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Heartbreakers CD2

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Kitchen's through there.
Master bedroom's upstairs.|Her room is down the hall.
You have 7 minutes.
Here you go.
The thing that's screwing us...
is all this secondhand|smoke nonsense.
They've convicted|the tobacco companies...
without a shred of evidence. oddness.
Costly lighter gift|you gave is missing.
Oh, you must have|left it somewhere.
Never. I cherish too much.
Is inconceivablish.
What is inconceivablish?
Well, your housekeep|did much admire...
and when she give me purse|to leave yesterday, was open.
Sir, I swear to you...
I would never take so much as|a hairpin from this household.
Is this not clothing|you wear yesterday...
when you see me out?
She set me up.
She could have slipped that|into my pocket any time.
You doubt me?
Oh, William.
Oh, how you can sleep|on so lumpy a...
My wife's old jewellery.
Why you are stealing from|loyal, kind employer man?
No! It's her.|Can't you see?
You bitch!
My cigarettes?
I feel like vomiting.
Oh, please, Mr. Tensy.
I have been a dedicated|and trust worthy servant...
for over 7 years.
Look into my eyes.
You must believe in my complete|and total innocence.
If it's at all possible...
could you slap her around|a little bit?
That's very good, Darling.
You're doing better.
Come on, let's hear|a little pain.
I've set you up with|an interview...
for Tensy's housekeeper|position tomorrow.
Tomorrow?|That's Saturday.
Well, there are no weekends|in conning, dear.
I'll go the first thing Monday.
No, you'll go tomorrow.
We can't take the chance of|someone else getting that job.
You have to start|getting close to him now.
My god, he's days away|from popping the question.
No way.
You couldn't have gotten|him that far this fast.
Have you really|learned so little?
One month flat.|That's a new record.
Mom's still got it.
Jack, I'm still|coming to the game.
I just may be a little late,|that's all.
Well, hey, I'm sure|the van can wait...
for, like, 5 minutes.
Look, l-l'll probably|make it on time anyway.
I gotta go.
Sorry I'm running late,|Miss Breckenhall, but...
I've been losing consciousness|more frequently lately.
Allergy season, I think.
Well, it's no problem at all...
But please, call me Allison.
Oh, well...
Allison, l--
I just have a few|questions to ask you.
Do you smoke, Allison?
Well, uh...
we gotta go!
She said she'd be|a little late.
20 minutes|is not a little.
We've entered|stood-up territory.
Then I worked for|the English Ambassador...
to Turkey for 4 1/2 years,|until they shot him.
Oh, they shot him?
But I kept cleaning...
right up until they|burned the embassy down.
Well, that was very loyal.
So, when should I start?
If you could just...
fill out|this application form...
then I can, uh...
verify your employment.
Oh, certainly.
Oh! Oh!
Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
I'll get towel.
Y-You seem very dedicated|to your work, Allison.
Something inside me--
this need to please my employer|in any way possible.
Here is towel.
And I find other|employment form.
Oh, well...
I-l don't think|that'll be necessary.
Allison seems...
more than qualified.
Hmm, it's still wet.
Not bad, huh?
Oh, what?
It's just a little hacky...
to go right for|the member massage.
What are you doing|the rest of today?
Oh, um, I don't know.
Beach, nap, nothing.
See ya.
Shit! Shit! Shit!
You really are|a delicate flower.
You missed the game.|Why didn't you go?
I don't know.
My friends have|this theory that...
I'm in love with you.
Hello, Daughter.
What are you doing here?
I thought you'd be|out with Tensy.
Sometimes people aren't where|they say they're going to be.
Oh, well, I got bored|hanging around here...
so I took myself out for a walk.
I saw you with your boy friend.
You spied on me?
So, this is why you've been|being so nice to me.
I have not been nice to you.
You betray me|for some bartender.
That bartender|happens to own the bar...
and has a firm offer|to sell for 3 million.
You're not ready, Page.
Yeah, so not ready|that I already got him...
to say he loves me.
I mean you're not|ready to con a guy...
without falling|in love yourself.
Give me a break.|I am in complete control.
I saw the kiss.
Your eyes were closed.
That was the sun.
Last time the sun|got in my eyes...
I wound up|with a daughter.
Yeah, and that's just|about the worst thing...
that ever happened|to you, isn't it?
I'm a pro, Mother,|and I'll prove it.
There, nothing...
but the best from you.
Well, give me a chance|to make it even better.
-What's wrong?|-I got to go.
-Why?|-Because I'm no good for you.
