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Subtitles for He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD1.

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He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD1

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.17.1 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:13.94,00:00:16.71 Fourth Production Company of China Film[br]Group Corporation 00:00:16.78,00:00:19.54 Century Hero Film Investment Co. Ltd.[br]China Movie Channel 00:00:19.61,00:00:21.78 21st Century Shengkai Film Company 00:00:25.02,00:00:26.49 Hold still. 00:00:32.63,00:00:33.86 Xiaochun! 00:00:35.20,00:00:36.86 Mr. Debao needs you. 00:00:37.33,00:00:38.36 Coming. 00:00:39.73,00:00:41.53 Hey, my money! 00:00:41.60,00:00:43.13 My dad will pay you. 00:00:43.20,00:00:46.70 Executive Producers - Yang Buting Yan[br]Xiaoming Li Bolun - Chen Kaige 00:00:47.41,00:00:51.44 Produced by Tong Gang Chen Hong 00:01:02.29,00:01:05.35 Co-producers - Han Sanping - Huang Jianxin 00:01:10.17,00:01:13.43 Written by Chen Kaige - Xue Xiaolu 00:01:13.77,00:01:16.53 Director of Photography - Kim Hyungkoo 00:01:17.34,00:01:19.50 Production Designers[br]Cao Jiuping - Liu Luyi 00:01:19.57,00:01:21.37 Costume Designer - Hah Yongsoo 00:01:21.64,00:01:25.20 Editor - Zhou Ying 00:01:25.68,00:01:28.77 Music by Zhao Lin 00:01:39.26,00:01:40.28 Dad! 00:01:40.36,00:01:42.12 It's about time. 00:01:56.08,00:01:57.64 Push. 00:01:57.75,00:02:00.21 Breathe deeply. 00:02:01.32,00:02:05.78 Xiaochun, the baby won't come out. 00:02:06.05,00:02:08.49 I want you to play her something. 00:02:10.69,00:02:12.66 The livelier the better. 00:02:16.16,00:02:18.66 Liu Peiqi 00:02:19.40,00:02:22.16 Chen Hong 00:02:22.64,00:02:25.44 Wang Zhiwen 00:02:26.14,00:02:28.67 Chen Kaige - Tang Yun 00:02:29.38,00:02:34.37 TOGETHER 00:02:38.19,00:02:42.62 Directed by Chen Kaige 00:02:51.33,00:02:52.42 Liu Cheng! 00:02:52.50,00:02:53.87 Taste this. 00:02:58.64,00:02:59.87 It's delicious. 00:03:02.41,00:03:05.78 Liu Cheng may come from the north... 00:03:06.08,00:03:08.55 but he sure can cook a tasty southern dish. 00:03:08.62,00:03:11.45 If I were a woman, I'd marry him. 00:03:13.62,00:03:17.58 I like your son Xiaochun. 00:03:17.66,00:03:22.82 He wasn't much when you arrived.[br]What a violinist he's become! 00:03:25.67,00:03:27.43 A little something for him. 00:03:27.50,00:03:29.47 No, I couldn't. 00:03:30.10,00:03:32.10 - Take it.[br]- I'd rather not. 00:03:33.31,00:03:35.30 Xiaochun, come here. 00:03:39.55,00:03:43.78 Xiaochun, I want to thank you. 00:03:45.62,00:03:47.55 Take this. 00:03:47.62,00:03:50.75 Buy yourself whatever you like. 00:03:50.83,00:03:52.59 Thanks, Mr. Debao. 00:03:53.16,00:03:57.53 Xiaochun, at least you understand how[br]life works. 00:03:59.87,00:04:02.17 Liu Cheng, a letter. 00:04:20.12,00:04:24.58 Community News: Liu Xiaochun will[br]compete in Beijing 00:04:24.66,00:04:26.49 Dad, my back itches. 00:04:27.26,00:04:28.46 Here? 00:04:28.53,00:04:32.56 Fortunate Mr Debao had an 8 lb 8 oz boy 00:05:07.67,00:05:09.10 Nice shot! 00:05:58.39,00:06:02.32 - Taking much cash with you?[br]- Guess. 00:06:03.52,00:06:04.82 1,500? 00:06:06.19,00:06:07.29 2,000? 00:06:07.36,00:06:09.59 No, guess again. 00:06:10.73,00:06:12.17 3,000? 00:06:12.73,00:06:14.50 I'll leave you guessing. 00:06:38.43,00:06:41.09 Chun, it's urgent. 00:06:41.16,00:06:43.60 I need a toilet, and fast. 00:06:43.66,00:06:47.07 Wait for me here. Don't budge. 00:06:51.57,00:06:55.53 Need a place to stay?[br]Cheap beds, good service. 00:06:57.08,00:06:59.57 Anyone need a room? 00:07:30.75,00:07:32.47 Watch it. My hair! 00:07:38.25,00:07:40.08 Fix it nice. 00:07:52.03,00:07:54.66 Kid, grab the suitcase. 00:08:05.28,00:08:06.91 I'll give you a receipt. 00:09:02.24,00:09:03.60 - Who called for help?[br]- I did. 00:09:03.67,00:09:05.00 What's the problem? 00:09:05.07,00:09:06.54 I've lost my child. 00:09:06.61,00:09:09.01 - When was this?[br]- Just now. 00:09:09.08,00:09:10.91 He was right here 10 minutes ago. 00:09:10.98,00:09:12.61 I had diarrhea... 