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He Got Game CD1

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[People Chattering ]
[ Girls Chanting|Jump Rope Rhyme ]
[ Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Woman Shouting ]
[ Balls Bouncing ]
[ Grunts ]
- What's up, bro?|- Game's over. Warden wants to see you.
The warden?|What's this all about?
Don't know nothin'.|Don't wanna know nothin'.
He tells me to get you,|so I get you.
[ Door Slams ]
[ Man Shouting In Spanish ]
Thank you, Books.|You may wait outside.
Jake, please sit down.|Sit down.
I was told you were|on the court.
[ Jake ] Y es, sir.|I try to stay fit, trim.
You know, everything like that.|Keep my mind occupied.
As you already know, you've picked|the perfect recreation.
Dr. James Naismith|knew what he was doin'.
- It's a great game, isn't it?|- Basketball, yes.
- You played some?|- Uh, yes, sir, when I was younger.
- You know, I put in a little work.|- I coach my son's team.
I ran a neighborhood center.
Let's go. Show me that.|Oh, good!
That's good, but you crossed over.|You still bailed out.
- You coached?|- Nah, nothing like that there.
You know, I see somebody out there,|a little kid who needs some help.
I work with him,|give him a few tips.
- Which hand did you shoot with?|- Right.
- Which hand are you|supposed to be shooting with?|- Left.
But nowadays, uh,|Warden, they--
these kids ain't gonna listen|to nothin' you say, you know.
They think they know it all.
All they wanna do is dunk and--|you know, everything like that.
Their fundamentals is, uh--|is, like, sorely lacking.
That's strange.|I haven't had that problem yet.
Y eah, well, you--|[ Chuckles ]
The kids are smart.
They know they don't listen to you,|they end up in here with me.
[ Chuckling ]|I never thought about it like that.
Did you vote for Governor Pernell?
Uh, nah, I ain't never voted.
No matter. What does matter|is Governor is a big,
huge, fanatical|basketball fan.
He played himself--|four years, varsity, at Big State.
Good, not great athlete.
He's the biggest supporter|Big State has. Bleeds red and white.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I saw|something like that about him on TV.
Do you have a son named|Jesus Shuttlesworth?
Y es, sir.
Is your son considered the number one|high school prospect...
in these United States|of America?
Some people rate him|that high, some don't.
- You know, two, three, six.|- [ Chuckling ] Come on, Jake. Come on.
Don't be modest. You oughta be proud.|You oughta be proud as a peacock.
I always been proud of my son even|before he was the number one prospect...
in the whole entire world.
- You aren't modest, after all.|- God is working with me on that, sir.
The governor's made a request|that your son, Jesus Shuttlesworth,
seriously consider enrolling|in his alma mater, Big State.
If you persuade your son|to do this,
the governor's given me|his word...
he'll do everything|in his power to...
cut your time here short,|considerably.
The governor can do that?|He can--
- He can do that.|- I'm lookin' at 15, Warden. I mean--
This is for real, right?
You can make the governor|very happy.
He's got a great reputation|for never forgetting anyone|who's done right by him.
He's also never forgiven anyone|who's done him wrong.
Can't do nothin' in here, though.|I mean, behind these--
Behind these bars, you know,|these walls and everything like that,
I mean, something|like this here...
can't be worked out|over the phone or--
We have to get started right away.
The NC two-A deadline for kids|to declare is one week away.
- One week?|- Seven days.
- [ Groaning ]|- Everything's been arranged.
- It's all been worked out.|- The Bulls ain't got nothin',
especially against|the Knicks.
- [ Groaning ]|- All you ever talk about is|Jordan this, Jordan that.
-[ Panting ]|-You do your part, you deliver your son,
- Guard!|- Governor Pernell will do his part.
- Guard!|- What the hell's goin' on in there?
You'll have to excuse|the temporary discomfort,
but we can't trust|in your abilities as an actor.
There's little margin|for error.
Let's go, Doc!|Hurry up.
Where you takin' him?
- What's wrong with this inmate?|- I don't know.
- Food poisoning?|- Are you sure?
I don't know.|He just rolled him in.
I want this inmate|quarantined immediately.
- Looks like he ate some|of this fine prison cuisine.|- I can't take a chance.
Last time something like this happened,|half the prison population got sick.
- He's quarantined now. He's contagious.|- God!
One last thing.
Don't try any funny business.
- [ Groaning ]|- Any shenanigans, the deal is off.
- [ Groaning ]|- Any shenanigans, the deal is off.
Can't you make him shut up?
- The guy's in pain.|- Then give him something.
We got two more hours to go.|Man, I don't wanna hear that shit.
Two parole officers|will be assigned to you.
- Spivey, he's a black man.|- [ Groaning Continues ]
You should like him.|He should like you.
Your other chaperone is Crudup.
Quiet. But, as my father told me,|it's the quiet one's you have to watch.
Spivey, I'm sick|as a dog, man.
Here. Drink that.
Drink it.
[ Warden ]|Spivey and Crudup,
two of the best,|handpicked by me.
If necessary, these men have|been given a green light to shoot.
We don't give a shit about you,|or you being sick as a dog.
You wanna throw up, let us know.|We'll pull over.
You puke back there,|my main man Crudup will see to it...
that you lick it|all back up,
every single|nasty-ass drop.
You understand,|my brother? Capisce?
Yeah, capisce.|Can you pull over?
Remember what my main man Spivey said.|Don't get any in the car.
- Not a drop, not a speck.|- [ Vomiting ]
- Don't move too fast |- What up?
- Let's keep control |- What's up, bro?
[ All Chattering ]
He's always singin'.
- You know, right?|- Yo, I sound good though, man.
Better take this court over, yo.
- We gotta play for real.|- And don't be confused
You just have|to be willing
- Willing to end the-- Aw!|- Shit!
- [ Singing Continues ]|- Check out Rodman here.
Hey, yo, yo, yo!|We got next!
- Gonna kick these motherfuckers' ass.|- For real.
Play ball!
Big man.
- Look at the pants on that kid, man.|- Let's go, baby.
- That's off.|- Break!
Let's go, let's go,|let's go, G!
[ Murmuring, Cheering ]
- Bring it on now.|- Move it by yourself. Come on.
- Block it.|- Whoa!
Aw, shit!
- I got it.|- Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on! I'm open.
- Ah, that's our ball.|- Nice shot, Johnny!
Whoo-hoo!|Good pass, James!
[ Chattering Continues,|Cheering ]
- Just let me know.|- What's the score?
Let's go, Boog!
I got it.
[ Cheering ]
[ Chattering Continues ]
- [ Shouting ]|- I got hops, baby! I got hops.
- [ Audience Shouting, Cheering ]|- Center court.
You got it. You got it.
[ Chattering Continues ]
- Let's go, Boogs.|- Come on, baby. Let's go, baby.
Get ready to help out, Booger,|before we get beat. Just steal.
Show me something, kid.
I got it! All the way!|Fly! Alley-oop!
Show time!
Yeah! We're the Lincoln Railsplitters,|baby! What, what, what, what?
You didn't read the paper|that day, son?
