You'II have a response in 2 days.
Dear Bessik, don't forget.|I'm counting on you.
My word is goId.
Dear God, how couId you create|so many fooIs?
Hurry, I need to pee.
So you open it.
I forgot my bag in the car.
Great! Make me run again!
Give me a suitcase of money|or I'II hit you!
Hit first|and you'II have it afterwards.
Don't trick me!|I'II hit you, then have nothing!
Forget it, then.
Give me a suitcase of money|or I'II hit you!
Save it.
Come down. He's gone.
Where's your Mommy?
In the bathtub.|Are you coming, Dooby?
TeII your Mommy that Haim caIIed.
But you're Dooby!
Madonna, who was that?
Who's Dooby? Which Dooby?
I onIy know one.
{y:i}spoke to Dooby.
He said his name was Haim.
{y:i}love him.
- Who is it?|- Dooby.
I know it's you, Dooby.
- Did you teII her it was you?|- No.
- It's too earIy.|- Too bad.
She's not asIeep yet.
So what? I'm coming over.
- This is Haim. Give me your Mommy.|- You're Dooby!
No, Haim.
I'm sorry.
When does she go to bed?
I don't know.|CaII back in an hour.
Who is it?
MargaIit, open up!|It's me, LiIi.
What's wrong? Everything aIright?
I forgot our keys in Zaza's car.
WeII, at Ieast it made you|finaIIy visit us.
Zaza dropped us off|and God knows where he is.
Does it matter?|You're not out on the street.
They saw Abraham's niece|in Kiryat Yam.
Did you cIose the deaI?
Nothing is gained by rushing.
It's a disgrace to the whoIe famiIy
that this boy|stiII isn't married at 31 .
I don't know what eIse to do.
I've tried everything.
In or out?
HeIIo to you, too.
Why can't I see her?
You can see her|when your parents see me.
And what a piece of work|they'II see then!
You're waiting for me|to be an oId woman?
They can't stand divorced women.
So come back once you've been married,|had two kids and divorced.
Be patient. It'II work out.
Let me finish my doctorate.
Stop it. You'II wake her.
- It's too hard.|- You need a hammer.
Try with a shoe.
Are you crazy? Quiet!
Do you have a screwdriver?
We'II put that thing to good use.
Be carefuI.
This meant so much|that he Ieft it for you?
So I wouIdn't forget him.
Who couId forget with this thing|over one's head?
Who said I forgot him?
Maybe because you're with me.
My dear Yasha, God bIess you!
You've brought so much good|around you.
You don't deserve to suffer.
It's true.|There's not a more honest man.
LiIi, caII him!|Maybe he's back.
What's your hurry?
Who has to wake at 4:00,|you or me?
I don't want him to faII asIeep.
If he's back, teII him to come over.|I have a coupIe words for him.
To missing friends.
To those who beat us to the grave.
To those we Ieft behind
and who rest in the Iand of Georgia.
I'm cIose and you?
PuII out in time. I aIready came.
A whiIe ago. It just happened.
I couIdn't hoId back. PuII out.
You didn't come.
It burns, Dooby.
I think I got an infection.
My uterus can't stand your sperm.
My sperm?
Come on, you know what I mean!
PuII out just before.
I'm coming!
What did you do?
Sorry. I couIdn't heIp it.
Yeah, yeah...
You didn't come.
You're stiII hard.
Stop, I need a break.
- TeII me!|- What?
What's witchcraft?
You mean witchcraft or magic?
Witchcraft.|I know what magic is.
The distant infIuence|of one being onto another.
Run that by me again.
Witchcraft is the beIief|that two independent bodies...
two bodies without physicaI contact...
can infIuence one another.
Does that reaIIy exist?
Stand up.
Can't I hear you Iying down?
Are you interested or not?
I hear you fine Iike this.
Stand up.
Get on aII fours!
On your knees!
Enough! No standing,|no kneeIing, no more games.
Keep your theories to yourseIf.
OK, I just won't teII you.
So teII me!
Look at your breasts.
What do you see?
I see my breasts.
Get up.
Look at your breasts!
What do you see?
I see my breasts.
Lean over a IittIe.
What do you see?
WeII, I see your dick.
Your breasts are attracted down.
Next time, use your baIIs|as an exampIe.
If you get off on my baIIs|the way I do on your breasts,
then I'm wiIIing to try.
So what's the point of|this ridicuIous game?
To show that your breasts|are aIways attracted to the ground.
It has nothing to do with witchcraft.
We've expIained
the force exerted by the earth.
This phenomenon is caIIed gravity.
Gravity is responsibIe|for the attraction of aII objects.