I'll be the judge|of that.
No, I just--|you have to trust me.
I am not a good person.
No, you are good.
You may not know it,|but I do.
You come on tough,|but it's all just an act.
I mean, you|don't even believe...
in sleeping together|before marriage.
You're like a Brady|or an Osmond or something.
Look, you don't get it, OK?
I haven't been|completely honest with you.
Look, I know you're not|really an environmentalist.
Who cares?
The important thing is...
I love you|and I want to be with you.
I got ta go.
You win.|I drop the con.
-It's for the best, Dear.|-Shut up, Mother.
You are a lifesaver.
To pull that job off|on such short notice--
I was taught by the best.
I had a blast.
I've been out of|the game for so long...
I've forgotten how much|fun it could be--
even though we were|conning your own daughter...
who I haven't seen|since she was what,4?
But we weren't conning her.
We were protecting her.
She wanted to run|off on her own...
and this was the only|way to stop her.
You know, you won't be|able to stop her forever.
I know that.
You know, Page is an amazing,|brilliant, talented girl.
But she's still green.
When she's ready...
I'll be the first|one to tell her.
And you're sure|she's not ready now?
I just caught her|kissing some loser...
with her eyes closed.
I'll get this.
I'm still learning from you.
Sweetie, I'm home.
Sounds like a good day.
Yeah, it was fantastic.
Yech, what is Tensy...
Iike, the largest|producer of phlegm...
on the East Coast?
I just officially quit smoking.
Well, the good news|keeps on coming.
Hey, I got a killer|dress for tonight.
That, plus the official|letter cannot fail.
-You want to see?|-No. I'm going out for a walk.
Ok, well, uh...
I'm already late.
Jane, Jane!|Don't hang up!
You gotta give up|on that girl, man.
Yeah, there's something|weird about her.
Yeah, but that's what I liked.
Me, too.
What are you doing here?
I was coming to you.
Let me in.
I have a surprise.
Uh, moment.|I'm, uh...naked.
I don't see a problem there.
Here I come!
-Oh, my.|-Completely restored.
Only 7,000 for a new willy.
It's so nice.
But, uh...
William, you know|how the Lord feels...
about having men in hotel room.
even a man who has ordered...
champagne and oysters|from room service?
It's OK. I didn't|charge it to your room.
I cannot anymore see you.
Why on earth not?
Oh, let us leave at that.
Make pain less.
Good-bye forever.
No, no. What is|this all about?
" We regret to in form you|that your application...
" for permanent residence|has been denied.
" you must leave the country|no later than tomorrow."
I try everything, but is|very political red tape...
to get green card,|and I am loopholeless.
this is horrible.
And to think I was going|to ask you to marry me.
Marry you?
Yes, yes, l, uh...
purchased a ring|and everything.
But with your leaving...
I am but ignorant,|unintelligible foreigner...
but if you marry me,|I believe that puts, uh...
kibosh on deportation.
Oh, Ulga...
Will you--
What? What?
-Marry me?|-Ohh...marry you?
Oh, is legal question.
Yes, I will, is binding answer.
Leave me alone.
I'm engaged!
We're talking a settlement|of 20 million minimum!
Oh, we're finally|set for life, Darling!
I just have time|for one quickwhoo!
-I said whoo.|-Why won't you talk to me?
There's nothing to say.
I scared you when I told you|I loved you, didn't l?
Jack, there is no love.
It's just a trick of|the brain...
a combination of|hormones and chemicals.
Then why are you here?
Tell me to my face|you don't love me.
I don't love you.
Wow, that was more believable|than I thought it would be.
Look, I know I freaked you out|by moving too fast...
with all that|"I love you" stuff.
So, let's just...
get married.
I gotta go.
That is jarring.
My love, tonight|we will celebrate...
this ecstatic joining|of our spirits...
with the union...
of our aching bodies.
Oh, you have|stomach cramp again.
No, no, no. I ache|for you, my pumpkin.
-Let's hump.|-Oh, William, my religion!
-Humping is not yet allowed.|-Oh, of course it is.
I proposed, you accepted.
To God, everything|else is just paper work.
Oh, William, I insist|we wait till after wedding.
Ulga, I am much more|powerful than you.
Just relax and enjoy it.
Oh, always something|in your mouth.
Are you dead?
Why me?!
Oh, wake up,|you disgusting shit!
20 million.
-What?|-I need you here.
That's real attractive.
We gotta get him out of here...
and make it look like|he died at his house, alone.
Room service.
