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Subtitles for He Loves Me He Loves Me Not.

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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

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One rose for the little lady
Please deliver it there
Sorry, we don't deliver such small orders
It's to celebrate our meeting
to surprise him
Soon it's his birthday
Dr Le Garrec?
Dr L. Le Garrec CARDlOLOGlST
Angelique, is that a good likeness?
No. But as long as he's handsome
Isn't he?
Maybe, but draw the model
Start all over
See you all Wednesday at the Museum
I have something to tell you
I have the results: you won the Hanska scholarship
But now you have to obey the rules
You must deliver 15 paintings by September
It'll take you all summer
The school will fund your trip and a studio
Start whenever you want
Your dad would be pleased
You're late...
I got it. I was accepted
How come you're here?
My mom's away Heloise is minding me
As usual
Miss, please
So you'll be famous?
At least people will see my work
Such service! It's a delight!
You're right
Who's he?
A new guy. He's come 3 times
Will they date?
Tomorrow night
Can you mind me?
Let's go buy those sneakers!
Sleeping here tonight?
No, I'm seeing Loic Again?
We may lose you for good
See you tomorrow!
It's a very rare plant
Grows in the desert A wedding gift, 6 years ago
It only survives here
in this glass case at constant temperature
I'll be very careful
Taking it with us, would kill it
I'm so glad you're minding our house
You know it well and I trust you
I should thank you
Won't you be lonely here? No, don't worry
I hope you enjoy Washington
Anyway, it's only for a year
I'll take care of everything!
I'm interning in Rouen And you?
Staying here
Dr. Hebert's taking me in Neurology
Excuse me
Hi, gorgeous
Is your cardiologist here?
Over there, talking shop
He's foolish to leave you unattended
It's tricky here They all know his wife
His wife? So he's married, too? Great!
She's a lawyer But he's going to leave her
I just have to be patient
Excuse me a sec
See you later Later
Here, some champagne
No, I'm off too. Some other time
A surprise for him?
Know the time?
It's 5AM
The contours are perfectly smooth...
Doctor's office, hello
Hi, I'm Dr Le Garrec's friend
Did he get my painting? Yes, of course
It's in his office. It's beautiful
He's in consultation. Should he call?
No, I'll see him tonight for his birthday
A big hug from me Fine, bye
How can you stand it?
It's not easy for him, either
Still no news from your mom?
She'll come back. She always does
Look what I got
The Welfare Office wants to take Lea from her
I may get custody they're checking me out
You'd better be squeaky clean
Excuse me a minute
I'll do it myself
What's going on? It's Loic! Let's surprise him!
Who's that girl?
His wife!
Stop it! What are you doing?
Leaving him a message. He'll know
Don't let her keep us apart
But she's 5 months pregnant!
The baby is just to trap him She flaunts her fat belly!
It's just to stop him from leaving her!
Would a man leave his wife and kid for a student?
We're not just an affair
We care for each other
You're not alone. There's the baby now
You can't understand you play the field
Why don't you sleep here?
I don't know... What if Loic stops by?
That's his tough luck May make him think!
And you promised Lea...
As a kid I lived in my dad's studio
It was a tiny old studio
and I wanted to have a pet
Dad said no: its hairs'd get on his paintings
So I made myself a cat
with bits of string, wool and buttons
I used grains of rice for the claws
I called him "Mr Cat"
When I was sad, I stroked him
Others saw it as a collage
but to me it was "Mr Cat"
Seen Angelique?
She went off on your moped
She'll give it back at the bar
She's 2 hours late! She'd better get a watch!
She'll come. She's working hard for her show
I'm no patron of the arts!
Here she is! Don't tell me...
Sorry, someone ran into me
I'll pay for the repairs
Let me see. Does it hurt?
What are you up to?
I see. And it's her right arm!
I need a new waitress!
Wait, Gerard!
That'll rest your elbow
What is it? Nothing
Is it Loic's?
I heard about his wife at school
A miscarriage at 5 months!
They couldn't save the baby
Loic and I are going to Florence
A dream trip: he just suggested it
Don't always believe him
What else can I believe in?
He'll do your next bandage Tell him I used cleansing gel
It happened! What?