Aw! Railsplitters!|That's right.
[ Announcer ] So Jesus|has led the Railsplitters...
to the Promised Land despite|being down late the second half.
Coach Cincotta's team|refused to die.
They come back to win it,|and there's bedlam at the Garden.
[ Man ]|Number one.
The game brings me|love, peace and happiness.
My name is Sip Rodgers.
I go to Abraham Lincoln High School.
I play the two-spot.
We're the Railsplitters,|and nobody's fuckin' with us.
Basketball is like|poetry in motion.
Just comin' down the court,|you got a defender in your way.
You take him to the left.|You take him back to the right.
And he's fallin' back,|and you just "J" right in his face.
And then you look at him,|and then you say, "What?"
Basketball's the birthplace|of all of my dreams,
of everything that I wanna be, of|everything I wanna accomplish in life.
I feel handsome when I'm on the court.|I feel like I'm somebody.
[ Train Brakes Screech ]
The way this goes down|is simple
From this day forth|anything dealing with rap stay off
This the play-offs|No payoffs, strictly skills
If your brain's insane|then stick to your deals
In this field it ain't about sellin'|a mil wit' the run of the mill
So just be tellin' it real, it ain't|like a third-time felon's appeal
Till a god schools 'em|and tells 'em the deal
I'll allow you to write|maybe allow you to bite
If you down to fight the power|here's the power to fight
I overpower the mic|Hit the crowd wit' da bomb diggy
Ring the alarm|Now the squad's wit' me
From way back I shown no weakness|when I speak this
Mentally strong to keep this hit|and my speech is given
Now listen from the beginnin'|till I reach the endin'
My short story's winnin'|and keep the beat spinnin'
You know the name, P.E.|You know the game, P.E.
We ain't for the fame|We for the change
Word is Bond, I wake up every day|wit' my game face on
You know the name, P.E.|You know the game, P.E.
We ain't for the fame|We for the change
Word is Bond, I wake up every day|wit' my game face on
We back harder than ever|Follow my lead
Through the fast lane|in the game
This is Mr. Shuttlesworth.|His key?
You ain't ready to get it, I don't|know why they keep askin' for it
Is this guy gonna mean|any trouble?
Nah, he's not|gonna mean any trouble.
If you somewhat sure|Hip-hop's like a chess game
Discussing the war, strategize|Move like masterminds
- So where y'all stayin' at?|- Marriott, mid-town Manhattan.
That's what I figured. Why aren't|I stayin' down there with y'all?
[ Spivey ] Only place|on Coney lsland, my man.
Why waste all that valuable time|commuting back and forth...
when you can walk|to see your son right from here?
You also don't have a choice.
The way I see it, this is better|than your room at the hoosegow.
- This is the Ritz to you.|- I ain't mad at nobody.
You understand|what I'm sayin'?
Yeah. Yeah, this is|better than the Marriott.
Keep your hands still.|There you go.
- All right. Sit down.|- Huh?
You heard what the fuck I said.|I said sit down!
There's a couple of things|I think we better go over.
Number one:|You ain't on vacation.
You're not a free man.
In the eyes of the law,|you are still a convicted felon.
Your ass is ours.|You understand that?
- Do you?|- Yeah, I over-stand it.
- Then answer us when we speak to you.|- I understand it, over-stand it.
The sooner you do|what you gonna do,
the better it will be|for all concerned parties.
Mr. Shuttlesworth,|you are now wired.
It's a letter of intent|for your son to sign. Take it.
In here there's some money.|Get some clothing.
Toothpaste, deodorant,|personal effects, whatever have you.
Take a shower. Wash your ass.
Give me your right leg.
Just in case you get any smart ideas,|we will track you down.
And when we find you,|we will shoot you dead.
- You have to check in with us daily.|- [ Beeps ]
Plus, when we page you, you have to|return our call within ten minutes...
or there's gonna be|hell to pay.
Yeah. So y'all gonna be|following me everywhere I go?
No, we're not gonna|follow you.
We're gonna get you a passport,|plane ticket and a VlSA card.
Of course we're gonna be around.|What the fuck you think we're gonna do?
- So how long I got exactly?|- You got till midnight Sunday.
- I guess I better get working.|- That would be the best thing to do.
And we will see you tomorrow.
- Y eah, I bet you will.|- How's the tummy?
Great. Everything's lovely.|Nice seein' you gentlemen.
- Just in case.|- Thank you.
- [ Man's Voice Echoing ]|- [ Door Slams Shut ]
It's open.
[ Laughing ]
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you.
If man is the father|the son is the center of the Earth
In the middle|of the universe
Then why is this verse|coming six times rehearsed
Don't freestyle much|but I write 'em like such
Amongst the themes|controlled by the screens
What does it all mean|all this shit I'm seein'
Human bein's|screamin' vocal javelins
Sign of a local nigga|unravelin'
My wanderin'|got my ass wonderin'
Where Christ is|in all this crisis
Hating Satan|never knew what nice is
Check the papers|while I bet on ices
More than your eyes can see|and ears can hear
- Y ear by year all sense disappears|- Know y'all did your homework.
- Nonsense perseveres|Prayers laced with fear|- What's up?
Beware: two triple-0|is near
It might feel good|It might sound a little somethin'
But damn the game|if it don't mean nothin'
- What's up?|- What is game, who got game
- I saw you running.|- [ Continues ]
Don't even try to play it off.
If you would've been on time,|there would've been no need to run.
- The bus would've come sooner,|I would've been on it.|- I didn't tell you?
The B-36 don't come|until I get here, Lala.
You know I got it like that.
Why you gonna play me|like that?
- You played yourself, faded yourself.|- That's crazy.
- Oh?|- [ Vehicle Approaching ]
You're lucky the bus is here,|late like you.
People use|Even murders excused
So, uh, have you narrowed down|your choices yet?
Not yet.
You gonna let me in|on your secret?
You know I'll never keep|anything from you, never.
Folks don't even|own themselves
Anyway, there's this guy|that I know that I want you to meet.
Who's the guy?
He's a friend of the family.|His name is D'Andre Mackey.
- What does he do?|- D'Andre's an agent.
You know I ain't supposed to be talking|to no agent. That shit is illegal.
All he wants to do is talk to you for|five minutes, see where your head is at.
My head is on my shoulders|and gonna stay there.
I'm not fucking|with no agents, Lala.
Who got game|Where's the game in life
Jesus, please?
I got game|She got game
- Please?|- They got game, he got game
Come on. He's a friend|of the family.
- Five minutes of your time.|- So?
It's just five minutes of your time|before you make your decision.
Come on. Please?
I don't know.
[ Sighs ]|Let me think about it.
-I'll see you fourth period, all right?|-Sounds good.
Mmm. Mmm.
- I'll be so happy|when this stuff is over with.|- It won't be long now.
What do you got? A Monday morning|10:00 a.m. press conference, right?
- Yeah.|- Have you made a decision yet?
[ Exhales ] You know what?|That's the thing that's bothering me.
And you know what? You're my coach,|right? I mean, I don't mind.