00:09:12.68,00:09:14.41 Let me explain. 00:09:14.48,00:09:17.01 He began the violin at age 3. 00:09:17.08,00:09:21.08 Since age 5, he's won a local prize[br]every year. 00:09:21.16,00:09:23.06 What a catastrophe. 00:09:23.12,00:09:25.06 - Age?[br]- 13. 00:09:25.13,00:09:27.03 - Boy or girl?[br]- Boy. 00:09:29.36,00:09:34.10 Chun, where on earth were you?[br]It's your turn. 00:09:34.17,00:09:35.80 YOUNG PEOPLE'S HALL 00:09:48.58,00:09:51.81 - That's my boy.[br]- He's good. 00:11:13.63,00:11:16.36 The winner's parents, come forward. 00:11:16.57,00:11:18.06 Director Chang! 00:11:18.37,00:11:20.53 Mr. Chang, meet Liu Xiaochun. 00:11:21.11,00:11:22.27 Good work. 00:11:23.18,00:11:25.44 You play very well. 00:11:25.51,00:11:28.64 If your school accepts him... 00:11:28.72,00:11:32.74 we can stay here and try to bring you honor. 00:11:32.82,00:11:37.69 Unfortunately, you need a Beijing[br]residence permit to stay. 00:11:37.76,00:11:40.09 I can't help you. 00:11:40.23,00:11:45.29 However, if a private teacher takes him,[br]we won't object. 00:11:51.11,00:11:53.77 Jiang, how did you like the competition? 00:11:54.24,00:11:57.30 Your music exam's always the same. 00:11:57.38,00:11:59.64 What do you mean our exam? 00:11:59.71,00:12:02.15 You're on staff here, too. 00:12:02.22,00:12:04.95 How much did the winner pay to win? 00:12:06.79,00:12:10.28 We accept targeted contributions[br]to offset costs. 00:12:10.36,00:12:13.55 Is it wrong to express gratitude? 00:12:13.63,00:12:16.29 No favoritism, no sponsors. 00:12:16.36,00:12:18.83 The good player finished where? 00:12:18.90,00:12:21.16 You mean number five? 00:12:21.24,00:12:24.97 You remain perceptive as ever. 00:12:49.33,00:12:51.30 Professor Jiang. 00:12:51.63,00:12:53.86 Oh, Professor! 00:12:56.40,00:13:00.36 My name is Liu Cheng.[br]I'm number five's father. 00:13:01.34,00:13:02.97 Number five? So? 00:13:03.44,00:13:05.14 What's the big deal? 00:13:06.61,00:13:08.24 Wow, I'm bowled over. 00:13:21.76,00:13:23.32 He's home. 00:13:24.10,00:13:25.90 Professor. 00:13:25.97,00:13:28.56 This is your teacher. Say hello. 00:13:28.64,00:13:30.16 Go on! 00:13:31.31,00:13:34.30 I entrust him to you. 00:13:34.38,00:13:35.84 Let me do that. 00:13:36.01,00:13:39.50 Will lessons be once or twice a week? 00:13:39.71,00:13:42.55 Be strict. Strict is fine by me. 00:13:42.62,00:13:46.02 It's best for the child, to be strict. 00:13:46.19,00:13:48.09 Beijing folks are sharp. 00:13:48.16,00:13:51.02 But my son is their match. 00:13:51.09,00:13:53.22 Smart and adroit. 00:13:54.20,00:13:57.63 Every year a prize, like clockwork. 00:13:57.70,00:14:00.17 Back home, nobody's heard of Liu Cheng... 00:14:00.23,00:14:04.76 but everybody knows Xiaochun's father. 00:14:04.84,00:14:07.07 This is a real opportunity for you. 00:14:07.14,00:14:11.64 I'm telling you straight.[br]Understand that Xiaochun... 00:14:11.71,00:14:14.15 Fine. I get the picture. 00:14:15.38,00:14:17.98 Explore a bit of Beijing together. 00:14:18.05,00:14:20.52 See the Forbidden City and go home. 00:14:20.59,00:14:22.35 Are you kidding? 00:14:24.39,00:14:26.15 He finished fifth, didn't he? 00:14:27.29,00:14:29.32 I'll level with you. 00:14:29.40,00:14:32.92 He should have been first. 00:14:35.40,00:14:36.73 You get it? 00:14:38.14,00:14:41.44 Even if he plays great, he won't succeed. 00:14:43.18,00:14:44.34 Do you understand? 00:14:46.91,00:14:51.48 Mr. Jiang, your words just make me want[br]to stay even more. 00:14:55.36,00:14:57.59 The truth is... 00:14:57.79,00:14:59.78 he was a baby when his mother left. 00:14:59.86,00:15:01.62 Her violin remained. 00:15:01.70,00:15:05.32 He began to play it because he missed her. 00:15:05.40,00:15:08.80 Whenever he thinks of her,[br]he plays the violin. 00:15:08.87,00:15:11.17 I don't want anything to hurt him. 00:15:11.24,00:15:13.90 Chun! 00:15:31.06,00:15:33.36 It's 11:00. You can come in. 00:15:48.84,00:15:50.71 Tell me. 00:15:51.51,00:15:56.18 20 yuan buys a bath and a bunk. 00:15:56.25,00:15:57.77 Is that right? 