Among them,
your breasts.
Science, Iike witchcraft,
is based on assumptions and beIiefs.
So I can beIieve|that witchcraft exists?
BeIiefs are just as worthy as science.
Yes, my beautifuI beIiever!
- So you'II puII out?|- Of course.
You know?
- You know?|- TeII me.
I'm yours aIone.
OnIy yours.
You know it.
I'm aImost there.
PuII out before.
You didn't come.
It doesn't matter. It was great.
Get some tissue.
HoId on.
It's dripping. Get some tissue.
Is that aII?
Yes, my hot stud.
What are you doing?
I have to sIeep standing.
A wife from a previous Iife|is haunting me.
Stop scaring me with your ghosts.
If it doesn't bother you|that she sIeeps between us...
I'II come to bed.
Good night.
I don't want you sIeeping here|with your ghost.
Madonna gets up earIy.
I'm tired.|When does she get up?
I wake her at 7:00.
I'II be gone by 6:00. Good night.
Who'II wake you?
I've got a precise internaI aIarm.
It wakes me 10 minutes|before the time I set.
Good night.
So that's it?
You get off and go to sIeep|without even a kiss?
Stop that shit!
I heard. I'm up.
What are you doing up so earIy?
I can onIy sIeep in my own bed.
You couIdn't sIeep because|you were phoning aII night.
It's dawn and he's not home.
Maybe something happened to him.
He's chasing some bitch.
He must be at her pIace.
He'II never marry|if he's not hungry for sex.
He promised that he wouId end it.
And you beIieved him?
He swore on his mother's Iife!
So what? Women have ruined|whoIe empires!
I don't know what to do|with him anymore.
Take drastic measures.|Like those used on you.
The change was radicaI.
You never set foot|in that Margot's house again.
But I was never caught naked.
You had to crawI under the bed.
Where are they?
Put them on!
Hurry and get dressed!
Stop pIaying deaf and dumb!|I don't want her to see you.
InternaI cIock, my ass!
Go on!
That's my toothbrush.
You've Iost the right|to brush your teeth here.
What are you up to?
Go get married!|Stop hanging around here.
You'II Iose Iess underwear.
Wake up, honey.
- Did you sIeep weII?|- Yes.
Where's Dooby?
Which Dooby?
Dooby, your boyfriend.
You were dreaming.
You must have been dreaming, honey.
No one's here.
I saw him. He sIept here.
ReaIIy? So where is he?
Where is he?
Go on, get up.|Hurry or you'II be Iate.
I know you Iove him.
Who toId you that, honey?
Who toId you that?
Was it your father?
Dooby toId me.
Last night?
It was him on the phone.
He said you don't want me|to see him.
I'm sorry, honey.|You wiII see him.
You'II see him dead!
Now, go and get dressed.|Your cIothes are waiting.
Where were you?
Out aII night buying bread?
Lost your tongue aIong the way?
You woke up at dawn to get bread
without even brushing your teeth?
It's me you're taIking to.|I've been through it myseIf.
Give me the keys.
I want to go home aIready.
Give me the keys!
Can't you Ieave that bitch?
I don't have time now.|But you'II hear from me Iater.
Makes one wonder|who's screwing who?
You're just screwing yourseIf.
Time for a waIk?
Horny bastard!
What do you want?
Be carefuI of bitches in heat.
Put away your diary.|You'II be Iate for schooI.
Last night, Dooby sIept with Mommy.
- Do you have your key?|- It's there.
Show it to me!
May I reaIIy see Dooby?
If he's stiII aIive.
May your heart burn!
Burn onIy for me!
Burn Iike this handkerchief!
I need to pee.|Are you sure it's here?
She Iives there.
Second fIoor.
Where exactIy?
Second fIoor,|the baIcony with no pIants.
That must be her.
How do you know?
We've waited two hours.
That's the first beautifuI woman|that passes by.
That's her.
That's her!
Look at her.
The way that sIut wiggIes her ass!
If MargaIit had an ass Iike that,
I'd be the worId's happiest man.
It's a shame she's not younger.
If she didn't have the kid,|you'd stiII be against her?
She couId be made of goId!
No divorcée under my roof!
Poor Zaza!
Who couId make him forget|such a beautifuI woman?
What a waste!
Giving up such a woman.
Are you here to mess everything up?
Not at aII.
We don't have any choice.
We have to take a stand.
It's her or us.
If we don't stop this now,
she'II keep poisoning his heart.
It's the onIy way to snatch Zaza|from her cIaws.
We'II march up to her apartment|and do our number on her.
She has a IittIe girI.|She'II be scared shitIess.
Did you see how hot she is?
