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Subtitles for He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD2.

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He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD2

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.17.1 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:01.41,00:00:02.67 He paid you to. 00:00:05.88,00:00:07.04 How rude! 00:00:08.92,00:00:10.35 You're a very rude boy. 00:00:12.46,00:00:14.58 Liu Cheng. 00:00:14.66,00:00:16.63 Professor Jiang. 00:00:16.69,00:00:19.13 Is class over? 00:00:20.36,00:00:23.03 What's all this? 00:00:23.10,00:00:25.13 Chun offended you, didn't he? 00:00:25.24,00:00:27.60 It's a token gesture. 00:00:27.87,00:00:29.31 Chun. 00:00:31.24,00:00:35.11 Go down the street and buy us a bottle. 00:00:35.18,00:00:39.64 If we finish this one, that's a start. 00:00:39.72,00:00:41.24 Have a seat! 00:00:45.09,00:00:48.92 How good a musician is Chun? 00:00:49.69,00:00:50.92 He's not bad. 00:00:52.26,00:00:56.13 Does he have a future or not? 00:00:56.20,00:00:58.17 That depends. 00:00:58.24,00:01:00.70 Do you seek fame and fortune... 00:01:00.77,00:01:02.50 or consummate musicianship? 00:01:03.81,00:01:05.24 Fame and fortune. 00:01:08.75,00:01:10.15 I can't guarantee it. 00:01:14.29,00:01:17.19 In that case, we quit. 00:01:17.25,00:01:18.88 Suit yourself. 00:01:24.60,00:01:26.29 Professor Jiang... 00:01:26.60,00:01:28.76 you're very understanding. 00:01:28.83,00:01:31.27 - How so?[br]- You're a fine man. 00:01:31.60,00:01:35.16 I was afraid you'd be insulted. 00:01:35.51,00:01:38.44 Your open mind disarms me. 00:01:39.44,00:01:42.44 True, such a trifling matter couldn't affect... 00:01:43.18,00:01:44.91 What are you insinuating? 00:01:45.75,00:01:48.01 Come clean. What's this about? 00:01:49.55,00:01:51.38 Are you firing me? 00:01:54.43,00:01:57.69 Liu Cheng, you're a regular bastard. 00:01:58.40,00:02:01.49 You set out to trick me, didn't you? 00:02:02.60,00:02:04.36 Drop this nonsense. 00:02:07.47,00:02:08.80 Is this about money? 00:02:11.41,00:02:15.00 I don't want money. Not anymore. 00:02:18.28,00:02:20.41 In that case... 00:02:26.59,00:02:27.99 Professor Jiang... 00:02:28.06,00:02:32.09 I'll tell you the truth. 00:02:33.60,00:02:35.19 I want Xiaochun... 00:02:36.93,00:02:38.70 to change teachers. 00:02:56.89,00:02:58.18 Out of my sight! 00:03:03.16,00:03:05.13 Sulk all you want. 00:03:05.86,00:03:09.66 But it's settled. You're changing teachers. 00:03:35.46,00:03:36.82 Uh, Mister... 00:03:36.89,00:03:38.23 - Professor Yu![br]- Who? 00:03:38.30,00:03:40.32 Professor Yu! 00:03:40.40,00:03:41.83 What is it? 00:03:41.90,00:03:43.76 Hello, Professor. 00:03:44.00,00:03:47.33 - Ever hear of a doorbell?[br]- What bell? 00:03:47.57,00:03:53.53 Professor, I was at Mr. Tang Rong's recital. 00:03:54.08,00:03:55.81 Do you remember me? 00:03:57.11,00:04:00.57 - You have company?[br]- No. 00:04:00.65,00:04:03.21 That's my pupil I'm teaching. 00:04:03.29,00:04:06.02 Please forgive my intrusion. 00:04:06.09,00:04:10.75 But I have something vital to tell you. 00:04:11.06,00:04:13.15 May I see you alone? 00:04:13.63,00:04:17.26 Of course, Mrs. Yu may stay. 00:04:17.33,00:04:19.46 Okay, I'm all ears. 00:04:23.81,00:04:25.71 I wish to tell you... 00:04:25.78,00:04:28.47 about a violin prodigy. 00:04:29.51,00:04:30.71 This genius... 00:04:32.98,00:04:34.85 is my son. 00:04:35.62,00:04:40.42 A strange path led him to the violin. 00:04:40.49,00:04:42.46 So, your son's a genius? 00:04:46.56,00:04:48.53 Well, that's a secret. 00:04:49.63,00:04:52.07 I'll tell you the whole story. 00:05:09.82,00:05:11.15 Well... 00:05:11.86,00:05:13.32 Come in! 00:05:14.53,00:05:17.12 We've got some catching up to do... 00:05:17.19,00:05:19.69 you and I. 00:05:30.98,00:05:32.17 Let's begin. 00:06:22.36,00:06:26.09 Take care. Bring him to us soon. 00:06:26.16,00:06:27.99 See you, Professor. 00:06:28.07,00:06:29.29 Goodbye. 