They fought. She left him
We'll be a week in Florence! I've got the tickets!
We leave in 3 days Mind watering the rose-bush?
What's all this?
I'm off. I've got so much to do!
Your attention, please:
Iast call for passengers to Florence on Flight 6435
Angelique? It's Mrs Dubois-Rollin
Things OK at the house?
Everything's fine
No problem with that leak?
We had it fixed before leaving...
She thinks he hasn't left her that he's testing her
She stays home all day waiting for him
And him? Not a peep out of him
Please sit down
It's your first visit So what's wrong?
Nothing with me
Then who? A young girl
Who you used and dumped! That ring a bell?
I love her. I won't let you treat her that way!
I didn't dump her I was fair to her
I warned her it couldn't last
Now leave
She didn't understand! It's driving her nuts!
You're destroying her career!
Be gutsy, tell her personally!
I'm sorry she didn't understand
I have nothing to say to her
Get out. I have patients waiting
You're a creep! Sure...
You coward!
Going to Anthropology class?
Be right there
You OK?
Can I talk to you?
You're right, David Now I have to forget him
But I need your help Really?
I want to give him a good-bye present
What I need is...
To do what? Never you mind
I can't... Trust me
That's impossible
I can't
OK... I'll find a way
I'm not sure it's a good idea
Don't worry
What happened here?
I still have to clean up
Wasn't there a table there? I sold it
To buy a nice gift for Loic
You can't do that!
I'll buy it back. I just pawned it
You're nuts!
He's driving you nuts! Give that back!
I mustn't let him destroy me!
You told me that!
It's the last thing I'll do
Then I'll never mention him again. I promise!
...there are 10,000 visitors every year
Our second feature is
about the Paris Hanska art gallery
and their coming exhibition of young creators...
With this year's weather
harvests will be poor, and damages
still have to be assessed
A cardiologist accused of assault and battery
It happened today in Dr Le Garrec's office
A patient, Sonia Jasmin filed a complaint
against the doctor who allegedly assaulted her
Police will question Dr Le Garrec today
Our reporter is on the spot
Doctor, how do you answer these accusations?
Did you assault that patient?
Is your career over?
Please, doctor!
I won't yield! I'll get him struck off the medical register!
I can do it, I'm very influential
I'll see he never practices again!
You bitch!
Radio Bordeaux, 8AM Today will be sunny all over!
Lea, stop that! Drink your cocoa!
I can't wake him He was sick yesterday, too
More on Dr Le Garrec
Sonia Jasmin who filed suit against him
was found dead at her home
She had a serious heart illness
had a heart attack
probably after a scuffle...
Wait for me here, Lea
It took place only hours after her fight with the doctor
Police are investigating...
What happened to you? Nothing, I fell
What happened in here?
Look at the plants!
Did you do that?
Go on
Open up
I'm Lt. Joffrey. My deputy, Sgt Thivel
May we question you?
Of course
Some coffee? No, thanks
What happened to your cheek? I fell
I slipped on the stairs
Do you know Dr Le Garrec?
One of his patients was found dead
Yes, I heard. How awful
Where were you from 8 to 1 0 PM?
I was here all evening. With Heloise
We tidied up the place
And we're still not through!
Was the doctor at home last night?
I think so
He called me around 10 PM. Right?
Did he act strangely?
If you remember anything...
Call us Sure
Be careful on the stairs
Did you do it? What?
You went to her place and killed her?
No, it was Loic
He asked you to do it?
No, I did
I wanted her to drop the charges
We fought, she fell...
It'll be OK, I fixed things
I stole things so it'll seem a robbery
You've gone nuts! Let's go to the cops
I can't let you go on
OK, let's go together
You tell on me, I'll tell how much you steal at the bar
Too bad, if you lose your job
And Lea will enjoy living in a foster home
She's a sweet girl
You wouldn't do that to Lea!
Yes, no one will take Loic away from me!
Not you, or Lea. No one!
He doesn't even love you!
Where were you last night?
This way, Le Garrec!
Lt, I'm his lawyer!
Let me talk to him
Say nothing until I get there!
I love you!
One rose for the little lady!
Miss Jasmin
It's for you
"My heart is yours forever"
Who's spoiling you?