Every time I walk down the hallways,|"Where you goin'?
Where you goin'? Have you chosen a|school yet? Are you going to the NBA?"
I'm gonna tell y'all|Monday morning.
- I'm tired of hearing that.|- [ Chuckles ] I can understand that.
Look, maybe it's in your best interest|to take it as a compliment.
People really do care about you.
People don't care about me.
[ Scoffs ]|They care about themselves.
They're just tryin' to get over, tryin'|to get a piece of Jesus, that's all.
Not everybody's a scumbag.
Some are-- don't get me wrong--|but not everybody. Okay?
When are you gonna make|a decision?
Sometime between now and|Monday morning, 10:00 a.m. [ Sniffs ]
I still have a lot of thinking to do.|I have to weigh my options.
- You got my home phone number, right?|- Y eah, I got it.
You call me anytime.|I don't care how late it gets,|you wanna talk this thing through.
Jesus, I always thought of you|as a son. You know that, right?
Y eah, I know that too.
You remember what I told you?|You remember?
- I remember. You tell me every day.|- What? What did I say?
I know what you told me, Coach.|I know, I know.
It'll make me feel good|again, all right?
This is gonna be the most|important decision in your life.
- Hi, young man.|- I'm John Thompson|from Georgetown University.
Hello. I'm Dean Smith, the basketball|coach, University of North Carolina.
I'm John Chaney|from Temple University.
I'm Roy Williams|from the University of Kansas.
I'm Coach Noland Richardson,|the University of Arkansas.
I'm Lute Olson, head basketball coach|at the University of Arizona.
- And this will be--|- The most important decision--|- In your life.
This will be the most important|decision in your life.
Coach, I understand|the magnitude of this decision.
God bless you, son.|I believe you do.
- [ Laughter ]|- Baby, I love you |You havin' a good time?
You havin' a good time?|Because you look so good.
Mmm, you look so good.|So you like the wig?
- I love it!|- You look great!|You look fuckin' wonderful!
You know what? You look like|Kim Novak from what movie?
- Vertigo.|- Vertigo, baby, I tell ya.
So what do you wanna do|for your birthday? It's your day.
I wanna go on the Cyclone.|I wanna go on the Turbo-Jet.
- I wanna go on the Wonder Wheel.|- Damn!
Do you know me?|Do you know my lady?
No, I don't think so.
Well, brother, you lookin' at us with|all that fuckin' familiarity and shit.
Mind your own business, man.
Yeah, you right.
Obviously, I'm wrong, brother.|It's my mistake, uh--
No disrespect.
I don't want no trouble, my man.
Bitch, what--|Get your motherfuckin'--
[ People Chattering ]
I gotta meet your brother.|Please let me meet your brother.
I have to meet him. We'll talk about|this tomorrow. See you later, Mary.
See you, Sarah.
Miss Shuttlesworth.
Boo Boo.
- It's okay.|- Daddy.
How're you doin', baby?
Oh! My little woman.|[ Kisses ]
- Daddy.|- How're you doin', baby?
Look at you. You done all grown up|and everything like that.
That's what I keep trying|to tell him.
- How's he doin'? How's your brother?|- Bossy as usual.
He's supposed to be bossy|and everything like that.
He's supposed to be,|taking care of his little sister.
Daddy, when did you get out?
Last night.
Look. Come on.
Let me walk you over to Uncle Bubba|and Aunt Sally's house.
We don't live there anymore.|He moved us out.
- Where you all live at?|- O'Dwyer Gardens.
Uncle Bubba|hasn't changed a bit.
So who payin' the rent?
- My brother.|- Your brother?
- He workin'?|- Naw.
-How long y'all been livin' around here?|-About a year.
- A year?|- Yeah.
That's good. How're you doin'|in school? You doin' all right?
- I got an "A" in Science.|- In Science, yeah? What you studyin'?
- Oh, cells or somethin'.|- Cells?
Yeah, me too.
- So, this is our building.|- Right here?
It's all right.|This is pretty nice, actually.
You ain't gonna|invite me upstairs?
I don't know if I should.|I could get in trouble.
- With who?|- You know who.
All right.|Tell you what.
I'll leave before he come,|all right?
All right, Boo?
[ Mary ]|What's in the bag?
- [ Wrapper Rustling ]|- Toothbrush, toothpaste. An afro pick?
Underwear?|Skittles, Daddy!
Ha-ha!|You figured I forgot, huh?
[ Chuckling ]
- You went shopping?|- Yeah, a little bit. Who this, baby?
That's Lala.|Lala Bonilla, Jesus's lady.
Lala Bonilla.
Daddy, how'd you get out? I thought you|were gonna be away a long, long time.
Can Daddy's little Boo Boo|keep a secret?
I'm out on a-- what you call like a...|work release program, baby,
where's if l--
- Well, I got a week to do a job.|- Meaning?
Meaning if I do a good job,|I can get out sooner than expected.
- What kind of job do you have to do?|- I can't tell you that yet.
Because I'm too young.|I cannot wait until I'm 18.
I am tired of people telling me|that I'm not old enough.
"Can't do this. No, no, honey,|can't do this. You're too young--"
Hold on, hold on.|Sit down.
Look. Number one, you ain't too young.|You're a young woman.
It's just that I could...|get in trouble.
- Now, you don't want your daddy|to get in trouble, do you?|- No.
I don't want you getting into any more|trouble. I know it wasn't your fault.
I know you didn't mean it.
[ Kisses ] You don't know what|that means to your daddy.
Now, let's hit them Skittles.
Your brother, he's doin'|all right, huh?
- He is so good.|- Yeah?
He is better than good, Daddy.|You should see him play.
He's a zillion times better|than when you last saw him.
- Remember when he used to be|so weak on his left hand?|- Yeah.
Naw, now he can handle it|with both.
- And he can shake so good.|- Can he?
I bet he can finally beat you.
You think so?
- Y eah, he probably can.|- [ Phone Ringing ]
[ Jesus On Answering Machine ]|You've reached Mary and Jesus.|We're not at home.
- Leave a message at the beep.|- [ Machine Beeps ]
[ Lala On Machine ]|It's me, baby. It's Lala.
[ Keys Jangle,|Hit Countertop ]
- Hello, son.|- [ Sighs ]
Mary, what did I tell you|about letting strangers in the house?
- He's not a stranger. He's our father.|- I don't have a father.
- Hey, wait a minute--|- [ Mary ] Daddy, he's trippin'.
Trippin'? We'll see who's trippin'|later on tonight.
- What did I tell you about|talking to strangers anyway?|- "Don't do it."
- And why?|- Because it may cause us harm.
So why did you let|this stranger in our house?
Mary, do you hear me talking to you?|Don't play deaf.
Mary, do you hear me talking to you?|Don't play deaf.
I'm not standing here for|my health, and you ain't deaf.
- Don't talk to your sister like that.|- Am I talkin' to you?
Matter of fact, I don't|even know why you're here.
Mary, answer me right now.
I won't do it again,|I promise!
It's time for you|to get to steppin'.
And I'd appreciate it if you don't|ever walk through that door ever again.