00:06:36.17,00:06:38.20 He really got to you. 00:06:39.58,00:06:42.20 We often see folks like him. 00:06:45.15,00:06:46.74 A touching tale! 00:07:53.25,00:07:55.24 You truly play well. 00:08:00.26,00:08:01.69 Liu Xiaochun... 00:08:03.39,00:08:05.22 our lessons together... 00:08:06.23,00:08:08.03 end here. 00:08:21.81,00:08:26.55 The first time I saw you, I figured... 00:08:26.62,00:08:28.41 you'd never make it. 00:08:30.22,00:08:32.95 I saw your potential... 00:08:34.56,00:08:36.46 but doubted... 00:08:36.53,00:08:39.39 that destiny would smile upon... 00:08:39.63,00:08:43.43 a country boy with no connections. 00:08:46.24,00:08:48.26 Your father's right. 00:08:49.41,00:08:51.60 I can teach you violin... 00:08:53.01,00:08:55.31 but not lead you to acclaim. 00:09:01.05,00:09:04.82 Study hard with Professor Yu. 00:09:05.39,00:09:07.12 He's a good teacher. 00:09:15.40,00:09:17.56 Return this money to your dad. 00:09:19.64,00:09:21.90 I've written my phone number. 00:09:22.61,00:09:24.47 Call me sometime. 00:09:38.59,00:09:42.18 DONGDAN STRINGED INSTRUMENTS 00:09:51.64,00:09:55.44 Well, well. You! 00:09:55.51,00:09:57.50 If it isn't my son. 00:09:57.57,00:10:01.37 Little devil.[br]You put me in a real bind last time. 00:10:01.61,00:10:02.91 Is Lili home? 00:10:07.28,00:10:09.91 She's not here. 00:10:09.99,00:10:13.58 Two guys seek Lili. I, however, have a key. 00:10:13.66,00:10:15.59 Why are you here? 00:10:15.66,00:10:17.22 And you? 00:10:23.30,00:10:25.53 Give her that. 00:10:25.60,00:10:28.83 Hey, kid! 00:10:46.39,00:10:50.02 You're pleased with yourself. What gives? 00:10:50.09,00:10:53.19 Take off my glasses and get out. 00:10:58.14,00:10:59.50 Nice hairdo. 00:11:04.44,00:11:06.34 Darling. 00:11:09.71,00:11:11.81 Hands off. 00:11:24.63,00:11:25.99 Open it. 00:11:40.88,00:11:43.87 How did you know I tried it on? 00:11:44.65,00:11:47.52 Top secret. I can't say. 00:11:47.58,00:11:50.38 You followed me? 00:11:50.45,00:11:51.94 Followed? 00:11:52.02,00:11:53.68 Glasses off! 00:11:53.76,00:11:55.82 Look me in the eye. 00:11:55.89,00:11:56.95 Answer me! 00:11:57.03,00:11:59.50 Nothing elaborate. 00:11:59.56,00:12:02.00 You really followed me? 00:12:02.13,00:12:03.36 Yes. 00:12:03.53,00:12:07.16 All right, then. 00:12:07.24,00:12:09.54 That woman at the café... 00:12:09.61,00:12:12.84 you told her your dirty jokes?[br]Who was she? 00:12:13.21,00:12:15.37 Out with it! 00:12:15.45,00:12:17.54 My new policy... 00:12:17.61,00:12:19.10 is to talk business... 00:12:19.18,00:12:22.12 only with men. 00:12:22.69,00:12:25.48 I was eyeing her shop. 00:12:26.16,00:12:28.32 But I'm low on funds. 00:12:29.19,00:12:31.22 Don't be angry. 00:12:40.47,00:12:42.30 Help me put it on. 00:12:54.32,00:12:55.91 Like it? 00:12:55.99,00:12:57.42 Obviously. 00:13:00.39,00:13:01.98 Sell it! 00:13:02.33,00:13:04.56 It stirs up bad memories. 00:13:04.83,00:13:06.99 You just said you need money. 00:13:07.73,00:13:09.26 How much? 00:13:09.53,00:13:10.97 27,000. 00:13:11.03,00:13:13.87 That's what it cost. Go return it. 00:13:18.04,00:13:19.51 Professor Yu. 00:13:19.58,00:13:21.31 I kept my shoes on last time. 00:13:21.38,00:13:26.21 I felt foolish as I left. 00:13:28.15,00:13:29.71 Come in. 00:13:31.56,00:13:34.58 - So you're Liu Xiaochun?[br]- Yes. 00:13:34.66,00:13:37.35 Play a piece you like. 00:13:37.43,00:13:41.66 Xiaochun, play the Wieniawsky concerto[br]for the professor. 00:13:46.80,00:13:48.46 Where's the violin? 00:13:49.14,00:13:50.70 I sold it. 00:13:50.97,00:13:52.37 Don't joke! 00:13:52.58,00:13:53.91 It's true. 00:13:55.58,00:13:58.74 Where's the money? 00:13:59.75,00:14:01.08 I spent it. 00:14:02.75,00:14:04.74 What is this? 00:14:05.26,00:14:08.09 Professor Yu. 00:14:08.19,00:14:11.29 I don't know what's going on. 00:14:11.36,00:14:13.23 Where is the violin? 00:14:15.87,00:14:20.00 Professor, I wouldn't dare lie to you. 00:14:20.07,00:14:23.40 Truly, he does play the violin. 00:14:23.47,00:14:25.37 And rather well. 00:14:25.44,00:14:29.21 Perhaps you could loan him one... 00:14:29.71,00:14:31.20 and he'll show you. 00:14:34.45,00:14:35.92 Sit down. 00:14:39.19,00:14:40.99 Lin Yu! 00:14:41.06,00:14:42.92 Bring us your violin. 