My wife
What's wrong today? My heartbeat!
It's up again. I can't sleep
It hurts there...
You came last week and the week before...
Your heartbeat's fine It's your bad heart muscle
Take your pills, and rest lt'll go away
What are you doing? Examine me. It's comforting
Don't remove it...
Too late
How sweet of you, thanks
I'll put it in a vase
"My heart is yours forever"
And your convention party? You won't come?
No, I'll go to bed with a glass of milk, like a grandma
I love grandmas
Didn't you know?
I'll miss you both
...It got to be heavy! After the operation
she sent him her appendix in a jar As a memento!
Something similar happened to a friend of mine last year
Have we met?
I'm at the Dubois-Rollins' place
I'm house-sitting for them while they're in the US
Right, yes...
Aren't you lonely in that big house?
Come have a drink some day
Not just yet: my wife's pregnant
But I'll tell you as soon as it's convenient
I'm off. Rachel's alone She's asleep by now!
I could drop you home
OK?... You forgot nothing?
I don't think so
You asked Julien? About what?
Being the baby's godfather
Not yet
Fine, I also thought of Helene
Good idea. Will you ask her today?
Let's go play
No, Arthur, leave us alone
Come on Arthur, I had an idea
Here, catch this
Let's go home Why?
We've played enough
Answer, when I call you!
You said we'd ride some more
Mr. Warnier... No, Mr Beukelear phoned: he'll stop by today
Call the hospital about Mrs ThibauIt's operation
Mr Meillor has found his EDG
His ECG!
He wants to postpone until next week
What's that?
A birthday gift from your friend
She called to see if you'd got it
I put it up: it's lovely
What friend? I don't get it
Your friend. That's all she said
She'll see you tonight
I don't get it Did she leave a number?
She seems to know you well
I told you to always get people's numbers!
I thought that... Stop thinking!
No signature, no fingerprints
You look handsome
I got another message
Thanks for the gift you gave me
I breathe you, I feel you
I hold you tight
I wear it as a memento
of the day you declared your love
This is getting heavy!
I haven't told Rachel Not while she's pregnant
And your slip-up just before the wedding!
OK, I was drunk it was a one-night stand
You're right, sorry
Don't tell her. And we know nothing
I'd better get home, or else
Helene will imagine things
See you tomorrow
Happy birthday!
My love...
I booked at "Peppino's"
Be right there...
Who's that from?
A patient, to thank me!
What are you doing?
I want it at home In our living room?
I want to enjoy it, too!
Listen... Come on
I came because I have chest pains
It feels like someone's
sticking a needle into my heart It hurts all the way up
to my jaws and skull
My heart races, it ends up like a runaway train
I start to choke, I can't breathe
I can't hear my heart in my sleep I wake up in a panic
I was close by
I wanted to thank you for what you did
It's still my racing heartbeat
I can't sleep I'm at my wit's end
I badly need a pill!
I felt that my pressure was up!
You should examine me don't you agree?
They're all gone. I'm off
You OK, doctor?
Good night, Anita
Sorry, I had a file to complete
Listen to your messages
There are 23!
You have 23 messages. Message 1
Is this a gag?
Maybe it's your patient What patient?
The grateful one
She must love you a lot
What do you mean?
Happy birthday, my love
What's that? I'd like to know, too
I'll explain: this painting came without a word, nothing...
So what's this? Nothing?
Wait, Rachel...
Listen, recently I've been getting gifts
Messages, all kinds of things
They may be from a patient I'm not sure
Why didn't you tell me? Not to upset you
The baby's enough worry
If there's another woman...
There's no one
Rachel, you've got to trust me!
I'll try. But it's hard
I waited until morning I wish you'd been there
I feel so close, yet so far
I have no one, only you
I know she's come between us she clings to you
Be strong, my love
don't let her keep us apart
We're ready, doctor
You forgot this
Can I talk to you?
You OK?
I have to see a client now
I've listed the people around me
Patients, doctors, nurses Could be anyone
Sorry, I'm in a rush
How can I convince you?
Do you really want it? What?
The baby
Rachel, we have to go
I've been here since 9AM waiting!
That's enough, I want to see the doctor!