00:15:59.42,00:16:01.79 That's right. Why? 00:16:03.56,00:16:05.12 You're sure? 00:16:24.65,00:16:27.21 Chun, a bath and a bed for 20 yuan... 00:16:27.28,00:16:28.54 is quite a deal. 00:16:28.72,00:16:30.74 A bath with the room. 00:16:31.45,00:16:32.44 You asleep? 00:17:03.28,00:17:04.68 Ready? 00:17:04.99,00:17:06.25 Begin. 00:17:21.34,00:17:22.56 Stop. 00:17:24.14,00:17:26.83 Zhang Lifa, listen to yourself. 00:17:26.94,00:17:30.40 You haven't played a single note on key.[br]Not one. 00:17:30.81,00:17:32.01 Really? 00:17:32.61,00:17:33.64 Yes. Really. 00:17:34.88,00:17:36.61 Now start over. 00:17:41.82,00:17:42.91 Hello? 00:17:44.19,00:17:46.82 That you? 00:17:47.69,00:17:50.06 I'm at the kid's violin lesson. 00:17:50.13,00:17:52.46 That's right, it's culture. 00:17:52.53,00:17:54.19 Mean anything to you? 00:17:54.27,00:17:56.00 What's the problem? 00:17:56.40,00:17:57.39 What? 00:17:57.47,00:18:01.91 You under his thumb?[br]He demands, and you deliver! 00:18:01.98,00:18:05.60 If he said to jump in the lake, would you? 00:18:06.31,00:18:10.77 I owe him money? That's a laugh. 00:18:10.85,00:18:12.15 He has no proof. 00:18:12.22,00:18:13.71 Press charges? 00:18:17.02,00:18:19.08 I didn't say stop. 00:18:19.16,00:18:22.49 I'll sue right back. For slander. 00:18:22.56,00:18:26.56 I didn't sign an IOU. 00:18:27.07,00:18:30.33 You listen good. If you give him one cent... 00:18:30.40,00:18:32.13 you'll feel my wrath. 00:18:49.16,00:18:51.92 Come on, honey,[br]let's not stay another minute. 00:18:51.99,00:18:53.15 Goodbye. 00:18:56.23,00:18:58.39 Get this straight. 00:18:58.47,00:19:01.90 We're dumping you, and not vice versa. 00:19:01.97,00:19:03.10 Come along! 00:19:04.40,00:19:05.74 Come back. 00:19:06.34,00:19:08.10 Don't forget your bow. 00:19:15.28,00:19:18.08 Teachers are a dime a dozen. 00:19:18.15,00:19:20.92 Thanks for letting me quit. 00:19:27.29,00:19:28.89 You, at the door! 00:19:29.26,00:19:32.46 Come in. Stop lurking like a thief. 00:19:32.63,00:19:34.23 Yes, sir, Professor. 00:19:37.44,00:19:39.53 Come here, boy. 00:19:40.21,00:19:42.70 Would you remove that red hat? 00:19:42.78,00:19:44.00 It makes me uneasy. 00:19:48.28,00:19:49.61 The thing is... 00:19:53.25,00:19:55.31 I must be incompetent. 00:19:55.72,00:20:00.06 Not at all! You're a good teacher. 00:20:01.43,00:20:05.06 Oh, yeah? Then why did she fire me? 00:20:05.13,00:20:06.12 We... 00:20:07.67,00:20:09.93 We would like to hire you. 00:20:46.01,00:20:50.77 Liu Xiaochun, before we start,[br]some ground rules. 00:20:50.84,00:20:54.84 First, you'll have to work hard. 00:20:54.92,00:20:57.15 Otherwise, it's pointless. 00:20:57.55,00:21:00.68 Second, you must enjoy playing. 00:21:00.75,00:21:05.49 Refrain from playing unless you enjoy it. 00:21:05.56,00:21:09.43 And finally, don't play only[br]when you think of your mother. 00:21:10.83,00:21:12.13 That's it. 00:21:15.00,00:21:16.53 Play something. 00:21:27.68,00:21:28.67 Who is it? 00:21:29.02,00:21:31.58 Hello, is this Mr. Cheng? 00:21:31.79,00:21:34.78 Cut it out, I know it's you 00:21:35.16,00:21:37.95 I miss you already. Now what? 00:21:38.03,00:21:40.02 I miss you, too 00:21:40.26,00:21:43.16 Oh, yeah. Then why leave me? 00:21:43.23,00:21:47.56 Do you give other women such nice shoes? 00:21:47.63,00:21:49.86 What other women? 00:21:50.17,00:21:51.64 Do you love me? 00:21:52.01,00:21:53.60 Not this again! 00:21:53.67,00:21:54.80 Yes or no? 00:21:54.88,00:21:57.74 You're always asking![br]You must love me a lot 00:21:57.81,00:21:59.18 Is that a yes or a no? 00:21:59.25,00:22:00.80 I love you 00:22:02.58,00:22:05.31 - I love you, babe[br]- You know I'm up here. 00:22:05.39,00:22:09.52 You can't outfox a sly old fox 00:22:09.59,00:22:11.56 - I've got to go[br]- Clown! 00:22:15.00,00:22:17.69 That guy your uncle? 00:22:17.76,00:22:19.32 He needs directions 00:22:20.00,00:22:22.23 Did you find it okay? 00:22:22.30,00:22:23.86 Yes. 00:22:25.07,00:22:26.13 Here in Beijing... 00:22:26.21,00:22:29.61 it's easier to find a bride than housing. 00:22:29.68,00:22:31.61 You're lucky indeed. 