00:14:48.67,00:14:50.10 Play something. 00:14:50.97,00:14:52.59 I don't know how. 00:14:58.78,00:15:00.54 Oh, yes, you do. 00:15:01.51,00:15:03.78 I can see by your hands. 00:15:03.95,00:15:06.51 Lin Yu, loan him yours. 00:15:06.58,00:15:08.31 I won't play here. 00:15:15.76,00:15:18.49 Where did you sell it? 00:15:18.56,00:15:21.66 Speak up! Where? 00:15:21.73,00:15:24.43 Dongdan's shop. 00:15:24.94,00:15:28.50 Who told you to sell it? 00:15:30.21,00:15:33.77 See what you've done? 00:15:33.84,00:15:36.14 Look here. You call this sheet music? 00:15:38.01,00:15:40.88 You think I'm an idiot? 00:15:40.95,00:15:45.22 It's full of pictures of bad women! 00:15:47.86,00:15:52.19 And this stuff. What have you glued in here? 00:15:57.57,00:15:59.43 Who said to sell it? 00:15:59.50,00:16:02.77 Sell everything! Why don't you? 00:16:07.48,00:16:09.97 The first prize... 00:16:10.05,00:16:13.45 and all the rest. You're unworthy. 00:16:13.52,00:16:15.04 They said you were the best. 00:16:15.15,00:16:18.02 All these prizes! 00:16:18.39,00:16:20.12 Worthless boy. 00:16:20.49,00:16:25.09 And here. You've put up a picture[br]of the bitch upstairs. 00:16:25.16,00:16:28.36 What were you thinking? 00:17:16.31,00:17:18.30 A violin, sir? 00:17:19.08,00:17:21.57 It's an ordinary one. 00:17:21.65,00:17:25.52 And you want 50,000?[br]Somebody cheated you. 00:17:26.02,00:17:28.12 We didn't pay that. 00:17:28.19,00:17:31.32 We add a profit margin to earn a living. 00:17:40.60,00:17:42.90 - Who's banging?[br]- Me. 00:17:42.97,00:17:44.77 - Who?[br]- Something's happened. 00:17:44.84,00:17:48.83 Why, it's Xiaochun's dad. 00:17:48.91,00:17:50.17 Am I your type? 00:17:50.25,00:17:52.61 Come out here! 00:17:52.68,00:17:55.52 Why should I? Tell me. 00:17:58.66,00:18:03.39 Come out here, then I'll tell you.[br]Something serious has happened. 00:18:04.03,00:18:07.09 I wouldn't make this up. 00:18:07.16,00:18:09.22 Stop shouting and listen. 00:18:09.30,00:18:12.83 If Chun bought the coat, I'll pay you back. 00:18:16.84,00:18:20.94 Tell her about the coat. 00:18:22.08,00:18:25.88 Tell your big sister everything. Is it true? 00:18:44.07,00:18:47.40 The number you've dialed is out of service 00:18:51.41,00:18:56.00 It wasn't easy to find him a teacher. 00:18:56.08,00:18:57.60 Mr. Yu of the Conservatory. 00:18:57.68,00:18:59.55 What an insult... 00:18:59.62,00:19:02.24 to show up with an empty case. 00:19:02.32,00:19:03.88 The way things are going... 00:19:03.95,00:19:08.19 Xiaochun's future is shot. 00:19:08.26,00:19:09.62 The violin. How much? 00:19:09.89,00:19:11.19 50,000. 00:20:06.78,00:20:08.25 Fanny? 00:20:08.62,00:20:09.85 It's me. 00:20:11.29,00:20:13.12 How much cash you got? 00:20:14.96,00:20:18.16 I'll fill you in later. A rotten break. 00:20:18.86,00:20:20.83 Help me out, it's urgent. 00:20:21.00,00:20:22.90 I'll repay you fast. 00:20:23.47,00:20:25.16 10,000 yuan? 00:20:25.24,00:20:28.67 I'll take it. Thanks. 00:20:28.91,00:20:31.10 For tomorrow. I'll have to find the rest. 00:20:39.28,00:20:42.55 Mr. Han? It's Lili. 00:20:42.62,00:20:46.21 Lili! You have some nerve phoning me 00:20:46.82,00:20:49.85 You found a guy richer than me? 00:20:49.93,00:20:52.72 You stood me up I waited three hours 00:20:53.00,00:20:56.16 If an employee is three minutes late 00:20:56.23,00:20:57.72 I fire him on the spot 00:20:58.03,00:21:00.03 I'm not your employee. 00:21:00.10,00:21:02.16 Don't take that tone with me! 00:21:02.24,00:21:04.07 Your money is no excuse! 00:21:43.38,00:21:46.54 I was 14 the first time I heard this. 00:21:47.75,00:21:49.45 I was in high school. 00:21:50.19,00:21:52.68 Phonographs were rare. 00:21:54.16,00:21:57.18 I had a classmate whose father went abroad. 00:21:57.33,00:22:02.20 He brought back Vivaldi's Four Seasons. 00:22:02.63,00:22:05.00 We were young. 00:22:05.27,00:22:08.03 We hid in order to listen. 00:22:08.10,00:22:11.51 Outside it rained. We were entranced. 00:22:11.98,00:22:14.34 It was like... 00:22:14.41,00:22:15.97 How shall I put it? 00:22:16.91,00:22:18.81 A sort of secret. 