Let's get him to the bedroom.
too far.
Uh, balcony?
Oh, just--
just hold him.|I'll be right back.
Champagne and oysters.
All this just for you?
Oh, yes.
I mean, someone is joining me.
I'll open the champagne.
That's all right.|I'll take care of it.
Thank you.|It's, uh...
tip's included when|it's paid for, good night.
I ask you to do|one simple thing.
Oh, I don't consider holding|a 500-pound corpse simple.
Ok, if you hadn't|flung open the door--
I didn't fling it!
Look, we just have to get|the body back to the house...
and everything will be fine.
Have you seen her?
I'll meet you by Tensy|in 5 minutes.
-He looks really pissed.|-I'll handle him. Go!
Oh, god.
Angela, stop!
I have missed you|so much! So much!
I can't stop|thinking about you.
I've never been so|in love with anybody...
in my whole, entire life.
I'm begging you, please.
Please, just give me|one more chance.
One more chance.|Marry me again.
Get up.
How'd you find me?
The title for|the Mercedes came through.
It listed this place|as your temporary address.
I drove straight through|just so I could see you.
Your hair's different.|It looks really pretty.
I like it.|Come here, give me a kiss.
Oh, no. No, no, no.|Angela, I've changed.
I've totally changed.
Look, look, look.
This place is crawling|with prime trim.
I'm barely even noticing.
I...can't deal|with this right now.
No, no, no.|Angela, listen to me.
I'm not leaving without you.
I love you...
and I don't care|who hears it.
I love her. I love her.|I love her. I love her!
What do you want|me to do?
I--I'll sing.|You want me to sing?
Come fly with me
Come fly, come fly
Shut up!
What do you want, baby?|I'll do anything.
I had no idea|you were into this stuff.
I've been trying a lot|of new things lately.
Oh, no, no.|Wait, wait.
I don't know about that.
Are you questioning me?
No. No, no, no. It's just--
Kiss my foot and apologize.
I'm sorry.
Good boy.
Ooh, yes.
Now, I'm just gonna|get some whipped cream.
I got no problem with that.
I'll be right back.
Hurry up.
Careful, we don't want|any more damage to the body.
You want your bed|turned down?
Look. I don't need anything.
Please, just get lost.
You know,|I've been cleaning...
this room for 3 weeks,|and so far, no tip.
Fine. There's 20 bucks|in my pants over there.
How about I sit|on your kinky face
for a while while|you think about that.
OK, OK, OK. 50!
That's more like it.
Both of these|wallets yours?
Two wallets?
Untie me.
Now, thatíll be another 20.
All right.|He's sleeping.
He wakes up having...
one of his famous|coughing fits...
flails around and falls|right onto the statue...
becoming penilely impaled.
That's believable, right?
I just really need|a shower.
Where's the penis?
It's still there.
It's just the rigor|mortis is gone...
so there's no wood.
Not his, the statue's.
Oh. It's still|in the car.
I'll get it.|There you go.
Oh, this is--
This is unbelievable.
Oh. Oh, God.
Oh, God.|You are so enormous.
Oh, God, please.
You gold-digging whore.
You're already working|someone else, huh?
Get off of her, asshole.
Get off, asshole.
-Don't shoot him, Dean.|-Why not?
Because he's already dead.
Oh, you are one sick slut.
I am not a sick slut.
One penis coming up, mom.
Uh, hello.
You're her mother?
It's just a nickname.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my god.
You two played me.
Oh, no. No.
That whole marriage|was bullshit...
and this one you even offed!
We didn't off him.
He coughed himself|to death.
Yeah, right.
You let your|own daughter seduce me?
Do you have any idea how much|therapy you people need?
Look, Dean.
I don't blame you|for being upset.
We did an awful thing.
For the first time,|I feel really bad about it...
but maybe, despite|all this craziness...
there's still hope|for us after all?
There's more hope for you|and him than there is for us.
Dean, please|tell me it's OK.
I love you.
Forget it.
Look. You brought|this on yourself.
-You cheated on me.|-You set me up to cheat!
We can't make a scumbag...
do anything a scumbag|wouldn't do anyway.
Shut up, junior slut.|Get over there.
You know, you two|got some brass balls...
in those panties,|I'll give you that.
In the few moments|you have left...
Ii want to see some begging|and some pleading.
Uh, Mom?
Dean, you got so many tells.
You are not the killing type.
Don't screw with me.|I'm on a fine edge here.
See? No bullets.
Fine. So I'm not|that big on homicide...
but I could do worse.