00:22:32.31,00:22:34.68 Come in. 00:22:57.14,00:22:59.50 Hey! Violin-boy! 00:23:00.04,00:23:01.13 Here! 00:23:01.91,00:23:03.14 Up here! 00:23:05.15,00:23:06.24 You mean me? 00:23:06.38,00:23:08.87 Yes, you. Come on up! 00:23:10.12,00:23:11.18 85471. 00:23:12.09,00:23:15.18 Where do you wander by starlight? 00:23:15.26,00:23:16.78 Where do you wander? 00:23:17.36,00:23:18.62 That's right. 00:23:19.46,00:23:22.19 When you've got a sec, call me. 00:23:23.13,00:23:26.33 He knows my number. Sign it Mimi. 00:23:27.93,00:23:33.24 Hello?[br]Tell him I've moved to a new apartment. 00:23:33.31,00:23:36.80 The number is 62875453. 00:23:37.71,00:23:39.94 Sign it "Your babe." 00:23:41.68,00:23:43.17 How old are you? 00:23:43.25,00:23:44.65 I'm 13. 00:23:44.72,00:23:46.62 You're not bad on that violin. 00:23:46.89,00:23:48.62 Play me something. 00:23:48.82,00:23:50.62 Lonely Makes Me Lovely. 00:23:52.33,00:23:53.88 Don't know it? 00:23:53.99,00:23:56.09 The Moon Reflects My Heart. 00:23:56.70,00:23:57.79 Play. 00:24:03.27,00:24:08.40 Hi, Fanny. I've moved. 00:24:08.48,00:24:10.60 I'm still unpacking. 00:24:10.68,00:24:12.47 The old apartment was fine. 00:24:12.55,00:24:15.34 But Mr. X ran out of cash. 00:24:15.68,00:24:17.88 What are you up to? 00:24:18.15,00:24:20.18 You still with that guy? 00:24:21.46,00:24:24.95 New topic.[br]What's-his-name isn't bad looking. 00:24:26.06,00:24:27.49 Is he rich? 00:24:29.26,00:24:30.39 No kidding? 00:24:31.20,00:24:32.69 Millions? 00:24:34.84,00:24:36.60 I'm his type? 00:24:36.67,00:24:38.50 Gotta see if I like him. 00:24:38.57,00:24:42.27 He says that to all the girls. 00:24:42.34,00:24:44.04 Give me his number. 00:24:44.11,00:24:45.77 What is it? 00:24:47.01,00:24:49.24 I may not even call him. 00:24:56.29,00:24:59.02 Hello? Mr. Han? 00:24:59.13,00:25:01.32 It's me, Lili. 00:25:04.00,00:25:06.12 Why are you such a bad boy? 00:25:06.97,00:25:10.03 Wait, I'll go to another room. 00:25:15.94,00:25:17.50 I'm all ears. 00:25:30.29,00:25:31.99 Stupid boy! 00:25:40.53,00:25:43.20 Was it you at the station? 00:25:43.27,00:25:45.83 I didn't recognize you.[br]What brings you here? 00:25:45.91,00:25:48.31 I live right over there. 00:25:48.64,00:25:50.20 See you around! 00:26:02.46,00:26:04.48 You're really something. 00:26:04.56,00:26:06.32 You test my patience. 00:26:06.39,00:26:08.49 - I what?[br]- You pile your coal here... 00:26:08.56,00:26:10.05 without concern for me. 00:26:10.13,00:26:12.86 We all share this courtyard. Get it? 00:26:12.93,00:26:14.33 Delivery guy's choice. 00:26:14.40,00:26:15.87 Don't fish for excuses. 00:26:15.94,00:26:18.00 - Don't be silly![br]- You dare hit me? 00:26:18.07,00:26:19.16 Watch it! 00:26:19.24,00:26:20.54 What? 00:26:20.61,00:26:22.47 Same routine every year. 00:26:22.54,00:26:25.10 You blame the delivery guy. 00:26:25.18,00:26:28.91 You encourage him just to spite me! 00:26:28.98,00:26:30.47 If you take that tone... 00:26:30.55,00:26:35.45 it's unlikely I'll move it. It's fine where it is. 00:26:35.52,00:26:38.51 - Will you move it away?[br]- Nope! 00:26:39.63,00:26:40.62 No? 00:26:40.86,00:26:41.92 No. 00:26:45.07,00:26:48.56 Fine. In that case, it's all mine. 00:26:48.77,00:26:50.07 Say that again? 00:26:51.77,00:26:54.30 I'll be nice and warm this winter. 00:26:54.37,00:26:56.74 Just try it, you'll see! 00:26:56.81,00:26:58.94 I'll help myself. 00:26:59.01,00:27:00.91 Put that back! 00:27:01.35,00:27:04.25 Kid, what do you think you're doing? 00:27:04.32,00:27:05.61 Is over here okay? 00:27:05.69,00:27:07.95 Yes. Thank you. 00:27:08.09,00:27:09.45 What's your game? 00:27:10.39,00:27:12.12 Helpful, aren't we? 00:27:13.16,00:27:16.22 You're aiding the enemy! 00:27:18.47,00:27:20.59 Some teacher you are! 00:27:25.07,00:27:26.66 Wash your hands. 00:27:30.04,00:27:32.07 Use soap. 00:27:39.39,00:27:41.25 Hold it. 00:27:41.32,00:27:45.35 I'm overwhelmed here. Come help me. 00:27:48.50,00:27:49.89 Give me a hand. 00:27:54.07,00:27:57.90 He followed a lady cat and got beaten up. 00:27:58.77,00:27:59.93 Stop! 00:28:00.74,00:28:03.07 Get the medicine on the shelf. 00:28:06.75,00:28:10.18 You don't know how. I'll do it. 00:28:13.92,00:28:15.01 Close it up. 00:28:17.22,00:28:19.75 Mix the milk with water. 