00:22:19.78,00:22:22.72 A pact between us and the music. 00:22:22.79,00:22:27.02 Music was our first love. 00:22:28.02,00:22:31.76 It was a magnificent feeling. 00:22:49.85,00:22:52.61 You, there! 00:23:02.59,00:23:06.29 I can't talk, Fanny. I'll call you back. 00:23:08.83,00:23:10.03 Out! 00:23:11.57,00:23:13.13 Get out! 00:23:22.11,00:23:24.81 Professor Yu! 00:23:25.52,00:23:28.08 You again. 00:23:29.99,00:23:33.39 I lost my temper earlier. I apologize. 00:23:34.22,00:23:36.09 Sorry. 00:23:36.16,00:23:38.46 I didn't come for your course... 00:23:38.53,00:23:40.50 but for a child. 00:23:40.93,00:23:43.42 I screwed up. I destroyed a genius. 00:23:43.63,00:23:46.12 Only you can help me. 00:23:46.30,00:23:49.40 A father and his son came to see you. 00:23:49.47,00:23:51.24 - I'm not taking any students.[br]- Wait! 00:23:51.31,00:23:53.61 It's all my fault. 00:23:53.68,00:23:56.70 He sold his violin to buy me a coat. 00:23:57.81,00:24:01.11 Nobody's ever been that nice to me. 00:24:01.18,00:24:03.62 And I wrecked his future. 00:24:12.96,00:24:15.05 This way, Professor. 00:24:23.10,00:24:25.90 Professor. 00:24:26.77,00:24:30.27 Please come in. 00:24:30.68,00:24:34.58 - Miss Lili brought me.[br]- Sit down. 00:24:35.28,00:24:37.75 What you want doesn't count. 00:24:37.82,00:24:40.88 Now play and absolve me of my crime. 00:24:40.95,00:24:42.25 Here. 00:24:49.23,00:24:52.03 It seems I've ruined his future. 00:24:52.37,00:24:54.13 Play! 00:24:54.73,00:24:58.30 Miss Lili, truly... 00:24:59.04,00:25:01.51 I thank you deeply. 00:25:02.21,00:25:04.87 As soon as I saw you... 00:25:04.94,00:25:07.41 I knew you were a good soul. 00:25:07.48,00:25:09.04 Knock it off. 00:25:09.15,00:25:12.14 I knew right away you were rotten. 00:25:12.22,00:25:13.62 How true. 00:25:13.79,00:25:15.98 We're even now. 00:25:16.16,00:25:20.18 Whether Yu accepts him or not is up to fate. 00:25:20.26,00:25:21.73 Agreed. 00:25:39.38,00:25:41.85 Who's your teacher? 00:25:45.35,00:25:46.78 You won't say? 00:25:48.29,00:25:49.38 No matter. 00:25:51.42,00:25:55.55 You play from the heart. 00:25:55.63,00:25:57.10 That's good. 00:25:57.16,00:25:59.13 Who did you sell your violin to? 00:25:59.60,00:26:01.43 Dongdan's shop. 00:26:02.50,00:26:05.90 You're gutsy. I'd not have dared. 00:26:05.97,00:26:08.37 Character pleases me. 00:26:13.75,00:26:15.34 You've got peach fuzz. 00:26:16.75,00:26:18.55 Want to be my pupil? 00:26:56.89,00:27:00.95 Every note is in place, but it's no use. 00:27:01.73,00:27:04.82 There's no feeling when you play. 00:27:04.90,00:27:08.80 Music devoid of feeling is like[br]an empty gun. 00:27:09.24,00:27:12.83 Without bullets, how can you hit a target... 00:27:12.91,00:27:14.90 or conquer a listener? 00:27:17.68,00:27:21.27 Feelings can't be taught. 00:27:24.05,00:27:27.18 Technique, yes. 00:27:28.29,00:27:30.38 But feelings are up to you. 00:27:30.92,00:27:32.59 Class dismissed. 00:27:33.63,00:27:36.69 Come here, Liu Xiaochun. 00:27:36.76,00:27:39.10 I'd like you to meet Lin Yu. 00:27:39.17,00:27:41.76 This is Xiaochun. Shake hands. 00:27:41.84,00:27:43.27 We've met. 00:27:46.37,00:27:50.14 I'll soon pick a pupil[br]for the international contest. 00:27:50.24,00:27:53.47 Your chances are equal, so study hard. 00:27:54.25,00:27:56.18 But you already chose me. 00:27:58.18,00:28:01.02 I'll decide at the last minute. 00:28:01.19,00:28:02.38 Go! 00:28:06.43,00:28:10.23 Liu Xiaochun, that's great! 00:28:10.30,00:28:12.46 An international competition. 00:28:20.47,00:28:22.96 So begins our first lesson. 00:28:25.25,00:28:26.87 Seems dark? 00:28:28.65,00:28:30.55 Get used to it. 00:28:32.52,00:28:34.51 Learn to embrace it. 00:28:36.16,00:28:38.32 The stage is blinding. 00:28:39.76,00:28:42.79 When you play, the audience vanishes. 00:28:42.86,00:28:45.26 The light is in your heart. 00:28:46.33,00:28:48.63 Heaven, too, is dark. 00:28:48.94,00:28:50.90 Only the angels glow. 00:28:51.54,00:28:55.37 You, too, are an angel,[br]for you possess music. 00:28:55.44,00:28:57.53 Your violin is a weapon. 