I found all your l.D.s,|all your aliases...
and I'm gonna|get them to the cops...
when they start investigating|decomposing boy, here.
You two are gonna dry up|in some filthy lesbo lockdown...
with bad lighting!
I don't have to kill you|to kill you.
Dean, wait!
Look. What if we gave|you back your money?
I stopped walking, didn't l?
But first|you got to help us...
make it look like|this creep died here...
alone and peaceful...
so there's no questions.
You know how to do that?
I'm from Jersey, aren't l?
Boy, Dean was really|incredible with that body.
Well, are you gonna|let me in on the play?
What play?
You promised|that mook 300,000.
When we take him|to the bank tomorrow...
we're only gonna be,|oh, about300,000 short.
-The money will be there.|-What?
I don't want a big|scene about this, Page...
but Mrs. Vogal from the l.R.S.
Was more of a "protecting you|from making the worst mistake...
of your life" thing|than it was...
a "the government came|and took all our money" thing.
-What?|-I pulled a tiny little con...
to keep you from leaving.
Oh, you bitch!|You bitch!
Hey, look, wait!
Stop it.|You're gonna kill us!
Stop it!
There seems to be a problem with|your account, Ms. Conners.
It was closed yesterday.
That's impossible.
What the hell is going on?
Nothing, I swear.
Here's the signature.
I gave my old partner|all my account numbers...
for the I.R.S. Scam...
and that hag ripped off|every penny we ever stole!
Tell your fairy tales|to your cellmates.
Look. For once,|she's telling the truth.
And I'm gonna believe|the seed of Satan?
Skank, give me|the keys to my car.
Give me the keys|to the Mercedes.
That's it.|Good-bye.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe this.
I've blown both our lives.
I'm sorry, Page.
I'm a terrible person.
I'm a terrible mother.
I'm a terrible everything.
You're finally|seeing things clearly.
What the hell|are you doing?
You want money?
The guy who wants to marry me is|worth 1.5 in a divorce.
She's just gonna|screw with him again.
I'm sorry.|I was just wondering...
how long you're|gonna stay this time.
I know that|I've been horrible...
but all this talk|about love and marriage...
it can make anyone act freaky.
I know that I must seem|like a mean, selfish bitch...
No, you seem like|the sweetest...
most wonderful person|I've ever met.
What a moron.
beer wholesaler...
I have an announcement.
Jane and I|are getting married.
That is awesome!
Jane, come here.
So, uh, Jack,|now that you have some, uh...
extra responsibilities,|that doesn't mean...
you're gonna change your mind|and sell this place, does it?
No, weíll do just fine.
Thanks, man.
Sell what, honey?
Oh, nothing.|Just some guys offered me...
3 million for the bar|and the land.
3 million?
That sounds like something.
Well, yeah,|but this place was my dad's.
You know, it's home.
It's too late, anyway.
They got another lot|down the road.
There's no money.|I'm bailing.
No. Wait!|You can still get...
a decent settlement|out of this guy.
He'll lose the bar.
This is wrong.|It's over.
What the hell|is your daughter doing...
growing a conscience|on my score?
Don't make her do this.
I'll figure a way|to get you your money.
No. I'm tired of waiting.|We're doing it.
May I have this dance?
-You gotta go.|-I gotta go.
Is that who|I think it is?
It is. How are you, darling?
Pissed off.
We were just on our way|to see you at the hotel...
but we thought|we'd stop by here...
for a drink.
This isnít Jack, is it?
Jane is always going|on and on about you.
I think she's in love!
I'm Betty,|Jane's second cousin...
and this is my brother.
Vinny--Vinny Staggliano.
I'm afraid you caught us|at a weird time.
I just asked Jane|to marry me, and--
Oh! That's great!
Actually, I think she's having|second thoughts.
That's just the way our Jane is.
Yeah, but she gets|over it, though...
especially now that family's|here to give her a little shove.
Come on, you two...
why don't you|kiss and make up?
-I'm not really in the mood.|-Go on. Kiss.
That's nice.|There you go.
I think your relatives|are gonna like Bill's boat.
Who cares what they like?
Nice boat.
Ooh! Oh, oh!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so clumsy.
That's OK.
How you doing, Skippy?
Hey, you.
I got the lotion.
Who's got the hands?
Don't look at me.
I don't like getting|all gunky.
Jack, would you mind?
You are the most kind,|wonderful man.
Look at all the fish!
Got it.
This is gonna be a fun trip.
I honestly don't know why...
you'd want to wear|an off-the-shoulder.