00:28:22.06,00:28:25.00 The kittens are hungry, too. 00:28:27.03,00:28:30.30 Careful when you feed Mimi. 00:28:30.37,00:28:32.10 Remove the bones. 00:28:32.17,00:28:34.80 Watch it, clumsy. 00:28:35.98,00:28:37.34 He has bad teeth. 00:28:39.88,00:28:42.21 Less salt in his. 00:28:42.38,00:28:43.87 Kidney problems, too. 00:28:44.92,00:28:48.95 Stay there. Don't be such a klutz. 00:29:08.31,00:29:11.33 Go on. Play. 00:29:19.25,00:29:22.19 What smells so awful? 00:29:26.16,00:29:28.79 Did kitty pee under the bed again? 00:29:28.86,00:29:30.63 Did you do that? 00:29:32.50,00:29:34.33 I'll do it. 00:29:39.47,00:29:42.10 See if you find a sock. 00:29:42.18,00:29:43.40 A black one. 00:29:46.38,00:29:47.85 No sock here. 00:29:53.49,00:29:55.04 Just this photo. 00:29:55.82,00:29:56.98 That's odd. 00:30:06.83,00:30:10.29 Okay, back to work. 00:30:13.21,00:30:15.94 Hey! Where are you going? 00:30:17.48,00:30:20.04 My father pays you for violin lessons. 00:30:20.38,00:30:23.75 Liu Xiaochun. 00:30:24.88,00:30:28.38 - How much for 1 lb. Of rice?[br]- 1.6 yuan. 00:30:28.59,00:30:30.22 How much is your rice? 00:30:30.42,00:30:33.39 - What did he quote you?[br]- 1.5 yuan. 00:30:33.56,00:30:35.59 I'll give it to you for 1.3. 00:30:35.66,00:30:38.06 How about 1 yuan even? 00:30:38.67,00:30:41.73 I'll make it 0.9. Deal? 00:30:41.87,00:30:44.20 Stealing my client? 00:30:44.27,00:30:46.60 What of it? I do as I please! 00:30:46.67,00:30:51.63 Bastard! I'll trash your stand! 00:30:55.58,00:30:57.28 Here's a solution. 00:30:57.35,00:31:02.34 I propose this. I'll buy 5 lbs. From each. 00:31:02.42,00:31:05.05 You stay out of this. 00:31:05.12,00:31:06.75 It's between him and me. 00:31:30.42,00:31:31.91 No, that's not mine. 00:31:31.99,00:31:33.48 My hat! 00:31:36.26,00:31:37.31 Chun. 00:31:38.89,00:31:41.33 I screwed up. 00:31:42.20,00:31:44.06 I lost my cap. 00:31:46.03,00:31:47.02 Good. 00:31:47.97,00:31:50.09 Why good? 00:31:50.17,00:31:52.10 I won't have to look at it. 00:31:52.17,00:31:56.01 But the money! My money was inside. 00:31:57.61,00:31:59.44 Here, Dad. 00:32:00.55,00:32:04.28 - Where'd you get that?[br]- I earned it. 00:32:05.75,00:32:06.81 Take it. 00:32:10.56,00:32:13.65 Lower your head. Admit your mistake! 00:32:30.24,00:32:32.11 Hi there. 00:32:34.01,00:32:37.64 Come play tonight. It's my friend's birthday. 00:32:51.50,00:32:54.33 Go get the sheet music. 00:33:04.81,00:33:06.21 Liu Xiaochun. 00:33:07.11,00:33:10.34 Today you'll rejuvenate sheet music. 00:33:14.45,00:33:16.79 You know what that means? 00:33:19.39,00:33:23.95 - Rejuvenating means...[br]- To wipe off the dust. 00:33:31.24,00:33:33.33 See the pencil marks? 00:33:34.54,00:33:36.01 She wrote them in. 00:33:37.24,00:33:40.08 We were classmates at the Conservatory. 00:33:42.95,00:33:47.35 We often copied scores together. 00:33:48.76,00:33:50.88 When I was with her... 00:33:50.96,00:33:52.69 I felt pretty good. 00:33:54.29,00:33:55.62 Do you like her notes? 00:33:57.70,00:34:00.39 Shortly before graduation... 00:34:00.73,00:34:02.56 she told me... 00:34:03.07,00:34:06.20 another guy wanted to date her... 00:34:06.71,00:34:08.44 and asked my advice. 00:34:08.51,00:34:11.48 I said, "Sounds good." 00:34:11.54,00:34:15.50 The classmate in question[br]was a real go-getter. 00:34:15.58,00:34:17.34 That's a good trait, no? 00:34:19.09,00:34:20.48 Later on... 00:34:21.69,00:34:24.75 I realized she loved me. 00:34:24.82,00:34:26.42 I was such a dope! 00:34:29.63,00:34:31.62 I liked her. 00:34:33.70,00:34:36.53 Anyway, that was that. 00:34:38.20,00:34:42.14 She married the other guy... 00:34:43.31,00:34:44.90 and left me here. 00:34:46.91,00:34:50.44 I hear she's divorced. 00:34:50.98,00:34:52.92 Never saw her again. 00:34:53.45,00:34:55.48 The piece you played the other day... 00:34:55.56,00:34:58.46 was our graduation farewell. 00:35:00.96,00:35:04.02 I'm telling all this to a kid. 00:35:06.00,00:35:07.69 That's a laugh. 00:35:07.77,00:35:09.39 Professor Jiang. 00:35:10.20,00:35:12.64 You never married? 