All right.|Look, I need to talk to you.
- Why?|- I just need to. When can we talk?
I don't know.|I'm usually around.
- Where you gonna be at?|'Cause this is kinda urgent.|- I'm usually at the Garden.
- All right.|- All right.
- I'll see you down there.|- Yeah, you can see me there.
Enjoy the Skittles, baby.
Now you enjoy walkin'|out that front door.
- Where you think you're goin'?|- Help!
Get in there!
Open the door!
- Who's tryin' to break the door down?|- Booger!
- Aww!|- [ Pounding ]
What's up?
[ Man ]|Hey, how y'all doin'?
- Not good.|- What's wrong, dear?
- Guess who showed at the apartment?|- Who?
- Daddy.|- Lord have mercy!
- Booger, take your cousin in your room.|- [ Jesus ] Go in the room.
Come on, Mary. Um--
You can play with|my Sony Playstation.
- Good, 'cause I can always beat you.|- I'm gettin' good at--
Sit down, son.
When did all this happen?
- About half an hour ago.|- What did he say? What does he want?
He says he wants to speak to me.|He says it's urgent.
- It don't make no sense.|- It makes perfect sense.|He smells the money.
What I'd like to know, how does a|convicted murderer get out so quick?
How can this happen?|He's not even eligible for parole yet.
He told Mary that he was out|on a work release program or something.
The man escaped|just like Shawshank.
Clint Eastwood in Escape From Alcatraz.|The Fugitive.
- He wasn't acting like no fugitive.|- We should call the cops.
- Yeah.|- We ain't gonna do no such a thing.
I think you need to go|and talk to your father.
He ain't my father,|all right?
I know how you feel, son,|but the fact remains he is your daddy.
But as your legal guardians as appointed|by the court in the state of New York,
I feel you need to involve us|more in your life.
Jesus, we're family.
Your mother-- Martha,
my sister-- I loved her.
We feel responsible|for the both of you.
I made a promise to your mother|that if anything ever happened to her,
that we would be there|for the both of you.
You hear me, Jesus?
Like I said, son, you need to talk|to your daddy, see what he has to say.
I told him I'd be here|at the Garden.
Before you go now, I want you to use|some of my John the Conqueror root.
This is what my daddy brought|up here from Mississippi.
Now, you rub some of this here between|your wrist and your elbow, see,
just like this here.
- Now, this'll fix you up real good.|- Oh, Bubba.
Don't nobody care nothin'|about your country, backward old root.
-This mojo works! It worked on your ass!|-Hmph!
- No, thanks, Uncle Bubba.|- Suit yourself.
- You make a decision yet?|- No, not yet.
Your Aunt Sally feels bad|that we aren't being included|in such an important decision.
He does not speak for me!|You do what you feel is right.
- Thank you, Aunt Sally.|- Will you be quiet, please?
What they offerin' you, boy?|What they gon' give you?
- Full athletic scholarship.|- Whoo! That's wonderful!
Full athletic scholarship,|that's all?
No money, no cars,|no job for your family?
- No school say nothin' like that.|- See, I don't believe that.
You're tryin'|to hold out on us.
- Holdin' out?|- You're tryin' to cut us out the deal.
- What deal?|- The deal is about to go down!|I hear things.
No, you ain't hear that.
Think of your Uncle Bubba,|your Aunt Sally.
I think it's only right that we|be compensated for sacrifices...
we made when we|took y'all in.
Bubba! I don't want|any part of this.
I'm goin' into the bedroom.
Good. Take your big ass|on in the bedroom, then.
Why you gotta talk to Aunt Sally|like that? I thought we were family.
-We are family. Blood, thick as thieves.|-I don't even know why l--
My controls ain't workin'.|It's stickin' or something.
I'm the bomb. I'm the bomb.|Say it. I'm the bomb.
Mm-hmm, yo, I'm the bomb.|You know I'm the bomb, right?
Now, we put out|a lot of money for y'all.
All I'm asking is that you|let me wet my beak a little bit.
- Wet your beak?|- Wet my beak, son.
You didn't see The Godfather ll?|The man was called The Black Hand.
- I suspect you already|got a deal in place.|- What kind of deal?
The kind of deal that would enable you|to get your own apartment,
pay rent, pay Ma Bell,
pay Con Ed, buy clothes, furniture|with no visible means of income.
You ain't got no job, son!|No J-O-B!
- [ Scoffs ]|- Don't try to play me for no fool now.
- Am I making this clear?|- Yeah, you're making it very clear!
When I really get paid, I ain't gonna|lose track of you and Aunt Sally!
I'm gonna take care of you,|with interest if you want!
I ain't too old to have dreams.|Is that what you think?
I still got dreams.|I got plans too. Big plans.
- Now, why should me and|your Aunt Sally get cut off?|- Anything else, Uncle Bubba?
- Y o.|- Y eah!
- Check 'em.|- Ahh!
- [ Laughing ]|- These are the new Jordans.
That's it, huh? Y eah.|How much these cost, man?
- 139, 150 with tax.|- One-fi'ty? Where the holes at?
They're on the inside.|You gotta lace 'em up that way.
- Do that for me, man, all right?|- Y eah, no problem, man.
Let's get rid of this first.
It's arthritis.
You know, I got that, uh...|arthritis thing happening.
Y eah? My brother's got|the same arthritic condition.
- Really?|- Only it's his left ankle.
-It's going around here in Coney lsland.|-Y eah, yeah. It's contagious.
- Like the plague.|- Y eah.
Damn, what's he doin' here?
Hello, Mr. Shuttlesworth.
Since when do you start|calling your uncle Mister?
Hello, Uncle Jake.
- Huh?|- [ Louder ] Hello, Uncle Jake.
- How you doin'? You all right?|- Okay.
- How's your game?|- Okay.
- That left hand comin'?|- Okay.
- Schoolwork?|- Okay.
All right.
So it look like you, uh--|look like you grew a little bit.
- You think so?|- Oh, no doubt.
- You ain't clownin' me, are you?|- I wouldn't clown you, son.
I know you grew--|What, a couple, three inches?
- Yo, for reals?|- It's the truth.
[ Chuckling ]|I'm--
That's the best news|I've heard in weeks.
All right. Well, cool.
I'm gonna let you two talk,|you know, get reacquainted.
[ Chuckles ] Hey, you eatin'|them vegetables, boy?
- Always, man. Hey, welcome back.|- All right.
- All right.|- So you got new Jordans, I see.
Y eah. Y eah, yeah.|Y eah, a little somethin', son, you know.
So you ready?|One-on-one?
Still can't beat your pops?
No, thank you.
- You ain't no competition.|- I ain't no competition?
- Naw.|- Son, l--
- If your mother could see--|- [ Scoffs ]
Hey, all right. I'm sorry, all right?|Hey, wait a minute.
That's the wrong way to start|a conversation with me.
All right. Hold up, hold up.
Look, you get|any of them letters?
Y eah, I got|your stupid letters.
I tore 'em up too.
- What about Mary's?|- I tore those up too.
All right. Since you too scared|to play me, can we talk for a moment?