00:28:57.61,00:29:00.88 Your feelings are bullets.[br]You must conquer. 00:29:02.25,00:29:04.18 You must conquer through music. 00:29:04.88,00:29:06.82 I've chosen your piece. 00:29:08.22,00:29:10.25 It's perfect for you. 00:29:10.82,00:29:12.45 It's difficult. 00:29:13.06,00:29:15.99 Tchaikovsky's Concerto in D Major. 00:29:19.17,00:29:21.13 This is a precious violin. 00:29:23.17,00:29:25.19 It's over 200 years old. 00:29:26.57,00:29:29.70 Starting today, it's in your care. 00:29:32.31,00:29:33.47 Begin. 00:29:37.98,00:29:39.21 That's better. 00:30:04.18,00:30:08.27 The shotgun's become a sleek rifle. 00:30:09.75,00:30:11.68 I barely recognize you. 00:30:12.95,00:30:14.28 Professor Yu. 00:30:14.35,00:30:16.55 Liu Cheng, it's you. 00:30:19.36,00:30:21.55 I've come to get Chun. 00:30:23.83,00:30:25.20 Liu Cheng... 00:30:27.87,00:30:30.23 I've discussed it with Chun... 00:30:30.97,00:30:33.37 - Some water.[br]- Thank you. 00:30:33.57,00:30:35.67 To facilitate matters... 00:30:35.74,00:30:37.80 starting today... 00:30:37.88,00:30:41.34 Chun will live here with me. 00:30:43.75,00:30:45.45 From the professor... 00:30:47.45,00:30:49.48 to buy yourself an outfit. 00:31:07.77,00:31:11.14 I have something to tell you. 00:31:12.95,00:31:16.11 I went to Dongdan's shop. 00:31:18.32,00:31:22.72 Somebody bought our violin. 00:31:26.89,00:31:28.62 No big deal. 00:31:30.83,00:31:33.16 It had seen better days. 00:31:33.70,00:31:35.26 A change was in order. 00:31:39.41,00:31:41.40 Pay close attention to Mr. Yu. 00:32:02.63,00:32:04.65 This is my sink. 00:32:04.73,00:32:06.43 Yours is the other one. 00:32:10.80,00:32:12.40 Peasant! 00:32:14.54,00:32:17.81 30, 40, 50 thousand. 00:32:17.88,00:32:19.94 It's all there. Every last cent. 00:32:21.68,00:32:23.51 They sold the violin. 00:32:23.58,00:32:25.55 So I don't need the cash. 00:32:26.15,00:32:29.85 Who's the bastard who bought it? 00:32:29.92,00:32:31.29 Let's drop it! 00:32:39.20,00:32:43.50 And you can knit.[br]You're something, Liu Cheng. 00:32:43.57,00:32:46.56 It was an old sweater of Xiaochun's. 00:32:46.64,00:32:50.30 I undid it to knit him another. 00:32:51.31,00:32:55.18 Chun is lucky to have a dad like you. 00:32:56.15,00:32:57.31 Give me that. 00:33:03.92,00:33:09.26 The professor wants[br]to keep Xiaochun with him. 00:33:09.33,00:33:11.09 I should be pleased. 00:33:13.30,00:33:15.63 So why don't I feel good about it? 00:33:15.70,00:33:19.26 He's your flesh and blood,[br]not some kid you found. 00:33:19.34,00:33:22.31 He's your son, no matter what. 00:33:24.64,00:33:25.84 That's true. 00:34:29.44,00:34:30.97 It's me. 00:34:32.18,00:34:34.20 I wanted to see you. 00:34:34.28,00:34:35.75 Come in. 00:34:37.65,00:34:42.55 Lili bought you this coat. Try it on. 00:34:54.83,00:34:56.83 I wanted to see you... 00:34:56.90,00:34:59.93 to talk to you about something. 00:35:01.84,00:35:06.01 It's good that you're living here with Mr. Yu. 00:35:07.58,00:35:10.11 I'm thinking of heading home. 00:35:11.82,00:35:16.38 I'll earn the cash to send you abroad[br]to compete. 00:35:18.59,00:35:21.19 What do you say? 00:35:25.30,00:35:27.53 Have some fruit juice. 00:35:27.60,00:35:28.66 Thanks. 00:35:28.73,00:35:30.33 Here. 00:35:31.30,00:35:33.20 It's a last-minute thing... 00:35:33.27,00:35:36.07 as to who will get to compete. 00:35:36.14,00:35:37.51 Bye! 00:36:07.14,00:36:08.57 That's good. 00:36:09.98,00:36:11.44 Why are you stopping? 00:36:15.65,00:36:16.81 Professor... 00:36:18.78,00:36:20.98 I don't want to compete. 00:36:26.53,00:36:28.79 My dad's leaving. 00:36:28.86,00:36:30.69 I want to go with him. 00:36:41.31,00:36:43.54 He won't agree. 00:36:45.31,00:36:49.15 He dreams of your success. 00:36:51.95,00:36:54.08 Stay and play well... 00:36:55.29,00:36:56.88 for his sake. 00:37:00.76,00:37:03.73 I think my playing is worse. 00:37:07.60,00:37:09.93 True enough. 00:37:11.04,00:37:13.94 You've developed Lin Yu's failing. 00:37:14.01,00:37:16.67 This is about expressing gratitude. 