You can't treat us this way!
What is it?
I had an early appointment! It's noon!
But we don't see patients Wednesdays!
Anita, you know I'm at the hospital Wednesdays
Isn't it Thursday?
Forgive us, Mrs Andree
Everything OK?
Forgive me
It can't go on You mix up everything:
the files, dates, patients
People wait and complain. I'm sorry
my partners agree: it can't go on
Yes, but I'm new to this...
I promise, I'll... You always promise!
In 6 months, you haven't improved
Please, doctor
Give me a chance
I promise...
You goof once more
and you're out!
Sorry No, please
We're through
Did you fire her?
She promised As usual...
You OK?
I'm OK
Tired, but OK
You seem quite stressed, distant
I knew it. You're all knotted up
You need a massage
I gotta go. RacheI'll worry
Something wrong? No, I'm fine
You took them? I just want a glass of milk
You're crazy You're becoming paranoid!
Did he offer to massage you?
Loic, he's a physical therapist!
It'd do you good
What's more
he's right You're really weird these days
Thanks for the brochure in my mailbox
I put nothing in a mailbox!
Florence and ltaly, are my dream!
I'll leave with you any time This girl is yours!
"This girl is yours" Can't be Jean-Louis
It's weird
as if the person thought I'd send messages
Are you in pain?
Rachel's hurt! I'm off to the hospital!
Wait, Loic!
My wife? I took care of her. She's fine
She was knocked over by a moped
The driver fell off and fled
And the baby?
The shock was terrible
She's had a miscarriage I'm sorry
No, not that...
Julien... the baby...
I'll spend the morning here
Go out, darling
You've stayed in for 4 days
Let's have coffee at "Peppino's"
I don't feel like it
Helene'll stop by this afternoon
See you later
My love, I dream of this trip
you suggested. Come join me
Stop lying to me! This key has your name on it!
I can't explain it... So keep it!
I don't know where the key came from!
Or about a trip!
That girl is crazy She wants to destroy us
I need peace and quiet I don't know anymore
I do know! We have to stick together
I don't know...
Anyone in?
Sorry, I'm wiped out
I'll take her on a trip
That's not a good idea
Let her breathe Helene's taking good care of her
For you Get rid of it
Get rid of them all! I don't want those gifts!
How's her appetite? Fine, don't worry
Now what? The hospital, it's urgent
Wait, I'll check
Did you send them Varnier's file?
Of course!
They had to postpone his operation today!
I'm sure I put it in...
There's the file!
I was sure I put it in there!
I put all the hospital files in there!
You're fired, Anita! Fired!
He just lost his ticket!
The office is closed Wednesday mornings
If you have any questions
please ask Thank you, doctor
Come in
It's your first visit So what's wrong?
Nothing with me
Then who? A young girl
Who you used and dumped! That ring a bell?
I love her. I won't let you treat her that way!
She didn't understand! It's driving her nuts!
You're destroying her career!
Be gutsy, tell her personally!
I'm sorry she didn't understand
I have nothing to say to her
Now leave I have patients waiting
You're a creep! Sure
What's going on?
Nothing. He's Anita's boyfriend
It's for you, doctor
You know, you're due at the hospital Wednesday at 1 1 AM
Mr Barto's stress test is Friday, not Thursday
He was busy Thursday morning
Mr Timbault phoned about his cyclosporine doses...
What's this?
Get rid of it!
You OK, doctor?
What do you want, you nutcase?
You like it? You gotta have it!
What are these gifts? You want to destroy me?
You want to drive me nuts?
With your messages and all that!
Let go of me! Stop it, Loic!
Leave me alone!
Calm down You're sick!
Calm down You'll hear from me!
A cardiologist accused of assault and battery
It happened today in Dr Le Garrec's office
A patient, Sonia Jasmin filed a complaint
Police will question Dr Le Garrec today
Our reporter is on the spot
What do you have to say?
Did you assault that patient?
Is your career over?
Please, doctor!
You wish another appointment?
Fine, sir
What time were you due?
That's right
You wish to change it?
Very well. Good-bye, sir
Lt. Bigord. You're under arrest
Here he is! Can we have a statement?
This way, doctor!