00:35:13.61,00:35:15.77 Who would have me? 00:35:16.18,00:35:19.27 Plus, if I bring a woman here... 00:35:19.35,00:35:22.80 my cats will have to go. 00:35:35.86,00:35:37.66 I have my music... 00:35:40.93,00:35:43.09 to warm my heart. 00:36:02.22,00:36:06.95 Chef, you don't put tomato sauce on[br]fish-basted pork strips. 00:36:07.46,00:36:10.45 You want some pork strips? 00:36:11.33,00:36:13.09 I'm not here to eat. 00:36:13.27,00:36:16.63 I'm a cook. The temp agency sent me. 00:36:16.70,00:36:18.29 That's the boss. 00:36:18.37,00:36:20.74 You're the boss? 00:36:28.78,00:36:32.01 Can you ride a bike? 00:36:48.70,00:36:49.69 That's hot. 00:38:00.17,00:38:01.26 Here. 00:38:04.18,00:38:06.27 Put that down... 00:38:06.48,00:38:09.11 and feel the music in your heart. 00:38:18.09,00:38:19.89 What have we here? 00:38:19.96,00:38:21.72 Wait a minute. 00:38:28.93,00:38:32.20 The other day, you said... 00:38:32.27,00:38:37.17 Why, you little sneak. 00:38:37.78,00:38:40.51 Making fun of me, eh? 00:38:41.25,00:38:43.81 This is such a filthy sock. 00:38:43.88,00:38:46.08 What do you say... 00:38:46.15,00:38:48.21 we leave it there? 00:39:07.01,00:39:09.57 Give me a hand. I'm way behind. 00:39:09.64,00:39:10.87 Find the hair dryer. 00:39:13.58,00:39:14.57 Hurry up! 00:39:17.61,00:39:18.67 It's not here. 00:39:19.22,00:39:20.58 Look over there. 00:39:33.50,00:39:36.09 No, my feet. Do my toes. 00:39:53.75,00:39:55.38 What do you know? 00:39:59.72,00:40:01.85 That's my least favorite. 00:40:01.93,00:40:07.30 Sit down. And no peeking. 00:40:37.53,00:40:39.79 I put on the one you picked. 00:40:48.64,00:40:50.61 Guess what this is. 00:40:51.81,00:40:53.67 A birthday cake. 00:40:53.84,00:40:55.47 What's written on it? 00:40:56.75,00:40:58.37 Happy birthday? 00:40:58.45,00:40:59.81 Wrong! 00:41:00.65,00:41:04.52 He was born at 8:05 p.m. Original, huh? 00:41:31.48,00:41:38.28 The cell phone you've reached is[br]unavailable at this time 00:41:44.63,00:41:45.79 Forget it. 00:43:03.97,00:43:05.91 Play. I'm listening. 00:43:12.88,00:43:14.78 What's your name? 00:43:14.85,00:43:16.58 Liu Xiaochun. 00:43:18.36,00:43:19.52 I'm Lili. 00:43:28.83,00:43:33.57 Two little honeybees gather pollen[br]in the breeze... 00:43:46.22,00:43:47.58 Dad! 00:43:47.65,00:43:49.28 Who's that woman? 00:43:50.72,00:43:52.71 A friend. 00:44:14.24,00:44:17.58 Not so fast, comrade. 00:44:20.68,00:44:23.02 Miss, you're mistaken. 00:44:23.09,00:44:25.49 You a burglar? I may be female... 00:44:25.56,00:44:28.05 but I'm not helpless. What do you want? 00:44:29.66,00:44:31.63 How shall I put it? 00:44:31.70,00:44:33.22 Let's have it. 00:44:34.60,00:44:37.86 I'll tell you the whole story. 00:44:38.67,00:44:42.20 Somehow, the other day[br]my son made 50 yuan. 00:44:42.34,00:44:47.80 Yesterday, the woman in there[br]left lipstick on his cheek. 00:44:49.11,00:44:54.07 I heard a violin being played[br]in this apartment. 00:44:56.25,00:44:58.08 You're Xiaochun's father? 00:44:59.16,00:45:01.85 I'm the one who gave him the money. 00:45:01.93,00:45:05.33 I live here. The lipstick traces were mine. 00:45:05.70,00:45:06.79 You object? 00:45:08.30,00:45:10.06 Xiaochun reporting! 00:45:10.13,00:45:14.23 I found two sweaters[br]in a basin under the bed. 00:45:14.30,00:45:15.46 They're disgusting. 00:45:15.54,00:45:19.67 All moth-eaten and faded. 00:45:19.74,00:45:23.04 Why did you cage them up? 00:45:23.11,00:45:26.28 You fascist. 00:45:33.02,00:45:34.75 Easy. 00:45:35.79,00:45:38.66 You put dirty clothes on the piano... 00:45:38.73,00:45:41.93 of all places! 00:45:43.63,00:45:46.69 Your father pays me to teach you the violin. 00:45:46.77,00:45:49.93 Not to clean or do my household chores. 00:45:51.94,00:45:54.71 Go on. Play. 00:45:55.85,00:45:57.04 I'm unhappy. 00:45:58.52,00:46:01.51 Therefore, I can't play. You said so yourself. 00:46:15.23,00:46:17.13 Why are you unhappy? 00:46:18.70,00:46:21.87 You rearrange all my stuff. 00:46:21.94,00:46:23.53 I can't find a thing. 00:46:23.61,00:46:26.67 I've barely objected so far,[br]but you're unhappy. 00:46:27.51,00:46:29.77 I don't like playing in a pigsty. 00:46:30.78,00:46:33.51 You never change your clothes. 