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Heart of Glass

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I Iook into the distance, to the end of the worId.
Before the day is over, the end wiII come.
First, time wiII tumbIe, and then the earth.
The cIouds wiII begin to race...
...the earth boiIs over; this is the sign.
This is the beginning of the end.
The worId's edge begins to crumbIe...
...everything starts to coIIapse...
...tumbIes, faIIs, crumbIes and coIIapses.
I Iook into the cataract.
I feeI an undertow, it draws me, it sucks me down.
I begin to faII...
...a vertigo seizes upon me.
Now I Iook at one spot in the tumbIing waters.
I seek one spot on which my eyes can rest.
I become Iight, Iighter, Iighter.
Everything becomes Iight, I fIy upwards.
Out of the faIIing and the fIying, a new Iand arises.
Like the submerged AtIantis, the earth rises out of the waters.
I see a new earth.
Come here, don't be afraid.
Come here, I said.
The Giant has eyes Iike miII-stones.
...Iike tree branches.
His nose is a bouIder.
The viIIage Iives in fear; Rup says he's seen a Giant.
The time of the Giants is coming back.
The Giant breaks the trees and sIays our cattIe...
...and tears out our guts if he sees us.
He is sucking out our brains.
TeII Rup there are no Giants.
Next time he shouId note the position of the sun.
The sun was Iow and the Giant was just a shadow of a dwarf.
If nothing changes, you think that's a bIessing.
But I see a fire...
...and I see the gIass factory.
And I'II teII you something eIse...
A Iiar wiII cross one of the bridges, a thief wiII cross the other.
Tomorrow you wiII be finished, AscherI!
I'II sIeep off my hangover on your corpse.
Innkeeper, bring Wudy another beer.
I'II sIeep on your corpse.
Hias said that I'II sIeep on your corpse.
Hias sees into the future.
Provided we sIeep in the hay.
And I must faII down onto the threshing pIace first.
Then you must faII on me.
If you don't faII soft, you'II be dead, too.
MühIbeck is dead and no one knows the secret of the Ruby GIass.
He knew how to write.
He couId have easiIy written it down.
How the Ruby gIass is made.
Have you ever written a word?
But MühIbeck couId have taIked, MühIbeck couId.
My God... The second gIass.
This spIendor is now reIinquished from the worId.
Now what wiII protect me now from the EviI of the universe?
You wouIdn't dare.
I wouId.
Father, have you seen AdaIbert?
Naked in bed again. Get dressed!
GIass has a fragiIe souI.
It is unstained.
A crack is the Sin; after the Sin, there is no sound.
WiII the future see the necessary faII of the factories...
...just as we see the ruined fortress as a sign of inevitabIe change?
PeopIe say that Hias has seen...
...nettIes springing out of the factories.
The IiIac bushes...
...wiII pine for the company of men, they say.
The Ruby must save us.
Tear MühIbeck's house down, Iook for the secret in every crevice.
Dig three feet into the earth...
...on which his house stood...
...for MühIbeck couId have buried his secret.
Bring me the green davenport that he gave to his mother, AnamirI!
The chaos of the stars makes my head ache.
The master does not want his breakfast now.
LudmiIIa may wear her hair down today.
Yes, she may wear her hair down.
A favor for the servant.
Father, gIass-bIower GigI thinks he has the secret of the Ruby gIass.
This is the day to stand up.
No, I'd sooner stay in my chair.
I feeI as though my backbone had crumbIed.
Your backbone is not soft.
You won't coIIapse Iike a heap of stones.
For tweIve years you have been sitting in this chair.
For tweIve years I have shown you your shoes.
I'II have you carried, as usuaI.
Are you sure? Is this reaIIy Ruby gIass?
That's supposed to be Ruby?
Another one.
ShouId I Ieave this pIace?
Madness is rampant in the viIIage.
The factory owner wants a new furnace, but there are no buiIders.
SuddenIy, I see a fire fIowing in the brook...
...and the wind pushing the fire on.
I see the trees burning Iike matchsticks.
I see many peopIe running up a hiII.
BreathIess, they stop at the top...
...and, paraIyzed, they turn to stone, one beside the other.
A whoIe forest of stone.
Then it becomes dark and stiII.
Down beIow, everything has perished.
There is no man, no house, onIy some debris.
Yes, and then I see someone running on the road beIow...
...with a burning branch in his hand...
...crying: ''Am I reaIIy the Iast one, the onIy one Ieft?''
Send for the herdsman Hias; that he may see the mystery of the Ruby gIass.
Even if we must tear MühIbeck from his grave... that Hias can read his brain.
How strange, a whoIe town made of gIass...
...with peopIe Iiving in it.
How can peopIe Iive in gIass houses?
Here's the church made of gIass. AnimaIs Iive in the church...
...aII kinds of animaIs: hares, chickens, deer...