00:37:17.71,00:37:20.18 I see no gratefulness in you. 00:37:26.62,00:37:29.68 How to put you in touch with the sensation? 00:37:34.86,00:37:36.38 Let's say... 00:37:37.06,00:37:38.96 Take an example. 00:37:41.20,00:37:42.79 For example... 00:37:44.54,00:37:46.40 For example... 00:37:48.54,00:37:51.37 Liu Cheng is not your real father. 00:37:51.44,00:37:54.47 He found you in a train station... 00:37:54.75,00:37:58.31 with a violin beside you. 00:37:58.38,00:38:00.58 So Liu Cheng assumed... 00:38:00.65,00:38:03.49 whoever left you there... 00:38:04.76,00:38:07.62 wanted you to play the violin. 00:38:09.63,00:38:12.56 If your parents abandoned you... 00:38:12.63,00:38:15.73 for a shameful reason... 00:38:16.14,00:38:18.26 Liu Cheng never blamed them. 00:38:19.64,00:38:25.24 He was very happy to have you. 00:38:28.35,00:38:31.15 He hopes you will succeed... 00:38:31.22,00:38:34.35 because that way... 00:38:34.42,00:38:37.22 upon learning the truth... 00:38:37.29,00:38:39.88 you'd overcome the humiliation. 00:38:46.70,00:38:49.76 That's how he raised you. 00:38:49.84,00:38:53.70 Don't you think you owe it to him to excel? 00:38:53.77,00:38:55.57 It's a pack of lies! 00:39:00.45,00:39:01.85 Liu Xiaochun! 00:39:49.46,00:39:51.99 What's the matter? 00:39:52.87,00:39:56.56 Tell me what happened. 00:39:57.14,00:39:59.20 Don't cry. 00:40:06.28,00:40:08.71 I miss you. 00:40:16.12,00:40:17.68 What's wrong? 00:40:17.86,00:40:20.62 Did your teacher mistreat you? 00:40:26.33,00:40:30.53 I shouldn't have made you angry. 00:40:31.30,00:40:33.29 I shouldn't have sold the violin. 00:40:33.37,00:40:38.37 I didn't listen to you.[br]I was wrong to disobey. 00:40:38.44,00:40:41.24 I have my flaws, too. No matter. 00:40:41.31,00:40:42.91 I want to quit. 00:40:45.18,00:40:47.65 I want to go home with you. 00:40:49.59,00:40:50.95 My boy. 00:40:54.39,00:40:56.22 Professor. 00:40:58.83,00:41:02.10 Come in, Professor. 00:41:07.24,00:41:09.47 Let me talk to him. 00:41:24.26,00:41:26.25 I know you're angry at me. 00:41:30.80,00:41:35.39 I regret revealing the secret. 00:41:35.60,00:41:37.63 I so desire your success... 00:41:38.37,00:41:40.30 for your father's sake. 00:41:44.98,00:41:46.97 Put on your coat. Come back. 00:41:58.12,00:42:00.06 The choice is yours. 00:44:02.18,00:44:04.48 Liu Cheng, come in. 00:44:05.72,00:44:07.69 Why the big box? 00:44:07.75,00:44:12.21 It's some of Chun's things[br]I'd like you to keep. 00:44:18.56,00:44:21.73 I head home tomorrow. 00:44:25.54,00:44:27.66 But there's the competition. 00:44:28.37,00:44:30.24 What's your hurry? 00:44:34.35,00:44:35.94 Sit down. 00:44:45.02,00:44:46.68 What's going on? 00:44:47.49,00:44:49.93 If I attend, I'm afraid... 00:44:50.00,00:44:52.19 I'll distract Chun. 00:44:53.00,00:44:54.49 I have stage fright, too. 00:44:56.10,00:44:57.97 One more thing. 00:44:58.04,00:45:02.37 He'll need money to travel abroad. 00:45:03.41,00:45:06.00 I've got to go home and earn some. 00:45:14.32,00:45:17.88 The 50,000 yuan. I set them aside for you. 00:45:17.96,00:45:19.65 It's enough for a while. 00:45:20.06,00:45:22.12 I can borrow more. 00:45:23.53,00:45:24.55 Take it. 00:45:28.03,00:45:30.06 For a young girl like you... 00:45:31.00,00:45:32.83 life can't be easy. 00:45:34.34,00:45:36.36 I can't accept. 00:45:41.55,00:45:45.24 If you find the time... 00:45:46.49,00:45:48.61 please look in on Chun. 00:45:51.76,00:45:55.19 He's still just a boy. 00:45:56.46,00:45:58.29 And I suppose you're a man? 00:45:58.36,00:46:01.86 No need to get all weepy. 00:46:15.61,00:46:18.17 You didn't knit this. 00:46:19.62,00:46:21.42 Lili helped me. 00:46:22.39,00:46:25.22 Looks good on you. 00:46:25.29,00:46:26.52 It does. 00:46:30.23,00:46:33.66 Help me pack? 00:46:41.91,00:46:44.74 Dad, are you taking that home again? 00:46:46.41,00:46:51.08 We brought it along to make gifts. 00:46:52.32,00:46:55.58 Who knew we'd find a teacher so fast? 00:46:55.65,00:46:59.99 I'll make a comforter and bring it to you. 00:47:04.26,00:47:06.32 Aren't we lucky! 00:47:09.84,00:47:14.83 Finding a teacher as good as Yu so quickly. 