00:46:34.02,00:46:36.01 You live to pick fights. 00:46:36.99,00:46:40.55 You smell worse than your house pets. 00:46:45.96,00:46:47.79 They're not "house pets." 00:46:50.97,00:46:55.84 I rescued all my cats from the street. 00:46:55.91,00:46:59.84 Without me, they'd have starved[br]or frozen to death. 00:47:01.01,00:47:04.47 Liu Xiaochun, you're not so special. 00:47:05.08,00:47:06.98 Why, you... 00:47:07.05,00:47:08.95 You're just... 00:47:09.02,00:47:12.55 a stray cat I took in. You know that? 00:47:12.62,00:47:16.18 A cat who happens to play a violin. Big deal. 00:47:16.26,00:47:18.06 You're nothing exceptional. 00:47:20.20,00:47:22.99 And you say I smell like my animals. 00:47:26.60,00:47:29.16 Stop tapping. Sit up straight. 00:47:29.47,00:47:31.20 You never admit your mistakes. 00:47:32.64,00:47:34.63 If you'd been less proud... 00:47:34.71,00:47:38.65 your classmate wouldn't have[br]married your rival. 00:47:44.19,00:47:45.52 Get out. 00:47:50.56,00:47:51.82 You hear me? 00:47:53.76,00:47:56.56 That's right, clear out! 00:47:56.63,00:47:58.90 If you leave now, you needn't return. 00:48:07.78,00:48:10.87 Chun, where you going? 00:48:11.01,00:48:12.21 Back home. 00:48:12.72,00:48:15.12 Why the long face? 00:48:15.32,00:48:18.22 Let's go out. My treat. 00:48:18.29,00:48:21.99 Your dad came by.[br]I thought he was a burglar. 00:48:22.59,00:48:24.46 I pulled this out. 00:48:24.73,00:48:27.75 He was so scared, he almost passed out. 00:48:28.16,00:48:31.10 I could use it for self-defense. 00:48:31.17,00:48:32.90 The curse of a pretty face. 00:48:32.97,00:48:35.60 All Beijing knows it's a cigarette lighter. 00:48:35.67,00:48:38.97 Your dad's a country bumpkin. 00:48:39.04,00:48:41.70 His red hat screamed "peasant." 00:48:41.78,00:48:44.51 He hid his money in it... 00:48:44.58,00:48:49.25 and got himself robbed.[br]Great strategy, huh? 00:48:49.32,00:48:51.91 Big sister, are you very rich? 00:48:52.09,00:48:56.02 I work hard for my dough[br]and blow it on clothes. 00:48:56.09,00:48:58.72 You never mention your mother. 00:48:59.83,00:49:02.09 She left when I was two. 00:49:02.93,00:49:04.76 She left me this violin. 00:49:05.74,00:49:07.90 No wonder you play so well. 00:49:07.97,00:49:10.17 So your dad raised you. 00:49:12.68,00:49:16.13 Must have been hard. The peasant did okay. 00:49:16.21,00:49:18.51 Am I too "peasant"? 00:49:18.82,00:49:21.78 No, you're cool. 00:49:22.39,00:49:23.44 Over here. 00:49:25.09,00:49:26.82 I'm beat. 00:49:27.02,00:49:30.29 Coffee now. We'll eat later. 00:49:33.06,00:49:35.90 What will it be? Ice cream? 00:49:36.00,00:49:38.33 What are you staring at? 00:49:46.34,00:49:48.14 How about pastry? 00:50:03.69,00:50:06.13 That's your phone. 00:50:10.27,00:50:13.26 - Be right back.[br]- Answer it here. 00:50:13.90,00:50:16.34 Don't mind me. 00:50:21.24,00:50:22.27 Who's calling? 00:50:22.35,00:50:23.37 Hello? 00:50:23.45,00:50:24.67 Hello there. 00:50:24.75,00:50:26.68 What's with "hello there"? 00:50:26.75,00:50:28.15 Where are you? 00:50:28.22,00:50:29.62 I'm talking business. 00:50:29.69,00:50:31.38 Who with? 00:50:33.82,00:50:37.09 A promising contact. 00:50:39.53,00:50:42.50 Male or female? 00:50:42.83,00:50:44.56 Like me. 00:50:44.70,00:50:46.83 Say you love me. 00:50:50.27,00:50:52.64 Say it in Chinese. 00:50:52.71,00:50:54.84 Yes, that's right. 00:50:54.91,00:50:56.28 Hello? 00:51:02.25,00:51:04.52 I can't hear you. 00:51:04.59,00:51:06.08 Dad! 00:51:06.22,00:51:07.78 Darling. 00:51:07.86,00:51:11.29 So, you're talking business? 00:51:12.80,00:51:15.03 Nice female client. 00:51:17.57,00:51:19.97 Ever so attractive. 00:51:20.64,00:51:23.27 Pricey jewelry she's got there. 00:51:25.74,00:51:29.44 She's the one you hope will cough up[br]some money. 00:51:29.51,00:51:31.21 Sit! 00:51:32.82,00:51:35.31 Keep chatting. 00:51:35.39,00:51:38.51 Honey, I'll go home and start dinner. 00:51:52.70,00:51:54.53 You still here? 00:51:54.60,00:51:57.16 All men are jerks! Get lost. 00:52:21.93,00:52:23.66 Goodbye. Come again. 00:52:27.37,00:52:28.53 Come on. 00:52:37.35,00:52:38.64 Straight ahead. 