Her ex-husband must have|ears Iike this.
OnIy an ass couId divorce her.
Zaza isn't in the same boat|as we were.
He doesn't have a wife at home.
Or brothers-in-Iaw|threatening him with knives.
If he refuses to give her up,|we'II Iose him.
She'II have him.
She has to give him up.
She'II regret the day she was born.
I'II strangIe her with my own hands.
I'II beat her untiI she begs me
to take back Zaza.
Let's go!
We don't want him to find us here.
There are taII bushes back there.
I can hoId it in.
Where's Zaza?|I haven't cooked.
So go caII your husband.
There he is!
Who is it?
Dress up. I'm here with my parents|to ask you to marry me.
What about your doctorate?
They think it's a shame to wait.
Don't start. I'm stupid enough|to have waited so Iong.
That was your choice.
ShouId we go up?
Let's wait a whiIe.|We'II surprise them in action.
Mouki tracked me.
Zaza saw us,|but he went up anyway.
So what
if he knows we're here?
I've got some business to take care of|with that tramp.
Did you see that?
Look at what he's bringing her!
Simon never comes home so Ioaded.
Don't worry.
She won't be getting it for much Ionger.
He's coming!
- Are you hungry?|- Yes.
- Did you eat today?|- Yes.
That's weird.
I didn't hear the buzzer.
Good evening.
ReaI cIassy! Is that aII|you couId find to screw?
A whore with a kid!|That takes reaI baIIs!
So that's where my money goes!
Sit down.
Ansor, get me a chair.
That's the oven|that we gave to Zaza !
Simon, he gave her our oven!
It was ours and Zaza took it.
So that's why it was so urgent.
We Iived with no oven for two days!
I hope you're satisfied!
You're a beautifuI woman.
How oId are you?
I'm 56. My wife...
is 51 .
He keeps the bitch's fridge fuII.
What a stench!
My sister is 47.
Her husband is 55.
My wife's brother is 53.
His wife is 46.
Zaza's grandmother...
His grandfather was 8 years oIder
than his wife.
I had that oven for 7 years.
I never saw it so dirty.
My daughter Maya is 28.
Her husband is 32.
That's how we do things.
Man oIder, woman younger.
Zaza is 31 . You're 34.
It's no good,|a woman oIder than her husband.
A big woman with a IittIe man?
The credit card.
Let me finish.
I want it right now.
Don't give me that Iook!
Put your father's credit card|on the tabIe!
How dare you support her|with my sweat!
Let me speak to them.
Come, LiIi.
Do you think it's right for|a grown woman to be with a IittIe boy?
What do you want from him, anyway?
I ask you kindIy.
Zaza is my oIdest.
With aII the men in the worId...|Let this one go.
I want Zaza to marry|the right woman.
But I Iove Dooby.
Other men don't interest me.
See where your money goes!
He bites the hand that feeds him!
Keep her away from me.
Come on, LiIi. Take it easy.
Why throw away your Iife?
What do you expect from her?
Let her go about her way.
Where's your father, IittIe girI?
At RacheI's.|He takes me on Wednesday.
She'II end up Iaying|one Iike that for Zaza.
You choose her over us?
They even took trips together!
You want a bride for him,|but he's aIready settIed down.
What do you want from me?
I know what I'm doing.
I know what you're doing, too.
You're Ieaving this whore.
Why a whore?
For opening her door and heart?
Shitty bastard!
A reaI man doesn't break|his mother's heart Iike this.
I'II carry you out dead,|if I have to!
But I'II separate you from that woman!
AII the cocks in the worId,|but not Zaza's!
I'm not afraid.|You're not the first to wave that thing.
The bitch doesn't care.|She wants me to kiII her.
Go on! Cut off my head!
Go on, do it for me!
Go on, do it
so I'II be rid of her!
Get up! We're not here to kiII you.
Stand up, instead of showing us|your ass Iike a fag!
You know that girI's not for you.
Why torture your parents?
Out, aII of you!
I want them apart.
Or I'm not moving.
Sorry, we're over.
Get out!
He goes first!
There's nothing Ieft for you here. Out!
Come on.|You know your mother.
We're aII done here.|Let's go.
He'II never be yours.
I warn you to drop him.|They'II never give up.
Why didn't you Iet me know?
I didn't know myseIf.
You made a fooI of me!
You knew.|And you toId me to dress up.
I couIdn't know.
They waited hours on the parking Iot|for you to get back.
Mommy, I don't know what to write.
I'II heIp you.
Write today's date.
''chased away the monster
''who wanted to take Dooby.''
Come on, Iet's pIay.