00:47:17.21,00:47:19.54 We made a great leap forward. 00:47:21.05,00:47:24.07 Big competition coming up. 00:47:27.05,00:47:31.68 We've been living here a while. 00:47:31.76,00:47:35.75 It's hard to leave. 00:47:37.80,00:47:41.66 True.[br]At first we even slept at the public baths. 00:47:42.80,00:47:45.10 I had my red hat. 00:47:45.17,00:47:46.23 Then I lost it. 00:47:46.30,00:47:49.90 And your slogan to comfort me? 00:47:50.21,00:47:52.51 "Admit your mistake!" 00:47:54.45,00:47:57.31 Were we right to switch teachers? 00:47:57.42,00:47:58.47 Yes. 00:47:58.95,00:48:02.91 It was hard to leave Professor Jiang... 00:48:02.99,00:48:04.98 and his cats. 00:48:05.79,00:48:07.32 Hush now. 00:48:07.53,00:48:08.82 I know. 00:48:11.63,00:48:12.72 Dad! 00:48:13.60,00:48:16.59 You must come hear me play. 00:48:16.97,00:48:18.66 You'll go right after. 00:48:22.14,00:48:23.51 Sonny... 00:48:25.84,00:48:28.34 I'm no good under pressure. 00:48:30.08,00:48:32.31 I might even faint. 00:48:35.89,00:48:40.02 Time to say goodbye. I'll be back soon. 00:48:41.86,00:48:43.05 Behave yourself. 00:48:44.63,00:48:45.82 On your way. 00:48:46.80,00:48:48.39 Away you go! 00:49:08.49,00:49:10.18 Aren't you gone yet? 00:49:11.16,00:49:12.75 Are you rejecting me? 00:49:43.86,00:49:46.85 Professor Jiang? It's Liu Cheng. 00:49:46.93,00:49:49.33 Xiaochun's dad. 00:49:49.39,00:49:51.89 Hello. I wanted to tell you... 00:49:52.16,00:49:54.56 I'm heading home. 00:49:54.67,00:49:58.97 Chun isn't leaving.[br]He lives with Professor Yu. 00:49:59.47,00:50:03.24 We met many good people in Beijing.[br]We were lucky. 00:50:03.31,00:50:06.04 I wanted to thank you. 00:50:06.11,00:50:07.87 Many thanks. 00:50:07.95,00:50:10.74 I've made up my mind. 00:50:13.62,00:50:16.28 For tonight's competition... 00:50:17.02,00:50:18.85 I've chosen Xiaochun. 00:50:23.36,00:50:24.62 Give me your glass. 00:50:35.17,00:50:36.30 Lin Yu... 00:50:37.08,00:50:38.77 keep working hard. 00:50:40.18,00:50:42.20 There will be other opportunities. 00:50:44.05,00:50:46.21 A ticket to leave town. 00:50:49.02,00:50:51.89 It's best that you take a train home... 00:50:51.96,00:50:53.79 after tonight's concert. 00:50:54.89,00:50:56.49 We'll serve ourselves. 00:51:00.40,00:51:04.84 Yesterday afternoon,[br]the rehearsal went well. 00:51:04.90,00:51:06.70 But you know Chun. 00:51:08.34,00:51:10.04 How to put it? 00:51:10.38,00:51:13.83 When you're around, I'm uneasy. 00:51:14.11,00:51:16.74 I understand. 00:51:18.05,00:51:21.21 I already bought my seat... 00:51:21.29,00:51:22.81 for tonight's train. 00:51:22.89,00:51:25.98 I'm not going to the concert. 00:51:35.60,00:51:36.90 Out of my way! 00:51:39.10,00:51:41.10 I'm sick of this! 00:51:46.85,00:51:48.04 Lin Yu. 00:51:48.18,00:51:52.12 I really thought you'd be the one[br]to play tonight. 00:51:52.95,00:51:54.65 Yeah, right. 00:51:55.99,00:51:58.22 Don't pretend to pity me. 00:51:58.29,00:52:00.26 I'm leaving, but first... 00:52:00.99,00:52:02.65 come see something. 00:52:14.41,00:52:15.63 Go on, open it. 00:52:16.98,00:52:18.34 Open it up! 00:52:43.40,00:52:45.34 Hard to believe, huh? 00:52:45.40,00:52:47.96 While you and your dad mourned its loss... 00:52:48.04,00:52:50.51 it was right here in a drawer. 00:52:51.61,00:52:53.80 Know why he bought it? 00:52:53.88,00:52:57.01 So long as this existed,[br]your heart eluded him. 00:52:57.62,00:53:01.35 If you triumphed, he'd give it back to you... 00:53:01.42,00:53:04.18 making a fuss over all the trouble[br]he'd gone to. 00:53:04.46,00:53:06.65 But if you didn't turn into a prize pupil... 00:53:06.73,00:53:09.89 this would be gone for good. 00:53:11.76,00:53:13.63 My playing lacks feeling. 00:53:13.70,00:53:16.03 Has he shown me feeling? 00:53:16.10,00:53:18.16 He says it can't be given. 00:53:18.24,00:53:20.76 Because he has none to give. 00:53:27.68,00:53:29.08 Liu Xiaochun. 00:53:30.92,00:53:33.48 I thought I didn't care. 00:53:34.12,00:53:37.95 But when he said I wouldn't play tonight... 00:53:38.59,00:53:42.32 I realized just how much I truly love music. 