I'm his lawyer! Let me talk to him!
Make it fast!
I'll be right there. Don't say a thing!
I love you
You slapped her and she said she'd take action
Then she filed a complaint phoned the press
You went to see her, you fought
and she had a heart attack
Stop alleging! You have no proof!
Once more...
You went home at 8PM...
I went to my home at 8PM
and I spent the night there
Alone? No!
I was with him
The whole night
Aren't you separated?
We're reconciled
If you commit perjury...
I spent the night in our home with my husband
May I talk to you?
We asked his neighbor
She saw nothing odd No one saw him go out
Why did you do it?
You're a lot of things but not a murderer
This is completely nuts
And a burglary, on top of it!
Sorry, but in a way I'm glad she's dead
That woman was insane
She almost drove us apart
I'm a doctor. What's wrong?
Suicide, turned on the gas!
Put her down, she's not breathing
There's no pulse!
Get me some oxygen!
Put her on a drip!
She's breathing. We can move her
You know her well, doctor?
No, I just saw her around
He saved me
He revived me
He put his arms around my body
He put his mouth on mine
He snatched me from death
He regrets all that happened
We had many misunderstandings
but now I know, it's for good
Great... What can I say?
You'll be happy and have lots of kids?
Seen what he did to you? He saved my life!
I'm going for a coffee
And Heloise?
She won't come
Let's go visit my folks
You need rest, fresh air
I'll get in fine shape for Loic
You can leave in 2 or 3 days
Have your folks been told? No
I have no one
We all have someone... No?
She can come off the drip today
When you're better, come see me. Bye
See you soon
The room 140 file Thanks
You asshole!
Don't come in here!
Leave her alone!
I forbid you to see her! It's all your fault...
Will you be alright?
I'm fine
She hasn't understood! It's driving her nuts!
She can come off the drip today
Examine me, it's comforting
Have we met?
They've gone. I'll leave
See you soon
You'll hear from me!
I have no one
I feel so near, yet so far
I have no one, only you
Next week we do an ECG or continue the treatment
Your wife's calling Excuse me
Hi, darling
I've got the results. I'm pregnant
That's fabulous!
I love you! I'll call you back
See you soon, I love you!
I'm going to be a dad!
See you Wednesday
It's for you
Where's the girl in room #1 17?
She left this morning
She wasn't due out!
A medical student signed a release
He took her to the country
What are you doing?
I'm leaving
Where to?
Far away
Will you take me with you?
No. I'm taking you nowhere
I don't get it...
Our trip to Florence? Our song?
All that we planned... We planned nothing
We've never been together never will be
You dreamt it all
Now it's over
What happened?
Call an ambulance
After Prof. Bengali's psychiatric examination
Angelique L. was diagnosed as sick
unanswerable for her acts
The accused suffers from intense erotomania
that developed in a standard pattern
after she met Dr Le Garrec her neighbor
In view of her condition...
it was decided that Angelique L
should be confined to a psychiatric home
for an indeterminate period
Let go of me!
Let me out of here!
Doctor, come quick!
He's coming out of it
There's a world in my head an unreal world
In it, Loic loves me and protects me
In it, he's always at my side
Now I know it doesn't exist
that it was an illusion the fruit of my imagination
We all dream of a great love affair
I just dreamt a bit harder
I'm happy for you
You've worked hard all these years
We'll all miss you here
But I'm glad you're being released
If you keep taking your medication
you'll be fine
I wish you good luck
"Though my love is insane my reason calms the pain in my heart
It tells me to be patient and keep hoping..."
An erotomaniac confined for over 50 years
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Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa) CD2
Hidden Fortress - Criterion Collection
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Higanbana - Equinox Flower - Yasujiro Ozu 1958
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High Anxiety CD2
High Fidelity
High Heels and Low Lifes
High Noon
High Plains Drifter
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High Wind In Jamaica A (1965)
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Higher Learning
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Highlander III The Sorcerer 1994
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Hijo de la Novia El 2001
Hilary and Jackie
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Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
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Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
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His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
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History of the World The - Part I
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Hitlerjunge Salomon - Europa Europa
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Hollow The (2004)
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Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
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How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
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Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
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Hunchback of Notre Dame The
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