00:52:57.90,00:53:00.87 Excuse me, is this the way in? 00:54:04.67,00:54:06.19 Thank you all 00:54:06.60,00:54:11.01 I'd like to introduce my esteemed teacher 00:54:11.07,00:54:13.07 I am here thanks to him 00:54:13.14,00:54:17.01 I owe him everything Professor Yu Shifeng 00:54:48.68,00:54:51.74 How many big-ticket concerts in 12 months? 00:54:53.38,00:54:56.15 Sure, they applaud. 00:54:56.42,00:54:58.15 The welcome is warm. 00:54:59.36,00:55:01.48 But it's not for your playing. 00:55:01.56,00:55:04.36 It's for your reputation. 00:55:06.40,00:55:10.63 And now I'm part of your show, too. 00:55:13.14,00:55:14.40 You're a big boy now. 00:55:16.31,00:55:18.67 I can't scold you anymore. 00:55:21.11,00:55:23.37 Or give you a good kick. 00:55:27.88,00:55:29.68 Where will it all lead? 00:55:35.16,00:55:37.85 I sense the danger in too much, too soon. 00:55:38.96,00:55:42.12 To truly succeed as a musician... 00:55:44.70,00:55:47.69 Forget it. I'll shut up. 00:55:47.94,00:55:50.63 I've said too much already. 00:55:52.44,00:55:55.81 Let's not keep the press waiting. 00:56:08.56,00:56:10.03 Go ahead. 00:56:14.80,00:56:17.89 Your dad wants me to teach you violin...
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Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD2
His Girl Friday
His Secret Life
His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
Historias Minimas (2002)
History of the World The - Part I
Hitcher II - I have been waiting
Hitcher The
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 1
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 2
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 3
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 4
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 5
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 6
Hitlerjunge Salomon - Europa Europa
Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD1
Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD2
Hobbit The
Hocus Pocus
Hole The
Hole in the Head A
Holes CD1
Holes CD2
Hollow Man
Hollow The (2004)
Hollywood Ending CD1
Hollywood Ending CD2
Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD1
Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD2
Holy Man
Holy Matrimony (1994)
Holy Smoke CD1
Holy Smoke CD2
Home Alone 1990
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Home Alone 3
Home Alone 4
Home At The End Of The World A
Home On The Range
Home from the Sea
Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD1
Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD2
Homerun CD1
Homerun CD2
Homme-orchestre L (Serge Korber 1970)
Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
Honeymoon Killers The
Honkytonk Man
Hororr hotline (2001)
Horse Whisperer The CD1
Horse Whisperer The CD2
Horseman on the Roof The
Horses Mouth The
Hostile Waters 1997
Hot Chick The
Hot Wheels World Race CD1
Hot Wheels World Race CD2
Hound of Baskervilles The
Hour of the Wolf
Hours The
House By The Cemetary The
House Of The Spirits CD1
House Of The Spirits CD2
House With The Windows That Laugh
House of 1000 Corpses
House of Frankenstein
House of Games (1987)
House of Mirth The
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD1
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD2
House of flying daggers
House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
How Green Was My Valley
How High
How The West Was Won 1962 CD1
How The West Was Won 1962 CD2
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
How to Steal a Million CD1
How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
Howards End
Hratky s certem
Hudsucker Proxy The
Hulk The - Special Edition
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Human Beast The CD1
Human Beast The CD2
Human lanterns
Hunchback of Notre Dame II The
Hunchback of Notre Dame The
Hundtricker the movie
Hunger The 1983
Hunt For Red October CD1
Hunt For Red October CD2
Hunted The
Hunter The
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
Huozhe CD2
Hurricane 1937
Hurricane The CD1
Hurricane The CD2
Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)