- Talk about what?|- A lot of things.
I gotta ask you a few questions,|you know, catch up on things.
Look, I don't have a lot of time,|so make it quick.
I got even less time,|so I'm gonna make it real quick.
I read all about you,|everything like that, and, uh--
Game really developed.|All the hard work done paid off.
I'm proud of you, son.|I mean that.
I know these are|tough times for you now.
So I figure, hey, you know,|you might need some fatherly advice.
- From who?|- From me.
- About what?|- About, number one,|where you gonna go to school.
- Have you made a decision?|- Aw, damn! You too?
I already know|what you're about to say.
"This is about to be the most|important decision in your life."
That ain't what I was about to say.|I'm gonna ask you--
I'm just hopin' that you|ain't compromisin' yourself, son.
I know what's going on. I know people|are offering you all kinds of things.
I just don't wanna see you beholden|to somebody for something you done took.
- Something I took?|- Yeah.
What do you expect? I gotta|take care of Mary, nobody else but me.
I refuse to let Mary grow up|in the same apartment with Uncle Bubba.
Look. All I'm sayin' is--|I would like to know where you're goin'.
- What difference does it|make where I'm goin'?|- I would like to know.
I don't know yet.|I have to weigh my options.
- You got any idea?|- Like I told the rest of|the world, I don't know yet.
I pray that you understand...
why I pushed you so hard.
It was only to get you|to that next level, son.
You's the first Shuttlesworth that's|even gonna make it out these projects.
I was the one who put the ball in|your hand. I put the ball in your crib.
- I ain't no baby no more.|- All right.
Why the hell did you name me Jesus|anyway? What type of name is that?
- It's a biblical name.|- No kiddin'.
- You don't like that name?|- I never liked my name.
- You ain't never told me.|- I used to tell Mommy a lot of things.
- Why you ain't never tell me?|- You haven't been around lately.
I used to hate for Mom|to call me in to come in for dinner.
Jesus! Jesus!
[ Jesus ]|You're lucky my dribble's got--
- Dusted in for the N.B.A.|- Shut up! You look like--
- You look like a cockroach.|- Cockroach?
Cockroach this then.|Cockroach this.
That way. That way.
You just can't shoot|the darn fool.
- Ooh, shoot it? Shoot it?|- Yeah, shoot it.
- [ Both Chattering ]|- [ Mom ] Jesus!
- Jesus! Jesus!|- Jesus!
Jesus, time to come in and eat.|Bring your cousin Booger with you.
Could I just finish|one more shot, please?
- No! I said now, and I mean it!|- Come on.
People used to think she was|some type of religious freak,|catchin' the Holy Ghost.
Save me, Jesus!|Save me, Jesus!
- Just stop, Booger! That ain't funny!|- Well, it's funny to me.
Funny to me, just like you pickin'|and eatin' your boogers all the time.
- I don't eat my boogers!|- Yes, you do!
Man, you never seen me|eat my boogers.
How many you see me eat?|One, two or three?
I came to this court by myself.|Why you gotta follow me?
- Maybe I wanted to play with Jesus.|- Jesus!
[ All ]|Jesus! Jesus!
- Jesus!|- Look at that.
Moses parted the Red Sea,|not Jesus.
- Moses, Jesus, whatever.|- Whatever?
Everybody and their mama's running|around sayin' they're born again.
[ Scoffs ] Especially all|these athletes and entertainers.
They get caught smokin' crack|in the hotel with ten whores.
All of a sudden they have a religious|experience? They find Jesus, all right.
What's wrong with finding Jesus, huh?|What's wrong with that?
How come you never hear Jesus being|praised in the losers' locker room then?
- They're probably cursin'|that motherfucker out.|- Hey, wait, wait, wait.
- First, number one--|- God ain't shit.
Number one, why you gotta use|all this kinda language?
You some kind of heathen now?|You don't make no mistakes?
You be out here shootin', but you|don't miss no shots ever? Ever?
People make mistakes. People veer off|the path. So what? God forgives them.
- Has God forgiven you|for killing my mother?|- I pray that He has.
- I believe He has. When will you?|- Never.
All right.|Well, hey, look.
- Hey. Shit.|- "Thou shall not kill."
- lsn't that from the Good Book?|- That's in the Good Book. So?
So what? Ain't nothin' I can do, son,|that can bring your mother back.
What you want me to do, huh?
Did you even love my mother?
Y es, I loved her!
I loved her more than life itself.
You sure did have|a hell of a way of showin' it.
When you goin' back anyway?
[ Man ] Yo, I got next.|I got next game, bro.
[ People Chattering ]
[ Girl ]|I wanna go eat.
Jesus, you off|the phone yet?
You been on the phone|all night.
All these schools callin', we need|to just get another unlisted number.
- It still gets out.|- I'll be so glad when|all this stuff is over.
- I know you will.|- How long's it gonna be?
- Monday morning.|- Praise the Lord, and thank you, Jesus.
[ Chuckles ]|You think that's funny, don't you?
- I like teasing you.|- I know you do.
Everybody says I'm gonna be rich,|won't have to worry about a thing.
- Did your father tell you that?|- No, but everybody else in the world.
Everybody else|in the world don't know.
Everybody says you're gonna play pro|ball and have your own Nike sneakers...
and star in commercials|and make mad loot.
So much money that we won't be|in Coney lsland no more.
What did I tell you about listening|to what people say?
I hear what you say, but if|everybody's sayin' the same|thing, it's gotta be true.
Uncle Bubba even said you were|gonna buy him and Aunt Sally|some new house in Long lsland.
He asked me if I want|to go house shopping with him.
Looking for a big old house, too,|with, like, a green lawn and grass...
and lots of trees|and even a swimming pool in the back.
- Uncle Bubba told you that?|- Mm-hmm.
- I'm gonna have to talk|to that uncle of yours.|- All the kids in school say,
- I'm gonna have to talk|to that uncle of yours.|- All the kids in school say,
since I'm gonna be|so rich and famous, that...
I'm not gonna need to go|to school anymore...
'cause I already know how to count|and I'm just wasting my time.
If I hear you talkin' like that again,|I'll kill you myself!
Dang! Let go of me!
All those kids don't mean shit!|I'm raising you, nobody else!
- Get off of me!|- We're not rich.
We don't have no money.|We don't have shit.
If those were really|your friends, they wouldn't be|filling your head with bullshit.
I didn't say I believed it. I just said|that that's what people are saying.
- Can't believe you listen|to that bullshit.|- Fine! I'm sorry, all right?
You never tell me nothin'.|You never even have time for me no more.
Well, it's gonna be over|Monday morning, okay?
[ Sighs ]
[ Chuckles ]
I'm really trippin'.
I'm sorry. I apologize|for putting my hands on you, okay?
I'm just-- I'm afraid.
Me too.
I mean, I just want|the best for both of us.
And, you know, Mommy,|she wanted you to go to college.
All these people around here, half|these people aren't going to college.
Mommy wants you|to get your degree.
Why is Daddy here?|Why did he come back?
He's not gonna be here|much longer.
But, Jesus,|I miss him so, so much.