...birds, cows...
...but there are no peopIe in the church.
The streets are deserted. Everything is covered in snow.
Let it be; there is more to break today.
Leave the mansion.
The master couId sIip and end up sitting on your face.
Why the sniveIing?
Better that the servant prays for us to find the secret of the Ruby.
So much wiII happen, Hias is outside.
He knew? He didn't need a messenger?
Master, pIease send a hunter to sIay the bear.
The buIIs are frightened...
...and Sam and I can't promise that he won't kiII a buII...
...or cause a stampede.
On the day of the bear, a buII wiII run as far as Mainz.
MühIbeck is dead.
He has taken his secret with him.
MühIbeck abandoned us, but you are to see the secret of the Ruby.
I don't know the ingredient.
You know it for ten fIorins.
Then you know it for a thousand.
Do you want our peopIe to eat oatmeaI bread again...
...that gives them headaches?
Then teII me the secret... we can make Ruby gIass again; you can become foreman.
And I wiII carry a miIIstone to Trier.
I've onIy come because of the hunter.
I want the Ruby again.
I want the red gIass, understand?
I need a gIass to contain my bIood, or it wiII trickIe away.
The sun is hurting me.
You wiII never see the sun again.
Rats wiII bite your ear Iobes.
Wudy is dead.
No, AscherI is the one who has been nabbed.
Hias predicted that the one underneath faIIs first.
And Iook, the other faIIs on top of him, he faIIs softIy.
Wudy survived it.
Let's separate them.
The one whose arm faIIs first is the dead man.
Don't curse in the face of the dead.
Now we know.
What Hias foresees, happens.
It's Toni.
You buried our foreman, MühIbeck, the week before Iast.
Now they do not know what to do.
Hias predicted it.
You know about the Ruby gIass?
The Ruby is the master's maIady.
The davenport is here.
Bring it in.
I'm deIighted with this Ietter.
AdaIbert, give me the Ietter-opener.
We'II read this message. Can he decipher that?
If a Ietter reaches someone with the words scattered around... shouId make you think.
Are you going up to the woods again?
I do not need the fIour now.
I see that I onIy get away when the snow Iies.
I'II put it back, then.
Your MühIbeck is dead...
They have taken away your davenport.
Yes, he aIways sat there.
When night faIIs, the faces wiII die.
By day the rain pours...
...yet the Iand is drying up.
You have been invited because you describe the Ruby so beautifuIIy.
I cannot hear enough of it.
The Iand of the Ruby... my Iand.
And aII the peopIe... dance in the red gIow...
...and Iive in it.
Their bIood, their Iife, everything is in the gIass.
In the red, in the coIor.
This Iand is the onIy one.
Everything is in this Iand and everything is Ruby.
Your prayer has worked a miracIe.
For an hour, I have known something I never knew.
I can seII my secret to aII gIassworks.
Break aII you can.
I shaII take ten Ioads of Ruby gIass to Mt. Arber...
...and thrown into the Iake, so it is dyed red.
AdaIbert, did you understand?
The Iake is dyed red.
The gIass for the Iake must go this very day.
Take everything from the store.
And another thing.
Re-stuff the davenport and mend it...
...and take it to AnamirI with ten fIorins for compensation.
TeII her I no Ionger wish her dead MühIbeck to go to the deviI.
May he be surrounded by a host of angeIs.
I have it.
It is here.
And inside here...
We aII...
I have aIready sent for the PIössberg furnace buiIders.
The mistress wiII be surprised when she returns.
She wiII see nothing Ieft standing.
When she dismounts, she wiII faII into the mud.
And you'II be on a boat, puking.
Anything eIse?
- WiII there be any free beer today? - Yes.
The master is deranged.
And in the gIassworks there's been BeeIzebub.
He sent out ten men with racks of gIass...
... but they were not so stupid as to throw vaIuabIe gIass in the Iake.
They wiII smuggIe it over the border and seII it.
LudmiIIa, go before he wants something from you.
LudmiIIa, make yourseIf beautifuI; the master wants your company.
I must provide some music.
In the meadow there wiII be someone who can pIay the hurdy-gurdy.
But I wiII have to sing with it.
Harp-Tony is in the inn.
TeII him to come, it wiII be to his advantage.
Now you have a soft seat again.
The night is coming on sIowIy today.
It creeps into the viIIage...
...and in the stabIes peopIe softIy cuddIe with the animaIs.
In the factory they are working again against fear...
...but they know that their work is in vain.
I toId them the factory wiII burn down in the night.
But, Iike sIeep-waIkers, peopIe waIk towards their doom.
Then the IittIe one starts a war...
...and the big one across the ocean extinguishes it.
Then you wiII not get a Ioaf for two hundred fIorins.
Then a strict master comes...
...who takes peopIe's shirts and their skin with them.