Come on, I'II do it|with onIy one hand.
You're worse than my ex-husband.
I don't want to see you anymore.
I'm sorry she had to see that.
I know.
Go on,|before Mommy sends the cops.
Now you can't see.|You're bIind.
BeIieve me,|you'II thank me one day.
As Iong as you're happy.
You shouId've cut my head off.
What's wrong with you?
What do you want with|another man's kid and a divorcée?
Your woman is better|having onIy raised your chiIdren?
You're a disgrace!
Let him be.
I thought you were a man!
Don't hurt yourseIf.|He'II bury the both of us.
You're as worthIess|as a dead dog!
I'II kiII her first.
She'II never be your wife.
I'II Iet no one|take advantage of my son.
Go on, home.
You knew it couIdn't Iast.
How couId you get invoIved with her?
What were you thinking?
You broke your own heart.
This is the onIy way.
Better to suffer now.
Instead of when|you're tired of screwing her.
She's not the woman for you.
We don't do things that way here.
Look at your friends.|None of them act Iike you.
A respectabIe woman doesn't take|a younger man.
Stop hurting us.
048 751 022.
Her name is Lea.
Her father is a goIdsmith.
She works with him.
She's 23.
Naziko says she's pretty.
She hasn't married yet|because she's been studying.
She wants to see you first,|before her parents get invoIved.
I promised her mother you'd caII.
You might Iike her.
Don't Iet yourseIf forget.
I promised her mother you'd caII.
Don't shame me.
There she is.
Be nice.
We haven't come to fight.
Don't be afraid.|She's come to make peace.
This is for you.
She's Dooby's mother.
She brought you a present.
Say thank you.
Thank you.
How's Zaza?
Let's go up.
Can we speak in front of her?
Madonna, go do your homework.
Do you see Zaza?
Zaza and I broke up.
I don't speak to him anymore.
PIease teII me the truth.
Your son is stubborn.
He wants us to get back together|and get married.
Even if I beIieved him,|I wouIdn't go back to him.
Your husband is right.|I'm not the woman for him.
He needs a young woman.|Start his own famiIy.
At first,
I thought he'd be abIe|to give aII that up.
But seeing the way he acted
that night you came over...
I reaIized that he Ioves you|more than me.
Going back to him is no good.|Not for him, not for me.
You're a good woman.
Thank you.
A very good woman.
You chicken!
You're just a coward.
What did she say?
Did you Ieave Margot because|my father threatened to kiII you?
Since when do you caII her Margot?
She's aIways been ''my whore.''
Answer me!
For the same reason you took me back.
I didn't want to be a divorcée.
She got to your heart, too?
Going there|did me more harm than good.
What did she say?
That Zaza begs her to take him back.
Do you want her?
Let's see if he gets over it.
That's a nice dick you have, Dad.
how I Iove your baIIs!
Next year,|I want a grandson.
You've put us through enough.|Don't keep us waiting.
You're crazy!
Someone couId come in.
That's where I come from.
You made me with those.|You shouId be proud.
Don't go and thank your mother|the way you just thanked me.
Good Iuck, suckers!
I said shut up aIready!
Where's my wife?|Where are you?
Come here, wife!
PIay something Iight!
What's that noise?
I said something Iight.
PIay something bittersweet.
PIay something so sad|that it sounds sweet.
Come here, stand next to me.
What's come over you?|Don't go too far.
She's aIready teIIing me what to do.
Where are you going?
Don't go anywhere.
Stay with me.
If anyone in this room thinks
that he has a woman|more beautifuI than mine,
Iet him come up here
and we'II compare.
Then I have|the worId's most beautifuI wife.
The most beautifuI feather on my cap.
What's with the siIence?
Is this a funeraI?
PIay, pIay, I teII you!
You guys didn't get it.
To compete in this contest,|you have to bring a wife.
Go away and don't come back|without wives.
Just give me two minutes.
So, where are you men|with your perfect wives?
Are you afraid to disappoint the groom|on his own wedding night?
Don't worry about me.
If one of you has a wife|more beautifuI than mine...
and I know that's not possibIe...
WeII, I have a woman|even more beautifuI than my wife.
Don't you beIieve me?
Don't touch me!
Hands off, asshoIe!
ReIax, it's not him.
I don't see her here.
But he'II teII you about her.
Don't I have a woman|more beautifuI than my wife?
Yes or no?
Of course.
Didn't you find her?|She's actuaIIy here.
Do you want me to get her?
Easy does it,|she's not exactIy yours.
Let the music pIay! Let's dance!
written and directed by|Dover KosashviIi
Adaptation:|Richard Lormand, YaeI Yomtov
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