- Go to sleep.|- Good night.
[ Theme ]
Hello, everyone. I'm Robin Roberts.|Welcome to Sports Center.
Tonight, our feature is|about a biblical player--
the Chosen One, the second coming,|the resurrection,
the salvation.
ESPN gets religion as we follow a day|in the life of Abraham Lincoln senior...
Jesus Shuttlesworth, the number one|basketball prospect in the country.
Jesus of Coney lsland.
Jesus is the best thing to happen to the|game since the tennis shoe was invented.
Jim Faen from Mount|Saint Mary's used to say,
"He gives me a tingle,"|and I think that's what Jesus does.
He makes you excited|to watch him.
Whew! Jesus Shuttlesworth.
He's the next phenom!|He's awesome, baby, with a capital "A"!
The guy's unbelievable!|He's a P.T.P., a prime time player!
He's the 3-S man!|Super, scintillating, sensational!
He's a high riser!
His game has got|everything you need.
He can defend.|He can run. He can finish.
He likes to play in a crowd,|and he can pass the basketball.
He makes people better.|He's the real thing.
He's able to do some of the things|that most coaches talk about,
and that is being able|to be a triple threat.
If that's something that we|as coaches have used for many|years-- dribble, pass and shoot.
Pure shooter, fearsome defender,|a great player.
He was coming down for a fast break,|and the defender went for the ball.
He brought it behind his back|and switched it over to his right hand.
It went through his legs.
Defender came up and kind of|stutter-stepped a little bit,
pulled back and rang the three.
This kid might be ready|for the big leagues.
He plays to win, and a lot|of people play to play.
This guy plays to win.
He understands that if he|performs better, they are going to win.
But he knows how to pass.|He plays with his teammates.
He has all the attributes|that go into being a winner.
When I watched|Kenny Anderson's stuff,
- I'd never thought I would see|anybody better than those guys.|- Shit.
But along came Jesus.
There are very few players|that give you 40 minutes of everything.
Michael Jordan'll give you 35.|But 40 minutes of everything he's got...
because of what he's overcome|in his life.
In terms of dealing|with his sister,
and all of the pitfalls that come|with being in a deprived situation.
And in a situation that's void of any|kind of leadership other than his own,
he's had to be|very, very self-reliant.
Now, with kids as good as he is, he's|probably receiving a lot of pressure...
to go into the N.B.A.|because so many kids are doing it.
When you see a kid with this kind|of talent, it's almost normal for him...
to take that into consideration with the|kind of money that they're getting now.
But I would tell him that he needs to go|to college and get an education...
so that he'll be able to save|the money that he has.
My mother, she always|told me that, that...
it was great to be a superstar athlete|and to be able to make it to the N.B.A.
But... I mean, you're nothing|without your education.
And, you know, ever since day one,|she wouldn't let me play basketball.
She wouldn't let me play in the garden,|from day one, unless I did my homework.
That's right.
I think when April 11th comes,|I just wanna let my hair down,
kick my feet up|and have a good time.
Just go hang out with my boys|back in high school:
- Sip, Booger, Lonnie, Mance.|- Lincoln! Linc-- Linc-- Lincoln!
- Man, those are my partners.|- My name is Sip!
- [ All ] Y eah!|- Whether east or west!
- Y eah!|- I rock this joint!
- Y eah!|- With the most finesse. Roll call!
Lincoln! Linc-- Linc-- Linc--|Lincoln! Roll call!
- My name is Jesus.|- Y eah!
- I am the man.|- Y eah!
- What's up with these questions...|- Y eah!
about my plan?
I think it would just be|a sin that...
you know, come...|two months from now,
when I graduate,
my mother, she won't be able|to attend my graduation...
because, of course, she passed.
What most impresses me|about Jesus Shuttlesworth...
is the foresight|of his parents...
to name him appropriately|as the world's greatest.
- Jesus.|- Jesus.|- Jesus.
- Jesus.|- Jesus.|- Oh, Jesus!
- Jesus.|- Jesus.|- Jesus.
- Jesus.|- Jesus.|- Jesus.
- Jesus.|- Hallelujah, Jesus! Hallelujah!
He got game.
Who brought you this Victoria's Secret|bra-and-panties shit?
Bitch, where do you get|this shit from? You crazy?
-Bitch, are you outta your fuckin' mind?|-[ Whimpering ]
- Dakota.|- I'm sorry.
- [ Thwacking Sound, Glass Shattering ]|- [ Dakota ] I'm sorry, baby.
[ Man ]|The director is God.
You have no vision from nobody.
[ Man ] You tryin'|to antebellum my ass.
You tryin' to fuckin'|plantationalize on me, ain't ya?
- Bitch, this ain't Gone With The Wind.|- [ Dakota Crying ]
You ain't Scarlett O'Hara!|I ain't Rhett Butler!
- Bitch, I'll kick your ass.|- [ Crying ] Aah!
Take that goddamn shit off.
- [ Sobbing Loudly ]|- Fuckin' with me.
Who the fuck|you think you are?
[ Sobbing ]|I'm sorry.
- [ Sobbing Continues ]|- [ Scoffs ]
Bitch must be crazy.
Chillin' me with some goddamn shit|from some other motherfucker.
Who the fuck|does she think she is?
I can't believe that bitch|did me like this.
[ Crying Continues ]
You all right? I heard|a lot of noise next door.
I thought maybe you need some help,|or something like that.
[ Crying Continues ]
Here, let me help you up.
- What the hell do you want?|- It's all right. Come here.
I won't hurt you.|Come here.
- [ Whimpering ]|- You can walk? You all right?
Yeah. I need... some help!
You weren't knocking on that door|while I was getting my ass beat.
- Yeah, well, I didn't want to get|all up in your business--|- Smart, huh?
- My God, it's funny, isn't it?|- Y'all got some ice around here?
Oh, the sink doesn't work. There's|some cold water in the bathroom tub.
- [ Groaning ]|- [ Water Running ]
Oh, God.
[ Groaning ]
At least I still got my teeth.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Groaning ]
- Put this right here.|- Thanks.
Y eah. Right there.
[ Sniffling ]
I seen you around, you know.
- I noticed you right away.|- Y eah?
- You don't belong here.|- Oh, yeah? How can you tell that?
[ Sniffling ] You don't seem like|the type of guy that would be here...
in this house of ill repute.
My name's Dakota.
[ Sniffling ]|You ever been there?
- Where?|- Dakota.
Oh, no, no, no.|I ain't never been nowhere.
- I'm from upstate New York.|- [ Groaning ]
- I'm, uh, Jake. Jake--|- Please, no last names.
In my line of work,|last names aren't needed.
You're actually better off|without them. [ Groans ]
- Why he beat you like that?|- Because he can.
And why you let him though?
Look. Are you trying to get|inside my head or something?
- You trying to see how I think?|- Naw.
You think you're|real slick, huh?
Naw, I just, you know--|[ Sighs ]
I just want to get|to know you or something.
Look, I'm not a crack 'ho, okay?|I don't do drugs.
-I ain't accusing you of nothing, baby--|-Good.