This is what I want,|and it looks fine.
Fine.|What would I know?
I've only been married|13 times.
All right, I'm coming out.|You better be nice.
I'm always nice.
What's wrong?
Fine. If you're|gonna be sarcastic.
I'm not being sarcastic.
It's perfect.
There's nothing|you would change?
Not a thing.
Oh, my god.
Well, I might just...
see what it looks like|without this in here.
I take it back.
No. No.| that idea.
Mother likes it?
-Oh, I'm not...|-she's not my mother.
You really are good at this.
I'm almost buying it.
Ladies and gentlemen...
friends and family...
we have come here today...
to celebrate|two wonderful people...
who have managed|to find each other...
in this sometimes|seemingly cold world...
and pledge their hearts.
Do you, Jack Withrowe...
take this woman to be|your lawful wedded wife...
to love her, honor her,|and cherish her...
until death do you part?
I do.
And do you, Jane Helstrom...
take this man to be your|lawful wedded husband...
to love, honor,|and to cherish him...
until death do you part?
I do.
I do.
I now pronounce you|husband and wife...
and you may kiss the bride.
Ladies and gentlemen,|I give to you...
-Mr. And Mrs. Withrowe.|-Shut up.
Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help
Falling in love with you...
Make sure he sees|you drinking a lot.
That won't be hard.
There's my wonderful new|daughter-in-law.
Are you avoiding me?
Uh, no.
I gotta go.
Don't let it bother you.
She's shyer than shit.
Uh, what is it you do,|Mr. Staggliano?
College professor.
Uh, what do you teach?
College stuff.
What are you,|a fucking cop?
-Congratulations.|-Thank you.
I'll only need 30 minutes.
It won't work.|He loves me too much.
Men don't turn women down.
Just like our first date,|only less mud.
It's beautiful.
Always know just|the right thing to say.
I love you...
I love you very much.
You're different, aren't you?
I mean, you would never let|anything ruin this, would you?
Well, sometimes these hotel|soaps irritate my skin.
I'm serious.
Say nothing will ruin us.
Nothing will ever|take me away...
or keep me|from loving you.
Can I have some water?
I think I drank|too much champagne.
What are you doing|out here alone?
Oh, my wife celebrated herself|into an early coma.
Well, her loss is my gain.
Walk me to my room.
I have a wedding gift|for you.
Oh, no, thatís ok.|I was just gonna--
Oh, come on.
You can't turn down|a wedding gift, you know.
It's bad luck.
-I never heard that.|-Sure.
Everything to do with|weddings is bad luck.
Uh, I can only stay|a minute.
Will you just|relax?
OK? Sit down.
This hotel is so nice.
I'm so glad|my brother and I
decided to stay here,too.
you, uh--ahem--mentioned|something about a gift?
You're so greedy.
But I happen to have it|
Cognac! Huh! Wow!
80 years old.
Uh, Jane is gonna love this.
Thank you so much.
Oh, oh, oh--|can't we just try some?
I thought you might not|want to wait alone.
Could be wrong. Oh!
It feels good going down,|doesn't it?
It's, uh...|it's really good.
No, thanks. I, uh...
I should be|getting back to Jane.
Jack, she's asleep.
OK? Come on.
You deserve to have...
a little bit of fun|on your wedding night.
It's just fruit.
It's just a waste of time.
He's just gonna throw her out|on her ass.
I'm not worried.
Is that why you're|melting down the remote?
You've got a tiny bit|of cream...
-I got to go.|-Oh, oh, oh. Why?
-I just can't do this.|-What's the matter?
Is it because you don't|find me attractive?
No, no. A part of me|is very, very interested...
but the other parts|are yelling...
" You just married her cousin."
Jane would never know,|I promise.
Yeah, but I would.
I could never do that|to someone I love.
You really do love her,|don't you?
and I really should be|getting back.
Look, I'm sorry.|I'm really sorry.
I feel terrible.|Please don't leave like this.
Can't we just, you know...
have a make-up drink|or something?
I'll be good, I promise.
That's it.|I'm going over there.
No. It isn't time yet.
I don't care,|you sick shit.
I can't do this to him.
You see? It hurts|when you screw around...
with people's feelings,|doesn't it?
Not as much as this.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
While we are willing to admit...
some wrong doing on|the part of my client...
given the extremely short|duration of the marriage--
No negotiation.
Give her whatever she wants.
We talked about|you not saying that.
Give her|whatever she wants.
I don't know what happened.
It was weird.