00:53:46.93,00:53:48.69 I know. 00:54:15.63,00:54:16.92 Xiaochun! 00:54:52.43,00:54:53.49 Dad! 00:55:51.89,00:55:52.98 Chun! 00:56:40.97,00:56:43.27 Whose baby is this? 00:56:44.51,00:56:47.07 Whose baby is this? 00:57:09.63,00:57:11.97 Whose baby is this? 00:57:15.41,00:57:17.67 Did someone lose a child? 01:00:55.59,01:00:57.62 Xiaochun: Tang Yun - Liu Cheng: Liu Peiqi 01:00:57.70,01:00:59.69 Lili: Chen Hong[br]Professor Jiang: Wang Zhiwen 01:00:59.76,01:01:01.76 Professor Yu: Chen Kaige[br]Lili's lover: Cheng Qian 01:01:01.83,01:01:03.80 Debao: Liu Bing - Mrs. Yu: Kim Hairi 01:01:03.87,01:01:05.86 Tang Rong: Li Chuanyun 01:01:14.31,01:01:16.28 Planning: Shi Dongming 01:01:16.35,01:01:18.34 Sound: Wang Danrong 01:01:18.42,01:01:20.41 Script Supervision: Zheng Wanlong 01:01:20.48,01:01:22.48 Assistant Directors: Shui Lei, Feng Feng 01:01:22.55,01:01:24.54 Continuity: Jin Dou 01:01:24.62,01:01:26.61 Make-up Artists: Yang Dandan, Yoo Minah 01:01:26.69,01:01:28.68 Costumes: Bian Yan, Feng Weiling 01:01:28.76,01:01:30.73 Violin solos: Li Chuanyun
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Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
Hip Hip Hora! (Hip Hip Whore)
Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD2
His Girl Friday
His Secret Life
His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
Historias Minimas (2002)
History of the World The - Part I
Hitcher II - I have been waiting
Hitcher The
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 1
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 2
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 3
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 4
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 5
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 6
Hitlerjunge Salomon - Europa Europa
Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD1
Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD2
Hobbit The
Hocus Pocus
Hole The
Hole in the Head A
Holes CD1
Holes CD2
Hollow Man
Hollow The (2004)
Hollywood Ending CD1
Hollywood Ending CD2
Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD1
Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD2
Holy Man
Holy Matrimony (1994)
Holy Smoke CD1
Holy Smoke CD2
Home Alone 1990
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Home Alone 3
Home Alone 4
Home At The End Of The World A
Home On The Range
Home from the Sea
Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD1
Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD2
Homerun CD1
Homerun CD2
Homme-orchestre L (Serge Korber 1970)
Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
Honeymoon Killers The
Honkytonk Man
Hororr hotline (2001)
Horse Whisperer The CD1
Horse Whisperer The CD2
Horseman on the Roof The
Horses Mouth The
Hostile Waters 1997
Hot Chick The
Hot Wheels World Race CD1
Hot Wheels World Race CD2
Hound of Baskervilles The
Hour of the Wolf
Hours The
House By The Cemetary The
House Of The Spirits CD1
House Of The Spirits CD2
House With The Windows That Laugh
House of 1000 Corpses
House of Frankenstein
House of Games (1987)
House of Mirth The
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD1
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD2
House of flying daggers
House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
How Green Was My Valley
How High
How The West Was Won 1962 CD1
How The West Was Won 1962 CD2
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
How to Steal a Million CD1
How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
Howards End
Hratky s certem
Hudsucker Proxy The
Hulk The - Special Edition
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Human Beast The CD1
Human Beast The CD2
Human lanterns
Hunchback of Notre Dame II The
Hunchback of Notre Dame The
Hundtricker the movie
Hunger The 1983
Hunt For Red October CD1
Hunt For Red October CD2
Hunted The
Hunter The
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
Huozhe CD2
Hurricane 1937
Hurricane The CD1
Hurricane The CD2
Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)