I just want you to know--|I don't do drugs. I'm clean.
You still didn't answer|my question though.
Why you allow this, this,|this... pimp, you know, to just--
- His name is Sweetness.|- Is what?
- His name is Sweetness.|- All right.
All right.|Why you allow Sweetness...
to, you know, more or less,|just beat you down?
A lot of reasons.
- Mm.|- Take your pick.
I love him. He loves me.
I'm his number one money-maker.|I'm his bottom bitch.
Uh, low self-esteem.|I was abused as a child.
And, you know, I deserved it.|It keeps me in line.
And he always says he's sorry.
[ Sniffling ] You know,|we're going to get married...
once he saves up enough money|to get out of this...
Here, let me freshen|that up for you.
So what about you?
- [ Tap Turning On ]|- I mean, look.
That's one of my problems,|or one of my many problems.
I tell people my whole life history and|I don't even know a thing about them.
Ah. Well, I told you|my first name was Jake,
and, uh, I got two children.
Got a son.|His name is Jesus,
and, uh, got a daughter|named Mary.
Are you, like,|religious or something?
Oh, most definitely. Most defin--|Well, more so like, uh--
Well, spirituality too.
[ Train Rumbling ]
You really think|you're slick, huh?
I'm not talking anymore|about me until you...
start talking some more|about you.
[ Chuckles ]|All right. Well, um...
I like you, you know, uh,|fa-- uh, Dakota.
And, uh...
I think that, uh...|I can help you.
[ Sniffles ] You know, trying|to fuck me isn't going to help me.
- Okay?|- I ain't talking about|nothing like that.
Why do you all men think...|dick is the cure-all?
I don't know about all men,|but I don't even think like that.
- Oh, no?|- No.
- You got a dick, don't you?|- Without a doubt.
- You got balls, don't you?|- Both of them. Both of them.
[ Chuckles ] You really|think you're slick, huh?
No. I don't think|nothing like that.
So you want to know|something about me, or not?
[ Sniffling ]|I'm sorry.
I talk too much.|That's what Sweetness always says.
[ Sniffles, Groans ]
Where's my wig?
- You lost your wig?|- Where's my wig?
Oh, man.
Look under the bed.
[ Grunts ]
Bingo. There it is.
- Thanks. [ Chuckles ]|- All right.
Anyway, uh, l, uh...
have a wife--|had a wife named Martha...
and, uh...|I love her very much.
Uh, I took her life.
I murdered her, and, uh...
I'm serving time|for that right now.
I still got a ways|to go, and, uh...
I guess it's like God is paying--|making me pay for my sins.
Fuck you.
Okay? You killed your wife?|I don't believe you.
Well, it don't matter, but,|you know, it's true, uh...
I'm on a kind of a...|work release program.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Grunts ]|Well, here we are, huh?
Both fucked-up people.
- [ Man On TV Reporting ]|- [ Phone Rings ]
[ Sniffs ]
- [ Ringing Continues ]|-...kept his mouth shut before the game.
Let's go to the Garden.
First quarter, Knicks up one.|Jordan for three?
Boo-yeah!|M.J. got much game.
Beaucoup game|in the first quarter alone.
- Jesus.|- I don't know yet.
- No, it's me, baby. It's Lala.|- What time is it anyway?
It's like 1:00 a.m.|I'm really sorry it's so late,
but I really have|to speak to you.
- Honey, I really need you to meet with|that guy I was telling you about.|- Who?
- He still wants just|five minutes of your time.|- What's his name again?
D'Andre Mackey.|He's a good brother also.
- He's a good brother?|- Y eah.
I don't know.|I was dreaming.
[ Lala Chuckles ]
I don't know, Lala.
I'll get in trouble|for this.
Look, I told you he's a really|good friend of the family,
and... it would mean|a lot to me.
So, please?
All right, all right. Just let|me go back to sleep, okay?
- Okay. I'll arrange everything.|- I'll see you tomorrow at school.
Good night.
- Jesus?|- What?
- I love you.|- I love you too.
So, what did he say?
He's down whenever|you want to meet.
- [ Knocking ]|- [ Crudup ] Let's go, Shuttlesworth!
Y eah, I'm coming,|I'm coming.
- Morning, Jake.|- Hey, what's happening?
What time is it?
Time for you to get|your ass out of bed.
You see, if I was you, I wouldn't|spend too much time sleeping.
-Well, you ain't me, is you?|-That's right. I haven't killed anybody.
- Yet.|- Why you got to take it there, Spivey?
[ Crudup ]|Come on, everybody, let's be friends.
[ Spivey ] You know, it's|Tuesday morning, and time is flying.
You trying to make me feel better?|I know what day it is.
I don't want you to lose track of time.|You see, we're on a tight schedule.
We can all go back early,|if you just...
decide to give it up.
Throw in the towel.
You know, you haven't had|too much success with your son yet.
- Have you?|- Come on now. Leave the man alone.
It's not over till it's over,|till the fat lady sings.
That's right. That's right.|So since I'm on the clock,
if you two gentlemen don't mind,|can I get on with my day?
- [ Pounds Fist ] We're leaving.|- [ Chuckling ]
- Just doing our job, baby.|- We all happy in our work, ain't we?
Y'all want some breakfast?
Naw, naw, naw. We had the continental|over at the Marriott.
- Yeah? Ain't as good as this though.|- [ Chuckling ]
[ Door Opens ]
Give me one at a time,|one at a time.
- [ Boy ] Can I have your autograph?|- Back up.
Hey, yo, back up! Hey, back up,|back up! Let the man breathe.
Give him some air.|Y eah, yeah, yeah. That's right.
You want his autograph now, 'cause it's|going to be worth big money real soon.
Now go on.|Hey, man, back up!
Here you go.|Here you go, partner.
Take it easy, Booger.|It's gonna be all right.
I'll take care of you,|all right? See?
I wonder where the hell|this bus is. Damn!
- For whom the final bell tolls |- Whoo!
- [ Continues ]|- [ Jesus ] Big Time, what's up, baby?
- What up, J-man?|- You got it.
You not rolling public transportation|with all these knuckleheads.
Big Time Willie, that's what I've been|trying to tell him but he won't listen.
- I like to ride the bus.|These are my people.|- Hey, what's up with Jake?
- These are my peeps right here.|- Y o, man, it's your pops.
How are you doing, son?|Can I talk to you for a second?
- One-on-one-- |- Naw. Boog, get in the fucking car.
We late for school.|Get in the fucking car, now.
- Son--|- Hey, don't push me, man.
- Can I talk to you, son?|- I don't know. You'll see me around.
- Just off the back-- |- Bye, Uncle Jake.
Go ahead. Take off.
- Smack me if I'm wrong-- |- [ Man ] Big Time!
So you want me to talk|to your pops, man?
He's stressing you out, I see.
I'll talk to him, man. I'll handle him.|Just give me the word.
I can handle my own|business, all right?
Yeah? You can handle it?|All right, J-man, handle it.
You know, your pops,|bugged out as he is right now,
back in the day,|he could play some ball, yeah.
Did you know that? Huh?|Did you know that?