There is only one man|in the world.
What the hell|is taking so long?
Oh, relax.|You'll get your money.
You destroyed my daughter,|but you'll get it.
Hey, I was standing around|minding my own business...
when you bitches came along|and ripped out my heart...
for a game of hacky sack.
-Don't give me that.|-Come off it.
We're both the same--scum.
We are not the same.
I wasn't lying|when I said " I do."
No, you were lying|when you tried to nail Page.
Look. Where I come from,|guys make mistakes sometimes.
Didn't change the fact|that I loved you.
I just know|I wouldn't do it again.
-Because you got caught.|-No, because of what I lost.
I'm not the only guy in the|world that's ever screwed up.
Even a goody-goody like Jack
can't keep his wang|in the hangar.
-Yes, he can.|-What did you say?
No, wait a minute.|Wait a minute.
What did you say?
I micked him.
somewhere|bet ween out and awake.
It just makes people|easy to handle.
Whoa. Wait a minute.|You're kidding.
He said no, and you still|let her believe...
that he went for a soil sample?
You know what?|That's a new low, even for you.
Look. You wanted your money.
What was I supposed to do...
tell her the man|you forced us to con...
was the only decent guy|she ever met?
But you know what?|This is just too sick.
I thought this whole revenge|thing was gonna be fun...
but you've done everything|you can to ruin it.
I don't even want|this guy's money now.
-Well, I don't want it, either.|-Well, I'm not taking it!
-Well, neither am l!|-Well, neither am l!
-All right, I'll take it.|-What?!
You said|you didn't want it.
You should tell|your daughter the truth.
What for? He's only gonna|end up hurting her anyway.
She's better off with me, OK?
I'll protect her.
From what?|From love?
From pain.
Love is pain.|Life is pain.
You can't protect|anybody from it.
It's always gonna get you.
But sometimes,|life can also be good.
But you got to be open.|You got to take chances.
You got to let go.
What self-help guru moron|taught you that?
Nobody had|to teach me nothing.
It's common sense.
And Deepak Chopra|is not a moron.
I've seen a lot|of crap in my life...
but the way you're cheating|her out of any chance...
for a decent future|really sucks.
Of all the lousy things|you've done...
you should be most|ashamed of that.
And what you did to me, too--
--I don't want to completely|leave that out.
-Here's your money.|-I don't want the money.
Good luck with|psycho mom here.
-What was that?|-I took care of it.
-How?|-I don't want to talk about it.
Let's just get out|of this goddamn place.
where are we going--|Seattle or San Francisco?
You know, you don't|have to stay with me.
There's plenty of money for|you to set up on your own...
and you can have|all of it.
Thanks, mom.
You're the only person|in this world...
I even half-trust.
-What are you doing?|-Turning around.
-Promise you won't attack me?|-What is it?
We're traveling|at high speeds.
It would endanger|both our lives.
What is it?
Jack turned me down...
so I kind of...|I micked him.
Oh, you are the most evil,|manipulative--
You're right. I am.
I've just been so afraid|of losing you...
or of you getting hurt|like me.
But I can't protect you.
I just get you hurt|in different, sickways.
So you might as well get hurt...
in your own healthy,|normal ways--
ways you come up with|on your own...
and can't blame me for.
Oh, it's a hug.|I can pull over for a hug.
Now, don't cry too much.|You'll look like hell...
when you go back to him, OK?
You should wear|the blue dress.
Right.|Wear whatever you want...
except what you're wearing.
What are you doing here?
You know what I'm doing here.
What, you thought|I'd still want you...
after what you did to me?
You don't? OK. Fine.
All right, wait, wait.|OK. OK. Fine.
-So I still want you.|-No kidding.
But don't you ever|cheat on me again.
-Ever. Ever!|-OK. Fine!
I mean it.
Because if one day...
you happen to notice|some gorgeous girl
giving you that|"Iet's screw around" look...
just remember,|she may be working for me.
All right. Fine.
But you?
No more conning.|No more.
If you're gonna be my wife...
you've got to live|a respectable life...
chopping cars.
First you got to help me|with one thing.
Well, first you got|to help me with one thing.
You're not gonna fall asleep|on me again, are you?
I feel pretty good|about tonight.
Look. I don't|want to go in there.
The bank owns it now.
There's still some stuff|they said you left.
I cleared out everything.
-How?|-My name is Page.
I never realized|I could feel this way again...
that I could be so totally|in love with someone.
I feel the same way, Stanley.
-You're beautiful.|-Thank you.
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