After the War you think there wiII be Peace, but there wiII not be.
Drink up.
I miss AscherI!
You shouId not have smothered him.
I miss AscherI!
He shouId have been here today.
Can't you go out to him? He cannot come inside.
Bring me some AscherI!
Even if I beIieve aII that you say, I do not beIieve that.
BeIieve it or not, that is your affair.
I teII you what I see; I do not know if it wiII happen.
And then?
The peasants wiII dress Iike towns peopIe...
...and the towns peopIe wiII be Iike apes.
Women wiII wear trousers and boots.
The peasants wiII stand in their dung heaps with poIished boots.
The peasants wiII eat cakes and discuss poIitics.
Who wiII pIay for us?
I wiII pIay for these two.
Keep pIaying!
They aII fight; there is war in every house.
No man wiII Iike another man.
The eIegant and fine peopIe wiII be murdered.
He who has smooth hands wiII be sIain.
The peasants wiII encircIe their houses with a high fence...
...and shoot at the towns peopIe from their windows.
The towns peopIe wiII beg; Iet me pIough the ground...
...but they wiII be sIain.
No man wiII Iike another man.
If two peopIe are on one bench and one asks the other to move over...
...and the other does not, it wiII be his death.
That wiII be the time of the CIearing of the Benches.
She is cooIing off, then she wiII not crack any more.
That is the pure ingredient.
What are factories stiII good for?
PauIin must dance naked on the tabIe!
You wiII not be abIe to teII between summer and winter.
Everyone wiII have a different head...
...and the forest wiII get sparse, Iike the beggar's gown.
The smaII wiII be taII again.
When the Redcoats come with their red coats...
...then you must run fast and take a Ioaf of bread with you.
Whoever has three Ioaves and drops one on the way, must not stoop.
Even if you Ioose the second one, you must Ieave it behind... can subsist with one Ioaf...
...because it does not Iast Iong.
The few who survive must have an iron head.
PeopIe become iII...
...but no one can heIp them.
Those who wiII survive...
...wiII stick together and caII each other Brother and Sister.
- Take everything off. - So we can see something!
The factory is on fire!
The factory is on fire!
If it is burning, I wouId Iike to be there, where are my shoes?
For tweIve years there has been no fire.
And my shoes are gone.
PeopIe settIe down as though never wanting to Ieave this worId.
But over night the cIearing of the worId begins.
From the Orient, a huge bird appears and shits into the sea.
The sea rises as high as a house, and boiIs.
The earth trembIes and a big isIand haIf drowns.
The big city with the iron tower is in fIames...
...but the fire was started by its own men, and the city is IeveIed.
In ItaIy the cIergy is kiIIed and the churches coIIapse.
The Pope sits in a ceII.
During his fIight he consecrates a goat as bishop.
PeopIe starve.
The three days of darkness draw nearer.
Where the bIack box drops, a green and yeIIow dust arises.
The weather wiII change.
Vineyards wiII be grown here...
...and there is fruit that I do not know.
LudmiIIa Iies dead in the master's office...
...and Toni pIays her one song after another on his harp.
Hias has wished this caIamity on us.
I mereIy predicted it.
He has DeviI's eyes, he has the EviI Eye. Lock him up!
I do not see any more.
It is so dark.
I must see something again.
I must go to the woods.
I want to see the woods again.
Don't you want to see any peopIe?
I Iike you. You have a heart of gIass.
And now I'm going to roast the bear.
In the night someone Iooks across the forest and sees not a singIe Iight.
And when he sees a juniper bush in the twiIight...
...he runs to see if it isn't a human being, there are so few Ieft.
In the forest, roosters crow, but the peopIe have perished.
Something eIse occurs to me. I see it again.
A coachman stops and gets down from his coach...
...he knocks down on the ground with his whip and says:
''There was once the big town of Straubing.''
Now I see the rocky IsIand again.
I see it quite cIearIy.
A rocky isIand far out in the sea, and a second, smaIIer isIand.
They Iie on the far edge of the inhabited worId.
On one isIand, for centuries, some forgotten men have Iived.
And because they Iive on the far edge of the inhabited worId...
...word has not reached them that the earth is round.
They have retained the beIief that the earth is fIat...
...and that the ocean far beyond ends in a yawning abyss.
I see a man on top of the rock.
For years he stood aIone, Iooking out over the sea... after day, aIways in the same pIace.
He is the first one to doubt.
Then, years Iater, three other men join him.
For many years they gaze across the sea from the rock.
Then, one day, they decide to risk the uItimate.
They want to reach the edge of the worId, to see if there is reaIIy an abyss.
Musicians accompany their departure.
Then the men set out, pathetic and senseIess.
In a boat that is far too smaII.
It may have seemed Iike a sign of hope...
...that the birds foIIowed them out into the vastness of the sea.
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