- He knows.|- Y eah. Let's slide off to A.C., J-man.
- [ Woman ] What's up, Jesus!|- Atlantic City, my treat.
- We got school.|- J-man.
- A.C.--|- Like my cousin said, we got school.
Right. My bad, my bad.
Hey, can't be fucking with|y'all's education, right? Y eah.
- So where you going to school, man?|You made up your mind?|- Not yet.
Look, you pygmy motherfucker--
- I'm not a pygmy.|- You want to walk to school?
Big Time, it's cool.
I'll kick your ass|out to the curb right now.
I mean, my bad and all, my bad,
but don't make me get violent|early in the morning.
- Really. I ain't had my coffee.|- Be cool, all right?
You know it's no coincidence|motherfuckers don't be fucking|with you, right?
Starting beefs with you,|starting shit with you.
You know.
- As jealous as niggers is|around here, like that nigger.|- [ Man ] Jesus!
Look, the reason|why nobody...
fucks with you is 'cause Big Time Willie|put the word out, all right?
- Oh, you did?|- Big Time Willie told motherfuckers...
they be fucking with the J,
they're gonna wake up dead|in the Atlantic Ocean.
Look, I hate to break it|down to you this way,
but it's not 'cause|they love you, man.
Huh? The bigger a nigger get up in this|motherfucker, the more they hate you.
All right? I mean,|you can play ball and all that,
but, shit, that don't mean shit|to these niggers 'round here;|put a cap in your ass.
Just on G.P. That's on the strength.|So you gotta watch your back.
- Oh, so I should thank you then, huh?|- I don't give a fuck.
I just want you to know|what the tick-tock is.
He knows.
Y eah.
You know, a lot of great ballplayers|came out of Coney lsland,
but most of them|didn't amount to shit.
- What about Stephan Marsbury?|He made it.|- Oh, true that, true that.
- Y eah, but he's one of the few.|- If he can make it out here, so can l.
- Y eah? You're gonna make it?|- Y eah, I'm gonna make it.
You're gonna make it out like the rest|of these niggers out here, in a casket.
First thing that's gonna take you out|is these drugs they got for you.
- [ Woman Screaming ]|- And you got the cocaine,|heroin, crack cocaine.
You got the uppers, the downers,|the chiva, crystal meth.
Acid.|We got the nicotine for you.
Huh? You don't want|none of that?
And don't forget about|the alcohol, baby.
Yeah, we got that malt liquor,|a.k.a. "liquid crack."
[ Man ]|Get that motherfucker.
[ Men Shouting ]
Just for you, black man.
You see that shit be advertised|up and down Park Avenue?
- Fuck, no!|- [ Gunshots ]
Why do you fuck with me,|you fucking bitches?
I keep telling y'all,|stop fucking with me.
Oh, and they got the other|thing for you, man.
Yeah, I almost forgot.|[ Laughing ]
They got that pussy.
- [ Woman ] Give it to me, James.|- [ Man ] Take it.
I know you know how to|spell that, don't you?
- I do.|- How you spell it?
- P-U-S--|- H.I.V.
- Oh, baby, fuck me hard.|- Look at 'em come.
He think 'cause he got that ball skill,|he goin' up in the N.B.A., he immune.
How you gonna be immune to pussy?|Pussy be talking to you, Jesus.
Pussy be saying,|pussy be saying,
"Come on in, Jesus.|Just a little taste."
How you gonna be immune|to that shit?
- Feel so good.|- All that titty up in your face.
All that good ass.|How you gonna be immune to that thigh?
All those lips, all those hips?|All those honey dips?
- [ Woman Shrieking ]|- Come on, man. Be real.
That shit will fuck|a nigger up quick.
Deadly combination.|You know what I'm saying?
And I didn't even mention|the bloodsucking leeches.
Oh, yeah.
The newfound family.
Pygmy buzzards be hovering over you|trying to get that loose change.
You know what I'm saying?|Huh?
They talking about "l love you."|"Oh, I love you."
- I love you.|- Oh, I love you, Jesus. Oh, I love you.
- You know I love you.|- I love you.
Te amo. Jesús, te amo.|Aye, qué fiebre.
Come on, man.|I need some money.
- I love you so much.|- I need some money.
- Hook a brother up.|- Give me some money.
I need some cash.|I'm gonna get these Nikes.
- I can't have anything but the best.|- This Hilfiger sweater--
-Don't you want me looking good for you?|-I need some money.
- I love you.|- Hook a sister up. I need some money.
I need some Similac for my baby.|I need some Pampers for my baby.
I need some Dolce Gabbana for me.|I need some Chanel.
I need some Fendi.|Come on.
- [ Woman ] Mira, papi. Big Time!|- What's up? How you doing?
¿ Dónde estabas tú anoche,|chico?
- Let's go, Sip.|- Here you go. Come get it.
Come on, slide through.|Slide through, slide through.
- Here you go. I got, I got you.|- Come on, come on.
- Pass, Sip.|- Yo, pick that up, G.
- Goddamn, man!|- Good block, baby.
- Ball out, man.|- What?
- What you mean, what?|You fouled the fuck out of me.|- That was our ball!
You fouled me. It's the only way|you're gonna block my shot anyway.
You fouled me, you fouled me.|Boo-hoo!
- Always crying.|- You the crybaby, you little|church-going motherfucker.
That's why I don't like|playing with your ass, son.
You swear you Jordan up in this piece.|You foul motherfuckers too.
- Man, shut your--|- Fuck the call.
- Give me the damn ball!|- Here, you want the ball?
Go get it!
- Oh, shit.|- Oh, shit.
- Yo, I made that shit.|- That's a million-dollar shot, baby.
- Goddamn!|- Jesus!
- Coach is back.|- I need to see you in my office now.
- So what's up, Coach?|- You know, I don't want|to keep busting your balls,
but you got any idea where you're|going to go with this thing?
I mean, kid,|an inkling, anything?
- Naw, I don't know yet.|- You're not holding out on me, are you?
No, Coach, you know I wouldn't do that|to you. I just don't know yet.
I'll know on Monday morning.|I still have to weigh my options.
Do me a favor.|Go lock the door.
Lock the door.
- Sit down.|- What's that?
Sit down, Jesus.|Sit down.
It's, uh-- it's a little|package to help you...
-maybe make your decision before Monday.|-I don't need that.
Buddy, you know what this is?
- What?|- That's $10,000.
Huh? Take it.|10,000 "braziuls."
Hey, hey, you know how much|Hilfiger this buys?
[ Chuckles ]|Come on.
It's yours. Don't be|afraid of it. Take it.
- I can't take that.|- What do you mean? You been taking it.
- I can't take it.|- You've been taking, kid.
You told me before that it was|just a loan, didn't you?
You're talking semantics here.
Jesus, the fact remains, you took|the do-re-mi, pal. Think back with me.
You remember that little problem|you had with Calculus?
You remember the grade|you couldn't get?
Coach bumped that up a bit for you.|You passed the course, didn't you?
- Yeah.|- Your "dusanikbats" uncle.|You had to get out of his house.
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